Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY is, iwo iLTON EVENING TELEGRAPH r kv Receives Illinois State Judith Lee Boyd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Boyd. 2713 Brown St., has been awarded an Illinois State Legislature's Scholarship. Rop. Ilalph T. Smith, of Alton, has announced. The scholarship include* books, .tuition and fees to any state-supported college or university. The scholarship is awarded annually and is renewable throughout the recipient's undrrgraduate years. She is a graduate of Alton High School, and was active on the varsity trheerleading squad, a member of the National Honor Society, the Student Council, the Patrol, the Future Teachers of America, and served us a coun color's assistant. She WHS secretary of her sorority, Theta Rho Epsilon. and is worthy associate advisor of the Order of Rainbow for Girls. She plans to major in physical education in college. Netot of Grtdm Prices Down, Soybeans Hold CHICAGO (AP)-Whent futures came under fairly stiff selling pressure in the early afternoon today and prices on the Board of Trade were down about a cent in spots while soybeans held onto a firm Other grains were moderately active with corn about steady after earlier weakness, oaf! mixed and rye slightly higher. Carlof receipts today were estimated at: wheat 398 cars, com 111, oats 47. rye 1, barley 28, soybeans 52. ( CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat, No. 1 red 1.8444. Corn, No. 2 yellow 1.20- 20'i; No. 2 yellow weevily 1.14U 19<4; No. 5 yellow 1.15%. No oats or soybean sales. Soybean oil 8.90b-9.00a. Barley: malting choice 11525; feed 85-1.02. Prev. High Low Clone Close l!si% 1.8m 1.81 U 1.82 1.84% 1.83% 1.83% 1.84 Rough, Tough Campaign In Prospect By JAMK8 MARf.OW f»rwm Brew* Analyst Wheat Jiy Sep Dec 1.90% 1.90% 1.90% 1.91% Mar 1.95»i 1.95',i 1.95 1.95V4 May 1.93% 1.94% 1.94% 1.95% Corn Jly 1.17% 1.16% 1.16% 1.17 Sep 1.16% 1.15% 1.16V* 1.16% Dec 1.12% 1.11% 1.11% 1.12% Mar 1.16% 1.16 1.16'i 1.16% May Oats Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Rye Jly Sep Dec Mar May 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% .68% .68% .71% .67% .68% .71% .72% .72% .67% .68V a .71% .73% .72% .68% .68% .71% .73% .73 1.15% 1.14% 1.15% 1.15 1.18% 1.17% 1.17% 1.17% 1.22 1.21% 1.21% 1.21% 1.24% 1.23% 1.24 1.23% 1.24% 1.24% 1.24% 1.24% Democrats such a brawny going over so many timw in the past Ever since the 1954 congressional campaign, when his tactics WASHINGTON (AP)-Thc 1960 presidential campaign will be the roughest and toughest In years It has already started that way. In his acceptance speech Fri day night Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Demociatlc Presidential candidate, could have been strictly noble, leaving the gunplay till later. Instead, he used the first speech of his campaign to make a savage attack on Vice President Rlcharc M. Nixon, who almost certainly will get the Republican preslden tlal nomination next week. It was like deliberately warning Nixon he was In for a bad time. Kennedy, who acts cool, is a tough young man as he snowed In his determined and successful effort Net* Ml* Pillow Afire A locksmith Saturday opened a room door for firemen who State Department Switch Predicted e't scars which still infuriate the j'Hoovered the tenant in a dwell-, WASHINGTON fAP) — Diplo- Democrats. Nixon has been a fair-1 Ing house had fallen asleepimatic sources say Thomas C. ly restrained campaigner. The \ vn j| P smoking a cigarette. The Mann may replace Roy R. Ru- ^ •» Democrats refer sneerlngly to the post-1954 Nixon as the "new Nixon It's doubtful Nixon will be able a'"™^ he had not wakened j™ 1 SP(Te , ary to restrain himself this year |f !«'"*" smoke filled the room. fah . s the Democrats go for his throat The sm " ke hnd drifferi ''""'"K" pillow i hottom J r "* assistant secretary ... .. . of stite in charge of Inler-Ameri- The man was apparently «nhiiri : ,. an B{Mn _ Mfl * n for economic- af . as Kennedy did when last Friday llhp kevole of <he donr nnd af he spoke of the vice president as| lr " ( ' ted "o"™ of othp '' tenants. Th i ihi » M ! P f. but chnsc to, is a pretty good in- dlration he will try to chop the Republican candidate to bits. Ttie Democrats' treatment of The State Department has not confirmed the report. Such a change might reflect a National Com-.remit shift in U. S. policy toward mittre. said Nixtn was implying, Latin America, including a hard- 1 the Democrats were traitors. ' cning attitude toward Cuba and an t th Th ' S yfial NiX " n Ca " hardly su *-1 economic aid plan. ™_JV^ <?est the two wealthy Democratic Th- diplomatic sources say isermeay candidates—Kennedy, a Roman 1 that Rubottom would become am- Catholic, and Johnson, a Texas,hassador to Argentira, replacing Conservative—have any sympa-i\Villard Beaulac. The State Dethy for Communism. , partment p'reviously denied a Bue- What he will probably try to doinos Aires report that Rubottom is poke holes in the Kennedy-i would becomt ambassador there. Plan Nuclear Turbine for Use in Spare WASHINGTON The Air Force has ordered a 300.000- watt nuclear powered turbine for use in space the largest space power project ever undertaken by the U.S. The system is planned to have a potential of being developed into a million-watt unit. Called "Spur." the unit will weigh about eight pounds per t.OOO vatts of power produced- 2,400 pounds for the first power ;ta Mon and 8 000 pounds for the million-watt unit. Under the Air For re contract >vith Garret! Corporation's Ai- Rosearch Manufacturing Division of Aiizona. the small atom- it reartoi will supply electricity for spare needs. A turbine engine will convert the atomic energy to usable mechanical power. Unlike conventional engines, the space turbine will constan' ly recircle liquid metal. The Former Viet Nam * Prime Minister Die* SAIGON. South Viet Nam (AP) — Funeral services were held today for former Prime Minister Nguyen Phan Long. 72. He died Saturday, apparently from a cerebral stroke. Long, prime minister from January until May, 1950. was publisher of the Echo of Viet Nflm and other newspapers. Atomic Energy Commission and the Wright Air Development Division in Dayton. Ohio, Will .jointly manage the Spur project. I^ghtDKi 8 enhowerin1952and; certainlv try to do Johnson voting records. They'll! 1956 was fairly mild for a paign. But they had to be careful since Eisenhower was a highly popular war her-. Nixon doesn't enjoy such broad But that will point. to him. 1 American multl - story car the starting! parking equipment is to be sold | In England by a British firm. to get the Democratic nomination, j affection if only because, like Ken- > His attack on Nixon was a !npd y- he didn '» have shocker to newsmen who are used| wartlmp distinction. thp to the antics and tactics of politicians, not because it happened, since that was to be expected some time, but because it happened so early in the campaign. r'lxon himself knows what playing rough means. He has played so rough in the past that some Democrats, and none more than former President Truman, despise him. Then there's Sen. Lyndon B. Some of the ammunition Nixon used against Democrats In the past—by playing on public fear that Communists might be infiltrating the government—has pretty well dried up. Communists-in- government is hardly an Issue in I960. For instance, in 1954 he said the Communists were fighting hard for an anti-Eisenhowep Congress I—which could only mean a Demo- Livestork Prices At East .Si . Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. HI. (APMUSDA*— Hogs 13.000; most 1-2 190-230 Ib barrows and gilts 18.25-30. large share 18.25-35; mixed 1-3 and 2-3 180-240 Ib 17.7518.23; mixed grade 150-170 Ib 16.2517.25; 120-140 Ib 13.75-16.00: 1-3 j sows 400 Ib down 14.50-15.75, sows over 400 Ib O.00-14.2i. mostly 13.25 up: boars over :r/0 Ib 10.50-11.00, lighter weights to 12.50. Cattle 7.500: calves 600; few loads and lots good and choice sirers 23.50-25.25; utility to high standard lots 18.50-22.50; choice mixed steers and heifers 25.50; _ straight heifers 25.25: good andi markp( saKgP d irregularly late choice 22.00-25.UU: utility and com-, thjs aj,ernoon in quiet trading. rnercial cows 15.50-lfi.50: canner Volume, for the day was estimat- and cutter cows 13.00-15.50: utili-; ed at J2.200,r30 shares compared ity and commercial bulls 18.00- vvith 2.140.000 Friday. Soybeans Jly 2.14% 2.13Vi 2.13'^ Sep 2.13% 2.12% 2.12% 2.12% Nov 2.11% 2.10% 2.11 2.11 Jan 2.15V 2 2.14% 2.14 T /» 2.15V4 Mar 2.18% 2.17% 2.17% 2.18 News of Stocks Trading Quiet Market Sags, NEW YORK f AP) - The stock Johnson. Kennedy's running matc| cratlc Congress-because. he said. fo« the vice presidency. Johnson is j man - v Democratic candidates be- no patsy, either. He got rough onj longed to a le «- wi "8 clique which Kennedy-some people thought ("tolwateT a Communist con- too rough—before the Massachu-' sp !!' ac ;'\ „ , setts senator beat him for the No. i P ^ M _ ;_. Butler ' ^ chairman 1 place on the ticket. Knowing Johnson, as this writer docs it seems safe to say he won't pull any punches, particularly on Nixon, who has given the FOR THE FASTEST and BEST SERVICE Let Us Process Your Film. Blaek and White er Coler. Open Every Nile 'Til 10 JO.OO; moderately for stockers and yood demand feeders: few matic Canteen. Nafi, and Vendo. Some blue chips backtracked and tugged the industrial average down below a technical "support level.' 1 Eastman Kodak fell more than 2. Losses of more than a point were taken by General Electric. Union Carbide, and Air Re-j duction. Off about a point were Texaco and U.S. Steel. Autos were mixed. The market was mixed at the start and gave ground slowly. No definite price trend was apparent in dull trading of U.S. government bonds. Corporate changes also were at a minimum although a majority were on the upside. ^0 d «v *9 ^f • opening sales common and medium 19.50 - 22.00; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and choice vealers 23.00-26.00, few 27.00: most standard and good' 20.00-23.00; culls 14.00-18.00: good' and choice 250-500 Ib slaughter j calves 21.00-25.00. | Sheep 1,700; not enough early sales to establish market. 12 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p m. quotations on 12 New Yorkj Stock Exchange issues research; has indicated are widely held! in the Alton area, as supplied toj the Alton Evening Telegraph by] Newhard. Cook & Co.. from its! Alton branch office. 'The New; York Exchange closes daily atj L':30 p.m. (Alton time*, so these ere not the closing quotations): AT&T 89%, Gen. Motors 43%, Granite City Steel 36%, Olin Math. Chem. 40 s i, Owens-Illinois lor.. She!) Oil 33. Sinclair 38'i. Socony 37's, Standard Oil (Ind.) 36 7S . Standard <NJi 40%, U.S. Site! 80, Sears 55'g. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP) — Eggs and live poultry: Eggs, consumer grades A-large 32-35. ,^-medium 28-32. wholesale grades, large extra 60-79 per cent A 31-32, 40-59 per cent A 29-30. Losses of fractions to a point or more outnumbered gainers among | stop Heart Gas 3 TimeTlFafttr key stocks. Losses f recent spec- " " ulative favorites went to 3 points or so. Down about 3 apiece were Auto- ttt ntutraliic 3 timo ai Much rtomtch acidity « «nt mlnutt at many ludini diit<li>< tablet! itl (ELL-ANS May for Uit failest known ; •tlicf. J5« at druiiirtt Send poital to BELL- , \NS. Oranitkuri, N. V. tor literal lr« lamvlt. '• MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE Serving You Since 1877 Office, Dial HO 5-5551 At Your Service Most Insurance policies look alike . . . but remember when you buy Insurance protection It's the service you gi*t with the policy that determines the best dollar investment. 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Tenn. ff— Eph Lyle walked into general sessions court and told Judge Herbert Moses: "I've been drunk for three days and I ought to be in jail." The judge agreed and sent Lyle, 56, to the county jail on a public drunkeness charge. ON SALE AT BROADWAY i MAIN - NOW - Red New POTATOES 10 Lit, Bag ..... Home Grown SWEET OORN Dozen .... ...... California DRAPES I UM. WUcoiuln Stnwkirriii Quart Box... 3 9 C BROADWAY AMAIN Orive<b Pradiu* Market i cars love SHELL Many motorists have told us that, for them, carefree driving revolves around Shell. Probably that's because we have spent nearly half a century studying how to make cars perform their best Out of this research have come 590 patents, including the one covering gasolines with TCP* additive. TCP makes engines run smoothly. So we think we can truthfully say that Shell gasolines with TCP and today's cars were made for each other. Sometime soon we hope you'll discover how smooth your car can run-how far you can go on a galloh, Your Shell dealer is the man to see. * Trademark for Shell', unique gaiolia* additive. Gasoline containing TCP i« covered b> U.S. Patent 1888211* t

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