Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 15,1960 Some Leaders of Labor Unhappy Over Johnson Program for Alton LWV Drawn Up Sl/MVV AND WARMER Scattered showers are forecast tonight in the upper Lakes region, upper (antic Mates will be cool. It will be slightly warmer in the central Missis- Mississippi Vftftey and in the Southeast. slppi Valley and central plains. Thundershowers are probable along the Wirephpto Map.) Gulf Coast. The north and middle At- By NORMAN WALKER Awmrinled t»rwf l^abor Writer LOS ANGELES <AP< — Some top labor union leaders say they ate stunned and unhappy over the nomination of Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson to be No 2 man on the Democratic ticket. But they count on some early benefits. Some other union officials welcomed the choice of the' Senate majority leader for the vice presidential spot. Those iookint; ior quick trains pts has set up a 196WJ1 figure that with Johnson as the wain. Mrs. W. C. Munger running uwtc of Sen. John K. Jj,. relations chairman. an-| Kennedy, the party's presidential nouneed today following a meel-j nominee, thr chances are good of j nt r () | \\ v League's directors ill ; pushing through some long- | u>| . i-esidenee. wanted labor goals when Congress Km p nasjs „m of > on service to reconvenes in August. As Senate V()(p| . s Hn<) nipPtltlKS at which majority leader. Johnson wields .....^i,,.,,^ n ,. p Dre sen)ed she Alton League ol Women V'ot- pro- United States Switching To Get-Tough Strategy Editors Note — As the Unitedj --------- ---------States and the Soviet Union pre-j f?\r If, 'pare to clash next week in the! C./J™ ft I Weather forecast leader. Johnson wields (AP power o\'er legislation. Most, if not all. such goals are contained in I eh plat form adopted here earlier^ by the Democrats. The labor union chiefs attending the convention held a secret High SO-83. Fair «nd warmer to-' S^j*^^^ Hay: Novenibor study of tax nlirhl. Low in mid HOs. Increasing ^._. : .., =_..., structure tmri ol possible revi- _, •* i j ^ sions c)f the Illinois revenue act; The group included George •'""• candidates /ire presented said. The auenrla will include: September, study of election laws and procedures; October, candidates in November general' election to be presented: and a .second October night. Low in mid HOs. IncrrashiK id( , ntj;jl nomim , ( , cloudiness and warmer Saturday High SS-Ht). Meany. AFL-CIO president, and Waller Reuther. head of the Auto -""™"^ '' :''« nri ' iHlps "'"""If. ° P «*" wi " 1>e Ufl for pare United Nations. Washington is switching to a get-tough strategy in dealing with Moscow. Asso- elated Pi-ess diplomatic reporter, John M. Hightower, reviews State Department moves which reflect development of the new policy. Extended Forecast ILLINOIS -- Temperature! Workers Union. Reuther is an in- > fluence in the big Michigan dele-, refrained i' primary onj in Fehru- '. February. "Know Your Al- booklet material to be pre- Re ' ! "°" "\ 1 P 1 ** ««'•«"" m * O > gallon which glumly will average near normal. Nor- from anv applause when Johnson : ton ,„«! highs 84-87 in north, 87-iH'was nominated. «•"'«'; Mar-h -two meeting f present at ion nl candidates tor B . v WILLIAM X. OATI8 UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. (APt north, 66-72 in south. Warmer Samrrlav turning cooler nuiiin Satuida>. tinning tooln aunm International Union of Elec-; the A ^' (i f ' i( - v ^w.tion « nrf nf ' h<1 TANKER HIPPED NEW YORK—OH tanker Alkald lies i>r hitting submerged object. Tug holds against Manhattan shore of New York's the b'08-foot Panamanian vessel against . ... , ™™ 1 Workers, said for the re . « 'hool . boaul . anmdates up to, Bv JOHN M. HIGHTOWER in northern sections late Sntur- 'imost of area again about TUPS- torrt w ? s t the sudden s ar)( jj election on the second in April; April, annual meeting; East River, her decks awash, almost in shadow of United Nations building aft- sea wall. Leakage of heavy fuel oil eAused 14-degree list. (AP Wlrephoto.) that Tombstones in LL S. Cemetery McDonald of the Steelworkers and ',— The United Nations hurried WASHINGTON t.AP) — The;22-man advance guard to the Con-; dav 01 , Wednesday. Little or United States, under heavy Sovietj go today and assembled an inter-'precipitation indicated pounding, has largely abandoned, nationa] AMc&n mj)jtary /orce to its postsummit policy of seeking) . ,. , businesslike negotiations Avith Mos-1 help restore order m ™ e c "a° tlc cow and is switching to a get- new African republic, tough strategy of its own. Maj. Gen. Carl Carlsson von Evidence of this change is al-jHorn of Sweden, since 3958 head ready becoming apparent. It will| o{ ^ UiN _ Truce Su p ei . vision Ol - ; be fully developed at the United, ...._.,,. , ' Nations next week when the j ganizatlon '" *>>«*"*• leaws •"«! United States and the Soviet Un-jJerusalem headquarters by plane; po|k . p du>(;ked the area 1)Ut ion join battle over charges and ' today to become commander ofj found no trace a , l a m today i working countercharges of threats to world the new military force. j of vouthful vanda)s who did con . \wf ™« J ™> '" " lt; j™ lu ™~» n «. fining south with him were five . :J -...u,_ _, ... .u^ TT o bal nominating lace, they say will be elected and an agenda j 1961-62 will be adopted; May*. Those openly applaud-; K ™d.v " f •''*>' Planning as set 1 . ing included Presidents David J. forth in the master plan for Alton. |Thomas P. Kennedy of the Mine 1 Unit meetings will be scried- 'Workers. The latter said, "We! u ]ed throughout the year with.; 'think it is all right—it strength-,special study to be given to for-) ens the ticket all over the United jeign policy, city planning, and 1 States." to possibilities for an Illinois 1 One thing that displeased t h constitutional convention. 'top union men was that after| During the month of Novem-j working hard for Kennedy and Der Mrs Munger announced, AltonJ)river Is Restored Presidents By TOM HKNHHAW AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (API-Candidates' religions may or may not play an. K y Cures for Many Ills of . ^ Convention By SAVL'PKIT LOS ANGELES (AP) — Do you Secretary of State Charles F.;;^^""^ "£* p^sidentiai'^"^ ^J^^^^. '[campaigns. But one thing is cer-i ! . . ScouteLeave Sunday for Jamboree A grmip of *) area Boy Scouts from Plasa Bird Council will leave College avenue G.M.&O. stu tiofl at 10:38 a.m. (DST) Sut«la> for the Fifth National Jamboree In Colorado Springs, Colo. The group underwent a prr jamboree training period last weekend at Camp Warren Levis. En route they will visit Chicago Sunday and Colorado Springs MOD day. They will nee the Royal Gorge and Buckskin Joe's and report to the Jamboree site on the morning of July 19. Since the Jamboree program is so full, July 22-28, sightseeing opportunities in the Colorado Springs area have been limited to three days before and following the Jamboree. Following the closing ceremony at the jamboree Thursday eve ning, July 28, the local jamboree party will prepare for the home ward journey. They leave Colo rado Springs on July 29. return Ing to St. Louis on July 30. A special bus will return the troop to Riverfront park by approxi mutely 10 a.m. where (he Seoul;will be met by their parents. More than 55,000 scout* and leaders will attend the Jamboree which is to he on a 2,000 acn- site near Colorado Springs. More than 100 Explorer .Scout- affllliated with the Piasa Bird Council, Boy Scouts of America, will take part in the Explore. Jubilee Field Day, Sunday, Jul> 24 at Camp Warren l^vis. This iv a major activity for Explorw- not attending the 5th National Jamboree. Field Day events were planned by the Council Explorer Cabinet. The following Explorers an chairmen nf committees: Un k Post 57. Alton, proni"- chairman; Richard Burnett. peace. Going south with him were five Secretary of State Christian A. i radio technicians, five security Herter and his top aides are re-';guards, and 11 military observers siderable damage to the U. S. Veterans Cemetery which is they were not consulted in advance of Kennedy's announces part of Alton City Cemetery ad- imenl of Johnson ^ H running ! ifantiTit' rr\ Doni»l ciT'ooT I ported to be preparing a massive to serve as advisers and instruc-lj ac , ent to p ea ,-i s verbal assault on Soviet Premier;tors to the mutinous, 25,000-manj responded to a call Nikita Kbruriidev-B activities;Congolese! army now in revolt, fmm Mra . Ti ^ a Jones , 901 PearJ ainoe be torpedoed the summit; against its Belgian officers. Dip-j Sl who had heard severa] ! conference at Paris two months; lomats here said the observers, ^ fiome Qf thpm , r] j a B°- , A were officers.of the U-uce organ-1 ; v 1hp cemeterv , President Eisenhower is de-j Cation from Canada, Denmark, j _ p _ Abou , 15 minuteg ]at<n .j scribed by officials here as fed!New Zealand, Norway and shp notjce(] thc ceme tery gatei up with Khrushchev's incessant (Sweden. " . Qn invest i gation . Frpd campaign of accusations against Ghana and Tunisia already had ;} ' 1 . 1r wh(j - s custodian of : the United States. He apparently j agreed to provide troops lor the;^* ( . emete ,. v for '\ Vo rld War 1 feels that Khrushchev's hostile;international force. Guinea, Mali ' H ve(ei . ans c]isoov ered the policy leaves no recourse except:and Morocco were asked to fill!'. da i: srn to strike back hard. 'out the force and were consider-! Wpo|jcf , Cpl Conrad and Hapei .| i mate. Many Complain of Floor Rudeness gastric discomfort, License Division oi hisj.ain. They do we,, to belong ''^rT^ rifle range; vent ions' Nick Dragnvich, Poit 37. Wor>il '—nearly >.'wk K nut nf m Amerimns.River, archery: Jewell Green 80 years-sine,' President Huthe.r- ,"»« wwk b Ol " ot 10 Americans ^ ^ Ajton . ^^ ^ f , ...ives could cheerfully ad- Ajt^^-.i^ or. t « in^ r.+taw 11111 _,, . , I • Ifc limn u-n flirt onmpth nir McCain POM JU.T, Cintage rllli> The action was taken u[ion re-,,nit he belonged to no church al- ns nmo uo ma somunin s i nr«, vtiito, . ' i . i , j j ». ii_ j. . about it After a crash research ! obstacle course Larry Miuci certification underIthough he attended Methodist auoul u ' /ult . r ** ""f" . D ^., , *!,„„ „,«• hn-it rarc^ program, conducted at great per-(Post 7. Alton, row noat races-. cnairman, nave announced inaij— .- «• --•-•• - i Thlrtvthree men have held the sonal risl< £md sacrifice through Ricky Adams. Post 75, Altor plans are being made for the,the transcript of proceedings j iden " anf] on , |our , istpd five conventions. I am nowjMo-Skeet, and Lin Booker. POHI League's annual finance drive i showing an appeal bond hHS| fhernselvcs ' as f , h||r( , hl p ss ' ! authorized to offer this cure.j24, South Roxana. arrange ! Henceforth, in all national politi-:ments. the League women will stage j off ice has rescinded the revocm-1 som '' <• neighborhood "coffees" for the It ion of the license ol Kenneth W.j ea ^ purpose of interesting other j S( . oggins 1114 Henry St.. Alton. ! f d B «,, women in the community in be- ' ' coming members. _ , _ .. ceipt of a Mrs. Paul Pearce, finance! . ,-'=prvipp« on i chairman, have announced thati se ^ «'ith a photostat copy "'T^SC; plans are being made for thejthe transcript of proceedings! * which will begin early in Sep-| been perfected and the case set tiemselves as churchless. In addition to Hayes, they were 1 By BOB THOMAS LOS ANGELES (AP>—This has able for sale to the public. Two moves by th.(? State Depart-j ing the request. Ghana reportedly i rveved thp damages and i been called the age of inattention ent Thursday" reflected the de-1 offered to send two of its three L.- ... _.,„„„, t nmh«innp<? and home viewers of the 196C ment veloping new tough line. The de-! British-ti'ained army battalions. "found thai several tomhstones 'had been overturned, some partment announced a note to: U.N. Undersecretary Ralph J. ' markers had been pulled « ' Moscow calling off indefinitely ne- Bunche told a news conference in! gotiations scheduled for next Monday, on an air transport agreement between the two countries. This step was blamed on Leopoldville he expected four bat-; 11 " 1 " . talions—perhaps 2,400 soldiers—to m0 ' ibe in the Congo early next week. d and thrawn or "re-; Secretaiy General Dag Ham- was remov- grave and earth was shoved in, partially filling it: one tombstone that already off. cent Soviet actions and utter- marskjold also asked the United . . , • -f it was ances" which, the department States, the Soviet Union, Britain,! 100 ° , . , , said, have poisoned the atmo-jIndia and Italy to transport the' 01 ' H sphere for negotiation. 'troops and supply food to meet a At the same time the depart-i shortage in Leopoldville. Brother ment issued a new warning to' The United States already had Khrushchev to keep his hands off j offered such assistance, and Pres- Relatives in Alton Latin American countries, parricu-1ident Eisenhower approved the; larly Cuba. It denounced him for | airlift of 300 tons of American sur- ! Brother 1960 Democratic National Convention might say amen to that. "Clear the aisles! We must thc League has received a sup -Imposition has not bee " made - ^But^Jefferson" o'ftoT'attended seconds and Pa^P 3 "'™ to onelsented to units with the highest pb of the Illinois Voters' Hand-ilhere is insufficienl basis for Unitm . jan SPrvices LjT]co | n WPnt :man over 70 playing a kazoo. .average scored, book for 1960. A copy is to be i the order of revocation. Car- to a p,.' csb vterian Church in Wash- s Eliminatp a11 extroverts in General Chairman. Bill Rain given to the Hayner City Libra-;pentier said. 'ington aiid Johnson apparently ' funny hats> amat( ' ur photogra-isaid this is the fii-st event of this ry. The handbook is also avail- James W. Meyers, Lincoln Ad- ' snam j his church-going' with phcrs ' ^P 6 " 5 - readers, aisle i kind since the introduction of the dition. East Alton, received a Methodists "and" Baptists minglers. late-comers, celebrity i neu Explorer Program about i suspension of his license for; Ten Prasidents huve Ix'en Epis- L ' lulchl ' rs und tplevi8ion camera j year ago. The event was planned co"mmitting three moving traffic ; ropa)jans Fjgh , u{ thfj fjrst 14 hoggers — which does not quite i and organi/ed by the Explore, s violations. ' M *t ov 0 ,.,*t t ,»c ™™ irniv,«n»ii. mean M the politicians and dele-i themselves, and attendance Excliatiffites Tour Gralton Nike Base Merritt G. Ivester and Leon- chief executives were Episcopalians, only 2 of the last 19. have order! Will the delegates: Mim Exchange Club 1I)embers take their seats! Thursday evening toured the Nike Those were the most-heard j buse site near Grafton . escorted »nrrlK iit tno Snm*t« Ai'pnn mA»*P . ._ _ _ _ . ardB. Wheat, both»of Alton, and j There have been six Presbyter- gates. expected to eseeerl 125 befoi'<* Require all nominating speeches;the Monday reser\aiion demi "inker ViBits words at the Sports Arena, more heard than even "the man who" and "the next president of the United States." All three networks report that by 2nd Lt. Gerald Brickell, launching platoon leader. Exchangites drove in individual icars to the base and thence inspected the site by bus, observ- claiming that the 137-year-old Mon roe Doctrine of America for the plus food to the Congo from a member of ^he Alexian Broth- ' tators - ' • - ' '--' "" -------------- u - A1 "" they have received many com- ... , . . ., .. , u plaints from viewers about t, le »^ the radar installation, launch!rudeness to speakers at the con .j'ng Platform, missile storage area. ^- , o<> ivention. Citizens said they were' barraflkH Aegidius Fmker. 82, ;chnf , tw , )o spc de , egateg _^ A feature of thc tour was a shocked stocks in Europe. erhood which operates the Alex- Americans is out of date and for! Soviet Delegate Arkady A. So-iian Brothers Hospital in South trying to scuttle the U.S.-Cuban treaty covering the American naval base at Guantanamo, Cuba. Khrushchev, the department asserted, is trying to establish a "Bolshevik doctrine" under which he would make use of "Soviet military power in support of Communist movements anywhere in the world." With the shelving of the prospective negotiations on a U. S. — Soviet air agreement, the question has arisen here whether the negotiations among the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union on a treaty barring nuclear weapons tests will be continued at Geneva. State Department officials said Washington has no intention of bolev told reporters he had passed i St. Louis, who is the uncle of and reading, and d p ™onstnition of me German Hammarskjold's request along to his government and hoped it would be considered sympatheti- {a visit. even sleeping while distinguished \*<vter<\ watchdogs at the base. Americans were addressing them.! tralnpd to attack P otentia ">' dan ' Convention Chairman LeRoy^' emus intruders. Mrs. H. C. Forbes of 150U Sparks j Co]Uns hfls a , mos , gavejed fl ho , e St.. Alton, was here recently for| in the pounding block in an effort Keith A. Long. Godfrey, received | ians ^^ Methodists, three 'uni- to lx> rnailed - not spoken ' to ^eJine. probationary permits to drive.j tari£U1Si two Baptists two Dutch convention by fourth class mail; The three had received previ-l Reformcd , and one Pach or Quak .:and: all seconding speeches be ( V( at cllill« Convention, ous suspensions. ers, Congregationalists and Carpentier's office announced j p]es of Christ. the revocation of 203 and the; got on the back of a postcard, i Eliminate all the rejects from i Mi«s Prison Break suspension of 344 drivers licens-j In ^ it has passpd unnoUcedi , artore 1 studios who are hired forj TOWANDA , p^. ( A P) - After es. chauffeurs licenses and driv- la Baptist minister will be running j thp demonstratlon s and all the !Erne8t Eaglon 26. of Canyon ing privileges based on local j for pres i d ent alongside the Repub-i amateurs recnuted for the same! aty , Colo., and Charles Hackett, court convictions and police re-i lical1 and Democraric . nominees. ! purposp becausp the y wear lam P 28, of Elmlra. N.Y., broke out of ports. ' H e is the Rev. Rutherford L . shades at parlies. jail Thursday night, Sheriff Frank In addition. 141 persons whose i De cker, candidate of the Prohibi- Make " a Many to say ' mm * Detrick began quesHoning other .< i • _ „ • • tl«iiri *5') f Ifrt/ie' »n V^r\nr« ' 'n^nM r\t . . .... licenses were suspended earlier tjon par t y . than 22 times an hour, "man of prisonere about the incident. and whose total point accumula- The Rev. Mr. Decker concedes : |)roven c:oura K p and ability.' He was unable to learn anything lion was less than 62. have beem his cha nces are slim. The Pi-ohi-'" chflllenge of our times ' world from them. They told him uVy granted probationary permits bilion party polled Ol)]y 41 937 of jat the crossroads," and "America fajjed , 0 noticp ^ c depar ture of the pair because they were busy cally. The Soviet Union has re- : While in the Alton area for the j fused to contribute to the support I afternoon, he went to the Mill of the other U.N. military force (Creek Valley to view the ruins keeping peace be t ween the of Beltrees St. Michael's Cath- Egyptians and Israel, terming itjolic Church, which he had attended as a child. He has been a nurse at Alex- Hospital lor 54 I to gain order. Conies an illegal organization. « « fOOl- IO "This is just an extension of the| House or the Senate," explained! ii convention director J. Leonard! SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—AgatiS. to drive. lhe more than 62 million votes' 0 ™ 8 out / or ' „ , . . ,. Reasons for revocations were: j cast jn the 1956 (ll(?ct)on Eliminate all fractional dele- wa , dlin g the Democratic National reckless homicide, 2; driving; igates. If a whole delegate can t. Convpntion on TV. while intoxicated, 194; felony in- I»ri|> Dow* It jget here, the heck with him. Half- _ ._ — volving a motor vehicle, 4; andi PUEBLO. Colo. /P— Thejdelegates confuse the vote count. "Washington, the vacation para- leaving the scene of an accident.! word was flashed on police rad-i Limit the playing of "Dixie" to j disc and builder of Rose Bowl the situation. "When a man is Reinsch, who was not alarmed at Miller petitioned Superior Court for a change in his name because, speaking in the Senate, you see he said, Miller doesn't reflect the his colleagues reading newspa-j true spirit of his native land, io: A 16-gallon keg, full to the (half dozen times an hour. Ditto {champions." Reasons for suspensions were: i brim, had been stolen from a | Texas, "The Eyes of" same and Eliminate signs in the basement three offenses within one year, j beer truck. jits yellow rose. of the convention hall which say ian Brothers Hospital lor 54 per s. When there is something | Greece. years. that everyone wants to hear, you He wants it changed to Agath-i driving while license or permit j was from the stolen keg. If you Tine cake pans svith iget 1 uiet; ' langelos Gregory Melissaratos. Were revoked or suspended, 2. had tipped over in flight. waxed paper be sure to remove ;the paper right after turning the baked cakes out of their pans. ;otherwise the paper may stick.; 321; driving while intoxicated,. Officers in u cruise car notic-j Make it a felony to slow up the "To rest rooms" but which lead 19; gave incorrect information Jed a healthy drip from the trunk work of the republic during a vote; to other signs saying "Area on application for license 2; and'of an automobile just ahead. It count by elaborate references to i closed." ~ - all spectator tickets to whichj"cool Colorado" and "the Granite Limit State of New Hampshire" andimutes. diplomacy. Iraq \\ anti- Oil Income Share BAGHDAD. Iraq (AP' — Premier Abdfl Kanm Kubsem has Luckinen in the St. Louis dis- I'ict are still practicing the quick breaking off the nuclear test con- j dl 'aw to offset the effects of heavy ference and they doubt that Mos-| rains in the north, it was learned cow will do so. This three-power j today from a notice to boaters is- negotiation therefore stands as i sued by the office of District En- the only important exception to sinew Col. Charles B. Schwei/er. the general collapse of East-West Alton Lake will be drawn down a loot Saturday morning and returned to normal stage Sunday morning, the notice stated. Col. Schweizer waid rainfall Wednesday measured H.1G inches al Keokuk. Iowa; 'i.\ inches at Quincy; ;ind 1.U4 inches at Hannibal. The pool al Winlield, Mo., next called on the Western-owned Iraq upstream from Alton in the Mis- j Petroleum Co to give Iraq a big- »issippi serieis of danu,, was drawn! ger share of its income. down 2.:i Thursday and wus to| British manage the company. '*' returned to normal Tuesduy. which luui huge oil coiioebsions in At Clarksville. fuHher upstream, Iraq, but American. French and the dam pool was drawn 1% feet Dutch mterefcti share in the own- and was to have been returned to ership l normal this afternoon. Ti•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••« BUS SCHEDULE CHANGE ] IFFECTIVI JULY 2f, tMO •II buiti will operate on • itraight one-half hour ich*dul» . . . ttarting Monday, July 25, I960. 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