Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 18
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THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINETTEEN Upper Alton News Event* HOOK BUYER Prank Whit<-, of 3000 Seminary Rd., who nan bwn a collector of old books since ho was 10 years old. HP hait a library of several thousand now and about 150 of them arp first editions. Here he holds a print which he picked up as a side purchase at public sales where he has bought as many as 500 books at one time. Lots of treasures in old attics and basements, he says. On the desk are old books, one of which KOPS back to 1795. In case in background is some of the antiques which he ran into In his 48-year qui'st for old books. — Staff Photo. ills Vr OliCI '' f; "' " K . lhp 170C ' S - Ono of thPm ' "Thf Doctrine of the NVw li'in" is doled 179") find is printed ln ;in ol(l sometimes -D cl(*K\ ,<CIltll I* V , lose* its identification with the iOnglish language. He has others in the early 1800's * |;IIK| nunnTous volumes from the Frank White, of .1000 Seminary;Civil War era. Rd., is the kind of fellow uho Collector Since 10 lives in a world of books but it is \\hile s;iys he bcu'an collecting his preference to KO back to the |0 |,j ()Ooks wh( , n lu , was 10 yelil ^ MoGuffey reader era. awl e\en;,,| ( | ;ind h( , has (*,,,„ a , jt in onp beyond. uviy or smother sinre. His greatest The TiS-year-old \vekli-r h;is ani«ource is the puhlic sale, estimated 3,700 hooks in one place; He has found what he considers and another at his home. He says arnonc them HIT l. r jO first editions. Some of the hooks range back untold treasures in hooks that have been stoi-ed for decades in basements and attics of homes. H» has attended so many sales BARGAINS FRIDAY • SATURDAY MATERNITY WEAR Sport Sett . . One PC. Dresses Two PC. Dresses Maternity Tops 4.98 to 12.98 8.98 to 22.98 4.98 to 22.98 2.98 to 10.98 All above merchandise is seasonable to wear now and later. You will want several at this terrific savings. Sized 6 to 20. 205 W. Third St. Over Grant's. Room 207 MRS. ETNA CAROTHERS, Owner Dial HO 2-9011. Open Every Friday Till 9 P.M. and found w many book* at them that the circumstances surrounding the purchases havo faded. Thp dramatic oiws he remembers, however. "f onrr bought SOD books for $5 at a salp on College avenue," wiys. "My car was so weighted down with hooks when I left thpre that I thought I'd break a spring." His reward for keeping his pyes >ppn was a windfall of V2 first editions. Of course, a lot of the toioks were- valueless and were discarded. White's interests in first editions mrl old books are not directed toward selert authors or select «ubjw!ls. He's ;ilmost as hupp> at Finding an arithmetic Iwok used ; n school* 100 years ago as h<? would bo if he turned up a first •rlition of Washington Irving. nooks path's "Universal History" In!The theft took place. Tue«day 11 volumes «nd which was pub- night. l'«hed in 1893. He has read every word of it. White does not think he has r-pnd all of his own books. "How rtf-p« one read an arithmetic form all the shoppers that they SHOOTING Atfl IWtEft HOlOHT Polio*" .sought bo.vs who shoot ins; an air rifle in arf welr-ome to prirk f n the lot. The group last night also adopted a resolution opposing adopted a resolution opposing the proposed city utility tax. Ansel t ho Graves, v ire chairman, presitl- Iwk?" he asks. But the ones' . tdni , v 0 , Majl , aild Walnui ed. The met at the De- thal Interest him get his full „,.„,,,«, Wednesday afternoon. 'Luxe Caf*> on College Avenue. attention. He once <«et himself the ,|ob of reading the Bible A «•«"'«*>" i "• »»>« •«* said through. several of the «hot« had struck "It took me 13 month?," he nis house said MK. AND MIW. RKV. HASSON AT noi: include the bound volume*! SAIJCM ftt'NDAV The Rev. D. E. Wesson will lie in charge of tht> Sunday. 11 a.m. service at the Salem Presbyterian Chureh on Seminary Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wheatley road s.jndav School will start (.t a pamphlel-like magazine»" rl f " lir Children of Centralla H f IN a.m. eftllPd "The New Mirror" which|au' visiting ai thr home of her was published in the 184(>'s inji>ar.-nts, Mr. mirl Mr?. Robert New York He speculates that.Nr-.ssl, 2U>;> Loru-i Si He has an assortment of Guffey books, the fond textbooks of the gaslight era. These arp the ones hat teach such things as reading )y telling the youngster that "Herbert took up one of the blocks and hrpw it at a pussy." Flare stuff. White has found treasures vithin treasures in the books that come his way. Some of the looks have not been cracked '(,r years. As book marks he ias found greeting cards that are now collector's items, cllp- v'ng from newspapers that critl- •ize the Grant administration tnd numerous penned names on he flyleaf that attests to ownership. "I came across a third grade reader of an Alton lumber company owner in a batch of books nme time ago," White said. 'The book goes back to 1912." He wondered idly if the man vould be interested in it. State Paper* Among his uncatalogued col- ectlon is the original of the vimplete state papers of Abra- i.-im Lincoln, a story of the ».-irly life of George Washing- on by "Uncle Juvinell" which this might well be the forerunner of today's New York Daily Mirror. Someday, he says, he is going to find out. All the old and rarer books havp prices marked In them which are changed arbitrarily when While reads In some hob- The visiloi*- arrived VVeiirifv-- fia> and will *tay for >eveial days. Mrs. N"s-i was speaker at a church service at Bunker Hill Wednesday night. She and her huf-hand wa^ accompanied Mrs. Ne.nv| spoke at the her capacity as state| 8 VLAR OLD BOV RITTKK B\ DOW Damn Bradshaw. 3, of 2i Sanlord Ave.. wan bitten on the. j hand by a dog Wednesday in the; ,'i500 Murk of California avenue, police snid. The boy was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment.' of the animal was (ok) In by magazine that he Is In pog- by (her grandson, Kent Wheal-|ofjii-er.s to keep It confined for session of a book which he did ley. !the nrc-i-Hhprt noHrirt rot consider important enough t«i price at the collector's price period. l»At;K 17 TO HAVK the air of a man bargaining Commission row. level. He sells the books with j president of the Woman's jl'APKK COLLECTION : Temperance Union.; Cub Paok 17 will conduct a; Her subject was the activity ofl 51 '' 1 " 8 ! 1 Paper drive in the North: In Ws haunting of public sales' ( , )( , WCT 1 T in the protection of 'Hodgers and College Crest areus. V^Tilte has, through the years. 'collected antiques which he talks of with as much pride ns his books. Old Clock He has a clock that he dates j ALTON GARDEN CLUB voulh. Service was held at the' SHturrlflV sorting at 9 a.m. may have been Washington Land from precariously balanced himself. This volume was edited .1 1863. He is especially fond of Rid- 2-Hour Service at Our Plant 1-Day Delivery Service On Requeil. CLEANERS 8501 State St. DUU HO 2- 19 1 1 hack to the 1820's and which lie says was among the flrs^ to have an all-metal works. He hns a handcarved solid walnut (Bedstead which he keeps up and grandly strewn with his books and some old paintings. White said he started to catalogue his books one time to see exactly what he had in his possession. Something interrupted the job. of God church. I BOV< 7< r( , T |% . FALL The 13-vear-old Kent played! THROloII WINOow ithe guitar and sann. ' . _ ,, , i A i-year-old boy fell from ttie back rest of a sofa in his home Wednesday and crashed through a storm window suffering a set- TO MKET JliLV 21 Alton Garden Club will meet July 21 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Grover, 1604 Washington Ave., at 7:30 p.m. i Regular meetings of the group are scheduled for the second Thursday of the month which ordinarily would be tomorrow. ious cut of the hip. Stephen, son of Mr. and Mrs Paul DeSherlia. 2309 Crawford St., was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital where six stitches were required to close the wound. However, this month the session Mrs DeSherli « said her S( >" will be held An the third Thurs- lvvas ''limbing ° ve >' ^e back rest Rut he has set himself to the job of cataloguing pretty soon. In the meantime, he, drags out ancient books, paintings, and antique bric-a-brac from shelves, cardboard boxes 'day. UPPER ALTON GAAC HEAR OF CAR LOT The Upper Alton Business jto retrieve a toy when he fell i backward into the window. DRIVER CHARGED AFTER MISHAP ON COLLEGE Council of the GAAC officially! A motorist was charged in two positions on tables. MOTOR STOLEN FROM BOAT A 5 H-horsepower motor was stolen from a garage at 2209 College avenue, police reported Wednesday. Emmett Todd, of the College avenue address, told officers cne thieves removed the motor and gas tank from a boat which had been pulled Into the garage announced at its meeting Wednesday night that a church park- I ing lot has been opened for use I of shoppers. The agreement between the ! College Avenue Presbyterian Church and the Upper Alton business district merchants and professional men was announced unofficially two weeks ago. The lot on College avenue is within a half block walk from the eastern edge of the shopping district. It was decided to conduct a program that would in- 1 2 PRICE CASUAL SALE REGULAR to 20.99 OORELLI CASUALS $747 REGULAR to 8.99 LARK CASUALS $547 Entire stock of Spring and Summer Casuals. Whites, beiges, reds, multies, blacks, in straw & leather. All sizes available but not in every style. counts after h i s automobile struck a parked machine in the 2700- block of College avenue early today, police said. Donald E. Crider, 30, of 614 Playground Ct.. East Alton, was halted by police in the 900 block of Union avenue after he had stopped at the scene of the mishap and then drove on. He was charged with intoxication and a traffic violation, ac-i cording to the police. ! The struck car was listed asi owned by Mrs. Gloria Mae Bat-j son, 2704 College. Crider wasi traveling west in College when! the accident happened, police! said. A witness said that Crider got out of his car and exchanged information with him and then drove on. i BOY'S HURL APPLES AT SHOP CUSTOMERS : Police were called to the Mil- j ton Ssveet Shop. 3333 Edgewood j Ave.. Wednesday, 9:45 p.m.. after it was reported two youths were firing apples at the place. Officers sought the pair unsuccessfully. The complainant! said that the youths stood across j the street from the place and, pitched apples at customers they emerged. For Visitors' Sake DULUTH, Minn, ff — Sheriff .Sam Owens says he has banned ! Monday visiting at the St. Louis County jail to keep the jail from being turned into a "house of confusion. Each Monday the jail receives! prisoners from municipal courts | in cities around the county and| the sheriff says jailers have dif-| ficulty keeping track of who's; coming and who's going. ; He says he's surprised somei visitors haven't been locked up; by mistake. SHOE DEPARTMENT COMPLETE DISPOSAL SALE ENTIRE STOCK WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SHOES MUST BE SOLD...EVERYTHING'S REDUCED...HURRY! regular $4.95 to $10.95 Jacqueline, Connies and Paris Fashions em You'v* se*n 'em ... liked now BUY thtse latest exclusive designs at wonderful savlngsl High and little heels, wedgei and lo-heels, sports and flats.Patent, white, cream, pastels, lustres, navy, red, glove and textured leathers, calfs . . . choose as many pain in your size as you like! NMW *»ld to dMtortl blr« U!M Mp! Extra wrapper*! Alton Plan ihopplnf Crater Shot Dtpartmmt Only I Agoodcheck Iran-Season Currency $1795 17 Beautiful "currency" at any time of the year . . . thii short sleeved sheath of arnel-and-cotton with high buttoned insert at the midriff. Its fashion endorsement black braid at the midriff, at the sleeves and neckline. Junior sizes . . , others in sizes for misses and women. Further Reductions on I Summer Dresses In cottons, linens, or rayons. Some with jackets. Pastels and Prints. Sizes 8 to 22 '/j. Lovely hot weather cottons in sheaths or full skirts. Juniors, misses and women's sixes. Cool dresses you'll need for the rest of the summer. Some sleeveless. Junior and misses sizes. Regularly to 35.95 $14.90 Regularly to 22.95 $10.90 Regularly to 14.95 $7.90 Coats Reduced FULL LENGTH WHITE COATS RAYON FAILLE DUSTERS Regularly to 39.95 Regularly to 14.95 $6.90 All wool whit* coats fn sizes 8 to 16 — Rayon faillt dusters in navy and black. Sizes 8 to 16. Sportswear Clearance Remaining Stock of SHORTS T-SHIRTS JAMAICA SETS COTTON SKIRTS SUMMER BAGS COTTON BLOUSES SWIM CAPS BEACH SHOES 2-PIECE SETS Reduced 1/3 to l/ 2

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