Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1960
Page 10
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PAORTKN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY W, 1080 River ftt|iptf»t AM* Outdoor* with Harold Brand At rtgrtar Wrttmh, Owl •4$ Jmeyvllle. district Illinois D^lrtnwnt of Oonservalion inspector of taw' erttorcenwnt, brings tn his staff of conserve League Leaders By THf ASSOCIATED MtESS AmerteM L«*goe Batting (based on 180 bt more Sales Listed By Hentphill The Harry F. Hemphlll Agency today announced last week's feat estate Mies as follows: Mr. and Mt*. Teresa V. Burns sold their five room home at 2629 Sidney to Mr. and Mrs. John Carter Matthews. The frvt room brick home ol Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Lamken at 3028 Forest Dr. was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. TV digest with John ft. Jones ; Saturday July 16 KTV! (ABO 2. KMOX (CBS* 4. KSD (NBC) 5. KPLR 11. Bold face denote highlights — (Ri repeats. tion agpnts from Piko Morgan. at bats)— Gentile, Baltimore, .328: |Donald L. Peters sold their flve-| Saturday Evening, July 18 Scott. Greene, Calhoun. Jersey. ! Runnels. Boston, .325. room brick home at 782 Berry Macoupin and Madison Counties Runs—Mantle, New York, 72: Rd.. to Mr. and Mrs. Hubert T. to make a drlv* 1 on Mi and game• i Mart S _ j^ PW Y orh ^ ; Arnold. Mi. and Mr.-. James K. law violalions. Runs batted in — Maris. New Rathgeb sold their homr al 3239 This past week, the men have York. K9: Gentile-. Baltimore. 39. Theresa St. to Mr. and Mrs. been dragging the Illinois shores Hits — Runnels, Boston, 98; i Charles E Mathers. of the Mississippi River north of smith. Chicago. 96. The five room home at 453 Oralton for illegal fishing equip- Doubles—Skowron. New York,:.state Aid Road in Wood River In the first five days, the 2 1 : Runnels. Boston, 18. was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Mar- Triples—Aparicio and Fox, Chi-;vj n T. Hobbs. The home was cago, 6; Robinson. Baltimore, i previously owned by Mr. and Snyder, Kansas City and Mantle, M rs . Isadore J. Podnar. confiscated about 100 trammel nets and fish baskets that were either untagged with proper sold to Oliver license or unattended. "JJjJJjJjlNe* York, 5. Mrs Jewe , ^ omvton wW - her Jet fishing that quite a few,37. ^e, New York and Lemi p™'™™ E^Alti', ^Mr*S anglers fall to realize: on Washington. 21. M c , de DeGe rla. Mrs. •Tn C law specifically sates Stolen bases-Aparicio Chica. |Tnompso / js now res)dlng ln that all trammel nets must be ; go, 21; Landls. Chicago, 13. ' Chicago attended from 6 a.m. until 12 pitching (based on 7 or more. „ .'. , . ., ... noon dally." Keehner said. "ThatjdectoionsJ-CoateB, New York. 9- ™* *°\™ n 5* ** Mr al j , means the owner of the net must j. .900; staley, Chicago, 9-3. .750. i^ 1 ^' Klrksey on Foster ' |te nearby or within sight. The Strikeouts — Sunning. Detroit, purpose of the law was so that the 106; Pascual, Washington. 94. net owners must raise them dally to prevent days and weeks National League going by when all the fish would Battjng (based on 180 of morc j die. : at bats)—Mays, San Francisco, i "When we come upon such a { 349. Larker) Los Angeles, .346.! properly tagged net and the own-! R uns _ MayS) San Francisco, 67; i er is there to claim it. IIP ls 'Ashburn. Chicago. 60. j following the law." Keehner said.; Runs batte(J i n _Banks. Chica"We find it is pretty difficult tor |g o . 76: Aaron, Milwaukee, 68. i one man to cover all phases of Hits _ Groat, Pittsburgh, 133; law conservation enforcement so; MaySi ^^ Francisco, 107. • that is why we organize in Doubles—Mays. San Francisco H ''°«" FTC *•' •*-*• f \jlljJ * 6:00~(2) Weekly News Spotlight (4) Thr BlR 4 (Tii Pioneer (11) This Is Alice 6:30—(2) Dick Clark: Jimmy Jones, Bobby Rydell, Brian Hyland. Al Alberts. Johnny Burnette guests. (4) Perry Mason: Mason's "Case of the Long-Legged Models" begins in a lush L*s Vegas gambling hall and ends In the morgue. (R) (5) Bonanza: (Color) With Civil War talk stirring In the states, a Southern sympathizer from Kansas tries to create trouble in Virginia City in "A House Divided". Cameron Mitchell. (Ri (U) Seven League Boots 7:(10—(2) John Gunther's High Road: "New Guinea Patrol", a visit to tho stone age people ol Southern New Guinea. (R) (11) Code 3 7:30—(2) Leave It To Beaver: Beaver fears the worst when his mother invites the teacher to dinner, (R) (4) Wanted-Dead or Alive: Larry Dobkin stars as 'a murderer turned magician, who etedes Randall. (R) (5) Man and the Chal lenge: Barton calls upon the powers of Yoga to avert tragedy in a pave-in. (R) (ll) Movie: Richard Oft, Lon Chaney Jr.: "Eyes of the flitter, Martha Carsotl, Wiftotn Brothers, guests. <4> Gunsmoke: A gunman who goads vteOms Into a gunfight finds himself up against Marshal Dillon with only his fists, (R) (11) Wrestling 9:30-(4) San Francfeco Beat (5) Death Valtay Days 10:00-(2) Highway ftrtfel (4) News: Spefloer Allen (5) Mike Hammer (11) Movie: Farley er. Anthony Quinn: Streets" (1935). A racketeer succeeds in framing an innocent man for a murder. 10ilOM4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15-<4) Movie: Fred MacMur Underworld". <l9tt) Police f&y, Barbara Stanwyck: "Don chief with a prison ircord is ble Indemnity" (1944). A woman blackmailed by auto thieves. and a insurance agent plot the 8:00— & Lawrrni-v Welk ; death of her husband. (1) Mr. Lucky: A racke-j10:30-(2) Tlie Callfornians leer pressures a comedian en- (5) Movie: Edward Ar- tertalning at Lucky's club Into nold, Jean Arthur: "Diamond giving him the last laugh. (R> i Jim Brady" (1935). Story of the When (5) The Deputy: marshals of three nearb^ towns are shot by an unseen killer, Fry moves to protect Silver City Marshal Lamson by sending him on vacation in "Focus of Doom". (Ri 8:30— (4) Have Gun. Will Tra- i famous man and actress Lillian Russell. 11:00— (2) 11:30— (2) Panic Movie: Joah Greenwood, Derrick de Mafney: "Frenzy" (1946). A story of a young sculptor in Paris who falls in love with the wife of another sculptor. (11) Movie; Kent Taylor Maria English: "A Strange Ad- "onturr" (19"*). Drama. vel: Paladin is hired by an Eng-j lish lady to guide her to her' brother's ranch and-she treats! the trek as a lark until she ar- '. rivrs ;it snnkiiw ruins of her! 12:0.")— <4> Movif: Olivia de Ha- brother's IIOIIK-. iR> villand. Ian Hunter! "Call It a (at World Wide 'GO: Tonyj Day" (1937). Comedy, Randall. Thomas Mitchell. Kim j 12:20—(3) News Hunter star in "The Secret ofll2:25-(5> Movie: Jeff Donnell, Freedom". A civic-minded cou-1 Jim Bannon: "The Unknown" The Tcleprnph's *Vitty Rttdfo Chart SATURDAY ••WMtMl ootU) USD (MICA WfcW (MB*) RMUX (CM) imw 81 s. M Hi N: Moniwt S. Maim S; Maim MMMI N N: Monitor vtonitot v S. sun Off N: R. N, MOflltOf Monitor 3rand oi. Bind K. Hi .__ Record AP N N; Bnck J. Buck MemortMi H SUNDAY N: HymM Hymni' S«C'«d HMft N: F«'ih 111 AMkw v. uuar Preibyterlcn P*m. N: Hymtti " Hymni N; Jowntl C. Jatjrnti R«r Oavli QUEBEC (AP) - The United groups to check the various and Cunningham. St. Louis. 22: States looks for n pair of 19-year-; seven counties- m dij-irii.-t U. pj nson _ Cincinnati, 21. In hunting season, we often fol- Triples—Pinson. Cincinnati andja first round American zone Da- low the sHinc procedure." White, St. Louis. 8; Bruton. Mil- vis Cup tennis victory over Cana- M Per Cent Compliance waukee and Kirkland, San Fran-, da today. Recent figure released by the cisco 17 i Ear] Bucnholz and a,^ Mc . Boating Division of the Cpnser- __H ome 0,^ _ Banks, Chicago, i Klnley were Capt. David Freed's ,olds from St. Louis to wrap up! 7:00—(4 1 7:15—U) 7:45-(4) 8 I 1O~7~^4 ' VrflU- IOHU.II UV-**iH*«V.. j Three people explain how God's j Give Us This Day Big Picture Early Riser Christian Science: pie seek the reason for the defeat of a school tax referendum among tlie townspeople. (Ri (11) Marry a Millionaire 9:00—(2) Jubilee U.S.A.: Tex Sunday. July 17 (51 My Little Margie (ID Hour of Stars 4:30-(2' Michaels in Africa (41 Face The Nation: Gov. Abraham Ribicoff of Conn.. vation Department revealed Aaron, Milwaukee, 24. selections to represent the U.S. law helped ovni-come accidents.' guest. 8:30- (2) (4) (3) Town Hall Why Is It So? Give and Take Fisher Family Lamp Unto My Feet Protestant Hour only 80.000 boats out of a po- .stolen bases — Pinson, Cincin-|in the doubles after 32-year-old tentlal 340.000 craft Pave been jna y 20: Mays, San Francisco, 19. j Bernard Bartzen of Dallas and' registered in Illinois under the Pitching (based on 7 or more!24-year-old Barry MacKay of Day! 9:00—(2) new boating laws. Ken Gruen-jdecisions) — Roebuck, Los An- ton. Ohio, won Friday's two sin- (4) wald. assistant supervisor, Boatjgeie^ g. li ggg. Williams. Los An-|gles matches. j (5) Registration arid Safety, while '"jgeles, 8-2. .800. , Lame Wain Canada's non-play-. 9:30-<2) Hearld of Truth Alton Wednesday, said hat on-, strikeouts - Drysdale, Los An- !ing captain . indjcated he would j (4 , Sunday ly about 50 per cent of the boat ; g eles . 14 , : Fripnd Pittsburgh.' UBP Bob Bedard and r^n F aon- (3) owners are making an attempt! 114. to comply with the new law. When the boat registrations were first begun this spring, about 700 to 800 applications a; day were received. But lately; the average had dropped to about] 400 daily. There is some specula-; tion that the original estimate | of the number of boats in Illinois was too high. But on the other hand, the weather and water stages has curbed boating this spring and early summer extensively in this area BfiWUNG (4i tana, the pair who lost Friday's] 10:00— (2) singles. i (4i Bedard took the first two sets; 10:30— (21 but, hampered by a knee cramp, was no match for Bartzen, the U.S. Clay Court champion there- i after. Bartzen won 5-7. 4-6. 6-0, 6-2, 6-2. MacKay had no such BOWL Friday Mixed League j 200 bowlers—V. Welborn 207. | ^^ ^ ^^ ^ Gansmann 209, W. Fiessel ; trouble. He just overpowered Fon- 'tana 6-1. 6-3, 6-2. Good Glove Turns Into Stick Man CHICAGO (API-Brooks Robin- huge drop in the number of boat-j High games—Ryan 200, Chur-i son, Baltimore's great fielding This Is The Life (a) Christophers Faith of Our Fathers Faith for Today Camera Three: Loneliness ol men facing possible death is told in "Company K." (3) Theodore Roosevelt: American ~ 44 (bl6K Many harbor owners have told us mat they have dozens of per- • sons who have rented docks and! BOWL HAVEN yet have to launch their boats, j Onized Mixed Other harbor owners have toldj High games—B. Mulrean 208, us that they have had a severe fi-jy. Moss 279. nancial setback as a result of the! Friday Men 10:55—(4) News: Ned Calmer 11:00—(2) Message of the Rabbi (4) Way of Life (5) Industry on Parade Social Security Americans at Work Sacred Heart Caucus: do Emerging Nations lll:l&-(2) I .3, ll:30-(2) (4) I "What ers. Some marine dealers havej cr ,i|j 216, also told us that sales are much|Haist 224. lower this season than in pre-' Vlous Courtesy and friendliness afloat can stfll be found on Alton Lake,, according to Mr. and Mrs. Rob-i ert Beloll. 1902 North Roger* Ave. Recently the Beloits and their i C I mill L,Olirl children, Pattle 12. and Bobbie J. Tuttle 222, G.-third baseman, has suddenly turned into a stick man. : , Tlie 23-year-old soft-spoken Southerner from Little Rock hit for the cycle in leading the Orioles i Nine Divorces III III I Need From Us." \ I (5) Frontiers of Faith: • i (11) This Is The Answer ! 11:45— (2) Ask a Priest j Noon—(2) Operation Dark Cloud. > (4) Montage ', (5> Home Hunters' Guide (ID Wild Bill Hickok 12:13—(2) United Steelworkers (5) News: Walt Williams It's a Great Life 5:00— (2) Funday Funnies (4) FY1: "London Comment: Elections U.S.A." (3) Meet Tlie Press: Chester Bowles guest. CU) Texas Rangers 3:30—(2) Lone Ranger (4) 20th Century: "Silent Sentinell", story of radar. (R) (a) Fun Fare (ID Movie: Rossano Brazzi. Glynis Johns: "Loser Take All" (1932i. Comedy of a young married couple who invent a system of roulette which wins them a .fortune. EVENING 6:00—(2) Broken Arrow: Cochise sets out to capture an outlaw who sold whiskey to the Apaches. (R) (4) Lassie ' (3) Overland Trail: Kelly I and Flip's efforts to shorten aj route by tunneling through a : mountain are complicated by a; crew boss in "Fire in the Hole". 6:30—(2) Maverick: (1946). A girl arrives at an old mansion to claim her share of her grandmother's will. 12:30—(ID News 1:35—MI Give Us This Day from a small Alabama village who is the unwitting butt of all his platoon's practical jokes. (R) (3) Mystery Show: (Color) Dane Clark stars in "Last Six Blocks", story of a doctor who becomes the pawn of a ruthless town constable. 8:30—(2) The Alaskans: An early freeze traps a supply ship, leaving an isolated mining town's inhabitants dependent on a ruthless storekeeper. tR) : (4) 'Alfred Hitchcock: j Laurence Harvey stars as an| egotistical farmer with a pen-j channt fo rmurder in "Arthur", j Hazel Court. (R) 9:00— (4) Lucy in Connecticut: ; The Ricardos find country life| lonely without the Merrzes. (R) | (51 Loretta Young: A la-i dy who has a job living in a! store window discovers she is! being stalked by a man in the' crowd of watchers in "Lady in! the Fish Bowl". (R) , i 9:20—(11) News: Bob Lurie i 9:30—(2) Johnny Staccato: Johnny jeopardizes his own life in order to save his friend Waldo in "Night of Jeopardy". (R) (4t What's My, Line? (51 The Vikings: Haldar's bride is kidnaped hi "The Women". (ID Open End: Five movie industry authorities discuss "Movie Maelstrom". 4* .11 8 .11 .M .41 9 10! 11! N; Roundup iewi»h Ptm. chrrttme If. Blblt Cljjii H'llnt N: W SOlMIM M C&jjrch of N: MuijC R. MuilC Prole»l«n(l N; Pulpit Radio Pul Hymn* Prophecy N: TtberMOto Tehenwcle L. Invitation N; Oub 13M Club N. qub 13«0 Club N; Stan Prof lira: N Lutherant Rev. LowtutB N; 8 Mutlo N; Club 1380 Club N: dub 1380 Club N; Brunch Brunch 3rd Bapt Background Muny Best N: Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 Cub N : PreviM Prevu* N Brunch iu(l«a Mr. N; s Dr. Dooley Pan in Stand* Interview N: Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 Club N; Brunch Brunch rhi World Dr. BarnbouM C*rds-Cubi N. Club 1380 Club N, Crub 1380 Club Mi MbntMr Monitor N: MooKof Monitor., Hvnui i* C. People N: Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 Club N; Monitor Monitor ^ Hymnt' MUB.C Break N; Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 Club N; Monitor Monitor N: Moimor Monitor Dr. mere* 4! Cards -Cuba N: Club 1380 Club N; Club 1380 Club N: Soil On (M UM N; Monitor Monitor Headline* N T. Grant O. Sokolsky M; Club 1380 Club N; Club 1380 Club N; MOPitOT Monitor N; Monitor Monitor S: Report Overteet N Hymns N: Club 1380 Club N; Club 1380 Club N: MonHor Monitor Hymn* S; Hymn* Hymn*: N N: S Mitch Miller n *• Miller: Trio N: Club 1380 Club N, Club 1380 Club N; Monitor Monitor . Hymn* .sign on N J. Dollar Suspense N: Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 Club N: Llvlni F. Living Catholic* Have C Gunimoke N; dub 1380 dub N: Club 1380 Club AP •W N; Smith Apathy Danger Pace Nation N: Club. 1380 Qub N: dub 1310 Club N: Mu»IC Njte MttffC Muilc; N N; Antftony B. Anthony N: Club 1380 Club N: Club 1380 dub MONDAY to a 5-2 victory over the Chicago! 12:30— (21 Bildors Showcase White Sox Friday night to give! him a string of eight hits in his, last eight official trips to the ' plate. ! Robinson singled in tlie first! (4) Quiz a Catholic (3) Movie: "Diamond Jim Brady". Sec Sat., 10:30 p.m., Ch. 3. (ID Movie: Allan Lane: 15, were boating near Grafton; EDWARDSVILLE — Nine un-, inning, homered in the third, sin-j "Savage Frontier" (1933) Wes when the lower unit on their out- 1 contested divorces were granted !gled in the fifth, doubled in the, tern. board motor failed. iFriday in the courts of Circuit! seventh and got his triple in the! 1:30— i2 The family hadn't drifted long! Judges Joseph J. Barr and Har- ninth when he drove in a pair ol "Main when an unidentified person in j old R. Clark. ii-uas to assure the Orioles of a another boat came along and| Granted divorces on the triumph that snapped a five-game towed them nearly 10 miles backgrounds of cruelty were: Jeanne to Piasa Creek. The fellow in the j Wendell Moll from Harold James tow boat refused any payment'" " "' " for his time or his gasoline. What Moll, with tlie plaintiff given custody of one child; Beatrice B. is more he was pressed for time'Landers from John F. Landers; to get to work himself. j Evelyn Rain from Donald Rain, Most boaters will still go to the ; witli plaintiff given custody of aid of another but there was alone child; Marjorie A. Cox from when virtually ever losing streak. Robinson also has! hit safely in Baltimore's last nine; gamos. "That's not only the first time! I ever hit for the cycle." saidj Robinson, "but it's also the first I time I've ever had five-for-five. I Man, what a feeling." boat-'Harold M. Cox, defendant given ine enthusiast would do so. This : custody of two children; Roberta (the court: Marjorie M. ,,,St.r has rnntended that he has'Norvell from Samuel E. Nor- from Joseph R. Brown, w Movie: Tom Morton: Street to Broadway" (1933) Drama. (ID Roller Derby 2:00—(4) Charlie Chan 2:30—(4i Last of Mohicans (5> Cameo Theatre ill) Movie: Donald O'Connor: "Chip Off the Old Block" 11944). Song and dance romance of a young couple struggling to pave the way to wedlock. 3:00—«4'i News: Max Roby Inside KMOX-TV Brave Stallion American Musical Bret risks his life to travel to Central America in search of a beautiful girl and a fortune in missing gems in "Guatemala City". (R)i 10:00-(2) Rendezous : (4) Dennis the Menace: (4) CBS News Special , Mr. Wilson is duped into at-: <5> Grand Jury : tending a surprise luncheon in; 10:15—(4) News: Max Roby j his honor. (R) j 10:25—(4) Sports: Carmichael j 7:00—14) Ed Sullivan: Abbe-10:30— (2> Movie: John Garfield, Lane with Xavier Cugat's or-: Maureen O'Hura: "The Fallen Sparrow" '1943). Spanish Civil War veteran returns to discover his childhood friend has been murdered. (4) Movie: Errol Flynn, Ida Lupino: "Escape Me Nev- H. Gunther N H. Ounther N Opener N; Farm voge) Farm N; William* G. William* Clockwatcher G. New*ome N; New*om* G. Newtora* 7 M S 8 N; Gunther H. dumber N N; Farm T. Dalley N: Dalley T. DaUey N: W Rex Devi* Clockwatcher N: Newiome C. Newiome N. Newtome G. Newiorae chestra. Edgav Bergen. Alan! King. Dick Van Dyke, Chris 1 Connor and Dick Contino head- : line thf: show. (5) .Musk: on Ice: (Color;. "The Carnival". ; (ID Behind Closed Doors i 7:30—(2» Lawman: Troop makes' a deal to free an outlaw's son' in exchange for Lily and a, friend who are held as hostages j 11:00—(5) Divorce Court in "9:03 to North Platte". (R) 112:00—(5) News er" Q947I. Romantic drama of an English girl and n struggling young composer. (5) Man from Interpol 9 J» I 10 IT World N H. Ounther N: Gunther H. Gunther N: Dnlley T. Dalley N; Dalley Dalley: N Rex Devi* Clockwatcher N: Newsome C. Newiom* N. Newkome G. Newiome N: Wllaon , Ed WU*o» Exerclce* Unity: Hymn* G. Cantreil H. Christian N Clockwatcher N: Newtome G. New*ome N: Newsome G. Newtome N: WIl*on Ed WUaoa B'ract Club N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davl* N; Wilson Ed Wilson 4 1 3:30—(2t (4) Theatre: 4 '°°- -' Amos 'n Andy J '" Be p: League of SPORTSMAN'S Brown writer has contended that he has Norvell from Samuel K. Nor-!from Joseph K. Brown, with cus- been towed back to his starting veil, plaintiff given cuustody of|tody of three children given to place more than anyone when i one child. tlie plaintiff: Claude Scran- we operated doggy motors buck Divorce decrees entered on| ton from Hattie C. Scranton: in the 40's. We never have for-! grounds of desertion were: Bet-1 Churles K. Cunningham from gotten and we have never know-ity O'Dell from Edison E. O'Dell, j Sarah Cunningham, with plain- inidy oassed up anyone in need i with custody of two children left tiff's maiden name of Sarah S wSKSe We even onceiopen for future determination by Ritchie restored. i Women Voters on Candidates burned out our 10-horsepower motor towing another craft. " 5:40-(4) Give Us Thi* Day 5:45—(4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00—'(4) Town 'n Country 6:30-(4) P.S. 4: Math. 7:00—(4) Morning St. Louie. News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:48. (5) Today: News casts 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. 8:00—(2) Camera Two News: Grimsby Cartoon Time Capl Kangaroo Jack LuLunne Show (4) 9:00-12) (4) December Bride (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30— (2) Romper Room (4) Video Village (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00-(4) Topper (4) Clear Horizon Concentration (11) Movie: Olivia de Havilland, Mark Stevens: "Snake Pit" (1949). Adaption of bestseller about life in an overcrowded mental institution. 8:00—(2) Tlie Rebel: After be- 12:05—1'5). Assignment Children 12:15—(4) Movie: Dick Foran: , "Song of the Saddle" (1936) Wet.-: tern. • j Li:20— (2) Movie: John Howard,! Marguerite Chapman: "Subma- 121 11 N: Dailey r. Dalley N; Dalley Dalley. N N: Party Houseparty G. Moore Crosby-Clooney N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis P'hous* Pty, N: Farm voael Farm The World N: Headline* J McCormlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Happ'ess N: Davis G. Davis N; Davl* G. Davis £ N: Party P'house Party N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt; N Whispering Sti, Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins 21 N; Burke j. Burke p. Witt N: Witt Witt: N N: Seller Bast Seller G. Williams N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins ing arrested on a false charge by I line Raider" Q942). Story ofi a crooked sheriff, Yuma is inducted into a slave laborer gang in "The Vagrants". (R) events leading up to attack on; Pearl Harbor. 12:30—(11) News 3* W M N: Burke J. Burke p. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon'. N N: Buck J. Buck N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins K. Richard TO FIND IT A6AIN UMTTf MAU. •» fOQ* IM flBNMVMOil WIAKW* T Ii TM** eCNSUMM* TO *•> 1UM1O YbV IXMT WOT, tO UUtm AfMMU. mtr IT CAaKT Uttff AM** uif A (4) GE Theatre: Sammy 12:3;>— (a) Weather Report Davis Jr. and Robert Culp o 1:15— (41 Late News Roundup star in the story of a gentle boy] 1:20— (4) Give Us This Day Monday, July 18 N: Burke J. Burke i, ,» Burke: N (4) Coffee Bi'eak Search tor Tomorrow It Could Be You (Col ! "Well, gee whw: Next time I won't even TRY to warn • i you when the alarm clock is almost ready 1 to go off in your ear!" (5) ll:00-(2) Janet Dean, R.N. (4) Love of Ute (5) Truth or Consequence* 11:30— (2) (4) (5) or). 11:45~(4> Guiding Light Jl:a>-l2) News: Hayward (U) Morning Cliupcl j Noon-(2) Restless Gun (4) News-Weather Beat 15) Charlotte Peters (U) Cartoon* 12:05— (4) People's Choice U: 30-12) Love That Bob! (4) As The World Turns (U) News: Ken Daust 1:00— (2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen iv a Day (11) Movie: Tommy Cook: "Vicious Years" (1950) Drams. 1:30— (2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young 2:00—l2i Day in Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30— (2* Gale Storm Show (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots (ID Mickey Rooney 3-. 00- (2) Beat the Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) The Thin Man (11) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-(4) Secret Storm 3:OMSI) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:4»~<11> Capl IV » Showboat 1:00.- (2 ' Amtncai) Huiidsiuud (4) SS Popeyf (5) You Asked For It 41 Plan Twilight Orchard Tour On July 28 HARDIN-A twilight orchard tour is being planned In Calhoun County on July 28, at the William Gress orchard three (51 Huntley-Biinkley New.-j miles north of Batchtown, ac- N: Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordoo Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck M Buck: W N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard Kill Rev. LOhM Art M«b sac. Heart StartfiM N: Mntt 1*t BaotM wach. R St. Prmn. C. Cradle Georiietow« If. N: Mu*tc sen. DlrluM SIU N: Palm J- "«•» N: Pain J. Palm N: Palm N: s N; Palm J. Palea N. Palea .1 Palen Palen: N Sign Off N: Day Bob D«» N: Day Bob O»y N: Day S; Day N: Day Bob Day N Bob Day N: Waltw H. Waltar leilo QUB R. BenwNi N; Ben*ra R Benioa N: Tim* City. Tim, M- Gainat Farm-Mat. A, Grace Club Naw* N: Day Bob Day ,, ,» a. Counter N: Palao J. ( Palm N: Paltn J. Palan N; PalM I. Palen 3:00-CM Capt. Gallant ! (3) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color. (11) Sgt. Preston 5:30—(2) News: Hayward (Hi Suspenseville 5:40—(i) Weather: Uayward 5:43-12) Cartoon Time (11) Three Stooges Wost Alton Movie: Young To (5) Ufedffliiey Joan Leslie: WEST ALTON Mrs. Jim Treadwuy has returned home after spending six weeks in Houston, Tex., with relatives. Mrs. George Applegatc is visiting in Chillothie and Independence, Mo- Johnny and Jimmie Surmen, of Ontario, Can., are visiting their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Partee. Mr*. Ida Downey and son. ol Toledo, Ohio, wore visiting with her sUter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Anderson. The Cutnolic church of West Alton will hold it* annual picnic July 17. Author Chaucer (13404400) gave the slang word "bone*" to die. cording to an announcement by Calhoun County Farm Adviser Rosroe Hadell. The tour will start at 4 p.m.. f.nd is open to all those who &re interested. A sack* lunch will be served by the members oi the Gileud Home Bureau unit. Areas oi interest to be covered in th,e tour include peach varieties, peach tree training, insects and diseases and winter killing. Eflk-rtnUi FHA HARD1NT Mrs. Henry EberJin and daughter. Miss Barbara, entertained members of the Ilaidin Chapter F. H. A. at a barbecue at their home in Hardin Thursday evening. About ID girls attended the party, and the evening was spent in playing games. Barbara is president krf the F. H. A. Chapter, and Mrs. Eberlln is a chapter moth-1 er, as is Mrs. Paul R. Durr.j who was also present. To Attend Camp HARDIN — Two boys from Calhoun County will attend wild life camp at Monticello, Illinois. Memorial 4-H Camp from August 1 to August 5. They are William Stahl and Leonard Fortschneider. both of Brussels. A requirement for at tendance at the camp is a 4-11 project in wildlife or forestry. 4-11 Club to Meot HARDIN ~ The club achievement program of the Hardin Busy Bees 4-H Club will be held in the Farm Bureau Building Monday evening, beginning at 7 p.m. Food and flower arrangement projects will be on display,, and several foods demonstrations will be given. Cloth- Ing will be modeled by those In the club who are enrolled In clothing projects- Refreshments will be served at the close of the program by the Hurdln Home Bureau unit. «pon*ok'« Of the club The public. IK invited W. Somerset Maughman said: 'Russian* take their liquor sadly. They weep when they are drunk. They, are Very often drunk." Worden WORDEN—Mrs. Leona Brown, of Kansas City, Kan,, has returned home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Otto Dittes. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones ol Hammond. Ind., were recent guests o! Mr. and Mrs. August H. Zirges. Mrs. Jane Lynch ol Springfied, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Buehnemann. Mrs. Minnie Kuethe Blanched of Los Angeles, Calif., visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meyer. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Homes had no fear ol death. "When he comes," he told his secretary, "he will look like an old friend." IV SMIfiS ftr IvtryoM KMOXJV Choa. 4 liuHlfy lilt •« SuNtoy IADIO KID-IM

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