Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 17, 1957 · Page 2
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 2

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 17, 1957
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Evy Worries About Weakened Defense (Following if- -another story in a series on Big Ten football pros r pert* bv Jerry Lifka. Midwest Time* Harald, CarroJI, la, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1957 place letterman Bob Prescott, at right end. Light Halfback! Iowa's halfbacks are light, fast and seasoned, including Bill ! Gravel (173), Mike Hagler (165*, Los Angeles Droits Plan For Dodgers By PATRICK MeVULTY LOS' ANGELES UP - The man who" drafted the city's first firm • *™ x * "j -' . _ offer to lure"the Brooklyn Dodger; AP ed.tor who made a fly. to Los Angeles says: in ? tour o( conference cam P s) "The proposal is a splendid 0V I E RR V LISKA opportunity for Walter O'Malley , MVA CITY where the and (h« Dodgers. It is also a splen- corn grmv , K ennv Ploen is did opportunity for Los Angeles to A d h w ^ Iowa's j Kevin FurIin _ ,, Mi fln J RiI1Ua acquire majni-league Baseball. ' ^ Tw footbal , tIt]e a]s0 Wll] ^™ Im « <164 and Bl1 Hap- Harold C. McClellan, Los An- vani - h j pe lw • geles' legate to the court of ' i The Hawkeyes are solid at full- O'Malley. said he is confident th* Don t bet on it. though. On y • back with veferans jfJ™ Dodger president will accept the Floen and tnree Cher 19* Hawk-, anri Fred Harris likelv to be hard proposal. It was passed M OD- eye regu.ars are missing and 21 , presged by sophomore bon Horn day during a stormy. f;\e-hr..>r lettermen are bacs. u n ' session of the City C^arril. Hour of Derision During the di$nts '.?z. Mayar Norn's Poulson — «^ '-it: May announced that the I>>ig?rs **re as good as '.varrni-jt L*j Angeles — dramatically t^'d the eouncilmen: "This :s «:r h.xtr' o! decision..If we don't move we're dead...Are we going to be a bush The Kawkeve?. who last vcar k A league town Wye lost your „. on . hpir first { crow ' jn kAfWVnH guts if you table this action. u yM „ an(La , en whipped Oregon , I f Q McClellan told The Associated State.. 35-19. in the Rose Bowl,' Press two major hurdles still must have a schedule disadvantage in be cleared: that Iowa has onlv two conference] The Dodgers, of course, must games at home.' against Wiscon-! accept the offer. I fin and Minnesota, whilp travel- 1 Road Project • ing to Indiana. Northwestern, j The Los Angeles County Board Michigan and Ohio State. of Supervisors must agree to de-i „ - Evashevski, now starting his 187-pounder from Detroit, F'oen 's successor at Will Reach Gate Mark for Fourth Consecutive Year MILWAUKEE (itV-The Braves, attendance champions of the major leagues since they moved to Milwaukee from Boston in 1953, need only 27,655 paid admissions in tonight's game with New York to go over the two million mark for the fourth straight season. If they don't react the coveted turnstile total tonight, they are sure to do so Wednesday night when the grants also will provide the opposition. Counting Monday night's turnout of 20,929 for their game with; ^j:.,. ' g "am«"wlth Philadelphia", the Phillies; the Braves havei Heney i ater said ne mentioned drawn 1,972,345 paid, admissions, tnat a 2 l 4-game lead was nothing In Braves Stretch Lead to 3 Games Wee Bit of Pep Talk by Haney Works By ED WTLKS The Associated Press What waB ft Manager Fred Haney said In his "wee bit of a pep talk" with the Milwaukee Braves? It didn't last long, just about three minutes before Monday 1 1M111 * 1 1 I'M M I M M M « * H M 11 * M M»M < 4 »•»•••» from dale barton's KEYBOARD 11111 • 111111111 M M M t quarter-i Evash evsH thinks the Big Ten ^L^TM^ G * AU CH °^ UP ~ thai? car D rUarmnal I .oacnio rPP« , / i 11 ..... — «• 1 ••)»•• a« n , seasoned Randy _ Duncan.; winner this year may be W hr ? n e * ™Z± ^VSE! L w " J, ^L=^ TELL-TALE STATISTICS: A close study of statistics involving the Carroll Tigers and the Manning Bulldogs in 1956 and 1957 inevitably leads to what diplomats would term an "agonizing appraisal" of Carroll gridiron fortunes. Last year the Tigers rolled up 193 yards rushing compared to 134 for Manning. This y*ar it was 95 for Carroll and 146 for the Bulldogs. Carroll gained 103 yards passing and one touchdown via the -u r.^m, winner mis year may DP unue- . f , , fl o thpv drpw 1 02q - ",v I . i„i ,„a/l B nA passing ana one toucnaown via me C ^tZTJi and -. he I ates Minnesota. ^ d t 0 u^ «££• ! ^ZITlfV^^^. I ^ a year ago. Their foes gained *:^SH^y*^ ! ^ eaa: 0hi0 State .-«Td Micht .....a >vu n..v.e la of another. gan stafe " awful]y touch" chal- mw. t '-e-v .ie i ...s> of rUwn, ) e ngers . . E^ - • hsts defense as Iowa's big; ' problem .his /all j lKext . Mjnnesota , Sehedule Disadvantage | _^ The Hawkeyes. "bo last year —— of the lineup at one time this sea- The club has eight more home son He ^n't mention, apparent- Pittsburgh By The Associated Press Three seasons , ago, 230-pound Maurice Bassett was the prize rookie of the world champion dates in which to pad the '57 total It must average 19.880 to equal its record total of three years ago. William & ly, that the lead was m just 1,2 days before. "Now we're through with all that," Haney said he said, "and all we have to do is go out and swing those bats." Out of Character that was only partially successful and a passing attack that faltered Indicates the Tigers at the moment are faced with the use "of defense as an offense. * * * INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS: Work horses for the Tigers In the opening game, in the ball- carrying department, were Marvin Snook and Waldo Noland. Each one carried a dozen times or more. In addition to the ball-carrying chores, Snook did the passing and punting. No wonder he was a trifle tired at the end. The rundown on individual performers follows: Hunter Who Means Well Spoils Fun By DION HENDERSON Associated Press Staff Writer For years sportsmen have been lamenting the mysterious minority of-hunters who bring the whole teeming multitude of perfect gentlemen into disrepute by dastardly depredations against the landscape and livestock of privat* landowners. • halfback Tom Coulter Mary. i Green Bay — Released Credell! Brown, Washington University;! A nice little speech, but a bit George Betlotte, USC; Dalton j out of character for Haney Truex, Tulane; Pat Hinton, Louis- j "How much of a so-and-so sala- iana Tech; and John Macerelli, St. Vincent's. than ^mnhon dol-! -^S£e S«J'SBdJS Cleveland Browns of the National lars in roads adjacent to the prov f« th ^ Mme means a one • Footba11 Lea « ue ' posed site for the Dodgers Chavez Ravine. j The supervisors, with three on in , that playing I touchdown advantage. Bassett, 26. Monday was one of ! Throw More Passes |a score of players cut from NFL the rieces'sarv five votes already! W «' 1T have {0 P aRS more this rosters as-clubs sought to reach pledged were expected to vote veflr - w . itn D u nCan throwing from the 38-player limit through trades the necessary road funds today.; tne 'P° ckel - rather than trvin S the;and cutoffs. Then, McClellan said, the pro-irunning pass and rollouts which; posal will be sent officially to J Ploen handled so well last year," who so far has. issued j f ^ says> ' . "However, our offense will be the same, the.winged T, and there Sam Snead Sights Open O'MaUey, only a terse "no comment." City to Get Field Basically the offer is this: ; ln who replaced Curley By HAROLD V. RATLIFF DALLAS UP — Sam Snead, who says he wants to win a tourna- ry cut can YOU so-and-so's afford?" would be more like it. Whatever Haney said, it worked 74 yards. This year the Tigers gained 18 yards passing and Manning gained six. Neither had a touchdown pass. In total offense, Carroll had 296 j Scoring: yards last year compared to Man- Snook, Marvin ning's 208. This year Carroll had | Rushing: 113 yards total compared to 152 {Noland, Waldo for Manning. IKaspersen, Rich In the passing department, the | McCoy, Dave Tigers completed half their tosses j Lane, Jon last year while Manning had a ] Receiving slim percentage of completions.' Carroll completed five out of 10 attempts and had one toss inter The Braves burst loose for 14 hits j cepted. The Bulldogs completed and breezed to a 5-1 victory over four out of 17 and had one interfile Phillies that ended o losing streak at three games and padded their National League lead to cepted This year the Tigers went to the air 15 times and completed Noland, Waldo . McCoy, Dave Kaspersen, Roger Passing: Att Comp Int Yds TD Snook, Marvin 13 3 2 18 0 Punting: Snook, Marvin . Bassett Morrison at fullback for the | ment a year until he's 50 then re- Browns was cut from rebuilding \ tire, took the one of 1957 Mon- Cleveland along with two rookies, i day with the widest margin any- Steeler Shake-up i where since 1955—10 strokes in Pittsburgh was the league's' the $40,000 Dallas Open three games over idle St.Louis. only three. Furthermore, one of It was their fourth victory in 12 the completions netted a loss of games. one yard. Two Carroll passes Bedraggled Dodgers were intercepted. In comparison, Brooklyn's third-place Dodgers Manning played like Ohio State were a somewhat bedraggled and disdained the pass to the ex- bunch of "contenders" after Mon- j tent the hitherto air-minded Bull- day night's 3-2 defeat in 10 innings j dogs threw only five times and at Cincinnati. completed two for a mediocre The American League race gain of six yards or an average Since none of these ever consider committing any vandalism himself, the minority has remained mysterious even if not minor. A dismaying twist has ' been given to the whole thing by the appearance on the scene of a TD PAT Total \ bumbling dolt named Mr. Meen- 10 6 izwel. Att Yds Av I Consider his effect: 12 23 1.9 j Invites Friends 4 5 1.2: Mr. ' Meenzwel goes to some 4 5 1.2 lengths to strike up an acquain- 5 21 4.2, tance with a farmer before the Caught Yds TD ; season opens. Assured of permis- 110 ision to hunt, he invites 8 or 10 16 0 j friends. After all, he tells the 1 13 0 farmer, they're nice guys too. . Mr. Meenzwel knows that you shouldn't go clambering around Att Yds Av over fences. He himself always 4 80 20 1 takes the long way around, so * * * i that he can open gates. The. fact SECTIONAL RESULTS: -that he ought to close them too First round games in the fall never occurs to him. sectional baseball tournament i Fence Climbers found Breda, Churdan and Lan-! when he has to climb fences, yon posting wins at Churdan while;Mr. Meenzwel remembers about Templeton and Persia advanced gun safety. He puts his weapon - ^ J . > • Possibility it will |» fa j leading trader" as Coach""Buddy 'i And the colorful "old slammer i; stayed put7~The" first-place New! of three yards per pass. Further- exchange, the Dodgers would give; better. Let s say we have to score i i p ar j {e * • ••• J • - • 1 • • - 1 ' at Elk Horn. The results: AT CHURDAN Churdan 7, Paton 6 Lanyon 10, Auburn 3 . - • , u ... v „.... A* i i-aind shook up his team after.'also said he was going to win the j York Yankees were idle and Chi- more, out of five passes attempt- the city Wngley Field more; this-year because our de- !a 3? w ^ weekend by | National Open-the only tourna- cago's second-place White Sox i ed, they lost one by interception. would spend no. more f ens e won t be as good. ; thp nhir „ 0 Rear*. i ment that has eluded him in his! w »r» mined out in their last sched-! Aside from the foregoing figures, there isn't a great deal of difference in the statistical run- across carefully, then climbs not thinking the farmer might have to prop up fences. And our hero knows about hunting, too. For instance, you should Breda (St. Bernard's) 15, Dana never allow a WOU nded bird to es i»uH* wnse »un i uc OD 6w«. ; tbe c n j ca g 0 Bears than two million dollars to, level . lowa^s defensive problem stems i _ ' . ^t^T years of campaigning-before! uied* 'appeVance Tt" Wahington the. proposed Chavez Ravine site. Urn the-loss of PJo.en. .end Frank! Jj^lJt^J^l^^ Ms" 80. this seasL ' Buhl Goes Distance The-Dodgers would Construct| GilUair , center Don- Suehy and ^omore ^ J ta ^ de fi Emitting to 45 Monday after j $500,000 worth of public re^r'ea-ljefW-halfback Don Dobrino tronal facilities on 40 of the 300 acres. The club would spend $60,000 a year to maintain the facilities for 20 years, at the'end of which time the 40-acre parcel would belong to the Dodgers. gan State, from the San Fran- he had wound up with a 3 -under- par 68 for a 264 total over 72 holes down between the two over, the Cisco 49ers. The former Detroit ""We have nobody who comes ; coach gave up Marv Matuszak.. - J . ^ „ t even 'close' to replacing these four ; stee i er defensive stalwart, and! and grabbed the $8,000 first money defensively," said Evashevski. (Pittsburgh's first choice at theiSnead said he figured he still had Recall of Barnes Strengthens Staff ST. LOUTS «v-Pitcher .Frank Barnes, owner of the lowest J5.R. A. the past season in the American Assn., was purchased Monday from Omaha by the St. Louis Cardinals.' Barries, : a 29-year-old Negro righthander, compiled a 2.41 E.R. A. and had a 12-10 won-losV record at Omaha, a Cardinal farm club. ..... Returning Linemen j next two draft meeting. San Fran* However, Iowa has five regular \ cisC0 sent guard Mike Sandusky linemen returning who won't be along w j tn quarterback Morrall. pushed around much, namely j Capt. James'Gibbons at end; All-! Veteran Center Traded enough good golf to finally snare the National Open. "Putting like 1 have In this tournament 1 could win it every time," he said. The Braves got back in business j span of one year with the excep- behind Bob Buhl. The black- 1 Hon of the score. Last year Car- browed right • hander won his I roll counted two touchdowns com- AT ELK HORN Persia 15, Tennant 13 Templeton (Sacred Heart) Earling ' St. Joseph > 2 * * * EXHIBITION: cape, it's inhumane. Mr. Meen­ zwel never noticed that the path ( of hot pursuit generally leads him 12 -; through a freshly seeded field. Bovine Broad Jumpers When it comes to shooting live- I stock. Mr. Meenzwel can say vir- The Minneapolis Lakers and the i tU ously that he's always been eighth in a row for a 17-6 record i pared to only one by Manning and ; Detroit Pistons, both of the Na- verv careful and never hit a dom- with his first complete game ini this year it was a ratio of threejtional Basketball League, will esti ' c anima i ye t. Even when he four tries since Aug. 9. ! to one on Manning's side of the! play a pre-season game at Veter- shoots a rabb i t out of a bush Buhl permitted eight hits, but j ledger. ; ans Memorial Auditorium in D PS that a cow is leaning against, he the Braves tagged southpaw Har -I Where the appraisal, or reap- Moines on Oct. 11. The Pistons never touches the cow. And al- o„uv , , _ , . Snead was winning his 96th tour-i vey Haddix for eight and a 4-0 i praisal. comes into the picture is i formerly were at Fort Wayne, "though it mav have occurred to America Alex Karras <22ff> and Coach Paul Brown traded as nament according to the PGA j i ea d within five frames. Del Rice j along the lines indicated by a rind., but moved their franchise to- him tha t his farmer friends have Dick'Klein (251) at tackles; and weI1 as cu [- He sent veteran I record book when he took the i cra cked his eighth home run and I sputtering offense. A ground game i Detroit this year Frank Bloomquist and Bob Com- center Frank Gatski to the De- Da n as open. ! double for two runs, and Johnny i — j mlns, as fine a pair of guards: trolt Lions for an undisclosed, Snead wen t into fourth place j Lo gan was 3-for-4 ; draft choice. Gatski, 35, was the team's regular center as you'll find Two sophomores may take over the vacant center and right end vears - job..Bill.Lapham. 230 pounds, exj Oi \\er clubs' activities: serviceman, may nudge out the | Chicago Cardinals—Cut end Al squad's biggest player, 289-pound Smith, UCLA; linebacker Hardy Junior Mac Lewis, at center. An- \ Brown, Tulsa; guard Mario Derea, other fast-developing sophomore. 1 Southern California; quarterback 169-pound Don Norton may re- Tom Spears. Arkansas State; and among the money-winners al- for "nine, though he has participated in only 12 of the 32 tournaments this year. He has earned $28,260.83. Copperheads are the most widely distributed and in many places the most abundant of poisonous snakes in the eastern U.S. Buhl was making his second start since being sidelined Aug. 18 with a sore shoulder. Bases Loaded Walk The Dodgers, who had taken two of three at Milwaukee before losing the two-game series at Cin- Lemon's Arm On the Mend TODAY'S BASEBALL By The Associated Presg AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. G.B. New York 91 53 WASHINGTON UP — A doctor} Boston Chicago 84 57 76 67 75 68 69 73 cmnati, were done in by Joe, hag toW Bob Lemon that his pitch .! Detroit Taylor, who drove in all three,. flrm should be ok by sprlng> | Baltimore e » 73 Redleg runs with two homers, and | «, h>t he shou , d ^ able t0 , Cleveland 68 74 a bases-loaded walk fromi right- . h b bU f (<mr or (ive Washington " ~ handed reliever Ed Roebuck in the s r, ! Kansas rifv 10th. The Brooks intentionally i ra ° re , y 1 . . _ walked pinch hitter Moky Burgess.' Hank Greenberg. general rnan- a left-hander, to load the bases j t of Cleveland Indians for Taylor ' said ne got tnflt re P° rt iB a pnone Johnny Klippstein, 7-11, was the | call to Lemon at his home in Long winner. Southpaw Johnny Podres Beacn Callf The veteran righthander, who will be 37 next Sunday, went home last month after X-rays showed bone chips in his elbow. The SCOTSMAN Station Wagon '1995* ^Todqy't lowttt-prictd Full-sized Station Wagott The SCOTSMAN 4-Door Sedan J 1826* Set* kundr$dt of HdtUm on tki$ Full-tiitd Stdttnl •IncJudei Heater/defroster, w well &» dh-wtional tisnaU, •para tir« »ud wheM, dual windahiaW wiper*, minor. Only local tajae, it any, tad transportation from South Bend. Enjoy its economy, convenience—power*packed utility It's been many a year since you've seen so much value packed into an American car. You'll like the crisp, clean lines and the style-wise functional interiors of these new Scotsman cars . . . you'll enjoy their easy handling, and you'll revel in the up to 29 mile-per-gallon performance of their powerful 6- cylinder engines. There's full comfort for six ,. . and full too (93 cubic feet in the Station Wagon). For an only car... for an extra car... for the business man on the road ... for a family taxi... these new Studebaker Scotsman cars are today's greatest values. See the new Scotsman today ..... test drive the model you like best. See all the othar fin$ Studebaker-Packard can too! (12-8) was the loser. Reds Out of Race Cincinnati officially fell out of the race with Milwaukee's victory, while the Braves' magic mumber over Brooklyn was trimmed to "4". No other games were scheduled in the NL. The only other AL game scheduled, Cleveland at Baltimore, also was rained out. It was cancelled since it was no bearing on the pennant. ! vancement of Colored People was The Braves and Cards each; behind the transfer of the Army- have 11 games remaining. Mil-; Tulane football, game from New waukee's magic number is "9"— j Orleans to West Point, any combination of Milwaukee vie- 1 He blasted the Army as "a full tories and Cardinal defeats total- 1 partner in the campaign against ing nine and it's bingo in beer- j the South." land. j The game, scheduled for Nov. The Yankees lead by Sty with \ 16 and the target of criticism by 10 to play. The. White Sox have! a Pennsylvania congressman, was .632 — .596 5^ .531 14V» .524 15Mi .486 21 .479 22 54 88 . 380 .«6 Kansas City 52 89 . 369 37ty Tuesday Schedule Detroit at New York Cleveland at Washington <N) Chicago at Baltimore (N) Kansas City at Boston <N) Wednesday Schedule Detroit at New York Kansas City at Boston Cleveland at Washington <N) Chicago at Baltimore <N> NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. G.B. Milwaukee 86 57 .601 — St. Louis 83 60^.580 some, very athletic cows, he never worries. Yet it is a matter of fact that cows which set spontaneous records in the bovine broad jump rarely set any in milk production. How about it? Does Mr. Meen* zwel sound familiar? Like tha guy next door maybe? VISIT IN MISSOURI (Tlnm Hertld Newt SerrlM) BREDA — Mr. and Mrs. Lea .Heinrichs are spending several weeks with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zerjav, and family at St. Charles, Mo. First national presidential nominating convention in the U.S. was held in Baltimore in 1831. 13 to play, counting the rainout. Any combination of Yankee victories and 'Sox defeats totaling seven and it's all over. Blasts Transfer of Game to West Point ist. LOUIS 83 M .sso 3 I Brooklyn 80 65 .552 7 NEW ORLEANS UP— Rep. F- j Cincinnati 74 69 .517 12 Edward Hebert (D-La) today said Philadelphia — 72 73 .497 15 the National Assn. for the Ad- j New York 68 78 .466 19^ Pittsburgh 58 88 . 397 29W Chicago 56 87 .392 30 Tuesday Schedule Philadelphia at Chicago New York at Milwaukee <N) Brooklyn at St. Louis <N) Wednesday Schedule Philadelphia at Chicago' Pittsburgh at Cincinnati <N) New York at Milwaukee <N) Brooklyn at St. Louis iN» In both England and the V- S. the term "convict" refers only to a person found guilty by a jury. A coot is an 'aquatic bird found principally in South America. Coodles was a nickname applied to those members of the Federalist Party in New York who favored the War of 1812. Calvin Coolidge took the oath of office as president at 2;30 a.m. on Aug. 3, 1923, at the home of his father. transferred Monday. Secretary of the Army Wilber F. Brucker told Hebert the transfer was agreed upon by both schools. Brucker said Louisiana's segregation law was the reason. Hebert, however, said there was nothing different now from the time the game was originally scheduled. He said he personally warned the Army that the NAACP would try to have the site changed. "Unfortunately," he said, "our friends at Tulane have rather compromised the issue by agreeing to transfer the game." MOVING Local and Nation Wide Storage — Crating — Packing Ph. Day 2540 Ph. Night 2618 Carroll, Iowa John Vanderheiden Moving Aganti for North American Van Unas, tne. S tudebaker -Packard CORPORATION, Harold Klanapfff CARROLL MOTOR COMPANY SS&ZSSS YOUR STUDBBAKIRPACKARD DIALIR William Will* / it this way! Would you sell your homo one* content! for tftt omoont of irwjranct hW yov corryf If hSe en- «w«r to on explosive, "ob- •oJo+ely not" then you're not carrying enough pro* lection, left talk iff ovor. K.C Bulletins LOUIS GNAM GENERAL INSURANCE Carroll, lewi PUBLIC AUCTION TUESDAY, SEPT. 24 1:00 p. m. - Willey, Iowa To Settle the Estate of Herman Venteicher 21-in. Motorola television set. 1 bedroom suite. 2 living room suites. 1 dining room suite. 5-piece chrome breakfast set. Monarch electric range. 9 cu. ft. Frigidaire refrigerator. 2 radios. 2 complete beds: 2 wardrobes. 2 dressers. 1 chest of drawers. 3 rocking chairs. 10 extra chairs. 3 small tables. 1 hall tree. 1 floor lamp. 3 table lamps. Singer sewing machine. 5. mirrors. Electric sweeper. Ironing boards and iron, b-room house, modern, with oil furnace, lot and garage. 2 brboder sheds: 1— 12x16 and 1—10x10. 1939 Chevrolet car. 1 curtain stretcher. 1 Dexter washing ma« . chine with double rinse tubs. Garden toools, stone jars, fruit jars, lawn mower, and other items too hum* erous to mention. Albert Venteicher, Adm. TERMS: Cash* or Make •rrangementi with clerk before the iile. frank lrlbtek ,Auet. . ; Harold RUe, Dedham, Clark

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