Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

Section 2 Pates 21-38 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Spoff * * Established January 15, 1836 ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JULY 14,1960. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Pita News of Grains Wheat Steady, Others Easier Town Board Gets Report On Finances \eu<« ofStocks Market Backs, Trading Slow Lii-pstnck Prices 4t Kaitt St. Louis 75: 2-3 240-270 Ib 16.75-17.30; mixed grade- 130-170 Ib 16.00-75: 120-140 Ib 13.23-iri.30: 1-3 sows 400 Ib do\\n 14.50-15.30; sows over -WO ! NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. '" 13.00-14.25; boars over 230 Ib I (APt—fUSDA>— Hogs 11.000: ear- 1 10.73-11.00: lighter weights 12.00- i ly sales 1-2 190-230 Ib mostly 17.73- 50|S5: few 1-2 190-213 Ib 18.00: bulk Oil tie 1,200: ialves :WO: few lots CHICAGO (API - Scattered j NEW YORK (AP> - The stock j mixed 1-3 and 2-3 180-240 Ib 17.25- I«IK« indlvlrhml hrad good steers mill and export buying steadied! Supervisor Stehon B. Kennedy market backed away late Ihislf,,,. the "year" Wheat futures today an the Boarojof Alton Township submitted bi><: af , ernoon from gains mude ,„ un of Trade but other grains and (monthly financial reports to the 1 „ ,. Zero Hour Passes, No Doomsday ,.. * or « were mostly easier. |town board of auditors of Alton- earl - v lpchnicnl rt>bound - Tl '" ling Soybeans and oats were offjTownnhip at a meeting at City wns slow. major fractions in the early aft-?Hall Wednesday evening. Volume for the day was esti- ernoon on continued liquidation i Kennedy, as township super- mated at 2'L- million shares com- whlch was rather heavy at times| visor, serves also as supervisor ; r , am j with 2.,'590/WO Wednesday, in soybeans. t of general assistance- for the Carlot receipts today were estl- j township. rmitr>fl at: wheat 134 cars, corn' His repoii on lunds in the of fractions to about a point among pivotal issues out- 139. oas G, rye none, barley 5,!Alton Township general assist-: soylwaim 13. ! ance fund during the month of; CHICAGO (AP) - No wheat '[June m as follows: i numbered gainers. sales. Corn, No. 2 yellow 1.22V4; No. 3 yellow 1.2H4. Oats, No. 1 extra heavy white 75Vi. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow 2.12. Soybean oil 8.85b-8.95a. Barley: malting choice 1.1525; feed 85-1.02. Wheat Funds paid out during June for general assistance amounted to $9,105.12. Also during tho month of June, anticipation warrants totaling $33,713 were retired. Motors and aircrafts headed the decline. American Motors was heavily traded and down more than a point following publication of a report that sales of Rambler cars in the first third of July were below the year ago future. The stock sank to a low Oir > sler 23.25 - 23.011: small lot high goodj COUKMAYLL R. Italy * mixed steers and heifers 24.50; I TI - S not dooni!ldav after all. illrllttv MIVI '.fimivifr-r.iul iv\\i « 1-~VL i The zero hour passed without about a point, i utility and commercial cows 15.30-, General Motors j 16.30. few 17.00: canners and cut-i traded about unchanged. teis 13.00-15.30: utility and com- Dr. Bianca's dire predic- The aircraft-missile stocks re-jncrcial bulls 18.00-20.00; few tion of a world shattering cata- would be an accident. It would send the seas boiling in over the lowlands of the earth. The Bianca group headed for the mountain at the start of the SPICIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY f rested from recent gains made small lots medium and low good' >sm c ' ollling true in view of the uncertain interna- m Ib stock steer calves 20.00-' Tlir bearded Milan pediatri- tional situation. '27.00. few L'8.00: slandaixl and lowj cian had Predicted that a mys- utti;i% 111DIUC . Some of the volatile i ssu esjscxxl 20.00-24.00: good and choice tery "mercury bomb" explosioni glanca did not make an ap- month but their preparations! were useless. | As the hour approached. Bianca and his followers locked themselves in the hut. About 300 sightseers stood outside. Several minutes after the hour passed, a door of the hut opened and j one of Bianca's followers put his; head outside the door. He was; greeted by boos and jeers from; the crowd so he pulled his head; back inside. PIANHU „/ STAND TALL . electronics, recreational 250-500 Ib slaughter calves 21.00- ! uould lilt thp world off lts axls and boating stocks cut or elimi-: 23.00. nated early gains. The market was ahead in early trading as it rebounded from three days of decline. The edge was taken off by the sharp drop in American Motors. U.S. government and Corporate was slightly higher. Sheep 800: good and spring lambs mostly 1750-20.30; few choice and prime lots 20.5021.00; utility and good 14.50-17.00; cutter and utility 10.00-14.00; few lambs to feeder buyers 14.00; few cull to choice shorn slaughter ewes unchanged at 3.50-5.00. and touch off a second deluge. choice j ^ n 'y n<? an( * nls believers would escape disaster. So with 100 followers Bianca set Up a salvation station on Mt Blanc, and calmly prepared to sit out the end of civilization. Bianca did not say who would touch off the bomb. He said it pearance. \ Production of iron and steel i is Pennsylvania's largest industry, but much of the iron ore used is brought from Minnesota mines. Denmark, smallest of the Scandinavian countries, has a population of about 4.500,000. THF Y'LL GO FAST^ HtJRPY FOR YOURS CENTRAL SEWINQ SUPPLY 00, Dial HO t-8314 14 W. Broadway Jiy Sep Dec Mai- May Corn Jly Sep Dec Mar May Oats Jly Sep Dec Mar. May Rye Jly Sep Dec Mar May — Soybeans Payments out of the Alton Township Fund amounted to $1.- Hl(ft. Low Close Prev.closei 607.58. This includes payment* 1.83H 1.82% 1.82 3 i 1.82 3 iHo the supervisor and his staff, 1.86'i 1.83'i 1.85?* 1.85 3 i iinLJO " n K payments to members 1.92 1.91 5 i 1.91% 1.9194 ° f the board and other miscel- 1.967, 1.96% 1.96'i 1.96»4Igneous office expenses. 1.96% 1.96 1.96 1.96 ' ?»»<* <>"' durin S the mon)h uf ;June from the township to the 1.18 1.17V* 1.17H 1.17% 1.16% 1.16% 1.16% 1.16% assessor's fund was a total of $1.641.35. Included in the pay- 1.12% 1.11% 1.12 L12 ] ,i ments from this fund were thej 16% 116% l!l6U 116% salaries of the assessor and hls ( 1.18% 1.18% 1.18'i !l8% staff and funds for office sup! plies. .mi .69 .69 .70 .69!4 -68 B i .09 .72% .71% .72 1.16% 1.16V4 1.16U 1.16% 1.18',« 1.1814 1.18',-i 1.1814 1.16tt 1.15^4 1.15 1.15% 1.18% 1.17% 1.17% 1.18 ! 1.22% 1.21% 1.21% 1.22 ; 1.24U 1.24 1.24 1.24%i Kennedy Could Be\ Ever Elected WASHINGTON, W— M Senator _ 1 ...,. , ,.,, .John'F. Kennedy wins the presi- * -jdentiaJ election this fall he will Jly Sep Nov Jan Mar 2.12% 2.13% 2.13 2.13 2.11V, 2.1514 2.18'i 2.17% 2.17' i 2.18% 2.12 2.12 2.12% 2.12% 2.10% 2.10% 2.11% become, at 43, the youngest man ever elected to the presidency ""<! the second youngest ever tO hold the Offlce ' u yice presiden , Rjc hard M. Nixon. 47, wins the Republican nomination as expected and then defeats . Kennedy in November, he will be the third youngest Following aie today's 1 :30 1 pl . es j(] ent i n u. S. history. p.m. quotations on 12 New York; -f^ e youngest president ever 12 Selected Stocks Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to the Alton Ev ening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at wan Theodore Roosevelt, just 10 months past his 42nd birthday when he succeeded to the White House on the death of William McKinley. McKinley was assassinated after less than a year in office. Roosevelt 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so thesej htid heen vice president. are not the closing quotations):' Tne ave rage age of U. S. pres AT&T 8974, Gen. Motors 43%, idenls on Uie day O f their inau- Granite City Steel 36%, Olin ^j..^^ nHH been 56. Math. Chem. 41?*, Owens-Iianois 104?*, Shell Oil 33, Sinclair 38%, Socony 37'i, Standard (Ind.) S7. Standard (NJ) 40%, U. S.j Steel 81 J i, Sears 55. 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