Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Barbecue Of Duck Taxes Skill BY OAVNOR MADOOX Newtpapet EnterprlM Food I and Market* todltor j DUCKS fftlled to a crackling brown, batted with Danish cherry wine barbecue tauce Itj * tatty dish. So many men have become masters of the outdoor grill that gourmet dishes often come from the glowing charcoal. It takes skill to barbecue a duck to a crisp, crackling brown, with fat drawn off and the meat tender and juicy. The secret lies mainly In handling the fire correctly and keeping the bird moist with a basting sauce. In most cases, the duck must be impaled on a rotating spit, with a aturdy drip pan underneath, one which can be lifted out without spilling the fat. However, there is another type which can be used without a spit. II Is kettle-shaped, with; a tight-filting cover and adjust-1 able dampers both in the flrej box and in tin; cover. The heal | Is reflected back from the cov-, er, browning the duck evenly ; all over without turning. Whatever I he equipment, the' charcoal fire must be glowing; hoi belore tin- duck is placed over it, wiih the briiiuels ar- 1 ranged on either side of the drip pan so thai no fat drops on the charcoal itcHf. If the fire iv loo hot. the duck may be \\cll-hrowned on the outside before it Is cooked through 'a meat thermometer is a reliable guide to donenessi. One of the most delicious»tif all basting ingredients tor duck' IK Danish cherry wine which gives a i art-sweet cherry flavor to both the meat and to the sauce. To make the sauce, remove the drip pan from the fire bux, pour off all the fat and combine the residue of wine and brown crackling with more' wine and pitted fresh black cherries. Put this sauce back over the coals and bring to aj boil. Serve hot over slices of] tender, succulent duck. ( Barbecued Duck Kijafa • (Each duck serves 4) Clean one or two medium- sized ducklings inside and out 1 with paper towel until well dried. Sprinkle inside and out; with salt; place one small peeled onion, a pinch of powdered cloves and about 2 tablespoons of Danish cherry wine in the cavity of each. Truss each so that wings and legs are fastened securely and cavity is closed. Impale on rotating spit or p 1 a c e directly on gridiron if grill has fitted cover. Arrange sturdy roasting pan directly undei duck or ducks. As duck roasts, baste occasionally with the wine. When meat thermometer registers 165 degrees or leg' moves easily (roasting time is: 1 to l'-j hours), remove from: grill to platter. ! Take out drip pan and pour. off fat; about '2 tablespoons of residue will remain. To this add! % cup of the cherry wine and 2 cups pitted black cherries. Simmer over charcoal until! bubbling. Serve over carved duck. i Here's another gourmet re-! clpe for the outdoor chef: Spanish Barbecued Chicken • Combine the grated rind and I juice of one orange with one small grated onion; add '« teaspoon cinnamon, '2 teaspoons I salt, '» teaspoon cloves and L t cup. Spanish olive oil. Brush the inside of a whole j chicken generously with the! mixture, truss and sew up, thenj brush mixture all over outside, j Impale chicken on spit; grill over charcoal or on electric rotisserie for 1 to l'/4 hours, basting with sauce as it roasts. (Same sauce can be used on cutup jhlcken, broiled over charcoal or in your broiler oven. Man Jailed on 2Charges After Auto Accident WOOD RIVER — Richard Brewiter, 23, 634 Virginia Ave., Cottage Hills, was jailed Wednesday night on charges ot failure to yield right of way and operating a motor vehicle with a forfeited driver's license following an auto accident. According'to a police report, Brewster was driving west on Edwardsvllle road at Central street. A car driven by Donald Woodall, 23, 141 Linton St., Kust Alton, was traveling east. The report indicated that when a traffic light at the it». tersection turned green Wood- ail continued east, colliding with Bi*w«ter, who started a left turn onto Central in front Of Woodftll's vehicle. Computer* to Reproduce Selves Seen ANN ARBOR, Mich. — 9<rt- might even be smarter than the,advised students of the possi ence Service.* — Man, theoret-jman who thought if up. Ability of an "Adam" automata Ically. can build a self.reproduc- Prof. John Myhill of Stanford!computer system. . i* • i .^j^i nipt,, i i i\ iiio' iniir- *>i/ui*i Ing, self-improving computer University, speaking at the! The mathematics protest r , I(K | 1K . e „ better version of it- machine whose descendants 1 University of Michigan here, said a self-improving series oi «p|f machines would each have' Each succeeding machine A self-reproducing system al- fniilrter. Instructor and compti- would 1 b* better than its pred>-'ready exists af Bell Telephone tpr components cessor. Its computer would be Laboratories in an electric toy After instruction to reproduce ! lt.sell and improve Its "off spring." the mdclimp would Half Q( all resin and turpentine produce! in the United State* come* tram puw u ' eeii °* Georgia- faster ?nd more efficient. Im- train that takes cars from a provemrnK mainly \\uiilrt come siding and reproduces itself. from the devising of bettei circuits, as the machines reproduce. Prof Myhill predicted that a self - improving, self - producing -\stem "will happen as soon as somebody wants to build a non- another network "fflwrter trivial self-reproducer and has: than itself, the brain rould nls •> the money." ! huitr1 ;l "« >hvork «mart« thm> Prof. Myhill w;t- askerl il t!i.- machines rrml.-l even bpcom;> j lt<tpl1 ' . __________ ^ l PHU! Revere bHonared to a smarter than ihc men who originated them. He answered that if a computer network can build ciet\ of bell ringer*. They playp'l on eight bells in the tower of Christ Church in Boston for quick-fix foods summer roaer Rtfht t» Umlt Price* Good Thm Sat. Nil* July l«th Flnt for outdoor cooking Split Broilers ! Lb, 39e Mtot Itemi Krogtr 1 ! "Lo»l«-c«rt<Mtr" Three Legged Fryers 39c 0, S. No. I—Moor park Fmstoni Apricots 14 : t $ l 95 2 Ib. 35c Con and Preserve New Strictly First Class, Firm, golden rip* Bananas AH •«• price and nont priced higher Lb. IOc Fresh From the Kroger Garden U.B. IN. 1 — Washington. Laif* *te« *%Alt G*rden Fret Bin* Cherries . . ». 3Y P Squash G*rden Freth Home Grown ,*. Mat MB* and &ey Freerton* *| >|A4 Nectarines . . Z n». 47 P Watermelons ...-<* fwnb* • rtM. Now York Rip* CA4 ««*•• feedlM* Honey Dews . . «*. DV Limes ... Make Your Next Meal . . . Veal Veal Cutlets . . -1" Veal Chuck Roast *• 49* Veal Loin Chops - 99* Veal Rib Chops. - 69' Veal Sirloin Steaks - 99* Riblet Veal Stew .»19* LIABLE COUPON Kwick Krisp Sliced Bacon * IM. M« wit* Mito coupon SAVE 20* •t*fOT Kwick Krisp Sliced Bacon White •xplrei Act. site. Jnljr l«t» 39 Pick up entry blanks for Wilshire Mall Beauty Contest at the Kroger Store in Wilshire Mall Scot Tissues 250 Count 1000 Sheets Frooh J* f*4 Dressed Rabbits * D9 freoh B«itovUlo Oven-roady. 4-» Ib. avg. m A 4 Turkeys . . . n 49 With .oupon 'Hontor*. By piece. Braiuuon welder or Hi. Krocer. All Greesi .1 l.«r*T « vyplr* Will WIIV 2 LARK§ BT 9rtn Enlrr Blnnliii ni Kroger Sti-PuN Laundry Rinso Qt 49c ca 89c UQl'ID LAIHSDRY STARCH 47o Qt 25c 39* Dressed mM 4frl 4 Whiting . . : 79 Yellow Cling Hal%ei or Sliced m £ of Kroger Peaches 4 ***" I Kroger froun 4*^ £4 Grape Juice 0 ::: ' I CharraaUi 4fc 4fc £L W Margarine . Z ~ 29 Asparagus . Kroger ^ Fruit Cocktail Hroger Frozen Orange Juice Western U'onder. Kronen Strawberries No. 800 Can. Meadow Gold Sherbet Delicious u-ith lc« cream 3 4 No. 101 9 | Cam I 3 5 U-OB. $1 Ctna. | n 69' ^ - _ 1 12-0*. Canf Scot Towels 3- 89* Krofer j^ Blended Juice 3 Avondalo I vdw • • • • Kroger Sandwich 4fcv Bread . . . /,:;;;':, 60 Extra TV Stamp* attached to sticker m 4§v 4 Hungarian Ring ~ k 49 SO Extra Top Value Stamp* packed hi box. Go Idea Sno, Choc. DevlU Food, Southern Belle mm 4fti Layer Cakes . — 59 . Vitamin 0 Orange Juice Krogif. 48 Count Iced Tea Bags -49' Susan Cinnamon, Pliln 10*mkl«illH Kroger Donuts YOUR CHOICI 2-39 Mb. Ctn. www with thU coupon VofotoWo Spry Ofb rtw *•* vkitaft Rfnso Blut ....... <H0*I fkf- "e Si 77» 2,-67' 7e Lux'^akoi . 2&67* if mm* mmm% LmAmmmmTI mmm^ mmmm,mm\ •*• Surf Dotoraont 2 & 71' WMl f M mm dm* •% SHvor Duit 2 K£ Bogulw HM A OOg Lux Soap a E,r, U* tt*tb «u* «A OO4 LlIX Soap u mm * n mm" ^67* Irttit 2 ££ 69* ttiattl BkC' 1M Wlsk liquid &73 0 • ' < ' */ ^l_lt.^ A4 01A Tor automsti* waokon" l-lb. mmf** Condenied'all' ^78* Liquid Household C'lettnor Handy Andy „. „ ., "« Oettrgent Lux Liquid It-M. ftM H* "for ail WMhiof Fluffy 'all 1 "I* or automatic dltbwaahvr*'' Mf\d Dishwasher 'all' ",£ 49* Mt ^"^ mm *%A4 PraistSoap 2 ^29* PtnJt A ^niw Praist Soap 2 "^ 41* Detergent (or dUtavo Swan Pink Liquid tt-os. oau <1e l2-oi Lifebuoy Soap 2 £.23' Ufobuoy Soap 2 *£ 3V •wmntoa TurMe>, Meat Ixtaf, ftirloia, m»m\d TV Olnnori ^ 59' can »4«

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