Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 19, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 16
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SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 10, i960 City Manager Petitions Out at Edtvard&ville F;DWARDSVILLE-"At least ' fifty percent of the necessary signatures MO per cent of thp total number of votes cast, in'the lust mayoral election) have hoen secured on petitions bein? circulated here by members ol Hie Kdwardsvlllc League ol _ Women Voters in a campaign t.) lf1cc) , s of the American Federa- secure an election on the coiui- !lion of state Coun1y and Muni . oil-manager form of govern- t . ipa] ,r m pi O y es Local No. 799, ment. according to Mrs. Richard, u . prf , e]ected Thursday at the Schmidt, co-chairman, with M rs '| Courthouse c.len Frlton of the group's local officers elected were: Robert Public Employes Elect Officers f;DWARDSVtLLE New ol- agemla committee. Circulation of Hit- petitions began a week ago, according to __ _ _ Mrs. Schmidt, and at present Bowles / Edwardsville, treasurer: Charlotte Meyers, Alton. McCormick. Granite City, president; Eugene Berghoff. Wood River, vice president; Evelyn about ,'30 local men and women iirc seeking signatures. The [ft- secretary. ly percent figure, she said, is an, Tmsleeb se | e cled were: Doro- 'slimated minimum at the pres- ;lhy MeMullen. Madison, one- t?nl time, based on reports to the ommillee Monday. Mrs. Schmidt also noted that league members would welcome 'year term: Kenneth Hinson. Madison, two-year term; and Mary Heidke, Collinsville, three- year term. George Rhoads of , nt . August meeting. North Alton News • SELF-LAtNDft* Choice of State Dept. Head Vital The grand opening of ihe Norstate self laundry next door 10 Wardein Pharmacy was held today nnd will continue through Wednesday. The new business is H joint project of Ed Morrissey and Ed Wardein. Parking on a blacktopped lot is sufficient for the expected patronage, War-|P resident aaA *<* President next By JAMtSS MABLOW Amoctated ftrm News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-Tlie second mosWmportant Job In the ernment. secretary of state, won't be in the hands of the voters at all when they choose their new dein said. November. There are 24 20-minule cycle. There is speculation now that If washers, and eight dryers, in ad- 1 Sen. John F. Kennedy wins the presidency he will choose between Adlai E. Stevenson and Chester Bowles in naming his secretary. There is not even speculation on who'd be a new Repub- The books of VF\V, Post 1308|lican president's choice. Auxiliary, will be audited at thei ditlon to an air-cQnditioned waiting room. BOOKS MILL Bfc AUDITED AT SOCIAL Lost Near Los Angeles LOS ANGELES (AP) - PrayerMaratktm LaunchedDurtng Florida Trial MIAMI, Fla. (AP)~A church youth group has launched a round-the-clock prayer trmrathon during a trial testing the constitutionality of Florida's law which requires reading of the Bible In public schools. _ Thirty members of the Shenan-| h j I " l1 ™\' f "' ag :"" an " agI109tlc ; u backed doali Presbyterian Church ate j }n n)s su!t taking otie-liour shifts reading the was dim today for BfUGft 7, who disappeared li* days ifo in Los AngeJes National flWWt, a few miles north of her*. More than 300 search*™ have failed to find him. It is believed the boy may have fallen over a cliff In the Buckhorn Flat! area. vertistng salesman who describes CM! Liberties Union. Webster's Dictionary Bible while the trial, expected to defines Rgnostic ae "one who sub- be carried to the U.S. Supreme j scrjbes to ,( 1e doctrine that the ex- Court, progresses. iigfence and nature of God are un- Clrcuit Judge J. Fritz Gordon! ^^^ and unknowable." Is presiding over trial of two companion suits, one brought by a self-styled agnostic and the other Three Jewish parents and a Unitarian woman filed a companion suit seeking to prohibit rellgi- FLOOD GODS These gods on the temple of Isis on Philae are not out wading in the Nile. Flooded nine months of the year from the, reservoir of the present "low" Aswan dam, the temple will be in greater danger when the new high dam causes 8 Countries Join to Save Egypt's Monuments changes in the water level daily. Here, at half flood, the fertility goddess Isis is at left with her falcon-headed son Horns in the middle. Hathor, goddess of love and mirth, is at right. questions on tire merits of thei Bethalto Wfts council-manager type of munici-| at arms pal government and suggested i ^ new o[fjcers wl ,, be jn j Council, that interested persons contact i ot a |i«,i „, Mrs. Fclton. Mrs. William Deli-; cale. league president, or herself for information. Response to the petitions has been highly encouraging to the league, she said, and it is hoped social meeting of the group. Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The women will also elect delegates to the National convention to be held in Detroit. Thursday, Wood River will be I hostess to the Madison County) One that the league will be able to present the signed petitions toj County Judge Michael Kinneyj by Aug. 1. She estimated that il I might take as long as six weeks fo check the signatures against Name Grafton Club Chairmen AIJDCKMAM USTEIt IS ILL AT HIS HOME But in Hie next four years — with Russia growing stronger, more daring and more belligerent and Red China's muscles getting bigger day by day — the secretary of state will have a tremen- ous burden. seems sure. Even If ifhe rtepubllcans win the election, 1 tlie present secretary, Christian A. will by a group of Jewish leaders and; oug ac ,| V | tle8 | n sc hools, Including a Unitarian. | B , b]c ,. eadlngi baccalaureate pro- An overflow crowd Monday, ln-j HSe of rell , OUB 8ymbo , 8) eluding white-shlrted. Bible-carry-! Qnd observance ^ chrittmas, ng boys from a Baptist church, j ^ , Hanukkah and other «U- fn*irwu4 4«*nM«fMM «C 4l«4h 4-Mlnl *« M forced transfer of the trial to a larger courtroom. Harlow Chamber! in, a radio ad- dent Richard M. Nixon, whoj seems certain to be the Repub-j Means' presidential choice, are; both strong-minded men, Either as president would al- glous holidays. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Herter, will step out. Herter is an honest man and an earnest!... , ,, pr tn!nlv HP thr dominant' Alderman Maynard Lifter of one , but durlng his secretar y. ™£««*£ J^'"^ nir a n 1 d ln hafbeenaSvi:ed l oy ShlP "* ^ hM ^ iadministration, ^but each wou.d By TOVK NEVILLE Science Service Writer : tiling-oil the river bank. Four toot, clolossi in front of the temple The ancient gods of Egypt an-.depict Rameses II who built the threatened with extinction by • temple in honor of the gods Horus, flood waters from tlic reservoir of the new high Aswan dam being built and supervised by Russia. The high dam will promote Ihe Anion and PI ah. as well as of himself. Warrior Runiescs was "the last great cultivation o/ 2.500,000 acres of warrior king" and a fanatic build- desert to help feed the rapidly growing population. But in providing for the future, the water of the dam will destroy some of the er. Close- to the great temple stands a "smaller" temple dedicated to his wife. Nefertari, and to Ilatlior, goddess of love, mirth greatest monuments of man's her-1 and social joy. Here again are four itage. > colossal statues of Rameses and those who participate. (he voter registrations records j of Mrs. William Clark, but that the league had hopes, chairmen named were; GRAKTON - New department j Fl alllln Reunion chairmen were named at ai board meeting of Grafton Worn- j At Clllb Grounds an's Club Monday at the home; Mrs.,' his doctor to remain in bed fol ,Diplomatic disasters ! have to , to ^ de ., , d [ I 1 or instance, there were tne |grec on the day-by-day and long-, " * ' | American U2 spy plane downed j rangr judgment of Ills secretary over Russia, the State Depart- i O f 8 t a te. ! ment's bumbling in handling thatj Stevenson, while he has trav-i episode, the blowup of the suni-| e i e( j widely around the world 1 mil meeting, the cancellation of s j nce first losing the presidential; The Flamm famUy! president Eisenhower's trips toj rac e to Eisenhower in 1952. has| " ' ' ' never held a high overseas govern- KANt; (.•union was held Sunday at t he; Russia and Ja P an * r. _ — -i j • t1 ^ — j t_ —..... that an potion Hm«: 0 "^""u ",,""»"""•'"""•.:""" ! Oni/ed Club grounds in Alton ! *" addition there has been the lme nt assignment. SV JulS Kin^yiS; ipMal Srf' £™Sn^>--< were SAnd Mr.Wil- wnjtched deterioration in relations; B^, now . r™,,,, ^ 'er. !American home: Mrs. R. Mil- IU ' m Harnlon and children - Jan ' Hospital News i leri art; Mrs _ Paul Arnold, civil defense; Mrs. L. Stumpe, con- dens; Mrs. Ben Pohlman. national relations; Mrs. C. M. est archaeological adventure of the century. Even countries in open political conflict elsewhere are cooperating here: Austria is planning a mission of archaeologists. Belgium has offered 1,000.000 Belgian francs. Belgium also lias offered to send three experts, an Egyptologist and two architects, and is now holding an exhibit of Egyptian art: for the benefit of the campaign. The Frendi Society of Egyptology is collecting contributions | Strasen, 832 Klein; Mrs. Cora Lan-1 Ridge School for Girls; EDWARDSVILLE— Three area residents were admitted Monday to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland. One patient was discharged. One birth was recorded. Born to Mr. and Mrs,. Robert with Cuba, the Soviet efforts to gasman from Connecticut, was Joyce and Judy, Larry Berry of % ei a foot in there, the debacle j ambassador to India and was Godfrey, Charlene Rulo, Mr. and i in the Congo, and the Commu-jKennedy's foreign policy adviser John Flamm and family.! nist maneuvering to edge into Af-|during the latter's campaign for Illurold Yack of Grafton, MrJ r ' ca - jthc presidential nomination. Both? 'mid Mrs. Robert Flamm and' These are probably only j Bowles and Stevenson have writ-' I daughter, Melody, of Decatur, j samples of problems to come but I ten on foreign affairs. Ethel Flamm of Carroll-' as vet unimaglned. i There has been so much specu- weight six pounds, 11 ounces. Mrs. I Mrs. Hawkins is the former Sharon | ture; Edith Plummer, Mrs. W. Corey. "" daughter, Laura Rae. of Alton.j ha P s :ibove a11 - imagination in, yeai . tha( vepy litt i e f)as Lil "!Mr and Mrs Roy Sears andi findin S » ew methods of dealing | ^id about his possible choice of a hPilflv AT™ w o Qmlih m,, l««n. Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Don-!"™' communism to prevent its!secretary of state. health. Mis. \V. Q. Smith, m.i- and; expansion. QRANP MATINEES DAILY IMS TODAY A WED. EXCITEMENT t FUN TheADVfi' TONY RANDALL ARCHIE'MOORE EDDIE HODGES -v,*^ »** «*• -,_• Al 1:10 3:15 3:18 7:10 B:l<r PLUS: COLOR KARTOON STARTS THURS.I An Epic of Great Faith tFRUTH 2ft, COtOtlytol snunt Admitted were: Mrs. Mildred!sic; Mrs. C. Watson, Park For most ol Eisenliower's Uvo for the campaign. France wil] send iders, 314 Locust; Mrs. architecte!, Ebrecht, 210 West Hale. engineers. and specialists in the fields of ancient inscriptions. It is up to the rest of the world (two of Nefertari. to rescue the past. Russia -has not | Many of the monuments in Egyp- so far offered to take part in tlie j tian and Sudanese Nubia can be salvage operation to save these moved, but the two temples of iwiricro inr- finic. AI,.^ v Ronald Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Hu image bcnooi tor Girls; Mrs. h. • t j „„ Foster Du i es was his Irene!Edwards, public health: Mis. lb - rl AJlen and sons - lom - Ron >„-„,<.,.,,„ of sta < e a nd the Presi- ' '" and Rodney, Mr. and Mrs.! secietdrv Ol stale ' ana tne " resi monuments although eighi other nations, of various political per-jure carved out of a rock that is suasions, have responded to a;too delicate UNESCO plea on behalf of the prehistory and anthropology, j France is also considering offering the services of its Na- 'tional Geographic Institute in! the field of photogrammetry. ; Assistance Offered : India has promised the assistance of several experts. Poland The new high dam, being built | nas offered the assistance of a Albert Wallace, 1015 Georgia.'! was discharged. radio: Mrs. G. Hein. Stringer and family, Abu Sinibel cannot because tliey United Arab Republic-and prom- j U])sl ,. eam trom the present dam,i so ii expe rt to join UNESCO's ised aid. will create a ;JOO-milc lake, 42(3'preliminary study mission. The level ol the reservoir of the j feet deep. The lake will flood 21 j Spain is ready to send spe- present low Aswan dam is 397 j temples and'a number of archaeo-; c.ialists in prehistory and Coptic feet. The backed-up Nile already [logical sites, some still unknown. |art. Spain would also make floods numerous monuments.»• Dr. John A. Wilson, professor of among tliem the beautiful temples on the island of Philae that have been called the vision of paradise. Egyptology of the University of Chicago, and executive secretary available a river boat equipped for scientific investigations. In the United Kingdom, the Egypt of the U.S. Committee for the Pre- ] Exploration Society is already Oldest Buildiiig jscrvution of Nubian Monuments, working at the Buhen site in The oldest building on the islandUold Uie U.S. Senate Foreign Rela- Sudan near the Egyptian bor- of Philae is the temple of Nee- j lions Committee, that rescue oper-ider. Medora Troop At Scout Camp j'TV: Mrs. E. DeSherlia. motion] "; na i pictures. • : '- ;:ns ' Mrs. C. Overmeyer, safety: ! Mrs. R. Bolfing, veterans serv- i ice; Mrs. R. Schallenberg, youth program; Mrs. E. Seik.j t publicity; Mrs. A. Wilson, press j(j-|f;e$ relied upon his judgment per- niore than any president in Karen Shaw, Mrs. OevV 0 ™ 5 century has leaned on a sec-, Linda Mourning. Ibook; Mrs. R.Baxter, historian: MEDORA - Ten Boy Scouts! Mrs " E ' Snyders ' of Troop 100 are at Camp War- Mrs ' 3 ; Bl ' adfisc h. Federation lit ren Levis. Alton, this week. They are Terry Smith, Jimmy Extension; Mrs. F. Hawk, program; Mrs. W. Legate, scholar- Randolph. Keith Mutzbauer i ship; Mrs ' W " Clark ' niinois Larry Strunk, Gerald Heyen ! Club Women and Circulation Joe Daw, Jimmy Gable, Dennis| and Advertising; Mrs. H. Thom- Hubbard. Tommy Quakenbush " * ' and Topper Shields. as, credentials and elections; JMiss Freda Freiman. club par- Jerry Oldenettle is serving a si liamentarian; Mra - J ' Cannon, assistant scoutmaster during tlie | membershi P: Mrs - J - Bradfisch Monday Meeting Johnnies-come-lately in the Alton Rotary Club got brought up to date on a brief history of ,, . .. _, •' , • * . i CUKTClLi, Uic: niuot, v*tii \-ait Lcwjrvo n **-» the organization Monday night., bab , , elsewhere _ in de _ T^t» .1 A.Tni-hor' T3foiffonKov^nfoi» . * . retary of state. Dulles was many things—tough, agile, tireless — but imagination was not one of his strong points. He really initiated very little. Instead he took over from his predecessor, Dean Acheson, the policy of containment which is still being followed through a system of alliances and overseas bases. While this system will probably years most delicate Dr. J. Mather Pfeiffenberger. historian of the club, recounted the general history of the organ- where to ization. vising means of inducing the backward people of Africa and else- or friendly to this country. tanebo (359-341 B.C.) dedicated to Isis, goddess of fertility. The pharaohs of ancient Egype were believed to be incarnations of tlic gods themselves and often had to impersonate the gods at religious rites. Quite possibly, Cleopatra once officiated here in her capacity as the goddess Isis. Ptolemy XTJI, Cleopatra's fattier, built part of another temple on the island of Bigeh, a sister island to Pbilae. Another part of this temple was decorated during the reign of the Emperor Augustus. This temple replaced earlier ones mat may go as far back as tlic 19th century B.C. The ram god ations would cost from to $90,000.000. The committee was considering an amendment to the Mutual Se- curily Act of 1954. This would have given the President the authority under certain conditions to use U.S. owned local currencies for | the project up to about 30 per cent of the cost, or about $20,000,000 to $25,000.000. In the amendment as passed, day and troop committee members take turns serving at night. I Parents of the Scouts may visit $80.000.000 A joint mission to excavate in | ™ — - —' I Egyptian Nubia is being plan-} 01 ' inuth aa> night. gyptian ned in the United States by the; University of Pennsylvania Mu-j Presbyterian Women seum and the Peabody Museum of Yale University. Another American project is a five-year program by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago for investigation, excavations and documentation in ' Egyptian and Sudanese Nubia. one U.S. businessman has no authorization of funds was ac-i 0 fj; e red to buy the temple of tually made, but Congress askedJDendui' and move it to Indiana, the President to make recommen-; dations to Congress regarding the! project by March 1. 1961. i Dr. Wilson said that the mosii ways and means; Mrs. C. H. Now a group of 94 members, it Kennedy, the Democrats' presi. — _ --. .1 . I r*i n »*.n«J •» n4 1. 1 A ...!4.L. TIT /"« ' * * F Lauds Local Circuit Court , .. . , , ,i ••--. - . —- — KDU'ARDSVILLK Henry P. rate lhe temples on these islands, j la ,, d of p lulat!) and .UNESCO has |chandlel , Springfield, court ad Khnum and his companion god- i lmportam lemples musl b(1 , e[ , dess were worshipped here. . whm . lhe are and pmte( . teil bv Religious carvings in bus-relief and hieroglyphic inscriptions dams, Three small dams have to protect the dam and the site of tlic new one, these monuments are flooded nine months of the year.. When the new lhe templeK*at Abu Sinibel. dam is completed the water level Nubia Seeki* Help will ^' ai ' y daily and | UNESCO has asked for,coopera- " ........ ' (ion from the entire world in a campaign for the rescue of the ancient monuments in southern Egypt and Norlhen Sudan — collectively called Nubia. technological firm, j mini . lrato , lor the state, de- Coyne and Jean Bellier, to j scl -ibed tlie Madison County Cir- work out a plun for a dam around | t . u i t Court and Circuit Clerk's To Meet at Moro MORO — The Presbyterian Women's Organization will meet Thursday at the home of Mrs, Ernest Meiners in Bethalto at 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Margaret Kabel will have charge of the lesson. The Rev. Wane Hoxsie is spending the week at Monmouth Col| lege, where he is attending tlic Synod School of Education. Moro Notes i MORO— Richard Helmkamp and Victor Unterbrink Jr., are home ajler completion of six months ac- Uive duty in the army. They took their basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood and since April have trained at Ft. Riley. Mrs. Paul Helmkamp and daughter, Elaine, attended the thereby damage the monuments even more. TTie rock-cut temples at Abu Simbel are located south of — and operated from — both tlic present daw, and the new. ' Those two temples arc probably the most magnificent ol the hundreds of monuments now in dan- -office as one of the "most eff i- i Kruse-McMusters wedding in Jer' dent I've seen." . seyvillc on Sunday. Chandler, who is appointed by the state supreme court to assist that body in establishing some sort of system into Illinois courts, said the Madison County Court is doing its work very well Fosterb urg Pastor Camp Counsellor „ .. r , , ------ ------ o — ------ •--, FOSTERBURG — The Rev Both Egypt and Sudan havej und lhe three judges and thoj Roy Carlson returned Saturday ollPred that na ions particjpatmg , irc . uil derk aro working togcth- 1 from a week at the lllinois-Mis- in the operations will be re- 1 er veiy effectively. McKinney, achievement, Graiton Notes GRAFTON - Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Baumgurtner and son, Richard, of Freeport, arrived Sunday to visit Mi 1 , and Mrs. C. Overmeyer and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pittenger. Mrs. George Tolle Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. 1 Gene Warner of .started with 14, with W. C.| dentlal noniinee> „& vice presi- Reavis, later to become nationally recognized in the educational field, as its president. The other charter officers were J. A. Giberson, vice president, J. G. Grossheim, secretary, and A. W. Sherwood, ! treasurer. Dr. Pfeiffenberger also listed Godfrey were guests Sunday of P ast Presidents of the organiza- warded with at least half of the ger. Built in the 13th century B.C., the great temple is 108 feet high,' a feet \vide, U10 fei't dec.-p. and|«tlsi> ottered lights to excavate! out of tlie moun-iin i.thei partK of the country tor HClP UJ "-- lw ' K - The circuit clerk's office in wllh Madison County has developed an efficJenl system of statistics ' ' isouri Bible Camp near Peoria where he served Private diiuuf for small pantet, Utul HO 54WI4 liuule l»7—doUIr Tb» Woc» to Go Wh90 YOU Want tht Vny t Owmml Broiled «i«ak« to Ferfeotiou t I4dll»t Fried f Fit BurlMuuied ttili* Seafood cult*. iMirr* buiu>r. . JUr gomtirto is doing more in that regard as counsellor and teacher tor junior boys. Mrs. Carlson left Saturday to spend this week in the same camp teaching and directing music for the junior girls. She was the former's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Pohlman and family. Mrs. ToJle and Mr. and Mrs. O. Hlckman returned Saturday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. James Depper at Giant dity State Lodge in Makanda. Mr. and Mrs. Depper formerly lived iiiGrafton. Mr. and Mrs. David Hal) and family moved last week from the Chase residence on Main street to the Foster residence. Mrs. Corda Law returned to her home in Leroy. III., following a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer DeSherlia. Miss Kathy McKinney, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McKinney, is attending the Mark Twain Institute in Clayton, Mo. Miss McKinney will be a senior at the Jersey Community High school this fall. Maj. Gen. William Westmoreland, superintendent of West Point, was'born in Spartanburg, S.C., 46 years ago. tion. Lacerates Wrist Alton police learned at 4:45 a.m. today that Jim Anderson, 57, of 314 George St., East Alton, had been received at St. Joseph's Hospital emergency room for a doctor's attention to a laceration on his left wrist. He had fallen against; a door in his home, police .were told, and Incurred the cut as his hand struck and broke a glass pane. Open 7:30—Start Ousk OUTDOOR TMllUHl ALT WOOD M t^t' i.'/ 4 t •>(/' s A-l;*: Lilt 2 Laff-Fillid Days BEL+AIR OPEN 7:00 — START DUSK —•— LAST SIGHT Jamei Stewart 'THE MOUNTAIN ROAD' Dick Clark Tuesday Weld •Because They're Young' STARTS TOMORROW LAST TIME TONITE OPEN 6:45 RINCES (ant i mi They Came To Take The Werid! illH MM With At 8:48 At 7:80 STARTS WEDNESDAY! 4 BIG DAYS During This Engogcmtiit lex Off ict Opens at 7:00 THE MOTION PICTURE rC!> EVERYONE! * <^" STAWIING: CHARLTON HESTON BETTY HUTTON • JAMES STEWART CORNEL W1LDE9DOROTHY LAMOUR FJ2ATURE SHOWN AT 7:55 PLUS; FEATURETTEI WALT DISNEY'S "ALASKAN SLED Shown at 7:80 10:35 NOTE: Due to length of khow the feuturc will be uliown once only at 7:55 than the luw requires them to i accompanied by five girls from do. At the beginning of his ad- the Baptist Church here, Patty minitilraiion. not more than ono- fourtli ol the state's courts \\vrt- keeping statistics, Cliundlei said. Paul, liook. Porter. Carol Bierbuum, Martlia Ann Hum's, ;ind Madison county circuit clerk's l.eim'» lor .ilukku office under the Jute Simon Kel-, KOS'lTiRBURG - 'ilie Rev. lerinann Jr.. was .uu- uf ihe ex- and Mrs. Cletis Leverett and icptions. he imlii'uied. and his family left Wednesday from their attention was drawn lu il \er\ home pi lhe last year near early ah an example. j Bunker Hill to drive to Alaska. Chandler wax invited to ftiudi- They will serve as on Kodiuk island. The Leveretts have served u number of years at Coniette ville, Ky., us home missionaries in the iiiuuntuius under the Buptlst Mid-Missions board. They ure visiting a brotlier and sister-in-law, u>e Rev. and Mrs. Golike, and sans at Hay* den, Colo., and another brother and family, tlie Rev. and Mrs. (ilen Golike and family at Calil. TVm County fey CU'cuit Ciwk Pro STARLIGHT :- IOUTI i4e. couwi AVI. • AITON, UINOIS Vour Favorite Family Drive-In Box Office Opeiw ttt 7 (NDS TONIGHT MMHMMM § *OUTH PAOIFIO' Slaris WEDNESDAY for Out Wnk! FIRST-RUH SHOWING! Open Dally 6:80, Start 7 p.m. AdulU 50o Kiddle* 33o FAMILY NIGHTS Toni9hr. Wed., Thurs, All KcuU 'J8c. Matiuee Every Weduenduy. Let tlie Uptown be. Vour Baby Sitter for a leu hours. TUES, • WED, • THURS. J^WESViRNE'S awl THum., |:M WM>. 1:17. «:W. «i!4 P.M. LAST TIME TONITE lex Office Opem 4:30 OQDRIVE At 0:05 At 7:20 STARTS WEDNESDAY - 1st RUN HITS AUN ^...f^F BURL"" AUN GUINNESS• IVES I Ann. MAUREEN ERNIt bfiUM JIANNI MVSTBMV with * iwlci pi m»n«o«l At ¥100 i tun* IM> i At 7(80 1 PARAMOUN Rtlt Tuw. oiut Tbum.. 7:M P.M. Wed. auu and Tiao IMO, fju» Ourtuou*. Frtw flufgrouod. dlidiwi Atf 1 " 1 Ctertaou wtd ieriaj 1 P.M. "Strrt'i " WIDNIIOAY MATINKE ONLY STARTS ti30 "KIDDIES SUMMER FUN PARTY" 2 HIS. QP PUN. AUSIATIIIc CARTOONS QAiORI Wl/5; YOUR FAVQWE6I "THE 3 STOOGES 99 A "THE LITTLE RASCALS"

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