Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1960
Page 11
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SATURDAY, JULY 18, 1980 4LTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Workable, Efficient Floor Plan Important Parad* of What qualities get off the good, itvBOis nouM from the nin-of-thf • mill shelter? Obvimmly, the comfortable home should be big enough for your family to grow In, yet small enough to be easy TO care for. But, most Important, a liveable house gives you complete living facilities with a workable and efficient floor plan. This attractive home does all that and more. It's a modest house from street-side, but inside there Is plenty of space for a young, active family to grow- to entertain—to relax. Zone planning for this house controls noise between sleeping- living areas, by forming a buffer of hall, fireplace and bathrooms. Entrance leads TO rooms, not through rooms. Corner fireplace can be seen from front entryway and floor-to-cell- Ing sliding windows open living area to rear terrace for sunlight and view. Family room has as many uses as family has activities: play, reading, workshop, sewing, television — activities usually spread from basement to attic throughout house, keeping family separated in their spare time. In many homes, family room replaces dining room, so its best located next to kitchen — where Mother gets in on fun, too. No reason a kitchen should be hemmed-in or gloomy. Open to the family room here's a kitchen that "lives." Added features in this family-kitchen area arc: nearby lavatory, pantry, extra clonet space; and rear exit to terrace for those I welcome summertime meals. | Separated from the rest of the; Tflf(11*1119tlOn house, the living room is perfect 1 ««"» •"**** v « for adult entertaining, it requires no doubling up with other activities. Plumbing core economically combines two bathrooms —one off master bedroom with stall shower and the second full bathroom with towel closet and large vanitory only steps away fromj Here Arc Handy Tips for Owners of Electric Ranges B.v VIVIAN BROWN At* Newifeature* Writer MANY A BRIDE Is thrown for a loss the first time up at (he stove or range. An electric range or oven Is likely to look the sides and backsplash. Rinse and allow It to air-dry. Clean, rinse and dry the removable parts and replace. door. Open the kitchen window. Leave the mixture In the oven over night. This will loosen stains and make cleaning much simpler. After this treatment, racks and other removable parts should be soaked In soapy water while you clean the oven lining. Clean the oven "celling" Julia Ward Hwe. who wrotf "Battle Hymn of the Republic," W88 sometimes a minister. She give her sermons in the Unitar- l»fl Church. just as complicated as the pilot: u se an O ld toothbrush board of an airplane. We've as- other small brush to remove "How should hardened stains first, then sides, the "floor" be removed?" i and finally the inside of the or!door; rinse and wipe dry. and dry parts you have remov- sembled a long list of favorite] food stains and to clean erev- ed and replace them. >iuestlons about these appll- i ances, hoping the answers will Ices. A mild cleanser may be| "How does the oven light used, but never use a knife orj wo rk? 1 notice mine goes off •prove useful to tyro cooks. Here i other sharp Instrument to re-} and on but 1 don't know why." ihpy are: "Should aluminum foil be us| ed In drip-bowls of surface units to catch spill-overs?" It is not recommended by manufacturers of electric ranges, a.s use Of such foil on surface- units may interfere with ; the efficent diffusion of heat. \ "Should the surface parts of i the range be cleaned when It is ; cold or would It be more effec- I live when hot?" You can clean the range any ; time, but prompt cleaning after use is most desirable. Wipe all Of Interest To Home Owners Anyone Can Have Patio With Easy-Mix Concrete move any stains. "Is a good Idea to rub in the direction of the metal's natural polish marks. Don't use a circular movement. "What's the best way to clean an oven after broiling or roasting?" Wipe up Spills It's important to wipe up spills or spatters as soon as possible and to clean the oven after each use. Wait Until it isi cool. Go over the inside surfaces with a warm sudsy cloth. Stubborn stains should respond It goes off when the specified temperature Is reached. "Are there any rules about baking for special results?" It's a good Idea to stagger pans, avoiding placing one directly above or below another. But make sure pans don't touch each other or sides, back or door of oven. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL WIRING • AIR CONDITIONING CHICK OUK PRICJI Mil ISTIMATIS ftUARANTIID INSTALLATION CAMP ILICTRIC ami HIATINO 112* Milton Rood Phone HO 2-f 287 OLAStUNlO WATI* HIAT1M "• H«I^P^r they're Mly ft MOM roe ALTON BOTTLED GAS AXES SOt'ND DINNER surfaces soon after use to ellm-! to thl » simple treatment: Mix inate a more time-consuming! ' 4CU P ot household ammonia and '/4 cup of water In an enamel or glass container. Put it in the oven and close the oven AP NewsfeaJuripg From various sources come the other two bedrooms. All bed-i these bits of information of in- rooms are spacious with large; terest to the home owner: window areas for good ventiia- j , Wnen som ebody really is Interested in the house you have to sell, he begins to ask questions about the mortgages, tax- plan you receive Specification ° 8 ' etc ' "'» a good ""• there ; Guide Material List Td Conver-j ^, to keep a written record sion Detail Sheet. The plan con-! of al1 lnf °rmatlon about the tains 1,592 sq. ft and 31,840 cu. nouse » thal u ' s hand y when tion and large wardrobe closets. This plan conforms to general FHA, VA and Building Code requirements. Included with thia ft. Order From for Des. H-565 One Complete set of building plans, $9.75; Additional set of building plans, $8; Enlarged Print for Des. H-565 25 cents.; Book of 70 Available Home Designs 75 cents. Check or money order to Homo- graf, Alton Telegraph, Home Plan Dept.. East Detroit. Mich. Speeder's Economical Alibi MANAWA, Wis., If — Police Chief Rodney Taubel heard a new alibi for speeding. A youth said he whizzed through town at 70 miles per hour at night with his lights off so he could save his battery. $100 fine. He paid a BE COOL SHADE YOUR HOME with nationally Advertised ALUMINUM AWNINGS Fully ventilated deeim •romotas air circulation. "Halo-light" underaidf tops interiora brighter. Laitinf good look* assured by special 2-coat baked enamel finish guaranteed •ot to rust, chip, crack or peel. £<¥/«« for window, door, forth of patio. See I/I For VCI/UM in' Storm Windows Storm Doors • a Blind. • Vertical Winds f Carports • Patio Covers • RUSSELL •LINO AND AWNING CO. Ill &UIYK>N BQAD future HO HUM JACK MABTW HO «<«A70 the questions begin. The fuel oil industry has come up with a new oil-powered water heater that mixes oil and air in a gun-like burner head of the kind used in automatic oil heating plant*. The National Fuel Oil Council says the heater needs only one hour a day to produce 120 gallons of hot water in a compact 30- galJon storage tank. • * * When using a sanding machine to refinish a wooden floor, never stop the forward motion of the machine whfte the sandpaper drum is in contact with the floor. If the machine is allowed to rest in one spot, gouges in the wood will result. While a brush can be used to paint screening, the job will be easied if a well-loaded roller or a screen painter is used. In the absence of either, a reasonably good screen painter can be made by tacking an old piece of carpet to a wooden block. By DONALD B. BBANN Thanks to the new, easy-to- mix concrete, now available, anyone can pave a patio with these attractive concrete squares. Once the patio is paved, full sized patterns are available that simplify building all the furniture needed. The secret to pav- ling a terrace with the skill of an If you don't have room under your wall telephone for a table, try a small hanging shelf, which can be bought readymade or put together from a piece of plywood or white pinej and a couple of shelf brackets. * • * Despite the general easing of the money market, most financial experts agree that there will be no important or signi- experienced craftsman, lies in the method outlined in an easy to follow pattern. No special tools or skill are required since every step is explained in language everyone understands. Even those who haven't worked with their hands since grammar school days are amazed with their dexterity once they start to follow the step by step directions offered below. Equally important is the savings effected, frequently up to two-thirds the cost of having it done by others. The pattern method assumes you know nothing about laying concrete and explains how to lay out guide lines to excavate foundation, what materials to buy, when each is used. Step-by-step directions and illustrations show chore later on. How to Glean? "What is the first step In cleaning the outside of an elec- tirc range?" First remove all possible parts <such as chrome trim rings). Put them to soak (but not the heating elements). Clean the front of the range with a warm soapy cloth or sponge, FLOOR COVERING complete ARMSTRONG LINE Visit Our Showrooml Sherwood's flic Service HIS Milton Rd.—Dial HO 2-3WU FOR ELEPHANT The sound of axes means the! same thing as a dinner bell to one wild elephant in Western Uganda. Kampala reports. After lumbermen have toppled a tree the wily elephant moves in. chasing the men away, end then feasts on the leaves that previously were beyond Us reach. • Chain Link Fencing • Awnings BLAIR HOME SUPPLY State a Belie (In The Wedge) Phone* HO 5-1511 or HO 2-4251 NOW AT OUR NEW LOCATION.. o LOOK FOR OUR SIGN i! Grace St. 1/4 MILE NORTH OF GODFREY FIRE DEPT. ON GODFREY ROAD I Old Location NEW PHONE HO 5-3456 The WORKSHOP GET ALL I Ple»M Send "FREE" ERIES SIXTY by SOUTHERN HOMES! THE FACTS new! Scries Sixty Catalog «• J NAME ..__---„„,..... i tf ! ADDRESS I ,£! CITY STAT- I BE YOUR OWN YOUR RULE OF QUALITY eoHIMCIOR Priced from '5988 •«l SAVE! DELIVERED WHY GUESS ABOUT QUALITY? Visit Our Display Home 4 Blocks East of Bethalto, Route 4 See For Yourself Open Daily Except Thursday Box 656, Phone DUdley 4-8108 Bethalto, Illinois There tt No Substitute for Quality. EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR REMODELING, REPAIRING! SEE US FOR FREE ESTIMATES ut FLOOR PLANS For OONSTRUGTION SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO, 1101 1. Irutoiy f leant drop in .home mortgage how to put in ^ foundationi now | Interest rates during the re- to )ine . up dividing strips, how to mainder of 1960. at jd color with various cement (dyes now available. By using metal strips as dividers, squares can be made to any size desired. Those illustrated were three foot square. The I finished effect is comparable to an expensive terrazo job. The furniture is made from stock-size lumber. Full-size patterns are merely traced on wood. Each piece is then cut to actual size. Whenever two parts are fastened together, pattern shows the exact location of screw i and bolt holes. If you like dining, dancing and living outdoors, this terrace can provide a colorful addition to your home. After dinner, when the stars shine overhead, move furniture aside, and enjoy dancing. The smooth deck provides an ideal weatherproof dance platform. Send SO cents in coin, check or money order for Pave Your Own Patio Pattern No. 591. Send 50 cents each for Lawn Chair Pattern No. 32, Lawn Settee Pattern No. 39, and Terrace Table No. 326. Send 35 cents additional for 64 page catalog illustrating over 300 other build it yourself projects to Alton Telegraph. P. 0. Box 215, Pleasantville, N. Y. Please add 25 cents if First Class Mail is desired. HOMES DESIGNED AND PRICED TO FIT EVERY BUDGET. ALL NEW! ALL MODERN FACILITIES! CALL FOR DETAILS! Bovine* Measurements PINE BLUFF, Ark., *—Waily Brisooe, chairman of the Miss Pine Bluff Beauty Pageant, did a double take when he saw the reply of 21-year-old Gudron Pustetenbeoker to a form query for her dimensions. Miss Paste- tenbsoker, a German girl who entered the contest, replied she measured 86-57-88. Briscoe finally discovered she was mea soring in centimeters, in inoae» that works out to 84-23-35. REAL ESTATE CO. JUN CONST. CO. B.ildirt Dmlopirt THOS. 6. JUN PtISIPINT NATIONAL HOMIS tUllDU.DlALU 2il E. ELM ST., ALTON. PHONE HO MM4 HO MIU

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