Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, July 14, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years SUNfflf FRIDAY: Low, 00; High, SO. WertnW, Pit|t Established January 15, 1836, Vol. CXXV, No. 154 ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JULY 14,1960. 38 PAGES 3e Per Copy Member of The Associated Press Congo Military Aid Approved by UN Tax Would Net $367,450 Yearly UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. —The U.N. Security Council early \VASHrNQTON (APi — A bitter United Nations battle between the Soviet Union and the United Stiites seemed assured today river the issue of which of the two greal powers is responrible for threatening world pence. The issue was sharply drav\n Wednesday night when President accepted a Soviet Kennedy Easy Victor on 806 First Ballot Votes Story on I'age 1«.) In a report submitted Monday night to Clt.y Council, CH.v Thallengr on U.S. aircraft flights Drive for Symington IsLaunched collapsing i-Ho .in:iiThv. Immediately after the council acted, the seorclary general assured that tirnt steps to put the force together "ould b< Inki-u "in LOS ANfJELES <AP) — Sen. staled. UK net increase in rove- 604 to' $8)3.026 Inue to the city would then be U'nulil K«ilmv !*»»• r - — — •'-•- <• i <<..•_!. >.,.,.-„.. wouiu KIMIULC Levy p-n-llpr ri»m»nrt«l .,„•*> t u a r t Symingtons supporters S-M.Ww. By the pwposed budgetary ad- a lm " OUIS eal l01 demanded Jn. d ' , ,'. . . Hl ~. Should such a :, per cent tax JUbtmenl (he corporate levy i ™™V«W »«««» of the U.N.^ .'« d > !<» Ja - v .. 1<J .'•«««* be enacted to be effective Oct. wm ,| d bt . reduced S70.000 and the/ Sminfy C(JU " ( -'' 1 - £l > a «*»'<•' to. the Soviet govemment when foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko a few hours earlier 1 this year, the report showed. d sposal levv I v Vf U ' N ' headquarters he charged the " ' drive to win him the dential nomination if he gives - couple ol hour,." Initial ele jsix nionthi ,. cvenuc . an estinmt- Symington told reporters; inents of the force were expected J ed $ j;, would accitie in the „,.,,., - K imotive equipment, seswon ol the council (hut did not ,. epoll i ndtea | CBi he would pro- An ordinttncei providing for Hammarskjold called the meet- Ing after i-ewiving urgent requests fiwn I'hf Congo government for U.N. aid. For a time it appeared that his plea for quick action would be stymied by a dispute over the future of Belgian t.i'oops that intervened in The Congo after the native army had mutini/ed against its Belgian officers and gone on : rampage of violence ;mrl pil- lasc. .Suv id Urnutiids But the council rejected S«jsitn demands that it condemn Belgium as an armed aggressor in "The Congo, seek immediate withdraw-j aJ of the troops, and stipulate that' the U.N. military fora; be re-; stricted to troops fi-am African) counties. i Then, by a vole of 8-0 with 31 abstentions, the council approved! a Tunisian resolution calling for| withdrawal ol the Belgian troops j without setting any definite date! and authorizing Hammarskjold to! take' the necessary steps for dis-; patch of the U.N. force. Britain, France and Nationalist, China abstained, opposing me di-i reel call for withdrawal of flu? I Belgian troops as an implied censure they said was not warranted. Voting" for the resolution were Lt. Roberts Advanced To Major Eisenhower declared the United Aml Symington left completely i c ",. a a,ji, .* n A u^itinr.-- ««'°f )p " mf> question of whether he ' s eacl > and wnlll "S to w ' Id ' 1,°, , > l " ' the tax. was introduced Wednes- oimrB '," l eau >: *" 11 """"« '° would -iw-ent such a bid if it m\ In (hi* Gnnitmiv rViiitinil f/-n. n '* UUIU «.ll *,c:|H r»lU II o IJHI II II day night and referred to tlieI s0 lo llu secunt .V Council for a.^^ committee of the whole. Council-' f "" dls ' -ussio » °' what he uHUed 1 mun Clyde •Wiseman, who called tht ' " wanton shooting down" by lor the measure, said Wednes- * l j v " US8iails ° f an R&17 " liinc ! given unv real thought. day he does not expect early J ; ' . But some of his supporters iwssage of the measure. lo , c to l^cow "rue J ,h^ »' ade ^ al> «"at they hoped he: The .ax. in Illinois as in three " «J ; «MOM.OVI lu^day that the No. 2 spoil other' sintet; nviv hp «hmvn «on " 1( - plane was shot down over in- , . , ,. . , ,, ' • OHHI hid«>. m.iv ue snown sep- ... „..,,„,... , . „„, .,„ and they believed he wou d agree aratcly on consumers' uUlity- fernutlondl " atel - s at least •*>,., ...... * • seivice bills ' miles from the Soviet coast on the ' ..... • ,. , .,,':, ,. ; B-I rent* Sr-i Symington hid the severe dis- Watt's report, which had beetli Bdunlb fte<K aonointment he must have Mt at . I h* t Crtt 'nl^ 1 '»«*-!*, l-i. rt -,U *,-,* *-l wl/IJUIIHIIIcilt ill II1UCH IId\ C Jell cH .prepared at the readiest of Coun-i 1|K !soucl Lmoi > lla d charged icilman Wiseman, was placed on thl ' Previous day that tlie jet re- ifilc ! meeting, jsentation of five petitions to Washington linked the [ugainst a utility tax, and in ad-; 11 '^ 11 with the jvance of the introduction of j flight which went down in the Ural i suggested utility tax ordinance.! Mountains. ' Along with two other proposed: About the time that the Presi- |ordinances, the utilities tax mea-; denl>s statement was being re-' isure was referred, under the U s- lleased at Newport, tlie Navy said! ,uul procedure, for consideration!" 1 VVashingon that a Soviet trawl-; iof the Council as a-committee ofi e »' which cruised close to the At-j Second Choice Between Symington and Jackson By JACK BELL LOS ANGELES (AP)—Sen. John F. Kennedy oi Massachusetts held the cherished Democratic presidential nomination today. But his roughshod ride over all opposition on the first ballot nominee's choice had been narrowed to Symington and Sen. Hen- Wednesday night left some gaping i-y M. f Scoop» Jackson of Wash- holes in the "strong and united party in all parts of the United States" which he told a cheering convention he will lead into the ington. Jackson was named by brother Robert Kennedy as his own personal favorite. But there were some among the -It was read early in (he ~-ce bomber ^jloW-^ "^ ^J^ * DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE eiin" in advance of the nre- soviet iiir space. A soviet note , . ' *' itation of five petitions' 0 Washington linked the RB47! ho Missouri senator emerged j^g ANGELES - Sen. John F. Kennedy linst a utilitv ta\ and in ad- f's 1 ' 1 with the May Day U2 spy! from lljs "otel suite and, in the Democratic convention delegates "\ve >vill carr . cam LOS ANGELES — Sen. John F. Kennedy tells Democratic convention delegates "\ve >vill carry the L ! s "! ^S 11 * to the P«ople in the fall and we shall win" during a brief appearance on the rostrum of the Los i WASHINGTON (AP) November election. 'Kennedy strategists who urged In an attempt to placate angry jtliat first refusal of the vice presi- j Southerners threatening to walk | dential nomination be given to out on the ticket, there were re-1 Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon ports Kennedy might turn to Sen.JB. Johnson of Texas. Stuart Symington of Missouri as ! Veep Tonight j his running mate. With Kennedy's guidance, the i Symington, who mustered 8(5 j convention is expected to name the i votes to Kennedy's winning 806, vice presidential nominee tonight. i is regarded as acceptable to the I" a demonstration of power that !South. surprised even his own leaders. j" Informed sources said the new: Kennedy swept to a smashing :. , first-tally victory as the first Roman Catholic to be nominated for the presidency since Al Smith. He rolled over Johnson, the i South's choice, who collected only i 409 votes. He left Adlai E. Stevenson, the darling of the sentimentaJ and excited galleries, far behind with 79K- scattered votes. To win, Kennedy didn't need any of the 43 Gov. Robert B. Mey- U. S. Warns Reds to Keep The I . ., . , . . ^ certauij y f° everything tan to make sure he is the next . . Angeles Sport« Arena where he was nominated as ! United States, solemnly reaffirm- p ar ty» s presidential candidate last night. (AP Wirephoto.) - n 1 sh Wation the Ithe whole. Thus the five remon-i lantic "^st last April was an ., , •su-ances and the tax £dJnan™ i electronic spy ship. House and Sen. Kennedy vvnli pro-1 'will be before the next Council' The Navy said the trawler Vega i ue ; >IA.l. S. H. ItOBERTK committee session for healings was engaged in bold reconnais- ion July 23. isunce acti\ities. Tlie ci-aft showed Protest Tax | up in the midst of tests being con- I The iwtitioiiK protesting enact-[ducted by the U.S. nuclear sub- jinent of a tax on gross receipts! marine Geoi-ge Washington. i of utility sen-ices included one _^ 0 9 200 Die ui Symington had campaigned all over the country since his formal announcement as a presidential coutender in March. He arrived here last Saturday and worked from early morning to'"late at State To Accept Oark Span Soon ner of New Jersey kept in his corner, nor any of the 4\. l / s that were !?. g .^_ e ^°!- D ?.^lL W ""^i casl for Sen. Hubert'H. Humph-' T,.. I- _.. *- . „ ^ ^ jyjjj^g,,^ The booming tallies of the big stales, where the heavy electoral vote will count most in November, put Kennedy across in a convention that had accepted his nomi- Russia today to keep its hands! off Western hemisphere countries. At the same time, the State De- Ipartment denounced as a "naked ;menance to world peace" Soviet i Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev's foreclosed In a sternly-worded statement, itlie State Department accused SPRINGFIELD, 111. <Special >—An early acceptance by llli- ,Khrushchev oi seeking to supplant i implied threats that Soviet rock- nation as lets might fly to help Cuba repel j matter and ha(J utfle for de , tes i alleged American aggression. j to shout . about . In the showdown, New York laid bearing 265 signatures; also com' munications from St. Anthony's AJton Police Department for (Hospital, Alton East Side Asso- the United States. Soviet Union, j the first time in its history hasiciatiou. Downtown Business Ceylon, Ecuador, Italy, Poland, a "major." . (Men's As*n.. and East End lin- and Argentina. Lt. S. Harold liobei-tii. a V et-S piw ' ement Asfin> ran policeman of more than 20; v '"' 0fl ltMB fll!Jt Voted %vas that sponsors of the; Guatemala n advancedl to thd several protests be notified of A 1 TT1» , according to anj« lc Ju 'y 25 uearin g U1 ' commit-: ASVlUlll T 1FP f-t n i today by Police 1 '.*" so they may be present if. ^ ^ CT J *"»« * « ^! §*l|t^ §f|l Jy Of Market votes on the line for the Massachusetts senator. PennsyJ- Before the vote Belgian delegat* Walter Loridan declared his coun- yea i- s ' h;is been try would withdraw its troops ,3,,^- O f ma j 0 when the U.N. force is on the iAnnouncement ... spot and able to restore security chief John V. Heafner. . (he - v so desire. ,. r ,..„„,*, . /,„ „„ to The Congo. The rank is tantamount to as- tt wa « furth er agreed that the; OLAH-JSaALA (APi-More than Denies Aggression s i s t an t chief of police, according I sixth remonstrance, bearing 382 -* 00 Persons were burned to deatli Loridan vigorously denied the to discussions in City Council that! Bi JP iatures - filed too late for Congolese government's charge of j preceded the event. When Chief.| senlatlon last ni g° f > wou] d be aggression by Belgium and said | Heafner is away, Maj. Roberts! t»nadered in connection with Belgian troops had intervened !i s j n cliarge. mc ° Uier protests because it re- only because tbe mutinous Congo >rhe 4g. member ^-^ depart-' lates to the same subjec1 ' army could not maintain order j ment is composed of chief, raaj- .Vi Kead and the lives of the thousands of „.. r-.... !:«..!.««..«>» »„. _.. Also rend to Wednesday night in a fire in a whites in tlie new republic were threatened. four ser- and the remainder are patrolmen. T h c f our en t ,,, ht i • *• Guatemala City insane asylum. Authorities said the number of dead might rise to 300. The fire : broke out shortly after midnight i and quickly swept through the old last ! building, which housed 1,400 in- City Asks •'|lary power in support oi uomrau- jfij™,:,, 'Illinois to accept part ownership despite a Madison County taxlnist movements anvwhere in the ilien. Um,.w» ' '• Battered Votes tlie de- Scattei 'ed votes—many of them • world." Bartelsmeyer said it will be no longer regarded the difficul-i Khrushchev's threats, i Illinois' seventh venture into j ties over the current cracking in'partment said, "revealed the by- joint ownership with Missouri of ! the bridge decking at this end aslpocrisy of his protestations in be- I bridges crossing the Mississippi! a deterrent to the transfer. I half of peace." River between the two states.; This summer discovery was I President Eisenhower personal- The session was marked by a,,,.^ o) ( .. t p( anj ,j oes not exist , '.'»<& wa « » »ejter to Mayor RJ mates. «. Day by Richai-d E. Rook. Al- About bOu persons were trapped (ton membe)- of Civii: Memciriallin tile uiner part of the building jline the plan of the board, to ... ... .. bitter denunciation of the Western i be , P bm)Use w t;UH t 0 mai-il> ap.^"' JJOIt Board ' '" which he out-|a"d firemen, police and voiun- . . i i 41. - * i Ii»ui tl». , *>ir>*k ^4' *•!.., L.,v ..... i t ^ t nm*c> ntai*A ima ni£> »I-K cv*i* ^.11 *.* 4t«A powers, and particularly ine|pij e .s ro the heads of disU-icts in a United States, by Soviet Delegate Arkady A. Sobolev and an indig- teers were unable to get all of the inmates out. metropolis large enough to be' seek ext f sion °L" iaj ? r ail T» rt , D ,. ., , divided into districts. At someij; un ! va - v h<om 4 ' 700 to . 5 - 1( » * eet - . Poh , ce . sa ] d J 10 "* °( nant reply from U.S. Ambassador f U(UIT t j n]e . j.j, t . captain rankr ] Such extension would open the I burned to death were inmates Henry Cabot Lodge. Sobolev demanded that the council condemn Belgium for sending troops into the territory of the two-week-old Congo republic, a former Belgian colony. Bunclie Expects Troops Within Next Two Days LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (AP)—Dr. Ralph Bunche said today tbe first of the United Nations troops being sent to help restore order In this troubled republic are expected here witjiln 48 hours. The U.N. undersecretary spoke at a news conference as Belgian troops tried to enforce an extremely uneasy peace ill this capital. Congolese civilians had begun burning automobiles of Europeans. Bunche suid he expects that by early next week at least four battalions of U.N. troops will have reached The Congo. That could mean 3,400 or more uoldiers. .The first contingents, he said ure likely to be drawn from the armies of five African nations - Gtwna, Guinea, Mall, Morocco uod Tunisia. Bunche said U was his under* standing that tbe withdrawal of Belgian troops was a condition of the U.N. force coming to the Con- 80* may become necessary in Alton, councilmcn have said. Alaj. Roberts' salaiy will be la ' lding | guidance facilities. Councilman 'Hie fire threatened the adja- Lister expressed appreciation to Day for making Rook's $530 a month. This is u hike of a ; or ma , n S oo « $10 per month over lieutenant's ! lettei ; ;ivailable ff *e council „„„ fi.infv. „.,„ -... «-,on members. Councilman Jerome Springman said it was "very commendable on part oi 1 Mr. Rook to give such a fine report on the airport plans." cent General Hospital, part of which was evacuated, before the asylum fire was brought under control after seven hours. Charred remains of the victims were placed in an impromptu morgue this morning. Most of the bodies could not be identified. pay. Chief's pay is $580. Roberts was one of two lieutenants' certified by the Civil Service Commission to Chief Ileufner, whose perogative it is to name the appointee. Lt. Lamoine Angel was the other certified. Roberts has been active in many facets of police work over the years. He has headed the Madison County Police Officers Assn., the Illinois Juvenile Oftic-j EDWARPSV1LLE - New own- man from Illinois. The banker- ers Assn., the Illinois Marinefers of the Edwardsville Intelli- publisher sold his interest in 1915 Corps League, has been an ac-jgencer will tuke possession of to Charles H. Spilman and Giese. tive leader in the YMCA and'the newspaper property on Aug.' Giese, who has been at the In- Edwardsville Intelligencer Sold to Eastern Publisher Community Chest fund drives, |J. and in youth projecUi throughout Hie area and slate. He is a vvai veteran and an FBI police school! telligencer for -1C years, purchas- Sale of the as-year-old county; £ d Spihnan's interest in' January and haw been publisher graduate. seat daily was announced Wed- ( afternoon by Gilbert S. since. Concurrently, Alton police forw|tj on resort in Michigan. I.. . .. ..,. I. _ J.._ i'lll .. J 1.. 11^ ... I .... ; ™ JGieise, publisher, at his vaca- Ochs started at the Intulligenc- DATA AT THE D4M rttlure low iw78« r». to I ace. ranks are being filled in the low er echelon through Civil Service procedure. Currently, the department needs two probationary putro'lmen. Written tents were' given to day night, according to Donald i Koppeiihuver, chairman of the Civil Seivice Commission. Storting salary for patrolmen IB $4QO a month, ter six months, U the record 1s KuUrfttctory, the pay is hoisted to $440 ill month and the rank to patrolman. The oral uliuve of Uw Civil Service test is uluted next TUSK- day a! 7 p.m., Kopganbaver said, woo yiuiUly on the t>) in IDJIi, and rose to the post Tim new owners are William i of eeneral manager and has been Dwiglil, publisher oi 1 Uie Hoiy-J 8ec ' r(?tu ^' und a director of In oke, Muss., Transcript-Telegram, and his two sons, William Jr. •« of both examinations will than be investigated us to nucicgrouoU. The finalist* wUl be i*rtifl«d for appointment by Chief Hoof. « nounced, except general manager for 10 years, will become publisher Qf the In- telligoncer. Donald Dwight will be here until Friday, acquaint, ing himself with the «iewspaper and its. stuff. telligencer Publishing Co. He is active in civic groups and served as president of Eden Evangelical & Reformed Church. Wiliiam The purchase included the and Job-priatiug bus-j can . wito Hie building and all 1 wiiiium the son of newspaper and, besides publishing that paper \u co-publisher of the Greenfield, Mass,, Recorder' Gazette, president of a radio and television station In Springfield, MUMS,, and a director of the RaJeJgli, N. C., New* and Ob- .He IK a leading Approved by a 4-1 vote of Citj Council, Monday night, was a resolution, amended in commit tee session Monday, which re quests the Division of Highway to make .feasibility surveys fo use of Market street and it projection (north, of 19th street as a connecting route bet\y,eei the CJark Bridge - Me Adams Highway complex and the north erly Belt Route (FA 1321. As amended in" committee the resolution includes a reques that the state feasibility stud.v Include alternate routes the Di vision of Highways feel are most practical, and that on corn pletion of the study "the divi sion submit to tlie city its reo ommendations tor a route sc leoted from among those studied, based on feasibility and engineering cost considerations." Deleted from the original preamble of the resolution was a 'statement that the Division ot | Highways had "requested the city to indicate a desired route" Jbr the proposed connection; also that the Locluier report for use of Langdon street alignment "does not appear to be reasonable and practical." Alderman George Laimuurs said hi' wanted the report ironi the Mulu to say. In effect, "These arc routes possible to Use, take your choice; nol lo direct the city to lakt j any certain one." Mayor Day asserted lie feels it will he up to the Council to pick u route "in relation to the money it can afford to impend." Councilman J. Sprhiguiun suid he wanted it "to be that while stale engineers studied the Market route, they look around and see if there were an alternate route more equiunwut. Dwight Jr., is on Tht Iflleliigencei' was founded in 1803 by James R. Biown, who sold his lnJAi'es,t in IS83 •leave from tlie Huh/ola; paper while serving ub executive assistant to Congressman Silvio 0. (Joule (H.), MawuclmueUb. Don- BuoscueuKtein, who Julw became 1 aid h> abslbtont to the publisher Democratic national committee- iul Hol.soke. Councilman M. LUter, who uppo*ed the resolution in coni- ailllee holding i'. a duplication of engineering invehtigaiioii, Iota night, "1 don'I leel i can be u party lo an I believe will delay uon- ol' the bridge ap- The others he said, are at Cairo, i niade O f Cape Girardeau, Jefferson Bar-| det;km g a , tnis enc) . Tnc decking racks. Louisiana, Hannibal andi liad been pla(:ed ^^ new lasl the bridge ly approved the department dec- ifall under contract by the Mis- The one at Cairo, Bartelsmey-isouri Highway Commission. At er said, also includes a joint [last check with the commission ownership with Kentucky be- 1 the Telegraph was told testing cause the Cairo bridge crosses! was still continuing. And Bartels- the Ohio River as well as theimeyer. himself, told Mayor Day Mississippi. He said the high- 1 earlier this week that the highways divisions of Illinois 'and! way division believed there might Missouri share equally the cost be possiblily that supports of of maintaining these partnership bridges and that the same the bridge were defective. Work was done on the bridge supports policy will be followed on the!last winter under the general re- Clark Bridge. Then- is one difference how-!Missouri. ever, with the Clark Bridge. A! highway links the structure with' 1 habilitation program taken up by laration which was read to newsmen by a department spokesman at a press conference. A separate action underscored U.S. criticism of Soviet attitudes. The United States suddenly postponed talks with Russia on civil ah- service, on the grounds that recent Soviet actions and utterances have svorsened the international atmosphere. The aviation talks were due to start Monday. A Russian delegation led by Col. Gen. E. F. Logl- nov was due to arrive mis afternoon. the Lewis Bridge which crosses: the Missouri River and land • acreage on tlie Missouri sidej while the Clark Bridge crosses i the Mississippi to enter Illinois at Alton. The highway linking tlie two bridges is five miles long. The attorney general's opinion Bartelsmeyer noted, says a Madison county tax lien of, $90, 000 is no bar to acceptance of a jurtnership in the bridge where tlie structure is clear of other encumbrances. He suid an Illi- lois statute prohibiting Illinois :rom acceptance because of u ax lien will nol interfere with llli- Holly Hills Sewer Project May Start Late This Fall By immediate enactment, Wednesday night, of an ordinance for the Holly Hill-Olive Place sewer improvement, City Council clipped four weeks from the time it will take to bring the project to construction stage. The action opens possibility that the sewer can be built late next full, us a majority of the property owners concerned have urg-i fnil her(1 tu i-''npl»>' : " ed. : «°°" lois uiveptuns of a part own-' '''he sanitary sewer, estimated j 'I'ship. The Bart ituation and will expedite lhe luf I to cost $44,712. is one of Uvo sew- eattorney gene,,,l' b opinioner projects recommended to d,meyer s,-id. clarifies the'Ouundl las, night by the B Board Improvements. Both! » u " vhol, proposition whicli ha« h.en «ould be financed by spedal as- 1| he object of confer- sessmeiits. •nces between represenlatni'.s of; The other sewer nupiwemenl.j iri and Missouri over find-:styled Riverview. Shelly. Top'^ ing program. Councilman U ould accept a part ownership to cost n tlie bridge. Burtehjmeyer said start of construction of an inter- lie opinion will enable Illinois to ceptor line on the riverfront, accept" a partnership within!likt'ly ufu*r the first of next year. veeks. Wl'i'H MAVOU UAV Mayor P. W. Day was inform- d Wtidnesduy afternoon by Bm-ielsmeyer that nothing but outine now stands in the way of JJinoi*' takeover of this end of ie Clark Bridge from Missouri. Mayor Day suid Mr. BurteU- ittyer told him liis department i Uriiiuuuuti lutruduuod TALKS ' J\H ordinance for the Riverview Addition sewer was introduced last night, but, because there was nothing to be gained by speeding its enactment, it was left to lake its usual course which requires its reading at two more stated Council meetings. In suspending its rules to en- TODAY'S .CHl]CKr.E Research shows mat tail men are just at, short at tlie end of tile month as anybody «U>e. ., i act the Holly Hill-Olive sewer or- dinunct immediately alter its Introduction, the Council acted on u petition of the property owners cited urgt'iicy ol quicken! blr relief of a sanitation from the West where Johnson believed he was strong—lifted Kennedy to his winning total, But the South wanted none of tlie 43-year-old gladiator who had showed his elders among his opponents that by winning all the primaries hi which he was entered and in tireless campaigning for more man two years he had forged a cruslilng machine. Kennedy didn't get a single convention vote from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia. He harvested only 3 l ,i in Alabama and 6 in North Carolina. All of this spelled trouble. And it was not long in coming. Gov. Price Daniel of Texas, angered by Johnson's defeat, put out a chilly statement that he would I vote for the ticket headed by Keni nedy but would not work for it. i Texas' '24 electoral votes—which went to President Eisenhower in •1952 and I95ti»-represent a prize Vice President Richard M. Nixon will be shooting for if he is the Republican nominee. IVxu* ConuuwtM Comments of other Texans offset somewhat the sting of Daniel's statement. House Speaker' Sam Rayburn of Texas, who championed Johnson's cause, was unhappy about the result. But he said he is a good Democrat and will abide by the result. of disposal. City, Johnson himself sent Kuiwedy a Thomas F. Griffin ex- wu . e 0 ff e ,.j njJ " W arm congratula- and promising help "in ^ay to carry the whole uiocratic ticket to victory from 'court h o u se lo the White >! House." Bui other Southerners let -MuNiKiid Lister I'll) (if tllH llllHt'fi* I /i n i * * t tt- • mi ui mi? ui»nu i (jQy ftcnegi jf\ Hulungs of South lisposul, contend- Carolina made un official demand odorless and highly ef- tnat hjs bUjle ^ ^ ,. ecOitJpd ^ joining the acclamation for Kennedy's nomination. South Carolina Democrat* will reconvene their state convention in mid-August. Source* clc*e to the governor said they expect the state's electors to be instructed to vote (or some other person thau Kennedy In the Electoral College. condition in either urea in interest of health. A. R. Kistner, as spokesman for the petitioners, was granted the floor to speak hi support of tlie request for enactment lost night. He was accompanied to the meeting by a dozen other property owners. Tlie Holly Hill-Olive will be the ^ "la- ficient, is contained in the July issue of Readers' Digest. To File IVUIlou City Counselor J. W. Hoe- iert suid, after tlie meet ing, that he planned before end of the week to file in Alton City Court a petition for the special assessment to cover cost of the Holly- Olive improvement. Another ordinance enacted sett, up the city law department to be headed by the city counselor and include u city attorney . J. W. Hocfert is counselor, and John Koach is city attorney. fnher ue\\ ordinances uitrixiuc- ed were one lor a utility tux, another to bun puiking un the In tilde UUTOIUAL . southerly tide ol between Pearl and Park Drive Drive. UiltkUT* . UUITL AbY . ttAOtO 4 TV COMIC* . . . WOUTK . . . PAUK It PACUBt*

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