Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PACfE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY U I960 To Knit or Crochet By John Oollen Murphy BIO 3IJN BOLT By Howftfd THAT'S THE PHgMOM,( CHAMP" IP rMNT JU»T dtf PUH* LUCK- -4WO I'M 00WN4 HAVE TO KMOCK YOU COLD, 6EC4U*E THAT'S WHAT I ALWAV* OO] AMD you AWT 0ONMA LUTE Mi LIKE yOU PO MOW. THAMKt to? TMC 4»uTY»tAW, CHAMP! iGCKX, PST, OPEN TM6 WW00W- (LOOPX FOLLOWED MB HOM& j A6/AIN FROM THE ZOO . S INTO you WHILE wife 6TILL §UPPlE«, COME A MOMtH O* T»VO-CI0W THIfi / Ml?. BOLT-? CHAMP I MR. PIVE-0Y /6 HIMSELP' ALLEY OOP Bald and Jerry Bronfleld JUDD SAXON WE HEARD Of HAIR TURNINS WHITE CV6R NlSHT, BUT I HAD NEVER ACTUALLY EN IT HAPPEN; WHAT HAIR HE HAS LEFT, YMEAN TO BE STRUCK BV LlfiHTNINe, MAN, THAT* ROU8H/ Y6S.THEMAN MUOTHAivt A (INSTITUTION UK* A MUL6? TP SW MPD BE UP AND AROUNP 60NNA 1 ABOUT A WEEK OKAY? ABOUT EPPIE CHAPEK? YES JUPP-- AND I FEEL PART OF THE SUILT IS MINE. S Cf A\E5fv HOPE TH-1T COE5NT v; A? HE ^rwf^f^9, a— 4 SAID. .HE SEEMS TO HAVE A8ED ( BUT MOSTIV BRVCSH ,'V Anveu/S, AlA'AW.' •' J, - '• J HAVE vou SEEN •^ 5. BC5VVORTH* .< HE PHONEP POESN'T WANT HIS NAME OR BROU6HT INTO THIS. HE NOTORIETY WOULP HURT HIS O1ANCES FOR THE iTLAYMORE TRUSTEESHIP.' TOOL ATE.,HAAM. BUNNY'S IN THIS J PEEPER THAN HE KNOWS By George Sixta By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE r ELI5E IS YOU* A6E AMD MOVES IU ALL THE BESf\ j a ^/pvii<. LET ME see... voue uvewpK c«£5sy ] WOW THEM, VOU'D BETTEI? CHAH6E. I'VE ACTAU6ED FOR VOU AMD ME TO HAVE DIUUEK WITH HER DAUGHTER ELISE/ OH, WEUOY, I'M <O 6LAD TO HEAR VOU . . WILU DO UI6£LV... MOW f?UU ALOU6/ W3THCR, MOWCAU I ATOLOSIZEj $AV THAT/ FO* ALL THE W/WS iVf HURT YOU ? PLEASE^^SE FeiEMDf ) A6AIU/ Kveryone will admire Baby and these to/.y covers! Knit or crochet one or make Iwth! Two covers in knitting worstefJ lor crib or carriage! Cmchet daisies in pastels top butter- ll\ >-titt'li with pink, l)lue ti'im. Pallern W2: direftions. Send :ir> cenU (coin*) for this imttern — mid r> crrntH for each pattern for flrit-rlaw-t mailing Send to Alton Telegraph, flfi. Needleeraft Dept., P.O. Box 161. Old CheUea Station, New York !i, N. V. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, and Addren*. New! New! New! Our I960 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book is ready now! Crammed with (exciting, unusual, popular designs lo crochet, knit, sew, embroider. quilt, weave—fashions. home furnishings, toys, gifts. bazaar hits In the book FREE 3 quilt patterns. Hurry, send '2~> cents lor your copy. THE BERRYS By Carl Grubcrt By Leslie Turner CAPTAIN EASY JUST DONT LET MIM GET OUT OF THE CAR BUT GEE WHIZ, MOM/ I'LL BE LATE FOR THE RACTY/ 1HBAB VOU WATCHED EACH U-2 TAKE OPF LIKE A HAWK >WILLlE! DONT WORRY DEAR... YOUR DAD WILL DRIVE YOU/ EACH TIME I WAS AFRAID IT WAS VOUR. PLANE 1 I WILL OKAY, WILLIE..,ILL MAKE A STOP W TOKYO 8EF0KE WEETIW6 EA5V AT THE AIRPORT ALL BUT TWO X MAVBE. THEY WERE MOVEP OUT OF LJ-2 PLANES HAVe \ JAPAN. $IMCE THAT U-2 IUCIDEWT IW LEFT THIS 6A?&, \ RU^SIA.WC CAM'T OPERATE 'CM FROM MAJOR TUCKER 1 I JAPAN AMD RISK REP REPRISAL* MAVBE VOU HOP OFF SOON, WO? YOUR SHIRT WILL BE IRONED IN A MINUTE JACKIE.' ILLIB VAMATO/A PILOT IW THE- REACTIVATED JAPANESE AIR FORCE, IS 5TATIONEP AT SIB TUCKERS BASE Mid-Summer Marcel PRINTED PATTERN g,UT WILLIE HAP WATCHED MUCH WORE THAN THAT! By Carl Anderson By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith THE SMITH FAMILY OU COME NOW, <5MOUUP L BOY VOU ,, A OP I FEEL SO SAD TODAV HENRV! 4653 SIZfS 10-18 DONALD DUCK By Wall Disney —Junior Editors Quiz on By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOI SK With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY "°OOR" LOUIE? is THEP?E: \A >?ONC5 \ATTH LlKIN A (3OOP 5TUPENT? ELEPHANT TUSKS ( JUDSIMS N I FAP.'I AN^I USBD »o\ FI?O/V\THE| \ TO TUE UPSIDE- < I g(2AYll»iSS OP VOL) POOR LOUIE-' HE'S FALLEN FOI? THE SMA!?TE.ST SIRL, AM AWTIClPATOR l&OMfc \ / L 1Kb BEA1 IW' VOLI TO x BIK.P I'P LIKE TO K.ICK RI6HT \ I PAVIN' A BILL IMA RESTKUNT THE 5HIW& • WITH TEW H ER Bl ATW YOU 7O THE TIRE SHARP PC-MCILS IM / ) PUMRER TH'HEAVV ENPOP \SA30R ? WHERE'S YOUR POCKET. THE - FlRfT MOVE YOUMAke PER ONE. HE AL \AO5T >P6AR WITH A PLILL LITTLU EK A PUNk CluARfcT, ER A L IF 1, t-E PFATIW VOU TO f 1 TH' CARPET BEATPR.SR- OH A PDZEW THIKJ(3&-- BLIT 1 HkF THEM kIKJD OF 6UVS.' THE CHiMP \ 1O Ti4E AiR , OslE(?X WAM& TO SECRECY OM FKOM1RE&TO LOOkC;MC5 6AMAMAS ADTHOE ITl&S. NOU'D BURNS YOUR NOSt WIT H ) / OJT TO 6£ 4-Djuy TOTE HOME HER BOOKS! NO, 9JT ITS SURE TOU6M TO.,. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser IS WT THAT OKAY WELL, 1 DIDMT MIND AT FIRST - BLJT LATELY ITS BECOME" DRAFTY/ WOMT LffME EXPtR/MEMF M THE HOUSE/ I HAD TO SET UP M/ CHEMISTRY u& IN "we " ^"" '" "' I m^^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin Life Adventures Purposeful PORPOISES J& SHOAL, of SAND EEUS 16 SUteKOUNt7Bt7 SV HUN^RV PORPOISES. THEY PIVE TO ESCAPE. BUT THE WILY PORPOISE PATROL. 16 T=OK THAT ~' THWR <SJUA«Ry h4tf» PROM QUESTION; Why are elephant tusks so valuable? •* * * ANSWER: The tu*kf of elephant* and eome other animtli gre made of a creamy-white tubetaoce called Ivory. Though Ivory le bard, It benda without breaking, ie eaey to out and baa a floe texture that takee a high polieh. The beat ivory cornea from African elephants which have larger tuaka than Indian elephants. Ivory of a poorer quality cornea from the tuska, horna and teeth of the hippopotamue, wairua and narwhal. The quantity of good Ivory —auch aa that from tuaka of African elephanta — grows scarcer all the time. There are a number of substitute*. The beat ivory is used for billiard balls and for costly obese seta. But Imitation ivory, produced from the nut of the ivory palm aa well aa from celluloid and certain other plastics, is used for a number of products, including buttons, cbeeemen, small ornaments, combs, knife handles and various toilet articles. Man has carved Ivory for hundreds of centuries, e » e FOR YOU TO DO: V you want to carve figures muck the way ivory earvere did, yon eaa do this with a cake of whit* soap. Let the aoap get dry and hard aad then atari your carving. e e 1 e (Eddie Davis of Gainesville, Tei., wins $10 for this <nie*» tion, Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, ip care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions art received, Mrs. ttiwui* will sel«*tk»wij»er), f-1* Shadow your shoulders under a wide curve of collar — look I trim, poised, cool as you go from your desk to a 5 p.m. date. Cot* ton, linen, shantung — all are ideal for this step-in. Tomorrow's pattern: Teen outfit. Primed Pattern 4653: Misses' Sixes 10. !:', 14. 16. 18. Size 16 lakes 4'* yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Mend 86 cenU in coins for this pattern—add 10 cent* (or each pattern for fiml-clMs mulling. Sund to Anne Adauis, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 948 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Addre**, Sice, Style Number. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily It's the person who can't ring the bell who is always doing the knocking. ©NBA® No ftabvat - Baby CM TUCSON, Ariz, ffi - Sheriff's deputy John U. Lyom received a call that a ferocious bobcat wag treed on the outskirts of Tucson. Lyons found a very frightened three-month-old kitty trapped in a tree. Oregon Territory was organized in 1849 and admitted tu statehood in 1859.

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