Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1960 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1960
Page 14
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PAOR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 16, I960 PERSONAL SERVICE * CHILDREN S DRRSSF.S. drtpw; doable breasted mutt rftad* Wflgr* CL 4-M78 tl LMmPEKIrm FAMH.Y iRomNos™— , bandies Reasonable F,xperlene«l. HO 5-S2M. IRONINGS WANTED — Pert - time work, or cleaning, baby sitting. 10 ROM St.. 2 blocks off Delmar, Horth Alton. Phone HO 2-2«38. BUSINESS SERVICE BUS. AWWOUMCBMEW1S ACCOMMODATING ALL AREAS HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE HO 5-1012 —CL 4-0513 M hour service. Work guaranteed insured. We clean, install, repair •ewers, septic Field drains. tanks, cesspool*. ATTENTION! Home owners, place your furnace cleaning order NOW. Benefit from our economy rate. CL 49450 - CL 48717. Ft'RNACE CARE CO OF ILLINOIS RENTALS *fOU»FRH-PlN<( ROOM* 2 tlOHt fKHFRPKEl-PINO ROOMS —Private entrance. Utilities furnished $9 week .H7S East Broad way. HO 2-07B6 UNFURNISHED ROOMS 4 ROOMS— Unfurnished with bath Opstalr« AvaUahlp August 1. Ph. HO 5-5897 48 APARTMENTS — FLATS 2 ROOM unfurnKhed apt. With bath. 35 East Madison. Wood River. 2 "ROOM~u n f u rn I sh »d ~apt7~Llghts, heat, water furnished. Adults. 2-1653. HO RENTALS 2 LARGE unfurnished rooms. $25 month. 308, Gporge. East Alton. HO 2-3597. 3 NICE large modern unfurnished rooms, upstairs Private entrance 208 Klngshlghway. East Alton. CL 4-5685. 3 ROOMS—Completely private and! _mpdeni. Call HO 5-5123. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt Private Ml utilities «« FURNISHED APARTMENTS .i ROOM furnished apt. Closets., garage Adults J4O_5-7W8. IM7~HOUSe TRAILER — Excellent condition Parked In trailer court Water furnished Nice for couple Call HO B-afWW _ ATTRACTIVE—2'room apt Prlvatr bath, entrants hi>at light', water furnished n. 4 WiO. ISO So Trnih Wood River BEAUTiFUL"~new brick bachelor SRS. All utilities paid HO_2-lSB8. _ FURNISHED bachelor apt Ideal for one Reasonable. HO_5.1203 a_fter_5. Ftm"NiSHEh"APf~~fo7 rent. $15 week All utilities furnished. 2011 Brown HO 2-1252^ MODERN 3 room apt. Private bath, private entrance, washing facilities, reasonable CL 4-5132 or CL 4-1432. NtCE~~2^ROOM~FURNISHED apt. All utilities. 204_ Henry._ HOJI-TML NORfiT^ALfON—3"i-oom furnished apt. HO 6-2712 after 5:30 p.m MARMATHKE Andenon ft Lewnlng REAL ESTATE SALE ___ _'-L___. ^— i WOOD R'l'vER — 2 furnished rooms. 3 LARGE ROOMS upstairs. Private < f)rst f| nor utilities paid. Adults entrance. Will decorate to suit. I preferred 207 Penning. f*lr*i\A tni^« tlnn r^lnea tn I Irtnct- A l_ ' r . --- —.. ...-.-. i — ! Good location, close to Upper AI-; •"-.-—^-- -• botllecas equipment and bottles: also bulk Skelgas, -JIM JONES. JtO 2-2765. _ CARPET—First quality, low price. J980 patterns. Wool. Nylon, Aero- lao. Free estimates. Select from samples or large rolls from Whole "MADISON COUNTY CARPET R. 4 Edwardsvllle. III. ATlantlc g-7371, CHAIN SAW WORK and haulln«. HO 2-7463. BOTTLE GAS HOOKUP—Original ton. one block'from bus. Call after 147 HOUSES FOR RENT ±E: m . H0 5 : 1228 : __ , 4-ROOM llOUSE - Partly modern LARGE ROOMS — Plenty closet rn) j n f| e , 7 p m. Friday. Gladys space. Private entrance and bath. | L 0n g. center street, Brighton, III. HOUSES FO* SAlfe' EAST ALTON— By owner, mo*WfiS room, bath. Wltti 'nil b«««riM», double garage, I"*" 1 ?**" 1 . ?<**$; ter. screens, storm window*, •"»">• awnings, oil furnace, big closet*. wool rug in living room. F'ncea yard with nice shade trees. 15.500. CL 4-5S73. ____ FOR SALE— 8 room duplex, close to bus. school_HO 5-1625. _ iT ROO~M" "HOUSE at "305 East JHUUBWi FUR •JtLiB NORTH ROlJOfiRs-« room twicR. Bath MM hait.Twm-W rfriterttor. ttove *M otrsn. *itcrt lot New construction. HO B-BSJB. Afttr B, HO 8 ROOM — 3 bedroom _ walk-out basement. $15 owner. HO 2-0838. $500 down, i 5-2809. WO month. Call HO ROXANA—For sate by owner 9 room frame, suitable for large fam- IIv or could be used as two apart, ments. Lot 124 x 150 Lots of trees and shrubs. Ct 4-8795. All utilities furnished, son. CL 4-3509. 500 Madl- 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. Private bath and entrance. Newly decor ated. Adults only. 1009 E. 4th. 3 ROOM APT. for rent. Heat and water furnished. 615 E. 5th. Call HO 5-9633. JFOR YOUR HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING NEEDS — CALL AJAX HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING. CL 9-ZOU, HO 5-Z701. 13 ROOMS—Street level. Private bath, private front and rear entrance. Hem and water furnished. $50 per month. 2 blocks from business dls FURNACE CLEANING GILLENWATER, HO 5-8308. HARRIS TREE SERVICE — Power •preying by state Iterated operat. or. Tree 8-8687. work. HO 2-0811. HO 4 ROOM modern house. Full basement, gas heat. 145 Northmoor PI. Rosewood Heights. $125 'month, immediate possession. CL 4-945S. 4 ROOMS and bath on Rt. 100. HWF. electric stove, metal cabinets in kitchen, oil burning furnace. HO 6-2100. 5 ROOM.HOUSE ~ M . 5 »"<).? r °°,T house. $25. 4-H874. Lincoln Addition. CL trlct. East Alton, HO 5-1323. After i 5 ROOM DUPLEX — 3 rooms and 5, HO 2-0815 i hath down 2 rooms and H bath i up r.a<t heat Walking distance to 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment. CL.! downtown Alton $65 mo. Referenc WANTED TO LEASE—5 room modern In Alton. SIU professor, no children. Write Box 560, care Telegraph. 4-9632. 4 ROOM MODERN APT.—In God frey. HO 2-4693. es required. HO' 5-1323. After 5, HO 2-0815. REAL ESTATE SALE INTERIOR and exterior painting. Work guaranteed. Reasonable. Free estimate. CL 4-7694. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED-4I? Sprint. LET MB HAUL IT—LIGHT TRUCKING. ODD JOBS. ROBERT GAS- KU.L. HO 2-1560. POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED-^SHARPENED ALL MAKES Complete stock Tore Kut Kwtck mowers, garden tillers. Used mower*. STOBBS TIRE SALES 9826 College. HO 2-7326 VAN'S REFRIGERATION SERV ICE — We service any make re. frlgerator or freezer. 5-1651. Phone HO TREES TOPPED — Trimmed nmoved. CL 9-6971. SS BUILDING — CONTRACTING ALL CARPENTRY and painting, interior and exterior. Phone HO 2-7419. ALL CARPENTER REPAIRS— Rea- aonable. Roofs, concrete porches, floor, basements. Painting. HO 2-2901. BLOCK. BRICK, stone, plaster, concrete. New construction. Remodeling. HO 2-9140. BLOCK AND CONCRETE WORK— Repair work. Free estimates. Ph. HO 5-6132. CARPENTER — Roofing repair, block and concrete work: painting. Free estimates. Experienced. HO 2-4110. CARPENTER WORK — Large or •mall. Free estimates. CL 4-5718. CARPENTER WORK — Roofing. •Idlng. repairing, remodeling. No lob too small. CL 4-8044. DECORATING FLOOR SANDING And Reflnlshlng. For free estimates call E. Wetsteln. HO 5-1934. 4 ROOMS—Gas heat and water furnished. 529 E. 8th, Alton. HO 5-7487. 4 ROOM—Unfurnished apartment. 2707 College. HO 2-5083 for appointment. 4 ROOM unfurnished apt. Heat and water furnished. $60. On bus line. Call after 5. HO 5-8504. 4 ROOMS & BATH—Refrigerator, stove & air conditioner, heat & water furnished. $90. Adults only. HO 5-7066, HO 5-6365. 4 ROOM APARTMENT — Private entrance. Located In nice residential area. Heat, water furnished. $80. HO 5-1246, HO 5-3381. 4 ROOM APT.—Upstairs. Bath, private entrance. Heat, water furnished. Clean. Fenced back yard. $57.50 per month. 1102-A East Broadway. Dial HO 2-4130 5 ROOMS—501 Bond—$60. Bath Heat, water furnished. Adults. Ap> Ply Brlatow. 302 State.. 803 UNION—3 rooms. Private bath. 1430 Thorpe, 5 rooms and bath. HO 6-3977. 1422a E. 4TH.—Close to glassworks. 3 room unfurnished apt. Complete bath, hot & cold water furnished. Vacant, $40 mo. Harry F. Hemp hill Agency. Dial HO 5-3584. Eve, HO 2-6833. LARGE — 3 room, upstairs, 855 Lorena, (55. CL 4-0460. MILTON AREA — Modern upstairs 4 rooms and bath. Private entrance. Garage and washing facilities. Refrigerator. Heat furnished. HO 5-1928. 3417 Oakwood Ave. NEWLY DECORATED—3 room duplex. Private bath and entrance, unfurnished. 118 E. Lorena, 4-5407. CL NICE 3 room apt. Private entrance and bath. Hot and cold water furnished. $50 month. 806 Center. East Alton. 111. CL 4-8655. NORTH ALTON—3 room apt., up stairs. Private bath and entrance. Newly decorated. New refrigerator, gas range and heat, floor covering In kitchen and bath. All utll- INTERIOR and exterior painting. 25 years' experience. Josepb Pankey. CL 4-9098. INTERIOR-EXTERIOR decorating. Patch plastering, removing wallpaper. No job too small. HO 2- INTERIOR • EXTERIOR paint ng. mastering. Also special on roofing, estimates. CL 4-6582. plast Free INTERIOR, exterior painting, decor•ting. Wallpaper removed. Free estimates. HO 2-3141. HO 2-0871^ PAINTING—Inside and out. Small jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAINTING—Paper banging plastering. CL 9-2267. patch PAUL McGUIGGAN —Paper hang- Ing. Save money. HO 5-8764. PAUL McGUIGGAN—Paper hangtag. gave money. HO 5-8764. t I ties furnished. Adults only. 2-3151. HO UNFURNISHED 3 rooms and bath $32 month. First floor. 103 East Maple, Hartford. AVAILABLE JULY 25 — Zephyr Ridge. Cottage Hills. 4 room mod- pvn. $65. References. CL fl-6641. 9EAUTIFUL "RESTDENCE — In choice location on bluffs near Clifton Terrnce overlooking Mississippi. 6 large rooms with 3 room apartments The home was built for hullders own home. Now must rent Sherwood 1-9081 or Box 590 rv Alton Evening Telegraph. EAST ALTON—3 room all modern Duplex, gas heat. CL 4-6291 or CL 4-6271. FARM to rent or rent with option to buy. Write Box 550, care Alton Evening Telegraph. FOR RENT—3 room modern house. Lincoln Place. CL 4-4029. FOR RENT—3 room house. Gas fur nace. $40 422 N. Pence, East Alton. HO 5-6940. ^__ FOR RENT—Completely redecorated 2-bedroom house with rumpus room, In nice subdivision In Ed wardsvllle. Call Edwardsvllle 302. NEWLY DECORATED 3 room du plex. Private bath, entrance. Ua furnished. 118 Lorena Ave.. Wood River. CL 4-5407. WILSH1RE—3 bedrooms, 2 baths family room, dining room, fire place, built-in oven and range Near schools and shopping. $135 month. Yoder. CL 4-9113, CL 4-1484 «8 FURNISHED HOUSES 3 ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE-625 Bowman, East Alton. CL 4-0737. 3 ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE—Cal HO 2-4891. ROXANA-3H room modern fur "nlshed house. 2 adults. $50. 4-2348. CL BUSINESS PLACES SPACE FOR LEASE Wil$hire Village Shopping Center AREA 20x30—Ideal for professions person, shoe repair. TV repair o radio shop. Immediate location In good commercial area. Call Walter A. Hale Jr. HALE REALTY CO East Alton. Cli 4-5115 46 FURNISHED APARTMENTS ! LARGE ROOMS—Private entrance & bath. HO 2-1262. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Lights, water furnished. $30. Adults. HO 5-9018. HO 2-3528. Apply 712 Ridge FOR- RENT or LEASE—820 - 822 E Broadway. HO 2-3534. JEfferso 3-3477. 2 ROOMS furnished. Private entrance and bath. First floor. HO 2-4922. FOR LEASE — 2-bay major bran gas stations. Low rental. West sld Jerseyville on state route. Idea for mechanic. Lloyd Nickels, Jer seyville 597-W. 2 ROOMS — Utilities furnished, $12 per week, Milton area. 3619 Coronado Dr. 2 LARGE ROOMS — Private bath and entrance. Utilities furnished. On East 0th. HO 2-1567. 2 ROOM MODERN—Private bath entrance, electric, and water furnished. $43 mo. HO 2-1427. STORAGE — MOVING VE8S H A NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE UM Washington Ave. Dial HO »-e»M 2 ROOMS, BATH—In Alton. Children welcome. Laundry facilities and yard. $30 month. HO 5-7094. AERO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Moving'4 Storage Co Exclusive Agent Local * Long Distance Moving Warehouse aad Fenced Lot Storaae Estimates - No Obliaatton HO M6»T - E. Elm RENTALS 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—With lights and water. $10 week. CL 4-5436. 3 FURNISHED ROOM APT. — All utilities paid. Hartford. CL 4-1334 or CL 4-5970. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS — Utilities furnished .Inquire 224 Lorena, Wood River. II OFFICE * DESK BOOM OFFICES — Reasonable. Faulstlc building, downtown Alton. Sultabl for professional and business. Als meeting ball. Will remodel. H' 2-2912. M WANTED TO RENT 3 BEDROOM HOUSE In nice res dentlal area of Alton or nearby Will sign lease. Call Miller, HC 5-6683 daytime. YOrktown 5-3069 S Louis, nights. 3 or 4 Bedroom House, basemen garage. Guarantee excellent can HO 2-6662. RELIABLE COUPLE with sma daughter moving into area desire 3 bedroom modern home In nlc neighborhood. References. H' 5-9480. 3 ROOM MODERN furnished apt. Private entrance. Close to town Adults only. Available August 1 HO 2-9813. "Piggy, there, had a second helping four times!" RENTALS REAL ESTATE SALE WANTED tO RENT 1U INSTRUCTOR wishes 4 bedroom house In good neighborhood near elementary school. HO 5-3977, HO 2-0001, extension 78. BUSINESS PROPERTY )FFICE BUILDING In downtown Wood River. Present owner will lease from buver. Gross rent ap- prox. $5,000 annually. Exceptional buy at $36,000 JOHN BER1GAN. REALTOR CL 4-6614 LOOK AHEAD FUTURE BUSINESS SITE IN GODFREY FOR SALE BY OWNER—Furnished modern 2 bedrooms. Sun parlor may be used for 3rd bedroom. Living room with large kl tchen with cabinets. Attached garage, gas automatic heat. Basement apartment 2 room with bath and utility room. Reduced 10%. Call HO 5-6119. DEAL LOCATION. LARGE BUILD ING SITE 100 X 350. MODERN 4 ROOM HOUSE, RENTING FOR $65 PER MONTH, AND A 3-UNIT APARTMENT HOUSE, RENTING FOR $160 PER MONTH ALSO COMMERCIAL BUILDING ON REAR OF LOT. PLENTY OF PARKING AREA. WITHIN A FEW SHORT YEARS THIS PROPERTY WILL MORE THAN DOUBLE IN VALUE. ONLY .....$21,000 CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR HO 5-6621 37 FARMS and LAND 20 ACRES with farm Improvements Immediate possession. 3 miles east of Edwardsvllle on Fruit Road. C. Heneke. Phone Edwardsvllle. 755. MISSOURI FARM FOR SALE—127 acres. 65 In cultivation, well fenced. 8 room modern house. Big spring for stock water. 5 miles from Lake of the Ozarks. On State Highway 42. Price $85 per acre. Call or write W. E. Topping, Jerseyville, 111. Ph. 873-R. SR LOTS FOR SALE 3 ACRES for sale. Will take Jeep or pleasure car as part payment. FR 2-3331. BEAUTIFUL ARROW-WOOD ESTATES Now Being Developed Large wooded lots, protective re strlctlons for nice homes, Quality Improvements. Located off Rt. 100 at Boy Scout Lane In Godfrey area HALE REALTY CO. Walter A. Hale Jr.. Realtor East Alton CL 4-9115 Ed Morrlssey ... HO 6-3110 FOR SALE—Corner lot In Hartford $450. FR 2-3262. KING SIZE LOTS In D'Adrian Gar dens Rolling, landscaped. Finest In the area. City water, natural gas sanitary and storm sewers. Home Adams. HO 2-4403. ROCK-GATE ESTATES LOTS • Choice • Large • Fire Hydrants • Curbs and Gutters • Stale Approved Sanitary Sewers. • Restricted MAURICE J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY Realtor Phone HO 5-6614 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—62x150. $90 down, balance monthly. GEO. ROBERTSON—HO 5-3583 HEMPHILl. AGENCY Eve., Sat. or Sun. HO 2-8608 4 ROOMS—Private bath, entrance. 1 ! 1177 171 ret tlf\r\r tn it U AM—AA..J ft t-'ii. WANTED TO RENT—For colored 4 room house In good location References.JHO 5-6593. WANTED—4~"room house, Hartford. Wood River or East Alton. CL 4- SOUTH CORNER Park and Old S Louis Road. 50 x 125. Zoned fo business. $650. CL 4-2609. First floor, with carport. Clean, i rr~^ Available July 23 CL 4-7674 WANTED — 4 room unfurnished 41 SLEEPING ROOMS MODERN—Newly decorated tele *»x"«- ^ Hying re— —•""—— 123 E. 5th. phone *, room privileges. JilCE SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman. Close In, reasonable. HO 5-2857. ROOM—2 blocks from downtown Wood River. Private entrance. CL 4-3*47. MODERN sleeping room adjoining bath: close In. 123 E. 8th street SLEEPING ROOM for rent. Private entrance. Gentleman preferred. Reference. HO 5-3284. MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE ROOM AND BOARD FOR MEN—Nice clean, cool rooms. Good meals. Clone In. 828 Alby. Alton. FINANCIAL 2id MORTQAOE LOANS ON HOMES You M» MW gtr a wood mortfog* M your horn* §VM HMWfb you bavt a AS^MA aaMjikMAMUK4KA AM ftJMMA rtrff nOffvvfM Ml IVM* LOW INTEREST RATES ROSENBERG MORTQAOE 00. M, ROSENIERO. Mf r. S2S RIDOE if. Dill HO 8-2122 OfflMla Olivir Liaf SALE THURS., FRL, SAT. $ALE WEESE'S NEW & USED MERCHANDISE 430 1st St., Weed River CL 4.0857 Prices Cut te Make Room for Incoming Merchandise SAVE THIS ADVERTISEMENT Worth $6.00 on Purchases Over $26.00 Worth $10.00 on Purchases Over $50.00 SALE SALE McKINLCV AWNINGS and CANOPIES Enjoy Watm Weather Call or Set: Phone HO 2-0576 HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 708 MILTON KIMD ALTON O H. Murray HO «-l48»; Kenev Maple HO MMI FINANCIAL FINANCIAL Wt havo consolidated all of our bills Into ont taty monthly paymtnt with BUDGET PLAN HOW? Ph. HO 5-4201 ILLINOIS MUTUAL CREDIT ASSN. Ill E. BHOAUWAV Mid Bonded wll* Uw State of IJIluoU MISC. FOR SALE Rentals — Ph. CL 4-7073 Work Guaranteed "POWERS" POWER MOWER REPAIR 200 Llnton. Glendale Gardens. Ea«t ol Wood River, off Hock Hill Road. 5 DAYS SERVICE OR LESS Each mower Is cleaned and tested under actual cutting condition before leaving the shop. LOTS FOR SALE PPER ALTON—2 large lots, algo 6 room modern house on extra arge lot, by owner. MO 2-M83. HOUSES FOR SALB RONTENAC PL.—6-room brick, large bedrooms. Alr-condltloned. Large lot. Phone HO 6-2548. ROOM HOUSE — Modern except furnace. By owner In Elsah. Extra lot. HO 2-7071. rtlLTON AREA—3 bedroom brick Wall to wall carpet, storm win dows, gas heat. 236 Alben. HO 5-7827. BEDROOM— Large utility room attached garage. Large lot, near Wanda. CL 4-2836 jetween 4-7 p.m. -- 121 4W. 9f H ST. MA STORY BRICK— 4 bedrooms kitchen, dining room, closed porch area, gas heat. Ideal for large fam llv $6750, $750 down, $75 per mo including taxes and Insurance. PHONE: Harry Nimmon*— HO 2-9248 Evenings, HO 5 1043 Allen * . lNCbMEl»SbP6RTY 2 HOUSES— On 1 corner lot located Arch at Pearl St. house has S rooms down, 1 large room upstairs. Other has large sun| room which could be d vlded Inte.2 rooms, bedroom, kitchen St hath Buy one house, live In It, rent the other and have an ,!Tv On «%7 Mch Also 4 room duplex" 81.1-817 Arcn St. 3 rooms downstairs, 1 up in each side. Apply 821 Arch or call How ard 2-3419 after S p.m. FAMILY WOOD RIVER—7 rooms, 4 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room dining room, kitchen. Across stree from Wood River High. Public pool Reduced for q ul ^^ ale - •" $10l90 ° RUTH CLARICE BARNES HO 2-6700 REAL ESTATE SALE MePHERSON AVE. S yrs 15,500. S. Old. Call REAL ESTATE SALE fro* IxfcdutivtS m*nry STA Wllihlre Mall Shoi»pin|Ctnt*t ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — 4 room brick by owner. Concrete driveway, attached carport with storage space, full divided basement, well Insulated, storm windows & doors. Good location. Call after 6 p.m. CL 4-1817. NEW 3 BEDROOM BRICK—Loca tlon on Blue Grass most beautiful streets. Large lot, has 7 large shade trees. Must see to appreciate. Will consider trade. HO 2-9140. UPPER ALTON—6 rooms modern, large lot, trees, shrubs. Also two large lots, by owner. HO 2-6463. FOR SALE AT STAUNTON — 6 room house. 2 acres pasture land, located In city limits, near old Route 66. Large garden, city water, 2 wells, wash house, garage. EAST ALTON LOVELY 4 ROOM BRICK—With at barn, and numerous large frontage, handy buildings, to school bus. Write for more Information. Mrs. Otto Ruehrup, 618 E. Pennsylvania, Staunton, 111. 819 HORN—Four room modern. Gas radiant heat, garage, basement. Near schools. HO 2-6045. ATTRACTIVE 4 room frame. Attached garage, basement, oil heat, HWF, tile kitchen and bath, built- in stove. Acrllan carpet, living room and hall. Alr-condltloned. Many other added features. $12,900 1005 Hawthorne, Wood River. CL 4-0005. BLUE GRASSSUBDIVISION 3 BEDROOM—Modern brick. Garage attached. All plastered. Nice ^ Y ^. , „„„„, „,„*.„ „,. „>living room, utility, gas furnace (ached garage. Carpeted. GE cabl- and water heater. HWF. built - in net5 )n kitchen chain link fence In stove and oven. Aluminum storm back yard. Located on quiet street, windows, screens and d , 00 "- M ";.l ble and stone window sills. $14,950 j WM. A. MATTERY 215 W. Central Bethalto—DU 4-6522 John A. Greer Agency V1EDALION HOME for sale. Montclair Subdivision, 112 Alpine Drive. Carpeting, fireplace, 3 bedrooms. l'/2 baths, dining room, birch cabinets, bullt-lns, ceramic tile, plastered garage. No payment until October. HO 2-4922. 17 ELM, ROXANA—4 room mod ern. Basement and garage. Nice lot. $1000 down and take over pay ments or re-finance. CL 4-5563. FOR SALE by owner In Godfrey, 4 room house, apt. house and ware house. Income $275 per mo. HO 2-4693. FOR SALE or LEASE — Executive type home. Six large rooms. Eng lish style brick. 934 McKlnley Blvd. HO 2-4693. BY OWNER — Milton area. 3612 Berkeley. 4 room house. 2 bed rooms, bullt-ins. plus inlalds. Gas heat. $11.500. HO 2-3859. FOR SALE—3 room house on large lot, $2.000. CL 4-4594 after 7 p.m 9 ROOM modern home. Good loca tlon. Corner tot, $8950. CL 4-3287. WILL TRADE—6 room brick, attached garage, completely built-in kitchen. Immediate possession. Contract terms If desired. 5-5526. After 5, HO 2-6688. HO IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—3 rooms and bath. Contract for deed. S. M. March Agency. HO 2-1530. LOAN Only $500 Down old 3 bedroom home, carpet and other extras, school in Wood River Wall Brushy Grove Addition. CL 4-7758 or TR 7-4540. GODFREY 3 BEDROOM BRICK—In Choice lo cation. Lots of trees, flower*, shrubs, large enclosed ftmtewty used as breakfast room, family room, full bath and powder room, large 2-car garage L.ots of charm and eye appeal. Excellent financing arrangement. GREENWOOD LANE 2 blocks St. Ambrose Church, large living room, wall to wall carpeting 3 bedrooms, lots of closets, attrac tlve bath, kitchen has lots of cabl nets, hwf. Full basement, finished family room, bar. fireplace, tile floors, large laundry room, 2 - car garage, with screened-ln patio Priced below replacement cost. UPPER ALTON S ROOM FRAME — Good location. Large living room, dining sue kitchen. 2 nice bedrooms, plenty of closets, utility room, oil heat, large lot. $600 down. Contract for deed. WILSHIRE BEAUTIFUL « ROOM BRICK — 1200 sq. ft. of living space. Large living room and dining room, kitchen with bar, 3 bedrooms with sliding door closets, ceramic tile bath, fireplace, attached 2-car garape. Lovely patio. Oas heat. Fully air- conditioned. Ideal location. Price reduced. GODFREY NEW 8 ROOM DUPLEX — In Godfrey. 4 rooms each apartment. Each apt. has large living room, kitchen with built-in features, lots of cabinets, large bedrooms, baths, dressing table and ceramic tile Many features too numerous to mention. Priced right. Marie Thompson Real Estate OFFICE ... HO 5-1413 JIM MILLER HO 2-3655 MARILYN PARSH . . HO 6-2455 STORIYLANO HOM6S Why rent when van can a** *brick home with the sjme money. Homes located in Bethalto, Humbert road and Fog: Acre*. range from * 12 '?g Payment as low as $80. monthly on contract, or will trade. CL 4-0908 - CL 4-93IS CL 4-5289 Airline Drive— Roi«w«od Hti. SPACIOUS 8-BEDROOM HOME- Urge llvinit room, Pjneied dining •rea. atrtomatlt dish waiher.1 HWF full baiement, attached landscaped comer lot. Pric YODER REAL ES CL 4-9113 - CL 4-1484 rage ge .w» OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY and SUNDAY 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. Located 318 South 13th St Reduced for .. Wood •«'•• ca " $ay B Younds and swimming pool. immediate possession. Hale Realty Co., East Alton Walter A. Hale Jr., Realtor CL 4-51 1 5 CL 4-6565 Open Houte Sunday 1*6 P.M FOR SALE by owner, Rosewood Gardens Subdivision. 118 Cedar Lane. 5 room brick home, all pin ellng, full insulated. 3 bedrooms HWF, large closets, large carpetet living room. Overlooking wooded area. IV, ceramic tile baths, kit ,chen with built-in oven and range 'snack bar, birch cabinets. Largi walk-out basement with patio; full REAL ESTATE SALE CL 4-91U tt COTTAGE HILLS Beautiful 4 bedroom brick «M til* home in sopd condition. Mrff U*. oil heat. Prlca ••; i v;;;ij 14 ' 800 WILTON AGENCY HO 2-4147 — HO 2-4294 $1,500 DOWN - 1117.80 MONTH Wiuhtre. Brick. 8 bedroomi. *.*•*•. fireplace, air conditioned, built-in oven and range, carpeting •«•» drapes, tiled Bath and kitchen. Marble sills, double carport. Landscaped yard. O-- Price length balcony over patio. Oil hent. carport. 113 CEDAR LANE— 6 room brick home, all paneling. 4 bedrooms or 3 and den. HWF, master bedroom carpeted, plenty of closets, large living room, IVt ceramic tile baths. built-in electric kitchen, birch cabinets and snack bar. Large walkout basement, partitioned for recreation room. Oil heat and carport. Nearlng completion. Call CL 4-4UB. _ _______ __ _ __ _ CA'RLfNVILLE— 80 a. all tillable. level, black land. Improved. $33,000 IBO a.— 140 till. Improved on highway. contract. $1.1.000 down. T.lber- 937 COLLED B-ROOM FRAME — Living dining room, kitchen with f*""7> entrance hall, screened front porch, large rear porch on main noet. 3 bedroom*, bath, and large »or»en- ed-ln oorch on second floor. Has very deep basement with new t«s furnace. This home has had exceptionally good care and Is nicely landscaped • • • flW™ JOSEPH WICKENHAUSER AGENCY Don Barnard CL 4-4M3 Office HO 5-3381 BETHALTO ST MARY ST. — Lovely 4 room home, only 8 years old. Full basement, oil hent H W.F. Insulated . . .. . ________ ........... al terms on balance ........ $57.000 Aluminum storm sash and screens. 211 a.— All In cultivation, well Im proved This farm takes no water from adjoining land. Contract for! . tot SOxIgri. ................ 110.500 w C HemDrtill AaenCV ? !V" 0m P"'" MILTON 2 BEDROOM BRICK—Buena Vista. Lively 5 room home. Full basement, hardwood floors, large living room. Only $12,600 MIDDLETOWN A GRACIOUS HOME — 10 room frame. Den. 2 baths, fireplaces, Dishwasher, disposal. Lovely location. Close to schools and churches. NORTH ALTON 6 ROOM FRAME—Newly decorated. Aluminum storm sash. Venetian blinds, automatic heat. Lots or cabinets In kitchen. Will consider contract for deed. $500 down. $135 per month. rom aonng an. o HO 2 68)1 deed, $15,000 down, then $1.500 per; Dial HO 5-3584. Eve., HO z MI.M year on the principal at 4'4 % In-! SB ............................. terest. Contract can run for 20 . years, with 1/5 option on the prln-100 Rosewood Height! 9W clpal. See for yourself how nlce! TWO ALL MODERN three-bedroom this farm Is. ; homes both have large lots. One 230 a.— All tillable. Beautiful homp. | fa™"' ,™J." a ' r carport, the other Excellent outbuildings. Hl « hw ;' v ! has a garage Full basements, oil location, per acre ..... ..... .*"/•' heat In one and a coal furnace In 120 a.— 75 till. Improved, onjilgjv thf 0(her Good | oca ,| 0 n. Both way. Priced al *25.000 110 a.—More or less. 80-85 till. Improved, on highway $25.000 ins A —140 till. Improved, on highway. Contract, $12.000 down, per acre * 210 !—123 a. 60 till. 1m- priced to sell. Meadowbrook ALL MODERN—.1 bedroom home. Aluminum siding, full h«*em*nt. ,™, J ..,.. -— - - stoker hot watPi heat, garage in proved Contract $28,OOOJ baoement with 2", acres. Priced to 80 a—50 till. Improved, good buy) sell at 112.500 at $12.000j 7 a .—4Vi till. Modern bourse, barn, garage, poultry shed .40 a.— V, till. Unimproved .— t . $4.200 120 a.— 110 till. Improved, nice levol land, on highway Contract. 18 a — Ifi till. Nice 5-room modern house, barn, narage, and poultry house. Contract. 30-* down. Priced t t ,,..... 95 al-^65 till. 5-room modern house. Priced at .................. * 2 ' • 00 ° 2. r >0 a —200 till. Improved, highway location Per acre ---- ........ $225 \220 a — 160 till. Improved. Priced al 2'10 per acre. RECENT TRADE-IN SPECIAL LOW DOWN PAYMENT Very nice 4 room frame home In Alton. Living room carpet, built-in cabinets In kitchen, walkout dlvld ed basement, stoker heat and ga rage. Convenient location near industry and bus line. ANOTHER LOW DOWN PAYMENT SPECIAL Very nice 2 bedroom brick home In the Godfrey area. T led kitchen and bath. Built-in cabinets. HWF. air conditioned. Gas heat, walk-out basement, storm windows and screens. BEN HOLTWISCH & SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS HO 2-8138 BEN HOLTWISCH & SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS HO 2-8138 $1.500 DOWN $105 a Month BETHALTO AND COUNTRY AIRE NEW BRICK HOME — 3 bedrooms, carpeted, built-in oven and range, ceramic tile bath and kitchen, marble sills, aluminum windows, gas heat, attached garage. Will trade. Price $16.800 YODER REAL ESTATE CL 4-9113 or CL 4-1484 MILTON |4V, ROOM FRAME—Newly decora! ed. Full basement, aluminum awn- Ings, excellent condition. .. $10.»iiU GODFREY RANCH TYPE BRICK—Located in Mariana Hills subdivision. Lovely 3 bedroom home. Full basement, attached garage. Beautifully landscaped. MIDDLETOWN INCOME PROPERTY—8 room duplex on Union. 4 rooms each apartment. Full basements. Let renters pay for your home. BUILDING LOTS North Alton BEAUTIFUL LOTS—Located in city limits, but has suburban air. Large trees FOR COLORED 6 ROOM FRAME—Large yard. Also I living quarters In basement. Will I consider contract for deed. Live in one unit & rent other. Let rental income pay for your home. Nadlne Szegedy HO 5-4351 Nadia Branard HO 6-2265 Vannoy DU 4-D191 STEINER REAL ESTATE Mary Steiner. Realtor Member of Multiple Listing Service HO 2-5531 HOUSES SHIPMAN—5-room semi-modern. 4- large lots, level J5.500 PLAINVIEW—<-room house, good repair. 2—75x150 lots. On highway. Contract, 29% down $4.800 SHIPMAN—3 bedrooms and family room, large living room, full basement water softener, built-in Norge washer and dryer, garage attached, plastered walls. Insulated, one acre of land. Contract, $2,500 down Very Wilson Street, Glendale Gardens •• ALL MODERN 3 bedroom home 3 years old Large floor plan. Cab- Inets In kltchc-n. carpet In living room, fire alarm system. Priced to sell at S8500 •• Klopmeier Addition •• ALL MODERN—Split level home. :i years old Very futuristic, fireplace. 2 lots, large back porch Priced right at $13.700 Owner will consider contract for deed. GEORGE ROBERTSON HO 5-3583 HEMPHILL AGENCY EVENINGS SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS HO 2-8608 CARUNVILLE — 8-rpom $15.000 ,__„ _ ______ modern, fui?*basement paved r street. $6,200 CARLINVILLE — 5-room modern, full basement," new gas furnace. Contract, $1.000-$!, 500 down. $5.000 ME DORA— Two (2) new houses, one U a 4-room modern, insulated, garage attached, utility and furnace room. Priced at .......... $11.350 The other house Is a 4-room moa- ern. with utility and carport. Prlc- Both of these houses can be bought with a small down payment. KELSEY REALTY CO. Shlpman. III. Phone 836-3695 See us for Farm Loans _ Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Wi an Dulin for + Synoromatlo OU Furnaces wiwoniln and U.8. Carlin "Shell Head" conversion burners Selgler OU Stoves I Book OU Fired Water ' Heaters We Specialize in QUALITY PRODUCTS ft SERVICE UNGEN OIL COMPANY Phone: CL 4-3876 G tO KG I. DO ALUMINUM SIDING 28 LADUE-BELMONT VILLAGE Attractive 3-bedroom Brick Veneer with attached garage. Dry basement, sewer, level lot, dining room, built-in birch cabinets with stove, 2 ceramic baths, large closets. SEE THIS BEFORE YOU BUY E. BEUTTEL, BUILDER HO 2-1073 CABINETS ROOM ADDITIONS ANY HOMl IMPROVEMENT Diol HO 2-0386 CANHAM HOME IMPROVEMENT NO MONEY DOWN On this lovely 4 room home Located at 306 Stevens, So. Roxana, Monthly payment* like rent. SS Thelma Avt.—Cortoqt Hills A 3 room house and a 2 room house, located on lame lot, with very liberal terms. 210 Missouri Ave.—So. Roxono This is a lovely 3 bedroom home, with full basement, Afco furnace, lot 100x147, will take small down payment. Also a lovely 3 bedroom home Attached carport, utility room, very reasonable. Terms. FOR A HOME OF YOVR CHOICE AND TERMS TO SUIT TfOUR INCOME. CALL FOR DETAILS AND INFORMATION. PHILLIP H. COHN REAL ESTATE East St. Louii, III. BRIdgt 1-2135 UPton 4-209* U M •Mwtr, Ctcll PUhtr, UP 5-4419 RENTALS m———~ FOR RENT 2 New Aptt., built-in oven and rink. Strictly new throughout. Private bath, front and back entrances. 1108 E. 5th REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 bedroom ranch of excellent construction In Belmont Village. Immediate occupancy. HO 6-3334 FOR SALE BY OWNER 7 room St. Mary** and School. IV, bath*, carpeting and drapet. Two apt aad bath In w*r. ghowa by appotalniMt only. HO 3-ttTl. £******* BY OWNER Reduced for quick sale. 6-room briek ^ r ranch type In Wood Jr River. Attached gmr- Recently decor- OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1:30-6:30 P.M. No. 3300 Morfcel Drive GREENWOOD MEADOWS Executive Styled 6-ROOM BRICK RANCHER With attached 2-car garage. $36,500 Carpeted living; room 18x88 It. Tamily room 12x19. All- electric kitchen llxl» — range, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, dtepoftal. Three 12x12 bedrooms, two tiled bath*. Marble window sills, Bteel (taxli. Central air conditioning. Many other extras . . . 2066 square feet living space. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY REALTOR CL 4-2844 or CL 4-2726 BRIGHTON AREA IfiO acres with 6 room modern home. H.W.F. nice cabinets, double sink and built-in stove and oven In kitchen. Full basement, gas furnace and water heater. 3 wells, barn and machine shed. 55 acres in soil bank. 55 acres more tillable land. Remainder In pasture. Reduced to ..... S24.IM 2415 Stott Jack Brorkway HO 2-0003 Tom Metralfe HO 2-5720 HO 5-8869 Mm. H. H. Hewitt HO 58733 -••FOR INSPECTION SUNDAY 2 to 6 p.m. Through the Week by Appointment RIVER-AIRE Subdivision 2 M«ek* Wtit of Oilion Irewn School on Heutt 100 r WI Will IUILP TO YOUR PUNS AND SPICIFICATIONS Oiifrloy Homo Noruret: 1. Walk-out bssemem 2. Storm cellar 3 Birch cabinet* and hardwood floon Ceramic bath : Street Llghti Aiphalt paved itreett OCurb* and Buttering • Natural aac • Guaranteed quclltv by builder Realtor — Insurance MKMBER M-L-S ack Kltzmlller .......... CL 4-MIO rielba Crane ............ HO 2-7553 ouls Cox ................ CL 4-S253 Isle Lockyer ........... CL 4-J414 Godfrey Humbert Court 8 bedroom new brick home. Full divided baiement, attached garage, $ paved driveway.. 8 bedroom, new brick home, attached garage, utility room, large level lot, natural *a» heat, fiJOfyi birch cabinet! .. IHfVIW BETHALTO Ntteon AMIIioi 9 bedroom, new brick home. Gaii heat, attached garage, marble window iUli, birch cabinet*, Urge level lot, elate to school, f I A My| Price .......... IftiVUU 8 bedroom new brick home. Q»t heat, attached garage, marble window nUli, birch cabinet!, large level lot. Clote '13,800 STOREYLAND

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