Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 19, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JULY 19, i960 ALTON EVENING TELSOftAPH PAGE SfiVfiN Upper Alton News Events WWPt RfctEP BtOGRf, tlSArjttKft IttcAlM Mrs. lona Ruth Card, 1410 Clawson St., has returned from a four-weeks' workshop OB education in family finance* it the University of Illinois where she (famed that Americans, by and large, don't keep budgets. Experts In the field of economics addressed the workshop at its dally sessions and brought up facts that might shake the flvprage household. One speaker said that only three out of 10 purchases made by the average American family are planned. This means thai seven purchases out of the 10 are impulse buying. These "snurchases", as the speaker called them, ace the things that play football with the family finances. Families should make out lists of what they actually need and stick to them when they buy. The time-payment practice Jed. should be confined to large pur-S The Ave., East Alton, told officers he was attempting to pass the truck, operated by Edward Howard, 2818 Yaeger St., when th* Incident occurred. The truokearlier was mentioned in another traffic report showing that his vehicle had been backed into a speed limit sign on E. Broadway. Another mishap occurred on E. Broadway at Cut street, Monday, 9:45 p.m.. police reported. Driver's were listed as Barney Garella. 501 Maple St., and Miss Thrlma Whlften, Thelma drive, Godfrey. Miss Whltten's car was halted in the westbound lane of E. Broadway when It was struck by the other machine, police said. TIRES DEFLATED ON TWO AUTOMOBILES A total of three tires on two automobiles were deflated bv a chafes and not used at all for small things, the workshop members were •told.' As to buying a house: vandal early today, police report- cars belonged 1o John Faulkner. 614 Washington Ave., and Ora Anderson. fi!2 Washington, and they were narked on Noi.Joestinj? street near Washington, family should buy a house forj Anderson told officers that two times their !0 f his tires were "punctured." A 'witness described an elderly man teacher at : w hom he had seen in the vicinity of more than 2>i to take-home income. Mrs. Card, a Thomas Jefferson School. w8s!| n ,. ra ,. R one of .39 teachers attending the Mo | i( .,, ', alkwl , 0 an pj derly man _ workshop on a scholarship from bll , hr cou | (] no) lx? i dpn tiflpd by the Institute of Life lnKUran(e.!, hc W |t m ^ 8 AH expenses were paid. Only teachers holding a mas-'THBY WON'T KEEP THE ter's degree were eligible to TOMATOES IN BOUNDS ; The tomato pickers' conducted Thursday it 8:45 p.m. Prayer meeting and Bible study will be held Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. The deacons and trustees will meet Saturday, 7:90 p.m., at the choTch. Tom Jones, member of the church, will preach at the Grace Baptist Church of St. I/Mils at services this Sunday morning nnrl evening. PRESBVtERIAN MIRIAM CIRCLE TO MEET Miriam Circle of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church will meet Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., In the church parlor. Devotions will be presented by Mrs. Merrill Cox. Members are asked to bring Bibles. IIINIOR MISSION OROIJP HAS MILTON MEETING The Junior Missionary Society of the Upper Alton Baptist Church met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. W. B. Bryant, 3527 California Ave., where they heard Mrs. Agnes Stewart. Mrs. Stewart spoke on Christian Role in Politics." Miss j "'ii' a '. EffJe Jones was in charge of Miss Judith Ann Sutler. 1124 Hospital Note9 It. JOilPM't Mite Julia Ann Ferguson, 3430 Thomas. Mtehael Little. 1130 Beaumont. GlBos, Hfllsboro. ir§w LyfKih, Chicago. :uth An* *ti$ocfr, 122 11- Knots, East Alton. Clyde Watson. 842 MftPherson. Fred Dettmer, 215 Goulding. East Alton. • Mrs. Nancy Williams. 3835 Oscar. Richard Sherman, Rt. No. 3, Godfrey . Mitchell Slack Jr., 315 Belle. StttOIOAL Robert Kincade, 3511 Hoover, Mrs. Mary Ann Thornton. 1228 Vernie. Mrs. Eileen L. Voorhees. Brighton. Mrs. Joyce Cephart, Edaards- ville. Mrs. Agnes Kogel, 2206 Virginia. Mrs. Catherine E. Vandvgnlf. Rt. No. 2, Brighton. Mr«. Mildred Dorsey, 5fi Sullivan, East Alton. Leroy Johndrow, 108 Virginia. . East Alton. i Mrs. Blanche Ford, 1.414 E. 4th., Mrs. Leoia Freshour, 1721 Feld- wlch. i Miss Janis K. Bovle, Edwards i •"B. ' Savannah Heal. 2704 Amp-i the devotional. Assisting hostesses were Miss Jones and Mrs.' Beaumont. DISMISSALS Don flillespie. Three guests at-i H " rner Bo " m - Rt - Na t God- tended. apply for the scholarship. frey. I Roy Ballard, Hartford. METHODIST CIRCLE «ET8 ! J^eyf.* 1 HKNEFIT LUNCHEON i Dale "Davis. Rt. No. 1 The Friendship Circle of thei M J?- G] *"™ Drahl. jMain Street Methodist Churchi M S^eMkfeeM% !is sponsoring a luncheon Friday |MI SS Emma Horn. - 40' ; noon at the Union Electric Co., j Mrs. Jeanette Jones. derby 1122 E. Broadway. JKarJ Kaestner. 1110 Pine. nnde ' William LtndMy, 8 Mfs. Eva WfeNner,.... Mrs. Dorafl SatTo, Godfrey. Andrew Schwartz, 1826 Langdon. JWMY COMMUNITY MTCIWCAL Ouy Beard, MaryMlle, W. Mr*. Herald Roberts, Dow. Kenheth Keller, Kampsvtlle. Robert Besaw, Qrafton. strRotrjAL David Cunningham. Jereeyvitle. Steven French, Jerseyville. OfiMtftSAlU Mrs. Veita Lester, Jeneyvllle. " tfis Shirley Rankfn. Chatitau- qua. Mrs. Stanley Miller. JerseyvUle. Mrs. Viola Watson, Grafton. Mrs. Helen Broders. Qrafton. Mrs. Stanley Karrlck, Dow. Miss Clara Haselhorst. Hardln. Joseph Snider, Hardln. Mrs. William Lorsbach. Jerseyville. Calhoun County 4-HAcliievement Dav Wednesday »" »' HARDIN--The Calhoun County 4-H Achievement Show will eei underway at ft a.m. Wednesday in the school gym In HHI- din. The girls will be judged in Hubs, anrl .judging is expeoi- ert to he completed by 12:4*) South Roxana CubsHaveOuting SOUTH ROXANA-Cub Scouts of Pack 24 had a Jubilee picnic at Camp Warfen Levls Satur- _ day and 130 persons attended j v «fce. asked rambew of Rox- including oulw and their f«mH nna community Unit School Dls- OuestionsWaterproofing Be « insForei «" «- F Ol Tour With CAI Contract in Roxana Unit ROXANA—A representative ofof blacktop. The depth of the Baker Waterproofing Oo. at lie*. Prize* trlct 1 Monday night why his were awarded Larry ; firm was not asked to bid on ftifcher. Paul Shetley and Carl i waterproofing of school build- MrDonough. A basket dinner ings within the district. •»lved the Jubilee award. Paul *ihetley and Dennis Allison re- blacktop will be two inches. Parker Asphalt Paving, GO..I Alton, was the only other bid-! der and it stated it would lay| one and one-half inches of blacktop for Slfi per ton and the .job 1 i would take 600 tons. Charles Meyer stated that his 1 Russell Blind und Awning company's process t* equal to Mfg. Co.. Alton, was the only, the one accepted and said that! bidder on blind repair in the cc-ived budge. the -Oth anniversary" j h j| fl ™ r °" 1(1 d ° thc J ° b con -' B " w "S' Sch <*"' They bid $248' I siderably cheaper. Vi«tt ' for the repair of 16 blinds and I S. W. Frey, assistant super-;the replacement of 14. ! intendent of the district, said the ', New Tone-hem j I new scliool building additions The board voted to hire ninej Uvere bid on In 1959 by Western;«e\v teachers for the coming 1 ,nd will visit Grant Farm ,„ Waterproofing Co ' and the Job!year. They arc: William Holder. >f Pack 24 will have t. Louis. The group will leave he home of Cubmaster Robert on the new structures looked so j Kay Killlcksrud, Gerald and good they decided to have West-j Minnie Maberry, Dixie Martin. 1 Gary Anderson, son of Mr. and em also do the older buildings [Darlene Strobhe. William My-.Mrs. D. J. Anderson. 1424 Milton ito match the work. jgatt. Ernest Robert House andlRd.. last weekend departed from Contract to Western a( 11:15 a.m. Friday the cubs will gee A production on the "Showboat" m the river at St. Louis. The viv will leave the home ofllttner. St. Louis architect, em- ™>ma« er Su' ivan at 7 iTnm P'°ved bv the board, they grant-i ^termen. Robert Cargill. and.Kx-han^ Student with the Civ- ma.tersuJnanat 7J,p.m. ^ -^^ ^ ^^ iThonv , s D . Daile> , A leave of .,, Air Patr()| Ruxana Notes Charles Ixjsch, board president.I al)sem ' c VVfls SOUTH ROXANA Boswell. Janice 'Eileen Rosenthal. ; a Chicago airport to begin his On the advice of William B. Resignations were accepted S | N works tour of foreign coun- from Maurice Hemphill. Ruth tries as an International Cadet <>''- Anderson was honored by CAP daughter of is visiting a few days in Sessor. III., with Mr. andj se( l u f ntl - v Mrs. Henry Grob and daughter. '"• Mt , ..stated that "the architect toldj alcline M |J ' er - last December, when the origi- Mr ' ana • •' ....... i The board also approved a bid PH | announcement was made of he was not familiar with the firm's work and we con. '™ Machines Ex- the award. accepted Western's | Clan * e ' Alton, for the purchase: , n Washington. D.C.. he was AIR GUN SHOT BREAKS CANTEEN CO. WINDOW continues without rancor in thei Reservations may be made by area. j< ailing Mrs. Melvin Miles, of The first report of a picked! Fair-view drive, by Thursday. 3 ^__ _^ —, »> J1 J f^t 11 * • i». tt i ni i ^ j^v/i > \»i ca |-/t»-rk»:w;- »•«• » • v, -- h*>>'v ( .^j •••*** Mvaw.,; The Canteen Co.. 3414 CoHen-. ripe tomato confjned the area p . m . Donation is one dollar. Ave., reported to police Monday that a hole was shot of competition to the Upper Alton area. Tomato pickers have Sunday night. An air gun apparently Plane -oundly Ignored this' and con- . . JelfS O n ry 8h 683 9 Maurice h - jp.m.. A dress review is sehed- Alton. iuled to begin at 1 p.m., and. 848 Oak following that, announcement Will he made as to State Fair Mr«. Elaine Wendter. adviser of Madison Cow:- ity will be the clothing judge. K'afhy. The 1%'0-tj] budget wan up- I of JJ new Lnderwood typewrit- :,„ e " '" ' Pnf>e Blair. Janet. John and Joyce Krem- P"» - ed at $1.075.034 as com nier of Wasman Lane are P ared vvith last - vear i s f '8 ure ° si ending this month with their|S1.170.020. Salaries were in father Ixmis Kremmer in Hous-i oreaser ' •ton. Tex. ifor this coming year. Total ed- i Mrs. Elbert Roach of DeLcon; ut ' ulional fund lev y was $900 - 000 - S116 each. 13o|hmHn an( , Son<i ,, f ,.. '\ m . hmw m w)th ft flf have joined five other stu- - who will make the trip 'with him. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Food Demonstrations will l*.\*T*nv. Fla., formerly of this A book review concerning the*' Grafton. Mrs. Mary Riley, 983 Riiey. \% in at 9:3 ° a - m - and flower ar- Mrs. Marj- Sims, 457 Bluff. rangements may be made in Mrs. Geraldine Studebaker. ! any free 15 minute period a 1'nited Nations will be given by Mrs. Thomas Fichtel. The pro- William Walker, 1012 Highland. participant has prior to noon. - " * ' ana. i played on tables in the gym, hdd . been used. It appeared that th<! vandals were using a desk calendar in the office as a target. In another report, tinue to call in reports from] feeds of the luncheon will go tO| Mrs ..' E ] izabeth 2Aeg\er, Cottage land should be In place early in places outside the boundaries. \^ f organ fund. Hills. Ithe morning. Miss Joan Samp- T Sf w ? n ; i STRANGE BOAT TBAILBB i W ft TOWNSHIP . son, home adviser of Montgom- The latest report was made; ««.,,.,,..,.., ' ' lwwwsr «™ jery County will judge the foo-.l by the Andrew Kern family of I'OIND IN DRIVEWAY AMED ' C ^ 0 . 0 r . i demonstrations and the room 411 Church St.. East Alton. They! The Gerald Browns. 1622 Maini Kl ^erly Ana Becker 2 3 9 Lm-; improvement exhibits. D™ Tail l.Ch';> i " ked '™ a «* s « ™* '' b -H; St - T^ h ° me - fr °T ' ^i-M^wSy 1 E Ea BorrS° n 255 Madi- ! The county 4-H public speak^ a"rZ in t£; in R hy two days thp P«vJo"s! tlon Mon , da J' Pve "' n g to , find a ' son. Alton. M ng an d 4-H demonstration con- en, I.M .»•,*. in mi. wti-nnfrn Iwtot fradar* no**vaH in A, irviiB* tlf -D AA tk. u *i^»n^ v- i ' i . ... were firing an 3700 block of Horn street "A' resident complained that : b X babying the plants during the the SB's were dropping ne a r' oold s P e " some time back ' This his house. Police found the was Complicated by the fact boys and talked to the mother that fheir garden is in Cottage of one of them. Hills. 3'i miles from their home. — -- - every «• visiting Mr. and Mrs. ^"-^- !„-« , :L, ~i Hurst. Edwardsv e, $2029; and li",?; , ' " 1C " * '" iSUS 1 ^! Roseber^y in Rosewood »•«» « ^ and this vear "j Frank Lynn, Inc. Alton. $1686.10. ^ffi^rCoS^^ " s and other friends. ! W1U De » JU - U()U - • - - ... . ' ' .__ at-ea. i?» visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Height Mrs. Harry Jones and daughter, Pamela, of Anacortes, Wash., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Condray in $835.000. The building fund was ; JT '' «""* . Alh „ ^r*^^ re :: w ;aTSJ.^L.?.iJSas; Alhrecht Chevrolet, $1690; Car-j skin replace the infection. If not iter Wood River, $1708.21: Cas-;delighted with Instant-drying .sen. Edwardsville. $1715.70; T "*~ Ll yoltr "* 8c bach * rom *">" • omii (ll ' u * gist< Note: T-4-L la espe- • ana !„,„„„ for seVDre Ca9es NQW st The Marcal Asphalt Paving Co., Alton, was awarded a con-j tract for the blacktopping of the Rosewood Heights Grade Hartford and will accompany School. The bid was $13 per ton them this week to their new 1 and the job would take 800 tons! home in Venice, Fla. The Jones' > formerly resided in South to! Roxg|ia Cub p ienic . ,, «». j »»«£jLJ*l'J»** \*V. ltl\Sl U UL t**.*V^*i \j\Stt~ stranBe .»»at trailer parked in: August W. Recher. 3301 Jack-!tests will be held in connection their driveway, police reported.!..son. Alton. > with fhp count> , achlevement j 'show this year. This activity isj ,. , ... .. ! Leslie C. Lawrence. South Ro\-!°pen to aO 4-H members, and, •en unable to find the owner, j ana. iwinners will go to the State Neighbors have told them that!John D. Webster. Worden. Fair one bov and one girl in saw the trailer in thejl^nard A, Presson, 104 Cooper. !the spea king' contest, and two jnve\vay in early July, some; ana and Jones was transferred! to the Shell Oil Co. Anacortes. evening to cover up the three!'!' 110 ^fore the holiday. The;''^^ speaking contest. Mae File, South ! with demonstrations. plant in Set for Saturday Church Men to Meet at Hartford Drive. East Alton. ;Mrs. Ethel I. Fischer, 324 Bow-i man, East Alton. There will be no food exhibits jects will be judged and will be on display at the Calboun Coun- IMfrTHORlHT \fVlV TO * J *- " — -• -f ""- "•••"- l p j- ft A\tnri Tuno 7O i «*«Aano. 1 RBre Will UC UO IOOU CXHiUlUS ATTEND MEETING dozen plants as protection| louns Ietr Allon JUne *• William H. Bi-yan, 320 Tower| a t this show, as the food proj- Men of the Main Street Meth-.against frost. n " K " > odist Church will attend the sub-j All this rates merit but lacks district dinner meeting tonight! the drama of the indirect report at 6:30 at the Hartford Method-1 of the man in Godfrey who said ist Church. 'be picked a tomato on June 1. The Rev. Jack Travelstead.jHe concentrated on the project, of East Alton, will be the fea-! He raised only one plant, gave tured speaker. fit ultra care and won a point. In other news: ^or a bet. or something. But it HARTFORD — The ROXANA — Committeetnen and Den Mothers of Cub Scout Pack 44 have been preparing for the jubilee for Pack 44 which will be held Saturday beginning at 4 p.m. at Kendall Hill. Relay races and games will be con- local i dueled and every boy from Pack STlftBDS t 10SKR At a low, low Price/ To Hear Pastor Fled Mrs. Virginia L. Hatten, 3320^' A PP le Festival and Fair, on Femwood, Alton. '• 4-H Day. Saturday. Sept. 3. The SURGICAL I public is invited to attend Methodist Men's dub will en-' 44 participating will be given the tortain. the Sub-district Metho-! Jul)llee award during ceremo- dist Men at the church at a dinner at 6:30 p.m. today. A meeting and program will follow the dinner. Claude Turner Is nies following the potluck supper which will begin .at 6 p.m. Women's Swim Lessons ROXANA—Swimming classes president of the local group andjf°r women will begin at the ,the Rev. R. E. George is pastor'Roxana Swimming Pool Wednes:of the church. iday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and I Fred Hamel will lead the youth meeting at Main Street is a little difficult (o class his feat as fair competition with the Methodist. Wednesday, 7 p.m. folks who raised tomatoes for The group has been studying j the table, the Book of Romans. j The Rev. John Henderson. |WBC8 TO MEET AT pastor, will be in charge of the j MAIN METHODIST i adult service. His topic title Woman's Society of Christian will be, "Faith Enduring". i Service will meet Thursday, meeting the !ll: 45 a m at the Main Street East Alton. Mrs. Betty J. Brooks. Bunker Hill. DISMISSALS After prayer Volunteer Choir, tton of Hamel, will rehearse. BIKE FOUND ABANDONED AT MASONIC TEMPLE under direc- j Methodist Church. ! A potluck dinner will be serv- jed at noon. It will be followed ! by a special program in charge ; of Mrs. W. L. Cummins, of Leb- of the A bicycle was found abandoned j anon s ne j s tne this morning in the rear of the| Meth(K ij St district superintend- GODFREY - The Rev. Peter Knezha, who fled Communist persecution, will speak Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.. at the Godfrey Baptist Church, This is one of several appearances the minister has made in area churches* Members of some 10 churches in the Godfrey area have been invited to| Norm a Lane, East Alton. Becky'Rae Smith, 2316 East . HARDIN - Thirteen Boy Broadway. Alton. i Scouts of the Hardin Troop are' Gideon D. MDler. 320 Lincoln. I spending this week at Camp ~ " """" Warren Levis near Grafton. In Hartford Notes HARTFORD — James i there is still room for a few .;more students, according to Pool; Mrs. Maude L. Jones, Hartford. Norman Lee Clark, 198 Goulding, East Alton. the group are Joe Behrens, Jim Hill, Larry and Terry Osterman. Lawrence McGowen. Danny Lawrence. Randy Wagner, Johnnie Hurley, Tom Wright of Rosewood Heights, j Director Don Hubbard. formerly of Hartford, is report- S; -BBA M.3TS SX^nSTSL'JS ed to be improving satisfactorily from a heart attack at St. Anthony's Hospital at Alton where he has been a patient for the past two weeks. Maley Visit ROXANA — 'Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maley and children Pat, Colleen and Collette have departed for their home in Huntington iPark. Calif., after visiting with hear the Wednesday night talk, j the Rev. George H. Eddy, pas-j tor, said. The Rev. Knezha was born in Latvia which is now under the heel of Soviet Russia. With the Soviet invasion, the Knezha fanlily was forced to flee. Many irelatives were deported to Si- ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly have!Mr. and Mrs. George Teasley Durr and|returned to their home in!° f Central avenue and other j Brownsville, Tenn.. after a visit; Mends. They had been in Ohio Fathers of the boys, and oth-jvith their four daughters, Mrs.: visiting their parents and en Lorsbach. Danny JKieth Barry. adults, are assisting with the Mrs. Nona Helen McGlasson.jsupervision at the camp, and an *" country .n to Franklin Masonic Temple on ent Washington Avenue. It was picked ^ n executive board „ up by police and brought to the! wi |j be ne]d at 10: 3o. Mrs. Rich"! station. ard Wuellner will be .in charge!. ".'" No notation on the police books !o f tne devotions. ln carried a report of a stolen bicy-; .- - ,, * „ ,,r j cle officers said ! »AN FORD CLASS SETS . The title of his talk Wednes. ! ftl'PPER THURSDAY ! da y wi " ^ e - " Am&ri ^' V' Sten TREE LIMBS FALL FROM i .„ . . _ . . . . _ 'and Live." The public is in- of he Friendship Sun-| vi d ^ Rev Edd said 3103 Clay. Mrs. Grace Boiling, 2302 Humbert. Mrs. Verna M. White, 2406 Mills. Albert V. Seynhoven, Rt. No. 3, Godfrey. included in this group are Joe Hurley, Lonnie Simon, Ed Lawrence, Paul Lorsbach and Raphael Behrens. Thursday will John Salic, Mrs. John Jermfui, Mrs. \V. N. Davis and Mrs. route home stopped to visit theii former neighbors. Frank Zagar and families. They! Maley was formerly recrea were accompanied home by!^ on director and pool mana^ei, Mrs. Jerman and children. ifor several years in Roxana. and] The Rev. and Mrs. Franklin!' 8 serving in a similar capacity The > . ! the invasion. jbe visiting day, and several)sipes and children of E Elm ' at Huntington Park. Knsttae Keehner, Rt. No. S.ifamilies plan to spend some| sn . e .e, ha ve moved to their new! ~L7i"Baden.~Poweir~tound7r time at the camp. :ha mc in Granite City where;.- .,,„ ^,_, ^.. !J _.. ,' . ,., Godfrey. DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary E. Miller, 2716 Resi- Mr'f Constance Schnid, 141 8th.: Blinker Hill School Wood River. Ithe Rev. Sipes has an Assemb.yl" '* e ^' H ° Ulde % , „. lol God pastorate. ^ a , husyf >'«"' for 196 ° , ' Jimmy Smith. U.S. Navv, w l w ,i whlle " er " famll J"' "'' 4 ' 5 *»"- TRUCK, HIT PASSING CAR Treelimbs that fell from a truck caused minor damage to a passenger car in the 2800 block of E. Broadway. Monday, 5:10 p.m., officers said. Charles V'H' s. <103 Whitelaw | and church workers will be clay School class of the Sanfordi Avenue Baptist Church will have | a potluck supper Thursday,! (i .30, at the Onized club grounds, j Husbands.are Invited. Godfrey Fire usoanas^are invited. \ A «it Visitation for Sunday School! A.llXlllUi"y CARMVAJ By Dick Turner • IMt ky MU. t* T* ta. V* M M Names Chairmen | GODFREY — Mrs. William Whltten and Mrs. Bill Nicolet were named co-chairmen of a baked goods and salad sale Monday night at the Auxiliary of the ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL Curtis Campbell, 3306 College. Ward Williams, 3424 Robin. Ruth Eickmeyer, Livingston. Diana Greenwood, 2957 Hillorest. Lloyd Duncan, 223 Hamilton. Mrs. Myrtle Patterson, More. Mrs. Opal Buttry, 611 Olmstead. Daniel McCooky, Hartford. Robert Crabtree, East Alton. Maurice Wads worth, 3327! : Program Friday BUNKER HILL — The Bible School program of the Congregational Church will be presented Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the church. is stationed aiward the U.S.S. liun celebrate the golden jubi-! Providence, arrived home SUT lee of lhc guide movement. Club Meets BUNKER HILL — The Busy Bee Club met Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Louis Enke iciay morning to attend the funeral of his father, James T. Smith, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack last Friday. The family resided on E. Third street here for many years prior to moving to Godfrey about two years ago. The Royal College of"~Nur8- London reports. Brown. SURGICAL Kathi Tucker, Brighton. Susan Dial, Wood River. Susan Tucker. JerseyvllJe, Thomas Blair, Godfrey. Owen Middlecoff, 408 Jr. The afternoon was spent ln !lngi in Britai „ :plaving canasta and prizes werei,^ .,,„,,,,„ Wor , kins to r f nI " ve the from menlaj more nui'ses will awarded to Miss Freda Keirle. JMrs. Rollo Fensterman and Mrs, I Albert Deucker. _ ; Mrs. Albert Fahrenkrog will Godfrey Fire Department rneet-l wood. . '"'entertain the club in August, ing. - Mrs. Mary Sons, 1300 Rixon. Mrs - Enke served ""efresh The sale will be held July 29-! MartIla Gainer, 2718 Hillcrest. |ments to the following: Mist, ^p^^m^^^^mKnJS^viSiana^. ; Mrs Howard Colburn ' Mrs ' M ' that to care for mental train patients. Dliil HO,"Jill for Appulntmenl 03 Ku»t BroudHa.v — Alton junction with a celebration and n fish fry by the firemen. Guests wei« Mrs. Donald Fo.\ and Mrs. Troy Sullivan. Out-of- town visitors Included Janice and Connie Eby, of Auburn. Prize winners were: Mrs. Al Batchelor, Mrs. Paul Cory, Mrs. Gary Jenkins, Mrs. Whltten, Mrs. Francis Bechtold, and Mrs. N'eal Ruckman. Student at Kane Gets Scholarship KANE — John Gowin, son of Mr. and M«. Minor Gowin of Kane, received «teacher's train. ing scholarship which can be ed tqr (our years of tuition at any of five state colleges and universities. Regina Pollard, Cottage Hills. Ibert Deucker, Mrs. Fred C. Bort, , . ;., K . . Mrs. Delores Somlar. 604 Miller. Mrbl Nelson . Mrs. Dorothy Roderfeld, Brigh-'Enke, Mrs. Oscar Bunte and "With Jlmpiy coming over, I want everything in the right place—the sofa so, this chair here, and Dad in w • * Ai~ _I_IA«I.^^ lit the kitchen! POR TNI lliT W CARFITINO 1M annuuei brouvbt to >our OaH aUOOIN OARPf T MOBILE Oil MM! Dvtulog Huward Idaho still has plentiful supply of bear, deer, coyotes and mountain goata for hunters. HAMMOMD ORGANS HAMMONO OR8iN ITUOIOf OF ALTON K, Bdwy. IMaJ no ton. Mrs. Rollo Fensterman. Fred Stamper, Godfrey. . William Clayton, Bethalto. , ' Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE LKARM (he rheUiodi tint Imve nwtje •uoeeufiil Ao^owMn any out of many women the j'.KAHN tbe t^vholque* ol one of Nie mloweifi lewMni hair* ef iwt well Known Beaut* Culture Training 4i«dMniei, owner ef teverai ular iaoptiptn| center «a- Hlttt atate aewMlited tmtrua- t» f uide !•*, HrvWLiUIGM£Vi«! stawHan. If yeare el age, WIITI 01 CAU TOftAV f«r further KITZNILUR UAUTY MLLEU UO6-SI44 104 W. TfclreJ BEAUTY SALON Air Conditioned Mwianin* 2nd Floor HO 8.71UI July SPECIALS Rtiax ... with o Summtr Hairstyla dmugntd lor Cemiert \ and Cartlrt* Fun in ' th» Sun. 11 erne Oil Cold Wt»ve LuudUlooUf tkanuioa and For Only: TteU *peclul toailit- ued to muu«r tu Niinuli , frm 1,00 tbinpH I ttyli 1,90 /« !••( For Your Hail" % Use your CAarae Account Appoioimtat la Hot Always Noeeuary HlflTTfitSS Famoui quality—the kind that hos made Stearns & Foster a reipected name for over 100 yean. Yours to enjoy, at this low, low price. FULL OR TWIN SIZE . . . $ 39 Matching Box Spring $39.95 Save more ... Buy on /acoby's Easy Budget Plan .. . No carrying cJiarae added/ See the complete Stearns & Foster Bedding Line, In- eluding foam rubber units. Sold exclusively at Jacoby'i in the Alton area, Jacoby's Completely Air Conditioned PARK FREE AT REAR ENTRANM •27 |, boadwoy AlMh

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