Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 15, 1960
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, / ILLINOIS ft ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving f/ie I lion Coinniiniity for More. 1 htm 124 SUNNY SATURDAY: Low, 63; High, 88. «:ornpl«te Weather, Page -•> Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 15,-i ALTON. ILL.. FRIDAY. .JULY K>. 19HO. 'JO PAGES 5c Pet Copy Alpmber of The Associated Press GAAC Unit Objects to Utility Tax i Opposition to the proposed five; per cent city jftllity tax was vot-i ed at a luncheon meeting arranged by Uic Greater Alton As-i socialion of Commerce legislative committee Thursday. Bui the meeting broke up with • the understanding that the GAAC; would look further into the cf-i feet the impost would have on! tax bills in Uie community —! especially those of industry and' business. j Proposals were made that this investigation determine percentage increases on total tax bills.) One Industrial spokesman pre-i sent said his firm had estimated it would be paying 132,000 In utility taxes compared to a $8,DOO reduction in its property tax! under the formula outlined In City Manager Graham Watt's report to the Council Wednesday night Another intimated a $111.000 utility tax compared to a \>,:V2~> property tax bill reduction under the Watt formula. One hospital spokesman esti-, mated a $1,500 utility tax bill, which would be a plain added expense, since hospitals are exempt from property taxes. '• Mayor P. W. Day explained he hud not been in sympathy with the proposal, which had arisen j when the need became felt fon funds to finance improvements: at Salu Park The mayor reminded that he' bad told the council he believed for Salu park funds could be found elsewhere in the present budget "Personally," he said. "I don't think thei'f is any urgent need for the tax "In our new- form of government we are getting a lot more for every dollar spent, it's true. But the city still has a lot of needs and we have to draw the; line somewhere. '• "Furthermore, while we arej discussing this new utility tax,; we also are studying means of tinancing a huge sewer program and buying the waterworks. "Especially the sewer program is an absolute necessity. DEMOCRATIC TICKET Kennedy to Accept Tonight As Liberals Bemoan Johnson Veep Is Big Intervention in Congo Southerner Chosen to Surprise of Threatened by Khrushchev Quiet Dixie Rebellion Convention i.os ANGKI.KS (AP> MOSCOW i APi— Soviet Premier spile of I his decision, the Soviet Nikila Khrushchev declared today! government declares that the the Untied Nations resolution omnecessiiv would arise for both the Sen. The Congo may no! be enough. United Nations and those peace- formally accepts (ho Democratic presidential nomina- Lyndon B. Johnson. 51. the Tex- He said the Soviet Union is ready loving stales which sympathize lio|) (onjght, w j t |, ljarty |jl )( , ra | s bemoaning his endorse- nuxiuiic leanei < > ',.'.' , ,, mcnl of Son. Lvnclon B Johnson as his runnins mate of Ihe Senate, stood out todiiv as there "il those stales which arc fective measures'. Ihe message ' ...30 ^.,1, » ** *-• the big surprise of his pn'rt>'s carrying on direct agrrssions said. '" a dramatic but highlv tra- has tossed off some nasty cracks LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sen. John K.Kennedy !.%<) convention agiiinst The Congo do not stop "It those slates which are ear- (lili()nal decision Thursday Ken- about Ihc Massachusetts senator's The surprise wis noi tint his moir < ' rill1II1!tl measures" n ing on direct aggression against nwlv compromised with thr poll- immaturity in the face of a de- bid for the nresideMii-.l immi.™ '"I""' 1 demand of the .Soviet Un- The Congo do not stop their crim- i tlcal ''<''*»<'«* of H threatened mand for world leadership from bid lo, fhr p.esKl.M.Ml nonuna-. silnpU _ hands ofr „„, R( , ina , „„,„„„,„. lhp Soviet Union ! «oiith-rn l»lt and wheeled in the presidential office Khmshchev will nol hesitate to take decisive • )olinsu ". ""' inajont.v leader of Johnson's friends, of course. the Senate, as his vice presiden- didn't agree with 'his version, tial nominee. Thev fraiiklv couldn't figure why which " may be re- an earlier caution against inter- The Massachusetts senator thus the Senate leader would be willing the Western nations look a practical step toward to trade his position for the vice lion failed: rather, it WHS thai he 1011 is coming out of the convention l )ul)lir of ('<>"«<•'." as the vice presidential candidate sai(l " Th(1 Sovi ' n «wernmenl will measures to halt the agres.sion." Few expected that he would ae- ^' Vl "" *-' o "Ko Republic the nee- Khrushchev's warning followed cept second plane on the ticket ( ' ssa|1 > hi.'lp which " may be re- an earlier caution against inter- even if it were offered to him! ( l l '"' ( ' fj f( "' the v ictory ol \oiir just vention by although he had never slammed ( ' ;ills( ' '» " ni(1 *'ongo. He said Monday tjuieling a growing Dixie rebel- presidency which, even in its ad- Uie door on this possibility ' rllls uas disclosed in a mes- Western countnes. led by the lion. Bui he reared in return vanced status, is a job in which But there he'was"in the glare saK '' lmni Thf ' Coll 8°' s President' United Slates, were trying to re- some protests from parly liberals one man stands in preparedness of the convention hall Thursday Jmc ^ } Kasavubu and Premier impose a colonial rule over The who felt hey had been influential for another's death, niizhl after his ' nnmirvitinn .Patrice Lumumba. The Soviet Congo less than hvo weeks after in his top-place nomination and de House Speaker Sam Ray burn of LOS ANGELES—Here's the Democratic presidential ticket, Sen. John F. Kennedy in the No. 1 spot and Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate, as they posed together late today in the convention headquarters hotel in Los Angeles. (AP Wirepboto.) nighl. after his nomination,' . „, . . , , saying, "I am proud to stand be- news a Kcncy Tass quoted the Con- it received independence from served better of their efforts than lexas. who urged Johnson not to side and to stand behind the next go leaders as messaging Khru- Belgium. a middle-of-the road vice prcsi- ' take second place, shook his head President of the United States • slK ' llt ' v Thursday "We will be Tass said: "On July 14 Kasa- dential candidate. iand sighed a little sadly at thr Jack Kennedy." ' compelled to ask for intervention vubu and Lumumba sent Khru- Kennedy could placate these 'outcome which was formally rati- What had happened after Ken- bv tne Soviet t-'nion if the West- shchev a telegram stating that'dissenters, however, with a liber-'fied by the Democratic convention nedy. 43, Massachusetts senator ern cam P does not desist from Congolese state territory had been <al acceptance speech tonight and'Thursday night, had soundly trounced him in the agres.sion." occupied by Belgian troops and the choice of one of this group to Couldn't Kcfuse battle for 'the presidential noini- In nis message Khrushchev thai the lives of the president and succeed Paul M. Butler as the Rayburn's explanation was thai nation" spoke of the U.N. resolution ar- the premier of the republic were party's national chairman. Son. Johnson had been offered Uie spot The sequence of events as ''anging for a U.N force to go in danger. Henrv M. Jackson of Washington and replied in s i m p I e language pieced together from Johnson and to The Congo. " 'It is possible.' they pointed .was tabbed as a lending candidate that he couldn't reject any de from other sources in and out of "The Security Council did a out. 'that we will be compelled to for Ihis job. mand for service his party or his the Kennedy camp, was this- useful thing in adopting a reso- ask for intervention by the Soviet l!eport Denied country laid upon him. Johnson Thursday morning. Kennedy lution '-•ailing for the withdrawal Union if the Western camp does T | u . n . uas oll( . re port, quickly Ilil11wj|f _ offered no enlighleniny tl '0"P- s fro «' Bi-State to Personal Property StudyPublic x opg |28 Million m • _ VM *- . ontinues in 'public.' TransitPlan went to Johnson's suite and they °. f tnc ' talked over vice presidential pos- i< -' on S°- sibilities. Kennedy sounded John- " If lhr agression son out on taking the number hvo spot on the ticket but didn't offer it to him. House Speaker Sam Rayburn, Johnson's fellow Texan and' longtime political mentor, was op- » _ posed to Johnson's running for 1 A -M-M-M-mr^fc "lit desist from agression against t | ( . mec i u> i^n, n, e Kennedy and explanation ie sovereignly of The Congo Re-! j o ], nsul! camps, that Johnson was Whatever his motives, by the iti- First UN Troops P rc sident, fearing it might / On completion oi' the I960 personal properly assessment of : Alton Township, Assessor James P. Gorman today announced an be a dead end for hinl Politically. ,. . , , u . increase of 53,376,085 over his 1959 appraisal. Johnson apparently let Kennedy Study of the feasibility of w- ^ ng] ^^^ tui . es $2 , 979 .. ao , jlUM ,, asP 0| k "ow this because a short Itabhshmg a unified areawide... . ' rnt ,.__,. mmnP i« ; ««••* 74f> lime later Kennedy slipped away "We should go slow on every-) mass transportation system for'J" ™^ L'*^-SSS"'^ lo Kavburn's nearbv hotel suite llu Uiug till we get this problemltho St. Louis-IllinoLs Area, under ^,, ,^', a 'H " • ^T;* '. Offir: L. sto i: 1 ' lunnlure-and fi.v ln Ihf) ( . |ld solved The longw we delay Uie sewer solution, the more it will cost." Other speakers pointed that a study of the city Bi-State Development Agency ownei'fihip will he undertaken immediately. industry, and on WHS won By LYNN IIEIXZEBLING I.KOPOLDV1LLE, The Congo (JP>~- Ghana today delivered first token detachment for the international military force ordered bv the U. N. Security CouneH to Ihe chaotic Congo to chosen at his own insistence. The Induction of Johnson's name on report came from John S. Knight, thn f "' kel Kennedy appeared to publisher of the Knight newspa- '. hav(1 softened a movement to de- pers, in a copyrighted story he : "- v him *« vote of several Soutil wrote for his newspapers. , prn slales »' tllp Electoral Col Pierre Salinger. Kennedy's legl 'press secretary, described the re-: Kennedy could deal with the port as "completely and absolute-' Complaining liberals of the party, ly untrue." ! They had no organizations to de"Sen. Kennedy asked Sen. John- ^ nim the electoral vote of any son to run. and Sen. Johnson ac-i state - Hfl '' ould P' tch fol% tileil ' cepted," Salinger added. support by the liberal utterances In a statement issued later sudl as ht> Planned for tonight's office. Kennedy him- f'Mravagan*.. described (lie story as "pure Tonight's foKital actt-ptaMc-e cei-- out al resources showed that business and industry — who would be hardest hit by the utility tax ^ — even now are accounting f° r | a member, about 75 per cent of the city's) financial income. This would include sales taxes. Executive Director K. M. Kaar counties in Bi-State are: Madison. St. Clair and Monroe in Illinois: St. Louis County, St. Charles and Jefferson in Missou- individually tU re.s $KK.2W. decrease of »i2, OV( ,. bll , I1O , 7 1 ,,~ ll , wm*"*"'** 1 *' ™«->r* orter. .. and abso|u((1 fabl . ji;a!ion wjm no monies take (lit- form of a big , luclance MaJ- G( - n - Hemy Alexander, i would be pulled back to Ihe bases uasis :., fa ,, r visiled Sen lohn - s 'iow with its Hollywood stars and This amount will be added to ....... - ~ • • •"..... the real estate assessment, soon to be completed, to provide the ^*4JI*E*V.3 CUAU «JCJ.1C1.»3U1J UJ .fltOOUU* _ *—— ri. The City of St. Louis also is. B ' Machinery and equipment Sll.- After seeing Rayburn. Kennedy t 51 '' 1 ' 8 ' 1 commander of Ghana's'retained by Belgium after 'Hie son al approximate^ 1U:.'!U Itiis P'^m'Pi'f lights, its thundering i2,tfb, increase of STG/Kiii. relumed (o his own hotel suite j sma11 arm y' ^ a smaU detacn " i Congo was given independence. , i Thursday t morning. Thereafter, ! mousallds of spectators and its , Meirbandise, goods on hand.. where Gov. David L. Lawrence of! menl of his tro °P s set up nead " i Tlie Congolese government of after consulting leaders of tho; nalion - s P a »»inK coverage by tel- total assessment on winch,$3,397,270. increase of $26,140. Pennsylvania. Gov. Michael V.^^'te'' 8 in a downtown hotel to ipi-esident Joseph Kasavubu and : Democratic party around me ' pvisio »- rad '° and the newspapers. XI - receipts of fire and ma- DiSalle of Ohio, Carmine DeSapio! roars of approval from hundreds pj.^^,. Patrice Lumumba faced ; country, 1 asked him if he would AUA Target UxfiS w " be c ° llected rine The personal assessment this! of $16,355. - ----- — ---- 1 --- i :'- 1 $179,280. decrease of New York and other party lead- ; of Congolese gathered outside <> ers who plaved a major part in 1 <>A11 we are • f . . , to do is to mass ti-ansDortation sv^tPm' year ' said Gorraan> tacludes per " Shares of Stocks of Bailks Kennedy's nomination were gath-iS et everybody to put down their rttnP^nlH inHi.H h. « ;SOnal P r °P ertv ^ area 8 annexed($2,133,660, decrease of $12,240. ered. arms and not to do anything fool- A decision was readied that| ish °r anything silly," a Ghanian to take a stand on A mass IserS rthrtea^S 110 * 6 ^^ 6611 ^ 1 - 1959 -; Tele P hone & ™™* ^m- ' C Oilman ;and last April 1; and amounts to P anics $-'.292.900. increase of Johnson would strengthen the tick-1 spokesman said. recently completed l $3 ' 237 ' 175 ' The major annexed;$282.473. el , he most. Other possibilities,! Alexander, after a talk with 'ia ^ year transoortation studv :area tacluded is Millon Hei g llts -' A11 otiw personal property such as Sen. Stuart Symingtoni u - N - Undersecretary Ralph J. question, it should avoid taking| of ^ ^ Loujs ^jg^pQjj^ ai ; brought into the city late last De- (including money, mortgages, of Missouri. Sen. Many M. Jack-'Bunche, held a staff meeting in; '' U1! - J1 - " i . . po -(.ember. notes^ and capital stock) amounted' son of Washington, and Gov. Or- !tne ^ hotel lobbv - ', in Uie new areas of lon townsnip personal books to Word < F'ire Dis-'Dan McGee, county treasurer and ! laved to a renewed threat from the rich province of Katanga, whose provincial assembly Thursday night approved secession from the cen- own initiative." accept the position of the vice Johnson has been a target for presidency. The subject matter was brought up completely on my Americans for Democratic Action the liberal appendage of the party. He has been criticized by it blindly. ea \vill proceed with the study a study tral goveniment and demanded; A spokesman for Joluison also!Chairman Butler for ignoring the recognition of "all free-world coun- said there was "absolutely noth- i recommendations of the Demo- tries" as an independent territory, ing to the story." jeratic Advisory Council. Katanga Objects I'ussed Word j Gov - G - Mennen Williams of Provincial President-Premier Knight wrote that Joluison had ( Michigan, a preconvention suppor- i passed the word to Sen. Kennedy's j' ei% °' Kennedy, the U. N. task force j brother Robert that, having been;" 0 u Sluuv Wi . s adonted bv me Bi- ""' h "- <0 "" t " "=oco=i U ciii lu i« ia — • ^...^.^,. „.,. „,- „,.-,,- uisi.-aiut.-u. "••— •- —- tbeine rushed to The COIIEO would defeated bv Kennedy for the L-ilK l£i/>1 ** 3LU(.i,T W t*i> C&ULf IJLvU U V UltT JUJJ I , j; .*».; --i* . * M I U * ; inn trmmchi r\ r\ntn*r\tin I l\ -. ^1 «-ll'l t L\ t • '< f^ti r>l L.'L-/\1\ » Tf\n TJ/lt*tl 1^1U1/<1U iPFIl UClHj^ I HOIItU l\j 1 lie: VsUllfjU V* UUlVt UirlC. all U uy AfcClllJCU > l\Jl UI\r _ _ . suoject. • . . ' • -by districts in the new areas of Ion townsnip personal books to \\ord of the decision was- re- ' CHrisson von tjorn, leaves jeru- ° ° • • Rol>ei-i R \'-ithun hu.,i ni tii» Oilier apprehensions were PX . Stale oinimssion on June 30,; ft . Milton F i r e Dis-'Dan Mc(J C e, county .usurer and Maved to Johnson bv telephone'salem by plane today for The Con- "° b( ' a |'""ted to Katanga. I ejdent.a nomination, he waned ^| ra ^ U "' ^^^..l.f" pressed lest the tax would deter '«*«. St. IX,UIK County Supurvw-;„-,.,_ ^.^. Godfrcy Klrc .exHiffi«o superviLr of assess- bul i I was onlv ^f«v n.inS^ ! iO>"»^ «''* him 11 mimRPvlcablcd U. N. headquarters miond place and would tight for it^i-stiul of Columbia delegation mrther development of industry ^' .'J m ''' sf McNar >' Presented the Dis)lit> , $11 3 |3 7 0; and W ood Riv- menls. After being checked by fore the news was made public, adv —whether now or extension of eia , , ms . plu " Iov a c " n " er Township Fire pistrict, $:i26.- Treasurer McGee, they will be shortly after 4 p m that tlie Tex-i 5 radio "echnici;; existing plants. o=S!'_ .. ''T'l.:^T,.- U1 -_ er -'90 iP««*<l °" ^ Board of Review Ian had agreed to accept the No. My W*rds. Throughout the discusbion a sentiment prevailed that if new developments — particularly in nlanp fnfmV TOT ihf* i Oil- * u uunuin** w i-knicui^ct. i tv ULmien 4iuiiiinaiiuii, nv \\aiiicru act..* i • — ing with him 1J military' eabk ' d u - N headquarters in:ond place and would fight for it:District of Columbia delegation of various nationalities ' Nc ' w York lllal a " was wet in tlieion the floor of Ihe convention if alld an A DA leader, wanted to put echnichns -ind r > secur- P»'"Vince with the aid of Belgian i necessary. »P U» e Ila ™' of Gov. Orville L. . "' ' troops and invited Bunche to vis-J Confi-onted with tins, Knight i ^'ceman of Minnesota to oppose «martins! of the com- the current tax injunction oi-oiaii- 10 a raetnmu oi uic com-. ' f,.,. ..i._ f; n ..| „„,„„, • '• i-. n • 11 i- ! Listed on the UPISOIIH! hnnk«ji ltH Ule " n al review, nussion. Following the meetiug,, 1 - <lhu - u 0)l Iut peiaonai DOOK.S, Chairman C. M. Roos of the !Ulis - vear ' said Gonnan are 11, commission communicated wilh' 784 linmes - botjl business and in 12 spot on the ticket. Tunisian Force ;it Katanga and see for himself i said, the presidential nominee! Johnson in a floor vote. But• Free- ]lhe Gilman Co. O f, In St. Louis yesterday to con- cr witli Bi-State officials, R. Gil- Ask Special Assessment For Sewer dividuals included. When this total was broken down by districts, Gorman said, lie found 7,718 individuals and 1,024 businesses were listed in Alton "proper" — a total of 8,742 Program Announced for Legionnaires Conclave Tunisia dispatched an advance! how peaceful things arc here. i agreed to take Johnson. The latter (man scotched that. tax would not be objectionable. ™ Sm j U ' o£ W - C Gilman & jCo., pointed out that much of the basic data required to extend the St. Ixwis report to include the:entries. Alton "proper", he ex-, The complete program for the i Illinois side had been develop-1 Plained, means the area of Alton j Fifth Division American Legion Jed in the original study. He 1 township that was assessed last j Convention has been announced I estimated that a review of the| vea i'. and includes trie industrial! by'Lloyd Tribble, Alton, chair- idata already acquired and avail- ! aiva so " tl( of 4-lane E. Broad : man of ( lu , convention, ^ble, along with an economic ' Wil > Uutl was annexed hc-for»" Regislration will begin at 5 p. [feasibility report could be coin--April 1, 19jt>. ni . today and continue through ,. . . . . pleted in the ne.xt Uvo or three I" Milton Fiiv District, he 9 p.m. at the American Legion Making good a plan to ex-pe.| montlls 11Wut , 2 ,478 individuals and 111,hall at 6th and George * dite as much as possible the Holly Hill-Oakwood-Olive Place sanitary sewer improvement, City Counselor J. W. Hoefert tiled today in Alton City Court a petition for a special assess ment for the project. City Council Wednesday nighl suspended its rules at request of the property owners to give immediate enactment to the im provement. Object of speeding the sewer program is to make possible a start on construction next fall. The Board of Local improvements has recommended to City Judge I. H. Streeper the pomtment of Maurice Wicken- huuser and Ben 0. Moore to make the special assessment. The assessment will spread the cost of the sewer among the property owners on basis of benefits. After the assessment i* completed, it will be subject to a hearing before the court to rule on any objection!. TODAY'S CHUCKLE The quickest way to get a lot ol undivided attention is lo make • mistake. tO 1WO> Ciwertt) Feature^ Corp.) The study cause of the was undertaken be-Businesses subject of assessment.(Registration will be h e 1« e serious problem''™ Wood River Fire District, 430'Saturday at the Legion hall Iron existing in transportation systems I individuals and 1.7 businesses; 9 a . m . t 0 9 u . m in many communities, according land in Godfrey Fire District. 1 The convention will lead off to J. F. Sclilafly, Alton attorney, 'individual and 5 businesses. Saturday with a Civil Defense who is chairman of Uie execu-i fT "e assessor's term "busi-j S i 10 w in Riverside Park from nesses" includes industries and (noon to 5 p.m. A flag burning professional offices, also utiii-i ceremony will take place ut the Legion Hall ut 4 p.m. Old flags of 18 and 49 stars will be burned. ties.) tive committee of Bi-State. Because of the existing problem, he said, many transportation' facilities have been reduc-| .. _.. _ _. ing services, hiking rules und The personal property assess-! The main banquet for the con- still losing money. imenl covers motorvehicles of all 1 vention will be held at Hotel Coven Motorvebiolefe party of six police officers Thursday night. The North African country said it would send 500 i soldiers. : Bunche said Thursday he ex- ipected perhaps 2,400 troops by : early next week from Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco, Guinea, and Mali. U." S. Air Force planes were expected to start landing at Leopoldville Airport with the first With Belgian troops in virtual i control of LeopoldviHe, Lumumba M ,„ Ha% Ecoilollli. and Kasavubu left by plane i Thursday for Stanleyville, 775' \ ,.1,.., .,•' %») miles northeast of LeopoldviHe, » dlllL Ul ®amid speculation they were preparing to set up a new capital. But two hours out of Leopoldville the Belgian plane crew said their radio had developed a technical faull and returned. NEW YORK (AP> — The average U.S. male can claim an economic value of $200,000, Uie Institute of Life Insurance said today. California and Wisconsin delegates complained about Uie choice of Johnson, but the convention wasn't in a mood to challenge any request Kennedy made. John- sou's nomination was gaveled through without any formal vote in a session which found delegates staying away in droves. No Furinul Vote Johnson's name part of MOO tons of flour President; The Premier's party was sus- |Eisenhower Thursday o rde redlpicious of the crew's story, and sent to the hunger-threatened new Lumumba's private secretary African nation. 'commented, "There's something Arrival of Uie first tiny L'. N. fishy going on here." detachment seemed to create a 1 new and more relaxed atmosphere. Long lines of Belgian refugees in automobiles still waited to take Uie ferry across to Brazzaville, but Uierc was an easier air about the city. Some stores reopened and Congolese collected peacefully ai their places of employment to get their midmonUily pay. Troop* ™ ,. .. .. j Only Johnson's name was The ugurc, representing 'us|p lace d in nomination, by Pennsvl- prospecliye lile.ime inconu'. has| vania Goy . Uavjd L Lavvrence ; A c imbed from WAJ.UOO since 1949.; , Avo . (hirds V01CC . vot(> wa , ^^ Ihe institute computed boU. totals; (o ^ mlwj survival rales. Annual Regatta Slated Sunday on Alton Lake By HAItULU BKANO Outdoor Udltor . . 111! * ui«ut*v »*14 I v**v tj i(llV4 ltt(44\L- U1V from government mcome data and ; nolnjn . l(iou b ai . d;mjation witi) . Kiiruiv.'il Pfili^u out a formal vote. Although Uiere was a substantial chorus of noet>. Chairman LeRoy Collins declared Johnson nominated. Already waiting outside the hull, Jolinson Uien appeared to address Uie delegates and tell them what a "warm, good friend" he has been to Kennedy. This was the man who has been in the regalia at Ihe basi fall. last suggesting at every available op The Coast Guard Auxiliary'si The skippers and their t . rews ; Pprtumfc in the lasi lew days thai Bi-State. members of the bomd sorts. And Gorman's Alton list'Slratford, (i:30 p.m. Stiturday. contend, could probably operate now includes 9,686 passenger ve-'Thomas A. Younglove, former Uie transit systems more of-1 hides, an increase of 2,769; also'undercover agent for the FBI, fectively since tht> agency pays 11.057 trucks, busses, ov trailers'. ; will be the featured speakei al the Vlcklo Nuttor. Mitt* llliliuiti \ |'*j '" ' "." no incomt' taxes and cun issue'un increase of 150. ' banquet. His topic ts "Red Ar- J to Riverside Park. Miss Illinois; iJili,,,,, bonds more cheaply. It is a non- This is a grand loial of IO.T4:i my Inside USA profit governmental branch, i motor vehicles, without taxing power. U must Belgian iroops were .till ... ,0,1- s.xth a, lnuu , sailing regatta, is 5 - 1 ' ««'«"• !,«. of the city and had lanm-d;^ ror Satul , duy and Sunday : ;«»' - « foul ovoi' u iuruo pui'l ol llu i I'oun- * •• is too young and too in- Irv to whicli B.ium hud "" .-u iiuuin il lluii'e is a lack oij "" vi) .... Alion Lake al Ihe Se.a Seoul win ,|. Any sailing enthusiust i K , om ' ut " ul nis wa >' to sw ' mal Belgium has more than \im° S " ilill)0als wi " i:o "i|jetc '" " Sl -'''- ue'i's will be awarded ,,opines ; dlanw ' llj '^'''i his politics at the Reservations of 19(10. Vicky Nutl.T. will "PP'-ar' ldi , ,„ , nip c i m .| lK iiiiir il '' s ul " 1 "' 1 ' l ' UCt ' s u " '' ' J0 ' nl; il Iherc arc morr than two boats fo ° l ol tlu ' master. the banqucl may be made in Hie Legion parade along wilh ., m holdovers from colonial d'issi s>sl1 '"' "' ulel Nc "' lh AnlL ' riuu ":in each I'lass. But all ol that was tonjollen. Of the total of vehicles assess-iul Ihc Stratford up until noon the bands, drum corps, baton ,' ,„.,, ,„;,,, .1,,, ., ,.,J,,V 'yacht racing rules. The first for ed, Gorman noted, 2,793 -iSaturduy. The public is invited twirling Uwns. 2,6fiU passenger curs and trucks — arc owned by persons i the banquet. Following Sunday Uie members will huve'Millurd, finance projects with revenue bonds. Supervisor McNary's repoit to Bi-State indicated that a study had shown that with more people living in suburbs, away from concentrated population centers, buses have to run much further to pick up passengers. The study indicated that the automobile is inefficient as u transportation source in metropolitan areas be-1 Gorman, is $1,380,095. : at the same tinw. lie School Stadium at 7 p.m. cause of the small number oi' Gorman's bucks also show Uie A parade is> scheduled lor 1:30 The contest will be under llie^ iu ,....., .i, t , { . , , ',,.," ' ' an welcome Hue. Wnon Jului s«n «eni lo Uie con- and refreshments i ve » u °n podium, il was as the i icuins. lie and'>(Mothers flown in wluV mci ' '* I0r p ' 1 "' * aluruu y Sandwiclies and reJreshmentsi^" uu " P«"u»". " was as Uie rt'lng Uic parade, Frank G.. (ll(S di "' de ,. H broke out after in alllj lht ' sticmul alld Ulh ' U eve ' nts wi » ut ' available at Ihe harbor leadler acknowledging u pupil's , general counsel of t li e | u "^^ T £. y N I'esolulion 1 " 1 U u ' m und ' p ' m ' Sunda >' io\\iied by the Boy Scouts of : achievement of a goal he hin«eli incut of the Armv will:...,,._., .'•'^ .':...', ,,..! The i^yattii oriuinallv srlied-i Amerii-:i. Dim-niiiL- in:iil«l in. llad sought bill might never atluin or firms in Uie newly annexed| "Back to God" Church services Department of the Army, willj uu j nol . izil ' tne bpet '.i u i [ Ort;c . cu |ls ' l<lie ''^Katta originally sched-i America. Downing has mailed ui- areus. |at Ihe Grand Theater at 8 a.m.!give the keynote address in Riv- fnl , ,i. Hi " .v-jtMmivni hut itm Mel.! ult>d '">' earl y Jl 'ne was can-'vilations to the 130 skippers and TU.. 4 M J..I .J ....I..,. —r A, It .. ..^ 1^ ^1 — .. !. ! l l , . .-. , ... . . . ..»* . Au * IIIHI >1 JUIUl CiWUI, UU( IU|^ *Jt I I , i iiiun officials said only the addi- ce ' t ' d because ol unsettled wat-i crews who competed ui Ihe event The total assessed value of At 9 a.m, legioiuuiiii's will Alton passenger cars is $4,985,460: hold a business meeting and will and that of trucks, $422,390. This I elect officers, ut Wic bugles hull.lKspiqiwgc." Puek. His topic is "Meeting The Challenge of Russian tiona j men sent si ,, ce trou |,| e er level conditions. However, Jo-1lust October.. But makes an aggregate assessment I on East Broadway The final program lor the ooii.| the of $5,407,850 on motorvehioles.! Tlu< Legion Auxiliary will nu.'i'tivenliuii \\jll be a contest of drum 1 'Hie increase over lust year said;and elwl offkvrs at the Stiatlord und bugle corps In the Alton Pub-' broke out would be pulled out of The rest, Uiey said, people it curries, the highway congestion problem at rusk und Uie parking probleiu following assessments by cate-' It will begin at Broadway!auspices of gories: Household lunuUin DMA AT Till: IH V i. tuinperuture Pcurl stitiels und proceed Ninl and tix-.West und through ihc We,st Knd't'i lh Stale w Assocu, the Official Forty Drum Hi Uuyle i " al ? 1 ut illon. High 77', low U2- Precipitutlon .'4 lllr. to S u ill \uiu- if severe, seph F. Downing, race chairman, i weather conditions occur to suid that the water stages are!cause cancellation no tuithcr at favorable lor this weekend. • tempt will be lo run ihc Some boats from oilier areas ' regalia this >ear Downing |joint- liuve already arrived in Ihe hui-jed oui thai tinu- is too shori if bur for (lie competition. Last Uiat should occur Ueloic Ihc lull June then-- were jl entries but!races There are ab^jut five or ttuwung lioiJUb to equal Uic SI inure sailing organUa|^n.-. u^uul or 'iiettiT entries (hat CA)in|M!ltfd ly repivsenti-d in tiuf^'fgutlii. Insult* Musts KD1TQKI4J, . . . COMICS HIM Ul, FAUK 111 OtU'lT/UtV . . . FAUt 1« > FAUt Ut UAOtU ti TV ! !

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