Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 16, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1957
Page 7
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unior Editors Quiz on— BIRDS MAK€ f RIENOS QUESTION: Why it the cowblrd, like the cuckoo, a menace to other birds? ANSWER: The American cowbird and the European cuckoo have picked up a bad habit that has made them famous among people and dangerous to smaller birds. They seem to be awfully lazy. They don't even build nests. Instead, the females sneak around In the bushes and lay their eggs one at a time in the nests of little birds. Not being very smart, the little birds hatch the big eggs along with their own. Because the big nestlings are stronger than Hie little ones, they often are the only ones to survive. Despite its bad habit, the cowbird is a useful bird as well as an interesting one. FOR YOU TO DO: Color this picture. The female cowblrd, shown here adding an egg to a .sparrow's nest is grey. The head of a male is brownish and the back is black. Next time you're out in the fields in the eastern part of the country, see if you can Identify one. (Bonita Charek, Cleveland, O., wins $10 for this suggestion. What's yours? Violet Moore Higgins; AP Newsfeatures. Tomorrow: What throne was saved by a spider?) A most anrtoylng habit some people have is to group together in a narrow passageway; such as a store aisle or doorway, while Tim** Herald, Carroll, t*. mm Monday, Sept. 16; 1997 / The way some people drive, they thouid have tranquilizer pills in their gas tanks. they chat. Meanwhile they are blocking the way for others. Such thoughtlessness Is just evidence of their selfishness. TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Remember we're going out with the Smiths tonightl Leave the off ioe before the other* so you can get a hat that f itsl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "No* tonigM, EdcHel My, parents want me to sit hero and become a fat, ugly old maldl" OUR BOARDING HOUSE • . . with ... MAJO* HOOftl CAM DO STUtfTS &EfiM ^Jffi f wRrfct AMD MAY0S WS I ftDUitfl g& { JZ 2, R Ho* I'OLL HE NEMBE fUlSSBSAQXt -THERE/, IT? *tf> i mm ro 1 b tMJ k? W* tank*, tn*. 1M, ft**. U* we IDEAS ARE SORri* BUGS BUNNY Always a Way "I want to thank you for keeping me after school I My father wanted me to come right home and clean the cellarl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Some day I'll look back and laugh at all thiol' Prominent People AOKOS* 1 General Eisenhower M Soap-makiri* frame W Dry, a« win* 4——, Christian Andersen 8 parrot IS Dangerous McGrew M Wings 14 Toward the sheltered aid* 15 Greek letter 16 Flowers 18 Confidential matters 20 Jungle beasts 31 Baseball's DOWN J Roman date Singer, —~ Smith 3 Passing, a* of laws 4 Hemmed and — $ Landed 8 Egypt's —«— 7 Defeat at bridge 8 French city 9 Medley WUUMW i??*""* n Australian Jil^ 01 " ostriches i!£?S e l S4 Singer. *EfiKi Oluok novelist 36 Dry 17 For 30 Farm machinal 32 More costly 31 Group of nine 15 Rembrandt, for instance 36 Lawyer (*b.) 17 Bishops' Jurisdictions 30 Small | children 40 Moral wrongs 41 Impair 43 Cheer 45 Bravery •» Civic club members, 91 Knock lightly 58 Bobby Burns was one, 53 Sword used in fencing M Biblical high • • priest MOM Fa «h *r 93 Gold-producing king 24 Bewildered 38 Season of self-denial 36 Actress, Eve 37 Monasteries 28 Repose 39 Table scraps 31 Simpler 33 Essence 38 Get away 40 Ohio 41 Clio was one (pi.) 42 Formerly 43 Points 44 Type of bomb 46 Individuals 47 Novelist, Zona — 48 Heroic 50 Diphthongs BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Premonition EDGAR MARTIN TWfcVCOVMi, t>«OcjHTER V68fTCHfc, wruxV OH,DEAR! AND ME WITH NO CAR! HMM. , HEW, HEW! THAT k GOT (?ID OFTH' MOOCHIN' BUM! MIND IF I JOIN you, MASTER FUDP? SOUND ) «e«vice. •eg. Ui- tkrtvdft. PRISCILLA'S POP False Alarm SHAME, PRtSCILLA'.! /YOU'RE GETTING > HOME LATE, ACSAIN.'r YOUR FATHER IS GOING TO BE VERY ANQRY 1±. BY AL VERMEER \ \^YOU WORRY TOO MUCH.' ALLEY OOP Howdyl Come Ini BY V. T. HAMLIN YEH, BUT WE SURE >CT A. A FOUND V^DAY/ TM ABOUT)OUT WHO WORN TO A / READS TH' FRAZZLE.' / WANT ADS? WHO'D HAVE ( BUT HOW MANY THOUGHT SO 1 HAVE A MILLION MANY PEOPLES DOLLARS TO WOULD WANT AS. SPEND " "OME- MACHINE?! ON ONE? Ik MORTY MEEKLE That Proves M BY DICK CAVALU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Any Other Ideas? BY MERRILL BLOSSIR trs PEALL.Y QUITE HARMLESS BUTTHEY OU6HT.NOT HOLD HANDS WHILE III BREAKT&EM OF THE" HAND— HOLDING HAEMT WITWOUr EM — BARPASS*N<3 ¥teMi ! EVERYBODY^ PICK. UP SON6 BOOKS- WE'RE GOING To SPEND A FEW DAYS LEARNING A NEW THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE V 1 SEEM ^ HAVE MISPLACED- MV BOC*C MISS GAYLARK L Scared? BY WILSON SCRUCGf MRS. WAYWEy WOW DID IT FEEL WWW DID y EVCUSE-ME, BUTTHER^S TO 05 ALONE WITH MOVELISJ/VOU AMD I 6ABRIELTOARKWAH ^-<TME6REAT< V ANDI , MUTE FOK AM ELEVATOR STUCK' BE- )( IMDM/WHiATER jAPFOIMTMEMT. TWEENFLCORS? ^B^-V TALK ABOUT' CAPTAIN EASY It Can't Bel BY LESLIE TURNBH OWEHIWANICB Y JOPY BARWI5E, FRONT ROOM0M THe\ SIR? H& REGIS" &SCOWD FLOOR. He TERED EAKLIEK. SHOULDN'T CLIWB / AMD WBMT PCWN CVBR OMB FLIGHT / TO THE BEACH t OF 5TAIR^-S

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