Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 19, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, July 19, 1960
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PAflBTWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Kennedy Expects Television Debates With His Opponent By 0. MtLTO* KELLY HYANNIS PORT. Mass. (API- Sen John K. Kennedy, the Democratic presidential nominee, gave thr word today IIP expects to de- bntf the Republican presidential ^nominee on television. Pierre Salinger, Kennedy's > j press secretary, told reporters the ! i major networks are offering free] timr to thr nominees and that' Kennedy "presumes there would be joint appearances on television f '" o ' ff by himself and the Republican nominee." Destroyers Collide Off California SVMW AND WARMER Salinger said Kennedy will take time out from his vacation (Wednesday for a campaign strat- ; egy meeting \v1th members of his j staff. ' Salinger also announced Allen NEWPORT BEACH. Calif. <AP) destroyers collided in thick j this Southern California; resort today. Both were j reported damaged, with one nflre Scattered thundershowers are fore- oast tonight for Now England, the middle Atlantic slates and central Appalachians, there will be some showers in Florida. A few thunderstorms are also expected in the upper Mississippi Valley and southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona. (AP Wirephoto Map) Agency Director, will fly to Hy- Castro Calls New U. S. Aid Proposal ^Bribery' annis Port Saturday to give Ken- . |, fa _. _j jnedy a hrieHng on the world sit-1 Bp " oh " eBuara i uation In general and foreign policy matters concerning Latin and sinking. Several crewmen! were reported dead with an unde-; termincd number injured. ' Fog swirling over the choppy! Pacific waters 3 1 4 miles offshore i hampered efforts of Coast Guard and Navy ships and helicopters to approach the destroyers. ffr * fj icy limners cuiiueriuiiK uatiii Weatlier forecast America and Africa, specifically. > Kennedy Monday accepted Pres- Alton and vicinity — Sunny j ident Eisenhower's offer of an op- find a little warmer today, high portunity to receive these confi- m| , M sm|th o( from Nfi harbor _„ ^ Ange , es ,, e . portedly reached one of the ves- • sels. The lifeguard office reported there were eight dead. The destroyers were the USS THOSE SIGNS POP IP Bj ROBERT BKRRELLBZ ' HAVANA (API ~ Prime Min-i ister Fidel Castro accused the. United States toda> of trying to take its dispute with Cuba out of; the U. N. Security Council's hands | and put it before the Organization ( of American States because it can exert more pressure on the "vul-: nerable" member nations of the, inter-American group. i Hoarse and haggard from his) Foster. Sheer Get One-Year Terms. | find continued warm Wednesday.! Salinger said the senator will I high 85-90. j have rto news conference this | week but may have one next 1 week. i Kennedy Is using the same me- thpdlea) tactics which won him the nomination in a state-by-state drive to mold bickering Demo crats into harmony. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (AP>Two associates of East Side rackets bigshot Frank (Buster) Wort- Labor Body Protests Utility Tax The Ammen reported several mjitred and a fire in the engine room. It was reported listing badly and sinking. , The Coast Guard said such de- a crew i CHICAGO—Oov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, arriving at Chicago's Conrad Hilton hotel for a press conference, waves to crowd while a "Draft Rockefeller" sign bobs up in background. The New York governor urged the Republicans to adopt a strong civil rights platform at their convention next week. CAP Wirephoto) ««u B r «,, u ua S8 o... ..».. ..« man SPn t P nced to one-year^ Hf'V'S* 0 ™ eU T m \±" imprisonment and fined $2,500i Alton Trades Labor Assem- tro returned to TV with a wide- ^ today ^ conspiracy to j bly has added itg utmty tax pro . ranging three-hour blast in which he called the new U. S. plan of aid for Latin America a "half-billion- dollar bribery" designed to "Destroy the sympathies of the Latin American people for the Cuban revolution." Castro also took note of anti- Communist outbursts at Roman Catholic Church services in Havana in the past two days. He ac- evade federal gambling taxes, (test to others already before City They are Gordon Foster, who i Council. is related to Wortman, and Rob- j j n a letter filed today with City ert F. Sheer. Both had pleaded |clerk Paul A. Price, the assem- guilty. District Judge William G. Juer-j gens postponed the start of the sentences until July 29 to give Foster and Sheer time to get their personal affairs in order. • The charge, a misdemeanor, bly, over signature of Wilfred Gossett, its recording secretary, cused "privileged _counterrevolu-j carried a maximum sen tence of of one year in jail and a $10,000 tionary" elements .of trying to convert religious shrines into centers of conspiracy and asserted thatr'p oster sheer and Thomas fine. reports unanimous action by the delegate members, July 14, in opposition to the utility impost. "We feel this Is just another tax that will be passed on to the consumers and a further burden Baptist Church sErects Cross And Steeple The steeple and cross were placed today on the tower of the new First Baptist Church build- Ing at College avenue and John- i Fog blanketed much of the i Southern California coast overnight Hjut Jt was beginning to break up when the collision occurred shortly^ before 10 a.m. Visibility at the scene was reported variously as one mile, or only 200 yards. The helicopters hoped to fly injured to.the USS Haven, Navy ship in nearby Long RoekefellerMysteriousas Midwest GOP Preliminaries Begin Fa ' mers Meeting I hospital 'Beach. The destroyers were assigned to the Navy's cruiser-destroyer force Pacific. By NORMAN WALKER I CHICAGO (AP) — Republican convention preliminaries get under way today with New York Gov. | Nelson A. Rockefeller still play-j ShoiVS 1840 ing to the hilt his mystery role I in shaping the OOP's. 1960 ticket 1 and platform. Vice President Richard M. Nix-| Rare Print Uton Harbor ion still seemed to be the party's From a book dealer In Frel- DEKALB, 111. (AP) - A mass meeting of Midwest farmers today is expected to endorse a plan for | greatly increased retirement of I crop land from production on a I basis of equal acreage propor- 1 tions. Leaders of an independent group TUESDAY, JULY 19, •- i i " Ike Confers On Soviet Propaganda ft? MARVIN t. ARROWSMtTH NEWPORT, R.I. (AP)-President Eisenhower confers with key advisers today t6 deal with the Soviet Union's increasingly hitter propaganda attacks on the ttolted States. The President dalled to the summer White Home tor an after-noon meeting a strategy-mapping team headed by Secretary of State Christian A. Herter and Charles E. Bohten, former ambassador to Moscow and now a State Department specialist on Soviet problems. Also expected to git In were Fay D. Kohler, assistant secretary in charge of United Nations matters. That array of officials, whose top concern at the moment is the Kremlin propaganda offensive, underscores the ndmlnlBtratton's apparent decision that the time has corqe to get tough with the Soviet U?iion, to sla mback at anti-American charges. I'.S. Reply | An Elsenhower spokesman said jthe conference will deal with: I 1. Shaping me U.S. reply, he- ifore the United Nations Security Council to Soviet charges that the American Air Force Is engaged in i aggresiw activities threatening • peace. That accusation is pegged : specifically to the July 1 episode !of U.S. RB47 plane. ! The reconnaissance aircraft was shot down in the Arctic by the Russians, who claim the plane son street. The steep! cross, of 40 presidential nomination at j 'with feet, » .* i ^ Ui*- J** ^;»*v«v-»»i.i*J.* »IV««M»««wv.. telgMJ Arrangements ^convention sessions next week. burg. Germany, Assessor and (who want a national farmer referendum on withdrawal of 80 million acres said that 1,000 farmers James P. Gorman have received a steel engraving said violated Soviet frontiers. Washington denies it. saying the plane was over international waters and not within 30 miles of Soviet waters, territory, or air space. The U.N. council may start debate on the matter Wednesday. Eisenhower has welcomed the opportunity to focus world attention on what he has termed "the lawless actions and reckless threats was placed on the; tower, then bolted, by a crew of; iron workers from St. Louis. In place, the cross is 147 feet' on the working men and women jf ro m the ground. part of the Catholic clergy in Cuba is "pro-Franco, and Falangist and reactionary." Franco'* Role The Spanish Embassy had requested a church mass to commemorate Spanish Generalissimo Francisco Franco's role in starting the Spanish Civil War in 1936. It called nist During that war ann'-Commu- one scuffle between youths Catholics and pro-Castro Monday, an American woman .and her two sons were dragged from a passing car, and the eldest boy was beaten on the head with steel bars after he had started to take pictures of the fight. It was the first known physical attack on Americans here since Castro took power. Castro was visibly disturbed by Jackson were convicted in May 1959 of making false statements to federal agents about gambling taxes and of the lesser charge of conspiracy. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago reversed the convictions and ordered a new trial. The appeals court ruled that Judge Juergens erred in not permitting the defendants to make use of reports by Internal Revenue agents who were government witnesses. Foster and Sheer pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and the government dismissed the false statements, charges against them. A similar charge against Jackson also was dismissed. Jackson changed his plea from innocent to guilty of a non-willful misdemeanor in connection with the conspiracy count and his case of the community," the commun-: J -'ication states. For Completed the expected Security Council action leaving the U. S. — Cuban dispute up to the OAS. The united States, he declared, is "judge and jury" in the hemisphere body I because most of the nations are! small and impoverished like Cu-j ba, and "Cuba's disadvantage in a dispute with me powerful United' States in the OAS is clear . . .! was scheduled to be heard Aug. 2. Dinner Planned For At The huge boom was brought !from St. Louis by the ABC firm, NEWPORT, R. I. (AP) - Presi The letter normally would go I after permission'had been s ecur-j^ en ! Eisen h° w ^ has completed conflict to City Council at its meeting! ed from state authorities to trans- hflRU1 «—'« *» "•>"«— a week from Wednesday but pos-| por t it, on a huge truck, over sibly will have informal consideration when other protests to the tax are given committee of the whole consideration by council members next Monday night. An ordinance for a utility tax will be up for hearing before to depict Alton and the Alton from eight states are expected to 1 . „ . But all the talk among early ar- > harhor jn 1840 |he , th<? ^ bllcan i of thnSov.rt goyprnment. • rivals was about Rockefeller his engraving convention Policy committee. 2. The strife inthe newy inde- vote-getting reputation, his long- .. * ' nt ei "»""""v ,...,. _, , . •• pendent Congo. The Soviet Union shot chance of nudging Nixon out; was '"PP'f b >' the d^ler and; Howard Mulhns. president of thej^ accuspd & e United Slates of of the No. 1 spot, the less remote , 1U8t how 4t ™« determined I*jDeKalb County Farm Bureau wh0, M to undermine Congolese i possibility of his becoming Nix- gently unknown. Apparently; heads the group formed May »l fiwdom . J-ion's running mate, and his policyM hp engraving, a fine specimen;at Champaign, which is called the •di conflict with both Nixon and Pres- of the engravers' art. was taken t arm Policy Council, said the plan .. IJow rf the highway. After the huge crane was on the church grounds, the boom was extended by the addition of four sections. Additional steel uprights were placed on the tower, and after these were bolted into place, the the committee Monday along with W0 rk of hoisting the steeple be six remonstrances filed up to a gan . i n charge of the job was week ago. i Ed gwiney. The steeple has been covered with copper, and is topped by a I copper cross. Auto Fees Due At Edwardsville EDWARDSVTLLE -Resident John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democratic ticket leaders, to receive confidential national security information for their exclusive personal knowl- | edge. ' The two political camps agreed, however, that this would in no way restrict full and free discussion of foreign policy in the'cam- paign. The vacationing President formally offered the top secret data late Monday. Kennedy, his party's i presidential nominee, promptly accepted for himself and Johnson, All that apparently remains now 1960 city auto license stickers are reminded by City Clerk p:d- ward H. Poos that deadline for purchase of the stickers is Aug. 15. i Plan Day Camp for | his running mate. Mentally Retarded Day Camp for mentally re-j Dulles, chief of the Central Intel- _ i i _i*i_s * ». I _ i a T..!_... ; tatives to work out with Allen W. ident Eisenhower. But the New Yorker gave little encouragement to his highly vocal supporters, already busy passing out buttons and campaign material for theip favorite, apparently without the official blessing of Rockefeller. Nixon's cohorts withheld convention fanfare, seemingly confident their man is a cinch anyway. Rockefeller got a rousing reception oh his arrival Monday on the convention scene to lay his platform proposals before the party Resolutions Committee. He is ex- jump in defense spending and a pected to advocate again a big The White House reply: Kewtorfni; Order ridiculous can they get?" problem of restoring order in the Congo, also being dealt with by the U.N. Security Council, has Mullins. of Shabbona. said the | been aggravated by a Congolese movement which is independent of i ultimatum to Belgium to get its other farm organizations, does not troops out of the new country, a from a book on travel in Amer- will be presented Wednesday to a ie.a. OOP agricultural plank subcom- ; Early last June, the 120-year- niittep in Chicago, old picture of Alton was offered by the dealer in a letter to City Clerk Paul Price. He referred the letter to Assessor Gorman, \ stress compensation in its soil;former Belgian colony. Mrs. Gorman then wrote for the!bank proposal to triple fallow pro-; if the Belgians don't get out, engraving, thinking it might be.duction acreage. Congolese officials have warned! of historic value and possibly a : Farmers, he said, would decide Soviet forces will be invited in. suitable addition to early reo foy a two-thirds majority whether 3. The Cuban problem, also a ords of Alton township. to accept the increased soil bank J Security Council issue. The regime Cost was reasonable. The bill j acreage, and no government com- j o f Cuban Prime Minister Fidel with the engraving was foripensation would be asked for a $1.80. Castro has charged the United basic proportional retirement of states with aggressive intent. Ei- The engraving shows a view 'crop acreage on each farm. How- [senhower has stated that the of Alton, apparently made from what later was known as Me- Pike's Island on the Missouri ever, he said, some guarantee I Castro government is deliberaely against disaster prices in the mar- j hostile to the United States, ket should be made by the federal ', The Soviet Union fits into that tarded children is slated July 25 - 29 and Aug. 1 - 5 at Rock revamping of other GOP policies. side of the r i ver It depicts a government and payment for bona- picture by virtue of Soviet Pr«If anything. Rockefeller has j harbor well-filled with sailboats, j fide productive acreage withdrawn made himself less available as a i steamboats, what appear to be 1 above the quota. ligence Agency, procedural de-1 contender against Nixon for the! keel boats and rafts, with a pan- tails as to just when and where j presidential nomination. He reiter-|aromic view of the city as a . ! Spring Park under the auspices | the Democratic standard-bearers iated to newsmen that while not a background. Poos said sale of the 1960i 0 f Madison County Association jwju receive personally the intel-'candidate, he would accept a gen- stickers began before July 1. for Retarded Children and Alton! ligence data throughout the cam-!uine draft. Purchases by residents are be- Recreation Commission. paign. But in defining what genuine A d , nner for parishioners to It would be therefore vulnerable | mark comp i et ion of the addition to the same weapons the United | (0 St p atr jck's School has been States has used against Cuba." Soviet Aid He defended his own acceptance of Soviet economic offers and indicated he would accept Soviet military aid. "If you know you are going to be murdered and someone comes and tells you he is going to help keep you from getting killed, are you going to reject that help?" : announced for Aug. 21. The dinner will be served in • » i . , , i • • «=• xjui ill UY-JIIIIJIK wnai £t7uuiiic ing made, he said, but not as| Applications for those who: The- agreement between Eisen-| meant Rockefeller said it would fast as last year." | want to attend camp are avail- hower and the IAVO senators was| mean that m delegate votes The city license fee is $5 for (able through Alfred Y. Arm-limited down in jig time after itl the majority needed to nominate a passenger car; $3 for motor-1.stead, recreation, chairman for;had appeared briefly over the|. cycles and motor scooters; and $7.50, $10 and $12.50 for trucks, depending on weight. Kennedy Works Healing MiinnilJan Menage to s " Khru.shchev Reported mier Nikita Khrushchev's pledge of full support to Castro and a threat to hit this country with Soviet rockets if it dares inteivene in Cuba. 6 iNeu Teachers Hired For Special Education the new building at Fifth street and Central avenue. The event will be planned by a committee made up of officers of the parish societies. j Proceeds of the dinner will bej presented to the pastor, the Rev. Father John Crosson, for the school fund. Father Crosson The Arctic is also now a tourist resort. It costs $1,000 a week to live with Eskimos and go with them on seal and walrus hunts. werf . for drafting him for the the association. Applications or | weekend that there might be trou-; No i spo t on the ticket. Well over additional information also canible in getting together. be obtained at Alton Recreation Center, or through Armstead ai his home, 2411 Salu St. Kitt Peak, 6,875 feet high, is within the Papago Reservation in Arizona. he asked. jthin year is completing 25 years Castro called the Monroe Doc-| as pas t 0 r of St. Patrick's. trine "ancient and worm-eaten" \vork on the $250,000 addition and accused the United States of to t^, schoo) is pro gressmg and,.. ,_ „ , t _ . . using it to "assume the right ofi, he structure will be ready for the r ™ amry Robert B ' Anderson Anderson Says Democratic PlatformRests on Quicksand CHICAGO (API -Secretary of pie." Anderson said the Republican .occupunce when classes resume September. piracy." Commenting on the recent wave of defections by his ambassadors, Castro accused the U.S State Department of offering to pay off Cuban diplomats if they abandoned the revolutionary cause. American VK'loais American victims of the mob action Monday were Bertha Price. whose husband Irving in president of a cocoa company here, and her sons Jeffrey. IS. anci|bly, AFL-CJO by resolution Pushes Age, Health Help Alton Trades & Lubor Asspm- said today the Democratic platform calk for an economic growth rate "built on quicksand." He urged that Republican plat- i form drafters avoid aping the planks on economic ; Democratic : matters. Richard, 14. Jeffrey take pictures of the started to!endorsed rwo proposals for leg rnob. and some of the pro-Castro Cubans forced thwn from their car, threatened them with guns, and seized Jeffrey's camera itilation. In one instance, the assembly urges that a proposal for a Madison County Heulih District be included on the general election ballot. "We do not seek economic pro; uress by unecessarily enlarging government and thereby limiting: individual choice," he said. Jn his statement prepared for I committee, Anderson hit at Demo- cralii.- calls for lower interest rates and for a Federal Reserve Board moiv responsive to the wishes of a president. The Demo- Jeffrey was beaten and hauled! In the second instance, the off to military investigation head- labor body proposes to bring quarters. Richard ran and called!before the next session of the the U.S. Embassy, and Mrs. Price!Illinois General Assembly the \vtis rebcued by a plain-clothes- mail as she kicked and screamed at the young Cubans. Jeffrey was released several hours later with UM? help of U.S. Embassy representative*. He had lumps on his head and his mother was bruised The tumily came here 17 yeans ago Iroin Fairfield, Conn. Thailand King, tyueen Arrive in London LONDON (AP> - Thailand 1 * BhUQiibol AUulyadand Queen arrived by air from Gen*. v» tfldtty (W ft thrte-Ua.v state vis* U i* MMl* 0* Queen Kluabetb plan lor eliminating personal and ival pryperij taxes for citi- 65 Bourd oi Education To MiM-t on 4ii}j. 15 (•rats met in Los Angeles last week. The Republicans hold their convention here next week. Both Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the apparently sure GOP nominee, and New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller have indicated they favor policies designed to spur a faster rate of business expansion. Like Anderson, they have stressed the role ol indivudal el- i fort ami initiative, but the Treas- iur> ehiel \IH> more emphatic in Alton Ho.dd ol Kiluratiori uiliphal respect meet next on Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. at Hu»kell House, Dr. J. B. Join,ton, sui«i intenUein m Alton putj-jiatt oj 5 Ik schuolb hat. announced. UK 'I'lie Demucralic plailorm call* or an a\erajje annual growth *•!• ceni— about double average. Tlte board'* regular monilil.v | "Goals relying on taceless sta- meeting date is the- Mon- usiics or arbitrarily forced rates day ol the month at 7:,'10 p.m.jol giowih an- built on quick. 'a-|s,in<l • Aiui(>rwui said, and growth bui lion have made a quorum nn|>o.s- sibitf on thin dale. Dr. Julinsoi, i be achieved thj'OUgh • lonnula or "by tryiug to jbt'tter jjeicenitttfb uwleud of BBO- In first informally accepting Eisenhower's announced intention i to offer security information, Kennedy had designated go-betweens to accept the CIA data for him. The Massachusetts senator named Adlai E. Stevenson and Rep. Chester Bowles (D-Conn) as his liaison men to deal with the administration on international affairs. The' President put out word lhal j wouldn't do and that the information could be given only personal-' ly to Kennedy and his running! mate from Texas. ! party believes "sustained growth and expansion depend primarily on private decisions to save, to invest, to expand, to try out new products and new ideas." The Cabinet member also dealt with a suggestion by Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic presidential nominee, that the Federal Reserve Board gear ils policy decisions more closely to the views of a president. "World history provides numerous examples of disaster resulting from the actions of a politically dominated reserve banking system," Anderson said. Clarence B. Randall, special assistant to President Eisenhower for foreign economic- policy, testified in behalf of a liberal trade program. "We must learn that we cannot trade even with new countries on our own terms," Randall said in his prepared statement. "We cannot, for example, take some of their products and exclude others, or act capriciously in imposing import restrictions, if we expect to enjoy friendly relationships." Randall, a long time official of Inland Steel Cu.. said the trend is toward the single international market and declared, "no single nation can stand against it." He also called for steps to promote a faster rate of economic growth at home. He said this will be possible because of an increasing labor force and because 1 of "the brilliant promise of our r* program." Seek Divorce, Can't Agree on Wedding Site LOS ANGELES (AP)—The conflict is broader than usual in the divorce case of the R. Gordon Baus. They can't even agree on where they were married. Bau. HI, head make-up man at Warner Bros. Studios, filed his suit for divorce Monday, charging cruelty. His wife, Edna, filed a cross-complaint, charging cruelty and adultery. Mrs. Bau said they married Oct. 5. 1940, in Baja, California. Ban said it was in Las Vegas. Nev. He didn't give a date. Bullet Hole In Auto Eaton of 730 E. 4th St. informed police early Monday afternoon that he had discovered a bullet hole in the side of his automobile Sunday, and bad found a spent and distorted bullet in the back seat. The car, a hardtop, apparently was parked when struck and the owner said he had no idea where the incident occurred. Police investigated, and we e given the bullet found in Hid ear. It was tound to be of ,3V Switzerland administers all post and telegraph lines in Liechtenstein, a small independent principality tb5 SQUHIO miles) on the right bank ol the Rhine River. that number have said they prefer Nixon. As for the vice presidency,! Rockefeller used the words positively and afisolutely to emphasize his previous stand, that he would not accept the vice presidential nomination under any circumstances. Seeks Visas Friends Visit in Alton An Alton merchant, Morton Packman, manager of Towne Shop, has requested the assistance of Rep. Melvin Price ID obtain U.S. passports for hv.j French National girls who are: now in Montreal, Canada. The two girls. Michele Bue-h- mann and Yvonne Rorturler. are from LaRochelle, France where Packman was stationed in the- Army In 1953. Packman became acquainted with the two when he speni most of his off-duty time with a French family whose home was near his base. He said th<> family treated him like a son and took him with them on their vacation to Germany. Packman said that the lamily invited him to spend his Christmas at their home, and even gave Htm a present as if he were their own son. Through the past six years, he has corresponded with them. Two months ago he received a letter from t|ie two girl acquaintances who are not in Montreal. B.v O. MILTON KELLY LONDON (AP)—Prime Minister Harold Macmillan today sent a secret personal message to Soviet' Premier Nikita Khrushchev said to call for a concerted new East- ers have been employed in the | West attempt to ease world ten- ;fj P ld of special education by East l sion> '.St. Louis School District 189, a<> EAST ST. LOUIS Six teaeh- HYANNIS PORT, Mass (AP)- 1 Macmilla "' s surprise appeal ac-| cm -ding to Alfred Y. Armstead. compamed a British government!regional director of the Illinois note rejecting Soviet charges that i Department of Public Welfare. Britain Is conspiring with the Particular emphasis will be United States in violating Soviet jp] ace d on the teaching of the ed- air space. ^ _ _ ! unable mentally handicapped CollisionT Reported " anri also the trainable mentally Recorded by police at 5 :15 | handicapped. Sen. John F. Kennedy is using the same methodical tactics which won him the Democratic presidential nomination in a state-by-state drive to mold bickering Democrats into harmony. Kennedy, on vacation at his i summer home here, planned more .boating and swimming today 'along with his firm-handed behind- the-scenes peacemaking. i His forces were reported under instructions to move swiftly in trouble spots to produce the dis- p.m. Monday* was a collision at Grove and Maple streets between a sedan driven east in Grove by Karl M. Whetzel, 25. of 15 W. Delmar Ave.. and a sedan driven south in Maple by R. H. Brooks Jr. of Michigan ciplined one-for-all sort of canviCity. Ind., an insurance ad- paign organization he demands, ijuster. Kennedy disclosed Monday he The report notes that neither The employment of the new teachers in the school system followed a study by the system's Department of Special Education which illustrated the need for more personnel and better facilities in these fields. Delayed Greeting HARWINGTON, Conn, ff— Mr. . Borzani recent- P°s* card from In lh> - an effort to return the French family did for him, Packman is attempi- ing to obtain visas for these girl* so they may visit him .and his family here for two or threu weeks at no expense to them. He wrote Rep. Melvin Priru and also wrote the American Consul in Montreal concerning the issuance ol passports to tbeee girli. will assign an executive campaign : driver had been able to see the I anc * Mr f • ^- * director to every state, choosing!other in time to avert the mis-r y received a them in collaboration svith the par-!hap. Some damage to the fronts! paris- The y were surprised be- state organizations. ioi both cars was listed. i cause il came A' 01 " *«* daugh- Aides said the idea is to pull , ter and son-in-law, who live in ' ~~ u — J •• • " nearby Torrington. The couple mailed it four years ago on their into cohesive effort recognized The famous boardwalk of At- Democratic groups, including, lantic Citv originated in 1896. those which don't get along together very well or not at all. There are several of them—in California and New York, for stance. In a Los Angeles speech Saturday directed specifically to the Democratic National but actually beamed wrangling groups in the various states, Kennedy gave this warning; "If we fail, you fail; if we succeed, you succeed." The only reason why China lias not exploded an atom bomb is because Russia has refused lary He lias establishment funeral ditioned to give her the nece»- preciated BURKE SHOP IY CATALOGUE Iff few and Coav»oi«a<

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