Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 19, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 19, 1WO National League Wants Expansion Work Will Begin Immediately CHICAGO (API—The National League voted unanimously Mon-l day i» favor of expanding to 10 i tearm find, in offpct, told the newly formed Continental League to put up or shut up. i After a long meeting of clubj owners and general managers, league President Warren Giles said. "If it develops that a new major league is impracticable, the National League has voted unanimously to expand its membership to 10 clubs. "The standards for a new major league were set forth at Columbus. Ohio, last year anJ were accepted by the Continental League, which! so far has not met them." said Giles. The National League named a I tour-man expansion committee. | headed by Walter O'Malley of Los Angeles, with orders to go to work immediately. The committee, which also includes owners Lou Perini of Milwaukee. John Galbreath of Pittsburgh and Bob Carpenter of Philadelphia, sent . a telegram to Branch Rickey, president of the. Continental League, and to Joe Cronin, president of the American League, asking either or both to, meet at their convenience with the j committee on the subject of ex-, pansion. Giles, claiming "expansion is; inevitable," said his league hadj discussed two facets of expansion.] "expansion by a new league and; expansion of the present league."; In New York, Bill Shea, founder j of the Continental League, said he TOUGH BREAK CLEVELAND — Cleveland general manager Frank Lane (right) examines shortstop Woddie Held'* broken middle finger in the clubhouse. Held suffered a break in two places on a throw from Johnny Temple in the first inning against New York Monday night. The Indians placed Held on the disabled list and said he will be sidelined from three to five weeks. Mike de la Hoz was recalled from the Mobile team in the Southern Assn., where he is batting ,312. (AP Wirephoto) White Sox Rip Red Sox Behind Score's 9-1 Job By JACK HAND Anso<:laled Press Slporls Writer Al Lopez finally has begun to and stuck with him in the face; jof criticism, Score was slow to! repay him for his faith. Netv Pin Loop Begins Draft Of Top Stars OMAHA (AP) — The 12 clubs! Jin the new National Professional! 'Tough Test,' Says' Stiead Of PGA Meet AKRON, Ohio (AP)—Sam Snead took' his first look at the re- mddeled Firestone Country Club course, where the PGA championship will br played Thursday through Sunday, and pronounced It "a tough test of golf." Despite this estimate, Snead shot a 69 In Monday's practice round, becoming the first player to break par on the toughened par- 70, 7,165-yard layout. Snead, 48, who is bidding for a fourth PGA championship, matched par with 35 on the front nine then closed with a 34 despite bogeys on the last two holes. "Weather conditions, high winds and rains could be a determining factor." said Snead, winner of the) PGA crown in J942. 1949 and 1951 He thought a par 280 would win thr 72-hole medal play tournament, i But Alex Redl, professional at) Firestone Country Club since 1946,: guessed that scores would be a' little higher. Redl said he thought a 283 or L'84 would easily win the, $9.000 top prke. Arnold Palmer, favored to win the tournament, again had trouble in Monday's round, winding up, with a 75. He carded 76 Saturday, j Palmer has won seven tournaments on the PGA tour in the last; eight months. If he should capture' the PGA, he will be the first golfer! to win the Masters, the U.S. Open! and the PGA the same year. BfiWLLNG CHESS WHO WON DENVER—It appears in this picture that Zora Folley, right, of Chandler, Ariz., is having; everything pretty much to his liking during the second round of his fight with Sonny Liston of Philadelphia in Denver Monday night. Liston retaliated, however, by knocking out Folley in 18 seconds of the third round. (AP Wirephoto) Liston Adds Another KO As Folley Goes in 3rd DENVER. Colo. <AP> — The j said in his dressing room after- JACK BA111IAN Sports Editor . firrt break in the baseball geMOfl Is seen as the pro football teams start their training camps. ffos il the first sign that fall Is Just around the corner and the end of the baseball season is in sight. The sports scene has been dominated by baseball, but the football coaches haven't been idle during the off season. AMI Parseghlan. Northwestern University grid coach, and his staff have been studying films of teams that are on thfs season's schedule. By studying the films, coaches try to get to know the trends of the opposing coaches and also make a complete statistical analysis of each team they faced. They chart each plaj- and break them down into percentages such as hdto many times they passed, how many times they ran inside or outside. So, alfhough July is a dead Hall-cif-Earners Change Method month as far as football te concerned, coaches all aerow (he country are getting ready for file season with lots of paper work. (Mod Divs, No ,8inM Dr. Sammy Lee, gold medal diving winner in the 1948 and '52 Olympic games is now coaching the U.S. women's diving team. Dr. Lee, a Fresno-born Korean, has yet to master the art of swimming. He can stay afloat and splash from one place to another, but people watching him think he is going under at any moment. Durooher Rumors Despite denials by both Leo Du- rooher and the San FrandBCo Giants that nothing is cooking between them, insiders say that The Lip wjll be the manager next Mason. Durocher has been'out at fhe game for some time and after losing his Game of the Week broadcast on TV, he has been looking for a, way back into the game. He was a hot nominee for Joe Gordon's job at Cleveland last season, but a last minute switch- eroo by Frank Lane bowing to fans' pressure i-ehired Gordon for ; CHICAGO (AP> — After failing ; two mon.' years. i to elect anyone into the Hall of 1 Durodier wants « chunk of the IFame for the last four years. a. m . xl f, a || ( .] UD he works for, but new method of election has been mp desire to return may be so i proposed by the Baseball Writers j , J . r . al that ht , wil | (a |t e almost any i Association of America. !r!eal. ' Under the new system, subject to approval by the Hall of Fame i Committee, if none of the candidates gets the required 75 per cent of the votes, a second ballot will be taken, announced BBWAA President Edgar Munzel. On the runoff, however, only the top 30 will be on the ballot and was hopeful the National League's j collect dividends for his weeks and | Until Score threw a five-hitter Bowling League today began the| action was a good sign He saidi montns of patience in the Herb! at Boston for a 9-1 victory, he j final 15 rounds of a 30-player per 1 Rickey would be glad to meet with! Score case. i had not gone the route since July! team draft. ' the committee "because we want! Score came through with a com-j *"• • ; They moved through 15 rounds! to use every means at our dis-iplete game, his first after 15 Score's pitching/ backed by a'Monday as preparation began for posal to be taken into organized:straight failures over a two-sea-' ^ ni '' attack, boosted the White;the first season of the league, baseball." son span, to pitch Lopez' Chicago; 80 * '"to second place, only two j scheduled to start in September of "My main objective from the .White Sox into second place Mon- i games behind the New York Van- j 1961 with a five day per week' konls 2M,'202.. very beginning has been to getj dav lu g nt in ^ American League; tees, who dumped Cleveland into i schedule over 36 weeks on a five- kel 205; Kilgo 222; J. KeUy another club for New York," Sheaj race said. "I have been convinced for! "Al I massive 14-inch fists of Sonny I Liston thundered a tattoo today ward. Folley. 1.98'a, of Chandler, Ariz., vote for only five instead of 10, as on the first ballot., !on the door to the heavy weigh t j said he' had made" a "mistake "in' 'boxing throne room occupied by tryln g to s]ug it ou( with Liston "I fought the wrong type of hands [ ighl _ ( f oug ;. t nis fight." he ACME 32 LANES Monday Men (Champion Floyd Patterson. i Liston's sledge-hammer j smashed Zora Folley to the can- said. jvas twice in the. second round and Lislon sajd he ha{j tagge() 200 Games: Ribbeck'205; Kir-j knocked him out in 28 seconds of j Nvith a , eff noflk onis 204, 202, 205, (611); Mar-.the third round of their scheduled hi , f t f nl vnS- Kilini ')")•).• .1 Kellv 9(18 11 A i, \T™,) D .. ,,ir,M in . U OI understands me, third place with a 9-2 triumph be- i man team match basis. said; hind vvhite y Ford - • The owners are drafting the na- BOWL HAVEN Monday Mixed a long time and still am con-1 Score shortly after he was traded; Monday was a night for come-. lion's top bowlers and they start-! ., High Games: W. •! 12-round bout Monday night in | the Denver Coliseum. "I got him quicker than I ex- i loo j { ' planned to remain in Cincinnati Although Lopez understood ..the City to a w decisi °n over Balti-iup Don Cartel-. St. Louis. Bud-' had something to do with the Na-.1 left-hander's peculiar problems more - Tne defeat left the fourth-j weiser star and four-time National tional League's action." —- 'P Ja ce Orioles four games of the:All-Star Tournament champion Powell Crosley. owner of the', «,.„„„•„„, pj._ \^± J^l.,?!? Washington Sumars chose Billy Welu, Cincinnati club, spiked rumors that he would move his club to j New York by stating that the Red- i ]Y0rfo'$ fa legs would remain in Cincinnati j ' during his lifetime. , Diering Ford Giles said no possible cities I N'orthsiders. 6-5, 3 Man Scratch High Games: Luly 266. (837); j iSteiger 224, 202, 234, (827); W.' Smith 242, 208, (820); M. Tay-i 205; pected," the unmarked 2154- League Leaders nine early in the second round. That caused Folley "to start reporting my left Liston said. "Then ihe entire National League had Sta r champ. He explained that he St. j ior 200; Scroggins 233, 214, (813); 0 ,TnIcT_ Louis Falstaffs ace and 1960 All- v«t.»Viamm««. OOR. T onh oin onn-i 31 oalsl ° pe " date Mond ^" . Roy Sievers ran his consecutive ! had come to terms with Welu but Carter would not edged in a Norb'si?T ^ £ t0 l ' longeust ibowl in the league. He did not ! disclose terms of his agreement were mentioned in the discussion on expansion and no new standards were set for any cities de- City League Softball game Monday night. 'Tovo of Diering Ford hit a s |in the Sox won their siring to become members of thelH UW -run homer to help the win- National League, 1 nor's cause. Marty Haynes, in ad- Hank Greenberg, vice president j dition to hurling for Diering, also in their 1 25 starts. Boston had taken a seven-game winning streak into 1 the contest. Gene Freese, who hits best against Boston, had three hits, making it 22 in 33 at bats! or a .667 average against the Red | and treasurer of the Chicago!hit a triple. jSox. White Sox and a member of the j In other City League , action. \ Mickey Mantle's three-run horn-! American League's Expansion;Sagers downed Midtown 11-6. andjer was the big blow of a five-run! Committee, said he was "delight-; ACMS defeated East Alton 8-5. j fourth inning for the Yanks in! with Welu. Laub 210, 200; Walker 204; Berry 221; Manns 223, 203; Althoff 200, 211; Bast 224; Steckle 207; Johnson 222. The Wyoming freshman football team went unbeaten in 1959 for the first time since 1953. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National League Batting (based on 180 or more Los Los 18-0 This Year Aurora's Sterkel Is Even Better Than Last Season ed the National League has tak- INNING: en this action, a decision which' sort'" 8 F ° rd hid to be taken sooner or later."' However, Greenberg expressed doubt that each league could expand to 10 teams in the event the Continental League fails. INNING: ACMS East Alton INNING: Sager Midttmn 003 101 ooo '?_£ 9 o! thelr victor - v over Dick Sligman-j 230 ooo ooo 0—5 s o|It was Mantle's :;2nd. Roger Maris! No. 29 in the ninth 67; Skinner. Pittsburgh. 62. speedily to revlve him Runs batted in — Banks, Chica- Th* Arizonan moved out for the; go. 76; Aaron, Milwaukee, 70. !third round still groggy and be- Hits -Groat. Pittsburgh, 120;.««"«? an easy target for the fin- Mays, San Francisco, 110. ishi "g bone-crushing left jabs and Doubles — Pinson, Cincinnati I l 'te nt hooks by the Philadelphian. j and Cunningham. St. Louis, 23; Fol)e y tumbled face down onto! Mays, San Francisco. 22. the canv «s for the final count. He Triples — Pinson, Cincinnati ' nevp r moved until seconds after and White, St.-Louis, 8; Bruton,' the knockout. Milwaukee and Kirkland, San Liston. ranked No. 1 challenger Francisco, 7. to Patterson, now boasts 21 knock- Home runs -Banks, Chicago.' out victories in^ 31 Rights. 26: Aaron, Milwaukee, M. ^^^^-^™^^^_~_^~^- 17-Year-Old St. Louisan Pulls Upset CHICAGO (API - One Austra- 1 lian Davis Cup player was on the sidelines today but a full, four- man U. S. team was ready for the second round of the National Clay Courts Tennis Tournament. Marty Mulligan, sixth-ranking Aussie, was eliminated in Mon-, (15 in- day's first round by Rudy Hei- nando of Modesto, Calif., 10-8, 5-7. »6-2. But this took a far back seat to :the surprise that shook the River Forest Tennis Club. In one of the i greatest first round upsets in the i meet's 50-year history, 17-year• old Justina Bricka, a senior at By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ! University City High School in Monday JHght Results 'suburban St. Louis, ambushed Sioux City 4, Fox Cities 3 (10' top-seeded Darlene Hard of Mon- count reached nine. Folley scram-, innings I tebello. Calif., 7-5, 1-6 6-2 bled to his feet and wobbled to Green Bay 7, Des Moines 6 (10, Miss Bricka, National Girls indoor champion and recently winner of the Southern Girls crown in Atlanta, today faces another comparative youngster, Sue Hodgman of Kalamazoo, Mich., fresh from victory in the Western Tourney at Indianapolis. U. S. Davis Cup players led by No. 1 seeded Barry MacKay, advanced with fair ease. They are defending champion Tut Bartzen, seeking a fourth Clay Courts title; Earl Buchholz and Chuck McKinley. ed faking with UK> left, and opened him up for my right hand." The combinations slammed Fol- loy to the canvas at the end of the second round with the bell sounding just as the knockdown Little Ellen berger Braves 15. Hellrung 9. Reds 14. Redbirds 2. Braves 1.8, Bears 0. Dodgers 14, Bears 14 nings). Kennett Yankees 14, Braves 6. P. W. Day Dodgers 15. Birds 1. Three I League .351: Mays, San Francisco, .348. Runs - Mays, San Francisco,' Ws c °' 1 ' ner where ^^^s worked innings) Burlington 14, Cedar Rapids 6 SPORTS ON THE AIR Tuesday, July IB 7:55— (11) Cardinal Baseball: Cards vs. Milwaukee Braves. (Also on KMOX Radio) 10:00—(3) Pro Football: '59 Top Pro Football: Baltimore Colts vs. Green Bay Packers. —Compiled by TV Digest 234567 RH LEVITTOWN. N. Y. (AP) — looking for a pitcher o!£ who in flve seasons has won 129 S.SSiotJ ? ^^^fT'^^^^^J^es, lost nine, fired 34 no-hit- 0? 0333 1-lPl" i o i o 2 2 o— e 13 a'mauo's 10th homer. Jofln te«. has an earned run average Herb Score Still Hasn't Hit Peak QHCAGO (AP) — Herb Score i won the game. He pitched good turned in his first complete pitch-1 enough to win." ing performance for the Chicago I Lopez is a patient man with ballj White Sox Monday night but the i players and his patience usually! New York iof 1.07 and once pitched shutouts within 10 hours? three in amateur softball is looking, butj only one has him — the Aurora,; 1 III., Sealmasters, world champions now winding up an exhibition swing through the area where they'll defend their title at Jones r e l'. Beach Stadium Sept. 30. Stolen bases — Pinson, Cincin- lati, 20; Mays, San Francisco, 19. Pitching (based on 7 or more decisions) — Williams, Los Angeles, 9-2, .818; Roebuck, Los Ange- STOP & SWAP SALE! Fact is, every important team, 'flu Strikeouts — Drysdale, Los An- 68 ' M1: KrtWldl Pittsburgh ' Cardinals Play At Milwaukee MILWAUKEE (AP) — With a By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League wild southpaw still hasn't reached i pays off. When the Sox traded the peak the defending champions! Barry Latman, a promising young have set. ; righthander to Cleveland for Score turned back the Boston! Score. Lope^ was the man behind Chicago Cleveland Baltimore Detroit Red Sox 9-1 behind a 14-hit attack the deal. i Washington to which he contributed a single : Hi< felt Score needed confidence | Boston and triple and yielded only five to become a big winner. Lopez: Kansas City hits. [iilsu w;ts aware that Score's in- ; Monday He walked four men — all in! effectiveness was caused by a (he first three innings - and lat ' k ol work finished the game with one strike- ljJIJC '^ tned to use Sc °'' e as a out. It was hi* second victory' slai ' u ' r bul u cUd "' t w '"'' "'""" against three deleats 'couldn't get the bail over the W. 47 47 45 47 40 39 33 30 L. Pet. G.B. 33 37 36 41 40 41 49 31 couldn't get the His only strikeout came in the '*'!''• Hp wabh a ** £ firtt inning wnen he got leadoff "J^ 1 —'.«"» "™ » man Willie Tarty on a curve ball. <; ievi> "' nd ''.' ««« •«»«« V«" ' the majors in it was the only curve lit- got OUT the plati- all night." iwiid the! in hiln "We made .. . ... I'lai/tiiv six duys in a row," Manager Al Lope/. "Hes cowing U|)(J/ - 1Ild u1leu ht , wasn - t p -, along but heK not at the peak wej in g batting practice we bad him' set for him. He's regaining bw , hnw OI1 , Jlt . 8Jde , ine8 . We ^ to j control and several times he had a 3-0 count on hitters whom he make- him strong again. Now hf's getting in the groove and if he' .588 .560 .556 .534 .500 .48$ .402 .:J70 Ke.sultN New York 9, Cleveland 2 Chicago 9, Boston 1 Kansas City a, Baltimore 1 Only games scheduled Tuekdtt.v (James New York at Cleveland (N) Baltimore at Kaiwus City (N) Washington at Detroit i,\i Boston at Chicago i.Ni Mi<(iin*k(la.v Uuuu»s New York ut Clc'\clum.1 iNi Boston at Chicago <N> Baltimore at Kansas City (Ni WaHiiington at Detroit I Sterkel won half of them; Saturday night, a two-hit, 17-strikeout 6-1 victory over New Rochelle; Sunday, seven, no-hit, scoreless Innings of relief and 16 strikeouts in a 5-3 vietoiy over Levittown; 2 against the Braves' Bob Buhl (9- Monday night, a 3-0 victory over 2^s|3). Massapequa Park with Sterkel Gibson (1-2.1 hurled the best j Blowing three hits, fanning 17. thin pitching staff his chief worry these days, St. Louis Cardinal manager Solly Hemus has named Bob Gibson as the starter tonight against the Braves' Bob Buhl (9- 7 igame of his brief major league 8 'career against the Braves July 2 15 iwhen the Cardinals won 7-1. Hurler Bob Miller underwent surgery Monday for removal of a pitcher is personable Har-i«^ vey Sterkel, a 6-2, 210-pound 26-' ' year-old right-hander, considered! American League by some the best softball pitcher,' Battjllg (based OJJ & w more una ' i at bats) — Gentile, Baltimore, In 48 hours, the Sealmasters .321; Runnels, Boston and Minoso,' won six consecutive games, and Chicago, .318. Runs — Mantle, New York, 75; i Maris, New York, 60. ; Runs batted in —Maris, New' York, 72; Gentile, Baltimore, 59.! Hits — Minoso, Chicago, 101; | Smith, Chicago, 100. | Doubles — Skowron, New York,; 21; Runnels, Boston and Siebern, ! Kansas City, 18. Triples — Aparicio and Fox, That made It 18 victories with-. out a loss tills season for Sterkel. j Chicago, 6; Robinson, Baltimore, Since moving in 1956 from nisi Maxwell, Detroit, Snyder, Kansas i hometown of Denver to the Seal- masters — a club sponsored by City and Mantle, New York, 5. Home runs — Maris, New York, 29; Mantle, New York, 22. Stolen bases — Aparicio, Chica- calcium deposit and Bob Duliba isia manufacturing company — liar- sidelined while recovering fi-om ] \-ey has had season marks of 30-3, injuries sufft-r.'d in a recent auto '• 12-2, 30-2 and 39-2. Eight of his \ go, 23; Landis, Cliicago, 13. accident. ' nine losses have been 1-0. In more Pitching (based on 7 or more Ernie Bfoglio will work Weclnus- than 1,000 innings, he's averaged decisions) — Coates, New York, day night and Larry Jackson | slightly mure than two strikeouts 19-1, .900; Turley, New York. 6-1, Thu»'stia> against Milwaukee. This Jan Inning, and allowed just 261.857., lea\-i's lefthanders Cui-t Simmons i earned runs. Strikeouts — Bunning, Detroit, and Ray Sadeeki to open against! His gi'eatest achievement, and 1112; Bell, Cleveland, 96. tin- Reds at Cincinnati Friday and! one that rates with the best in Saturday. ! a iiy sports, came in the 1959 Thi-sc five have been carrying, world championship touniumeut tin'pitching burden along with re-,ai Clearwater, Fla. After losing jliel ace Lindy McDaniel. Ronnie! 1-0 to the defending champion GUARANTEED NEW TREADS 9 88 4.7MS ^7.50.14 plui tax and rtcappablt lira Nationwld* Oimr«ntt>« W« ftunnU* our K*w TrMdt, b**riu Ifa* FirMloM Quality Tmd MidtlKi .SloSr oSS fdm([Mnf nurk, to b* (ra* (n>md«(wti in work- muichlp «nd mtUrltU. U wmiiution by ui or iny FirMtwM &*l*r m (ton diwloaw • dtfert in thj ti-Md or cord body. It will bt mMlnd or on th« cost of tnolhtr N*w pricM curtMt •( the lima ofadjiutmtnt. Pfr«iton« Quality Tread Mtdallien Thii M«d»llion ii your at- awaoc* that w« UM only hijh- quality Ffraitont troid rubber and oultfruli ... to riv* you top value, lop tatoty, top miwaf*• \ Our Sh»|iCod0 Mark ildtd Into tha nawrraaa,ur*tiiUfadwi(i tha. Firwlon* Tira f TSibbar Co. ' idaa or itart •t MMM e«rry our ^uartntw. in Amarica wUI know ehat <ha** NawTraadj fiti mtil mtdab «f tm4, ChavroUl, riymowKi, Rt mbtor Sam* trtad DESIGN, tr«ad DEPTH, and trtad WIDTH at tht Firtitan* tirti on q*w 1960 cart. forced to hit the ball without giv-| ev er geu that curve ball over the 1 ing up any more walks. Tiiat's a |ljjate , he could jus , ^ cloBe (o j Pittsbui . gh Natiunul W. L. Pet. G.B. good sign." Ithe pitcher that Boston once of- Score agreed with his manager. Ifered to buy for a million dollars.' "The curve to Tanby was the only In addition to Score's fine ef- Milwaukee St. Louis .— -. Los Anjjt'les one I got over, f wasn't ex- j fort, Roy Sievers. another new- San Francisco optionally fast, but Just tent,comer to tlu- White Sox scheme, Ciiu.-iimaii enough." run his curn>mitive game hitting'Philadelphia Lopn recalled that the former, streak to '.'1 us the White Sox Cleveland fireballer whw*e career moved into second place, t«o was jeopoi'dized iifcvtral yeart ugoigameii behind the league-lea(iii« 51 47 45 « 41 33 34 39 39 40 44 50 50 .607 .580 .530 .524 .506 .463 .405 375 6 7 8 12 17 10 Kline, ineffective as a starter, has been relegated to the bull pen. Meanwhile, general manager Bing Devine and front office man Eddie Stanky left for Rochester on a talent-hunting tout 1 . Clearwater Bombers in the opener of the double-elimination tournament, Sterkel won eight games over a four-day period, including three consecutive shutout* on the last day. when he was Wt in the eyt by a Yankee-.-, meet UK- RuUl tonight with Billy! linn dilve off the bat of Gil Me- Tht Whitt >k>\ Oougald of the New York Yan-i.Sox ayam kee», pitchtd a limilar gamt- atjPiem- (7-ai «oijjg against Fraiik <M BalUmore a few wcekk ago. ; Sullivan I:MU>. i "He did a good job that <luy Tin- Cliii-i^u t:ub«* vveie idle P hut couldn't get hit curve ball Muinid.v but ldc« ('mcimiati to over," Mid Lopez. "1 had to take. nignt \vith Dun Cardvvell (4-»i gy h.uu out alu-i nun iiuungk bul uc HIJ.- u;u<iuit,i Jim O"juuli' i78i. Tuetdiiv Pittsburgh at' Los Angeles (N»i St. Louis at Milwaukee (N) Chicago at Cincinnati (N» Philadelphia at San Francisco! St f h at Los Angeles (N) l.ouis ut .Milwaukee (N) (.'liinigu at Oiicumali (l'i (N) Pliil«ild|)hld at San *Vanmco -ANNOUNCEMENT- OPENING NEW SERVICE + Proir In* AU§•«§•» ir Irokt Strvle* ^ Motor Tunt-U* FLOYD'S AUTO BODY 410 N. WMJ M«tr An. WM< Unr, W. Cl 4.MM BOATS • MOTORS FINANCED KINNrVtOOi MIDSTATES FIWANCC €0* in RIOQI Nt«r PHONI HO 2.1214 WHITEWALL MEW TREADS FOR Wtff T« ANY SIZE, TUBE OR TUBELESS

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