Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 4
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PAQlfOtm ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 18, 1980 Editorial Bna Operators Comments of ma bus operators on the to unify the whole St. Louis district mass transportation system under the Bi-St»te Development Agency should be of interest to residents of both Madison and St. Clair counties. Roy E. Krupp, president of the Citizen* Coach Co., had * particularly interesting ob- wrvition on the subject. Cittfens Coach h»« experienced considerable difficulty even after Mr. Krupp took over direction, then sought to improve both service and public relations in many directions. The main object of » mass transportation system—on this side of the river at least—would be to link the smaller area's such as Belleville and Alton into a big "intercity" line with St. Louis and East St. Louis, he said. This would be particularly important to residents of the East Side areas who have had to solve their problem of reaching employment places in all manner of ways, including thfir own cars, car pools, 1 and cooperative buses. It is regrettable, perhaps, that this independence of mass transport was forced on these people during the years when this area's indus- trial travel patterns were developing. Even if an adequate mass transportation system is established to serve the district now, it will face a considerable problem in attracting back to it the business it has lost because patterns of tram- port ownership simple did not conform to the pattern of need. J. J. Reilley of the Wood River busline voiced a problem to think about, too. Admitting the advantages of such an operation, he pointed to the need for placing it under the right management, and cautioned of thr possibility this particular corner of the district might be cut out of service. This certainly would have to be guarded against. Currently the city of Alton faces this very threat, anyway, as far as Citizens Coach is concerned. Citizens has warned that even all its fresh efforts under new management to "sell" itself to the public have still left it on the downgrade businesswise. It is seeking another fare increase which it expects to reduce patronage further. But it is seeking the increase to prolong its life and give it a chance to continue the "re-selling" job. Protocol Righted? David Laurence Convention System Is A Travesty LOS ANGELES — A travesty and a tragedy, a spectacle that should cause the American people to hang their heads in shame — this is the convention ; system of today, whereby the major political parties choose' nominees for the Presidency andj vice presidency of the United; States. j The majority of the voters in each party in America have llt-j tie or nothing to say about the selection of their President, except to choose between two candidates, neither of whom was picked by the electorate as a whole. This is not a democratic process. To hear the phrase "civil I rights" nowadays as meaning; "the right to vote" gives one a ! i feeling of sadness. As long as! I the present convention system is {retained, nobody should use that [term again without a sense of Side Glances •• A misunderstanding of procedure and responsibility may have delayed closing up of negotiations between the state highway division and the Piasa Tool & Die Co. regarding right of way past Piasa's plant along the McAdams Highway: The firm has its complaints regarding the inconvenience the highway will cause it, and under plans for the road finds itself required to make certain changes in its physical properties. Happily, however,' the firm now understands protocol and is just about ready to propose its plans and its required expenditures to the state as a basis for completing negotiations. We hope the highway division loses no time in completing these negotiations and will be able to meet the early August deadline it announced earlier in the summer for calling bids on the McAdams Highway portion located within the city limits. What's Sauce for the Goose »»rHU.»». T.M. 7-/B 25 and 50 Years Ago July 18,1955 Th* program for creating Alton Lake State Park had bwn halted in Washington, it was announced by officials of the National Park Service. Until such time as the state of Illinois could guarantee a grant of the necessary land. I no steps could be taken to create such a park, 'it was announced. Declaring that he did not propose to have July 18,1910 W. W. Taytor of Wood Wvtr fhat he had offered $288,000 tor th* farm of Router Bros, near Wood Rlv* The land, said Taylor, was wanted as a maflu- factoring site hy the firm he represented, and a price of $450 an acre had been offered. Henry Stelner returned from Toledo, Ohio, where he had attended the Flint Glawi Work- the City Court of Alton made a mere divorce i erx Union convention. The convention considered mill, Judge W. P. Boynton outlined a strict i favorably a proposal to erect a flint gla*s policy to be followed in the hearing of divorce { factory in Alton, but rto final action had been i matters. He warned that litigants and witnesses j taken when he left the convention to 08me | must guard against mis-statements In test!- i home. Stelnor said, imony under oath. This decision had been , Mrs Margaret Harris, 82, widow of B. B. A liquor store licensee has* been fined $100 after the City Liquor Commission obtained testimony from two minor youths that they had purchased liquor there. The youths, Don Lyons and Robert F. Hollis, are to be commended for testifying in the case. Many of our area's young men, to their discredit, turn "chicken" when faced with the responsbility of seeing that adults who have broken the liquor laws are brought to time. But the whole instance brings up a parallel situation where equal damage is done to young men (and sometimes women) with no penalty attached. I guilt. Members of each party everywhere in the country should have the right to select their nominees, and should not be handed the two nominees chosen by any political cliques, however powerful or well-financed i they may be. j Just 47 years ago — a month before being inaugurated President of the United States — Woodrow Wilson wrote a letter to the Democratic majority leader of the House of Representatives saying: "There ought never to be another Presidential and there "Yep, it gets you across the river as quick as you can fly from New York to Chicago!" " Reader 9 * Forum No Apologies Needed prompted after he decided to disqualify him- iself from hearing a pending divorce action i because he had some personal knowledge of | the matter. ' I Alton was fourth In the state of Illinois in I the number of building permits issued for I the first six months of June. The metropolitan |area of Chicago reported a decline of 34.2. while the suburban area of the city increased 12.8 in volume of permits issued. Kaye Federle. 11. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Federle of George street, placed sixth in a marathon swimming race across Lake Decatur. Second place winner was Marian Bears, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Bears, of Alton. Harris, died at her home after a long Illness. Her death was due to her "great age." • Louis J. Jacoby. former Alton business man, was In serious condition In Chicago. Proprietor of a store at Virden, ;he had undergone surgery In Chicago for removal of his jawbone, the second such operation business man. His brother. Philip of ad gone lo Chicago to be with him. A lawn social was to be given at the home of Mrs. Edward Levis on Washington avrnue for benefit of Washington Avenue Methodist Church. Frieda, the 2'i-yenr-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lueckrr of Fountain street died foj> The record for production of rnspberri^ j Funeral services were to be conducted at St. in Jersey county for the season was 1,000 quarts Mary's Church, from a patch of less than half an acre, owned by P. H. Rodimer. 140.000 Every man and woman should read David Lawrence of July 11. Not always do WP agree with him. but in that column, he really gets to the crux of the election. To quote: "There is a crisis going on in this world, but you don't get the slightest feeling of forum Writers, Not p. Writers names must be published with letters to the Readers Forum, letters should he concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. W. A. Clark. East Alton druggist, had i narrow escape from being struck by a C. A A. train at F.ast Alton. He stopped off an Interurban car and was seized with a fit of coughing Orchardisls estimated that nearly bushels of apples were rotting in Calhoun county because growers would be receiving as he stood on the nearby railroad track. He prices from 7 to 15 cents less por basket than ; failed to SPP the oncoming train and was pulled it cost to prepare the apples for market. Si. to salety by Mr. Daugherty. cashier of Uu- Louis commislon men were paying from 25 to j East Alton Bank. 50 cents per bushel, while growers estimated Mrs. Josephine Joehl. mother of Meinrari it cost 47 cents per bushel to pick, pack, and j Joehl, and Mrs. Theresa Budde. mother of ship the fruit. [ Joseph Buddr. observed their 80th birthdays Bill Kodros had passed the physical ex- ! on the same dny and a great celebration WHS , , . ..... , i nominating convention; and there awareness of it here in Los!" ----------- Bill Kodros had passed me, »-, on ....: M .m- u«^ «...«- * ; .». ~ •-•"•• Under current laws the only persons sub- , ^ never be another „ An g e ies. Everything is focused 1 live and affirmative and less lamination at the United States Naval Academy , held at the Budd.^ home in Lpper Alton. ' . ject to penalty for serving intoxicants to minors! \Vhat Mi\ Wilson outlined was: on somebody's bandwagon — any- showy, tending to help, rathef| and nad Deen admitted to 'Annapolis. Bill High clnss family excursions to Piasa Chau arc those who sell it commercially. Increasingly it has become the custom for ja plan to hold Presidential-pre-lthing to win votes. This conven-jthan hinder and depress our fo-j son of Mr and Mrs Jonn Kodros of Edwards tauqua and the Illinois River were announcer! ference primaries throughout theition has disregarded foreign is-jreign relations. If they do not -i street had passed n | S mental examination on by the Steamer Alton. The fare was 25 cents nation. The proposal was not ac-|sues and war threats except in "'" """ Wf " ' ' ..... ~ cepted by either party. Indeed, 1 vague references. They criti- youngsters with liquor—often at social events, where a number of the young people are assembled. We do not recommend withdrawal of the selling-to-minors penalty. We do think some formula should be; found to make it just as many states which had the pri-jcize Mr. Eisenhower's leader- mary system began gradually ship, but nothing has crystalliz- abandoning it as a means making nominations for the Presidency, though in many instances retaining primary elections for other offices. we are lost. !june 22. The Alton High School graduate had So far, we have avoided war, i thanks to our President's pa- \ attended Washington University for one year for adults and 15 cents for children. Th? Steamer Grey Eagle announced an excursion aj __, _ = .._.. tience. The Soviets will go asj John H. Gissal had been promoted to the ' to the Illinois River at the same prlces-in of cd'on what the Democrats' nom-ifar as they dare, and by theirj O ffice of assistant treasurer by Millers Mutual i place of the Steamer Providence which recently inee, if elected, would actuallyjown words, when they feel we| Fire i nsurance Association. ' had sunk. do if Mr. Khrushchev keeps up|are at a disadvantage, they will! . ; Charges That Pass in the Night Perhaps by this evening both issues regarding Cuba will have reached the Organization of American States. Cuba, itself, has filed a complaint before tough on adults who provide minors with liquor! There is nothing wrong with in any way as it is on the dramshop licensee. two separate elections — one to nominate a candidate in each party, and one to elect, the President. Certainly this would be expensive, but so are many things in the democratic way of It would appear the filing of the two actions should have been reversed. The attack against Russia's interference—with Premier Nikita Khrushchev's rocket rattling for Cuba's his insults and interference in Cuban and Latin American affairs." Apologies for the lengthy quotation. But here is something that should be hammered home to the voters. It matters not whether we are Pemocrats or Republicans. None Of us "bury" us. Ike needs no apologies We feel J 1 /^ AUdl-ScOtt ReOOrt at vaa nrn ,i« luoll nrpmrprl as! ' that we are as well prepared as anyone can be against gangsters and murderers. H war should come, we will need no Knox committee to whitewash the ad- life. It often is said in opposition! to knuckle down to'the Reds, that primaries by states involves) But what do the Democrats If there ever wasj Britaln Francp an(J Eas , Ger . | a case of unpreparedness, that: many to confer w)th the leaders j was it. Kennedy May Visit Europe WASHINGTON — Senator John ; Mayor Willy Brandt of West t plan to seek his Senate seat, if Kennedy will probably go tojeerlin. Such a dramatic pre-elec-ihe is elected to the White House. {av . .. Bohby .. b te ,, ing jntjmates .., many, to confer with the leaders ^ fay Kcnnedy . s pl . incipa i a d- have no thought of doing that. UHU ininrnra. uy «««:» »»"»"»; out uu u « ut.uurou., p^ce treaUes with Russia are ^Jl^ ™ ^ll election cami-^vlsers - House ' Floor Leader 'i hop, to run for office somr- extensive campaigning by ^propose? Do they want to go to > ,. Ks ... m . n _,,,,, .(launching his fall election cam swers that argument. worthless. We made a mistake inj i ,j *u j , o , ,1916, and again in 1932 through (would they_do? So far, none of 1944 _ ^ many Qf us wil , never thing constructive. A plan can surely be devised |t h f candidates has proposed any- to take care of the finances, even if the federal government itself has to foot the bill. For, alter all, what's a few millions of dollars to insure democracy, understand why even the Democrats voted for that boy of "red Mr. Eisenhower has already j herring" fame in 1948, Harry tried all the humanized fellow- Truman . Somebody sure took ships practiced by civilized coun- care of us that Ume Russian leaders j Le f s be sure we get a p res j_ tries, have but the not yet reached an ad-| dent this lime wno wi u up The meet with President deGaulle and United Nations — of which the OAS is' a . , ., . united i^anim* u ., i benefit — could more logically have been handled subsidiary — charging the United States with i . ^ • i • ' ° ' by the Security Council, involving an intercon- ea Republic has filed | rinenul problem as it does. It could yet wind With the OAS a proposal to call a session on the j up there. But ,t will be the stronger contention attempts of Russia to move into this hemis- ! for having come from the OAS. __ ^ _ ........... __ phere and interfere with the solidarity of the J Certainly the Cuban complaint would seem when we gpend buhons ^ d „,-,..,.. fc - ........ • ..... - ™~ ....... - - me.smau vmag. « uuum* ™ Americas. Seventeen of 21 members already better taKen up originally by the OAb, smce it to preach tj la t same gospel? 'vanced stage of civilization where mo di ,, n i ty , tnd ideals of these j, cm ) s \ ammed the gates on Alton. have approved the proposal, and others were ' involves only American nations. But Cuba de-| The real defect of tne conven- the >' can be trusted. expected to follow suit today. ' .-...- iJohn McCormack, Mass.. who,time, but I am in no hurry. I Democratic Presidential. directed his convention strategy, «"' wait " Former Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, father of particularly ^wants _to Rcpresentative ch es ter Bowles. Conn., Chairman of the Platfonn, from Alton, away from the city. Why ?'? ? ? No one is safe, the way Alton is annexing everything in sight. The small village of Godfrey (bless United States, one who is awaiv Even Texas jsn ' t ^^ {rom Alton's sired to get it before a body where it would jtion system is that it is undem- ; Democratic conventions have of our problems, one who has ! annexa tion program. I believe Al' ' the ! stood up to Mr. K., the man who|( On established a precedent with Me.nwhile the United States has proposed ' ga i n maximum propaganda mileage from a high-jocratic, unfair and, in some re- changed but little over ,X UN's Security Council that Cuba's i , y vocal minority-Iron Curtain representative, j^ts fraudulent ^^tion:yeai^ They are still the j before the UN's Security . char -es of economic aggression be referred to including Russia — before it goes back to the the OAS. i OAS Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Fight Ahead, Nixon Told same uncovered and put away Alger -o,d weak and foolish exhibitions Hiss _ Richard M. Nixon! the Senator, will sit out — in the Committee and an authority on,The eider Kennedy is saying he foreign affairs, Representative;will leave shortly for the Riviera, William Green. Philadelphia. who' whe « he has a villa, and will played a key role in swinging!remain there throughout the tall, most of the Pennsylvania dele- Theodore Sorensen, 32-year-old gallon to Kennedy, and Senator Nebraska administrative assist- Gale McGee, \Vyo., who did the ant of Kennedy, had a big hand same thing with the delegates in formulating his acceptance when they took and "rigging" are possible un-jold weak and foolish exhibitions Hiss — Richard M. Nixon! !, ne bridge from Missouri der it, and the whole thing reeks j they have always been. They; One more word. We hear a lotj Now gentlemen: who are these of hypocrisy, as promises made I promise the multitudes a Utop-i about golfing vacations, but no- men mat named Alton as an from his state. speech. - Th " "'" repeatedly in campaign speeches ia, at no cost to anyone. Any-j body says anything about those and obliging. All this was taken, shot down over re ta dv n ce So « . If re right Ume. these key figures! works, U you keep hammering j bewilderment and helplessness, up w,th something more posi- e • ... .... ! T( \i-oi; ti too I ma that •cnrnpftfliP ; fell in line when the votes were needed most. Tactic* Superb away at it. Kennedy kept ham-p was a feeli »8 that someone mering hard and skillfully. else had decreed what they were 1 HV, t II IK IIU1U VAII^J K»*»I*** V*»» J • . 1 J % That's how he had the nomina- to do and that their role as dele- WASHINGTON — Vice President Nixon sent a personal observer to Los Angeles. Eddie McGinnis, to report to him on both backstage and frontstage developments at the Democratic National Convention. McGinnis is a former kingmaker of the American Legion, former sergeant-at- arms of the Senate, and is now Washington representative for Seagrams whiskey and a member of the Battle Monuments {IIUUI UJ UK „„_, ...... . _ Commission. He is a shrewd ob-l by Kennedy headquarters every .hown more nakedly than anyithus dwiuying < he ™ f ™ and platform pledges are blant-;thing to get votes. Reminds you whiskey drinking, poker parties; antly disregarded. -of the old carnival side-show o f former years. Somebody was 1 When will Americans begin to' bai ' ker -' Tnis convention is too ; fiddling while Rome burned, and realize they are being bambooz- self-centered to worry about any-i if memory sci-ves us right, it led? Delegation after delegation tnin S DUt its own self-interests, was under the Democrats that r Russian soil, when we ' u nome from tne Democratic. All we can do is hope and pray the Russians stole the A-bomb America City buY U convention here with a feeling ot>t the Republicans can come from us. L. U. CRADDICK Another piece of panning which lion just about sewed up before «-t« was one of puppeh-y- wouWn't Lm important to thejthe balloting started. If a Presidential - preference public. Kennedy had a liaison I 'Loo«e Confederation' pnmary were held nationally by man assigned to every delega-j On the other hand McGinnis each party and the privilege of tion. One of his men was in! will doubtless report to Vice, voting therein given only to those touch with each delegation every President Nixon that the Demo- 1 who had formally registered be- " hour of the day and reachable icratlc party at Los Angeles wasjforehand in a particular party ) llWUt W» t**v- j _____ __ ...,. U r. .:__- «l*Mn* tvtr\' . server of the American political half hour. Kennedy knew several Ume since 1928 for whnt it real- participating in the opposite party's primary - there would be scene. report Once Annexed a Bridge to stress Kennedy's: . , ,-, _ . of and intent interest AJtonfcvenmg I elegraph • ? ? ? ? lin foreign affaire, and to count-; PublUn . d Da|ly by A|ton T ,, waph PAUL HOCK'er anticipated Republican strat- Printing Company R No. 2 BRIGHTON, ILL. egy of making this subject the ——— major issue of the Presidential rri | 9 D . contest. J OUCiy S fl flyer Actually, the Democratic nom- m , , inee had planned to go to Eu- These days of summer speak ear , tnjg He CQn . to us O God, of Thy bounty j tem , ated doing that as a mem . and Thy goodness far beyond j^ of tne influential ^nate Fo- the measure of our worth. We j Relations Committee. , acknowledge Thee and adore ° ' P. B. COUSLEY. Puhlilb«r and Editor iuh«crlptlon Hrli e 30 cent! wwkly i>y carrier: by mall $10 a year within 100 mile*. »M beyond 100 miles Mall suf)Hcripiion« not accepted In towns where carrier delivery li available a chance to count the total num-<and beyond most men's compre- Eleven citi«K were so idays in advance how each dele- l.v is — a loose confederation of While I have not been privileg-lgation was talking and thinking.[labor leaders, southern principal- ed to read Mr. McGinnis's report!Thus he was able to send pres-fities and Irish big-city bosses. T Htmnoiv siisoect that he willi sure-lobbyists, especially the lab- j none _ I strongly suspect mat ne 111,^ ^^ in to key state dele-; sympathy with thr other. iwho carried the popular vote of w eeneral challenge to i gallons when the tide at one point And just as this marriage, aim* whole country in his party u-nrrv about and one general de-started drifting against him. -marriage of convenience be- would become the Presidential; worry dbout and one genera, ue whn ir,ai«i war 'tween labor, and South, and Cath-:nominee, and the second highest; velopment to be grateful fo ., Kennedys psychological wai- [ P || apart during the would be the party's vice-presi-' as a result of the Democratic • fare tactics were superb though *'* ^1. te^«J d ^ £ e . dentlal nominee If the plurality convention. They are: | unfair and deceptive, .H» public ^J ,; was too narrow . a mn «n could The challenge - If Jack Ken,,relations crew peppeied he Lot possibility be prescribed, just as is done in' nedy is as shrewd, tough and'^ g ^ "J2J n ™* a f av th l t that it can fall apart again .state primaries, able in conducting his presi den "'i 1 *" ° * n betore f'' a "kli« D. Roosevelt, master I It will be said that this is 8| al campaign as he was in getting; ne » nru , n «>rf lpado11 and politician, has been,lot of "bother," and certainly a the nomination, the Republicans .the convention opened. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ convention Is' will have the fight of their lives J Helpless delegates, wandering (og(?(hp ; on a nHtjona , sca , e since ..^ „ B(| , SQ Jg „ dictator . No Major Mistake around in far-flung, disjointed 19] ., ^^ & ^ M Mwem right-;ship "easier." It is one of the Despite his age. Kennedy didn't Los Angeles hud no *,*>, or.^ )e)| . wjng Repl ,b|icans gave necessary costs of democracy to 'victory to Woodrnw Wilson. give the people a chance to rule.; Actually this Democratic con- For surely no effort should be! Questions should never go long without being answered. Please tell me why Alton and East St. Louis were named as "All Ameri- Cities? What does this title mean? Altonians themselves are confused over this gross overstatement. Why Alton was selected is past I think a better plan would be to pick just one America city each year, one which really deserves it. The of Alto » has no great leaders of science, politics, literature, etc. Alton hasn't licked her fly-ash problem, nor the snarled up traf fie mess, Thee as the source of every good and perfect gift. Show us how to express our gratitude. When the heat of the day tempts the protracted civil rights battle and the turbulent prima-i ry races in Wisconsin and West 1 Virginia upset this plan Entered at second class matter at the post office at Alton, 111. Act *, If of con.r.., 1I7* MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and ""; , A "°ciated Press Is exclusively „. „. ..... —„ ,-._, . , , ° IU entitled to the use for publication of us to lose our self-control, be I «f nnedy was u n a b 1 e to ^'^^'^•gf^^^n^ Thou to each of us the refresh- Iabroad ' Now he 1S doub 'y «•««•.:fi.h«d herein 0 "" loc " new§ 9ub - ing and restraining power to| to do »- and wil1 if » t>an P° s ' MEMBER live quietly and in faith; i sibl y be arranged before early! OF through Christ. Amen. I September when the President!-1, . ocal Adven( . lng R , tM M<1 Con . W Burns Atlanta ' al clns " ^ets underway. tract Information on application at w. Bums, Auanid,, the Te | eHraph DUi | nMi offlct ,,, East Broadway. Alton. HI. National Advertising Representatives: the lohn Budd Company. New York. "|Ga., minister, Peachtree Chris-! Robert Kennedy, whip-smart i; _._ j*«t-....-~i_ ! imnnfral* hpnthat* ant4 npa./'rtnifAn- itian Church. younger brother and pre-conven- Afghanistan There has been a mass exodus; <© i960 by the Division of Christian tion campaign manager of the Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta Dallas' .-....- Education. National Council «tf the n ,,,"." "- - - - "•"••• !Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.) Uemociatic nominee, Answer to Previous Puzil* not New """leant. San Francisco, Lot not Angeles and Seattle. ACROSS DOWN 1 Modernization I Throw make a single major mistake in knowins the opposite. directing his nomination strat- them .didnl know foi «,,„„„, „,„ WC1 , IWIOU ,- w ,,-. F u,- =u,r,, .,« »..„., ... ^, „„.,„ egy and he directed it himself, tha^whe^ to enable , he peop | e | JJMalai U a leading 3 Noun - for > Asterisk Afghanitten 4 Albanian 0 Extinct birds mountain • - -tilled B Fairy qutso theep provide e Musician its main meat 7 Landed 12 Atop 8 Closed car 13 Competent 9 Personal 14 Malt beverage spirits 15 Like a sacred lOMan't name beetle MIRROR OF YOUR MIND ,., „, bflfore ,„, He proved himself what e o aoa - ^ Ange)os White House hasn't had for some, nedy. it didn t mean a thing, be- ( , vps Qf )he delegates though time - an executive. He sur-: cause the governor couldn't. mog| o( , hom didn ., know „ ,, themselves to select the man who is to be president of the United States, and also the No. 20 Argot 10 Slanted type « ^^^ ot W* 91 Wager* 23 Nothing 11 Decimal units 31 Light 16 Interstice 33 Concerning 26 Self-centered 45 Cloys madman 40 Go by 28 Flavor 47 Opposed 30 Entreaty 48 Jacob's brother (Bib.) 80 Worry 85 Turning parti 51 Make sockt 40 Neighbor ot 82 Female tainU this country (ab.) 43 Pottery bit 65 Sick • ! i l_ I* * PI !<-/.-) i «j| it n-i D uiuil * »l||w«- •»- •« \^iui^u »i«iv;«», mi» mow m»- •»»»., — rounded himself with able subor-icontrol more than half a vote - s(ai . |ed fa , n wnen Gov p a(| , who |g , 0 suceped nim , f "Actiresi Aidsn dinates. used a brain trust tojhis own - within the Oklahoma Brown finj| Demo( ,, itic govern . Worthies, supply Ideas. But he made the ; delegation. But the papers an- Q) . of CMoml& ,„ two de( , ades . decisions, and he made them i nounred that Oklahoma was for quickly and to the point. .Kennedy so most delegate, be- ,„„„ , |h In an election campaign, as lleved it. in running the government or aVinari Prea» Cif\v the President becomes disabled 01* than gn otnr pa ,, y , s will the ™ 2 und Blown cannot be re-elected. open - largely over Kennedy-! tne convention system, and be-! gin to realize that the world cannot listen to our protestations of democracy without a feeling . ^_ .. ., ... . . i -• - - — that our system of government until they pile up on you Ken- a solid year, and that he oon-iu,. Sl . ars incurred in Us Ange- i(j afflicted with tin- disease of nedy met them in advance. : trolled only five votes. So when | es . This will be discussed in an' handling foreign allans, you N O( did most of them know A lot of other Democratic gov- have to foresee problems and that Gov. John Patterson of Ala-. Prnoi . s u j|| go ^ own )h e drain meet them in advance, not waitlbama had been for Kennedy for,j n November because of the bat- Lung before convention Ume, i Kennedy's smart press experts early column he or his brother or his father!announced that the governor of i't IIMW. Hen syndicate, inc.) had warmed up such key fi- Alabama WHS for Kennedy as if ~ gwek ak Ctuijjivttsm'-in Bill Gr«<en, I it wat real hot news Los Anye bosc of Philadelphia; Terry San- .les papers pluvcd it as if the hypocrisy? It makes even the dictators smile as they smugly contend that in their system, Ku*!.ia \\aiu> to make a dealjtoo, the end .lustifies the means. to sui)|>ly India's reflnetlo* w'lth, 'j-^g rcniedy, of itourte, can be Carolina; Gov Ueorg* DocklnglMany delegate., u-lu-ved it. Ul ' lhl it-i«««i. Tlit-re to • ques-.ol Congress. For the constitu- ol Kansas, and Gov. Hertchel 1 ThU u the l:ind of pics, rela• liu " w»"ih-r India's rerinerlKntion gives f'UI iwwer to Con- Lweleiw of Iowa. Some of them:tions used b> thr Russian, right ovv " tJd *>y Shell, Standard(gres* to regulate every phase of contributions.(now Unmake Europe think oui Vacuum and Caltt-x interests-|the federal election process. The K JBedy family is wealthy July f] observation plane Ma«! M >'l accept Hu-..slan Oil/ 1IMW N. V- Herald inbuue. Inc ) 27 Worthless table bits 29 Palm 32 Treat 14 Wild sheep of thlt country 36 Rocks 37 Needier 38 Large book U Stain 41 Speak 42 Answer (ab.) 44 Love god 46 Wild animal 49 Holder* U Blackbird of cuckoo finally M Helper 88 Musical direction 8? Fence part Indian 5»Thut 00Two(al4 61 PUcM 4FCB WfTWUf Bill AM* By JOSEPH WHITNEY University of Michigan Medical Center, studied 100 alcoholic veterans for an average of three years after discharge from the hospital and found only 14 who were definitely improved. They reported that the degree of improvement was significantly related to the degree to which these patients were able to face the fact of their alcoholism. Is memory loss ever recovered? Answer: There are many documented cases of peisons who have recovered after suddenly losing their identity and lecollec'lion nl past events. This mental state is called fugu<? i meaning flight), and may last from a feV hours to several years. It is usually brought on by an unconscious need to escape from a seemingly unbeatable stress situation. During the period of memory loss the patient tends to engage in coin Can mot t people cope with frustration? Answer: Frustration derives from a continuing threat to self-esteem and most emotionally stable individuals weather frustrating experiences without personality damage. Actually, what is frustrating to one person may not be to another, even when they go through, identical experiences. Individuals be-*t Answer t That appears to be uhle to CO P* with irustration §re Ar* all alcoholics llarsY « the major prerequisites u lose for develop little « plicated but normal acts that ol an alcoholic. Urs. Robert A. elc . p umll these tning , take him into strange places. Moore and. Thomas C. Murphy, available.' «2 itwu. Kin* hsaiursi Syud- lug.)

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