Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1957
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on- BIBLE QUIZ MAKE FRIENDS •MUSI QUESTION: Why wat the deed of the Good Samaritan so great? ANSWER: Jesus' parabla of the wounded man and the Good Samaritan Is related In the Bible (Luke 10:30). It tails of a Jaw who was robbed and beaten by thieves and left by the roadside to die. Two of his fellow countrymen passed the victim but did not offer help. Then a Samaritan saw him, eared for his wounds and took him to an inn. The deed was remarkable because at the time the Samaritans and Jews were bitter enemies, and because it showed the brotherhood of man. ' FOR YOU TO DO: Paste the picture on cardboard, cut it out and eolor It. Add it to your Bible collection. ($10 goes to Donnla Sanders of GreenVille, S. C., for this question. Send yours to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Monday: Why are eowbirde dangerous to other birds?) A businessman often faces the problem of getting rid of a caller who is taking up too much time. One way is to bring the conversation to a close, stand up and say, I'm glad you stopped by" and shake hands. That may seem a bit Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Saturday, Sept, U, 1957 LITTLE Swimming may improve a person's figure, but It hasn't dene much for the duck. abrupt and obvious — but if done with a smiie and a hearty handshake it can do the trick without offending. More subtle reminders often go unnoticed. TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE "Henry is trie Intensely intellectual type—he reads!' By Nadine Seltzer ffl ffl BB . HOSPITAL QUIET —3C "Ah-er—I haven't decided how I'll vote on that billl In fact, I'm jnst going to consult an expert on the matter now I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroirh •m *H, o* ttW>~ • 1 "Shhhhhl" Canadian Province Answer to Previous Puzzle IS "I'm afraid I donf understand girls, Mrs. Bensonl When I say something witty they never laugh, and when I say something serious they always dol" ACROSS 1 Canadian province 8 Much U cultivated here ' 18 Perusers 14 Weird 15 River in Switzerland 16 Faucet ! 17 Waggish, 18 Great numbers, of cattle are — In this province 20 Greek letter 22 Larissan mountain 23 Abstract being 26 WUe of Aeglr (myth.) 27 Carpenter's tool 30 Individuals 34 Consume 35 Make amends 37 Encountered 38 Bustle 39 Set anew, as a gem 40 Note in Guldo's scale 41 Surfeited 43 Ahead of schedule 45 Make a mistake 46 Onager 47 Red planet 50 Entire 52 Gaelic 56 Accumulate 58 Three-toed sloths 60 Lamprey 61 Fastening device 62 Its i« Edmonton 64 Very small (coll.) 85 Venerates DOWN 1 Nomad 2 Shakespearean king 3 Unclothed 4 Editor (ab.) 5 Soak flax 6 Snares 7 Vipers 8 Married 9 Egrets 10 Love god 11 Is sick 12 Tissue 19 Low haunt 21 Feminine appellation 24 Closer 26 Mountain crests 27 Fruit 28 Burden • 29 Above 30 Sit, as for a portrait 31 Sheaf 32 Feminine nickname 33 Remain 36 Four-parted (comb, form) 42 Abate 44 Peer Gynfs mother 46 Otherwise 47 Emporium 48 Friend (Fr.) 49 Rant . 51 Openwork fabric 53 Plexus 54 Line of junction 55 Measures cloth 57 Pigpen 59 Seaport (ab.) 63 That is of (ab.) SAV, WHAT AftB SOU PCXNG WITH ALL MV COSMETIC* AWP MY MANICURE SET* WHAT'S THE IPEA OF PILING THEM HERE ON THE PIMIN& ROOM TABLE? ..... * BY J. R. WILLIAMS ^GO AHEAP AN' HOLLER—THERE'S DISCRIMINATION COIN' ON AROUNP 11 HERB AN* TM (SONMA PROVE IT OH, MA A *7 J TO HER/ I ASK PER A NEW PAIR OPHANPL6 BAR 6RIPS AN 1 I oSTA LECTURE ON EXTRAVAGANCE M WANT HER. TO CAST HER EVES ONTHI5 PILE OF EXTRAVAGANCE..' II WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY T#,ft«f.U4. Pat Off. OUR BOARDING HOUSi . MAJOR MOOPLI fetV THS WAY,M6OPIE/0NSOAY VWjLB Voa AND tH6'MISSUS VieRfcffr HOMB.YOUS A6$BS —TOLD>H£R HfcHADT© \A ^T&llWy%&lr 1KB MOMEY. PAY *uAH-SR-** OM »Y£S f IT ALL GOMES BACkfO M.E- Now/-* MEDIO MANO Me | <5REEK VJERSE 0Y HOMER J0h NO MONEY IM THE66 \T(?0USER5 l **.' REMIND iME OF IT A6AIN, •A J J m MENTION! IT AGAIN* ©3 A. BUGS BUNNY PAY TO USE ^SPECIALLY OUR FIRST AlPj OUR NEW . WE'VE BEEN WAITING ALL Good Practice IYER WORRIES N ARE OVER... STEP THIS WAY, KIPS' PRISCILLA'S POP That's Why BY AL VERME R R ALLEY OOP , Active Market A MILLION / WELL, YGOTTA \ YEH...AND I ' DOLLARS I ADMIT IT'S AN / SUPPOSE TH 1 'IMAGINE \ FOR THAT V EXPENSIVE J GUY'5 GOT A TH' NERVE \ CX>NTRAPTK>LS LOOK1N' f RIGHT T'GET OF THAT / MY GOSH! GADGET/ / SOMETHING FOR GUY.' HIS TIME! 9-M ' BY V. T. HAML'N WHO'D A-THOUGHT J IT'S RlDlCULOUS/THATS "SO MANY PEOPLE S WHAT IT IS.' WHY. I'M WOULD WANT A f WORKING HARDER NOW TIME-MACHINE.' 1 THAN I DID BEFORE I RETIRED/ MORTY MEEKLE Are You Sure? BY DICK CAVALLI Good Idea m >ORftBLV OF TWE IT\ TWC E^6rV6«V<EVirr ... II wvou'\ BY EDGAR MARTIN t rA OP THE OP\M\OW TW«T WON X TH\WV.| OP LET'5 SEE.. 3 MR. MEEKLE, yOOfeENEXTi , MEEKLE, I VOUR TURN g) W7 by HtA Swtlot. ty. TM. N«. U.S, ht Off. I SAID, •YOU'RE NEXT, MR MEEKLE' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Perfect Garb BY MERRILL BLOSSER POW/solWATi WHAT MOM DJD VVITM MY OLD SPORT SHIRJV WWei?a»sM HMM i MOMS OLD GARDEN INS HAT MAS AMD DAD WONT - MEED fTMOSE FADED PANTS TRATGOT BTT BY TPT . POWER MOWER / ns MY NEW CALYPSO OUTFIT/ THP .c -^v r»F M\p.TMft WAYNE l HOW0iOVOuWaDMt...CAWE H NEWSPAPER/OW H6KB TO CATCH auYS 6CTTUE)NOVELIST QABWEL WORbsO _£ BARK'SSP6BCHTO FAST? 77 THEc;iTyau6.w «AfsJ Romance? BY WILSON SCRUBS CAPTAIN EASY Time Is N««r BY LESLIE. TURNER W» PUE-B^CK, TOMORROW! PBT1 PORAINHIft'COKI- PmpN. JOPV'fi. HANPWRITIN6 IS KBMABKAeLY $T&APV1 POOR H0» MAP HIS PtW6i AMP NOW Hi& TIME J5 NEARLY DPI THINK HOW RJW'iw,Byr.muiui>o.(

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