Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1960 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1960
Page 19
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FRIDAY, JULY 15,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGC NINETEEN MISC. FOR SALE 51 HOUSEHOLD FPOOMS OF FURNITURE —" trade for 2-room trailer. Ho 5-8 MISC. FOR SALE MISC, FOR SALE TI//V 7t int 87. BARGAINS—U»ed fnrnltore. »l ELKCTRICAL APPLIANCES OlMtll's FT FRtOIDAIRE"rtf"rii«rair>Tfor PAY $359 BALANCE oue ON 3 Complete Rooms Furniture Brand New No Money Down $18.90 Mo. Uk«n out of will call comp)*W « rod lo bed llYlnn room, bedroom, and kitchen outfit. ImintdlaM delivery. Eait Alton Furniture Co. 406 W. St. Louis Av«. M the step lit} In Batt Alton CL 4-M13 , 7 am . q i Acrt»M from depot. jiMpmtn. 2"pT?;tE STUDF6 SUITE — . _ i make* into bed Matching swivel <:BS CONSUL'S '"TELEVISION—i; I chair. Nylon covering Foam cush gorrl condition R<v.*nnanl»- r,ni toned Payments .... $fl 73 a moniii' ex 4-i:«t3 i EBBLER ELECTRIC 2B06 Statr - N Alton Next to TH-CHV HO r .-7*R«i>i.-seu ivt~<,«»h or t«rm«. iiordei lfl "" '••"«*•" H " ,5?!?:- c ^: 2778 - _. i WANTED r MOVING—Many bargain*. Dresner*., payncim on an wash »tand». some marble bed-, iviev/slon round china cabinets. comhInpiMon book case and writing deik Olrl's new bicycle, mine. $5 and uo 501 California Ave , Rosewood Height* CL 9-2045. tr> tak<- ovei rd! I <>•!. BUY I «•<- f.peiikf;rv I'us'i. Hull Off-On. Lighted channel -.ei<-<..! tor, lone control Fulls deluxe mod-; el. I vear warrnnty on picture tul/ej and all small par:?.. Take over payments $10.70 n mo. I KBBLKR ELECTRIC 2606 Stale I N Alton Next to Tri -City. HO S-;58s| 21 RCA VICTOR "CONSOLE TV i ! SE'i — I year warranty on picture j tube ill) days on small tubfitt and' purls No money down. Iskr over! ' payments of $lo month : WKBEH'S TV and APPLIANCI. ' ^.'i0fl Slate Ph HO 2-7142. HO 2-7611 Opf n TridHy anrl Monday TIM » 3 ROOMS OF 'osfii) iV's, all Hues. Ua.fio'and up FLOOR SAMPLES AND USED FURNITURE NEW STORAGE FURNITURE OVER 100 PIECES $392 BALANCE GUARANTEED , . . Phone OU 4 9451 _ Kent A bewmq Meehine $) per mo Rentt i may a»*ly toward down piymeni on new mtcittM. CF.N1RAL SEWING SUPPLY CO 14 Wt§: Broadway Phont HO MA •>! WINO MACH. RtHAIH Large 3-pc. Living (ample curved Sections L room Suite Window Hlde-a-wHy Sofa with Innerspring mattress and reversible cushion*, very good condition .......................... SBB.BB Hollywood Beb Ensemble includes box springs. Innergprlnft mattress and headboard Our sample ................... S4B.OO Lone Cedar chest. Floor Vimple ............. $3450 COMPLETE LIVING ROOM COMPLETE BEDROOM KITCHEN WITH DINNERWARl AND SILVER ENSEMBLE GUARANTEED REPAIRS- FREE ESTIMATES wENlRAL SHW1W, SUPPLY M Weil Broadway Pkone HO iiiH Expert service. Part* Sup*llei i Hot 42« Makes of Eewlni Machine* f) MWlf HA. M. T.* Mt, »A ** «* By lUfr 0*«nn AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE j [«_AUTpS — PASSENORR CAPS i 91 AUTOS — PA8SFVOER CARS j 1952 PLYMOUTH — Radio, hearer, £0 DOWN PAYMENT f j* c Sl'f nt con . (1lt '°' 1 N0 ra , sh need-; |qr,| PLYMOUTH 4 door sedan R«I _ ?l!L!!?5SiP' _? ween _?y. HO 5-128'' ! rfir, sn rt neater. Only ..$15 per mo. ii954 BELVF.DKRF" "PT.YMOI'TH — AUTO EXCHANGE CL 1-2JOR ' ft 1 w *>th HO 1-7001 i I9.14 OLDSMOBlLIi 2-door Harcltopiff/i flMtl.EKS"" i .Super M. fttsf overhauled New •• - - ' "•••• tires ,M!iO and older r- A < r] 4.SU7M 30 !• T. Anderson Coach, Rood rondi- tiort .ill nv'fal. 'nndfm v:heels. l'if-7 PLYMOl IH Belvedere Take modern Will tnkn loss for quick over payment HO «•>/.•. sa ] p Ml , \vel!<;. shartv'sne Trailer • MS'PLYMOUTH for sale HO 2.4<i«3 J?. ark nr ( ' eor « f ' jqV, pnVTlAr Sftr It <h(ft v a «'hn SPAP' RAf 7—Small down . i and t"k'e over pavn ems HO B.SSM or wl'i accept furnltnr*. N. Mmn i -._.... . St . RrlRhton. III. 'or Pick-up. P51 xrrt. ACCESSORIKS TERRY'S TIRE SALES You ran 54v? by from Jerry's Stop— See! 207 E. St. Louis Ave . buying Used Tlr«« p— See! 207 E. St. Eai> Alton. Phone CL AUTOMOTIVE ACCRSSOHtES REBUILT_»ATTBR1IM -. tttOo. $4. AUtO t*. 1I AW*. AUtOMOtlVf AUTOMOTIVE NEW LOCATION l»t Popular makes Mobile Homes jlflfi'i PLYMOUTH Fury 2-doov hard- PRICED TO SELL ! top fnijy equipped «.oon actual i Win trad* anything of vain* ' miles Save over $7Wi HO 2-7KIS Hilrtt Mobile Homes. Schwartz * i- - . . Buchanan Sin.. Bdwardsviue. in ! 1954 STUDF.BAKER sMtlnn v.j«on. Bulrli Olds Pontiac Oealftr I V-N with over-drive Very «ooM con-1 - - -• Dillon CL 4-9BUS •'12x8 GLIDER—3 bedroom Located — - - • _;;/....«.,. ai Godfrey Trailer Court. Rt. 111. NO DOWN PAYMI.NT helween Uortfipv and Brighton. l!'54 STLTJKBAKrR Chump/-,!/ 4- — dooi sedan with overdrive t-an^-,22 t r f lio-tsc trnller. completely niNslon Real economy at little , equipped Ideal club home M.if>. 51 MODEL BOLES COACH—21 't all aluminum, excellent. V>f><> with In- J|.son HO 2 -3839. 2 HORSE TRAII.KR — (iond con ilitlon MO 2-08:i« f-me for home or! M;TO F.XC i Mil W 1th HO 5-7IHH iftv;" SIU'DEBAKEN Hawk vs. o', erdrlvn. verv clean. HO H j;o« r'OR SALt — New HMO VauxhalL 1960 CADILLACS EXECUTIVE A DEMONSTRATOR CARS At Thlt Time of Yt«r, Wo Offer Tfctto CeVi At o Tremendous Savings LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, Inc. 1610 E, Broadway HO 5-3834 AIR-CONDITION YOUR CAR trad'-. Hurst Motor-). Inr. Bulck Old« Ponfln-- Dealer. Kdwaids- vllle 111. rOR SAI.t:—1B2S Model A hoi rod Full race model A engine. CL 4-9952. 1956 2 8 F ; 1 Nashua Iriillei » P "' ^' _ ALL ALUMINUM Pertert. Call after n AUIO IHUCKS "Thai new boy next d6or finally noticed me!" ONLY S-.00 PER WKtK — DOWN PAYMENT ROOMS MAY spjT, j A |, _ BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY AUTOMOTIVE ..103 Unflelds J11.9S.. - spotters. Argentine Muusers. i HI AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS r»BtHi:dK. Smumfleld". 7mtn Rem ' . . AUTOMOTIVE 91~AUT6s^- PASSENGER CARS GIBSON FURNITURE, INC. 417 EAST BROADWAY • 20 AtlaK-aii- reversible wlndowj Phone HO 5-5141 fan or Roll-about Fan. "> year' | warranty ................. 139.93 GIBSON FURNITURE, INC. ; 417 E«it Broadway Phone HO 3-5941 Alton, ininulu Alton. 111. Hardware 712 East Broadway. 410 WJNCHEST P.R PUMP^Bcaver 'in torearm. Hheep-llncd ''asc- Ex-: L.-!i<:nt J»iU 124 East First Street. Koxana. Kt Vr-.Gfc I ABI.F.S * IKIJII I'KJ-.SH SWKE7 f.'ORN ddllv In !i':itiip«. pfjtatoer.. nl! (.lialn of Rocks I-artn. Hlehv.viv W( ni-Mi Ctitdti f,f Rfick'i ('anal hriUKf. HOMH-CROWS' nVraweil'Trish' rohler' pot.'it'jes for sale. ?2.7."- bushel. 1 81 MUSICAL MERCHANDISE AUTOMOTIVE FELOEN-NEWMAN ! ACORD MUSIC SHOP i<;ultar«. band Initrument* All i Qravdt AccMiorlet and *ri**l I music. Wood River CL 4 1012 i "Hank" Pennlnr *aie» man«««r I "Ottlt" AeorA. prop. NO DOWN PAYMENT »:;! CHEVROLET 4-door ^'prv goud Only Sin pr-r mo. AUTO EXCHANOh l(j| W. 9th HO '.-7001 FOR SALE—1934 Chevrolet Bel Air :'. door. Radio, healer. Powergllde v«ry cfean Tall HO 5-2726 hprwpen d .mil B p.m C1-1EVROI.UI' IH.".) Station Wagon 4-door. 2-s>;ai. StraiKht drive V-S. Excellent condition. Light lan with brown top rvrMr P l'-^<-"ANOE "' IT'S EASY TO DEAL WITH ROBERTS MOTORS ltT.8 OLDS Super 88 2-Door Haidtoo Radio, heater automatic tranmts •-ion. power s:eerln«. brakes. Hres like new. Reaufltu! 2 - tonn one -wner car. !9"R OE SOTO 4 door V-8. Autonitatic pu?h button drii.'e. radio, heater. 2- tone paint. Don't inits seelnc thh- one. I'd" CORD 2-Door 6 cylinder, 'standard transmission beautiful 2-tone paint. Mechanically good. A real mileage saver j NOW TAKING ORDERS for fruit:! l01 ^:^ Bth ; _. . Mars'itdi strawberries :;0 ID. cans! f"53"CHEVROLET Del Air "6" $695.' ' i 19. ^8 lb l.g.F. »tr«-vberrle« $9.50. Good condition. Onkwood and Two I 1957 DE SOTO 2-Door hardtop V-8.; i Michigan pie cherries SO lb. tins. L ane HO 2-4762 Automatic transmission, radio with ! $725 Pineapple 30 lb. tidbits or — - -' rear speaker. 2-tone charcoal and | chunks $10.25 30 lb. crushed pine CHEVROLET : white. An outstanding one owner! I apple $8.95. Al«o boynenberrlet. i 19E6 Bel Air 6 cylinder 4 door. car. blackberries, red and black ra»-i Straight drive. Radio and heater., Very sharp > $1095! 1937 FORD Custom 300 8 cylinder! 'ICQR 1058 CHEVY. Bel Air Hardtop 4-Door, V-8, Pow«-r- IflJde. radio, heater, while wall*. Here li an exceptionally clean our. Beautiful coral and white and nlc« inalde uiid 1B56 CHEW. 4-Door V-8, Fowerflkte, radio, heater. If you're looking for a nice ear with thousand* of carefree mile* remaining, hero H i» ............ l«55 OLDS "88" ^Hardtop. V8. Hj dramatic, radio, heater. Come in and see this. Compare this oar and price ... 1854 HUDSON Wa*p 4-Door. 6 cyl. Std. tran»mta«ion. looking tor the oleanast In town with practically new ttren. Come nee thU IU53 PACKARD 4-Door. Low tnUioHft. 1958 FORD V-8. Standard transmission. 1050 PLYM. 4-Door Good. FELDEN NEWMAN I I 111 ., ,,|U IV ri..,n III i .1 :•!-, ACCORDION - 120 ba»» 2 tone nerHes. rhufcarb, uooseberrles and "Rlvoll bought from Mr. Ed- ^ni hes Will mall comolete price w.-irds at Gloria Accordlan School., H,, on re que§t. Phone 1477. Ed. Excellent condition. CL 4-6449. ^ > war d.viiie Frozen Food*. 246 N GOULD MUSIC CC • Main. Edwardtvllle. III. •vurittter spinet A electronic planet Magnavox, HI Pender. Clbton Rultan: King Oldi Amey eanu ln«trumenti Sheet muilc. record* Repair aervlo* SSI E Broadway Phone HO S-32I3. "'PAUL'S AUTO SALES BUICKS—CHEVYS—Ford$ HAS 15 MORE TRADE-INS 53»—52$—Sis Conditioned Now folb these cars are really nice and ready to go Most liberal deals ever FOR MON., TUES., WED. ONLY NOT I CENT CASH DOWN PAY ONLY $4.50 WEEKLY YOU GET FREE PLATES 10 GALLONS FREE GAS Think! Only 75 cts. a day GIVES YOU A GOOD CAR Which, if taken care of would serve you for years TRY THEM OUT FIRST I MEAN A GOOD TRY-OUT Open Till 9. Ph. HO 2-0118 ALSO YOUR CHOICE OF 56s—55$—54s. Priced right PICK-UP 1951 CHEVROLET % ton Pickup This truck needs ;» paint job but with that exception Is still a real Bood buv at $345 FEI.DEN NEWMAN I raw E Broadway HO ">-4297 •47 I-ORt) PICK-UP—Betiialto Shell Si-rv. No phonn calls plp.ase ID4S FORD I "i ton truck and flat I bed HerrlnK Bros Equipment. | flodfrey. 111. FOR: SAM-:—l«.i:< Torcl $:)WI Phone] HO 3-7571. INT TRUCK—2.1 h. Johnson motor HO «-2:!(ir> NOW AS LITTLE AS ... $ 32 S DOWN BH'YtT PS— New and used T?epult Ing and Paris. NORSIDE Bl( YCI.P. 2(il4 State. H _ FOR SALl'i— Harley Davidson "Poppers." HO 2-98. r )l. :t!8 Glover. Alton lM¥~^A~RL'r7Y~"DAVIDSON 4.WR6- cently overhauled. A real xood buy. $35 41B E Drive, East AU.OII _ • . a f $?'' *&f-* w with fa mous \-^ \ MARK "JSL AUTO AIR CONDITIONING >uQlity "Chrysler" Dealer [Plymouth Valiant International Trucks] STUART Motors, Inc. 315 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River [Phone CL 4-4351 Open Evenings] Inquire 206 Cherry St.. Alton. "ACCESSORIES P( «S.r^l PHona. i sljMMKR COOKING APPLES - u.Si. r?.i.i.h Brlnu containers. Daltofi Orchard ;,.^. *«,.„ .....' 'ust off Humbert Rd. HO 2-0180. WANTED SPINET PIANO — Full keyboard with bench and light. SAratoga 1 AT,'TlyUES—One piece or houseful). 8-5812. Medora, 111 I tiendiy and honest deallnRS. Pur- fHOMAS"CHOR"D ""oTlOAN ~~AND i d .1JL_5? _?.".??*?: BEN'Cfl — Walnut finish, perfect! A-l PRICES paid for used house- condition. No money down, take; hold furnishings. HO 3-3024. over payments of $14.54 per mo. '< ^, ' , ~i . - r WEBER'S TV and APPLIANCE j .^oes$man ouy$ b«droom rur- 2509 State. Ph HO 2-7142, HO2-7Slli „;*„... jmtlnrKx unA m',ira\ open Friday and Monday Tin o i "'ture, antique$ and mi$cei- . ... --- •-••— ; (aneous item$. CL 9-2821. St ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES USED APPLIANCES 8 REFRIGERATORS — 5 elettr.c range*, one double oven. 2 washers, one dryer. 2 air conditioners. 3 televisions. All in good condition. Alton Home Improvement 652 East Broadway HO 2-9246 PORTABLE RADIO—AC - DC. Good condition reasonable. CL 4-4706. TM«.H-,R CLEANING""- cash for turniiuie scrap iron, cooper and ,, , Gordon Rubensteln HO C 3,""* P diicr *j. hrass AUTO EXCHANGE loi w. 9th. __ H _°._9:l lKl i_ 1^57 CHEV. 2 door hardtop. A-l. After 5 evenings DU 4-4846. .._ ""CHEVROLET 1956 De!Ray V-8. Powerglide. radio, heater. Very sharp $1095 AUTO EXCHANGE 101 W. 9th. HO 5-7001 N ° D ° W " TOO (FOR SALE—98" lake pipes, single """•'i piece. S.10.00. HO 2-0192 after 6 p.m. ! Remember Mon., Tue$., Wed.! fold for pontue. complete w -,. + 1™ " 86 - A fectorv sel up ' tomatlc transmission, radio. heat- at DE SOTO 2-Door hardtop. Au-, er. Beautiful black and white paint: with all leather upholstery. Local; one-owner car. . Bozza, Opp. Kroger. < AUTOMOTIVE 2-8988. AUTOMOTIVE 1956 PLYMOUTH Station ------- - ..... --------------- — . Custom 6 cylinder 4-Door. IM54 Dodcc. Perfect. For sale orj nice car at . 05 Dr East! Wagon A real . . .................... $8!>5 trade for anything. 405 Dry. East! Alton. _ ! 1P5S PONTIAC Station Wag"0n. ..... ----- ~ Radio, heater, automatic transmission. whltewall tires. One of our cleanest cars .................. S8M Vacation 1957 CROWN IMPERIAL This 25.000 mile Crown Imperial Southampton, full power, plus air conditioning. This very nice car. 1955 BUICK 4 - Door Sedan — Auto- matlc transmission, radio, heater, ("owner, must be wen to be appre-1 whltewalls. beautiful tutone white elated. Specially priced $24»r>! over gray $895 i 1955 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 - Door. ! Standard shift, radio, heater. If j you like Chevrolets, don't miss this ; one. Only $200 down, balance 18 I CC 1^1 RIKl fAnil I AC Lfcfc KLWN UAUILLA^, 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 _ ?AKE~6v~ER ~EQUITY and small, TO BUY—48" wire picket J?5£1 J.*^L Ion8 u 9 t r_ 4 L 3! l?L_ WANTED— UsedI piano."in" good con"- ! t? r , ito ?-9 0 j? pe ', Tr f d ' d ,.° n i dltlon. HO 2-6469. Onl " -•'• OW) _actual miles. on 1960 Ford. Call CL 4-6103, , 955 OLDS i . DoQr gg Realer ra . dlo. automatic transmission, beau- i tiful green and white. Looks and 1958 LINCOLN MARK III ! runs a° od A real buy W9r> ERATOR — Freezer ocross top. i Like new. No money down, take 1 tool. WEESE'S over payment., of lli.M mo. j "'; v *,ft{" N 'o^^ue^'one oudl' »'°"- P" 0 *^" Bteerlng7 power brakes. WEBER'S TV and APPLIANCE | '" anvtnln R Of value. One olec« - ...... 2509 State Ph. HO 2-7142, HO 2-7511' or Open Friday and Monday Till 9 p.m. for free PICK-UP. No money down, ^'ake over pay-1 ments of "..$5.00 per mo.'.. .,,,«,. ••~bA«isujui'i~s~/ T i"B£"~ WEBER'S TV and APPLIANCE " AUIO5 - PASSKNOI-.R CARS D K U r?^,?, tate ««,,«,• I!)S1 BUICk—Rndio, heater. Must Phone HO 2-7142 — HO 2-7511 | see ihl» car to appreciate. 408 Open Friday and Monday Till 9 Wash.. r r ear) East Alton MENTS and this full 40" Philco electric range. Push button auto-1 matlc oven, clock, large 30" oven, storage space. Take over payments, 1 1955 FORD ranch wagon V-8 2-dr. I —. - „! Standard transmission. Radio, heat-! in striking Olympic white with alii er A real nice wagon - , black Interior. Equipped with ra-[ j dlo. heater, automatic transmte 195 4 MERCURY 2-door Custom e-^ ..,_. 4 dan. Automatic transmission, ra-l 8 «m'.l power windows, power seat, au- ,jlo. heater, two-tone paint. A real • •• m -'j tronlc eye. automatic door locks.' nlce buy 5595 ' Perfect set General Dual 90 white-1 wall tires. Factory Installfld air, NO D QWN PAYMENT CARS I conditioning rdeai for the hot' j t . s £ asy to o ea j with ; days ahead. Enjoy Lincoln's finest. ROBERTS MOTORS i Truly an outstanding buy which 1 1959 CHRYSLER hardtop 2-door.! tan be found only at our Place. Ful! powe r $27 per mo.! Specially priced $3295! i ^ .^ ^ i 1953 FORD 4-door 6 cylinder. Stand- LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC., ard transmission $18 mo. '«io l w :K v 28 . doo Ne s w upe tUi 8rtl s^ Hi ^_ B ^i ay _ji 0 ^Jis ^Mssa^a--^g SSSfrrniVAfM'^^ 6 *. CL 151-OLDS 4 door. $100. HO 2 ^-_Jl|3-DODCg^-h^«OP n | a Z. AUTOMOTIVE , The Service Department will be closed for vacation JULY 18 through JULY 29. The New and Used Car Sales Department will not be affected by this vacation and will remain open for your convenience. Salts Dipt. Opin With Days 9 A.M. Mil 9 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. 'til 5 P.M. STUART Motors, Inc. 316 E. FERGUSON AVE. WOOD RIVER Imperial Ph. CL 4-4351 Plymouth Chrysler . International Trucks ' Valiant Of ..." ..."..... I... $6.59 a mo. j 49 CHEVROLET SEDAN — Good! 1954 MERCURY 3-saat station wag t EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State J transportation. Must sell. $65. CL i oni_V-8. Straight transmission. $350.j 19 -j D ODGE 2-dr. hardtop N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty. HO 3-7588 4-9918. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE HOJ-493J AUTOMOTIVE RAMBLER TROTTER Quality Car of a Decade Get the Best of Both Big Car Room and Comfort Small Car Economy and Handling Eato RATED THE BEST CAR BUY IN THE U.S.A. 75 New Models In Stock to Do You Own a 1955 Thru Choose From: 2-Doors, 4- Doors, Station Wagons. 15 new Ramblers must be sold by July 25th (regardless of price or profit). 1959 Model Used Car? Wt nttd 60 Usod Cart by Aug. 1ft to mttt our rttall demand. Don't takt lets, got Top Dollar for your car on a now Ramblor now at Trottor Motor Co. LOW BANK FINANCING it HIQH TRADES III III III* T«> Wiy t* Hiiy *Hilt Art !»lliklit| I* Ruihr RAMBLER TOPS ALL CARS IN QUALITY ft ECONOMY TROTTER MOTOR CO. ALTON.WOOO IIVU RAMUII UIVICI 47 IDWAIDSVILU RD. PHONI-CL 4.1111 OMN IVIMINftl TILL t $9 p6r rno 1952'PLYMOUfH"4-d6or"....S12 mo.' 1952 PLYMOUTH 2-Door ..$1L> mo. 1951 FORD 4-door hardtop. Victoria, standard transmission ....$12 mo ROBERTS MOTORS 200 Ferguson Avenue Wood River CL 4-0151 AUTOMOTIVE Always Buy Certified USED CARS MODEL LATE TRADE-INS 1138 CHEVROLET Bel Air VDr. V-» 1197 OLDS »8 4 dr. Air CondlUoned . 1999 FOHD 2-Door Hardtop . 19M STUDBBAKER V-8 Commander . 1191 PLYMOUTH 1138 WILLY* CJ-S Unlverta) Jeep 1MW PORP ^ Ton Pick-Up .... 1*92 PACKARD 4-Dr '1596 M696 '1146 •696 •276 •1MB .•248 •295 IMS SlUUtHAKtR Hardtop 1833 PACKARD « Or 1M8 DODGE {•Door •301 »396 K-lMt PQNTIAC IWI PACKARD 4-Door im cHEVROter Hiratop 1M8 STDDEBAKER 4-Door '226 '376 '160 CORDES MOTOR CO HO 14411 IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A NEW CAR Priced from: THE COMPACT Without COMPROMISEI 1976 SEE OUR DISPLAY Of MERCEDES-BENZ Models CORDES Motor Co. 2350 State St. HO 5-6651 OWN.:: A1955-1956-1957 AUTOMOBILE? i WE MUST HAVE FORTY (40) 1965 -1956 . 1957 CARS AT ONCE TO MEET THE DEMAND OF OUR RETAIL AND WHOLESALE BUYERS. OUR USED CAR LOT IS EMPTY. WE ARE PREPARED TO GIVE TOP DOLLAR FOR THESE CARS! HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF HOW WE CAN TRADE WITH YOU DURING JULY. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY IN ALTON, NO HIDDEN CHARGES! 1960 Ford Fairlane Tudor $ 2337°° 1000" DELIVERED IN ALTON *************** if AL RENKEN AUTO PARTS (Formtrly Al Rtnlwi Infill* Svrviw) I10C-02 IAST1KOADWAY ALTON, ILL. TRADE-IN imt MODEL) .. IALANCE X337 PAYMINTS WILL If $42.10 PM MONTH 00 OUR STOCK IS MORE COMPLETE THAN EVER 1160 FORD GALAXIE TUDOR $ 2629" 1100°° DILIVE«!D IN ALTON APCO REBUILT ENGINES * * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ A Ibompnon Product* J Hurolatur Oil filler. Hartlufi ItliifB Victor Ci»nfcel> * Champion 8p*rk Hluft * A. C. Spurk Plugs t tublln l«nltlvn Parli *• Tunftol I.ainpi * t Federal Mogul Ueariaft , ; B C A Thruit Bearlnfi i ' Bower Roller bearing* i r Federal Sail •»»rlo|i i > Uodto H»t. ; r Modto i.ll. triofa Brikcblok * llcldni Caulei J I lilted Brake Harts Souuduiablri Muffleri and Pipe* * Bra>« rllliii|» * b-K luoU SrK-O Tool. i Froto Tool. i Penotoil Motor Oil t Cbamp Itemi i Perfect-Clrrle Valve Be»l». Pl»»tl«»fr, Bearing AU JUttern J lrieo Blidet and Ariut Kl.ulrv Balterlee * I'ulverfal JoloU * Brlfft ihock Abiorbera * * i UM(»r O Wtur VtntM DltKibf t*r/ i r CoBoeoMur R«d4 iUrlar Drive. i Btlksmp Ptrt> EXCHANGE SERVICE ON i ' C»rbur*l«ri * Or»uk»b»»t i • ff»l Vvrnw • i • Mw ' i r If if»M• fUUi f W»! _^ t • OUwkoi m i • Qtatrtltri r" | r gUritri ^ \' V»1»|» ••••tolw• ^ i •»¥• iiui ¥ ¥ ¥ * J OPEN EVENINGS DIAL HO I.M71 w HO i-4130 if + TRADE-IN (19S6 MODEL) .. IALANCE 1529 PAYMINTS WILL BE $49.90 PER MONTH LIBERAL DISCOUNTS ON NO-TRADE DIAU IF YOUR CAR IS A 1957.1958-1959 MODEL, YOUR AL LOWANCE WILL BE MUCH HIGHER AND YOUR PAY. i MENTS WILL IE LOWERED A GREAT DEAL. YOUR OLD CAR DOES NOT BE NEED TO IE PAID FOR, Wl WILL < ARRANGE FOR FINANCING. i 1 DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A NEW ISM FORD OVM M MOMU TO CHOOM MOM C';"*k Dieting Ford *********.*****;•• 1400 f. BROADWAY HO Mill

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