The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1896
Page 1
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ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. MAY 20, 1396 ("-Not How Cheap, but How Good" Is the Principle Applied to Our Specialties! WHITE PEAR FLOUR. DIAMOND BRANjLfiJJL- STRANGE HONDURAS PETS. Imported with Bananas, They Carry Terror to the Men who Handle the Fruit. A Chicago Dealer Gets a Banana Rat and Her Family—More Horrid Shapes than Algona Find, Causes Driver to See Snakes and Run. 0 09—O •M above Goods are the BEST ON THE MAKKET and guaranteed to give satfefactim. or money refunded. PATTERSON & SON. The Chicago Inter Ocean tells of more terror-inspiring passengers shipped into that city with Honduras bananas than those lately tound housed with this fruit in Algona. We have had numerous finds of tarantulas, and the other day a species of awful insect not yet classified by our local bugolog- ists was hustled from its snug nest in a banana bunch, but the Inter Ocean tells of a banana rat and her .whole family brought over. This paper tells the following story: Joseph Lavezzi, the man who has charge of the banana stock lor G. M. H Wagner & Sons, commission merchants at No. 165 South Water street, captured a female banana rat with a lot of green fruit from Honduras. Tha ririvpv of the wagon, on di /PL, "HERE WE ARE WITH A fl n^r Carload of Furniture Fresh the from factory The Latest Styles! Fine Goods! Low Prices! JUST LISTEN-We can furnish you a good, ^ well made, three-piece chamber suit, German bevel plate Jfo glass, at the low price of ^^ The driver of the wagon, on discovering something moving in one or the bunches, percipitately abandoned Ins charge, which, fortunately, was backed up at the rear entrance of his employer's store, and announced that there was an anaconda in the wagon. Everybody in the vicinity, except Lavezzi, immediately sought positions of safety, while he proceeded to investigate. As he approached the vehicle he heard a hissing sound from one ot the bunches, and immediately recognized it as proceeding from an exceedingly rare animal in this part ot tlie Whiting, who, with him shared the burdens common to the early settler, are now in their ripening years enjoy- the industry of their busy lives on their line farm of over 4,000 acres 'and their iarge residence has all the comforts of a city home. The senator this spring has personally directed the felling of such of his cottonwood timber as lie wished manufactured into lumber and wood and given watchful care to the trimming of the walnut groves, which in a quarter of a century hence will be worth many thousands of dollars. McKINLEY AT HOME. Louisville Times: In the first place the man who stands a good chance of molding the destiny of 70.000,000 people for four years lives in a frame house, for which lie pays $40 a month rei t. He keeps two servants. One of them cooks ami washes and does other work, and the other sweeps the Louse, answers the door bell and waits on Mrs. McKinley, who is an invalid. The major blacks his own shoes and shaves himself every morning at 7 o'clock. His wife loves flowers, and iu the rustle-bustle of getting a grip on the nomination the major finds time every morning to put on a linen cluster and an old straw hat and go out in tilie yard and attend to the flowers. Even the most pretentious people could not dignify the McKinley garden by the high sounding titie of grounds. The yard ias a frontage of seventy-five and a dep'tli of 150 feet. The house, with its porches, is about forty feet wide, and ihat doesn't leave much room on either side. THREE-PIECE, CHAVAL SUIT - 17x36 CD 1 C^ 00 German binel plate glass ••••• <+? 1 ^» Come and See Our New Goods.... .A. b. MCGREGOR. 1 's a banana rat," he said, and then the crowd, ashamed of then-tears, valiantly drew near, while Joseph procured a coffee sack and carefully deposited the bunch containing the rocl- The Greatest One Ring Show On Earth. i Constantly improving in every way that experience can suggest. Kirkhart & Ryan's A marked, and signal advance in the world's amusement annals c-vpiitins a new era in canvass entertainment, rre- ^^S^^lon^lvB^^eot star attractions which is well for rivals to stand from under. Grand Galaxy of Star Performers Culled from the leading shows of both hemispheres, jaw tuou drew on a heavy leather elove and proceeded to catch the animal which he deposited for safe-keeping in a large wire rat trap. It was discovered that the captive was the mother of a family of half a dozen diminutive specimens of the same species which clung to her tenaciously, alter the manner of the offspring of the raccoon and southern opossum. The little ones were evidently not more than a day or two old, and looked about as much like six pieces of raw beef with spiral tails and embryotic less,' as could be imagined. • The rnotur erwas nearfy one~and a half feet,Iongr measured from her nose to the tip ot he The 1 ta"iFappears to be the most useful part of the creature. It measured ten and a half inches in length, is entirely guiltless of hair and is as prehensile as any of the Darwinian forefathers ever boasted of. This little animal must be disgusted with this world, it the experiences she has passedI through since leaving her tropical home in Lamasca, Honduras, nine days ago have made any impression on her. She has clung tenaciously to her second story flat iu a bunch .of bananas while the structure has passed through the successive stages of picking, traus- ferins to the lighter and thence to the steamer, from the hold of the steamer to the warehouse of Macheca Bros., in New Orleans, from the warehouse to a rtfrigator car on the Illinois Central, and from the car to its final resting place on South Water street. Tropical homes of all kinds, and notably those of banana rats, are scantily provided with cold weather . bedding, and the suffering s which this warm- blooded mother, with her new-born family, must have endured on their long journey from New Orleans to Chicago can only be appreciated by those who have had the misfortune to be caught in Florida during, a cold spell. This is the second specimen or tins animal which has been captured, in Chicago, The former capture having been made by the same man at the same place six years ago. The rat caught at that time was a male of strawberry-blond color, and somewhat larger than the specimen secured yes- IOWA STATE SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. x ,, ^ meet with a royal reception in the city of Des Moines, June 9-11. The people are fully aroused and are making great preparations. Fourteen well organized committees are at work preparing for the convention. The reception committee will meet all incoming trains and receive the delegates, and extend a royal welcome to the great host of Sunday school work ers. . ' The entertainment committee will secure accommodations for 2,000 dele gates. Lodging and breakfast will be furnished free to all delegates holding credentials from either their pastor 01 Sunday school superintendent. The finance committee will raise $500 to defray the expenses of the con vention. The sessions of the convention wil be held in the Calvary Tabernacle seating 3,000 people. • A grand rally will be held the after noon of June 9th. . AirSunday schools in the city wi j^flyih)forming-a grand •parade.,,S i un^ da/'scnbols not in the city are invited to a place in the line of march. It is expected that 10,000 persons will be in the line. Bands of music have been secured for this occasion. The music committee is organizing a large chorus, which will be drilled and led by Mr. Moody's singer, who comes to Des Moines several days in advance of the convention. The program committee is preparing a practical program for the sessions of the convention. Great speakers and practical workers will be assigned places, and the program will be graced by many persons of both national and state reputation—Mr. Moody, Gov. Drake, Dr. Beardshear, Eev. Mertou Smith and many others. The committees in charge are hopeful of securing a rate of one fare for the round trip on all railroads in the IHIS has nothing to do with the weather but refers - to the spring used on the above road wagon, it has no equal for ease of riding. The road wagon itself is a beauty. It costs as much as a first-class top buggy and yet it sells at sight. You will say it is the finest thing of the kind you have ever seen. Call and see it. AT ... The Wigwam. The Christian people of Des Moines are firmly united in the endeavor to make this convention a grand success, and will put forth every effort to have it-so. Let the Sunday school workers of the state plan to attend. J. M. LUCAS, dim. Press Com. Ask your physician, your driiRgist and your friends about Shiloh's Cure for Consumption. They will recommend it. Sold by Frank Dingley. No. 712 Extension Top Surrey. ANY people expect to buy surreys this season. '— They want to get something for comfort and ease, something that is thoroughly good and reliable. Here it is, warranted to be first-class from the bottom of the tire to roof of the top. "Good Goods and Honest Prices" IS OUR MOTTO. Don't forget to call and see us, look at the Buggies and get our prices. . 10 <aeriel Acts, 40 Sensational Features, Finest Circus Band in America, The 20th Century Wonder. m an unsupported liulcler-^-nauat be seen to be believed- this show. Two performances daily- Paade at 12:30, msw^ e i,^ iSI" i to gJs T»way, tow, to theit customers. Call mi. get yoira * ' •4.-UB Lincoln Park commissioners have acceped thi? family as a gilt, and they will be introduced into their new home this morning. . So great is the danger of finding poisonous reptiles in tropical shipments conceived to be that piactically no American can be found who will engage to handle the fruit, and the woxl is left almost entirely to foreigners.^ IOWA'S TREE PLANTER. Senator Whiting's Extensive Walnut and Maple Grpves. From the Onawa Democrat; The greatest tree planter for more than 100 miles up and down this valley is Senator Whiting, of this county, The Whiting settlement, or Woodland, as it is now called, does not have the appearance of ever having been an open and treeless prairie. The senator away back in the fifties planted out sqme- tbipglike 100 acres of timber, and since then he has added much more, especially in walnut and maple groves; the first planting was largely cottonwood, and «the readers of this article could have passed over the Woodland farm the .past three weeks they Would have seenTsaw mill located in this timber saving out thousands of feet of lumber from cottonwood logs two feet thick from trees which Senator 0, E, Whiting *• • 'with his own bands forty years REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE First National Bank, OF ALGONA, IOWA, At the close o£ business, May 7, isoo. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts. $105,012.17 Overdrafts, secured and uu- secured .-•••• 1,4-7.08 U. S.bonds to secure circu- „ infirm ltJ,UUU.U& Premiums'on U. S.Bonds.. 1,000.00 Banking-Uonse Furniture, and Fixtures •••• 7,cuo.oo Due from Nat'l Hanks (not Reserve Agents) § 00,70 Due from approved Reserve ^^ 3 8,849.28 Checks and other'cash items ' 6W.80 Notes of other Nat'l Banks- 5,175.00 Fraction^'paper currency, nickels, and cents • 13J.B3 o,juu.w Lawful Money Reserve in THE WIGWAM, ALGONA, IOWA, 3,672.40 Legaltendernotes........ 4,000.00 7.U72.40 Redemption fund with U. 8, Treasurer (5 per cent, o; circulation).- 885 -°° Total, Capital stock paid in. Surplus fund ; v . We are handling . . . From Battle Creek; also their Cereal Coffee, NaHp ¥ »afijan^notesoutstand A, D.'FERN,^ Paintin, Demertia'tesof deposit Time deposits I7.ti0u.uu• " Subsertp'ea and sworn to, pefore meithis ittb day ot May, I89(i. I" J • BlcBi Sow~W Notary W«. EI4,EY & PETTJBONE. Marble and Granite Work OF ALL KINDS.

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