Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1MH) Expansion of American r i Depends<<on National NEW YjtffiK (API -tjie Ameri-| "We in our league are anxiously can LwjW*. openly "**£ lvm ' <* e *-i awaiting the mitwmw of the Na- pandlns, «fmitt«l tod Jy n <wntw« j Mofla , t^^ nlPe ttng IB do unythlriH •bout iia%TWisind its Favorite Tag Eludes Women At Cincinnati Michigan State QB Gets Hospital Release eight-team set-up wt/friout thp full; int«ct Monday, t personally haw cooperation LeaRtte. of National t-eanon to bfllpvp they (fh* National League» are law opposed to lit than they were a year ago. As A spokesman Tr^ the baseball's:,, mnHpr O f f ac |. t have reason explaining «'hy , 0 M ^ 1ha , Cincinnati. Pitts- Juntor circuit, i his IMR\IP did -offictany ' dis- ,,,,,-g,, Bnd CUM expansion At Tuesday's four- threp rftjM stron)llv hour meeting torre. said: .expansion, may have "What's tfi/s usr? It would be change of heart." foolish to c^np to a decision to expand and/thPn find out !he Na- Te\ftlI8 Show tional L£a£ue once again is against it.,' "At on^ time we thought we" could g%lt alone. But after giving; Francisco. the (o had In Trans-Miss Meet WtCHTA, Kan. (AP) — Texafe it a gri»t deal of thought, and ex- grabbed three of the top four plorlnp % < all kinds of possibilities, qualifying spots in the Trons- \ve rr^iized it wmild be unwieldy.' Mississippi Men's Golf Tourna- unfeasible and unwise to do It. jmeni TitPsdny with John Garrett, "f>he league simply cannol ex- former Rice University star from Houston, thing a 70-66—136 for without the other." 'Ae added: the medal. EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP>Leroy Lotidermllk, Injured Michigan State football epjarterback, has been released from University Hospital and is optimistic about CINCINNATI (ft - Picking aihis injured arm. favorite for the 1960 women's 1/nidermilk, expected to be the Trans-Mlmlmlppl Golf champion-i No. 2 Spartan signal-caller this ship already has become Just j fall, suffered a deep gash in his and Oiftttooro about as difficult as foretelling the score of today's second All- Star baseball game. arm In an automobile accident over the Fourth of July weekend. The car in which he was riding The kid^teen-agers and girl* overturned and rolled over four in their early 20s—ran into a peck times. of trouble in Tuesday's first round matches, but by sheer numbers they had to be ra'ed high. the 1958 champion in her home HOWL MAVBPf J Tuesday Ladles | High games --Zumwalt 177, C.| Rhoads 197, J. Lyons 184, B.| Kay Ififi. D. McCormick 165, L., neidt ISO, B. Booten 174, O. Chism 179, B. Tflrghetta 19« j l.ueker 171. Lampert 16H, K.' flf-eher 16ft-215 (535). C. Lnndivl 170. f-;. Well 161, Dee Steiger (552). A. Bouker 201. ; Tuesday Men Telegraph 9 * Radh Cfcart s—Sooru R§O anno WfeW (MM) innc KMOX (OBI) 11M 10 RWR itmtc tmn Ontlnn More than 100 Junior G Men, imrcnls and guests enjoyed aj boating outing lasl Saturday at stale. 1104-201 Miss fcller, 20. faced Mrs. R. E. On the basis of past piny, Curtis I Mueller of Cincinnati, one of the High games-C. Velljes 20e|ihr ATton Motorboat Cluh. The Cuppers JoAnne Gunderson of:younger players despite that Mrs. I). Welch 215, R. Cress 201, W'ell ; ,, nl1y began at 10 a.m. and was Klrkland, Wash.; Judy Eller.'Old;in fronl of her name. Miss Gun- 215. fi. Baptist 227. L. Gr,-ivo ,. H ( ne( j ou( „( 4 p m .fhp V oy- Hlckory, Tenn.; and Ann Casey • derson. national intprcollegi-"J12-220 (602), L. Steiger 231-235 [ aRers W pre taken In three boats Johnstone. Mason City, Iowa, rate !a te champ, opposed Mrs. James i 205 (671). iin relays on Pinsa Creek to as major factors. Pickrel. Dayton, Ohio. JoAnne and Judy are In the! Still In the running were such younger group. Mrs. Johnstone Is j tournament veterans as Mrs. Paul; a veteran and the defending I Dye Jr., and Mrs. Jason Weiss. • le«pey 222, Trickey 202, Fried- champion. 'bolh of Indianapolis, ami Mary;line 205. Angel 202. Friend 202, Mrs. Johnstone today meets:Ann Downey, Baltimore, Md., the'ltclbrnnk 211, Ferguson 212, BOWL IWN ^Allon Lnkr and the Our Lady iiftiday Men : 0 f Ihc Rivers Shrine at Portage 200 bow-lent--Nneve 205, Oil d^s Sioux, Mo. Hot flogs, potato Barbara Slobe of Waukegnn, 111.,11931 Trans-Miss, winner. I ('repps 21 H. Get Your Car Ready For • ' Vacation or Week-End Driving SUMMER TIRE VALUE! 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B. Wallers, .loan E». linger. Mrs. Evelyn Wilt, Mary Hennetl, Mr*. Shlrle.r Bartiett, and Linda Oalllher. We have an idea tiwt the (.1 Men now havej several boating enthusiasts among them. Ski Performer* ^ t A large crowd watched the j| Ski PH!.s of Alton present 2'2 acts| i Sunday at the Alton Wood River j Sportsmen Club in Godfrey. Jlnij C'row skied barefoot and flew; the water kite. Jerrj- Howard! demonstrated the ITvlnch water I skies and Ralph Crawford enter-! tained by clowning and piloting! the Jumping boat. * Ed Corbet! operated the large j ski towboat while Crowe, Carl' Arnold, and Tom Johnson enter-! tained with skilled jumping for-; muttons. Corbel t demonstrated; several times how to pick up fallen skiers at high speed. The club will present its next show on Sunday July U at Staunton (III.) Lake. i Ulxelaiul Concert | Something new in harbor en-j tertainment is planned for Sun-' day at Hide-Away Harbor, Portage des Sioux. Mo., when, Sammy Gardner and his Dixieland Band from St. Louis will play from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The 1 harbor has an extra large pic-; nic area with barbecue pits and' offers wading, fistiing, boat launching and docking at a nominal fee for a car or boat. , Endurance Kun ' In commemoration of Upper : Mississippi River Parkway Commission — Great River Road | Day on Thursday July 21, a 'world's record speed and en• durance run. non-stop, is planned from New Orleans to Minneapolis by aluminum pontoon boat on the Mississippi River, j The 20-ft craft, pushed by a; 25-h.p. motor will leave New Or- \ leans at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Thurs-; day). The craft will carry enough fuel to go 180 miles and average about 15 mph on the 1,800 mile journey. The boat will have to pass through 27 locks and will run day and night. A tsvorman crew will pilot the unit. Boating Hand Book A new boating handbook con- .15 .1* .M 44 .00 .15 convention ft il t* t. II ii >i N Mamorlt* N: M«moMM Menjoriaa Memorial; N p. oorovfi Oortnaj N S . L*wl« Jf. . Gordon D. Oordofl 0, 0«tfM S; Gordon D: Gordon tp. oordon Sign Off convention ii tt » n n n ** i* n » n I. n it ii ii ii I* ii n S fea k **• ft: fiftST •• " N: f" 0 "*!? ?' Jajj^ $: BJSMJJ •• " K.' Rionara JL .Vfll f : .Tenkini r ••• jJJ . jenKtni WW On N: Jenkini B. .tenkini N; JtnKlnl B. JenklM lift Recow Wop - Reoord mop THURSDAY u. Gunthar H. ounthar hi N; Gunttier H. ounthar tt ii N. World N H. Ounthar N: Gunlhar H. Gunthar opanar N: Farm Vo«al Farm N; Farm T. Dallay N; Dallay T. Dallay N: Dallay T. Dallay N: Dalley Dalley: N N: Williams O. wtiitama Clockwatcher N; W Rex Davla Clockwatcher Ret Davla Clockwatcher ** O. Nawaom* N; Da* It tt HOh LMV N; Newiome N: Day O. Newtoma Bob Oaf N; Newaotna ' N; par G. Newaome s. Day N; Newaome N; Day G. Newaome Bob Day N; Newiome N a. Newiome Bob Day N; Newiome " " G. Newaome •• N; WlllOH Ed Wilson Exercliet Unity: Hymna G. Centre!) H. Christian N Clockwatcher N: Newiome G. Ntwiome N; Newiome G. Newiome N; waiter H. Walter T«lio Qutt R. Benioa N: Wllion F.d wnton B'fftit Club N; Godfrey A. Godfrey N; Davle G. DHVII N: Davit G Devil N; Benioe, R. Benioa N: Wllion Ed wiiion N: Dalley T Dalley N. Dalley Dallev: N N: Party llouseparty G. Moore Crosby-Clooney N: Davli G. Davli N. Davli G. Davli N: Time Cty. Time n it M. Galnee P home Ptjr. M If N. Farm Vogel Harm The World • N, Headline! J. McCormick 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap nen N; Davli G. Davli N. Davli G. Davli N Farm-Mkt. A Grace club Newe .oe JN; Party N; Witt .IS I P'houie Party D. Witt .3e •• •• N. witt .4* " " Witt; N Whlsnerlng Stl. Ma PerJdnn Dr. Malone Mrs. BuilOn N; .lenklns B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkini N; Day Bob Day B counter .oe N: Burke .15 J, • 3V .4* D. Wilt I* *l N: Witt Witt: N N: Seller Best Seller G. Wllllarrtl N; Jenkini B. Jenktni N: Jenltlni B. Jenkini N: Palen J. Palen N: Burke J Burke D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck N; Jenkini B. Jenkins N; Jenkini K. Richard N: Palea J. Palea N; Burke J. Burke *i K Burke; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck • t Ii Buck; W N: Richard K Richard N: Richard K. Richard N; Pale* J Paiea TV digest with John N. Jones taining sections on outboarding, sailing, novelty craft, docks and moorings, kits, safety, building, upkeep and so on has been announced by the Arco Publishing Co., Inc. 480 Lexington New York 17. The tains 144 pages, 336 PROGRAM LISTING NOTE: The late night movler, scheduled on Channels L> and 4 and the Jack Paar Show on Channel 5 are on a tentative basis. These stations may pre-empt for un- I the panel. They will discuss and analize the classification of films, current trends, future production ;and other areas such drawings and retails for $2.50. FUhlng Film Available A new 16 mm fishing film entitled Illinois Kin Fun has just' , . . been completed by the Illinois j sll 'P' inlernal cod ™* n< * Department of Consei-vation, Dl-' ancia ' c ' jmttle ' ";jtn IT rector Glen D. Palmer said! David Suskind will be Chad ton today. The film, which covers I Heston, Arthur Mayer, Otto Pre- sport fishing throughout the'™"*" 1 - D" 6 Schai ' y ' Max Young ' state, is a color and sound pro-1 stein and Daniel Mann. The production showing some excellent I &*™ » 8 produced in New York fishing scenes and beautiful Illi-jand s 66 " hel ' e on video-tape. nois Lakes and streams. Showing! FORM SHEET, ANYONE? The time Is about 25 minutes, I language of sports applies equally The movie shows the types of I well to conventions, says NBC's scheduled coverage of Democratic Convention tonight. MOVIE MALU8TKOM ON "OPEN END" — The movie industry will be the topic of discussion Sunday. July 17 on Ch. ll'B "Open at 9:30 p.m. Six men con- with the industry will form 10:00 (5) (4i (51 rill Mueller. Ch. S will remain i 10:30—(2i with the network until conclusion of sewxlon. (11) Sgt. Preston. 5:30—(11) Suspensoville. 5:45—(11) Three Stooges 6:30—(11) Bold Journey: ."Aeon-; 11:30—(2) cagua" 7:00—(11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30— (111 Movie: Jack Warner, Kay Kendall: "Square Ring" (1956) Behind-the-scenes story of the prize-fight game. 9:30—(11) News; Bowling; Weather. 10:00-(2i fisli popular in Illinois and the besl methods used to catch them. Several release prints are available to groups and clubs interested in conservation. They may be obtained from the Division of Education, room 113, state office building, Springfield. Deer Hunting Permbalon Sportsmen planning deer hunts in Illinois this coming season must find their own places to hunt, the Conservation Department states. The hunter should do this before applying for a pei-mil. Deer in the northern and western parts of Illinois are all on private land and even in the Shuwnee National Forest of Southern Illinois, which is open to public hunting, the deer are concentrated around farmland. Anyone who hopes to be successful this season will have to spend some time prior to the Reason in the area where he intends to hunt contacting landowners to determine if they will allow dm hunting. Applications for deer permits should be mailed to the Deer Permit Office, Illinois Department of CoiibeiVHton, Stale Office building, Springfield. Permits will not be issued to hunters in Throe I League By TUt ANMOUATUU Tu««tay UeuiJU Fox Cities at Topeka, postponed, rain (doubleheader today) On Maine* at Burlington, wet grounds Sioux City at Cedar Rapidi, yet grounds Martin Agronsky, who explains: "In England, a candidate 'stands' for office; in America, he 'runs'. The gamble is so great that we've adopted a host of racetrack terms in describing a nominating con test — like 'dark horse', 'pacesetter,' 'long shot', 'odds-makers', 'sure thing' and 'gooming' a oandi date'. CONVENTION NOTE TO NIGHT: It is possible that a 'long shot' can upset a 'sure thing' us the nominations and balloting for the Presidential candidate begins at the Democratic Convention tonight. KTVI (ABCi 2, KMOX (CBS) 4. KSD I NBC i 5, KPLR 11 Bold face denotes highlights. (R) repeats. WUPNHiDAY EVKNINQ 5iOO— (3) Oeuiooratlo Convention! John Daly beads the ABt TV crew covering the National Convention. Nominating speeches and balloting lor F/e»lduul I* expwted to begin tonight. Ob. 9 ronmlus with the network until of the M'Mioii. (4) Uejuovratii) ttouven- tktiu Wttltor Cruuklte bead* CBS TV neuwuwj as U Is learned turn strong are tne Uww- ui'raiiu i*re*M0uiU»l twndUuitM. Cn. 4 reuuUiw Miln tbe network toe fuimUtilon ol Uie st* Couvwi- Hani Olwt Huullv) mid ItovU Brlukley are "author wen" far NBC-TV news Uwui wklvn In- Martui A|f«JMk? aiui Not for Hire (4) News: Spencer Allen (5i U.S. Marshall: A fortune in negotablc bonds is no substitute for life insurance in Noon—(2i "Murder My Darling" (111 Movie: Dale Robert son, Linda Darnell: "Dakota Incident" (1956) Western drama of struggle of u stage line in In diun territory. 10:10— (4) Weather: Fontaine lff:15— (41 Eye on St. Louis 10:30— (21 Movie: Richard Greene, Paula Raymond: "Ban dlt of Corsica" (1953) Period drama of a Cuunt who leads a group against a tyrlnnicul baron. (4) Movie: Ronald Reagan, Eddie Albert: "Brother Rat" (19381 Comedy of three cuclels in a military academy. (5) News; Sports; Weather. 10:45-(5) Jack Paar Show: "Best of Paar' with ilennoinc Gingold, Cliff Arquette, Fran Allison, Jack Haskell. (R) 11:30— 111) Bedtime Stories: Lee Tracy: "Man on Parole." 12:00— (4) Movie: Humphrey Bo gart: "Crime Schools" (1837) A warden tries to reform a ganu of toughs. (5) (ID News Night Court. News Home Digest Sherlock Holmei Weather Report Daily Word Ii30— (4) Late News Roundup I:as-t4> Give Us This Uay JHUKiUAV, Jll V 14 5: 45- (4) Give Us Thil Pay 5:50— (4) News: Tom Broukl 6:00- (4) Town 'n Country 6: 30- (4) P.S. 4: Math 7:01-14) Morning St. Louis: News; Weather 7:05, 7:30, 7: 45 U:05--(5) 12:10-12) 12:13— (2) 12:L'0-(2) 12:35-15) (5) Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25 (Program telecast from Los Angeles, Calif.) 8:00— (21 Camera Two (41 News: Grimsby 8:15—(2i Cartoon Time (41 Cap). Kangaroo 9:00— <2i Jiiek LaLanne Show (41 December Bride (5) DouKh-Re-Mi Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch I Ix»ve Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper (4) Clear Horizon (5) Concentration 11:00— (2i Mr. & Mrs. North (4i Love of Life (5) Truth or Consequences Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You(Color) Guiding Light 11:55—12) News; Hayward (4) (5) If a presidential candidate is nut delected Wed- neMluy evening the convention KeNHion will probably begin at noon today thu* pre-empting (be nobeduled program* on Channels (*) (4) (6). (11) Morning Chapel Restless Gun (4i News - Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05—(4) 12:30—(2) l:30-<2) (4) (5) 2:00-12) (4) (5) People's Choice Love That Bob! (4) As the World Turns 12:50—(111 News: Daust 1:00—12) About Faces (41 Full Circle (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: Cathy Downs, Paul Langton: "For You I Die" (1947) Mystery-drama of a prison escapee who wants to 'go straight.' Susie House Party Loretta Young Day in Court Millionaire YOUIIJ? Dr. Malone 2; 30-12) Gale Storm (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots > (11) Mickey Rooney Show 3:00-(2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) Thin Man (11) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-(4) Secret Storm 3:30-12) Who Do You Trust? (4t Edge of Night (5) Buckskin ' 3:45-<ll) Capt. ll's Showboat 4:00-12) American Bandstand (4) 88 Popeye (5) Wrangler's Club: First IS mln. in color 4:30-(4) Movie: Brenda Marshall, David Bruce: "Singapore Woman' (1941) A rubber plantation owner tries to help a "Jinx" girl. (5) News; Snorts; We* thcr. ,

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