Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 11, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1957
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

unfor iditort Qui* an- FIREFLIES MAKEfRIENOS times Herald, Carwll, Iowa aja» Wednesday, Sept. 11, 191? LITTLE L.IX Anyone who says the modern girl is spineless probably hain't visited the beaches lately. If your youngster has just learn ed to drive, don't let him or her I g»t permission take younger children in the car He shouldn't accept a child's without first checking with their assurance that "Mother won't parents. It is his responsibility to care if I ride with you." QUESTION: Why do fireflies light? ANSWER! Scientists believe the glowing of fireflies It part of an elaborate dating system. Thay say a boy firefly flashes his light when he teas a girl firefly he'd like to date. If the girl is interested, the flashes back. If not, the boy looks until he finds one who Is. Th« light comes from a special luminous organ which consists of on outer layer in which rha flash is produced and an inner layer which reflects It and thus makes It brighter. A chemical reaction involving luminous bacteria causes the light In the outer layer. Fireflies are common in most areas of the world. On wan* summor nights they may bo seen flashing their lights over wood- lends and meadows and near lakes and streams. FOR YOU TO DO: Catch some fireflies, put them in a bottle and wateh thorn blink their lights. (For submitting this question, R. Hession of Dumont, N. J., won $10. If you have one, send It to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Nowtfoaturos, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow! What causes aunspots?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ?Whadda ya moan, 'How was the gamef I've boon ftghNnf i" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh *Tve worked out * great budget, dear—we can buy that «oat for you and the shotgun I want by taking three meals a week With my folks!" TIZZY By Koto Osann rr. i "I think I'll have to hang up now. Daphne—my ear is killing mel" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltxtr "Ooos he got his for half prltaT" Great Outdoors Antwtr to Frtvlout Mill ACftOll 1 The sun 4 What hunters seek 8 Kind of road II—— Baba IS Foot part II Bhoshoncaa Indians 13 French lily It Outdoor sport, for instance 18 Added 10 Missiles 11 Shade tree » Heroic 14 Hypocrisy St Spoiled child 17 Expire 10 Ester ot oleic sold St Makes serious 34 fright 15 Sea god StWoriu If Wagon atCornbread 40 Baseball's WtlUe 41 Oriental coin 42 Unclaimed animal 45 Outdoor 48 Imbue 51 Alio >M Ireland 83 Operatic solo '54 Greek letter ,85 Bard 56 Kind of wood W Courtesy title DOWN I—.take City, Utan 1 Medley 8 Radio audience 4 Biblical poem 5 Italian eapttal « Evader T Assent t Woody plant 8 Passage in the brain 10 Nick 11 Superlative sufflxsi If Newtpaptr executive 18 Place of worship tl Doughy 14 Dove's home 15 Brown October —— tt ffl'ek—- 17Ixplodea It Press 18 Domsstlc slave 11 Present times 18 Two-legged animal. MSsy . convincingly 40 French painter 41 Furtive fellow 41 Pace 41 Qroup of three 44 Unusual 4tCohUn4nt 47 French novelist" 48 Fly aloM 80 Obese shoes OUT OUR WAY 23 m mi tv J . ft. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING HOUSH . with MAJOR HOOW.lV >P lit, I« i ... I 6lDM »X PACK OUR TAK*6 WHEN H& ._ SCRAPSD ,THE SCALES ore TH&, A ISO SACK OJER < HlSWAltVlP, MEMORIAL. HS Sit MS IT A CAT COMCellL., . IN THE YMS&'A. H16 ROM TOrJlGrtTiW tdf-glCtALr e*»J BUGS BUNNY Short Order NO NEED FOR ALARM ,SH?E .' I SHALL RETURN IT FORTHWITH.' PRISCILLA'S POP Or) Second Thought BY AL VBRMEER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Trjbute Hfe*« •jTW.L OOT^ REPORT TO V\*UJOPV BY {DOA* MARTIN UVSt? TV\P» WZrNBSTM TvlWPOW TO Tttl CHURCH IK> ^'JSf^***'"' %BfJBBJ r—j'* '"TBBji „„0 ^w&m ALLEY OOP *>UR6! \OUVE PUT A L0f WHY, MOM AND I SAW IT WMEM WE WERE JUST MARRIED.' 7WELL....TMAT ^-(SO OLD That All? BY V. T. HAMLIN Of 5 DOufiH INTO wwr SELL V CONTRAPTION -WHY MV TIME- A NOT TRY TO OCT MORTY MIIKLE It's Basy BY DICK CAVALU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS One More Query BY MERRILL BLOSSI* r-kJMPM/ OADDy, BAtOO WAMTS JHAVffYOU TO VVMCM TV HERff /BHlSMEp THIS pveMiMd/ r-nfHe supper y PtSMCS AMD CLfANtjO YOUR. R&QM? AMD X1L B€TTt3« rUV»lT DONE ^rbUR. MOMEWORrC/ OM,Y6s/lve DOrJe BVEfiTTHim THAT f a^^^SSft THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNE 'Pi Emergency BY WILSON SCRUGGS 1^ OCXWi TO GIVE TWS* BUTIDW MARKED EMERGENCY ATKY/ FLASMES A U3HT IN THB PENTAGON BU1LDINQ AND A PLATOON OP MARINES SCRAMBLES TO OUR CAPTAIN BASY One More Good Tim* BY LBSLlI TURNESJ. M0».sur HOW m nor BWOUdH CA*H TO Mt IMI THRU THB TIME I HMB LBPT. SIX M0NTH#( THE DOCTOR* ^Vi OHT WORLD , f «?yKA<|f• &UHI T01A0KI MB WHI

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