Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 17, 1957 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1957
Page 10
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Two More in Legion Told U.S. Must Band Festival;! , .... ., _.. Total Hits 28 Meet Missile Threat ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. i*V-For- of the legion's 39th annual conven- Two more bands, making a to- m ? r Defen , seu Secretary Louis tion the Russian missile posed in- tal of 28 for the Western Iowa • i onn * on ,h f American Legion; calculable dangers although he ex- Band Festival here September 28. Tuesday the United States must j pressed doubt the Russians "will are reported by Charles E. Knob- meet . tne threat of the reported, at once proceed to drop it on the lauch, manager of the Chamber of Russ,an intercontinental missile at; United States- Commerce, whatever cost The two additional bands are Irwin High School, under the direction of Ramon Keodid, and A ^» _ ^ ( Mail Nabs Fleeing Bank Robber Johnson told the opening session Wall Lake, directed by Wright Persinger. Mr. Knoblauch said that the 28 bands already Teamsters- (Continued item Page 1) DENVER m— An unarmed man robbed the American ; National Bank Monday of $11,200, but he was thwarted in his escape by a basketball player turned letter But he said they would use it; carrier during a wild chase by as a propaganda weapon to at-excited citizens, tempt to weaken Western alii- 1 p 0 i ice identified the robber as ances and to "lest our resolution, elayton C. Kemp, 28, of Denver, U.S. to Spend Over $1 Million to Develop Effigy Mounds Monument MCGREGOR UP) - The National and power by stirring up conflicts;^ {atnerof thr £ ch ', ldren in^such Places as the Middle; ^ ^ ^ ^ ^, main^.l_develor^ent Park Service plans to spend 1V< million dollars in development of Effigy Mounds National Monument—Iowa's only national park —in t{ie next three or four years. Conrad L. Wirth, director of the National Park Service, made the announcement following an inspection of the park recently. 10 Tim** Herald, Carroll, la. Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1957 Wirth said President Eisenhower approved the comprehensive program at a cabinet session. The Effigy Mounds area was established as a monument because of its importance to the "pre-his-. tory" of America, Wirth said. This New Exams For Drivers To Be Tested DES MOINES Wl - Five new drivers license examinations developed by the State Safety Department's Study Committee on Licensing will be tested on approximately 700 Iowans during the next ly registered average, charges stemming from '.he Senate' Asking what could be done cover firm ' was captured by 22- about 50 players each, making a committee 's probe of the Team-! ab(nU it Jonnson sa j rf .. We should ^ year " old Del T °l and - « 6-foot, 4- total of 1.400 band students who sters Union, the Bakery and Con- cal j on our government to let us incn ' 195 -P° ur <d former basketball will be here for the festival. This; fectionery Workers of America nave tne f acts _ not j ust a f ew re -i player at Co,orado State Universi- number does not include other; and the United Textile Workers. s asKvirins facts—but the whole pic- ty ' Toland subdued Kemp as high school students, parents and! One More Meeting : tu ^ e of t ^ e balance between ouH ne attempted to escape aboard a friends. ' lt . A1 $ ert Jl Hayes, chairman of mim f flmJ th t ( our ;bus. Forty bands have not yet re- the five-man comm. tee _ . BfJnk plied to invitations sent out by the dent of the International Assn. of, , .. *• ' • Chamber of Commerce. .Machinists, said the committee . , If the fact f, sno * thal , lhe & ; ca ™ **** a " d M? Knoblauch gave a report on would hold one more meeting here : "? ts really ahead of us in! handed her a note demanding the progress of the festival at a meet- Sept. 23. before submitting its re- ^J" 1 mat er ° f armament ; money in the cage, ing of Chamber directors Mondav port to the AFL-CIO Executive w « s™"'d call for a revision of; Tne note said - another man is night in the Chamber of Com- Council. The council will meet' natlona ' Policies to meet the dan- outside listening to the police ra- merce rooms. Plans were made here Sept. 24 and 25. ; ger and over ™me dio. He has a tommygun. If you for the entertainment of festival The committee declined to make; Saying this would not be pleas- sound the alarm or signal the j ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL visitors and other current Cham- a statement to newsmen after the j an t or convenient, he added: 1 guard to stop me we will blast this j Admissions— ber of Commerce projects were 2^-hour closed session. "It will mean more expendi- bank to bits." j Milton E. Lindskoog, Odebolt. discussed. [ One of the committee members, I tures—heavier budgets. It may. Miss Modig complied, putting David Dubinsky. president of the | mean drastic measures to in-; the money in a bank money sack. International Ladies Garment 1 crease our supply of engineers and But as he fled through a side en-' Workers Union, said the commit- 1 technicians. It may mean higher 1 trance she shouted to "Stop that! j tee 's report might be finished i instead of lower taxes. .. . 'man!" 1 is expansion of the informational presentation so s visitors can more readily^ interpret. • what they se e| parti cu ^r 'a7erbe7 ^pities 'the,....™., here. Howard W, taker, Omaha, j mound development . ln addition to | few days. fcTsaii erV i its historic im P° rtance - the area| C apt. Kermith Rhoades. chief h2!«W rf- M^^ The dev ^ ment ™» wm;Sdded: unsurpassed scenery '' he;Ucense examiner for the Wghway located north of Marquette, falls ibe financed under .. M , Mion . 66> ..| . The system should depict the the name of the Park Service pro-; majesty of the land and the great- gram to increase national park fa- j ness of the country to be an in- cilities, monuments and memori- j spiration to the citizens of the fu- als by 1966. ! ture." program of national parks, monuments and memorials, Wirth said. Plans include building better facilities, a visitors' lodge, an access road into the south area The work is to be done at aj Effigy Mounds was purchased pace designed to give the taxpay-iby Iowa and in 1949 was turned where a large number of mounds; ers the most results for 'their over to the care of the Park Serv- are closely grouped. Also planned 1 money, Wirth said. 1 ice. patrol/said each of the patrol's 23 license examiners will give the new tests to 30 applicants for licenses. The applicants, he said, will not know they are taking an ; exam different from those now in GaS CaSe- ^ontinued from Page 1) Strike- (Continued from Page 1) Allen A. Schrad, Carroll. Jean Marie Schumacher, Car -j 25 h 'g her ; No. 1-3 200-225 lb butch- roll, ers 18.75-19.25; several lots No. 1-2 Gerald F. Hahn, Carroll. j 210-220 lb most No. 2-3 230-260 lb Herman C. Gotch. Carroll. 1 19.25-19.40 ; 55 head lot No 2-3 268 and a few No. 1 around 215 1 pounds. | Slaughter steers and heifers | were steady to 50 cents down, i fed steers brought up! property, used in distributing nat- to $29.00, the practical top. , ural gas in Fort Dodge. (USDA) - Salable hogs 7,500; i His formula consisted of adding moderately active, generally' the original cost of the property steady to 25 lower on butchers; \ and the present day construction sows barely active and steady to cos t s and then dividing the two use. The. completed tests will be re* turned to the Safety Department for evaluation by the research bureau and the study committee. "The purpose is to learn how long it takes people to complete the new tests, the per cent of failures, and the order of difficulty," Rhoades said. He said the changes- ln the new tests are primarily in the wording and in reducing the number of questions that can be answered by a true or false selection. The new exams are 25 questions in length— —-: within a few days ; .. We mus t give our whole sup- Bank officials, a customer, pas-! ™rs. William Namanny. Schles- 1 JJ jj? d jgJ^f^^JJ fJJJJ 1 «» order to take into account the S answered 7 by""'a person^ well"pre Bell District manager in Des i Dubinsky said the committee, port io the national defense, cost sersbv and Toland joined her as if" • , c u . » J •100-400 Ih iR «iaR=i °; inflation of recent years. inarprf tn take mir nresent exami Moines, said Tuesday that super- 1 following- its usual procedure, i wnat H may » she ran afler him . The man then ! Loi " s Sphmlta - Arpari,n The Supreme Court held that | the same as the one currently in this was an error because it said , use greater weight should he given the ; Rhoades said the new tests con- present day reconstruction costs , ta in no^question "that CQUW not be its usual visory and other personnel were; would not make specific recom- j L . commander W C man) Warded the bus. Salabje cattle 8,500; calves 200; years. I pared to take our present exami- The effect of substituting the nations." utive Council. "We are only as- . , . . , ... , „ . J , Picketing at Perry started about I sembling the facts to present to hls annual report opposition to, flagged down the bus driver, en- 7 a.m. and about 35 workers re- them," he said. 'demands among some legionnaires; tered and as a man rushed to- fused to cross picket lines. j Newspaper reports on the closed • for P ensionR for veterans. ward a rear door go get off when Supervisory personnel from Per- 1 meeting shaped up this way; i Noting that the national debt ex-; Tolan ° S° l on - the driver closed ry and Adel manned switchboards, j In addition to setting the stage! ce fds 275 billion dollars, Daniel' the door, momentarily catching The pickets were from out-of-town > for possible suspension or ouster ( said: the fugitives foot, and left Perry by 10 a.m. j of the Teamsters Union, the com-i "In promoting and advancing Toland jumped off and subdued Hume' said "everything wa6 j mittee instructed its counsel to jour programs of benefits and nim Q l,ic kly with aid from other peaceful and quiet" during the prepare a similar corrupt influ- strike's first day Monday and no j ence finding against the Bakery Louis J. Schmitz, Arcadia. Mrs. Eugene H. Nieland, Bre -i --w- • • ... . ..—„„, , , „„ . t t L u da I slow on all slaughter steers and I n '8 n court s 70-30 formula for the j When the results of the new Dismissals— ' 'heifers; prices steady to fullv 50 lower court's 50-50 basis reduces , tests are available, the study corn- Mrs Alvin Bellinehausen andi ,ower : cows moderately active. from $128,000 to $118,000 the; mittee will meet again to review babv 'Maole River ! steady to 25 higher; bulls and! amount of refund due in Fort, the examinations and determine Karen S Korwes Carroll j vealers steadv; stockers and feed- 1 Dod S e in the rate case. The utility | any additional changes, Rhoades Patricia Ann Peterson, Sac City, i ers slow and weak; 2 loads high had f r «!J ^Li tb * ref " nd Sh ° UW be ! ad ^ d ' t , , . ,. Mrs. Louis E. Plotz, Carroll. I P^me 1,237 lb fed steers'29.00; : about $ 79 - 000 - i The new tests are part of the William J Rupiper, Templeton i ot ner prime steers 26.75-28.25; j "Considerable weight - more Safet y Department s program to Mrs. Paul L. Wessling and 1 mixed choice and prime 25.50- j more weight than the trial court | increase standards of licensing baby, Carroll. [ 26.50; load prime 960 lb heifers allowed—must be given reproduc- 1 testing in Iowa. equalization for our veterans we! Pursuers arriving on the scene. ! Mrs. Russell S. Wunschel, Car- i 2ftW) : most good to average choice tion costs in arriving at an ad- j must be objective, unselfish' and • Detective Capt. Clifford Stanley : roll. ; heifers 20.00-23.50; few standard ; judged fair value of the company's ; conservative. . . ! said Kemp later admitted the rob- 1 Birth.- S cows sold up to 17.50; utility and; property. ... the decision said. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Goecke, | commercial cows 12.50 15.50; utili-i The high court added, however, "Let us always remember thatl berv in an oral statement, blam- j incidents were reported. ! and Confectionery Workers and The Storm Lake and Boone ex- 1 the United Textile Workers. All „„ «.„„ JD ,«=...«=..,„„ „. ai . - • , r „ „ , changes, which do not have dial! three unions have been accused j veterans who have already given' in 8 financial troubles for his de-i Lar roll, a son, luesday. service, apparently were having j of malpractices by the Senate i S o much to preserve our heritage} cision to hold up the bank. committee. should not and will not sacrifice I the hardest time adjusting to the strike situation NEW YORK tfv-A federal mediator Tuesday conferred with chief negotiators for both sides in an (of the three unions The Ethical Practices Commit- j the nation on the altar of self-! REORGANIZE CLUB t$e left it up to the AFL-CIO Ex- j interest. Our every action must be j (Ttm " Her * ,d 8erv,M " , _ . ecutive Council to decide on pos-) consistent with the best interests! WILLEY - The Willey Merry Grandparents are sible penalties against any or all!of the United States and all ouri Maids reorganized for the coming HenrywScnwabe °j p I e1 . ;lver . Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gehling of Grand Meadow, Minn., a son, Danny Joe, Sunday, Sept. 15. Mr. and Mrs. ty and commercial bulls 15.50- \ that the lower court was hot at- 4 1 *n. 1 A * «*» J i ._. 17.30; vealers 26.00 down. attempt to bring about a settlement of a strike of 23,800 tele- Ouster Threat ! people.". The council, on the basis of the EXTRACTION KILLS TREE year Friday evening. September and Mr s. Genevieve Gehling 13. at the home of Ruth Dopheide. : Carroll. Officers elected were Ruth Do- of phone equipment installers in 44; committee's report, is expected toi Some historians credit Samuel! Pheide, president; Dolores Haver- 1N HOSPITAL Chicago Grain These Markets are Burnished by the Humphrey Grain Company Prjev. High Low Close Close WHEAT Sept. 212211 »i 212 H 212', Rulings By Iowa Tribunal tempting to establish a "fair and j reasonable" gas rate for Fort! Dodge but merely to compute the! revenue the company was entitled ! DES MOINES i*—Iowa Supreme to as a fair return during the pe- j Court decisions handed down riod in question. The high court held the lower Tuesday included: James E. Struth vs Community Dec. states and the District of Colum- i threaten the Teamsters Union :Morey, Orford, New Hampshire! man, vice-president; Lois Bauer, ! Herman C. Gotch entered St. March bia. , with ouster if a cleanup is not put j as having built a steamboat on the 1; secretary-treasurer; Laurel Jean \ Anthony Hospital for a check-up Commissioner Walter A. Mag giolo of the Mediation Service, said "I ,will have to await developments from our talks" before he could say whether there would be a resumption of full-scale negotiations. Connecticut River in 1790, 17 years f Broich, historian; Julia Wendl, before Robert Fulton's boat made reporter-, and Mary Jane Heithoff, its first trip. j librarian. There were two new members, MORE REVOLUTIONS ; Dolores Havermann and Mary The smaller tires on the 14-inch j Jane Heithoff. A program commit- ! time limit of 30, 60 or 90 days for i wheels of 1957 cars make 773 rev- \ tee was appointed to meet with the into effect. It is expected that the council will insist that Hoffa not be permitted to hold top union office. It is forecast also that the AFL- CIO Executive Council will fix a! Monday. Carroll Markets May cohx Sept. Dec. March 218% 222% 218'i 123 % 122 H 127 217 \ 221 \ 217 122 S 12m 126 H cleanup action by the three un- A cord of wood is a stack eight ions. The punishment for failure feet long, four feet wide and four J to comply would probably be sus- feet high. pension. olutions per mile as compared j leader and set up a program for with 748 revolutions per mile of the year. Lunch was served after tires mounted on the older 15-inch the meeting by the hostess and her wheels. . 1 mother. GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 Corn, No. 2 yellow Oats Mav OATS «2 ni Sept. •59 ,M «ch 330i. 4 129% Chicago Livestock IF THERE REALLY IS No Need For Continuous Advertising MINISTERS — should preach only one sermon or so a year. People art against sin anyway, so why harp on it? TRAFFIC LIGHTS — should be turned off at dangerous intersections to save electricity. Everybody knows it's a dangerous spot and that is sufficient. TEACHERS — shouldn't review lessons. Tell the children just once and they'll never forget it. HIGHWAY POLICE — should stop driving up and down the highways. No need to caution drivers by patrolling highways. Drivers know the law and obey it. OUT OF TOWNERS — that advertise in the "big city" papers and mail order firms that send out catalogs are wasting their money. Everybody knows what is sold in stores in Carroll and they'll all shop here. if*'' But if you are one of the foolish kind . • . like the Notre Dame Cathedral that has stood for six centuries but still rings the bell every day to let people know it is still there . . . and believe in continuous profitable advertising, then your advertising belongs in the Carroll Daily Times Herald 65*, 68 70 \ 70 •", SOV BEANS Sept. 234 4 Nov. Jan. 232% 65^ 68 '* 70 H 232 >i 230 % 212 H 212 \, 218 N 218 \ 222 »' 4 217 \ 123 123 4 122 U 126 \ 126 129', 65 U <68 >'« 70% 70i 4 court was correct in holding that! Builders Inc.. Polk District Court, a six per cent rate of return on' malicious destruction case, af- the fair value of the property was '• fir med in part and reversed in sufficient. It also agreed with P art - 218', 218 'i 221 % _ „ Judge Uhlenhopp that the 3.93 per c] oJ'ce Tague vs Josephine Tague * cent return which the district Henry County, 122 *» judge figured the company would su '*' affirmed will construction have under the city's ordinance, was confiscatory. Figure to Change The opinion held that in deter- gg^ mining the amount of refund of 70 ' 121% 126 \ 129% 95 % CHICAGO W—Hog prices were mixed Tuesday with butchers sell-! LARD ing steady to 25 cents lower and j Oct. sows steady to 25 cents higher. ! Nov Top price of $19.50 was paid for : Dec ' a 55 head lot of No. 2 and 3 grade 236 % 234 Mi 236 236% 12.25 1215 12.15 70 74 Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co., vs City of Fort Dodge. Webster County, utility rate case, modified and affirmed. Ralph Grant vs Ralph C Norris, Polk, school district legality test, affirmed in part and reversed in pan. John Hicks vs W. E. Goodman, rates collected, the District Court I did not err in granting the com- 234$ 234. iU °P eraUng .,f X Pf n . Se P lUS ! ««.«• — v, „. a . uuuuin-ii, 232 W 23?% 1 sl , x P er cent "P° n fa " va J ue ! Polk, personal Injury suit, af- 232 vi 231 % of the property used in distnbut- j firmed i|,, 4 ! ing gas during the 14 months that. Char j es H . Estes v9 Phillip Leib . iooT hlgher rates were collected ' I sohn. Linn, suit for commission oa 12.47 12.85 12.32 12.72 12.37 12.80 12.30 ! The Supreme Court found that i the permanent injunction issued 1 by Judge Uhlenhopp against en- Copyrights extend for a period forcement of the Fort Dodge ordi- butchers averaging 268 pounds ! of 28 years. nance was too broad. property sale, affirmed. Corinthian architecture is char! acterized by columns, usually ( elaborately fluted and carved. Shopping is easy in the YELLOW PAGES ! 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