Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1960
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PACJK Upper Alton News Events MUSIC AT URBAN A Nancy Moore, 1410 Rodger* Ave,, and Everett Crane, a counselor, at the Senior Band camp of the niinolM Summer Youth Music program at Urbana, Mlm Moore, who will he a Junior af Alton High School thin fall, plays the clarinet. posts for fhe net also are missing from thin wrecked (arag«. So, mftybP the question is how far can « ..iwlm pool and badminton sei fly? j TAR TAKEN Ot'T OF ; OARAGK AND DAMAGED j Mrs. Alfiert Spar, B01 Olm- slpfld way, reported to policej enrly today that her automobile| had been removed ffom her; garage and then reiur.iftd. i i The marhlno had be»n dam-! aged In the process. The report; Indicated that Mrs. Spar could j not itccouni for the removal; land rfl.urn of the car. I I I i j i Gail Siegrist \ * To Attend FHA Conference Says Post Office Job "T/ie Dmv Line* Godfrey Liom Shown Film Applir " iom Aval1ab!e On Arctic Radar Network (JODKHKY film. 'The' Dew A 30-nilnute night to assist in the sale. The Line", which confection -sells for SI per can. COTTAGE HILLS - Cottage Hills Postmaster Charlie Ray announced Thursday that applt cations will be accepted for UV examination for clerk and carrier positions In the post office No date has been set for return ON IALI AT Broadway I Main THREE 'JAYCEES OF THE Lewis. 715 Ferguson Aw., Wood River. ' AT HUMMER VOI'TH MUSIC CAMP Miss Nancy Moore, 1410 Rodg- pr)wM wopp awarded to Mrs . ers Ave., ta among high school Wj|)jam Gflrnpr Jr Mrs DHnjp , students taking part in the Sen-, po) , Uir Mfs Joe Roberlson and tor Band camp of the Illinois Mrs Robert Tucker Rpfrpsh . Summer Youth Music P»>: men , s were Kerved by ,„„ hos . gram nl Ihf University of Illinois., u ^ The student recently moved here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moore, from Quincy. She will enter Alton High School as a junior in the fall. KIND BOAT KIJ)ATIN<! The Senior Band sessions FRKK IN RIVER started July 3 and will close Frank Bocki gjj stowell St, Saturday. The musician* are un- rp ported to police that HP has a der direction of Prof. Allan Bone 16 . {oo( Jonn ^^ which he found Npx , mpe)jnK wj|| ^ Ju , y , & a , ^ homp Qf Mrs Ray Moorp of j ?I . JRhton ' Harold Mllkr (right), external vice president of Alton Jaycees, presented ''.Jaycee of the Month" awards to (from left) L. Allen Klope, Alvin Wiseman, Gail Marlene Siesrist. :«I8 W. Homes to be Erected Sell Part of Bachman Farm In G<xlfrey to Developer 3,363 in County on Food List GODFRKY - A pan of thM- Heni-y Biirhman farm on Hum-i hert court near Toll? lam- has' heen sold for development as a residential area, It wac announced today. No ^alp price was given. The, land involved in the transaction comprises 100 acres onj which grading will start nextj ,,„ .„„,«:„.- .,,^,.o..•-»•"• wepk Thomas c ., un> president. .St.. has been selected by the i ' , Junior High School Chap- of the newly-formed .fun Real; the intrk-Htf task "f Tentative plan:- ai-f now he- O ff applications Information 'Installing th" hu^e radar net-ij,,^ made. Benson said, to stage about the post office positions is work around the Arctic Circle.(another Ladies Night toward available at the post offlc*. i was «hown by ft representative; o u . enf j ,,f August and I lie pro- ii»f the Illinois Bell Telephone ; K , an , committee is attempting Company at a dinner meetinR t( , «p CU f P Father Dismas Clark, !.)f the Godfrey Lions Club t| K , hoodlum as guest Thursda> evening at Selhimes.^p,,,!),,,! Also tentatively lined 1'h' 1 film \i\idly described thei U p | s inp appearance of a St. hardships encountered by ern-,],nui. Hawk basketball player ploypf of Western Electric Com- a i a dub mi'ftiHK I" September 'pany in installing the 3.000-mlle „, October. v\stem and its effectiveness in y| y ,,, en r ,,p,,ibers of the club i be «nenl uf enemy attacks. uere ()I . escnt . [sj tx t meeting will Dining tin- business session | hf . Illly ys flt l.ion lieorge Carpenter stressed. the importance of increasing the club's membership and urged! Reports (t every Lion to invite guests toi i IK 'meetings, He said every I V roill < 'on.^trUCllOII nir-nibf-r should be able to se-, EmV ARDSVTLLt: - Madison «"•'• <" lfc>ayt " nfl npw member > County sheriffs deputies invest.«.i, u.. IA I M hy lhr " nd of the Vear ' i Rated a rerwrl Thursday from the T«k* HI* Advlee p,. ( . s id,.ni William Benson an-!* lpei . |t)(f , m|pll1 ()f a constiw . tion TL'LSA. Okla., .f - \\ hat does , MIlllu .,,,| (hat members of the|j oh ^ R( :j M| tc .| M ,ij m at some;i marriage counselor buy his ,.| U b will assemble at the Monti-j ()m< waf . S | 0a ]j, 1R gasoline from uile on their 40th \vertcling an- cello Pla/a Shopping Center thej (>onst| . ud j on nlac hincry. n:\ersary? Dr. Robert G. Fos-.'.•veiling of .July 29 to sell maca-j ^ SU pp rin , encient of t |) P pro- tcr presented his wife a 1H by ''""">• Thf ' olub ; tm ha!< el * U |.1«-t *« ^soline was being lake., 24 inch portrait of himself. ( ' HS " S "' lho Confection to dls- from , h( , machinoi . v we| . y night. "Never let 'em forget who you l'" w <)f ' llp mU - and u '« ed — - ^ " ;»e " he advises cvry member to show up that|Telegraph Want Ads CLICK and Richard Martin. The auarda \vere presented for outstanding \\ork in the Jaycees for the past month.—Charles B. Walters Photo. Fresh Picked Wisconsin Strawberries Quart <ft Ac •ex <99 Sweetest and Finest of the Season Free Atone Yellow Meated PEACHES 59c Mi Peck Banket Red Nejv POTATOES 10 IJi. <2Ajt BHR 409C BROADWAY & MAIN Drive* In Product Market of Duke University. Highlight fi oa tjng in the river a week ;, of the session will be a public 0 . . . Nnrman , a West Junior High School Chap-"' "•" -«^--.—--« »-» •«•-- A]mosl four tjmes more per . concert tonight in the "Big Top" , . B "f' kl , "l.Tfifhe nulled the' ter Of the Future « omemaker8 ESt8le C °' ^ b " Ught l ">«« in Si. Oair than in any Canvas Theater on the campus, '"'"//"nt S tL h^nk C of Ameriea 8R a delegate to the tract ' sa' 15 'other of *6 counties received During her two weeks stay "i, .^ annual state leadership confer- Nearly 300 homes in thei fo ,j era ] surplus commodities in Ti»i« Moorp wts nart of inten- Earller m * week a _, ^sident pnce 'S13.500 to $18.50o range will be'June, according to a report of ivi i>» iriuun. «tin pen i vi in n 11 , - t u ,. rt i cfr'oof t"**nnt*fi»n fn<> Ims' slve rehearsals and took part in r;r , r«« -f W Sessions will open July 25 andjerected on the site which i-, the IlJinois Departmental Infor- recreation and social and cul-^ .. p ^ m h 3{ continue thnxigh July 29 at East:part oi t.he old Delaplaine mation Service at Springfield, tural activities. been abirto^reach the man to Bay Camp ' Lake Bloomin 8 ton '; far m. - 1 "" added. The Service reports that 525,The summer youth program is -determine if the craft found off ne " r Bloomington. j A lagoon , ype sewcr sys tem|731 pounds of surplus commodi- iri its 12th year. Norman's Liinding is his proper- Gai1 ' daughter of Mr. andj wijl ^ constructed which j s ;ties having a retail value of $102-1 L Mrs. Edwin Siegrist. is a fresh-' designed lo fjt in wit h sewer 1 -' 0 were distributed in June. CRYSTAL LULY •' rnan and president of her FHA| develo ment in Godfrey lown .j The food, consisting of corn-' HAH GUEST RAZING OF WALTON HOME chapter. The conference will bc| ghifj jn yeflrs tQ come fhe com jmeal, dry milk, flour, lard andj Miss Judy Watson, of Salem, st'HEDI'LED TO START planned and carried out by the! .._.. :J _, ..„,,, ' i rice was distributed to recipients 1 is spending the weekend with R^jng of at least one home at;teenagers and will present an! fealures wjl , be Miss Crystal Luly, 1*32 Parki«--=- -*— - —* o-n .-ioDoortunitv to exchange ideas uinti teaiuies \MII oe ; Main street avenue j opportunity to exchange Ave. was scheduled to start next week, iwith leaders in The young women are fellow it was learned today. chapters of FHA. students at Decatur and Macon A permit was issued by the ci- County Hospital of Decatur. , ty to thp Morrisey Construc- ; tion Co. to level the homes. Two MR8. W. H. HALE homes are involved in clear- BREAKS HIP IN FALL ; j nR a tract for a filling station. Mrs. William H. Hale. 3021 A spokesman for the Texaco Brown St., fractured her hip in Oil Co. said last week that it fall and is at St. Joseph's Hos- was certain one of the houses. pital. She underwent a correc- that of the late Dr. J. E. Wal- tive operation Wednesday. ton. The other house occupied un- The 85-year-old woman fell in i til recently by Mr. and Mrs. other Illinois r sewers - city water, natural gas, i paved streets and concrete curbs Sand gutters. Part of the tract is not under consideration presently for home sites and it Cost of distribution was estimated at $16,000. In St. dair County, 15,472 persons received surplus commodities. In Madison County, 3,363 recipients were listed, di- ««fc|») • »«•»•/•' is possible it may be set aside for recreational and other fac-jvided into these categories: Aid ilities of residents in the sub-itr, dependent children, 1,675: division which hav been named i Wind assistance, 33: disability Villa Marie. iassistance, 126; old age assis- ' tance, 517; general assistance. . surp , us comrnodities , only. andi 1 he apparently will have to turn [development has been approv- However, the city permit gives I back because he already is en-Jed for FHA long term loans,! 'tered in the U.S. Coast Guard;Jun said. Three completely fur-. J[ O \JUGTClte nished display home will be er-! * GODFREY Richard Skinner. The edge of the tract is graduated from Alton High | in tw « blocks of the ;_ , _, „ ... . . . i School last month, has been of- i Plaza Shopping Center her home Sunday. It is not known i Charles P. Smith, was not scned-, scholarship which! near churches and schools. The when she will be discharged. uled for immediate razing, ac-> * ' She is the mother of Mrs. Hel-; cording to Texaco, en Ferril and Mrs. William Ladendorff with whom she makes her permission for the leveling ofi home both places. The houses are a tj. Acaaem y •2609 and 2603 College. A $10,000' He was sworn in at the Newjected immediately, he said. i ^^^^ 0jj Plflza GAY NINETY CLUB SETS PICNIC DATE ^building permit for erection of j London, Conn., academy today.) The Bachman family will con- the station was issued by the city j on his 18th bir thday, a member The Gay Ninety Club will have | some time ago. its annual reunion Aug. II at Rockj HOW FAR CAN A swnw Spring Park, it was announced^ today. There will be no | of the family said. tinue to reside in their present j GODFREY — The Godfrey Vpl- POOL KLV? FAMILY ASKS home on the remaining portion j unteer Fire Department will oper- Young Skinner was offered the| 0 f the farm. !a te a fish stand and stage a scholarship by Continental Oil The old Delaplaine homestead i square dance tonight and Satur- tnrougn an annual student change of gifts. The meeting will The Charles Osha family of competition. The youth is the be picnic style, a spokesman 2465 Seminary road has been; son of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Skin- said, puzzling with growing interest ner. 10 Duval Dr.. Godfrey. The over the disappearance of a i elder Skinner is superintendent was situated on the sold tract!day night at Monticello Plaza until two years ago when fire j Shopping Center, destroyed the 100 - year - old! The events are in connection place. . with the remodeling celebration child's plastic swim pool during of the Cherokee Pipe Line Co. | National Homes hero . long pool front was of spring after qualifying in nationwide tests. ANNUAL MEN'S DAY SET AT ALLEN CHAPEL Alton'js'big blow two Weeks ago. Skinner at Alton High was anj The annual Men's Day serv- .. Wf> don ' t particularly want honor student and a member of; ices will be held at alien Chap- , ne , hjng back bul we wou | d ithe school's district champion; Edwai'dsville Gun el AME Church, 2213 Salu St., , jkfj IQ know how f(U . thal wind golf team. He received his ap-| Sunday. .'blew it," Mrs. Osha said. :pointment to the academy last, C ] u |j Elecls Officers The Men's Day committee will be in charge of services which will 1 ht S1X - 1001 be held throughout the day. Th ey ^ 0 «'J « n ' he will start with Sunday School at! th * ° sha home the night o Q.OQ .the storm. In the morning it 'The Men's Day sermon will be j was gone. There is no other preached by the pastor, the Rev. j explanation but that the wind John W. Wright, at 11 a.m. | picked it up, lifted it over the The men's Chorus will sing. ! three-feet porch rail and sent Cleo Ballinger, general chair-jit aloft. , man, will preside. Gerald Brew-j it must have come to earth er, a student at Alton High| g0 me where but the point is Jun also is builder-dealer of of Reese Drug Store on the Plaza. The fish stand will open at six o'clock each evening. The square' dance, with Don Fox and hisj ' band, will be held from 7 to 11! p.m. . SCll . was reported. EDWARDSVILLE — All previ-, Re-elected for the ensuing year ous officers of the Edwardsvillejwere: Joseph Kellermann, presi- Gun Club were re-elected at the j dent; Robert B. Dunlap, vice-pres- annual meeting Thursday night ident: E. F. Long, secretary- i where the largest attendance oi 'any meeting held by the group treasurer; and Joseph C. Grebel and Theodore Z. Ladd, directors. Industrialists Co1 - Charles Schweizer, who School, will be' the organist. i where? The variable nature ofj is cndin K nis tour of dutv as The Rev. Emory G. Davis, i the wlnds whlcn seemed to shift head of tne St ^^ district pastor of Walker Temple AME| f ,. om (he wesl to tne nor theast Church of St. Louis, will be; a|ld probably other directions the speaker at 3 p.m. The choir « Ucale> tne problem . of his church wi 1 sing. , , nterest . lie relations for the African Meth-! 081 ^ odist Episcopal Church. j llvm s Other ministers and churches! family can be in any direction from in the urea have been invited. Miller Johnson, co - chairman, will preside. The church and organized labor will be the subject at the evening service. Guest speaker will be Buddy Davis, of the Steelworkers union. Jame H. Killlon will preside. The men's chorus will sing. The committee and Women'B Day committee will make reports at the evening meeting. HNOCHLK CLUB HA* MEETING The Thursday Night Pinochle dub held a session last night at the home of Mrs. Sherwood Optn Man.. Frl. Till t Sohool Shot! tov0 21 to Hoys' Otfordi, Cauwl«i The Oshas thought they would get a report a day or so after office under the U. S. Engineers, was honor guest at luncheon Thursday at Lockhaven Country Club. Hosts at the luncheon were a number of industrialists and business people owning prop-j e»-ty in the Wood River Levee j j District, whose levee the Engineers are instrumental in building. the blow telling them that their Col. Sohweizer, ta usual, flew wind-ripped swim pool wasjlnjor the event in a helicopter. found by some neighbor, more than a block away. no : Courtney Budd, manager of! |the Owens-Illinois glass plant I H ***V*V*» *»»»*»^ • j I But as the silence continuesj h( - re . gave him a set .of spe-j their curiosity eial| y ornamented drinking day after day grows. How far can a swim pool fly? This unanswered question has taken precedence over their other storm troubles. The wind knocked down their garage and made a complete wreak out of their car. A badminton racket and the glasses as a going-away gift. : Col. Schweizer's next tour of •duty will be at the Army War |College at Carlyle Barracks, Pa. ; Rolling Along CORTEJ, Colo, ffi — A local woman was fined $5 for running through a red light. Her reason: She had rolU in the oven. •IANKITS A BIG Help In House Cleaning! Let Our SANITONE DRY CLEANING do the hard port. You can actually nee and feel the difference! Like new beauty return* to colon, pattern* and texture* . . . drupe* hung just right ... slip cover* fit to perfection . . . blanket* are no luxuriously *oft. Try u» and we. HEITZ OPTICAL CUITAINf itrap*. «H to 8 •2J8 SHOE STOBEi •M-4M) K. Broadway Now Locate* !• MITROPOLITAN ILDQ. 307 HENRY ST. Stop in, wt will b* happy to ftrye ill yoMf optical ntedi it our ntw location. CHAELIS J. HUTZ ft IOWAIO F. PAIKH, Jr. DIAMI HILTON GLEANERS 1120 MUtM load Moat HO 2*9231 No furkiuv Pru Drive la. 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