Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 14, I960 THURSDAY, JLLA 14, 1WU AL1L«N PAC.b ColorcdRoads Foreseen in Near Future LTVPKN. N..T.. fSrirnre Serv lrr> - A truly bricht flay for motorists if. fore-seen in the near future, when colored highways may replace the monotonous prays and blacks that are traveled today. Thermoplastics, made from petroleum gases and mixed with an agsregnte such as rock or sand, can be produced in any color. The mixture is rolled and applied as a one-inoh surface on pavement already laid. The colors are expected to make it easier to follow highway routes. Colored curbing also is planned 1O clearly define road boundaries to lessen thr danger of run- nine nit on a soft shoulder, and to warn of intersections and other dancer spots. Tests on the newly-developed materials, which employ the highly-versatile plastics', polypropylene, polyethylene and po- lyisobutylene. are underway at the research center here of the Ksso Research and Engineering Co., and are almost ready for full-scale experiments on heavily traveled highways and on airport landing areas. The colored road coverings are expected to prove of great importance to aviation, as they noi only identify different landing strips but will serve as a guide to private pilots who follow familiar landmarks, such as highways. Resistance to oil is expected to make the new plastic material valuable to fueling and repair areas of airports, garage?, gasoline service stations and other operations where oil-soaked surfaces are potentially dangerous. : In painstaking experiments, the paving materials were subjected to the Marshall Stability Test, where core-like samples were placed in a testing machine under 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and tested under various pressures, measured in pounds. For light or medium applications 500 pounds, pressure is used; for heavy use, 750, for very heavy use, 1,000 and for airport applications 1,800 pounds. N e w formulations have reached stabilities from two to three times higher than these standards. Under the Marshall test, a 1,000-pound rating equals from 100 to 120 pounds per square inch A 20-ton truck exerts pressure ol about 70 pounds per square inch RedsAlarmecl By Pollution Of Rivers LONDON — By Science Serv- j ice.) — Russian newspapers reaching England show that the Russians are becoming alarmed at the pollution of the nation's 225,000 miles of rivers, which is killing fish and endangering public health. Soviet scientists have called for action to stop industrial plants dumping waste products and for long-term planning covering all branches of industry and public health organizations. The dumping of waste is reported to be damaging the fishing industry to "the extent of about a quarter of a billion do) lars a year. The newspaper Literature and Life said: "Fish and vegetatioi are perishing. The health of the people is in real danger. And all this is taking place because sanitary laws are being violater by too many administrators." The newspaper argued the cause of the trouble was the "so-called norms" providing for the "maximum allowable pois onous concentration" which could be thrown into the rivers The paper said the norms con cede that the dumping of waste products into the rivers was necessary and unavoidable, instead of trying to tackle the problem by neutralization, destruction and filtering. Another newspaper to air the problem w a s Komsomoiskay Pravda, organ of the Younx Communist League. It staled that scientists recently analyzed large sections of the northern Donetz River, the "Ruhr of Rus sia." with its mines and last' growing chemical and steel industries. The scientists found dirty wa ter, including poisonous sub stance* was being poured into the river at the rate of more than 36,000,000 cubic feet a day by sugar, chemical and steel plants. "Dead rivers," which have been officially written off a* unable to support fish and veg elation as a result of too* much dumping were feeding water in to the upper Donetz. Patrick Henry never belonged to any particular church or religous tock'ty But, once handing bin Bible to a friend, he said: "Here it •a book worth more than ail the books ever printed. Yet it i» my inikloj tune never to have found tune to lead it, with proper attention and let-ling, till lately. I trusi in the mercy oi Heaven that it is not >et Jpo late." BUYS Any OPEN FRIDAY ft MONDAY for Your Shopping Convonloneo TOMORROW & SATURDAY at BEDERMANS Here's o STORE-WIDE SPECTACULAR with "Big-Money Savings" in every deportment! These SPECIALLY SELECTED BARGAINS have been Price-Smashed for TOMORROW and SATURDAY ONLY as positive proof of Biedermons Value Supremacy! But that's-not the whole story! rTHLl YOU PAY ONLY $8.80 MONTHLY while enjoying them in your home! > j •ppl^-- » Luxurious 3-Pe. 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Elsotrioilly Rsvsriibls Window Fsn 28 SI DOWN 2 speeds in, 2 jtpeedi out. ,d|u*ti to fit p to 34" wide. 'New Look For State Auto Tags SPRINGFIELD, HI. (R New 1JK51 state passenger «u- inmobile license plates wfrtcn taln n new look are rolling. The Hpmp Manufacturing Co. >f Macomh, which Is maklns? the plates for the 12th year In n rnw, already is well Into the first million which will be unchanged from last year's and win soon start on the new ones ich will have a combination f>f letters and numerals. There has been no official announcement but It has been confirmed 1961 plates over a million will have double letters and four digits, starting with "AA 1200" 20 through the "Zs", move on 'o the "Bs" and so on. bmltted from combinations will be the letters "I", "0" and "Q" because of their similarities to numbers. The plates will have white numerals and letters on a cardinal background. All will he of uniform size. The first 999,999 numbers will be unchanged but all above that including 1,000.000 (one million) come under the category of six symbols, two letters and four digits. Each series will start with the number "1000" continue to "9,999" to make possible an overall 6% million combinations if they should be needed. Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier, East Moline, believes only 3»,6 million plates will be needed. Already the Secretary has received a deluge of inquiries and requests for choice numbers, such as "AD 1200", "BC 1200" and others which ask for the two initials of an applicant's name together with the street address or the telephone number, if the applicant has a four number telephone to go along with two letters for the exchange. The 1961 colors on Illinois plates will be 'those of North Central College, Naperville, and are being used in honor of the school's centenial this year. Fforth Central is the seventh Illinois college or university to be honored by having its colors used on state license plates. Plates this year are in the colors of Wheaton and Augustana (Rock Island) colleges. To reach the estimated heed of 3*4 million plates it is not believed it will be necessary to go beyond the "NN1200" combination series. No assignments beyond the double "Ns" are planned unless applications actually require their issuance. This probably means organizations such as the Associated Press might get "AP 1000" but the United Press may have to wait before getting "UP 1000." The new numbering system was recommended by a group of University of Illinois research workers. It was recommended, it was said, because it affords a fast, accurate perception at a distance of 125 feet under normal conditions and that each plate have no more than six characters or symbols. Size of the plates will be 6x12 with fatter numerals and the letters slightly larger. Secretary Carpentier rejected a recommendation, the slogan "Land of Lincoln" be eliminated. The new system was recommended as an aid to police in the enforcement of traffic laws and in the apprehending of criminals. The long all number system of plates which now run above three million have been criticized as difficult to read in a hurry. Medora Medora Note* MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thurm, who have been visiting here with her mother, Mrs. Mate Peebles, and other relatives here and at Alon, left Tuesday for their home in Ridgecrest, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Kinser. Hardin, Mrs. Naomi Kinser, White Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinser and son, Bruce, Berwyn, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. dial- lacombe were guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. William Searles. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Graham and son, Danny, have returned from a week's vacation in the Ozarks. With them were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer St. Peters and daughter, Melody, and Mr. and Mrs. Don St. Peters and children, Cathy and Danny. MEXICAN EXHIBIT 8OL(i|IT MILWAUKEE * - A huge Mexican exhibit -the first of iu size and scope ever shown in the United States- will be sought for the opening of Milwaukee's proposed new public museum building. The. museum's board of directors has authorized the director, Stephan Borheygi, to negotiate for an exhibit that would cover 36.000 square feet of space. The exhibit, Borheygi says, would tell the story ol Mexico from 10,000 B. C. to the present. The museum is scheduled to open in 19ti3. The private railway car of Prescient GrtAer Cleveland U now in use by the Kust Broad Top 3-toM- gauge railroad in Peuiwylvanlh. The E-B-T Ut the taut narrow- gauge common carrier taut u| ft*

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