The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 15, 1953 · Page 7
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The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin · Page 7

La Crosse, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1953
Page 7
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Sunday, November 13, 1953 The LA CROSSE SUNDAY TRIBUNE, la Crowe, Wiscon*!* Page 7 'Little Boy Lost/ Bing Crosby Picture, Showing At Hollywood Bing Crosby returnr to the Hollywood Theater screen this weekend in a warm, human drama, •‘Little Boy Lost," which also stars a new child sensation, Christian Fourcade. Booked through Wednesday, ••Little Boy Lost” tells the story of a child who was separated from his parents during the Nazi invasion of France, it it it The father, a war correspondent portrayed by Crosby, returns to look for his family, but learns his wife has been killed by the Cesta po. However, the boy has escaped and Crosby sets out in search of the lad. The trail leads to a spindly-legged youngster In a French orphanage, a lad the reporter first feels could by no sit etch of the Imagination be his own off spring. A bond builds between them, but Crosby decides against bringing the boy back to America with him unless he definitely can prove the blood ties. ii ii it Slatting Thursday the Hollywood will show “The Juggler," with Kirk Douglas, Mltty Vitale and Paul S ewart in the starring parts. Saturday a modern adventure drama takes over the Hollywood screen, Glenn Ford and Gloria Graham* starring In "The Big Heat,” Authorize Improvement At Marshfield Airport MADISON. <01 — The state aeronautics commission reported Frl-| day it and Gov. Kohler had approved allocating *94,000 of state aid for Improvements to the Marshfield municipal airport. Total cost cif tile proposed improvements Is *88,000 with the state and city sharing equally the expenses. Improvements include land acquisition, a paved and lighted runway 50 feet in width and 2,800 feet long. The commission recommended that Marshfield consider initating 'Crazylegs/ Story Of Hirsch, Rivoli Theater Feature Film . . , action before the Civil Aeronautics Slowly Crosby realize hr .rte itar[| .chadded .lr .ervlce. the* son more as an emotional; _ _ ________ bridge with his dead wife than FATAL BOLTS for the child's own sake. The story j Three Indian men were killed tells of Bing's gradual awakening by lightning, with their bullocks, to the fact and his subsequent while plowing at North Lakhim- a< lion. pur. rn Rivftli Hillary Brooks, Carleton »',YOir .Young and Marjorie Lord. Sunday through Wednesday: Crazy I^egs, with Elroy Oil OOO Hirsch, Joan Vohs and Lloyd Sunday only: The Great Nolan. , Sioux Uprising, with Jeff Starting Thursday: TakeChandler and Faith Domer- the High Ground, with Rich- gue; Pickup on South Street, ard Widmark, Karl Malden, with Richard Widmark and Elaine Stewart and Carleton Jean Peters. NOW PLAYING! A PICTURE YOU WILL NEVER F0R6ET... FOR IT IS ONLY ONE HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM YOU! Monday through Thursday: It Happens Every Thursday, with Loretta Young and John Carpenter. Hollywood Sunday through Wednesday: Forsythe; The Steel Trap, Little Boy Lost, with Bing with Joseph Cotten and Te- Crosby, Christian Fourcade resa Wright, and Claude Dauphin. | Friday and Saturday: Gold- Starting Thursday: The;en Blade, with Rock Hudson Juggler, with Kirk Douglas, and Pjprr LaUrje; The Farmer Mitty Vitale and Paul Stewart. Takes a Wife. with Betty Gra- Starting Saturday: The Big hie and Dale Robertson. Heat, with Glenn Ford and n. . Gloria G rah ame. KlVICtO 5th Avenue Sunday and Monday: The City That Never Sleeps, w ith Gig Young. Mala Powers, Edward Arnold and Marie Windsor; Royal Rodeo, with John Payne. Tuesday through Thursday: The Little World of Don Camino, with Cino Cervi and Julien Duviviers. Saturday through Tuesday: The Woman They Almost Lynched, with Jean Leslie. John Lund, Brian Donlevy and Audrey Totter; Mexican Manhunt, with George Brent, Sunday only: Lone Hand, with Joel McCrea and Barbara Hale; The Hitchhiker, with Edmund O’Brien and Frank Lovejoy, j Monday through Thursday: Clash by Night, with Barbara Stanwyck. Paul Douglas, Marilyn Monroe and Robert Ryan; Take Me to Town, with Apn Sheridan and Sterling Hayden. Friday and Saturday: Sangaree, with Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl; Half a Hero, with Red Skelton and Jean Hagen. "Crazylegs,” a football story that will attract most grid fans, is on the Sunday menu at the Rivo- 11 Theater. Starring Wisconsin’s own Elroy Hirsch, "Crazylegs” is the life story of the former Wausau boy who climbed to gridiron fame while playing with the Badgers in the early 1940s, it ii it Now a star of the professional Lob Angeles Rams, Hirsch also; has blossomed into an outstand-! lng movie personality. He carries the lead role In the picture, per-; traying himself. Also included in the cast are Joan Vohs, who portrays Ruth Hirsch—Elroy's wife—and Lloyd Nolan, who enacts the part of Win O. Broekmeyer, the famous Wausau high school coach. j Bob Waterfield, former I-os Angeles Ram quarterback star, who is the husband of Hollywood’s By DI BLEY HAWKINS (vanish overnight if nome mineral' lane Russell, portrays himself In NAIROBI Kenya INFA) — Aft-'w,?alth were f°und in Kenya. That the movie. The entire Ram squad er a year if Mau Mao, Kenya is *iv€ the Africans a new makes up the supporting cast ,»In terror The nightly kill- source of income, and Africans A very special person in the film used to terror, me nignuy sui ^ earnlng are usuaHy not i* win Hirsch, Elroy's only child. interested In terrorism. The Ken* a « a ya railroads maintain locations for j Wisconsin. Hirsch transferred to tho University of Michigan the next year with a service unit. There he distinguished himself as an all-round athlete, participating in football, basketball, track and baseball. “Crazylegs” shows through Wednesday at the Rivoli and will tie replaced Thursday by “Take the High Ground,” a service pl''- lure which features Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Elaine Stewart and Carleton Carpenter. rn ................ - rn y Kenya Left Shaky By Year ‘ Of Terrorism By Mau Mau their workers, who are general)} contented with their joins and homes. Less than a score of the thousands of railroad workers have joined the Mau Mau. The African, as many British In Kenya have come to re«U*e must - WM ^ feel that he Is a partner in the en- T o Report Film Based On French Novel To Show Here ingg and the tight restrictions on life have an air of normality. And the average citizen—white and black -doesn’t know where or when it will all end. In the year since the state of emergency was declared, 5,(XX) Africans and 50 Europeans have been killed; once-flourishing farms are derelict; sand-bags have replaced the comfortable verandas; barber!, . . „ wire has taken the place of win- of th. Colony. He mu* j I tie given something that he will "iT'that year sis battalions of;nr>t want to lorn. Without such aa- crack British Infantry have been I stirances, Man Matt In am form flown to Kenya. One has returned;1" »nuth'r wl“ continue. to Europe, but a corps of engineers j -------------• i, expected shortie. Yet the terror- IlirArC • continue to grow in number, S^/lU Cl J UTUTb and the Mau Mau army is now es-! t im ated at 27,000, living furtively in forests and mountains which are beyond the reach of RAF bombs., Falj term i,a Crosse Circuit ii it it I Court jurors have been ordered to The Mau Mau* army formed report for duty promptly at 9 a.m. gradually« getting its recruits from Monday, Nov. 18. the criminal element, from the job-! A personal injury damage suit less and homeless Nairobi Afri-i involving a traffic accident is fans from the blacks who fell un-|scheduled for jury trial, Court Reder the influence of Communists, porter Clarence Weber reported. from all sorts of tribal trouble-} Circuit Judge Lincoln Neprud ex­ makers. There are actually two ar-'cused the jury until Monday when littles, in the West and North, led another civil suit was settled out of by men with the colorful names of court last Wednesday. General Russia and General Chi In an action before Judge Nep- na md Friday, the case of Frederick At first, the authorities under- Bachman, 21, of 421 S. ith St., estimated the foe. Then there were charged with rape, was continued petty jealousies and squabbles to Friday, Nov. 20. which slowed matters. All this Bachman has pleaded innocent to gave the Mau Mau time and con- the charges involving a 15-year-old fidenc e. and today, when there Is girl. He was bound over to Circuit J an integrated army under a regu- Court on $2,000 bond after a pre lar general, Sir George Erskine,luminary hearing in County Court, firmly Hirsch was drubbed "crazylegs” i during the 1942 season when he? ran wild in the Western Conference with the Wisconsin Badgers. This name was tacked on the elusive ball-carrier for his peculiar run- AH-America at Mau is en- Sponsor Sale Of Wreaths Members of the Junior league ut Catholic Women are sponsoring an Advent wreath sale now. These wreaths possess a signifi- ........... , cant Catholic meaning, as well as m lo the famous frenc h vest- army And Kenya can-t afford being attractive pre-Christmas ta- niiV‘1 h“ bo, n ma<1<? ^15-year struggle. So Ermine is Preble decorations m English-speaking movie and will paring for a showdown battle, one Each of the four candles on the* to La Cr^f° mov‘e* which he seems certain to win. .•rn«th nnn thousand W*™ Nov. 17-20 at the 5th Avenue WWW the Mau trenched. firskine’a men are killing Mau Mau at the rate of 40 a week, but, at that pace, it would take about "The Little NAorld of Don Ca- jg years to destroy the Mau Mau mille.” the famous I rench I* T And Kenya can’t afford a wreath represent one years of waiting for Christ, purple ribbon signifies finance in Even after an official victory. thousand, TheiTh*aU?r* Stars of the movie are Gino Cer- . .. . , ihowever, Kenya s troubles from preparation for Christmas. Appro-! ’ . . w the Mau Mau would be far from: belate prayer, ta I* Mid by th.- wha h« tacoma tow, Mrrorlm „ certain ta i the world over for Im dead-pan ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ crushed. Even now, their political CVTH AVE ^ THI lur Continuous Today 1:00 P.M. lo 11:00 P.M. FIRST LA CROSSE SHOWING family will be Included with each order. EXTRA! Sport “TRICK SHOT ARTIST” CARTOON - NEWS COMING THURSDAY! KIRK DOUG LA th* JUGGLER style in film roles. Junior League members are now I Th® Pk’tur* la direc ted bv Ju- terror__.and lhe counter measurer ~vw. tar ,h. we h.1Hen IWV,vie-, famoua F tench film- authorlt^-mak. maker. It wa. Duvlvler . problem jn K,.nyil An office boy, reporting foi work, says with a big grin: "No smoking for Africans, bwana. The Mau Mau will kill any one they see .smoking a cigarette.” president; Mary Kriothe. vive pres- '”»«“• “ That is part of the Mau Mau’s idem; and Helen Pavela, secre- iciest (Fernandel) in northern It_ efforts to get the Africans to shun tary. Moderator for the group is alv to outmaneuver ,t,‘‘ (''mr^u‘ everything European. For the the Rev. James Cook and Miss nist mayor tGingo Cervi) in us reason, Africans are afraid |Gwen Hutson is director. jtown. t0 rjde t^e cjty*8 buses, and the' buses therefore are running emi> ty or standing idle In the depots. [ The Kikuyu Tribe, which forms1 the backbone of Mau Mau, pays the penalty for the terror. The taking orders for the wreaths which are to be made by the La Croom Floral Company. Anyone <® »<** *"■« '•* n ,,lay Interetted vail 4-2738. 4-2 Uh or fron> Gtovannla Cuarewrhl a ten- ''-5322 * (^r an<* hilarious episodes of the Officers in charge of this year’s ,K>ok- activities are Elisabeth Muffle,I * Little World of Ih»i .t- millo,” fieals with the efforts of a worries GET the gat r Court Gives Father (through Classified a<is in 1^ Crosse Tribune. To sell or rent Benefit Of The Doubt fa.nt. call 2-8040. The HOLLYWOOD lakes pride in announcing that it has been granted the privilege of bringing to the theatregoers of this area the first motion picture in ^ C inemascope THE MODERN MIRACLE YOU SEE WITHOUT GLASSESI This new-dimensional photographic marvel will bring you the greatest story of love, faith and overwhelming spectacle ever brought to the screen. Ten years in preparation...two years in production...with a cast of thousands! 20* Cmnlury-foM p*■■■■»■ The me Hobe ' rscMNicpiot STARTS Thanksgiving Day DANCE i > , .;ljJ TO JERRY GILBERTSON TONITE and his ACCORDION BAND Admiasion 75c, Tax Included Dancing from 9:00 till 12:45 MADISON W — Federal Judge Patrick Stone gave a Janesville , 'Utah have issue*I new egisht- father of six children “the benefit I Hon which forces the Kikuyu into of doubt,” Friday anil decided)* P^ty narrow routine of living. against revoking ids probation. A probation officer and neigh- it it H It is illegal for more than one t*>n* complained that Raymond'Kikuyu to travel by car. It is il- Solles had violated terms of his legal for a Kikuyu to ride a bicy-J probation by drinking and tailhij’ to support his family. Holies and his wife took the stand to deny that he nad been drinking and claimed the neighbors “were trying to make trouble for us.” “Isn’t It true that you had a quarrel with your A’ife one night and held her head under the kitch cie without his name painted clearly on the cross-bar. It is illegal for a Kikuyu to grow patches of maize on public lam! within the city, lest j terrorists hide therein. It is illegal for a Kikuyu to go qut without a wallet full of passes. Behind all the terror lies one big factor—the Kikuyu, and other Kenya trills, are underprivileged. en faucet?’ Solles was asked. The reserves, set aside for their, “Aw, we were just fooling farming, are not especially fertile, around,” Holies replied. and the Africans’ farming meth- Solles was given a suspended ode are slipshod to begin with. In sentence Oct. 2 on a charge of Nairobi alone, some IO,(XX) are to [stealing two sacks of parcel postal extents and purposes homeless. mall. Th* whole Mau Mau mess might Emily Kembrough See the Coronation thru the eyes of EMILY KEMBROUGH Co-author of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AUDITORIUM MONDAY, Nov. 16 - 8 P. M. Tickets $1.20, inc!, tax. Tickets available at the door or at Hoeschlers’, Hebberd’s, and Soell’s North Side Store mvmmumm MDM TALMAN EMMS MMU .OU WU MMI WWW FWU WWW — AND — ROYAL RODEO WITH JOHN PAYNE MEMO FOR FUN STOP AT SUPER BAR 116 No. Third St. APPEARING Wed., Nov. 18th THE SIX FAT DUTCHMEN ENDS I TONIGHT 1 ACTION Riviera Continuous from 1:00 p.m. A UN VMUiU tmUMAlKXAl HCTUtt SUSPENSE A JOURNEY MIO SUSPENSE! EM OWEN ■ funk IMJOY ENDS , TONIGHT I ACTION Strand 2:00 p.m. Continuous SPY DRAMA NEWS »nd CARTOON I * lr a , I f P ickup on S outh Rnhord WIDMA RK Jean Pf HRS

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