Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 17, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 17, 1957
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Words, Credit Battleground of Price Fight State Studies Plans to * Cope With Flu Epidemic DES MOINES Ufc-If and when I Asian flu strikes Iowa communi- By SAM DAWSON 252 Sid* ta. "SJtiw. authorities hope to have words and credit , „ We don<l know , { thefe flre g(J _ Denunciation of the rising cost; ing to he a , ot of , lltle epWemics of living has been heard al o^\ or one great explosive one," Dr. the land from cottages to the! Edmund G. Zimmerer. sUte White House The Federal Re-; heaUh commissioner( , ald Mon . serve Board has tried to hold i d down speculative inflation by! C i V n defense organJiatioiig'iwy keeping jwrrowing^ expensive and| be cal , ed on to prov , de a „ xiUary credit hard to get Prices have kept right on rising, nevertheless. Must the cost of living keep on rising if everyone is to have a well paying job? Can we get stable or lower prices only by risking or inviting a depression? That is police and fire forces in some communities if those departments are hard hit by Asian flu, he said. Asian flu is expected to be widespread in the United States this fall and winter. When the disease hits a community it is expected * I population in bed for several days. * Rises Continue 0nce A , sian " U br * aks . 0lU in 8 Prices on many goods go on ris- i c —f V« the epidemic is ex. _ „wv„„„u ,u o :„ „„ «,a„„ pected to run its course in about S t 3 mand TZiZST " ^ ^ th * «" This gives a rosy if somewhat ^ r y° ne wfh ° . was g ™ n *. 10 come dubious glow to many statistics, | down ™ th A ' 1 . w0 " ld have „™ n * " across the Asian flu virus, Zim- such as retail sales, inventories, the total of person -incomes. To keep the financial aspects of the price upsurge under constant sudy President Eisenhower is setting up a group of top flight officials. Effectiveness of the Federal Reserve's policy of keeping money merer said. Dr. Zimmerer said hospitals probably will have to set up some sort of screening departments to reserve hospital rooms for persons who really need hospital care. About 9R out of 100 Asian flu victims will not need hospitalization, he said. Another problem to be worked out, he said, is how to provide care for children in homes where both the mother and father are iU. Dr. Zimmerer said he will call a meeting of the State Health Department's Asian flu advisory committee within a few weeks. The committee was appointed by Gov. Hergchel Loveless to aid the department in setting up a program for dealing with the expected Asian flu epidemic. The committee last Friday set a policy to guide physicians in use of limited supplies of Asian flu vaccine. Under the policy, pref- ! erence will be given to the aged and infirm who are most suscep- ! table to complications, to health | service personnel and persons en: gaged in "essential services." Members of the committee rep; resent medical and health serv- ; ices, hospitals, employers, labor, : farmers, schools and local officials. RICE HARVEST IN COLOMBIA: It mar beat the banana la easing the country's trade deficit. Columbia Sees More Than Coffee in the Cup By SUMNER AHLBUM NEA Staff Correspondent MEDELLIN. Colombia (NEA i — In the juke boxes in the cantinas and cafes of Medellin, wealthiest city in Colombia, the National Assn. of Manufacturers. I has just announced that a study tight is Confirmed today 0 by"the! of , the after tax P rofil mar * in on U. S. Treasury in offering inves- J sa,es . show them to be n r °PP>"8- tors four per cent on three billion' P rovln l? that "toe current mfla- dollars of its securities-an offer! tl , onarv rush , ,s due t0 nsin * costs that sent down the price of its' of labor and the continuing heavy older bonds, bearing a much low-! tax burden, and not the greed of er interest rate. | manufacturers for exorbitant prof- Although many now think aj' ,s " slackening in business activity is j In a speech before the Economic more likely than a resumption of | Club of Detroit Monday, Carrol the boom, they doubt if this imM. Shanks, president of the Pru- itself will halt the rise in prices | dential Insurance Co. of America, right away. | says that prices can be stabilized Their argument is that even if land prosperity maintained. He Sales faJOi off, business may go j holds it isn't inevitable to have the right on seeking higher prices to cost of living always rising as the counter a declining profit margin j price of full employment, nor to and labor may go on demanding j halt inflation only by bringing on higher wages with the still rising I a depression, cost of living as one reason. j ... . . , . . ., They contend that this could His recipe includes: A flexible lead to a drop in unit sales, an!™"? 18 ^ P" 1 '^' a . c , ut m « overn " increase in inventories, and final-! menl s Pe ndln * and tax, "S. mcen ly a cut in production and in em- tives for increasing savings, aban- ployment-with rising prices keep-! donment of the nu ™rous governing the dollar volume of the sta-!™" 1 Pnce support Programs, new tistics still glowing. 1 labor laws to protect both the con- The name calling between labor sumer and the worker ' and the and management is likely to grow rediscovery by business of the old shriller. Labor leaders contend v,rtues Production, low prices have" been raised unneces..' prlces and low per unit prof,t mar " sarily because management is too! gins greedy for profits. NAH Conclusion A management spokesman, thr And above all a shift in .public psychology — A decision that enough of inflation is enough. Congregational Aid Circle and Clubs Hold First Meetings i <T1mM Rpmld Nm»i Sorvlr«) LAKE VIEW - Group three of the Congregational Aid met at the church at 3 o'clock Thursday for an organizational session. Mrs. I Charles Maynard was elected j chairman of the group. Mrs. Frank Schmidt will serve as secretary and treasurer. Tentative plans were made to serve the Commer[ cial Club banquet honoring the faculty Sept. 26. Mrs. W*ilmer Hanson was elected chairman of the banquet committee. Mrs. W. J. Nichols and Mrs. Leo Miller were hostesses. The next meeting will • be a 9:30 coffee, at the church ' Sept. 25. Mrs. Henry Dralle and I Mrs. Stephen R. Murphy will be ! hostesses. Mrs. Alva Oder entertained the Rest Club at her home Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Sherman Higgins, Mrs. Martha Olerich of Breda and Mrs. Dick Berry were guests. ; Court whist was played and the i two high winners were Mrs. Dick I Huisenga and Mrs. Berry. Mrs. Mable Christian won the low prize. Mrs., Dick Beck was guest, host- ess to the Pla Mor Club Wednesday. Her mother, Mrs. M. E. Whiteside of Storm Lake, Mrs. Maurice Miller. Mrs. James- Star' gell, Mrs. W. J. Nichols and Mrs. Don Tjaden were guests. Mrs. Miller was awarded the guest prize. Club prizes were ptesented ! to Mrs. Ray Borrons and Mrs. Walter Roelf. The Si Mozel Club met at the Charles Worswick home for a regular meeting Wednesday night. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Kathryn Monroe, Mrs. Vernon Wicker and Mrs. Clyde Schultz. Lake View Bridge Club members were guests of Mrs Robert Logan Friday. Prizes were won by Mrs. Harley Ellis and Mrs. E. L. Christian. Mrs. Hal Schroeder was hostess to the Queen of Clubs Friday. Mrs. B. J. Manly, Mrs. Harold Tjaden and Mrs. Maurice Millei were guests. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Jasper Therkelson and Mrs. Manly. The Simpson Aid Corps met in the John Elias home Friday. Mrs. Wilmer Hanson and Mrs. Elsie Anderson were guests. Following the regular business meeting a letter was read from an absent member, Mrs. M. A. Thorpe. Nine members and two guests had a social hour after the regular meeting. Mrs. Austin Keiser Sr. was hostess at the first fall meeting of the Garden Department. Roll call was answered by giving a favorite garden quotation. Mrs. Carson Cram read the legend of the morning glory, the flower of the month. Mrs. George Meyer gave a paper on the "Lure of the Lily" and showed two films on spring bulbs "Promise of Spring." Mrs. Agnes Weitzel was a guest. MORE IOWA PROSPERITY Few people realize )KTW irmeh the brewing bktostry is Helping to boo&t Mir kwa prosperity these days. In three items alone; the industry is pouring over $83,300,000.00 pe* year into this state. These items inelude $30,471,000.00 in Iowa payrolls, $27,500,000.00 in general business costs, and $25,362,798.00 in taxes. In addition, our farmers' incomes are boosted by the huge volume of grain purchased for the making of beer. AM this added wealth flows steadily into the stream of eir Iowa income—reaches out into every part of the state, to ben» eflt aH of us. Year in, year out, every county, and eommvmity ean feel the benefits as the brewing industry continually adds to Iowa 's growing prosperity. BBEWING ixxnj&'rxnr fa} . , , helping to build Iowa States Brewers foundation-Iowa Dmsion-814 Liberty lldg, ( ^H Molws Foil Presbyterial Roily at Jefferson MANNING — The Presbyterial Fall Rally will be held Sept. 27 at Jefferson. Officers of the Manning group will attend. Verna Karstens, Mrs. Herb Stribe, Mrs. C. M. Johnson and Mrs, Lester Wiese will report on "Problems at Purdue" at a coming meeting. Mrs. Grover Bartels read an acknowledgment of clothing shipped to Church World Service and reported on the Busy Thimbles. Ladies of the ^ organization were asked to embroider tea towels for the bazaar on Nov. 9. Mrs. Clarence Stammer will replace Verna Karstens as chairman of the program committee. Mrs. R. H. McGrath and Mrs. Glen Jensen reported on the proposed teachers' reception. The following officers were elected for the 1058 season: Mrs. H. W. Hagedorn, president; Mrs. Harold Schmidt, first vice; Mrs. Ivan Opperman, second vice; Mrs. R. O. Pratt, recording secretary; Mrs. Merlin Struve. corresponding secretary; Mrs. William Vollstedt, treasurer; Mrs. Earl Banby, fellowship; Mrs. Clarence Stammer, program: Mrs. Selmer Hodne, World Service. Chairmen appointed in various departments are: Amanda Siev- •rs, membership; Mrs. Ray Wycoff, Mrs. Ed richer, Westminster Fellowship; Mrs. Merlin Struve, Children's Work; Mrs. Joe Steen, National and Overseas Sewing; Amanda Sievers, Foreign Missions; Mrs. Lester Wiese, National Missions; Mrs. Earl Stribe, Christian Education. Following the meeting, lunch was served by Mrs. Mildred Lyden, Mrs. Henry Grelck, Mrs. Leo Kerwin and Mrs. Earl Barsby. "WELL" In the House of Representatives, the "well" is the space between the clerk's desk, which is immediately in front of the speaker's rostrum, and the first row of seats. ONLY ONE SIDE USED There is a design on both sides of the Great Seal of the United States, but only the obverse side is used for impression on doeu- ments. BULKIEST REPTILE Bulkiest of living reptiles is 'Australia's saltwater crocodile. Found in that continent's tropical streams, this 30-foot dragon Is fiercely aggressive and will go out of its way to attack men. hit tune these days is a parody entitled "Arrivederce. Rojas" (So Long, Rojas i. Way Most Feel It is an apt and not particularly tender expression of the way most Colombianos feel about their erstwhile dictator-President Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. Ousted last May by the present five-man military junta. Rojas' memory lingers on in a dollar shortage that, has forced a strict austerity program. There is no austerity, however, for visiting Yankees. An American dollar will get. you 5.70 Colombian pesos, and a top of eight pesos — or $1 .40 — will get you a prime filet mignon dinner in the best place in town. There is no austerity, either, for Eduardo Santamaria. a Medellin businessman who is cashing in on the import of an idea. The idea is a form of horse wagering called 5 k S, a sort of parlay in which the horse player must pick five.or six winners out ; of six special races run each Sun! day. ! This handicapper's dream was brought across the border from Venezuela, where for years it has kept the citizenry in a coma from Saturday night, when the horses j ,have to be picked, until Sunday afternoon, when most of them run out of the money. In Colombia the races are run in Bogota, but S & 6 can be played through official agencies almost everywhere in the country. Each , week it lures nearly 200,000 bettors, all of whom hope to emulate : a shoeshine boy and coffee shop ' cashier who shared one ticket for an investment of 17V» cents apiece and split winnings of $85,400. ! Businessman Santamaria. how! ever, does not bother to pick j horses. After 5 4 6 came to Co- ilombia a couple of years 8go, he | gave up his profitable auto parts \ business and latched on to the of- j ficial 5 k 6 agency for the Medel- I lin area. Gets a Cut He gets a cut on each betting form sold, plus a five per cent commission of the total volume of bets. In partnership with his brother, he grosses better than $15,000 a week. In a sense, the Santamarias symbolize the new business attitude in Colombia. They are not pinning their future on one enterprise, since they have a comfortable sideline in a ranch outside Medellin which fattens 2 ,000 head of cattle a year for'the beef market. Neither i t I nor domestic beef will, bring Colombia any of the dollars it needs. But the idea of diversification is thera, nevertheless. The Colombia economy is getting a healthy boost this year from » 400 million dollar coffee crop, and coffee has long been the No. 1-business in this country, the world's second largest producer. 5th in Oil Reserves Colombia, which also ranks fifth in oil reserves in the western hemisphere, is working to expand : its income from black gold. But while it copied Venezuela in the 5 & 6 horse race game, the i country has no illusions * about copying its neighbor's rise to riches on oil alone, any more than it' expects to live off the American coffee drinker. "Now that we've awakened to world trade," one top businessman here summed it up, "we're confident we can make Colombia a rich country. But we want our wealth to be based on everything we have, and not just on a sudden gush of oil or the American thirst for coffee." GEN. JUAN B. CORDOBA: The time to get a stake. . . . 6 Times Herald, CsrroH, la, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 19S7 CHANGING CLOUDS I Clouds change their shape because parts of them evaporate | when they come in contact with ; warmer air that is not saturated • with moisture. ; BACHELOR PRESIDENTS j James Buchanan and Grover •; Cleveland both were bachelor : presidents of the United States, i Buchanan never married, b u t Cleveland married during his first term of office. Pope: Better Not To Remarry After Death of Spouse VATICAN CITY (ffl-Pope Pius XII says that when death separates a married couple it is better for the survivor to remain faithful and not remarry. The Pope spoke Monday at jus summer residence of Castel Gandolfo to delegates attending a congress sponsored by the World Union of Family Organizations. The text of the speech was released Tuesday. "Although the church does not condemn second marriages," the Pope said, "It shows a preference for the souls who wish to remain faithful to their mates and to the perfect symbolism of their marriage sacrament." The Pope spoke particularly about widows, but his words on remarriage referred to "married couples" and "mates," obviously including widowers as well as widows. He said the church "rejoices to see cultivated the very spiritual richness" of the state of widowhood. The Pope said that death, far from destroying human love and marriage bonds, can "perfect and reinforce them." "When one of a married couple enters the Divine intimacy, God delivers him of all weakness and of all remains of egoism," the Pope said. "He invites also the one who remains on the earth to establish in his soul a purer and more spiritual disposition." FIERCE FISH The fierce piranha fish, found in certain South American rivers, travels in schools and attacks larger fish, destroying them. Only 10 to 12 inches long, they are dangerous because they attack in large numbers. May Raise Support Rate On '57 Corn WASHINGTON Ml — The price support rate for 1957-crop corn may be raised from two to three cents a bushel above the preliminary national average of $1.36 a bushel announced last winter. The final rate must be announced early in October. The Agriculture Depart m e n t had announced that the rate would be 77 per cent of parity if the supply were no larger than forecast last winter. There has been no appreciable change in the supply, but the parity price of corn has risen from $1.77 to $1.81. Thus a rate of 77 per cent of parity would be $1.38 a bushel. Parity is a standard for measuring farm prices declared by law to be fair to farmers in relation to prices charged them. lowan Claims Floater Title WATERLOO tf> — Everett Williams, 52-year-old Waterloo man, claims he's the world's champion floater. Williams can float vertically. Most persons float while lying horizontal in the water. The Waterloo man car, even float vertically with his hands and feet tied, while drinking a bottle of pop, or while reading a newspaper. In the summer, Williams goes swimming two or three times a week. During the winter he attends adult swimming classes at one of the Waterloo schools. He also uses the YMCA pool. Williams says the only trick to vertical floating is to relax and keep your chest expanded. He advises novices not. to try floating Vertically with their hands and feet tied unless there are life guards handy. Official Proceedings of County Government Board of Supervisor! Office, Carroll, Iown September X 1957 The Board of Supervisor* of Carroll County. Iowa met In adjourned session at the Board Office In Carroll, the county seat of said county, on Tuesday September 3, 1957 at 9:00 A. M. pursuant to law, the rules of said board and to adjournment with all members present. The Board of Supervisors on motion aerepted the AuRust report of Caroline Pfiester, County Health Nurse, and ordered the Auditor to place same on file. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the suspension of the sor 17.40: Auditor 20.90: Clerk 21.90: Court Room .17.40; Engineer 37.45; Attorney 8.00; Recorder 19.55: Soc. Welfare 35.40; Thorup 26.05; Supt. 8.00: Sheriff 30.80; Treasurer 20.15 353.00 current taxes on the following des Assistance' Recipients: crlbed property owned by Old Age California Visitors In H. Lindutki Homo WESTSIDE - Mrs. Ed Linduski and Dianne of Los Angeles,, Calif, spent several day* in the home of Mr* and Mrs. Henry Linduski. Mr*. Ed Linduski and daughter accompanied her brother, iNorman Leland of Phoenix, Ariz, and sister, Patty Leland of Los Angeles, Calif,, to Iowa and Minnesota. They also visited in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leland of Minnesota. A housewarming party was held Sunday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Rostermundt and daughters, Mona and Monica: Those who attended were: Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Joens of Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Thiedeman, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thiedeman, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lent, Mr. and Mrs. John Oeser Jr., Cheryl and Gregg, and'Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bllsten Jr. John Mohr returned Saturday evening after spending the week with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mohr of Clin- toa. (1) Lots 13 and 14. Block 12, Town of Arcadia, Carroll Coun- tv, Iowa. (2) West 94 feet of Lot 10. Block .13, Original Town of Carroll. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the discontinuance of the suspension of the current taxes on the following property: East 40' of Lot 12, East 40' of North 10' nf Lot 11, Block 1, Town of Manning, Carroll Coun- tv, Iowa. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the following reso- I lutlon: I RKSOM'TIOX ! BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board , of Supervisors of Carroll County. : Iowa, in regular meeting assembled j this 3rd day of September, 1957 as j follows: WHEREAS, there exists a serious ! shortage of file and storage room | In the office of Edward J. Murphy, j Countv Auditor I WHEREAS, this body Is authorlz- i ed by the provisions of Section I 332.15 of the 1954 Code of Iowa to authorize the destruction of certain public records which have been on file In the office of the said Edward J. Murphy, County Auditor, for more than ten years. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the said Edward .T. Murphy, County Auditor, Is hereby authorized and directed to destroy all assessor's books, "assessment rolls, county vouchers and cancelled county warrants which have been on file In his office for more than ten years. Board of Supervujprs of Carroll Countv, Iowa s/ Chas. A. Neumayer Chairman of the Board CKRTIFICATION «Y COUNTY AUDITOR I, Edward J. Murphy, County Auditor of Carroll County, Iowa do hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was duly proposed, seconded and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa, In regular meeting assembled on September 3, 1957. s/ Edward J. Murphy County Auditor On motion the Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims and authorized the County Auditor to Issue warrants for same: General Fund B. G. Tranter. Postmaster, postage, Auditor $ 16.60 Hotel Burke, freight, Auditor 1.03 Ed Griffin, hauling paper, etc., from courthouse 20,00 A. J. Daeges, comm. work, sessions and mileage 151.13 Art Hlnners, comm. work, sessions and mileage ^ 17748 Chas. A. Neumayer, comm. work, sessions and mileage - 144.83 Henry A. Stork, comm. work, sessions and mileage 155.38 John Tlgges. comm. work, sessions and mileage 177.70 Crouse Cartage Co., Treight, • Treasurer - 14.70 Daily Times Herald, publish Proceedings! 249.93; Notice 9.80 r ..- - 389.73 Manning Monitor, publish Proc«edlngg t 201.66; Notices 6.00 :"...!_ 307.66 Glidden Graphic, publish Proceedings 48,66; Notices 2.94 ., 51.60 Breda .News, publish notice 3.83 Carroll Water Dept., water and sewer rental, courthouse , j 30.89 Buchhelt Service, Janitor sup. piles '. i 1.36 Matt, Parrott A Sons Co., of- _ (Ice supplies, Treasurer 14.55 Ribbon * Carbon Supply Co,, office supplies, Treasurer 34.00 Breda News, office supplies, Recorder 94.70 Stone Printing Co., office supplies; Soc. Wei fare 10.20; Recorder 38.65; of- flee equipment, Recorder 98.00 ,\ 147.85 Koch Brothers, office supplies: Recorder 31.07; Sheriff 11.43; Auditor 74,64: Treasurer 38,30 _ .,.„ 135.33 Herald Publishing Co., office' : auppllts: Auditor 8,38; AU torney 8.40 —.—.a.—™ ... 18.85 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., office' * supplies, Attorney _ 1.S7 Monroe Calculating Ma oh. Co,, malnt. contract, Auditor .... . r „ .., 73.QQ r, W. Medhurst, install ' oqulp., Sheriff •. . ... 41,00' Northwestern Bell Tel, Co,, telephone wviaeti Asses- i 80.90 »7.47 17.35 29.25 45.00 65.00 56.49 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 33.51 78.45 185.56 15.22 23.55 1.45 Donna M. Murphy, extra help. Auditor's office 36.30 Alice Mary Schroeder, extra help, Treasurer's office .... Al Thorup, Sheriff, sheriff Inv. mileage • — Al Thorup, Sheriff, August board and care of prisoners Leonard Hln/.e. mileage Robert S. Bruner, attorney rent and utilities, Sept. Dr. A. F. Wltte, August rent. Social Welfare office Caroline Pfiester, nurse, August, mileage Burrell W. risk, weed commission assistant - 76.34 Herman Lamp. Trustee, Ewoldt Township trustee meeting Ben Sextro, Trustee, Ewoldt Township trustee meeting John Musfeldc Trustee, Ewoldt Township trustee meeting — _j — ... Alvan H. Hansen, Clerk, Ewoldt Township trustee meeting Court Expense Fund Ann Shearm»n, court re- I porter services Koch Brothers, office supplies, Clerk Stone Printing Co., office I supplies, Clerk i Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., office | supplies, Clerk ; Jenkins Fergeman Co., office supplies, Clerk _ • Emarines, repairs to equip., t Clerk i American Photocopy Equip. Co., photocopy supplies, i Clerk ... .......... 78.79 Recordak Corporation, photocopy supplies, Clerk 36.64 Recordak Corporation, photocopy supplies, Clerk _ 9.44 Recordak- Corporation, photocopy supplies. Clerk > 3.74 Lawyers Co-op. Publishing Co., books, court library 15.00 Ralph M. Crane, Juvenile hearing, attorney fees Lelghton A. Wederath, Kunecke hearing, attorney fees Carroll Co. Sheriff, serving ?notlce, State of Iowa vs. George Alipach Lelghton A. Wederath, attorney fees, State of Iowa vs. George Alspach 10.00 Carroll Co. Sheriff, Juvenile hearing, serving notices and subpoenas — 4.97 Merle Vetter, • Juvenile hearing, wltnesa fees — Louts B. Hannasch, Juvenile hearing, witness fees :. Carroll Co. Sheriff, Juvenile hearing, serving notice ..... Carroll Co. Sheriff, \Juvenlle hearing, serving notice Carroll Co. Sheriff, Juvenile hearing, serving notice 6.30 Lelghton A. Wederath, Juvenile hearing, '.attorney feei Carroll Co. Sheriff, Juvenile hearing, serving notice Lelghton A. Wederath, Juvenile hearing, attorney feet W. J. Schmlch, Justice court, J. P. fees —«— W. J. Schmlch, Justice court, J. P, fees Al Thorup, Sheriff, Justice .court, sheriff feei „ ... C. M. Maddy, bailiff and court library services 89.23 James R, Morrow, probation officer, mileage and exr penses for August 73.35 Poor Fund Carroll Machine A Welding, County Home, repairs 28.10 Farm 4 ,Home Store, County Home; Repairs 3.99; machinery 35.00 38.99 Iowa Public Service Co., Coynty Home, electric aerv- Ice - ••• 108,53 HAH Co., County Home, provisions 39.48 Hannasch Super Valu, provisions, County Home 48.07 Charley's Place, County 75.00 16.35 90.00 100.00 30.00 3.69 3.14 3.14 1.43 7.39 10.00 6.39 10,00 4.00 5.00 4.63 El dor a Memorial Hospital, hospital care, Leo Billmeler 112 25 Elsie Meier, cash allowance 14.00 Charles Irlberk, rent. Mary Kokenge - 27 .no i Melvln Relff, August rent, 1 Mallnda Wilson 30.00 1 Dept. of Social WelTnre, aid to dependent children 1292.25 Dept. of Social Welfare, aid ! to the blind 189.R4 , Everett Bliss, used furniture, Mallnda Wilson ,: .lames L. Conley, escort for ! Joseph Heue to Iown City Quakerdale Farm, care of Leo and'Rohert Blllmcipr Secondary Kunri Fund ; Chicago Northwestern Rv , Co., freight, EnRtneer 1167.SI Joseph Bornholtz, assistant survevor 72.39 Paul Jerome Polking, truck operator 100.00 , Dean Brlghlwell, truck operator 113.10 Kenneth Goerke. truck operator 100.00 Donald Joseph Henrtch, truck i operator . 38.09 \ Donald Schenkelberg. bridge I crew . 100 r*i i Albert Lehrter. bridge crew 109 60 i Roscoe Sapp, bridge crew 109.60 Richard Renze, brlrtee crew I Clarence Goheli, gravel checker Breda News, publish notice i Dally Times Herald, publish ! notice ' Manning Monitor, publish no! tlce i Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., of- I flee supplies, Engineer i Stone Printing Co., office sup- 1 piles, Engineer j Standard Blue Print Co., Engineer supplies . Koch Brothers, Engineer supplies Missouri Valley Machinery I Co., repairs 1 Herman Hetnrichs, repairs : Paul * Wayne's Sk»l!v Serv- 1 Ice, repairs 325.62 Onnen Bros,, resurfacing . 12,886.39 Don Vlsser A C R. Thomas Cons., stripping and replacing gravel 325.00 Breda* Oil Co., diesel fuel Home Oil Co., diesel fuel . D-A Lubricant Co. Inc., diesel fuel Wallace Service Station, diesel fuel, 22.11; repairs 6.57 Iowa Electric Light & Power, gas, malnt. Earnge „.,„ 7 Manning Oil Co., diesel fuel 158.26 Kuker Oil Co., motor oil 3.70 Wheeler Bridge Lbr. & Supply, piling for bridge 1717.23 Manning Municipal Light Plant, bridge plank Mldrlowa Industrial Supplv, malnt. supplies 54.33; tools ' 26.91 Sleg Fort Dodge Co., malnt. 16.85 5.88 1.1.76 • 6.00 2,ng 1 49 11.02 50.02 10040 5.00 95.03 239 59.35 28.68 3.33 27.75 supplies Peoples Natural Gas Dlv., gas 81.24 2.47 6.00 1.02 1.02 12.75 28.55 Homer prpvTsion* Burn* FroMn ~ Food tocKerl „ c ?M nt Jiu^ om f.v provision* ,„ Kelly's Shoe Store, County Home, clothing ,. Grain * Lumber .. 138.35 Farmers' Co,,. County Horns, house- 2L78 50.75 1,60 „ how supplies - - — North western »elpT«. Co., telephone/services: County Home 31.80; Relief office 13.89 v.- — : 44,89 Don Bocksn Supoly Co.. County Home, • household eunpMee ..-4-^ES--^ 51.40 Koch Brothers, office fup- piles, Relief office .,u.;". „ 9J.00 Eleanor Dlmmore, mileage 30.30 Rachel Rust, rent, Surplus commodity room 70.00 Fareway store, provislona: Frank Kurth 30.00; Mallnda WUion JW.OO; Henry Rou- Wnky-DlnTby %tors, previa- _ ions. Rsymond atanSk Safeway Store; provisions, «nja, Hunter v«n .BuFen « M L..,, $L Anthony Hospital, hospt- • U'«f»[S : D & ri i fterrmanr If ,00j Hm Iteiniftt 10.40. 70,00 50,00 38.00 15.00 ISf .OO 35,00 4^.00 171,40 . .....uioi wii .i uiv., gas for fuel 100 Iowa Public Service Co., electric service Coon Rapids Municipal Elec. , & Water Plant, electric service Manning. Municipal Light Plant, electric service Carroil Water Dept., water and sewer rental Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., telephone services 28., ^5 Clarenee Goecke. mileage 16.03 •T. F. Maher, mileage 53 06 Martin L. Sehmelser, mileage 77.28 Charles Sylvester, mileage ... 8.05 David Sehmelser, hit. Inspector 100.00 Larry Hlnners, misc. labor 123.61 Larry Hlnners, misc. labor 84.77 J. Ben Brunlng. checking black top , 50.50 A. Moorhouse Co., tile 11.77 Onnen Bros,, surfacing .... 1354,18 Don Vlsaer & C. R. Thomas Cons., grading 3871.00 Don Vlsser A C, R. Thomas Cons., grading 1305.00 Don VJaser & C. R. Thomas Cons., clearing rork and placing culverts 968.50 H. F. Schoeder & Sons, drag­ line work, Proj, S2408 (4) ,. 150.36 Robert Neumayer, mileage 33.95 George Vanderhelrten, mileage 18.20 Road Clearing Fund Mld-lowa Industrial Supply, clearing" supplies 349.38 Institution Fund Roland B. Morrison, M.D., examining phy. and physician fees 15.00 ArthurN; Neu, attorney fees 7.50 James Furey. attorney fees 15.00 Al Thorup, Sheriff, conveyance fees 31.15 Marjorle St. Clair, witness fee : Mrsi Emmerl H. Nielsen, witness fee Mrs. Violet Scott, witness fee .-, Emmert H. Nielsen, witness fee • Bang's Disease Fund Nick Kirsch, Indemnity 12.50 Dr. L. J. Wledemeler. testing 6.50 Assessor Fund Harold H. Orundmeler, mileage : Stone Printing Co., office supplies, Assessor The Sherwln Williams Co., office supplies, Assessor Bounty Fund Celeste Sullivan, Treasurer, The 8.50 10.98 6.50 10.98 13.50 34.08 3.30 .55 j, auuiyan. Treasurer, A S gu A* y^ewilfleates for The jBoarit"'o7 Supervisors' nn'mn? 5dwa^V.''M , urph , ^* y • f, Ch ' ,rmilB Carroll County XuW

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