Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Kishi Stabbed SixTimes At Ikeda Victory Party Jaycees Plan New Projects By GEN'fi RRAMfcH TOKYO iAP>— A rightist tanatic stabbed Premier Nobnsuke Kishi six limes in the left thigh with a hunting knife today nt a party cel- fhmtiniz the choice of pro-Western Hayato Ikeda to succeed Kishi. The assailant. Dnisuke Araina- ki. ttfv was arrested on the spot. A meinbrr of a small, uninfluen- tial ultrnnationalist group. Arama- !ki said it was not an assassination attempt, thai hi- only intended to injure Kishi. He refused to say \\hv. SUNNY AND PLEASANT Scattered showers and thunder- shouer* are forecast tonight for the south Atlantic slates with rain in New England. It will for cooler In the mtd- Kennedy (.Han Team Spirit Helped J aekGetNomination By FRANCES LEWINK ; Patrick J. Kennedy, started out 1 , .LOS ANGELES <AP»—The Ken-j running a saloon and became anj nedy clan—three generations of it East Boston political boss. Hisi die and north Atlantic states. Warmer weather Is slated for the central plains. (AP Wirephoto Map.) Alton and Vicinity: Sunny and I pleasant today, high temperature 80-85; fair and cool tonight, low about tiO; mostly sunny and continued mild Friday, high about. 80. Alton Junior Chamber of 'ommerce voted Wednesday • night io hold its Distinguished i .Some political sources specu- c 0] . vk . p Award recognition din-' lated that Aramaki. whom poHce; nrv sepnVHte from t np annual linked to a prewar terrorist group.,,,, petln of Greater Alton Asso-j j considered there had beeni a_ dou-1 ( , ii(jon o( Commercp meeting, i Ible-mww in the selection of Iked;,. ^ 1av( . eps jn di sruss jnsi I trade minister, to succeed Kish. ()ip . ) . pvo jp C , s for the ,. om | n ,, ! as, president of Lib-; v)iar ^ M ^ )(> p , an . fs own; i cral-Democratic party and ehief | — ^^ npc , mlsc lhey fep , of the government. )|u|| f|u) , nv . mj JR of ....,„.,, jm . ,-^ ' Coincident 3 lly« Cornnmnist-iwi i tn-it it run siflnrl bv < Of€»r«*i! | demonstrators took to the streets j l;'^^ 1 ,. 1 ' Th ' p iT efl ' at ,, 1P shouting opposition to Ikeda. > •• • THURSDAY, JULY 14, I960 Cottj Civilians Burn Autos Plans for this demonstration. I iDSA banquet, will have their -went to bat with money, sweat and stamina to get Sen. John F. mother. Rose, was the daughter of, famed Boston Mayor John F.; Kennedy the Democratic presi- (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald, dential nomination. Brothers ,• I Their team spirit got its stall Perhaps as imbued with politics I as Jack are his two brothers. Edward and Robert, both lawyers land stalwart campaigners. Kennedys | T| 1C youngest. Edward. 28, on the playing fields of Harvard. They found it could score for them In politics too. Alongside Jack were ranging from his multimillionaire i nicknamed Teddy, took over inj lather. Joseph P. Kennedy, ex-am-;-j95g as jack's campaign manager' bassador to Britain, to the fam-! ajl d ] las been in the thick of things ily's 16 grandchildren. j since. Youthful Kennedy brothers visit-! \vh en j ac k ran for the Senate in ed coal mines, leaped from ski 1952. brother Robert F. had the jumps and worked dock in primaries around the campaign job. Since then, Bobby, from New 133 rosp t 0 a prominent role as Hampshire to West Virginia. .1 chief counsel of the Senate inves- His wife, mother and sisters tigalions subcommittee. presided at political teas and receptions, shook thousands of hands. In-laws pitched in as well. Among these is movie actor Peter Lawford. The subtle rules of the game left the ranking Kennedy clans- i man on the sidelines, though. Joe Kennedy, 71, whose major ambition is to see his son president, kept out of the campaign front line and made no public speeches. Jack and his aides reportedly thought it best for the controversial old man to stay on the sidelines, though they say he exerted "terrific" influence over Jack. Stayed Out Joe Kennedy has his own political scars. He served as U.S. ambassador to Britain in the days of Munich and Adolf Hitler. The elder Kennedy is still tagged with an isolationist label from those early World War II days when he tried to k^ep Amer- i ica out of the war "unless we are attacked." Though he laler lashed out at Nazi brutality and persecution, Kennedy said in 1938 that dictators and democratic countries, instead of hammering away at each other, should try to establish good relations. "We have to live to- Last September, Bobby quit his Senate investigating job to write a book about labor rackets, entitled "The Enemy Within." It was published in the midst of the 1960 primaries, adding to the Kennedy publicity. Jack is the author of "Why England Slept," and the Pulitzer Prize winning "Profiles in Courage." No Miracles Or Roadblocks Stop Kennedy By SAUL PETT LOS ANGELES (AP)—It rolled | via Seattle, Anchorage, on and on, one sttae after an-j and Okinawa. 2 Airliner Crashes in Philippines By CARL ZIMMERMAN MANILA (AP>—Two airliners can-ying a total of 88 persons crashed almost simultaneously in Philippine waters at opposite ends of the island chain before dawn today. An Ohio woman was killed. All the others survived. First, a Philippine Airlines DCS ditched near Dumaguete, off Negros Island in the south. Bad weather had prevented its scheduled landing at Zamboanga City on a flight from Manila, and the plane ran out of gas. The 27 passengers and 3 crewmen all reached shore safely. Eight minutes later a crippled Northwest Orient Airlines DC7C, its left wing afire, ditched off the Polillo Islands 85 miles northwest avowedly against "a pseudo-Kishi Cabinet," were announced ago after Kishi disclosed he quit. Police estimated 23,000 persons j marched in the columns that filed jfor three hours past Parliament and the Premier's official resi- |dence. Newsmen agreed there] against guests, because in imost rases the individual Jay- jeer's dues are paid by his boss jor the company he works for. ' The Jayoees adopted two ne\v| projects for the coming year, i IDENTIFICATION CHECK A Belgian paratroop officer checks — are on alert in background. Belgian identification papers of civilian with up- troops continue today to guard the air- raised hands along road to airport in port and to Leopoldville yesterday. Other para troopersr-ono with automatic weapon enforo peace In Leopold- vllle, capital of the new Congo republic. (AP Wlrephoto via radio from London.) the youth sports jamboree and; Junior tennis. Children may participate on a local level and ! winners will compete in the state !contests. Se\enteen other proj-j the U.S.Japan security treatyj^ts wei^ adopted for .tie corn-, which went into effect last-month.I in * ^[ ^ pml f™ " f ^.'^': claimed a turnout of 70,000. i'™ 8 volunteered for chairman- At the head of the column was ia Communist banner reading Board Defers Action on RuimingMate Naming May'sSuccessor Members of Town Board Mon- ship of five of the projects. Fred U | ilv ,,j ? hl acuiin deferred any ,•«:• Czerny will head the slow school tion as t o possible endorsement of Ja si S» s project slated for August. i of a successor to Thomas E. Choice Soon Bv Kennedy board in auditing current claims approved the final township check " in amount of $60 due to former I-OS AN'CKLKS <AP> - Son Justice May. Thc township con- i. John K. Kennerl.s's aides an By lA'S* LKOPOLDVILLE, The Congo t APt — Congolese civilians began burning automobiles of Europeans today as Belgian soldier* tried to enforce an extremely uneas.v peace in the capital city of the new Congo Republic. The automobiles of three Belgians were stopped within an hour in the downtown area and set on fire. The small force of Belgian sol diers patrolling the sprawling city was helpless to prevent the burn ings HIK! » scries of assaults and robberies. At least thi-er members of the niitive army were killed by the Belgians Wednesday night. One was shot when a band of mutinous Congolese troops tried lo .-iinbush a Belgian army column Inking 1,000 refugees to the airport. Two others were Killed dUriim the night, and the death brought on an almost general strike in jthc city. Many hotels were wlth- iout staffs. Most stores wen- dosed. ;md the few grooerir- still open in the white sectm were besieged by Europeans storking up. Roluger-s continued to stream across the Congo River to Brax- y.aville. capital of the forme' French Congo and a chief em- barkntion point for the refugee". Arthur D.jinn. representative o I Cihan.Vs Prime MinisUM "American forces Bet out ' ruline Liberal Democratic IK1 °P p volunteered for chairman- 1 successor to May for the re-jstill was in office, were approved! Rj ( .harrM)al.-v i.f Chicago. 'from Prime Minister Patrice •* •>'•"" «""'' '"eh,,™™™,*! ... « . ---------- u. u ........ _,-< „.. o., his ruline Liberal Democratic - successor to ay or e e- party went ahead with plans io \ ship ol the Jay r.ees part in the| mainder of thc fiscal year, it was „„„„'.,, i,!«. ^«ef rm o«i«« onH -wt 1 Halloween parade in October p, V nlfiined. rests on a recom- :; accept his resignation and elect, Trade Minister Hayato Ikeda|a nd also for thpA M ' ss AIton Prime Minister Friday. Kishi was attacked at the Prune Minister's official residence as he drank banzai champagne toasts with party leaders in celebration of Ikeda's election earlier today to succeed him as party president. The party election was a preliminary to the government change which Kishi had promised after the controversial U.S.-Japanese security treaty took effect last I Pageant tor next April. Harold Miller, external of Manila with 58 persons. The I month. vice president, presented "Jaycee of the Month" awards to three men last night. Such disbursements ire made al the end of each 3- Board ofinionth period of the town's fiscal' " lt?fT - P rnss Supervisors by Alton Supcrvis-iyear. u- president in I explained, mendation rests on to County or Stephen Kennedy. And Kenne- i Go)tl " was f jj st . ovf . re d dy likely will be guided by action 1ana in of the town board. in Asked the purpose. Pierre Sal-i Lumumba but wanted the ide to thc DemocrHl-:« ian " olfliprs OUt ° f the COUn " y nee. told Gun fin , w , )s hf . n ,. d durmg thf . Mon-' n<>ws " lfl " " lf '- v wou ' 1 ' draw their n jght but it was impossible to own conclusion*. 'trace it. who had excelled in projects for; ^ vjew Qf U]C reduction to bei the past month. Richard Martin, chairman of the Soap Box Derby, received one award for outstanding work on the derby; Al Wiseman received an award for the excellent job done on the Jaycee annual installation banquet; and L. Allen' Klope, Alton Evening effective next year in the num-i ber of justices, under the re-! organization of thc minor ju-j dicial system, and the extremely I brief term that an appointment! would serve, Councilman Jerome i nnt | g um iay on Springman suggested it might be Parking: Lot. well to leave the vacancy' unfilled. g . 80 p ' m plane sank seven minutes after it ! Bleeding profusely, Kishi was!Telegraph, received the award for was ditched. .rushed to a nearby hospital. A!work done on numerous projects! Councilman Wiseman pointed U.S. military amphibious planes I secretary said he'was cracking > of the Jaycees for the past month. | ou , that the board has received ! picked up the 57 survivors and the ' " '"'" "~" 1 woman's body and brought them to Manila. The American airliner ha jokes with visitors within an hour. One of his doctors said neither 1 the artery nor the sciatic nerve hud been cut. ! Police arrested the assailant. 32 Killed A Truck Overturns Tokyo! small, uninfluential i—A truck carrying workers turned over into an ir-! cant term ' one application, and already had made known it was .ready to consider other applications. Supervisor Kennedy said he penally Ml .om.ono shouW . P° inted other. It moved forward relentlessly; with a kind of inevitability while i Johnson supporters hoped for just] enough of a roadblock to slow its momentum and Stevenson admirers prayed for a miracle. But neither roadblock nor miracle came to pass. And at 10:50 Wednesday night, Sen. John Fitzgerald Kennedy of Massachusetts became the Democratic nominee for president of CongoBreaks Relations WithBelgium BRUSSELS (AP) — The Congo- j 1 — government has broken off] I group. He refused to say why hei rigation cana , Wednesday, killing the counl - v board could act in ihad attacked the Prime MinisterJ 32 ^3 injuring 15. (he matter at ils Au K- 19 meet;or how he had obtained the Liber-1 ing. i Or how he had obtained the Liber- j.. al-Democratic party badge that Circus tycoon P. T. Barmini; The board then left the whole I 8 Inch ELECTRIC FAN he used to enter the official residence. once owned a newspaper in Dan- question open for later decision, bury, Conn. : The matter came up when the gether in the same world, whether the United States we like it or not," he said. ~ diplomatic relations Baron Paul with Bel- Kronacker, c UJMT 11 v» «ui, .. t =».-. , The count on the big tote board | gmm Kennedy finally resigned as am-i over the speakers' platform stood | P^'dent of the House of Repre- uaadwat the'end of 1940. iat 750 to Kennedy and 405 fori sp » tal ' ws ' announced today. bassador Severed Cords Elight years ago, when son Jack launched his Senate career, father Joe tried to sever the cords of political inheritance. Johnson at 10:49. The young man 1 Premier Gaston Eyskens had from Boston was now Just 11 short; been scheduled to make a state- } of his dream. :ment on the most recent develop- Then came Wyoming at 10:50. iments in the Congo situation, but 25,000 persons in the Los Joe Kennedy declared he was;Angeles Sports Arena and untold Kronacker said Eyskens was prevented from coming to the House ''in complete disagreement with (millions in t he television world because news of the diplomatic his son" on foreign policy. "I j beyond turned to wateh the Wy- j break-off had just reached couldn't possibly have a worse oming delegation in the middle of ' Brussels. argument with anyone about for- the jammed, tense oval. •< Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny eign policy than I have had withi "Mr. Chairman, Wyoming casts j then declared that Belgium will my son," he added. iits 35 votes for John Kennedy. | ask the United Nations for an in- He didn't make public speeches the next—" iternational investigation of the or campaign for his son. But even And Kennedy s\ as in on the first | crimes committed in the Congo, then he wore a deep blue tie with | ballot. the silver inscription "Kennedy for Preside nt," a gift from friends. The driving ambition of presidential candidate Kennedy doubtless comes from his Irish-Catholic father. Brought up in a mod- Our first duty is to protect i Inevitable or not, there is a kind j human lives." he said. ; 'Furthermore, Congolese of magic when the big moment j comes, a magic to stir even the hearts of cynics with the thought au-i thorities themselves asked for ouri of! troops' intervention. In spite that at this precise tick of imeithat, we got July 12 an ultimatum! he :i4th president of the Uniedjfrom President (Joseph) Kusavu-l Sates may have been chosen. bu ordering the withdrawal of our i erately well-to-do Boston family, j Somehow parl of the magic is j forces within two hours. We re-i Joe Kennedy set out to be a mil- that after three long days of grub-1 jected it." lionaire by the time he was 35—and succeeded far ahead of sched- by wheeling and dealing behind There seemed to be differences; hotel room doors, or ritual, mean- of .opinion over the military role. ule. jingless rhetoric and sheer non- Belgians are to play in their old Today. Joe Kennedy's wealth, \ sease on the convention floor, one colony, freed only two weeks ago,' derived from banking, liquor, the.of our two greatest political par- when peace finally returns, motion picture industry, shipping'ties achieves a solemn majesty. Two government members said and Wall Street interests, has li had made a choice in a'Belgian troops will retire to their been estimated in the ten* of mil- ] \\ondwous moment of dignity re-'buries in The Congo after U. N. lions. .born, for a party and a nation I military forces restore order, but To each of hi* Him- child)vn—• The high moment came aft- ; will not leave the new central At- seven are still living—he said hfw many low moments. After end-ji'ieai) nation. gave a trust fund of "at least a i less speeches in which nine names! The ministers' statements to million" each were placed in nomination, four i newsmen after a Cabinet meeting Tiglii Kail iirouii nt them seriously, five as favor- '' .appeared al suriance with Bel- Th( Kennedy family, including i ite .sons. After a long, droning gian I'.N. Delegate Walter Lori- all those married into it are a!march of superlatives, enough to dan's declaration to the U.N. Se- tight-knit group They are devout jdrivt Paul Bunyon underground, icurity Council early today that Catholics. Cardinals have official-; Alter endless demonstrations on (Belgium would withdraw its ed at their weddings. cut b> partisan* who waved bun-,troops when the U.N. force it on When thc clan gather.-, at the tiers, screamed, stomped, ; the scene and able to provide! family summer home at Hyannislm a r i-hed like self-conscious security. Port, Mass.. on Cape Cod, ath-'grouimps called u|»oii to make leticji is usually the mam interest., facet, u nd noises lor the kids. i • t' :|| H i I In rim, Touch football has long been a; And finally at 10:09 the conven-j * OUI IXI11 ^" ""Mil,,, favorite with tl>em. tion uas ready to vou-. Joe Kennedy's four sons fol-, "Alabamu voles 'M loi lowed In his footseps and were E\ei> time the clei-k iepeau» a 1 PARKS (AHi—France celebrat- 1 jfraduuted from Harvard, where \ol< wrongb the cr«ud roars likej^j g as ij||,, f> av w itli pomp ;indi they starred at baseUill. tout tell •* VIUHIII/.- sch.M.lroum ^^'\K\ MWM}{iy , lKltly bll , a nationalist! or»wi«uning. th< lea<-he, m an ..-nor. gl( ,,,ad.- thrown into a parade- 1 Hib fivt- dauKhtu-b wen edu- At lo 19 p. m \\ nmlies, walt , lliug (Tmvd , n Constanline. caUw in CuUMuJc sL-Jioolb. convents i it ijt) tor Keiuit-d>. -1U6 lor Jolin ^^,.,.1^ killed 4 persons aiid' and ooUegCB MJ" wounded «0 in a «rim reniinde.r' All but the eldi-st duujihter. A moment laier Wyoimiifi „„, llatjull i(j , w , a , ^^^ KofceoUM'y, who teaches in a con- •siuiuii> ui< and tin vr<md IOHI>. mul . j vtait «dwol, ait married and liau. ojilu the lujyei ui liislur> (.'(Hues Del roil was captured by the children. jjoliu h'n/^rialU Kenneci.s Ivmo- Unlihh in the War of 1812. but Ite KttUMxly dill) lw> politics I cruUc nominee lot president oIjMa.t rt><-oven>d b> the in It* bjood Jack's grandfather,|UK- mlt-k Mau- b . |StaU.> u >ear later. Super 'Lectric Table Fan, Sturdy all .steel construction $095 13-inch Onrllluting Z-RAFT 27W Cu. In. of Safe Solid Floala- lion. Will Support 2M $g85 Ibs. Reg. M.M Water Float Trapetce Safe for Children. $1»S Can't Sink ZORI SANDALS c—59c—A9c New Pip* Id** SO years. DuPont Nylon PRYSMOKE Imported Briar Bowl Nylon bite-proof bit Light at a feather COOL SMOKINflj, heat resistant Sllvertone finish 29c TOYO HATS, 19c 98c BEACH BALLS, 77c SIZZLING SAVINGS DRIP/DRY ^OUTDOOR COOKING ENJOYMENT -> AT ITS BEST! 2 FOOT WIDE FIREBOWL with triple chrome pitted heavy gauge steel grid NEW $ COPPERTONE FINISH • One mch thick itttl tubular l»|« Convenient wiist height '688 • Easy crank flavor titter raiiai frill up to 34 inches hl|h • 2 full live inch wheel* with on* inch treids Comes fully packed in iti own h«ndy carry carton. Atiemble It In minutet, uie only a icrewdllver. Nationally Adv»rtti«* Famouc Brand KINGSIEY 12 m»t peotilar thipis A|t< i*iert«< IRIAR AlumiBum-dri filtir Puih and wmr fteunt kits SUGAR-FREE FOODS MAPLE SYRUP . . ,„ 39e FRENCH DRESSING . 49o BRAPE JELLY 3fc SHEARBURN'S TREET Delicious Frozen Dessert Vanilla Fudgt • Strawberr • Rainbow 49c SLASHED TO loTc IAR'B'9 FLAME DOWSIRI Sun Glasses. 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