Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1960
Page 5
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SATURDAY, «mL¥ 16, 1960 AL1t)N EVENING TELEGRAPH Condemns Complacency ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON •Aim* 5:14.18; j. The Prophet Amo* warns hi* people, •aying, "Woe to them that are at ease in Zlon, and trust In the mountain of Samaria, which are named Chief of the nation*, to whom the houte of Israel camel"—Amot 6:1. "Ye that put far away thr evil day, and cause the seat of violence io come near; That He upon beds of Ivory, stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flocks." — Amos 6:3-4. "That chant to the round of the viol, and Invent Instruments of musirk, like David: that drink wine In bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief oinimenis; but are not grieved for Joseph's affliction."—Amos 6:5-6. "Therefore 1 now shall they go captive with the first who go captive, and the banquet of them that stretched themselves shall be removed." — Amos 6:7. MEMORY VERSE—1 Cor. 10:12. Amos Condemns Complacency ODD IS FULLY COGNIZANT OF THE SINS COMMITTED BY HIS PEOPLE, THE ISRAELITES; HE MUST PASS JUDCMEI^T UPON THEM; NEVERTHELESS HE PLEADS WITH HIS PEOPLE TO FORSAKE THEIR SINS Ike (Solicit (Test Scripture—Amos 5:14-15; 6. By MCWMAN CAMPBELL i Amos then rebukes those who "It is generally thought that are living lives of luxury, Ignor- the messages of Amos the pro- 1 ing things to come. He says, "Ye phet, recorded in the book that'that put far away the evil day, bears his name, were uttered land cause thr seat of violence about 760 B.C." — Peloubet's to come near; That lie upon beds Select Notes, by the Rev. Dr. I of ivory, and stretch themselves Wilbur M. Smith. iupon their couches, and eat the Amos could see clearly the Jambs out of the flock, and the •ins of his people, the Israelites, calves out of the midst of the and what dreadful future was in stall; That chant to the sound of store for them if they did not the viol, and invent to themselves mend their ways. So he warned instrument* of muslck, like Dathcm: vid; That drink wine in bowls, "Woe to them that are at ease and anoint themselves with the. In Zion, and trust in the mountain chief ointments: but they are not. of Samaria, which are named grieved for the affliction of Jo-j chief of the nations, to whom seph." — Amos 6:3-6. j the house of Israel came! Pass "Therefore now shall they go- ye into Calneh, and see; and captive with the first that go from thence go ye to Hamath captive, and the banquet of them; the great; then go down to Gath that stretched themselves shall: of the Philistines; be they bet-i be removed. The Lord God hath Wigger. ...... evening service. Rev. Wigger. Hartford First Baptist—Jack K, Laffler, pastor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45, Morning worship. "Our Debt!" 6:30 p.m. HYF. 7:30. F.vening worship. St. Paul's-Thlrfl at Market John M. Young, rector. 9:30. Family Eucharist and sermon. Rev. Luther O. Ison. Evangelical It Reformed EvangeliMl and Reformed - 8th at Henry. Leonard F. Todd servtw.. ^ HtneMs! Church of fh* arene — 3316 Hfllcrest. Robert Weathers, pastor. 9:30, Sunday school. 10:30, Morning worship 'The Kingdom of God." 8:45, Youth service. 7:30, Evangelistic service. "Man's Folly and Incomplete Obedience." Roxana Church of the N»«a- rene—Charles W. Alstott, minister. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:35, Morning worship. "The Submissive Saviour." 7 p.m Evangelistic nervfre. Pentecostal Bethel Pentecostal—300 Lincoln, F;ast Alton. E. F. Hanion, pastor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school 11 a.m. Worship. 7:30 p.m. Kvangelisitc service. Bible Presbyterian Covenant Presbyterian—Brighton. Robert Dunn, pastor. 9:30. Sunday school. 10:45, Worship. "Man—Past, Present, and Future." ____ Undenominational Berean Bible Church — 3047 Alby. Vernon A. Schutz, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:40. Worship service. 7:30 p.m., Eve- 'ning service. ! Faith Community Church- Godfrey Town Hall. Kenneth E. Jtggard, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30, Worship. Presbyterian U.8.A. First Presbyterian—4th and "Is Salvation Necessary?" I pastor. 9 a.m. Church school Cherry Street Baptist- 6th at|8 and 10 a.m. Worship services Cherry.' W. Freeman Privett. "Christ Chooses Help." pastor. 9:30 a.m. Church school. IP 15 and 10:30 a.m. Worship.! Jehovah'. Wltneww ices. "Whosoever Would Be! Wood River = Kingdom Hall- sc|x ^j 9:30. Morning worship iCreat." Rev. Errol Bosley.: 22<Linton. 6:45 p.m .Public talk. j. The Relation of Christian Faith 7 p.m. BYF 8 p.m. Living-How Does the United Nation., to Hpal(n/ , Lorena, Wood River. Manley L. Mace, minister. 9:30, Church ! Christ Hour. "Tears of Sym- i, 'pathy." Catholic St. Marmew's-1110 MUton Rd. fr^ilRev. William Croke, pastor. Rev. Paul Sheridan, assistant. * Masses at 6. 8:30, 9:30, 10:30. and 11:30. St. Kevin's—Rosewood Heights. Zike Pharmacy Frank J. Stand With God?" R. S p.m. Watchtower Taylor. College Ave. Presbyterian— St " t1v: College at Clawson. John C. Services in i basement. "Speak From a Good Heart." Castle Jr castor 9:30 Alton Kingdom Han -436 E churdi schoo^lS and , Proadway. 3 p.m. Public lecture. ! Wo rship. "Love - Bargain or 4:15 pm Watchtower study, \ $ Bcr jf iC e." Rev. Richard Morey. " Speech and Salvation. First p rc sbyterlan-Fourth at NEW KC OFFICERS Herbert i. Hayes, outgoing grand and Wood River KC Officers Thursday knight of the Wood River Knights of night at Wood River, Ralph Henkhans, Columbus council, congratulated Ed ' .—-..-. A. -«« Hoffmann, Incoming grand knight at joint installation ceremonies of Bethalto district deputy, installed the officers,— Staff Photo. Medora Medora Notes MEDORA — Mrs. Mabel Jenkis and Norton, daughter, Columbus, Mrs. Ohio, Melba called on friends In Medora Friday. Mrs. Truman Bowker, Mrs. u.H.r itav H.m«. i Alby. Edgar J. Vance, minister JLloyd Bowker and Brad, Mrs. Church of Jesus 8:3 ° and 10:45 - Morning worship. | Francis Coleman and Mrs. unurcn or jesus,., Faith Is Ar v .«, Bn fi a i •• q.^n ~ stopped in Springfield and wereinett, visited Thursday afternon supper guests at the home of j with _ Mrs. Marvin Sarginson, Mrs. Bowker's brother, Ernest! Owens, and also visited a sister-in-law, Mrs. Sadie Owens Kenneth Aldridge of Brighton is spending a few days with his cousin, Topper Shields. and visited Tuesday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Maple. Medium-sized artichokes usually need about 30 minutes cook- . Chrit Latter Day Salnta-«h; : ch " rch Corena. Wood River. 9:30. .... j VJrgl , Pruitt Jr ., attended the hi, ,t pr«hvf«H a n Inerai of the former's cousin, Ella Gammon, at Buffalo Mrs. T. B. Ruyle Sr. and her! ing in salted boiling water to parents, Mr.' and Mrs. W. F. Ben-'cover. ; 1 SS. Peter & Paul's-721 State. I The Church of Jesus Christ ol • Msgr. W. T. Sloan, rector. Revs, i Latter Day Saints (Mormon i- Medard Lobocki. Donald Meehl-|2821 E. Broadway Ronald L. . ing Peter Bertoldo, assistants. Guthne, Bishop. 9 a.m. Priest- 7:3 °- 8:3 °- GOLDEN TEXT "Wherefore let him that thinketh he slandeth take heed lest he fall."—I Corinthians 10:12. .Statue of Liberty, New Yprk Harbor. ter than these kingdoms? or sworn by Himself, saith the Lord p „ _.,., their border greater than your ; God of hosts, I abhor the ex-JEvening worship. "Satan's Ban-ijoVlS, and I St. Patrick's-5th and Central.]service jRev. John J. Crosson, pastor.! IRevs. Thomas O'Connor and ^ .—. ! Henry Schmidt, assistants. Sun- Wherefore let him that think-i day Masses at 5:45, 7.30. 8.45. eth he »tandeth take heed lest! 10- and " :1 5- _ t he fall."—I Corinthians 10:12. j St. Ambrose—St. ™»>»™ '£•• :j ng With Nations." HS^rJa^HrS^J?essTah l-^heran-MiUon Rd. 7:30.itant. Masses at 5:45, 7:30, 9,j Carl "ilgendorf, ! Lutheran .! Zion Lutheran—Bethalto. Er- 'iwin J. Kolb, pastor. 9 a.m. Sun' day school. 8 and 10:15 am. Worship. "God's Way of Deal- border?" — Amos 6:1-2. The places which Amos nam cellency of Jacob, and hate his ed were "three great and.flourish-|P all "; es; . ther ^ f ° rcI1 ^ 1tIi de " Ver i up the city with all that is there- Jin." — Amos 6: 7-8. "Hate the evil, and love the ing capitals, because he is ing to the great men of thej capitals of the two kingdoms of Israel and the condition of the good. a "d establish judgment in whole kingdom is reflected in the gate: it may be that the the circumstances of the capital. Lord God of hosts will be gra- quet." St. Mary's—Fourth at Henry. East Alton First Baptist—4th Rev. James A. Suddes, pastor, at Bowman. Thomas D. McDer-lRevs. Thomas Gallenbach and mand, pastor. 9:45 a.m. Wor- hhip. "Something Out of Everything." 10:45, Church school. 6:30 p.m. BYF. 7:30, Evening worship. Brown Street Baptist — 3125 Brown. Arthur Woolsey, pastor. Calneh is later Ctesiphon, in thejcious unto the remnant of Jo- j 9:30, Bible school. 10:30, Wor' land of Shlnar, or Babylonia, sit-Jseph." —Amos 5:15. ship. "A Glimpse of His Glory. uated upon the Tigris opposite to| We had this quotation in last !;'.' Seleucia (Gen. 10:10); Hamath, i week's lesson, but it is well worth ' the capital of the Syrian king-«repeating. Don't think that be- Kirst Baptist—College at John- dom of that name, situated upon cause you go to church regular- son Orrin M. Anderson, pastor i, n _. - — . .-i. •* * ._." — 'IU Vincent Worland. assistants. Masses at 5:45. 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. Christian First Church of Christ-2nd at Lorena, Wood River. G. R. Schreiber, minister. 9:30. Bible school. 10:30, Worship. "A Sure Thing." 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic to Hou"A paceo Shun" Sunday school. pastor. 9:15. 8 and 10:30, Worship. (Communion at 10:30 service). Trinity Lutheran— Blair and Maple. Reuben C. Baerwald. pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 8*a.m. Holy Communion. 10:30, 9:30, Church school. 10:40. Wor-j Wednesday. En route home they ship. "Come to a Safe Place." Roxana First Presbyterian- William E. Rice, pastor. 9:30, Church school. 10:40, Morninc worship. "Friendship or Fear?" Psalms 25:14. Elm Street Presbyterian- William R. Kimbrough, pastor. 9:30, Church school. 8:30 and 10:45 Worship. "Why Judge Your Neighbor's Sins?" Worship. Berea Lutheran— Greene and Gold. Herbert A. Schulze, pastor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school 11 a.m. Worship. Franor n "m Methodist St. Paul's—Rosewood Heights, i Roy Baugh, pastor. 8:30 and ' 10:40, Worship. 9:35, Sunday j school. 6:30 p.m. MYF. 7:30. ! Evening worship. Wood River first Methodist- Bated on copyrighted outlines produced by the Division of Christian Edu- i 10:30 ' Worship. "The Church cation. National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and used byjat Work." 6:30 p.m. BYF. Upper Alton baptist — 9:30. Church school. 10:40. Morning worship. "Thou Shalt Love Thy- permission. Distributed by King Features Syndicate. Sunday Church Services Asaembljr of God Forest Mission—5th and Forest Dr., Forest Homes Add. Calvary Southern Baptist— 1422 Washington. Howard Todd Taylor, pastor. 8:30 and 10:35, gtudy Hills ' n am Exhortation East AUon First Methodist- Jack D . Travelstead, pastor 11:30, Communion and Fellow- 9 . 30 a m ' church school. 10:30, ship. 7:30 p.m. Exhortation. up. 7:30 p.m. kxnortanon. Worship. "No Time Church of Christ-1123 Cen-| ness .. 6:15i MYF 7 . BYF. The 7:30, Christian tral. 10 a.m. Bible study. 11 in Today's World." Rev. Estey. Bethany Baptist—Alby street ion. 8 p.m. Preaching and Corn- munion. service. Begins." Time for Holi- 30, Evening Out Where the New First Methodist—6th and Market—William L. Bird, minister. -_.„,„.. „. r<Mi 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:10, » « ^ u ?£5 tA«i r Morning worship. "The Life I Louie Estes. pastor. 9:30 a.m. Worship services. 9:30. SundayjqT^ nTsu'nday'school r ld : 30 ^T^?^ ° f rP^ t-J™'! should Live -" Sunday school. 11 a.m. Wor- school 6:30. TU. 7:30. Worship. ! Mornine worship 7-30 p m TU son ' Ind A', 6 J, ,2 u £!!^'< Maln street Methodist-John ship. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic; Whitelaw Ave. Baptist—Wood, g-so Evening worship ' i J 1 ! 88 ™™ °i5"% ^w«r«Ef,l i Henderson, minister. 9:3 service. iRiver. A. A. Capron. pastor.; 'Rosewood Heights First Bap- ™ : f• «° rsn 'P' 7 P m VVorsnI P !Church school. 8:30 and Milton Assembly of God- '9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45. tist-John C. Lobos, pastor. 9:30. „' *,„.• hrnnk rhlirch of G od ; Worshl P_ serv .«ces. 6 p.m. MYF.j Come-in PI. David McGarvey. j Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. TU. Church school. 10:30. Morning.. A Jf a M^, nSor q-^0 am' ' P ' m ' Lven '"g worship, pastor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. 1 7:30, Evening worship. Usorship. "Religion's Minority|iS O p,h», io-45 Churoh school i " Na^aTe^e 11 a.m. Worship. 7:30. Evening, Godfrey Baptist-George H.| \-oice." 7:30. Evening service. |^ s ^ ]d ^^' h ^ r ^ nds youfh i Rosewood HelSt? Church of Kprv ""' |FHHV nfletnr Q '™ am a.nH.v.»H,« M»«.«tv thpn^.1- ^^ fe ,, owship 7;30 Evening terv-jthe Nazarene-Airline at Bert. First Baptist Church College and Johnson Streets Alton, Illlnoit. Orrin M. Anderson, Pastor 9:30 Church School 10:30 A.M. Morning Worship Memage: "Our True Purpose" 11:00 Until 11:80—Broadcast over WOKfc Nursery maintained during morning and evening services. Ample parking for everyone. YOU'RE MISSING SOMETHING MIGHTY FINE Whm You An Abttnt from SUNDAY SCHOOi Those who hovt Mt started vlar attendance •*• especially invited ta coma Svnday. • Radio WOKZ.. 8:30 • Sunday School 9:30 (going, growing, slowing) • Worship .. .. 10:45 Theme: "The Three Philosophies of Life .... Which Is Yours? 1 • Evangeligtic .. 7:30 Theme: "When God Cracks Your Defense." Special Singing and Music Prayer for the sick and needy. THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH ..a Morning Worship Service 10:10 A.M. SERMON: "THE LIFE I SHOULD LIVE" Paul «ald: "For I do not do the sood I want, but the evil t do not want 1» what I do." Is not this the lament of every one of ui? How can we achieve the will to do what we Know we ought to do? SOLO: "The Straiuer of OalUee" (Morrii) Mrs. Donald Koppenhaver Church School: 0:30 a.m. Nursery and attendant at all services. The beautiful Methodist Church In the heart of Alton seeking to lift the hearts of people to God. service. BaptUt Pleasant View General Tap- i Eddy, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday; "His Majesty, the Devil.' school. 10:40, Church services, j North Alton Baptist — 6:30 p.m. B.Y.F. 7:30, evening! State. William Robertson, pas ice. services. , tor. 9:30 a.m. Church school.! Wood River Church of God— tist-Third and Whitelaw, East .... . .._._.. ., Alton. Curtis Eaker, pastor. I son, pastor. 9:45, Church school ;TU. 7:30, evening worship. 9:45, Church school. 11 a.m. " " ~ - • - - - - - - _ . Worship. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic service. Victory General Baptist—2730 Viewland. Barney Davault, pastor. 10 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Worship. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic service. Fosterburg Baptist-Roy Carl-110:45. Morning worship. 6:30. ] ^«™ ™? t or 9 -30 a m Church m n ..f AV O.^Q rhni./.h «»h/v,l ' TT T 7-50 ovonino tvorchin I Smart, pas_IO_T. » .«J B.m. V-nui en I 11 ic i^a^aiciie— nu imc ai x^irit. (Gerald G. Van Tine, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30. Morning worship. 6:45, NYPS and NJS. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic, 10:45, Worship. "What the Law I Sanford Avenue Baptist—2636 i|r";™' rVvi.M XW Tkn •• 1 n m HVIT 5anfnl-H .Tnhn T inahamw nactnr , C.»ening Could Not Do." 7 p.m. BYF. i Sanford. John Lineberry, pastor 8 p.m. Gospel Hour. "You Are 9:30, Church school. 10:30, Worship. Robert Glover. 6:30 p.m. Cheating Yourself." Wood River First Baptist—3rd and Lorena. Walter C. Burk, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. "The Plain Man's __-. . «t«l*fc X outh ,. m u eet i ng f. 7: |°Hour. "The Seeking Saviour." Main Street Baptist—509 Main, 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:40. f ENROLL NOW! DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Your Children Will Enjoy This Character Building Program • CHRISTIAN WORSHIP • BIBLE INSTRUCTION • TRAINING IN CHRISTIAN LIFE • HANDICRAFT WORK • SINGING AND RECREATION JULY 18th to 29th MESSIAH—Alton, 111., 9 A.M-11:45 A.M. «.. at Church AUGUST 1st to 13th BEREA—Alton, III, 9 A.M.42 Noon... at Church FAITH—Godfrey, 111., 9 A.M-12 Noon... at Church ST. PAUL'S—Wood River, 111., 9 A.M.- Us30 A.M. Church LUTHERAN CHURCHES 117 M*rth St. HO 6-3133 Greater Christian Science First Church of Christ, Scientist. 533 East Tenth St.. Alton. First Church of Christ, Scien tist-217 T*. Ninth. Wood River. First Church of Christ, Scientist. Elsah. IH. ! Alton has Sunday services at 111 a.m. and Sunday school at 19:30 and 11 a.m. Wood River has Sunday service at 11 a.m. and Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. Elsah has Sunday service and Sunday school at 11:15 a.m. The subject of the Lesson-Sermon in {all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. July 17, will be: "Life." Golden text: "The gift of God is eternal life through i Jesus Christ our Lord." Ro- jmans 6:23. i Conrrea-nHnnal Church of the Redeemer—6th and Henry. Grafton M. Thomas pastor. 9 a.m. Church school 10 a.m. Morning worship. Godfrey Community Congregational—Frank B. McDuffee, i minister. 9 a.m. Worship. 10 a.m. Sunday school. EpUcopal Trinity Chapel-St*te at Mildred. 8 a.m. Holy Communion. "IONOS MOM THI WOIO' Bill CARLE Singing Hi* Beloved Tb*m* Song "How Grttl Thou Aft" «nd • new song by Stuart Hanbtto, "How Pig I* Cod." To* lbun alto feature*: Naurvtb • By Dn e J0UU.J10M ol n e / MOW TA* Lorrf, and V« other Bill Csrle mt(t«rpiec«i. W40M4T (Nib lletlity) »J »l |4.M ALTON IIBU IOOK STOM 8IAI B. •readway HO This\ ^Churcfy .Is/Interested in YOU •nd Id* tint yew «pMd worihipping GOD Will YOU ACCEPT THIS INVITATION TO WORSHIP WITH US? Sunday Bible School 9:30 a.m. Prepare for the future by learning from God'g Word. Attend our Sunday school. Classes for all agei. Morning Worship 10:30 «.m. Guest Speaker for Today, Mr. Gerald Dooley Message: "A Glimpse of His Glory" Ministry in Song, I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord "Williams Psalmody" Training Unions 6:30 p.m. Gospel Hour 7i30 p.m. Message: "Concern For Israel" Music—Quest Soloist. DROWN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH »IU Brown Kt. Two Parking Area* Air Conditioned Nursery Q. Arthur Wool«v. ?«iior John R. 6v»r», AulttuU to (hi FMtW CHERRY STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Sixth and Cherry Streets, Alton, Illinois W. FREEMAN PRIVETT, Minister Message—"WHOSOEVER WOULD BE GREAT" Rev. Errol Bosley. Speaker 8:15 WORSHIP 9:80 CHURCH SCHOOL 10:40 WORSHIP 7:00 YOUTH FELLOWSHIPS 8:00 LIVING CHRIST HOUR Message—"TEARS OF SYMPATHY" This Friendly Church Invites You. EDWARDS ST. ASSEMBLY 2615 Edwards St. J. W. ELJ-SWOKTH, Pastor. Radio, WOKZ ................................. * ! °° A ' M ' Sunday School ................................ 9:3 ° A ' M Morning Worship ............................ !»'« Shift Workers Sunday School .................. «s9« Evening Evangelistic ........................ . .7:00 WEDNESDAY t Midweek Evangelistic ...................... • • • • ':00 P.»t Services for All Ages. Phone HO 3-9427 for Transportation. EVANGELICAL CHURCH evangelical and Reformed Eighth and Henry Streets REV. LEONARD F. TODD, Pa*tor CHURCH SCHOOL 9 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 8 A.M. and 10 A.M. SERMON: "Christ Chooses Help" FIRST PRESBYTERIAN GNURGH Corner of Fourth and Alby St»., Alton, Illinois RIV. IDGAR J. VANCI, D.D. MMittr 8:80 ».m. and 10i45 a.m. Morning Worihip Sermon Subject t "FAITH IS AN ESSENTIAL" 8:80 ».m. end 10t4fi Nurnery In the Educational Bldf. 9:80 a.m. Toe Church School and Nuwry. 10:45 a.m. Junior Church in the Educational Building. Parents art Invited to uie the nurserv In the Educational Bulldlni. A cordial Invitation It extended to all ol our services. Plenty of Parklnf, Space CALVARY Air Conditioned (or Your Comfort SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH Washington Avenue "the end of your search for • friendly Southern Baptist Church." RIV. HOWARD TODD TAYLOR, Niter MUHNINO WOMHHIP SfcBVICES ........ liU and 10:!U A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOI. .................................. HW A.M. 1HAININU UNION ................................. «i»0 P M. tVtNINU WORSHIP SERIVCE .................... 7: SO P.M. WED. MIDWEEK PRAYER SERVICE! ........... . 7:M P M. § for Transportation Call HO M8I4, HO H-U389 • Plenty of Parking ttpao« f > Afodern NiwwrUw Op#n During All Servloo* § Alr-Conditioned (or Vour Coin/ort CATHOLIC INFORMATION WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TEACHEt? | a. FROM A PRIf ST b. BY CORRESPONDENCE COURSE | e. FROM A LAYMAN | d. RECEIVE LITERATURE CLIP, CHECK AND SEND ADDRESS TO BOX 220, ALTON, ILL. NAME ADDRESS Christian Science Services First Church of Christ, Scientist 533 Ea»t Tenth St. - AH Are Welcome Stmdoy Strvic* 11 A.M. Wvdntsday EvMlna Ttttimeny Mt«Hna t fM. Sunday School f:30 A.M. ond 11 A.M. (for Pupils Under 20 YMT$) Nursery Op*n During Each Strvlct R*odln9 Room, Churcli Idtflct Open Dally Except Sundays & Holidays from 12 to 4:30 PJM. Also Tuesday Evening from 7 to 9 P.M. The LUTHERAN CHURCHES of THE GREATER ALTON AREA WELCOME YOU TO WORSHIP TOMORROW Set lilting of Congreg*»loni on Peg• f for Information WE SPONSOR - Diol-A-Proytr-HOword 2-6663 R.dlo KFUO-"Tht doipel VoIoe"-IW k.e, "Thl» || The LIU" Sund.yi 9:30 e.m. C*. f "The Uthtrcn Hour" Sundayi 2i30 p.m. KtUO For Informetlon «n the. n««rtit •all HO I-JI33 or write 117 Marik St.,

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