Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 18, 1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH You're the Doctor By Jotepti 0. WMteraftf, r AC1AL A rewter tn Bar Harbor, Malfte, Write*: "My daughter i« 17 year* old and very pt«t- ty. She has a (air, smooth skin. The only mar to her appearance i« a slight excess of hair on her upper lip and a few on her chin. I tell her It It nothing but *he in very mu6h upset about It. Is there anything she can do to fe- llevc this condition?" There's no quesiton that this young lady may be upset about her excess facial hair and try* ing to appease her with kind words may be no appeasement at all. Better to tackle the problem squarely and do rverything that can be done to help her. In most young girls, excess facial hair of this type Is usually racial or familial. The problem Is, or seems to be, more common in those races whose hair fe dark. Furthermore, facial hairiness tends to run in some families. In these rases, it can hardly be considered a disease although It may be emotionally disturbing. In other instances, excess hair may be a reflection of disordered hormonal function and sometimes It takes a great deal of skill to make an accurate diagnosis. The adrenal glands, lyinsj .just above the kidneys, secrete many hormones including some that are masculinizing. In women the ovarian hormones, however, are normally polent onouKh to "neutralize" any possible masculirrizntion. Disorders of the pituitary gland may be even more difficult to define because the pituitary Klnnd is no larger than a pea and tics deep in the brain. It controls the function of many of the other glands in the body. Skull X-rays, brain wave tests and even air injection into the spine or brain may be necessary before an accurate diagnosis can be made. Most women, we repeat, have excess facial hairiness without any apparent disease of any of the organs of the body. We don't know exactly why some women should have more facial hair than others hut the best reason at the moment for most of them is because they were "just born that way." Methods of Removal What these women need Is not a lot of fancy medical the- ory but a method trtat It best suited for them for removing the unwanted hair. The method* that are currently available can be classified as fli mechanical and (2) chemic«l. Mechanical methods are tweezlng, clipping or shaving, the use of gentle abrasives, such as pumice, or the appli- Upper Alton News Events HIT WIWI BOfTtf! tttTfttfffl FWWI VSHtCUC Robert Stratton, 7. of 1111 Sellet St.. suffered a nit of the head when he was struck by a bwr bottle hurled from a vehicle en- route to the American Legion parade, Sunday afternoon, police said. The boy was standing at Rock Spring drive and Brown street when mishap occurred. An adult could not halt hit car In time, ling union director, and Charles police saM. jsiagley as trustee to a three- Two cars were_hi a minor col-1year term, liston In the 2900 block of E. Members of the church will at- Broadway, police reported. tend an asyociafional music clln- Drtvers were listed as Thorn- ic to be held Monday through as E. Young, 123 Cooper St.. and Friday this week at the Calvary Nick Arger, 131 Ardren Ave. Both Southern Baptist Church oti cars were traveling east when 'Washington avenue. Thr opening Young attempted to pass Arger ; session tonight will be at 7:30 and the accident followed. The junior softball team willj Police traced a car to Ctaw-'P'"? »«e 12th Street Presbyterian | son street, near College, that apjChureh at the Henry street dia- .-«~., ,..T rru..,.^*., w, .,,*. r*r*i'.. ,^ . tj _*», At. • iu 3"ii SUCTTI, rival ^uiifi^r, mat r... cation of wax which Is then with the boy told officers that the y mond on Tuesday. 6:45 p.m. --------------- '--" U1 " 1 "' u "' Washington Teachers and officers will meet Wednesday. 6:30 p.m. at peeled from the skin (and the hair along with ill. For the temporary removal of a hair or hairs, either tweez- lng, clipping or shaving is adequate. Proper hygenic measures should be used, such as washing the area with an antiseptic soap before and after hair removal. Electric razors often make the problem simpler and safer. It It important to know that repeated shaving does not make hair grow excessively. If a pumice stone is used to remove hair by friction, it IB advisable to apply some sooth- Ing ointment to the skin to prevent additional Irritation. The application of chemicals to unwanted hair is with two thoughts in mind; either actually to remove the hair or to bleach it so that it will be less noticeable. Bleaching solutions are usually combinations of ammonia and peroxide. A typical formula contains S per cent or up to 30 per cent of hydroperoxide and 4 per cent of diluted ammonia in bottle came out of a vehicle that i i was one of the unlls in the parade. '• !hit-n 1 n accident on i early Sunday. SENIOR WOMEN TO t MKBT WEDNESDAY Senior Women will meet at the Upper Alton Baptist Church, Wed- 'nesday, 9:30 until noon, to make ! surgical dressing*. TWO AUTO MISHAPS , OCCUR OK BELTLINK Two automobile accidents occur- j red on the Beltline Highway over I the weekend, police reported. The first occurred at the Washington avenue intersection, Sunday. 11:20 a.m. Both drivers suffered minor injuries, and were taken to Alton Memorial Hospital, the report stated. Mrs. Judith A. Woolfe. 118 Gerson St.. was traveling west in the Beltline and Ronald Buckshot, 2300 Elizabeth St., was going south In Washington when the accident occurred. Both drivers . ™l Washington. his car was damag- bf> condurted ..m. and T p.m. Wardle. a member of the run machine travel north on;'", 1 " ni u u """""" "'.'': tu n .bi...« «.- i.*,.I Curdte church, has been called Washington. The Laflkes car was i hurled about 15 feet by the im- told officers they did not see the approach of the i other. as pastor of the Paradise Baptist Church near Brighton. pact. A damaged car 'was Jound on- AN OUT-Of-BOt'NDS Clawson and appeared to fit ^TOMATO description supplied by witness-j es. Police were checking the own- _ .„.,,„ „, ... atRichey ** ' «, *' er through the licen* number. iliff s " " ™ ° ' ° jto the lme starting tomato derby, 'but he has something to say. I Richey said that he has been July 9, SNAKE IN THE GLASSWORKS MAKES NEWS 1 Snakes that attempt to 'force! themselves on society in a peace-i ,,.._,„ fUl way tend to make news but; of th * ^"^ **«"* . _ , there are others who will «i c " >ri «l hcrc Saturda y * about which beats the reported picking go only half way. This snake in the glassworks, for instance. About a week ago a Milton resident came home with the story that the mold shop at Owens Illinois had one of these so-so- types of reptiles. He wanted to live with the men (six Richey put in his plants in mid-April. FRACTURES ANKLE IN FALL AT ROCK SPRING Miss Erma Vogel, 2401 Crawford St., suffered a fracture of I Fifth Division Legion Officers Ralph Scott (seated) was elected new commander of the 5th Division American Legion at the Legion's convention, which was held In Alton Saturday and Sunday. Charles Kincaid (standing, left) was elected senior vice commander. Norman Bteible is the immediate past commander of the 5th Division.—Staff photo In the other mishap, Joseph G.! water. After removal of the lWh y s ' 3713 Coronado Dr., escaped bleach, a bland lotion or even cream should be applied 1o the skin. Other chemicals, known | injury when the tire on his car out as he was traveling south i on the Beltline near its intersection . , "depilatories." are actually [with College avenue early today. able to destroy hair chemically deep to the root. Here, too, it is necessary to be cautious so as to avoid irritating of the skin. Other Methods Other suitable methods of removing unwanted hair are electrolysis and electrocoagu- lation. Electrocoagulation is not an easy, do-it-yourself, home project but requires the assistance of a skilled operator. A fine wire is inserted along the hair to the hair follicle and then a current is set off which burns the hair at the base. Done properly, this is the only sure, safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. Using X-rays to get rid of hair is altogether too hazardous and is mentioned here only to be condemned. :© I960 N. Y. Herald Tribune. Inc. The machine struck the concrete ' base of isaid. a traffic signal, police idown there but he didn't wantj^e right^anklejn a faU at Rock them pushing buttons and that disturbed his routine. There was She was taken to Al!on Memo„ this tremendous i rial Hospital and adm.tted. A machine that has an obscure | me ™ber of the family said Miss part in making a glass bottle or! V ° gel w « walking down a hill something. The operator pushed | whe " she lost her footin e- Tt is the button to get it going, this ^LllT" when she wil1 be dis Miltonite reported, and a snake) jof less than friendly disposition! stuck his head out of it and I Sun ^> J nv ° ved Wllliam Bash An ° ther ™ sha P in the P» rk waved his tongue angrily at him. The operator pushed the off an, 201 Goulding St., East Alton, who was treated at Alton Memo- ; SCOUT TROOP «7 BACK FROM MT. OLIVE LAKE Thitry-two members of Scout Troop 57 of the Milton Fire Station have returned from an . ~. f**Wfc*UU*.W CUJU 141\, fSA Vl\-k)l\Sl | ^«yveek encampment near Mt.j wjth ^ tongue emerged tmm \ uyr EVENT8 AT i Six adults and four tBoy button, got a grip on himself ria ' for «? cut of the hand - The and tried again. Again the head; a " ldent h «PPened while he was protruded and the protestor j choppin S vvood - a ' le P° rt ° r \ Scouts also were in the party. The Explorers were in charge of the program as follows: Jack Kittel, j swimming; Jim Healy, canoeing; Tom Hennesy, archery; and Paul Burkhart, demonstration area. in the con-| MILTON ASSEMBLY Off went the machine again. The operator reported the matter to his superior. Predictably there were references to the Mrs. Ralph Butler, of Hartford, will be honored at a baby shower Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at the Milton Assembly of God The scouts worked on their re- machine for a demonstration. Born to: Mr. and MM. Harvey Ramsey, 101 W. Second St., Hartford, a son, Randall Lee, 6 pounds, 8 ounces. 10:15 a.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mrs. Ramsey is the former Miss Viola Gibbs. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fee, 412 W. Main St., Bethalto, a son, 6 pounds. 13 ounces, 8:08 a.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Peyton, Portage des Sioux, Mo., a daughter, 8 pounds and 12 ounces, 10:41 p.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Weigler, 201 Victory Dr., East Alton, H son, 9 pounds, 10 ounces 12:40 p.m., Saturday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. David Dunnagan, Rt. 1, Brighton, a daughter, 7 pounds, 2 ounces, 11:37 p.m., Saturday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Simeon F. Stewart, 1309 First St., Cottage Hills, a daughter, 6 pounds, 'July Special" Conditioning Cold Wavt Shampoo & Stt ALL FOR 6 "Styled CutTl.50 up • Open 9 a.m. lo 9 p.a. • An AppolntmtBt Not Alwoyt • Air Condition*! STEPPE'S VUUot §WP> Ctnttr ? ounces, 10:50 a.m., Saturday, Wood River Township Hospital. Mr. aud Mr*. Richard Yost, 302 Ferguson Ave., Wood River, a son 7 pounds, 12 ounces, 12:26 p.m.. Saturday. Wood River Township Hospital. Elder children: Paul 10, Sylvia 8. Kathy 6, Chris 5, Jeffery 3. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis KeUy, Meadowbrook, a son, Michael Allen, 5 pounds, 14 ounces, first child, 8:16 p.m., Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. The baby is a grandchild of .Mr. and Mrs. Owen Smart, 2416 Robin St., and of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kelly, 1916 Orchard Blvd. Mr. and Mrs. Jam** Harris Jr., 20-i'z State St.. a daughter, Cathy Lynn, 9 pounds and 3 ounces, 11:55 a.m., Saturday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder child, Gregory, 20 months. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer daxton, Bunker HU1. a daughter, 6 pounds, 13 ounces, 3:02 p.m., Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Karen, 15. Joan, 13, Brenda, 9, and Timmy, 7. Mr. and Mr*. James Turner, Oirard. a son, Bruce Alien, 8 pounds, 15 ounces, Saturday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder child. Leslie, 7. Mr. and Mm. Hugh Uorat- man, 941 McKinley Blvd., a daughter. Jean Ellse,'7 pounds, 12 ounces, 8:42 p.m., Saturday. Alton Memorial Hospital, Elder child, Bobby, 10. Mr. and Mr*. Charles Springman, 5384 Humbert Rd., a son, Gregory Anthony, 4 pounds, 10 ounces, 7:07 a.m. Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder child, Charles Edward. Mr. and Mr*. Donald Me- Cormlck, 1432 Williams St., Wood River, a daughter, Terry Lynn, 7 pounds, 12 ounces, man's drinking habits and so on Church . on Goodfellow avenue. In other events: A teen-ager party was held but the wary boss did go to the Shepard Office Supply Closing At Ed wardsville Madison Man, 47, ts Found Dead EDWARDSVILLE - The apparent suicide of a 47-yearoM Wadlswt man was Kported to Vladtson county sheriffs deputies Sunday morning. According to the repwt, the victim was Sen Gordon, who was found near the Sand Prai- rte Tavern on State Aid Rt. 35 near Granite City. Deputies said Gordon was found lying face up approximately 140 feet from the tavern. A 410 gauge single barreled shotgun was on the body with the barrel point ed at the head. There was a gunshot wound in the throat, deputies said. Three people told authorities they had heard a gunshot or what sounded like a backfire in the area about 11 or 11:30 p.m. Saturday, The body was removed to the Pleper JXineral Home in Granite City. St. Vincent, Trinidad, Is to have a deep-water harbor and a modern telephone system. RtMft «t than wwrt Ml SydfWf , AWfttwtt, Have your watch rtttoftdl to it* original boufy tfif •ecuraey. All word gtiar* anteed. free ettlmitti. >!• Belle St. HO Mil* 59 Killed During Weekend in Japan TOKYO (AP) — Fifty-nine persons were killed over the weekend in Japan, either by drowning or by falling while mountain climb- EDWARDSVILLE-The office!' 1 ^- P° lice reported today. Four supply firm of E. J. (Bud) Shep- others were re P° rted missing and atd, 132 N. Main St., is going 10 ^^^, out of business after 20 years |Fl. Myers, Fla., where he will and a liquidation sale is now| be a manufacturer's agent, rep- in progress. jrtsentative for office supply Shepard, who with his wife,! lines - | Genevieve, and son. Gene F.j Shepard's son will be asso-j Shepard, were associated in the| l ' iated with Denzer office Su P-| business, sai'd he is moving to P'- v Co - East ^ton, and service! manager Robert Morton—also the head of the snake, waving his tongue, but not so desperately. He seemed to be enjoying himself. The upshot of this incident, after a fruitless hunt, is that everybody at the place tacitly stopped mentioning the snake. He no longer puts his head out when the button is pushed. The point is he may still be in that machine or he may have become tired of his peek-show role and gone on. It fives the fellow something held at the parsonage, 503 Goodfellow, Saturday night in honor of. the pastor, the Rev. David McGarvey. The church is in .the midst of a construction program that includes the erection of new rest rooms and an office for the pastor. GO-CART TRACK TO OPEN ON CHESSEN I quirements in the various areas. ! They lived and worked in patrols i throughout the week, did their own cooking and washed their own dishes. Every night a camp and j uniform inspection was held. The Flying Eagle patrol won the banner for the "Best Campers". Parents night was held Friday. The campsite was besides Mt. Olive Lake, a site the boys selected last September. Arrangements for the site were made through the Mt. Olive City Council. Bud Tay- ilor, a Scoutmaster of a Mt. Olive ! troop, was spokesman for the Mil- j ton troop. A special provision had j i to be passed by the council so | that Troop 57 could camp at the | lake. 1 The boys planned all of their j meals and brought their own food. | This is the fourth year that the troop has camped out for a week and conducted its own program. Most of the other troops spend their encampments at Camp Warren Levis. Church left today for a one-week | erate jt as Frazier's Playland, Fred Schuetz is scoutmaster of vacation in Fredericktown, Mo. i lnc !Troop 57. The camp out is the) They will be at the home of) The Fraziers today were con! climax of the troop's year - round I Ms parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fredj sultin e dt y authorities on final •activities. Simmons. i permits required for their pro- i ! Chester Wood, chairman of!-* 60 '* wnicn the y h °P e to nav e in I CAR ROLL& IN TO YARD ON I the board of the deacons, will' operation within another two MILLS: DRIVER CHARGED jbe in charge of the Wednesday weeks A car rolled down a terrace evening service. The feet wide and an eighth mile in circumference, may be ready in a few days for boys to take some trial spins in advance of the formal opening of the recreation spot. Their firm plans to rent go- The operator pushed the .but-j Frida >' evening at the home of i carts for use in afternoons and ton, wheels began to grind, and| Jewe1 ' Maxey, on Badley ave- j for pacing programs one evening things began to thump. Out camej nue - Tne outdoor event included!a week. games and a watermelon feast. I A garage and resf room build- A surprise birthday party was j ings remain to be erected be- soon they) to think about. The snake, ap-! Juveniles of Alton area parently, has done all the think-;will have a place where ing he intends to about that,may legally drive their go-carts, thumping, grinding machine. REV. SIMMONS ON VACATION The Rev. and Mrs. Lolard Simmons and their four children of fore the "playland" goes into operation. Charles Frazier operates a service station at 1875 E. Broadway. with the local firm for 20 years -will establish an office equipment service department in Edwardsville. The building containing Shepard's has been' sold to Ralph Bode and Frank Piarulli, partners in Comfort Furniture Co., now located on St. Louis street. Bode and Piarulli, both former ly associated with Schwarz Furniture Co., said they will move their furniture concern into the building as soon as Shepard vacates "probably in 30 to 60 days." Charles and Robert Frazier, brothers of 208 Allen St., are completing an amusement park with a %-mile semi-oval concrete track in the Maggos tract on E. Broadway immediately east the Curdle Heights Baptist I of Chessen lane. They are to op. X"lL.. . — _ 1- 1 .^Ai i 3 *• t_ Af*£l to if QC Twa 1 *! AW'C" Dln«rl« njJ of the Mall fic violation police said. Herman J. and into ayard in the 2200 block of Mills avenue early today, The driver was charged with a traf- and intoxication, Stovall, 122»,<i E. 8th St., was going east in Mills when his automobile left the road and halted in the yard of Harvey L. Wilson, 2203 Mills, the report stated. Several minor traffic mishaps were reported to the police over the weekend. One car rammed another in the 3800 block of College avenue, Sunday, 6:30 p.m. Drivers were listed as Fred Diesselhorst, of Alhambra, and Gilbert Mosby, 3410 Agnes Blvd. Mosby had halted his car to make a left turn from the east' bound lane and Diesselhorst 10:37 a.m., Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital, first child. The baby is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Terry of Wood River, and Mrs. Edith McCurmick, Rockwood. Better vision means better school marks for your child Poor vision it o real handicap to a wcceiiful school career. o t' i- (> ; i 1 < I H I W I u t, t b A H K b l i) (> CL 4.IOH ,xt r < > N regular Monday book study will be taught tonight by the Rev. Richard Hubble, of Forest Homes. In other news: Nelson Kunz has been re-elected superintendent of the Sunday School at a meeting held at the church last week. Others elected were: Charles Rogers, train- They said their track, 17 to 25 Flower* for All Ooouioiu Complete Bridal Service: Gowns, Veil*, etc. ADAMS FLOWER and •RIDAL SHOP 884 E. Ferguson, Wood River Dial CL 4-3441 Xnrpet-Keri tNl " urn mi-mi HINT ILUIMI tht PHONE eorptt Mil . . . brighten* color =* HO 5-8141 roi SUPERIOR CARPET CLEANERS 1UI MAIN IT. UWR ALTON MO 1*1141 clearance clearance clearance clearance clearance GIGANTIC CLOSE-OUT of SUMMER DRESSES Shop Early All Sales Final WILSHIRE MALL SHOPPING CENTER EAST ALTON Open Monday - Friday Till Nine The Best Way to Buy Furniture Today! On Easy Budget Payment Plans at Jacobys Completely Air Conditioned No Carrying Charges Added 627-433 E. headway Alton, Illinois The first new crib design in years! ffffffffff.tioby Crib •39 (Pad Extra) • Tht handiomeat, mett functional baby crib ytt. Both lidM K>w«r— • completely—«o you can tend baby from «dge of crib. Safer, tee. Side* : can't be lowered unleti you releate two eafety loeki. The ttroni. nylon netting keeoe baby, toys and bottle tafely inside. The tturdy, tubular'« •tee) frame make* the crib mart compact—yet take* full-aue (18* * S2*) baby mattrtw. Wathable, upholitered headboard and footboard. -•' Choice of frame color*. See It right away at Better than a baby-..sitter- this ffffMffla pen '24" (Pad Included) •' A epaeioui playtround (40* tquve), it foldt In half and only *V4j' thick—to At car trunk or limited eloMt epac*. Built of »turdy tubular «tt«l. it'» ru||«d, yet lightweight. *tronf, white nylon oettiai cuihtoaa paby'i fallo kwp« toyi huidc. pto outtide. •prinjy. built>in put hM eloth'hacked vinyl covering. Ail ittrfacw wipe clean witk * dMap clothi Wid« choice of frame colon. 8e« it rifht «w«y at Buy and enjoy now on Jocoby'i Easy Budfltt Payment Plan , , . No carrying chorgw addfti Ste J«coby'$ Complete Lint of Caieo . . . Hi.Chilu, Yputh Chtln, Step S+ooli, Itr S*M>U, Ing C«Mnnd C«rd T«ble Jacoby's Corap/tttJx Air Coaditioa«d PARK FREE AT REAR ENTRANCE 4274 JJ I, Iraotwoy AMf% ***

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