Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1980 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FAOffUtt University Researchers Love This Kind of Corn URBANA — A two-«cr* plot flf com on the University of Illinois daffy farm Is giving re* searchers more tronhl* than a two-acre plot should. And it's all because an expe- tlment is working out too well. ft began last spring when U. of I. dairy wtentlsti drilled five bushels of seed into the hvo-acre plot. The plan was to test corn's worth is • quick- growing emergency torsg* aH to •** what effect such thick planting would have on the corn's feeding value. On May 4 the scientist* drilled the corn In rows only seven Inches apart and waited to set what would happen as the little plot valiantly set ottt to push up more than 180,000 plant* per acre. What did happen? Well, first II rained—and the corn grew. Then It rained again — and the com grew some more. In fact. H kept right on ruining. And the corn kept right on growing. When researchers checked It on July 13, the plants were more than eight feet tall — and •till growing. The scientists give an abundant supply of rain a lot of the credit for the corn's fantastic growth. But they have another explanation we like better. They Compete on Angel, \Vilma Hall, Jan Heid- pearance Saturday, erscheid, Claudia Gross, Judy Jerseyville BYF Gels Attendance Banner Attest Four Boat Owners JERIEYVILLE - Th* Bunker Hill Church to Dedicate New Building BUNKER HILL - Bwwn Dfpnrtment of Conservation b*-itlst Church of Banker Hill will gan strict enforcement of the dedicate Its 1MW education cent- Illinois registration and safetyjer Sunday, July 24 at 2:30 p.m. act applying to motor boats In; The Rev. Joseph Bovver, pas- the Jersey County area Sunday. tor of calvary Baptist Church - - — Baptist' Four arrests were made Sun- Youth Fellowship of the First day and Monday by Carl L. Keen- Baptist Churrh of Jerseyville Wtt «w«r<l«J the attendance ban- of this district. Three of thr defendants plead- pastors ing In t al , p Grafton Women Get Citation GRAFTON-Mrs. Charles Camp- ' of GraftOTi Wom- ner for the third consecutive ed guilty before Justice A. time, at a meeting of the West Thatcher to violating Sec. Central BYF Monday evening at of the »nfl safety Nichols Park In Jacksonville. ac1 and were each fined $25 and . . Those attending from Jersey- ' costs. The statute provides for a °l'T"" n f Baptist I*" 1 * Club, received a citation for Church, the Rev. William Blnke.jthe Woman's Club tor dedicated First Baptist of Troy, the Rev. I service on behalf of a better Comas a participant in the community achievement , ,, . Jmes Majo1 t«.«»l>,«. , hnl £ ' Young. Dana Catt, Shar- WRS Ceased on bond for his ap- CfU A^ue ttartta «l M .1 tt/iimn Moil .inn n D ,A. cj....._j_.. Sanfofd Avenue Baptist of Al- Brooks, Sue Resiner, Cara Stcv- Announce Birth JERSEYV1LLK - Mr. ens, Leslie Howell, Warner Env i Mrs. William Smith of Jersey. ' ton; the Rev. Roy Carlson, Fos. terburg Baptist, and the Rev. William Snedeker, Calvary Bap- Reed Assman. Jeff ii ville arc announcing the birth Donna Radtey. Linda Sheets, o f a son July 19 in the Jersey Judy Woolscy, Marsha Allen, community Hospital. The baby •<• %* _^.j r* _i t y»__ « • I 1st of Tours will be conducted through the building during open Roger Young and Robert Catt.{was ffonkemaJiera' Camp JERSEYVILLE - The though Caesarian one- day Homemaker's 'Camp, sponsored by the Home Bureau, will and Is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bell of Alton and is a Alton. The Rev. Ralph Crotty • is pastor of the Berean Baptlxt great-grandson of Mrs. Mary Lew-. Church. be held Aug 9 at Western 4-Hijg O f Alton. Other children are Camp Grounds, Lake Jackson-1 William K. Jr.. who marked his the same old. ville. Reservations, along thr foe of W.50 for meals and insurance, should be in the Jer- j formerly Miss May sey County Home Bureau office j by Aug. 1. The camp starts at Go To Alaska BUNKER HILL - Rev. Cletis Leverett and family lefi July 13 day and Is for , AUlHka where they will be- Smith S'" was 9 a.m. and closes about 8 p.m. Home From Vacation tee Cream Social JERSEYVILLE — The auxll- gin list Mid-Missions on Kodiak land. Prior to their coming Federation of Woman's Cubs. Birthday Dinner GRAFTON- Mrs. Ellen Bushey entertained at a birthday dinner at her home Sunday honoring her daughters. Mrs. Irene Russet of Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs. Florence Haganhort of St. Louis. Others present were Mr. and Mrs.'Spencer Keith. Mrs. Mina Keil of St. Louis, Mrs. Garnet Callahan and son Mike, daughter, Mrs. A. Bushey and Mary Ellen, Mrs. Charles Godfrey and sons and Mrs. N. Burns, all of Grafton. to; Leverett are both membrs of Berean Baptist Church. firaftoii Orafton GRAFTON — Mr. and Mrt. James Dille of Alton «-ere guests Saturday of Mr. and Mis. Jake Behaw. They were accompanied home by their daughter. Carolyn Marie, who has been visiting her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Skeens had as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Alvls Skeens, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Butcher and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garner and son and Mrs. Irl Butcher of Virden, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip VVoolsey and son of Jerseyvillc and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Brown and children, Frankie and Nancy Skeens. of Grafton. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Arnold spent Sunday in Golden Eagle visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs G. Capple. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cherr> and children left Monday for their home in Rosamond, following a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Forbes. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vann Brown have bought the residence property of Mr. and Mrs. Lural Stevens on Market street and plan tu move there in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hurst and family moved from the Ketchum residence to the Alverson property on Main street. Barbara Arnold, daughter of Housewives Must Report Help's Pay Many housewives throughout the country may be violating the social security laws by tailing to report the cash wages they pay their household help, according to Jay 0. Philpott. district direc tor of Internal revenue, and E. W. Lehen. district manager of the Social Security Administration. "This could mean that the unreported household workers are deprived of the valuable financial protection they could have under social security. This Is especially true of (day worker*,) who worh for several employers during the course of a week," said Lehen. Many housewives may not know that the law requires them to report household help whom they paid $50 or more in a calendar quarter. Others may be ignoring this obligation because their em- ployes don't want them to report the wages they get. Each employ er who regularly pays her house hold worker $4 or mere in cash each weeh must file & Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Arnold, returned home Sunday following a visit with her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs. Robert Redd, in Alton. fne fMnte and MC'ial security number of the worker, eJH the amount of the worker's wages. The household employer also must send in. with the report, thf 6 per cent social security tax on the wages reported *• 3 per cent taken out of the pay of the worker and 3 per cent contributed by the employer. The employer, of course, may pay the whole 6 per cent herself If she wishes. Also, said Lehen, some house hold employes may have askwl their employers not to file thr returns because they do not want to have their share of the social security tax taken out of theft pay. The law. however, holds thr employer responsible tor making the cash wages for social security purposes. "See to it that your household employes don't lose their right to social security benefits. Heport their earnings. The law requires household employers to report their employes' cash wages cniar TO RILIIVI MISIRY OP BOILS PRID SALVE Draws, promotes healing—minor cuts, scratches, bruises, wounds 35c and 30c at drug- stores Smile Remedy Co., St. Loud 2, Mo. Maine Courtroom Appf tfititfJi 3trn, you ttn ilty IKJf (tIMOBm • In PuciMflQ Mi sladtt or stJWte. 1* wMrt n wont tot F. IMS you Irani hli fllwrt cause too many have bMR Ing before trim in terly if the cash *ag« $50 or/more. For more titon vitft or write to jfce* i»e1»t security office and tftk 21," Lehm added. ft«tt« MMHN As* four Deetw to (Ml Oi We Deliver. II REOMIERKD PHARMAtJMtS CMVMleill LMatkMM. Prompt, Accurate Service. Purest SIMM, . , ,., .. -...__. reside near Bunker Hill in July iary of the Worthy .Post Ameri. of ,„, ,„ served 6 yeargj IFRWVVII i v xu. I- „„ ca " Legi0 " AuxtllaryJ wl11 ha * e ias missionary and pastor of the: JERSLYVILLL — Miss Irenej a cake, ice cream and pie social'n-ihanna n an n*t rhnr^h nf rw ! Connolly, RN, resumed her du-jon July 29 in conjunction with r! lt "m! £t The Rev anrf Mr,"' 'ties Monday as supervisor of the - • • - - ncttsville. Ky. ine Kev. ana Mrs. They say it's highly possible!maternity division of Jersey that the plant* are so close to-i Community Hospital following a Rethcr that they're competing vacation. She was a guest in St. with each other for sunlight. Paul, Reacting to some ancient lawjleigh, Minn., of Miss Celia Ra- RN. and spent several the band conrert on the courthouse lawn in Jerseyville.. Return (o California JERSEYVILLE - Mrs. Cason of Jerseyville. Barracks to Meet Wil- JERSEYVILLE — World War ALTON PLAZA — NORTH ALTON — WILSHIRE VILLAGE — DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER Open Friday Till Ham Jackson left by plane today I Barracks and its Auxiliary will; for her home in San Francisco,, meet Thursday evening at Amer- of iurvival, each stalk Is doing I days with her brother, Ed Con-;Calif., following a visit with her lean Legion Home. A fish fry andj Ita beat to out-reach Its nelgh-jnolly in Des Moines. She visited i grandmothers, Mrs. Lena Cason potluck supper will be served at] bor to keep from being shadcdtalso with her cousin, Mrs. Mayjand Mrs. Alia McDaniels in Jer- 7 p.m. followed by a soda) hour! out. Tracy Leahy in Springfield, and | scyvillc, and at the home of Mr. and business meeting. The menl Researchers doubt that the attended the business and profes-jand Mrs. Morris Cason in Wood i will furnish the fish and the wo-' corn can ever do much boast- sional women's convention at Ab-jRjver and Mr. and Mrs. Me!vin ! men, the balance of the potluck i Ing In the ear department. But ; raham Lincoln Hotel. |Lawrence in Alton. Mrs. Jack- supper. Everyone is requested! It's going to be hard to beat: Vtelt Relative* in Alton j son was formerly Miss Carol;to bring their own table service, for tons of forage produced.' JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Otis; Latest estimates say the plot i*'Butler of Leesburg, Fla., and likely to turn out more than 50,Mrs. Robert E. Ward of Chilli-j tons per acre. cothe. 111., who are guests In Jer-i The biggest problem ]j c g iivseyville, visited Tuesday with the : harvesting the jungle of green! former's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. matter that's beginning to re- V. Joseph Wardein in Alton, and semble the lushest part of the with Mrs. Ward's mother, Mrs. tropics. C. M. Hanes, who is a patient! Latest word has It that the] in St. Anthony's Hospital in A1-! problem still hasn't been wived, ton. Mrs. Butler was formerly | although harvesting Ideas are flying fast and furiously. Jersey County Court Committee to Meet JERSEYVILLE — A special meeting of the justices and constables committee of the Jersey Cqutfy B^griLoi, Supervisors wfll b£ held at The courthouse Friday morning. The purpose is to arrive at conclusions relative to division of the county into three justice Mits Florence Hanley and Mrs. j Ward was Miss Mary Hanes ofj Jerseyvllle. districts and the amount of compensation to be set for each Justice. Cool Comfort For Burning Feet 1*1 tc«-Minl with foothlBC lanolin ke«p your iMt In cool, frcto comfort while th* {•mnntur* soar*. Ba ««y to apply "' ..Y-whit» m*dlcat«d creun —*o Uitinr III (OOthUui relief. A real help too la •oftening stinging c*llou>«f end corn*. Don't dWVy. Get lc«.Mlnt today. convertible LOVABLE'8 zip-front "Little-Bare" , lorely and oh to (Uttering. FotBKODtoured cupe, airy-ligbt Iwttx pejMli lhape yov prettlJ/. L«ce over MUo front d b«ek ptfteli make yoo look tad t eel •P olifeAt TouTl love belaf in fwhioa to "um* IABI*. A«k for Lovable Style #WI. AIS'll B8I-8I OM-40 ft Mite to litta to foo* Lov&bb f We Give *nd Redeem EAGLE STAMPS • Open Frid.yi «nd Monday Till 9 P.M. NATURAL MATCHSTICK BAMBOO CAFE CURTAINS HIRSCH STRAW HATS GIRLS' MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS D SUMMER DRESSES Vs OFF! 3—BIG GROUPS—3 Values to $2.98 $022 Values to $1.98 $| 44 SPECIAL GROUP Cafe Curtain* alto avail- abb in fh» following u'g«s: 60" wid* x 30" long- $1 .1 f pr. 60" wide x 36" long.. $149 pr. All list* in white, pink er tur> quolM at slightly higher price*. 9" VALANCE for cafe curtain* or draper(e»§9ceadi Clearing Our Summer Dress Stock! COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTIONS - BROKEN SIZES MEN'S COOL SUMMER SLACKS '10.00 Not All Sizes and Styles! Shop Early! $7.98 . $8.98 Values $4.98 ^ $5.98 Values '4* $3.91 Special MEN'S SWIM WEAR $1.98 Values Now Clearing Women's Summer Sportswear SKIRTS • BLOUSES • SHORTS • JAMAICAS BERMUDAS - PEDAL PUSHERS VsOFF! $2.98 Value Now $ 2 M MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE KNIT SHIRTS 3—BIG GROUPSr-3 Veluet to $«V22 Values to | 12.98 m* $1.98 SPECIAL GROUP clout* MATCHSTICK BAMBOO DRAW DRAPiS e Orematic Window Treatment I • Can be cut for exact fbl WOOLWOKTH'S Wul TIM Itrul li Divittwi Mln MEN'S COOL WALKING SHORTS $2.98 Voluos Now Women's Men's—Boys' PUT SHon-Mium Oaivas Oisaab Valun to $4.99 iw.,'2 44 Children's Canvas PLAY SHOES FLAT; Values (o S2.99 m for Back-lo-Sehool $ VahM - Boy»' Lonf Charing of Summer Piece Goods/ STOCKS MARKED DOWN TO 3 BIG GROUPS Vriut* to Bto Yd. ValiiM to 19* Yd. 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