Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 16, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1957
Page 8
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Contemplate Speed-Up in Tax Sleuthing Election Results Blow to Russia, Triumph for U.S.- West Germans Hand Adenauer Mandate to Pursue Policy of Rearming in NATO By HARRISON WEBER (Iowa Dally Press Assn. Writer) s DES MOINES — The Iowa tax commission very shortly may decide to modernize one method used in tracking delinquent taxpayers. Employers are required to send the commission a financial statement on their employees. This form, submitted by the employers, is called an IT-5A. Approxi- j mately 350.000 such forms are filed annually. Presently, the commission is asing the social security number en these forms to check to be sure everyone has filed, and that everyone required to pay has done so. Tax commissioners are considering renting some IBM equipment which would simplify the operation and would also reduce by six the staff now needed to carry out the procedure. "It should bring in over a million dollars a year if it works as well as the IBM people say it will," Leon Miller, tax commission chairman, commented. Kansas recently streamlined its tax commission and the" changes proposed for Iowa are similar to the ones made there. Miller pointed out that the employer is required to make the form out in triplicate, but the eommission does not always receive a legible copy. This equipment, which would cost the commission about $5,000 a year in rental fees, would use the person's name and address instead of the social security number for a guide. The Knoxville Democrat estimated that about 10 per cent of the forms are now being thrown out because they can't be read, especially the social security numbers. This means an inquiry to the employee and the employer which takes both time and money. ' If the commission decides to go ahead with the program, it wiD be effective next year, "for the'57 returns filed in '58," Miller stated BONN, Germany MVr-West Ger many handed Chancellor Konrad Adenauer a thundering mandate today to pursue his U.S.-backetf policy of rearmament in the Atlantic Alliance. A massive outpouring of over 31 million voters swept Adenauer's Christian Democratic Union to victory over the neutralist Socialists in Sunday's parliamentary election. The Christian Democrats won an absolute majority in the Bunde­ stag in their third straight national election triumph since the West German republic was created in 1949. Defeat for Reds It was a stunning defeat for the Soviet Union and a triumph for the United States. The Russians, fearful of mounting German economic and military power on their Western flank, consider the iron-willed Adenauer one of their arch enemies. They went all out to convince the West Germans that he should be overthrown in favor of the Socialists, who wanted to pull West Germany into a more neutral position. A victory for the Socialists could have forced a basic readjustment of U.S. policy in Europe. Concede Defeat As the Socialists and minor parties conceded defeat, Speaker Eugene Gerstenmaier announced the new Parliament will convene Oct. 10 or 11 in Berlin, the old capital of the Reich. Presumably Parliament will use this session 100 miles behind the Iron Curtain of Communist East Germany to name Adenauer to his third term as chancellor. The East German propaganda ma- 8 Tim* Herald, Carroll, la. Monday, Sept. 14, l«7 auer to the very last. K Complete official returns from all 247 election districts showed 31,058,319 votes, Of which 26,885,946 were valid. The Christian Democrats had 14,998,754 or 50.18 per cent compared with 45.2 per cent in the 1953 national election. The Socialists received 9,490,726 or 31.75 per cent against 28.8 per cent in 1953. The Free Democrats polled 2,304,846 or 7.7 per cent compared with 9.8 per cent last time. > Refugee Party The Refugee party had 1,973,001 or '4,59 per cent against 5.9 per cent irl 1953. the German party—Adenauer's coalition ally in the outgoing government—received 1,006,350 or 3.36 per cent against 3.3 per cent last time. The Nazi-lik^ ^German Reich party had 307,310 votes or 1.02 per cent compared with 1.1 per cent in 1953. The Federal Election Office an­ nounced that the Christian Democrats had won 270 Seats in the new Parliament. They won 267 and then received a bonus of three" seats under the complicated election law. The Socialists won 169, the Free Democrats 41 and the German party 17. What It Insures. The re-election of the 81-year- old Adenauer insures that: 1. West Germany will continue I he buildup of its armed forces to strengthen the European shield against the Soviet Union's vast military strength. 2. The drive toward a West 1«* ropean union will be pushed. 3. West Germany will stand shoulder to' shoulder with the United States and its allies in the policy of strength toward: the Kremlin, 4. Western armed foreet will remain in Germany.. The Socialists campaigned for the, withdraw al of both Western and Russian troops. * 5. West Germany — already the strongest economic force in Eu« rope—is likely to expand its economic power under Adenauer's free enterprise system. Boundary Committee The Iowa-Nebraska boundary committee plans to fly over the Missouri river basin Friday so members oan familiarize them' selves with its topography. The last legislature passed t resolution creating a special com mittee to confer with its counterpart from Nebraska to draft legislation to correct the Iowa-Nebras- fca boundary line. Last week committee members journeyed down the Missouri riv er in an army engineer boat Rep. William E. Darlington (R) Persia, who is secretary of the Iowa group, said the purpose of the trip was to aoquaint the committee, "with the conditions and to point out changes <4n the channel) and proposals." Other members of the Iowa committer include: Senators Frank JJoxie, Shenandoah, chair- mam D. C. Nolan, Iowa City; Jim O. Henry, Carson; and representatives Henry H. Stevens, Jefferson; and Fred Johnson, Hamburg. All are republicans except Johnson. Crenshaw Appointment The firing of Des Moines postmaster Edith Johnson and the ynmediate appointment of David Crenshaw as acting postmaster involved some political maneuvering. At least one member of the Republican state central committee approved the appointment of Crenshaw days before Miss John son was dismissed. Murray Candidacy William G. Murray, Iowa State College professor, startled no one when he asked for a three-month leave of absence effective Sept. 16. For some time Murray, who was research director for the Iowa tax study committee, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. However, it's highly unusual for a candidate to announce his plat form, as Murray did, this early in the campaign. Once a candidate announces his platform, he definitely has started the long hard campaign trail. Another oddity in Murray's statement was the fact he termed himself a "potential candidate for governor." When a person lists a platform, there's little doubt that he's a candidate. DEDICATE STUDENT UNION MOUNT PLEASANT W> — The new half-million-dollar John Wesley Holland Student Union on the Iowa Wesleyan College campus here was dedicated Sunday with more than 3,000 visitors in attendance. CLUB SPEAKERS Speakers at the second Toastmaster Club meeting of the new fall season, Tuesday night at Hotel Burke, will be Louis Drees, C. H. Duffy, Frank Eulberg. and Bill Ferguson. Robert S. Morrow will be chairman of the business meeting, Ed Buchmann will be toastmaster, and Martin J. Maher will lead table topic discussion. Invocation will be offered by Bill Burgess. General evaluator will be Frank Ktiutzen; individual evaluators, Howard Mather, R. M. Moeh'n, Lloyd Qtto. and Dr. F. A. Stamp; grammarian, A. J. Vor- *t*n; and timer, Paul Crouse. . Warren G. Harding is the only man -who went direct from the Senate to the Presidency. Now available in CARROLL Equitable's Living Insurance Family Style Here is personal coverage on each insured member of your family under one single policy with a choice of two plans... A Family Protection plan providing insurance on dad, mother and the children...and a Family Security plan providing a valuable savings feature, too. Now The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. offers you this new and unique choice in family insurance. Its benefits are different from any offered the American family. Here is your opportunity to have low-cost Living Insurance fit the needs and aspirations of your own family. , . . In other words; this is a take-what-you-rieed proposition. In Living Insurance Family Style you pick the plan that suits your family best. Here's how it works. Family Protection If you're a young father, your primary interest probably is immediate individual coverage on your­ self, your wife and your children. Then Family Protection is your plan and here's what you get for each unit. $5,000 of permanent insurance coverage on yourself . . . insurance with cash values that increase each year and on which you can borrow money in time of emergency, $3,000 immediate coverage on your wife to age 30 . . . term insurance giving maximum protection during the critical years, decreasing gradually and terminating at her age. 61. $1,000 of coverage on each insured child under 18 .. . term insurance to age 25 or mother's age 65, whichever occurs first, may then be converted to permanent insurance without medical examination up to 5 times the amount of term insurance. Automatic coverage at no extra cost is provided for future children beginning when they are at least 14 days old. Family Security On the other hand, suppose you want the advantages of family coverage but feel that you'd like a greater amount of cash in hand when you reach retirement age. Then the Family Security plan is for you. Here 's what you get for each unit. $3,000 of endowment coverage on your lift payable in cash when you are 65 or payable on death beforg your age 65, $1,000 of endowment coverage on your, wife payabta in cash on the very same day that the coverage on your life matures as an endowment—or payable on her prior death. $1,000 of coverage on each insured child under 18 ,.. term insurance to age 25 or your age 65, whichever occurs first. The Family Security plan also contains conversion privilege for the children, and automatic coverage for future children. Built-in Benefits The Family Protection Policy and the Family Security Polioy are available in amounts up to a total of 3 units. Both plans have valuable built-in features. For example, if father dies, insurance on mother and children is automatically paid up with no further premiums due. Take a long and careful look at your family now. Then send in the coupon below for complete details on Living Insurance Family Style. Valuable Offer If you act promptly, you will also receive a handy Equitable Baby Sitters' Memo and a convenient chart for measuring and recording your children 's day-byday growth! Living Insurance by AMES HEADQUARTERS SUITE I, ADAMS BLDG. C. W. POOLE, Agency Manager CLARENCE L PORTER, District Manager FLOYD M. RQMBOUGH, Representative FRANCIS GREGORY, Representative, IquHabl* tire AMurenee Society of Hi* U.S. 393 Seventh Avtnut, Now York 1, Now York Gerltlemens Please let me have complete details on Living Insurance Family Style together with my copy of the Baby Sitters' Memo and its companion chart. I am years mMl.miiiimK ,«ni 'mt..<.».in.n <-M «i «iwii 'H ».M APPMIt.. .ZONI. ST ATI.

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