Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1980 ALTON eVENTNO TELEGRAPH PAOE THIRTY-ONE The Telegraph 9 * Daily Radio Chart THURSDAY (HBO) > BO WftW (MBS) tft KO KMOX (OM) 11* tO WOtt If* RO .18 5! convenuoa M •1 •1 tt ti ii tl t» tt N ii N ; MjMnortA> MMnorlM: N oorm«! N p. Uwtt tt. D OordM D. OordM D. oordoa 8; OordM D. OordM p. OordM sign off Convention Hj Rkgifi " K'. wcntri •• N: RteMM K. RicfcM* •• S-. Jenkini " a. jMkitii * 9 n M Jjjff sun On " B.' J«kin» " N: JenWn* " B. Jenkln* " N; R. MM ;; Record ShM " Record SftoV » »• *• » ii JTJ!; !££ FRIDAY M. Ounthtr H. Ounthtr N N : Ounther H Ounther N .World N H Ounther N. Ounther H. Gurither N. wilion Kd WlliOU Op.ner N; Pawn vogel Finn N; Farm T. Dalley N: Dafley T. Dalley N: Dalley T. Dalley N. Dalley DalJey; N Bxercltee Unity. Hymae N: WtUfanu O. NMTMIM O. Williams " " Clockwmtchtr N: Newsom* " O. Newtome N; W N: Newtomt Rex De/U O. Newsome Clockwatcher N; Newtom* " O. Newwme Re* Oa vie N: Newiome Cloclrwatcher O. Newiome N: Newtome " G. Newiome N N: N«w«om« Clockwatcher O. New-some N; Day Bob Day £ 88 N: Oar Bob Day N Bob Day 8: M? . G. Cantrell H. Christian N; Newtomo G. Newsome Teiio QuU R 21 m 4 M * N: Wilton Ed WHM* B'fart Club N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Davli G. Davli N: Davii G. DmvU N: Benicm R. BentM N; Wilson Ud Wilton N: Dalley T. Dalley N; Dalley Dalley: N N: Party Houseparty G Moore Crosby-Clooney N: Davli G. Davli N: Davit G. Davli N: TUM Cty. Tim. M. (M1BM N P'houtt Ptf. N: Farm Votel Pan» The WorM N: Headline* 3. McCormlek 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'neai N: Davli G. Davli N: Davit G. Davli W Parm-Mkt. A. Orao« Club New* N; Party P'hoiue Party N; Witt D. Witt . N: Witt * Witt: N Whispering SU. Me Perklnt Dr. Malone Mrt Burton N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenklne N: Oar Bob Day t, M ' B. Couatar N: Burke J, Burke D. Witt tt II N: Witt Witt: N N: Seller Beit Seller G. William* N: Jenkini B. Jenkini N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Palen J. Paian N: Burke J. Burke D. Gordon f* ti N; Gordon Gordon ; N N; Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkini N; Jenkini K. Riphard N; N: Burke J Burke M »* Burke: N N; Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N: Buck J. Buck " Buck: W N; Rlcharf K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Pain J. Palae TV digest with John N. Jones PROGRAM LISTING NOTE: The schedule on Channels 2 4 end 5 from 10:00 p.m. are on a tentative basis. These stations may pre-empt for unscheduled coverage of Democratic Conven tion tonight. CONVENTION COVEBAOE ABROAD: Requests for TV coverage of the political conventions are coming in from TV stations abroad—including one in France that has asked for film of "al the ladies that have a chance o being elected President." Alan White, U.S. News editor of Vis news—the British Commonwealth International NewsfUm Agency which distributes selections from NBC's convention coverage to TV stations in 29 countries in Europe Asia, South America, Australia and behind the Iron Curtain, re ports that the foreign demand is heavy for film stories of Mrs. Pa Nixon and Senator Kennedy and his wife. From Europe, he says, there have been several requests for film interviews with Kennedy on bis Catholicism and on the re- Igioufi issue in general. On the other band, he says, there is less interest in Senators Lyndon John son or Senator Stuart Symington or Vice President Nixon. Many foreign editors seem to thjnk of the American conventions as a five-ring circus, White says. "We don't have a language in common —we have a language in opposition." "They hear that Governor Rockefeller is 'attacking' Vice President Nixon, and a few days later they are astonished to see films of Rockefeller shaking hands with Nixon." White does say that "in spite of all the ballyhoo and drum majorettes, the convention coverage does an immeasurable amount of good overseas. It gives off the sound of freedom. One of the strengths of Americans is that they're not afraid to show them' selves as slightly ludricous. American politics reminds me a little of your comedians, people like Danny Kaye, Red Skelton and Alan King, who base their humor not on foreigners and mothers-in-law but on themselves. They've had tremendous success all over the world." KTV1 (ABC) 8, KMOX (CBS) 4, BSD (NBC) 5, KI'IJJ 11. Bold face deuotea highllgbli— (B) repeats. THUBBDAY EVENING Oi 00— (8) Democratic Coavea- UQBI Joan Italy uA the ABC •ewwneo cover toe nominating ajttMhM sad balloting lor Vice- FrosJdMtlaJ candidate expected toogUit. Ota. 9 will remain with the network until the oooolunioB (4) Demouratto Convention! Walter CrookHe heads the CUM team which Includes Edward B. Morrow, Charles Coll- tagwood. Wou Boper, Howard B, gmM h and lAweil Thomas. Qk. 4 will remain with network until the close of the Mwstoa- (•) Democratic Hoove* ttoii; Chet auntie? aud David Brinklejr cover the Vice - Prari dential nomlnatlhK for NBC news. Ch. 6 will remain wlto the network until nettslon Is cloned. (U) Sgt. Preston 5:30-(U) Suspensville 5:45—(11) Three Stooges 6:30—(11) Bold Journey: "Ameri can Missionary" 7:00—(11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30—(U) Movie: Jack Warner Kay Kendall: "Square Ring 1 (1936) Behind-the-scenes story o prize-fight game. 9:30—01)'News, Bowling, Wea ther 10:00-(2) Rescues (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) Interpol Calling: A dragnet across Europe is used to catch counterfeiters who are flooding the continent with fake American currency in "This Man's a Gown". (U) Movie: Orson Wells Victor McLaglen: "Trouble in the Glen". (1954-English) Ex- pilot returns to Scotland after the war and tries to straighten out the problems of a mall eomrnuntiy. Weather: Fontaine Eye on St. Louis 10:30-(2) Movie: Pat O'Brien, Claire Trevor: "Crack - up" (1946) A fake art ring la exposed by a museum curator. (4) Movie: Humphrey Bogart, Susan Peters: "Big Shot" (1042) An ex-convict tries to break with his former gang. (5) News, Sports, Weather 10:45— (5) Jack Paar Show: Bert Bacharach, columnist, Gene- vleve; Buddy Hackett, guests. 11:30-01) Bedtime Stories: Peter Lawford: "For Value Received". ll:55-(4) Movie: Glenda Farrel, Barton MacLaine: "Torchy Runs for Mayor" (1939) A girl reporter runs for mayor. 12:05-(5) Night Court 12:20-(2) News 12:25-(2) Home Digest 12:30-12) Kingdom of the Sea 12:55—(4) Late News Roundup 1:0£~<5) Weather Report FRIDAY, JULY U 5:45-14) Give Us This Day 5:50— (4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00-(4) Town 'n Country 6:30-(4) P.S. 4: What to Read 7:00-(4) Morning St. Louis: News-Weather 7:05,7:20, 7:45. (5) Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25. (Telecast from Los Angeles). 8:00— (2) Camera Two (4) News: Graver 8:UM2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00—(2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) December Bride (5) Dougb-Ra-Mi 9:30-(2) Romper Room (4) Video Village (5) Play Your Huucb I Love Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper Clear Horizon Concentration Mr. & Mrs. North Love of Life Truth or Consequences Coffee Break Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You: (Col- 10:00~f4) (5) 10:30-(2) (4) (5) U:00-(2) (4) (5) 11:30—(2) (4) (5) or). 11 : 45—(4) Guiding Light 11:55— (2) News: Hayward (U) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (4) News-Weather Beat (5) Charolette Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05—(4) People's Choice 12:30—(2) Love That Bob! (4) As The World Turns 12:50—(11) News: Daust l:00-(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen for a Day (U) Movie: Robert Hutton: "Scandal, Inc". (1956) An actor's name appears In a scandal magazine and he is released by his studio. 1:30—(2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young 2:00-(2) Day in Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30— (2) Gale Storm (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots (U) Mickey Rooney 3:00-(2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) The Thin Man (U) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-(2) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45-(ll) Capt. U's Showboat 4:00— (2) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) You Asked for It 4:30-(4) Movie: John Garfleld, Branda Marshall: "East of the River" (1940) A released convict tukese his girl home to his family when she becomes interested in his brother. (5) Life Of Riley 5:00-(2) Rin Tin Tin (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color. (U) Sgt. Preston 5:30—(2) News: Hayward (11) Suspenseville 5:40-(2) Weather: Hayward 5:45-(2) CartoonTime (5) Huntley-Brinkley News (11) Three Stoogees Now Here's a Switch MOUNT TABOR, N. J. JP- ,Vhen the Post Office Department lecided to build a new post of- ice here many of the 400 fam- lies in town became alarmed. Robert M. Hagerman, president of the Camp Meeting Assn., aid that nt only was the present building adequate but "The old post office has been sort of a meeting place ever since it was uilt in 1882." The group was instrumental in etting the department to postpone action indefinitely. Some 284 eitons signed a petition oppoB> ng the construction. It was Benjamn Constant, par-1 rait painter of Queen Victoria, who wrote: "The press is the mis-| tress of intelligence and intelll- enoe U the mistress of the I world." CINCHl PINCH Huntert! Boneless Cuts! nuu»vr»i B»VII«IV»» ^ut»t ^BV ^Bk Pork Butts 39'» Cut Prom Hunter's Butt*! ^FIND DELIGHT-BUYING RIGHT!! May rote! Lean and Maatyl Spareribs wui rrvm nunivr • BUIKVI ^B*. •«» Pork Steaks 3 5 i; Buy 'Em by th« Stack! _ _ Pork Chops 44 c Ib. Everybody Loves a Good Steak and We Have 'Em! OPEN DA1LV 8:00 A.M. "Til 6:00 P.M. Sharp! OPEN FRIDAY 8:00 A.M. 'Til 0:00 P.M. Sharp! Alway» Closed on Sunday*! Payroll Checks Cashed FREE Only With Orders Over $5.00. a>v«rjr0ouy s.ow» a won 9ivan ana vrv now •.nit ^^ ^^ BEEF SIRLOIN or T-BONE STEAKS 69- Tr> These for your Barbecue!! Genuine Beef SPARERIBS ....... Lh. 25e Our Finest PURE GROUND BEEF Pound $ 1.00 Truy I Our Very Lean!! PURE GROUNB BEEF Pound $ 1.30 Tray I Our Very Finest PURE GROUND CHUCK 3 Pound $ 1.69 Tray I Our Famous Firsts!! BEEF CHUCK ROAST LI). 39c 8-Coruerc'd Cuts, Too!! BEEF RUMP ROAST Lb. 69c A Real Treat!! , BEEF SHORT STEAKS Lb. 59c Genuine Steak Cuts!! BEEF CUBED STEAKS Lb. 89e Beef Round or Swiss STEAKS »79c MILNOT Case of 41 Meadow Gold's From Guernsey Cows GurnZGold Singles 29e Meadow Gold's Orange • Lemon • Grape DRINKS 4 29e C Half * Gals. !! 8 to 12*lli. Avg — Whole Fresh PORK HAMS ........ -49c MayroHcit Frp-«h Pork NECKBONES Lb.-. May rose!! 8 to 3-lb. Avg.!! FRESH BEEF TONGUES Lb. 49e Muyrose!! Too FRESH PORK LIVER Lb. 29e Mayrose!! SLICED BEEF LIVER 3 Pound $ 1.00 Tray I GENUINE VEAL CUTLETS Ib. 89c GENUINE VEAL CHOPS Ib. 49c GENUINE VEAL ROASTS Ib. 49c GENUINE VEAL STEW 3 Ibs. $1 Sliced Free!! JUMBO BOLOGNA Mayrose Finest:: Square Sliced BOILED HAM . . Half Pound 49c TOPIC.. 4 c .75 Case off 48 US 1 ! Quality Dairy's Whole • Grade "A" MILK 3 - 89 C Borden's Elsie 12 Oifferenr flavors Ice Cream 69 C Reg. 89c Save 20e Half Gals. Patrick Cndahy's!! Fully Cooked PICNIC HAMS -33c Ready to Eat!! Whole Barbecued FRYERS Ea. By May rose!! Famous SLICED BACON • • t 3 Pound $1.00 Trays I JOIICN Dairy Farm Slnnlnslppl Brand!! SLICED BACON ...... ' 39c Store Sliced!! THICK SLICED BACON . 2 T9« Hunter's Finest!! Cello Pack!! All Meat SKINLESS WIENERS . , Lb. 49c From Chicago!.' CELLO BAG WIENERS . 2 Pound TO* Pack ItfC Hunter's Top Quality BRAUNSCHWEIGER Lb. Hunter's Finest!! All Meat!! Natural Casing BOLOGNA Lb. 79c PET MILK OR $4.95 « Toll JCe CARNATION Cast off 48 0 Tins 49 BORDEN'S Square Flosries SHERBET 69 C Halff Gals. STA-RITE I All V«fltrobl« OLEO 2 Lbs. 35c MRS. TUCKER'S! NO LIMIT! SHORTENING 3 : - 59 DINING CAR! ROBUST! COFFEE NOUM " 59 Lb. O'CONNOR'S! FAMOUS FLAVOR! COFFEE NO LIMIT 59 •u. KAS ONIOH GARLIC CHIPS Pkg. FOOD KING Heavy Syrup Pack PEACHES SAUERKRAUT MUSTARD GREENS TURNIP GREENS GR. BEANS with SPUDS GUT GREEN BEANS $2,95 Cast of 24 Mix or A .303 Match X Tins MusMlman's 00 Highland Corn 7 ^ $ 1 $100 PINEAPPLE . . 4 ^ 95c Brook'sB-B-0 Sauce ^ PARTY PAK by Paramount!! WHOLE SWEET PICKLES '"" quart* Fancy Eating! PEACHES 4-39 CHAKLCVON OKKYSU WATERMELONS 59«.. GIANT 87 SIZB CANTELOUPES . . . . -19e ^^^^w^^e^^^^Mte^^^w^^v^^^ej^^^^^^^^^w^^^^^^^^^vw^^^^^^v^v^^^^^ej^^^^^oax Siuuthlne's CHEE23TS 10-oz. Box.. 29el Suiuhlne's Manhmallow CIRCUS PEANUTS 10-ot. Pkg * PORK 'N BEANS * Spaghetti - Hominy - Pea» Butter Beans - Limas - Navies Northerns - Shoestring Potatoes Red Beans-Chili Beans - Kidney Beans •MIX or MATCH 10~ $ 1 $2.35 Straight Case of 24 Van Camp's Tuna . . . Kraft's A Jelly . . Swift'sOz Peanut Butter r' 59' Patio Chef i A Lb. CA e I Hickory HoL 20-lb. $| 00 •RIQUETS lUiofl Og» l»w Charcoal bag I WIN VOU PURE APPLE BUTTER . . MANHATTAN INSTANT COFFEE . *L fc 89c SPINACH APPLE SAUCE CREAM STYLE CORN BUSH'S SHELLOUTS SWEET PEAS 8.20 Straight Caw of 24 7 C&H PURE CANE From Our Own 50th State!I SUGAR NO LIMIT 10-99" Salad Dressing 8&*1** Strong- heart Dog Fowl . 10 & 95« Purina Dow Chow . 25 £.'2" Roxey Dog Food $3.41 Case of 41 llta. Tim Texlitli All Puraosel! LIQUID CLEANIR Full Quarts Just Arrived! Newest! Freshest! Whitest! POTATOES 10^39° 1IMJST SOAP MIX ... C 15* FBESH SALAD MIX . . C C 15* FINEST COLE SLAW . . e £ GH010C FANCY Qreen Onions . . . U...MO 5° PAUL F. DAVIS & SONS Buy NrMl frm Oir WAREHOUSE COTTAGE HILLS

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