Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 16
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PAfltC StXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 18, 1%0 ass TV digest with John N. Jones ALL-STAR RODEO - The "California All-Star Rodro." fr* turing many of thr count r.v's outstanding rodeo porformrrs. will hp presented on CBS-TV (Ch. -li. Friday, Aug. 5 from Snlinas Rodeo Field. Salinas. Calif. ROCKKFFKLLKR PRESS CON- FERENCK - Ch. 4 (CBS-TVi will carry the Nelson RookrfrllcT prrs« conference this afternoon fi-om 5:15 p.m. to .V15 p.m. from Chicago. This will mean a change in the scheduled movie "Too Young to Know" at 4:30 p.m. MONDAY EVENING Bold Face I>enotes Highlight— (R) Repeats 6:00—12* Quick Draw McGraw (4) News: Max Roby (5i News: John Roedel 6:10—(4) Weather: Fontaine (5i Weather: Armand 6:15—(4) CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Ingham 6:25—(51 Spotlight with Nancy 6:30 (2) Cheyenne: Riverboat card sharks try to cheat Bodie and his trapping partner in "Death Deals a Hand." (Ri i4i Kate Smith Show: Jazz Pianist Barbara Carroll guest. (Ri (51 Riverboat: (Color) A rookie Army Lieutenant uncovers evidence that trappers are cheating the Indians in "Night at Trapper's Landing." Ricardo Monlalban. (Ri (11) Bold Journey: "Under the Mediterranean." 7:00— (4) The Texan: Trouble ensues when Longley lets a friend of the family ride with him. (R) (11» Don Cunningham Show 7:30—(2i Bourbon Street Beat: Calhoun tries to help a jazz musician regain his good reputation and his girl and, in so doing, becomes involved with an underworld figure in "Torch Song for Trumpet." (R) (4) Father Knows Best: An "old flame" stirs up speculation along with the embers when he sends Margaret flowers and a note asking (or the first waltz at the annual college homecoming. (Ri (3) Wells Fargo: Hardy disproves a town character's boasts of once being a gunslinger in "End of a Legend." (Ri (11) Movie: Olivia deHavil- land. Mark Stevens: "Snake Pit" (1949). Based on the best seller about life in an over-crowded mental institution. 8:00—(4) Danny Thomas Show: Danny tries psychology on Rusty to get him to stand up to a bully. (Ri (5) Peter Gunn: An escapee from the state asylum threatens to blow up an area of the city if the mayor refuses to! kill himself in "The Grudge." (R) • 8:&)—(2) Adventures in Paradise: A trip to the remote weather island of Boralep brings trouble for Troy where he meets an ex-girl friend in "Judith." (R) (4) Ann Sothem Show. Guest star Joe E. Brown appears as a TV repairman who calls at the time when Olive's friends doubt her stories about a boy friend. (Ri (5i Theatre: A former district 'attorney defeated for reelection by his former assistant. attempts to refute the general belief that he is a has-been in "The Ticket." Franchot Tone. (R) 9:00—(4) Hennesey: Chick and Capt. Shafer try to learn why the senior nurse of the medical staff is using stiff disciplinary action on the nursing staff. (Rl (S) Project 20: "The In nnrent Year*—1WHI to 1917" ha* A1p\«nder Sronrby narrating the documentary on an American family. (R) 9.30—(21 Ted Mack Amateurs. (4) June Allyson Show: Miss Allyson and Hugh Graft on co-star in "Intermission." A drama of a woman's strange ability to restore confidence in a despondent widower. (R) (11) News, Bowling, Weather 10.00— (2) Manhunt (41 News: Spencer Allen (5i This Man Dawson (111 Movie: Jack Hawkins. Michael Dennison: "Angels One Five" (1952). An English fighter pilot gets into a feud with his commanding officer. 10:10—(41 Weather: Fontaine 10:15—(4) Eye on St. Louis 10:30— (2) Movie: Joan Caulfield, David Niven: "The Lady Says No" (1952). A man-hating girl writes a book about the subject and then falls for a photograph er. (4) Movie: Walter Pidgeon, Ann Todd:" Stronger Than Desire" (1939). An attorney defends an irresponsible heiress on trial for manslaughter. (5i News, Sports, Weather 10:45—(5) Jack Paar Show: Hugh Downs fills in for Paar tonight. Joe Levine guest. 11:30—(11) Bedtime Stories: Nancy Olson stars in "For the Love of Kitty." 11:55—14) Movie: Wallace Beery, Marie Dressier: "Min and Bill." (1930). An old woman with a tender heart struggles to keep a young girl. 12:00—(5! (Ill News 12:05—15) Night Court 12:10—12) News 12:15—12) Home Digest 12:20—(2) I Spy — 12:35—(5) Weather Reports 1:05—(4) Late News Roundup The Telegraph's Unity Radio Chart MONT- \Y N—r vv—weather i—Sportl UMV (MBS) 710 RC HMO* ittt mmt ISM nil N: S: La* Hlile; Welk N Lombardo N: Gordon D. Gordon H Uorm«: N N N; W S: N N: S N: Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N: 9 J. P*f * N; S >Ian on OO World N E. MofMB f. L«wl» Jr. D. Gordon N n Gordon N In Person B. Burner Richards; N N; Rlrhard K. Richard S; Richard K. Richard N: PMi N: Music Mtc Music D. Gordon S: (jordnn D. Gordon N •Amos 'n Andy BcM Music World Tonlte Richard Richard . S; .lenklns B Jenkins N: P««* J. Pent Pens; N Sinn Off N; Music Nile Music D Gordon Sinn Off Law State Progress N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Image Image Metronome N Prelude Q. Music N: R. Shot) Record Shop N: R. Shoo Record Shop M N .1$ Memorial N J. Buck How's the view from tht TUESDAY, JULY 19 5:40—(4) Give Us This Day 5:45_(4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00—(4) Town'n Country 6:30— (4) P. S. 4: "How to Write and Speak." 7:00—(4i Morning St. Louis.. News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. (51 Today: Newscasts 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. 8:00—(2) Camera Two (4) News: Grimsby 8:15—(2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00—(2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) December Bride (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—(2) Romper Room (4) Video Village (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00—14) I Love Lucy (5) Price Is Right (Color) 10:30—(21 Topper (4) Clear Horizon (5) Concentration 11:00—12) Janet Dean, R.N. (4) Love of Live (51 Truth or Consequences 11:30—(2) Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (Color) 11:45—14) Guiding Light 11:45—(21 News: Hayward (11) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (41 News-Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (111 Cartoons 12:05—(4) People's Choice 12:30—(2) Love That Bob (4) As The World Turns 12:50—(11) News: Ken Daust 1:00—(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen lor a Day (11) Movie: Jess Barker, Lois Collier: "Girl on the Spot" 1946ii. A girl is hunted by a gang because she is the only witness to the murder they com milled. 1:30—(2) Susie Panoramic windfchieldc* For All Cart. We Inttall uindntaiuldt and oar window* quickly. LYONS Co., «400 INftl HO Prlooi. Double Bail* Stamps Vtfc Vour Doctor to Call tt W* Deliver. 10 RROINIKRGD PHARMAC1HT8 Five Convenleal Location!. Prompt. Accurate iervlc*. Freshen. Huresi ttockt. .45 .IS ,:i<> .41 N; R. Shot Record Shop S; R. Shop Record Shop N: MemorIM Memories Memories; N J. Buck N: R. Shop Record Shop N. R. Shop Record Shop TUESDAY A. M. 6 tmmmm 7 Jftmm 8 .M .15 .20 .45 .M .IS .39 .49 10 M .15 .39 .45 .00 .15 .30 .45 P. H. 12 mmm 1 -MM. 2 .15 .30 .45 .00 .15 .30 .4$ .00 .15 .30 .45 3 .mi .IS ..'Ill H. Ounther N H. Ounther N oponor N; Farm vonel Farm N: Wiilinmi G. William* Clockwatcher G. Newtomo N: Newiomo G. Newtomo N: Day Bob Day N; Day Bob Day N; Gunther H. Gunther N: Farm T. Dalley N: Dalley T. Dalley N: W Rex Davit Clockwatcher N: Newiome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newtome N. Day S: Day N: Day Bob Day World N H. Gunther N; Gunther H. Gunther N: Daltey T. Dalley N: Dalley Dalley: N Hex Davit Clockwatcher N: 'Newtome G. Newsome N; Newsome G. Newtome N Bob Day N: Wilton Ed Wilton Exercltm Unity. Hymnt G. Cantrell H. Christian N Clockwatcher N; Newtome G. Newsome N: Newiome G. Newiomo N: Walter H. Walter rello Quit R. Benson N-. Wilton Ed Wilton B'tast Club N-: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Davit G. Davit N: Davit G. Davit N: Benson R Benson N: Wilson N: Dalley N: Party N: Davit N: Tlma Ed Wilson T. Dalley Houseparty G. Davis Cty Tlma N: Dalley G. Moore N; Davis " " " " Dalley: N Crosby Clonney G. Davit M. Galnes P'house Pty. M It N: Farm VoHel Farm The World N J. McCormlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'lnett N: Davis G. Davis N: Davit G. Davit N Farm-Mkt. A. Grace Club Newt N: Party P'house Party N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt: N Whispering Stt. Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N: Jenklnt B. Jenknns N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Day Bob Day tt tf B. Counter N: Burke J. Burke p. Witt N; Witt Witt: N N; Seller Best Seller G. Williams N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Palen J. Palen N: Burke J. Burke D. Gordon ii ii N; Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins K. Richard N: Palen J. Palen .0* .15 .30 .a N: Burke J. BurKe ii ii Burke: N N: Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck Buck.: W N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N: Palen J. Palen Four 35-Year Men at Shell Firm Retired Four employes of Shell Oil Company's Wood River refin-j Cro.xton mar- there and In Rushville. He was I received his education there, employed b y Illinois Bell Telephone Co. in Alton prior to joining Shell in 1925, as a filler helper in the lubricating oils department. ery were honored recently upon completion of 35 years of service with the company. They are Frank L. Croxton, 1405 Rodgers Ave., Alton; Clarence J. Wilson, Rt. 1, Edwardsville; George K. Bruce, 121 E. First, Roxana, and Harold R. Helvie, 325 Lotier PI. Frank Croxton Croxton, a native of Pleasantview, received his education lion now. ilizabeth Schollmeier of Alton (foreman in n 1928, and they have two chil-jl958. He holds the latter posi- dren, Mrs. Norma Fisher, and Roland F., both of Alton. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, and at the refinery is a former vice president of the Service Club (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young Theatei 2:00— (aI Day In Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30— (2> Gale Storm Show (4) Verdict Is Yours (51 From These Roots (111 Mickey Rooney 3:00— C2\ Beat the Clock (41 Brighter Day (5» KIP Thin Man (11) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-^(4) Secret Storm 3:30-(2i Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45—(11) Capt. 11's Showboat 4:00—(2i American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) You Asked For It 4:30—(41 Movie: Wayne Mor ris, Dennis Morgan: "FlighJ Angels" (1940). An airline piloi is grounded because of his eyes (5) Life of Riley 5:00—(2i Rocky and His Friends (5* Wrangler's Club: Firs 15 minutes in color. (11) Sgt. Preston 5:30— (2i News: Hayward (ID Suspenseville 5:40— (21 Cartoon Time (5) Huntley-Brinkley Newt, ill) Three Stooges Motorola TV • Most Reliable TV Ever! • Full Year Guarantee! NO MONEY DOWN (Your old TV trade-in covers down payment In most cases) • We finance Our Own Account* here— You'U Not Be Bothered by Banks or Finance Companies Standard H0Mf» FiirMUlwrn E. M«4«l 1IT7S diago- »vi In. Kl-iuth ovtmll, nal meuiure. H3 picture viewing urtu. la blond, nmhoguny It wulnul colon. $ 189 95 NO MONfcV DOWN - |IM0 MON1H ried the former and was employed in Eldorado before joining Shell in 1925 as a laborer in ithe engineering field department. He be- 1 came a Jabor , f o r e m a n in 1943, and was named zone 250 hi Free Swim Classes At Wood Rive? \VOOn RIVER — Howard Oot- inR. Wood Rlvor pool manager, reported today that thrre \VPIP 250 children at thr first A of free swimming lessons c-o- sponsorod b.\ thr- Optimists Club arid thr swimming pool. Children six yours and older are eligible to enroll in Ihe swimming classes. Lessons will bp given July 18, 29. 22 and 27) from 12:45 to 1:15 p.m. at he pool. Instruction is under the supervision of Getting and Leroy Km erick, city recreation director. Registration will be accepted anytime during the series of classes. Following the classes, the children may swim as long as they desire during the afternoon public swimming period. The free swimming program Is an annual project of the Optimist CJub. Art Sweet, president, and Marvin Mallory are serving on the arrangements committee. I working with Getting and Erne| rick. Getting also reported that the pool had 3300 swimmers over the past weekend, with 1400 Sunday. The total for the season is now above 40,000. but 19,000 below hist year, the best year lor atlcntlani'i at the pool. Presbyterian Women Meet at Roxana ROXANA — The United Presbyterian Women's Orpmizaion of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at the church with Mrs. Clyde Donham as leader. The title of the program is "Associations that Strengthen" and Mrs. Donham will show film strips. Hostesses will be members of the evening circle. Visiting in Hawaii ! ROXANA — Mr. and Mrs. j Russell Ewers of Nebo were overnight guests Thursday of Mrs. Ewers' mother. Mrs. Etta Turnbeaugh of E. Fifth street and left Friday for Hawaii by jet plane where they will spend a month with their daughter. Mrs. Judy Farney, and family. The ; Ewers family formerly resided I in Roxana on E. First street. I Ewers is a retired Shell Oil I Co. employe. Mrs. Ewers form- jerry taught school in Roxana iand is now teaching in Nebo. Receives Scholarship ROXANA — Curtis John Schubert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schubert of Doerr avenue, has received a scholarship from the University of Illinois based upon the grades on the examination taken by high school seniors in March of this year, given by the county superintendent and graded by Ihe university. Young Tipplers? THERMOPOLIS, Wyo., X>Mettie A. Johnson, 21, was arrested on a charge of stealing a car and a purse. Here's hosv she filled out her arrest form:, "Ad d re s s—Stockman's Bar,! BEST DRVM CORPS Black KnightN won (lie Amrrirati Stadium. They arc shown ax they per- Legion drug and bugle corns comiwlit- form.—Staff photo, ion Sunday evening at Public Sqnools , Junior, Senior AlltO A<TCSM>1'\ Tlirft R»'|M»rtnl rzes i Madison County Cancer society. Th< incelint; will continue I rum in .1 m to •'! p.m. wilh ;j cu\ MI I'd di^li dinner ;tl noon. KAST ALTON - A rash of An> unc uilh a |r-w hoins In auto {1 ,»-ess.irv th-lt> w.-,v ^'"' ls ^ k " (1 '" SISMst wlth ih. work Mis l-i'iiiH'iK \\iinh<T „„ . . ,, , ., „. reported to IKHICI- .Satin da\ , . . The .Junior Corps of the Piasa |\ ii'|>orled. as p ids are home Indians won the Illinois Stale K(>n '"' lh W (I M'. (in:; Ko-d Dr.. ,,,,.,,„,,.,) „„ ,,,,,,,y , w iirnts b> championship for junior corps l " l " ) "'" 1 thal hls ri " "'"'" " ; ' rk ' <»" ""•»' «'" u ''' • ,i vu'i'A t-4 . /. ,-.- • ed in front ol his Immr. was r.,ntriiiMi'>iiv of discarded in Ihe NBIA State Competition in , . , . . ,. . stripped of two side mnmis ulutr malrn.ils arc badly nerd Aurura, Saturday. Kenneth Hailc.s. ti'JI Bowman. <•(! and may be delivered lo the The Senior Corps placed sec- reported |\ V( , door mats \alncd at rhnivh or call Mrs; \Vimlierh ond in senior competition. They a total of $22 stolen fiom his or Mis. .1 C. Bainett for pick were Stale Senior Corp Cham- 19WI model car while parked in up s,> m <' ( . pious in 1959 and missed holding six-tenths of one of home Jim Brandsotter. In left hl , 0 , saj fmm j^— flu|o Sewlnu Meet ,. ;AST ALTON _ AU uom ,. n ,,, , h ronimuniu .,„, invlt( , (i „, 1 . ( . (| (() ,. . |re drpssin .„„, , (K ,„, ,, 1P PAV VI.I. YOIK BILLS IN ONK PLACE BUDGET SERVICE \Vi\ KHS) Broadway HO A-3II3 Denmark and Norway you their title' by six-tenths of one ""." '""T "iVn ',"""," lim " "" th " r ' Khl ' In Swpdcn - °" wood Heights, ri'ported Ihefl ul ,| 1( I' 0111 ' two spinner Hpc liulicap-- with Both first and second place ., (0|;| | Vl .,| uo ' winners in slate competition are eligible to compete in the national corps competition which will be held in South Milwaukee on .Iul\ 21. 22. I 1 '',. 24. In 1959 thr Senior Corps placed second na- "^ ^','J B;(p||s| n tionally in the national corps competition and the drum section was awarded the NBTA na- Monal drum section championship The senior corps will leave by chartered bus Thursday for the National Competition. The Scnor Corps won first place in the American Li yion parade in Alton Sunday. • Marriage License-, CARLINVILLK — Marriage licenses were issued in the office of Macoupin County Clerk Edward Young to the following couples: Charles Michael Moats. 2J, and Mildred Eileen Over- haug. 25, both of Auburn: Harold Edward Davis, 2.'3. Chesterfield, and Incss Jam- (iilli-sjm 1 . 17. Carlinvillc; Dominic Joseph Kukowski. 24, Green Bush, Minn . and Kosie lionise Wilson. 19, Carlinvillr; Gary M. Weidler. 19. Slaunlon. and Janet Sue Gaul. 16, SUiunlon. He married the former Dor- \ I-ander, Wyo." "Occupation- othy Eaton of near Eldorado in Gaby sitter." 1925, and they have five children. They are Mrs. Ruby Nell Green, Wood River; Mrs. Ann* lion in Robinson, 111. He employed b y t h e Calumet and is a member of the Shell i Lee Almassy, Garden Grove,; Refining Co. Club and Recreation Associa- j Calif.; Mrs. Joyce Marie Paynic, JBurnham before tion. iwood River; Mrs. Corrlne Ren-|j oining shell j n Clarence J. Wilson ' ner. Kennewlck, Wash.; and 19 25 a .s a fore- Wilson is a native of Vine, lMl ' s - Ka V R eg d, Roxana. |man in the lub- 111., and received his education! Bruce is the treasurer of Odd ideating oils de- there. He began work at the re- j Fellows Lodge, Wood River, finery as a general repairman In the engineer- Ing field department. He is married to the former Grace Graham of Wood River, and they have tnree children and two foster children.! They are Mrs. Genevieve Grossheim, and Melvin, both of Al-i ton; Mrs. Edith Coleman, Riverside, Calif.; Betly, 11, and Bobby, 13, at home. Wilson is assistant Sunday school superintendent of Wood River First Baptist Church, and has been a member of AF&AM Franklin Lodge No. 25 In Upper Alton for 40 years. At the refinery, he is a member of the Shell Club and Recreation Association, and served as the second president of the Service Club. George K. Bruce Bruce, a native of Omaha, III., jand is secretary of the Roxana Volunteer Fire Deparement. He is a member of the board of directors of the Shell Wood River Federal Credit lived at his present address for 27 years, formerly living in East I Alton. JULY ONLY DRY OLEANINO SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY »0t I. Mwy. HO I-H77 ith Anderson of Chicago in 1925, and they have a son, William Helvie, who lives in Kasl ton. Holvie is a member of Rob inson Lodge AF&AM, and Robinson Christian Church. He has lived at his present Helvie is a native of Bluffton, Wood River for 35 years. Ind., and he received his educa SPECIAL! SPECIAL! SPECIAL! Monday-Tuetday-Wednesday Only July 18, 19,20 LADIES' PLAIN DRESSES 99c SPORT COATS 49e ALTON ONE-HOUR Mirtinizing Dry Cle»nert 311 IMf tt. 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City StaU I hav* enclosed • • • • e«ntt for a .... week's subscription. *Ulk TOi Altoa Ivtalng Ttltgropli, % Vocotion, Alton, III.

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