Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 20, 1960
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•V ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 'it I IIP Alton Cntntnunit for Morp Thrtn 124 Vpars FAIR Low 72* High 9ft (Complete Wither, P«g« t»t Established January 15, 183G. Vol. CXXV. No. 159 ALTON. ILL., WEDNESDAY. JULY 20, 19BO 26 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated DAMAGED DKSTKMKK Tentative JP Salary * Kslahlishecl LONG BEACH, Calif. — C'retvnn>n (center) stand near wreckage on (he deck of the U.S. Navy dostroytr 18S Ammen as the battered vessel is brought into LOIIU Beach harbor yesterday. Another >'avy destroyer, the 1'JSS Colfrll, rammed (lie Aminrii .yesterday morning during a heavy fog off the coast of Southern California. The Navy said 11 crewmen \yerc killed and several mure injured in the aeeident. (AP Wirephoto) 11 Die in To Let 2 Contracts Destroyer » Collision On Me Adams Road «\ PATRICK MCM I.TV LONG BKAOl. Calif. iAP<~ Patrick Mfdeiros how lookout aboard the freshly refitted des- troy-r I'lilleit |,cc-ie(j an\inu<ly into foi; ,is thick as cotton candv. His ship vi'Lnied to he ylidmu bluullv through a cloud. Suddenly .Mi-di'iros sei-faiiied into his mii-ruphone: "Ship de^d ahead'" An instant later the ncwl.v paint- od bow of the Collett (iiiiashwi into the destroyer Anunen. a kami- ka/e-scarred veteran on its way to the boneyard. Then Medeiros, 19. o! Honolulu, heard the awesome sounds of disaster at sea—frantic shouts, the clanging of bells, death screams, the hiss of steam, and the rip and tear of steel. Medeiroh cscupod wiih a bruised thigh, but U other Navy men died in the collision Tuesday. At least I/O others were hurt, but onl> six were liospitali/ed. K\|)losivc» I uluuUeU The Ammen. heading for San Diego and deactivation, had just unloaded her explosives at nearby Seal Beach, Otherwise both ships could have been blown out of the u ater. The :j'((j-foot Collfcti left hei bow anchor embedded in the Ammen s \<;KIKI.1>. lil. Two ul Hin-c leinhiniiii; plia'-c-. of ihf; Hinhwas | ;nc rlue d,i conttaet Ii-Mmy in th' ninths 01 UK- !')(>') conMi uction M-UMIH. Illmoi- Chief KiiKitiecr P.. K. Baiiel-meyei said \<><\»\. I-:I>WAI;DSVII.I.F: A live ««lnry selipdiile In? jnstjeps of the petief, when thfir offiet"-- m-f filled by election on H district hfisis next \f>Mi upder the new sl.'ile Imv in«lpnd <if l>v townships \\H« established liv Ifiiislatlon rommitlpe of the ison f'ininty Board nl SH- pet visors at a mpotitit.' thN i nor nine Mnnibei s of HIP eornmitler met with Step's Attninpv Dirk II. Mud^r HIII) Comity Clerk rilia Hot/ lio tentative schedule culls lor ;i .Vi.iMMI yem l\ salnr.v. with » possible ;illowrin<e ot Vi.HOli a year tin H clerk and M.SOO loi expenses. H<i\ve\<T. the conitniitpf is to meet next Tupsday with » eom- iniiti'c ol I HP Madison founts H;n Association on the s< hedule. .Me;nmhile. the county cleik "ill check into possible expense:- ol the proposed ollice- melndiiiL' needed l;i \\hooks. Pffiliplltenl ;ind so on. The lei{i-l;itl(>n ( oniMiillcp is ;ds«i Hltempthm to ohl;iin spnce in i My h;i]ls ol communities tor I lie justices ill the pe.-ice. it possible. In <_;ive the Ollices nioiP st,'it i ire MS i-oiiils. It '.'vis emph;csi/ed hy one member <il the committee Ihal its rnernbei s are trying to save Congo Cabinet Votes to Ask for Soviet Troops Jane Henry To Judge In Contest The l.S-mile section between the taxpayers money by settinc I.Dckhavcn and Klsah. he said is up as lew justice ol the peace ol- '•sui-c" to IK- included in one ol fj ( -es as possible but still Ihc remaining bid calls "by the ,-noutih to do Ihe job. Jn mind Highway Division this -nnimer. ;irf . fjve .justices ol Ihe peace in And the >ection within the ci- <|i>iriets SH up aecordinu to pop- i.v linnls at Alton is 'jeasnnahh ulation vine' to be called lot letiinj.'. he The committee has consulted :i(| dfd. local .IP's and constables lor Thf section between Luckhav- their ideas on <hc project and en and Elsah would include crea- has tried to obtain information lion of right-of-way into the river Irom other areas vvitli similar by sand pumping, as well as re- set-ups, including a visit to St. veimen! work. Louis County, where five mag- ; Lengthy negotiations with istrates are operating on a dis- Mississippi Lime Co. within the trict basis, city limits at Alton have been siiccps'-'fnllv completed for some u r>cks now. Thai left an understanding yet I'.< he reached with Piasa Tool & Uir Co.. which occupies thr old |M-,wrrhouse alongside the proposed route of the highway These negotiations now have Action Delayed Pending Session of UN Tonight LEOPOLDVIU.E, the Congo (AP)— The Cabinet of the Congo government voted today to ask the Soviet Union to send in troops with the purpose of keeping j order and bringing about evacuation of all Belgian j troops. Actual delivers of the request mission of these troops would be: apparently WHS being delayed | . pending further discussions in [United Nations tonight. ,. 1 ' T ° e «f | ** ^, aCPlulf evac "f Uon ot Belgian soldiers from the 2 KTHIOPIANS l!\ CONGO Part of Ethiopian contingent of the United Nations emergency force huddle by stacked rifles and near U.S. Air Force plane which fle\v them to Leopoldville airport yesterday from Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian troops were sent to augment other United Nations forces in quelling disturbances in the new Republic of Congo. (AP Wirephoto via radio from London) Police Seeking Stolen Bridge Bridge Core Set Classification Checking Is Hearing July 26 Continuing Assist in maintaining order 'Hie appeal also invited troops j n thf country in conformity will) from "any other country to the j government's decisions. Afro-Asian plan." presumably the; 3. Prevent all foreign aggres- nalion.s that nliended the Bandung i s ' on conference in Indonesia in 195."). KHnsecl to Withdraw The communique said the Cabinet decision was made because the Belgian government refused to withdraw its troops from the Congo in conformity with the decisions of the United Nations Security Council and of the Congo government. It also said the U.N. troops in the country had failed to effect: the withdrawal of the Belgians. In Washington, the first reaction of officials to Lumumba's step was surprise and shock. Top officials of the State Department hurriedly convened to review the new situation and re- NEWPORT. R. I. f.APi—Prc>si- lll - st 'd immediate comment, dent Eisenhower today announced Many U. S. observers felt Tuesa $1,100,000,000 budget surplus for,day that the Congolese Prime the fiscal year which ended June. Minister would not carry out his That would include Red China. Making the announcement, at a ne<Ks conference Immediately! after the Cabinet meeting. Pre-: micr Patrice Lumumba said the Surplus OverBillion The City Plan Commission announced Tuesday that a public 30. j The surplus is more than five times as large as (he figure the .President predicted last January. | "This demonstration of fiscal responsibility not only reinforces economic strength here at home, i but reaffirms to the world tiial the threat to invite Soviet troops to his country in view of the rebuke he got from his own Senate and from Bundle. The Belgians agreed to a U.N. command request to pull out of Leopoldville. They already have LIMESTONE. Maine iAPi-Po- lice on both sides of the U.S.- three areas and the zoning ol a fourth area. ,. 4 . . . . u - , Concrete core tests to deter- jhe propOKed classifications in ., -— — Canadian border arc looking for a m j ne the cause of mysterious ( .j utle . stolen bridge. Town Manager Her- 1niwilll(linill ,,,,,„. in the deck ^.^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ withdrawing. The Belgians a/ready have oe- thr state has and estimate! asa believes asked for of cost on it must do to its MISS JAM-: I1KNHV .Miss Jane Henry, public schools , . , , longitudinal cracks in the deck nard Cameron asked for help . when he discovered that someone of >m * s ' )iin of CTark bnd S c con - ran had driven off with a small bridge Unue under study of the Mis- which spanned Limestone Stream souri llighwav Department's lab- j ))(0 phv.ical properties to avoid eon- "'"> ^ J*', 'T ** ^«*-New oratory at Jefferson City. n- . -.1 .1 i • i Brunswick border. The bridge. 0 ,, O,,M«>I« Miccnmn <<ic flirt with the highway. . . . . , , * Ro.v M. Ruckei. Missouri dib- M ^ d HiUcrest to an apart . Yetstordav the state highuav di- used . mobU > b > a toupK. ol taim- t ,. jpt hignwav engineer, told the * - ers m Ihe area. «onsurted of a :Tp , Pgl . aph , his morning: do/en railroad rails and some ..^ _ ^.^ ^^ <nma sion of garment manufacturers planks. will be held July 26 on the proposed classification °'; United States in)ends , 0 Ialn its financial affairs on a sound ba-^ 11 tum "ig over patrol duties to isis," Eisenliower said in a state- , !the swellin « U - N - (oi> ce in Leo- jment at the summer White House. I poldville ' but othet- units sti11 The announcement, coming just!P^ 0 "** 1 '» about 20 cities and (torn African republic. June 20 twisted superstructure and carried off a crushed Ammen seaman in home economics director and for- Ihc lang-like wreckage of her own mer home economics instructor ol bow. Alton High, has been selected When the bow lookout first " s "'"' of lhl ' -» ul 8'' s for lhr Tp|p .veiled, the Colletfs skipper,, ^P 1 ' -"-('"nsoird Recipe C.mlost. Cmdr. A. T. Ford of SI. Peters-' Thf ' contest opened burg, Kb., .shouted from the hi'idgc: "All engines back full. Right full rudder." Too late. The Collett, apparently J j' in a turn, struck the Ammen's ' port side below the waterline just astern of amidships, then slid up and smashed into the supers!rue- vision announced calls for bids on a large number of projects. The bid opening, it was disclosed, uill be the seventh of nine .scheduled during (he <pasnn. track at Elm and Wilson streets (now Yungck property) general commercial district; the Elfgen property at lillcrest to an ap ment residential district; inclu-l Submerged Sub Fires Polaris i advance of the open-j lowns sobered over the strife, ing of the GOP National Convention, is sure to be seized on with delight by Republicans in their campaign to retain the presidency and gress. capture control of Con- U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold announced in New York he plans to fly to the Congo Saturday to check on the situation. Tonight he will make a pro- This was the Eisenhower admin-l gress re P° rt to ^ Security Coun- Executive Alter By HOWARD BKXKDICT CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. (AP) istration's third budget surplus in Cl1 on the swirtl >' mobilized, blue- "We are moving toward some decision Up to now the sped- :» nd olnel ' l'B"t industries in me; mens of concrete taken from the central business district. The last, bridge deck are still being eon- ™s proposed at the request of;_ The Navy fo] (hp first time,ithat unexpected gains in lhe" P et-! to seven years. jhelmeted U.N. force the Council . In Washington it was reported | f rdered to the Con g° ^st week K l'lUM'e Action The contest and \\ill close Miss Henrv Vjiain.-t Alcohulisni sidered in the Jefferson City lab- I'"' Greater Alton Association of oratory. I think there will be a Commerce. KANSAS CITY 'AP'— Albert fcJ. i decision before long and 1 will Includes Humbert Area Stine, 48. special membership ex-' inform the Telegraph of the re- The hearing will include the,,, ,- . ,. , .. ... ecu.ive for The Associated Press, stllts .-. , 0 ning of the area on Humbert j U dbhmgton flred Ule nllsslle M launched a Polaris missile from j sonal income of Americans, boost- Tunisia was reported planning to introduce a resolution before the Council calling for speedier , submerged submarine today. |ing federal individual income tax The nuclear-powered George .I illy has died today after an illness of 10 days. Stine. a traveling executive for :\0. PARIS (APi-Thf French -N'a achieved an lional Ass *™b)y voted the govern ;outstanding record in her field,: 111 ' 1 "' power Tue sday to legislate The AP. worktni out of the New, well known throughout by decm> '» an p ftort to control:York bureau but made his home the s^te. She is Ihe daughter of I a ! r ' on< J Iisiu ; _'''"; measure Jts in Kansas City. His assignments took him to all parts of Ihe conn- One of the considerations that followed the discovery of the cracks was whether or not the bridge would have to be blocked I "urn's ice Cream CoJ —probably in one lane — for re- Another public hearing road. (Fairview addition and property from the GM&O rail- miles off Cape Canaveral. collections, contributed most of the revenue increase. yielded less 'handsomely, owing to the decline withdrawal of the Belgian troops. Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny was flying to New York road tracks to the edge of Shear-i , The stubb - v roc:ket brok( ' is . the late John Heni.v. and a mpm- ;lumed lnain| . v at giving the Cabi- ber of a family long prominent ' ne( Power in the next four months to limit private distilling of alcohol The vote was 290-1133. The Senate still must give its approval. Premier Michel Debre told the deputies: "Alcohol kills more in Madison ('ounty Her brother, (he latr Thunius county Ireas- was among the greatest players in Alton High ture. Those killed were all aboard the Ammen and had been working m two offices above deck. urei. l foot ha 11 "Stop engines." ordered Cmdr. Jn j s(oi , v Zaven Mukhalian, captain of the Miss lienrv is Ammea Shurtlelf Coliege and holds a Suicide i'liiw master's degree from Columbia The damage control parly quick-'University in New York. In ad- ly went below and secured water-:dilion, she spent one year at thej light doors. The Ammen looked Universii.v of Illinois, and several sadder than when a Japanese summers at Cornell University, suicide plane crashed into her;She is at present the director during the Battle of Okinawa in jo! school lunches and home ecu- 1945. She listed U degrees to portinomics in. the Alton public- hut did not sink. school s.vstem. "Thank God we unloaded the ammunition," said Mukhalian,' 01 people than tuberculosis and twice a graduate of' as ma ". v as Me automobile. i v A1 I pouring of Ihe slab. scheduled for Aug. 2o at 7:30 The cause of the cracksjp.m. on the zoning of the newly may not be an odd structural annexed areas to Alton. • The areas include: properly immediately behind the 0 1 i n not visible to j Vocational School and the old occupants of automobiles using i Alton High School football field; r l-fl'Plvl F ;sll ' a ' n - according to Illinois high IjliL'^IVLJ^ | way , ?n gi neel . s . You can always tell a tool. _,. , but the chances are he llu> LTacks are won't know what you arc- talking about. (iij I960, General r-eatures Corp ) New Steeple Erected Atop Baptist Church the bridge. They were discovered by bridge inspectors. Most of the cracks are thin—about string- wide—and are 15 inches or so in length. The slab in which the cracks appeared extends over a span poured during favorable weather Academy just prior to cold weather last fall. The bridge floor nearer the 1 property between Seminary road and the North Rodgers area; Logan's Drive-In Dairy and Bowl Haven; a boot-shaped area north iof the Alton High School property; and a triangular area to the southeast of Western Military Kevouimeuds Location The commission voted to ; the waves, ignited an instant later and streaked toward its destination, more than 1,100 miles down the Atlantic missile range. A successful flight would move the United States a step nearer to possessing one of the most powerful and elusive war deterrent systems devised so far. It would be another significant advance in a field of missilery in which this nation is believed to hold a big edge over the Soviet Union. The countdown reached zero as the George Washington, a 380-foot sea monster, glided at about two | knots in a southeasterly direction, its keel about 90 feet below the re-! surface. ,i ""' sailing the Ammen on her last voyage to a mothiball berth. After the crash the Collett, with :'5 feet of her bow bent back like a stubbed toenail, lay off in the fog and asked the listing Ammen il it needed assistance. Help was already on the way. Fog made rescue operations diffi cult. But small boats from the harbor department of thr resort town of Newport Beach arrived and began tu shuttle the dead and injured to shore, five miles away. No Panic A Marine helicopter Hew others tu a hospital ship 20 miles away at the Long Beach Naval Station. The crash produced quiet heroism but no panic. Coxswain Alex Amavisca, 20, of Yuma, Ariz., was in .the Colletfs bow bosun'i locker when the snipe slammed together. Stunned and shaken, he was In a section twisted completely back. But he walked out unhurt and later ferried two doctors in a motor whaleboat to the drifting Ammen. When he returned to his ship, Araaviaca sat quietly on a pile of rope and said, "I've got « hjadacto." Henry is ..| s o a member pxpel . ienef> board of the American 1 Food Service Assn., and Precision of mechanical marvels guided by men of skill and was demonstrated afternoon when the . P'esidenl of the state board. steeple was placed on the tower of the new F i r s t Baptist Municipal Band Concert Program Thursday, Riverview Park, 8 p.m.; Sunday, Rock Spring Park, 8 p.m. The Rev. Orrin Anderson, vocal soloist. Boyd LaMarsli, director; George loveless, manager. March "In Storm & Sun- Shine" need Concert March "Gypsy Love Song" \rr. Walters March "Washington Post" Sousa Overture "Princess of India" King Tango "Carmelita" Faith Waltz. "Belle of the Ball" Anderson Concert March "Golden Eagle" Walters Spanish March "La Donna" Tarver Selection "Gypsy" Styne Vocal solo "The Holy City" Adams The Rev. Orrin Anderson Samba "Lilt of the Latin" Bennett Church building at College ave- inuc and Johnson street. The 40-foot-high copper-cover- led steeple, topped by a cross, ivvus picked up by a huge boom, Missouri side, poured under ex-1 commend a different location I Compressed air ejected the 28- them was placed a steel beam, lreme sut jd en cold weather con-j for the proposed central fire sta-!foot Polaris from one of 16 certi- to which were attached the steel ! c|itions is apparently in good I lion. The Harland Bartholomew! cal launching chambers that stand hoisted into the air. After steeple had been lowered lines from the boom. By these lines, the steeple was' the into place, a man climbed the lattice-like steel framework of the boom, detached the line from one end of the beam, which then was drawn from the steeple. shape. slowly raised in the air, The ,„, .,..,, .... boom was swung to the left, /he dolu-ate job ol plawng Thr :", 3 -ton steeple was placed 8lw?plr w<Ui al an end ' gently on thr sleel framework of. Tll ' J ln| 8 p lloom was brought of the lower. There six iioii-'f"" 11 St - '-""is. after permission| YMCA Fund Keeps Growing report suggests that the central in pairs along the spine of the fire station be located on Front I submarine. street between Market and Al-| —by streets. The commission, on suggestion by Robert Maucker, a member, approved an area bounded by 7th, Belle, 9th, and Piasa streets, for the site. The proposed fire station would replace the present No. 1 at State and Wall streets. ICinjlnceri» to Study in business profits caused by the ! wiih a Proposal for a Council era- long steel strike last summer and: bargo a samst arms shipments to fall. But even I he prof it figure was 1 tne Co "g° and a request for an better than many had expected six !' nternatlonal investigation of al- months ago. At that time some of-i leged br "talities to Belgian set- ficials feared the fiscal year would ! llers in lne c °ngo. wind up in red ink. U ' N - Undersecretary Ralph J. fn Washington, it was disclosed| Bunche reported Sweden, Italy, that the improvement from the i c a» ac la, Burma and several Latin January estimates was entirely a j Alllel ' ican countries were sending matter of less spending than had! tro ° |)s to 3° in th e U.N. force been anticipated. At $77,300,000,000, government outlays were $1,100,000,000 less than the budget forecast. Government income was -'own 200 million dollars from the $78,600,000,000 forecast in Januazy, largely because of reduced corporation earnings attributed to the 1959 steel strike. DATA AT THE DAM 8a.m. temperature Yesterday's today 77'. High 87~. low 88" River staae below Precipitation dam at 8 a.m. 6.0. Pool 2^.1. 'H hrs. to 8 a.m. None. workers waited, to apply Ihei""" Wf holts and nuts Ihal were to last-'' 1 °" '' en the steeple to the tower. church AK the steel-ribbed. c:opper-cov- Je " ulhoiu ' d ere steeple was lowered into ^ oul place, and Ihe movement of a i-.iwiuMtl Clfi rtfn n ' I ! '" nd Additional to subscriptions tori The commission, after lengthy «' appeal from the County | trict to take a like appeal. - K,,iMl.-,,, blllldmB the boom was; by the addition ol eel ions rind a jib. entire operation of pltic- j three , und improvements of the remain- ! firming havp bPe " le( ' eived from ling fire slut ion, decided to let the .Drainage ai-fn enterprises, according i city's stall of engineers to Duiile.v F. Oiberson. the cam- up with ii^n ehuirmun. These include fraction of an inch was neces- i"K 'he lower was in charge ofj'lie Telegraph. Illinois Bell Tele- fc« ol the problem 1 headed by Maj. Gen. Carl von Howi of Sweden. The force is now made up solely of Africans, and so far about 3.500 men have arrived. A battalion of 630 Swedes svus expected today from the Middle East, where it has been serving with the U.N. Emergency Force in Palestine. Soviet Ueniund The Soviet Union demanded Tuesday that me United States pull out a detachment of 20 armed men the Soviet Union said had landed at Leopoldville. The State Department said the detachment was there to help land U.N. troops and supplies, the bulk ol which are being transported by U.S. i planes. | Getting the Belgian withdrawal i under way was seen as a victory ! for the U.N. operation. But Premier Patrice Lumumba insisted ho wanted all Belgian troops out M> _ of the Congo at once and indicated the Wood Riverjdustrinl counsel before the court | llt ' sti " is ( -'°" ! >idering an appeal and Levee District's!lor further reductions in the! to tne S^' 64 Union for help. additional assessment (amounts allowed in Ihe order for; l - tm iumba said Sunday he-would attorney ask Moscow to send troops if the Belgians did not get out in three Talley to File Appeal On Levee Assessment EDWARDSVILLE —A person-;commissioners of the levee dis- . discussion about the location , Loui-| s "nal order ot May 21 con- 1 He cited new demands by in- a more detailed study! 1 ' 0 " w '" be sought by him, tlieludministrniivt? expense, a I'oblums of the other sta- district's counsel, Harold G. Tal-itVes, and engineers fees tions. The commission will then!' ev ' notified .Judge Michael Kin-! These matters were discussed I f^ . t , . , Qfcuu > vi *t * T » 'S iii\7i7i n iiiiuuiga CMIU saiy to achieve the needed po-!*-" Swiney, superintendent f o rp h o n e Co., and McDonnell Air- i men WJ u make , recommends sition, the "man in the cab" dis- ABC Erection & Material Co (> n,ft Corp. of St. Louis. Thej tions to the City Council. played incredible precision as he manipulated the levers to move the steeple 140 feet in the air, just the tiniest distance. He was Jaycox, hoisting engi- George neer. The men atop the tower, some of whom "shinied" up the iron supports, waited to apply the nuts and bolts by bund. Two holes had been made in the copper-covered steeple — one on eaab *id*: and through Of St. l-ouis. MsDonnell Aircraft is Corp. check all the pei- sonnel including officers uud ex- //|#fY/6 !\j USlit will be covered with copper, so the steeple will present an even appearance, the copper has been eculives. treated so that it will retain a un-| "We me grateful to these firms i iform color after it becomes !ar-,for their support." said Giber-| UAUIU & TV study the engineers findings andl'" 1 - 11 today. i Talley said he would appeal : (lie final order to obtain a review 'ol the July 13. 1959, interlocutory order which specified $807,280 us the amount of the additional as- UUJIOKUI. nishcd. The two sections of the tower, one hexagonal, one square, Immediately below the steeple, also will be coveted with which will t» painted white. son "and hope to be able to announce pledges additional fr,om the gifts and community and area corporations soon to tike our total over Uw hallway maifc of our 0,350,000 goal." PACK 17 VW.K 18 OMTUAttV PAUL in conferences with Judge Kinney, counsel for objectors, and counsel for Talley last week. Later Judge Kinncy continued genet ully his hearings on the objections to these elements in the days. U.N. sources and Western diplomats did not take his u!U> matutn too seriously, and Lumumba would not say whether he planned to send a telegram to Moscow today after his midnight deadline. sessment. levee district rssessment roll. This iim-rlocutor.v order. Tal-' The assessment roll currently I \XV»l (/ei'lUail ley said in hi« letter to Judge (under contention was proposed! Kinney. reduced the proposed: to niei-t llu- expense ol local com- SljiJ.UOO, I'btimuu- tor udministru-imilmenls involved in the United tive expense, attorney fees, and I States Engineers cunent project engineers fees to $100,380 as a result of the requests of counsel for objector*. valley said he wus advising of raising the levee to protect against a Mississippi river flood stage ot 53 (wt oo tbe St. Louii gaugt. Fatal to 33 ' SALZGllTER, Germany (AP) Rescue workers reported % boa miners had died in ttw _ and chokiag fiuoea «f V«tt wont nun* five

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