The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896
Page 8
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Teas As Welli m A " Coffees. We wish to inform the Public that we "have put in a full line of Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Teas And from now on are in a position to furnish Teas of the same superior quality as the Coffees, we have furnished in the past. To those who have used their Coffees we need say nothing further. To those who have not, we would say, try CHASE & SANBORN'S Teas and Coffees and you will be convinced of their merits. Yours, ^ -Walker Bros. Telephone 47. A FARMER'S NECK A Farmer Near Armstrong Palls Under a Riding flow aftd Mas His Neck Broken, Twisted About the Axle He is CatHed Across the Field by the Ruh- ning Team. • • Lime, Stucco, Cement, Carpet Felt and Bld'g Paper. [[^'Special attention given to bills. Don't fail to get our figures if you think of building. Screen Do'rs and Windo's Sash, Doors, and Mouldings. BANCROFT, May 13. Telephone Special. —At 11:30 Monday J. W. Frltts, a farmer living five miles southwest of Armstrong, In Jack Creek township, Emmet county, was instantly killed and horribly mangled. He was riding on a 3-wheel riding plow and got down to fix the plow when he fell under it, and the horses becoming frightened began to run. The point of the plow ran into his neck and broke it, and as the team ran the unfortunate man was wound around the axle. The women of the house saw the horses running across the field, and the father of Fritts and another man went to catch them, when they found the mutilated body as stated. Fritts was 31 years old and had a wife and two children. Pasture Notice. ' Pasturage for 200 head. Two hundred head of cattle wanted. 1,180 acres of good pasture. Two living springs. §2 per head. 33-34 GEO. F. HOLLOW AY, Bancroft. ft II. Wightmah otf tiolrtflold and Charley Miller Wedded to Burt Girls. BUBT, May 9.—Wednesday at the home of Mr. James Hunt, occured one of the prettiest home weddings of the season, when Mr. G. E. Wightman led to the altar Myrtle, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Wlghtman and daughters Bessie and Hebe, of .Goldfleld, and Mrs. Crose, of Livermore, were the guests from abroad. At the depot In Goldfleld they were met by the band and a fine reception was given them at their new home. Mr. Wightman is fn the lumber and grain business at Goldfield and his wife was formerly one of the most successful teachers of Kossuth county. The best wishes of their many friends for a prosperous and happy future are freely tendered them. Last Thursday, Charles Miller, the popular harness dealer of Burt, was married to Miss Pomeranig of Fenton. They have commenced housekeeping over his 'store. The best wishes of their friends go with them to their new home. STOPSTlBALt GAME Bancroft and Swea City Player in When it Swea City Ahead, Bancroft will Have ah Elaborate Celebration of Memorial Day—Q. P. Barslou to Give the Address. As F. S. NORTON, Algona, la. B&BKS, ABSTRACTS, LAUDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, BANoftoiT, May 13. -The ball game between the Bancroft and Swea City base ball clubs was begun Monday afternoon according to program, but was stopped on by the rain at the beginning of the fifth inning. At that time the score.stood two to 4 fn favor of Swea City. On Saturday the G. A. R., the Sons of Veterans and the Belief Corps held a joint session and agreed to • observe Decoration Day with an elaborate program. The latter is not yet completed, but it has been decided to haye the decoration exercises in the forenoon at 10 and the addresses in the afternoon. The principal address will be given by Frank Barslou, of Whittemore. Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutchins, Vice-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, C^shie^. C. D. Smith, Ass't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK, '•JfcJLGCKNA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security Directors—D. H. Hutching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, "Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—SSO.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pres., •O.-C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Tlios. H. Lantry. Cashier, . : Geo. L Galbralth, 'Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Tlios. F.Oooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid fo W, H. President. Tlieo. Cliriscliilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. AEiGONA IOWA CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned foreign and damastic exchange bought and sold. Collections made prompt y and a general banking busi- R *« 9t K^^^^ W. Wadsworth. Barnet Devlne. Pap 6 Per t on Time On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Rood Collateral. Notes purchased. Second Mortgages and ALGONA, IOAVA. COUNTY AND NEIGHBORHOOD, For some time the Fort Dodge people have been working to make their town and its surroundings attractive and beautiful. They put a dam in the river last year and brought up the water so as to surround a fine wooded elevation and make it an island. This they will make an attractive park. They have now put a steamer on the river, and. the first day it carried 300 passengers. Afinefleetof sail boats add their white canvass to the gay scene. There is nothing slow about Fort Dodge. Rev. A. C. Krusc, of Germania, was recently married to Miss Mary Willemsscn, near George, Lyon county. The groom was pastor of a church at Sibley up to two months ago. When the elder got home to Germania from his wedding tour one of the iirst things he did was ( o perform the marriage ceremony for Dr. H. W. Johnson and Mrs. Anna Stratum of that place. The dateofEev. Kruse's formal installation by the representatives of the Fort Dodge presbytery was last evening, May 12. Wesley has been greatly agitated by an outbreak of diptheria. The schools and churches have been closed. Only one death from the disease has occurred, however, Miss Frances Ward, a young lady. The Reporter says that since her death no one has been taken down and the town is believed to be entirely free from the disease, but at the same time the utmost precaution is urged. Clay county has just negotiated §12,000 bonds, due in ten years and payable any time at the option of the county, for 6 per cent, premium. The Reporter says half of the bonds will be payable in one year, and the balance a short time thereafter, so that the county will, after deducting the premium, only have to pay between 3 and 4 per cent for the money. Bancroft Register: The evangelist now conducting revival meetings in Algona seems to think of that town as Williams did of Waterloo, that it is "rotten as hell." Don't know how rotten it is, but from the hot wave that has been coming up from the south this week, it or some other point down that way must be about as hot as hell is usually pictured. Commissioner Delavan, says the Vindicator, is doing something which no commissioner of the state ever did before. Af-' ter trying hard and failing to have fish- ways ordered placed in some of the dams in some of the principal streams, he is employing men with nets to seine out the fish below the dams and transport them to DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. Ou None but experienced abstractors has ovet a word in thomT ur woVk is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. tttJOd work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. "REAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. GEKMANIA. Germania Not So Heatlieii Folks Say. GEKMANIA, May 11.—The departure of F. T. Miller and wife frqm Germania is to the regret of all. They had many friends. In the race at Bancroft last Moiiday Robt. Pringle's horse beat. The writer of the Bancroft locals doesn't know what he is talking about when he says that Sleepy Mose got a full length start. It is not so and the crowd proved it by the result. Toe boys from hero hurrahed .for Mr. Prinjrle's horse and they tell a smart good story too. People in the southern part of Kossuth county think that Germania is the toughest town in seven states.. It may .be all true from reports but we invite you to make us a visit and see what a prosperous little city we have. We had a fight here last Saturday night, a week ago, but our energetic city authorities put a stop to that by levying aright good sum. Isn't that the kind of a town to live in? We have churches here and a school house all under good government and the people are not a class of heathens either. There is an ordinance against selling intoxicating liquors, and any party found selling or .bootlegging is iined $10 for every offense. : Gerinania has just as nice a class of civ- 'ilizod citizens as any town in the county. Make us a visit. TheM.E. society will build a ?i,SOO : chnrch here this season. .,.,.. , If you want to invest sensibly put your capital in Germania property. Every bit of it will be returned in a short time. Last Friday Miss Newman, of Whittemore, bought two fine lots in the west part of town of B. F. Smith. Our ball boys are commencing to practice up, and in a week or so will play with Swea City. Look out for "Olif's" twisters boys. _ Dr. Johnson, our new druggist, was united in tho holy bonds of matrimony to Mrs. Anna Stratton of Erie, 111., on Wednesday evening of last week. Congratulations. Mrs. E. O. Fitzis quite sick but is improving slowly. 'F. H. Bunker, our leading merchant, was a business transactor at Buffalo Center last Thursday. The Geo. Will's block is receiving anew coat of paper. P. H. Spangler is acting as hanger. A cow was killed west of town by a train Tuesday. The Burlington have a new time card. Tho trains are now running much to the satisfaction of the public. Mrs. E. Dreesman, of Buffalo Center, was a visitor at her home in this city Sunday. . Supervisor Smith is planting a nice lot of trees on his premises in tho west part ( FENTON. FENTON, May 11.—H. J. Newel is serving his house just right by giving it a good coat of paint. J. Bellinger is also painting his new barn. F. C. Newel has just put up a new wind mill. Mrs. Wagner and her daughter, Maide, were visiting their sister, Mrs. Wm. Weisbrod, the fore part of the week. Quite a number of Fenton folks attended at tho quarterly meeting in Burt last Sunday. Our town is still booming. F. Baily is painting his store. John K. has tho job. He is a first class painter. HARBISON. HARRISON, May 4.—Mr. L. Moyer is visiting F. M. Slyter. Mr. Moyer has lately returned after making a three month's visit with relatives in Mazon, 111. We were surprised a week ago to hear of the marriage of Mr. W. Yager to Miss Westfall. Tho bride is the accomplished daughter of Mr. Oren Westfall of this vicinity. May their lives be long and happy. No more crossing fields going from the west to Ledyard. Everybody is now compelled to travel tho straight road. This is just as it should be. Solomon Hasting has a very choice variety of seed potatoes for sale, a large portion of them weighing a pound and a half. He is also selling some fine garden seeds. Work on the new United Brethern church in Ledyard is being pushed with .vigor, : with Rev. Walker at the front. HARBISON, May 11.—Once more we hear the click of the planter: Jesse Hasting is done planting for the year of ninety-six. F. M. Slyter has one hundred and twenty acres planted and twenty-five above the ground. It was planted a week ago. This is beautiful growing weather.' •Rey. Walker delivered a splendid ser- three o'clock on Sunday, May 3rd, in the Slyter school house. The house was full of people, as it usually is each Sabbath. Last Friday was the fifteenth birthday of Miss Ada Slyter and her young friends and school-mates planned a surprised for her which was beautifully carried out. The Ledyard creamery is giving good satisfaction in its work. Tramps are beginning to be numerous. They are very troublesome to the farmers' wives in wanting meals at all hours. I guess the bald headed end of the broom will have to be used on them. Mr, Pack, wife and daughter visited with.tho family of Mr. Welfare. Vane Hartzell, one of Swea City's most prominent young men, was smiling on the girls of Ledyard on Sunday last. Wesley Litigation, - Some . ley Democrats Kick, WfiBLfifrj May tl,—John S. Gallagher had the misfortune to lose, his best cow last Saturday. The case of G. S. McPherson vs. Giest & Drone occupied the attention of Justifies Robinson and Johnson each one day last week. The matter Is now before 0. L. Hagor at Sexton, where It will be fought out to-day. The plaintiff Is represented by Bonar & Fellows and the defendants- by C. A. Cohenour and Welt Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. fi. Hall are proud of the arrival of a bouncing boy, and George says "My goodness I but he has strong lungs." Charley Atkinson, who is assisting his father on their farm near Ledyard, spent Sunday at home with his mother and sisters. There were no religious services Sunday on account of the dlptherla scare. It seems as though the Wesley correspondent to the Courier is having the night mare again. Anyone who has use for an auctioneer could not do better than call Jlmmie Ne- vlll of this place. As we prophesied in our last communication, Wesley has sent a split delegation to the democratic county convention. Some of the delegates are for free silver and others are for the single gold standard. The following are the delegates: W. P. Gtddings, Julius Kiinz, J. C. Huber and Hugh McCutchen. There is talk of a change in the management of one of our hotels. T. A. Way, of Brltt, spent Sunday in Wesley. A. S. White is moving the old school house onto the lot just west of C. Breln's barber shop. Ed. Kiinz has returned from Chicago, where he purchased a full stock of new goods and is now .prepared to compete with.anyone in the county as to quality and price. August Hill returned from an eastern trip last week. Jos. Cosgrove is making some fine improvements about his new house. A. G. Welsh's family has been quite sick for some time but is now improving. Mrs. A. J. Piersou has returned from her visit at Nashua. Lightning struck the chimney on Ed. Dolan's house during the storm last night and damaged it considerable. S. E. Grove is building a new barn on the foundation of the one that was burned..' Mrs. Martha Hill intends going to Woodbury county with her son-in-law, L. E. Dye, to look at some farms they contemplate buying. A petition is being circulated for the purpose of putting in a tile on the north side of Main street, and is meeting with plenty of encouragement. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. Notary Public.^- <^_Loan Agent. Manages Farms for Nonresidents, The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A, FRECH, Proprietor. Is always on deck with 12 good Companies to do all kinds of Fire, Lightning, Tornado, Life, Accident, Plate Glass, and Hail Insurance. The strongest agency in Kossuth county. The most easy and liberal terms. Correspondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossuth county. T _ ml1ITTrTT|rI ^ _ _|ll Mill. ~ ~~ "*~~~° Foundry and Machine Shop, MULL1CA& OHNSTEDT, Props. "We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass eastings and boiler work short; uotico. MOWERS AND BINDERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED. feere to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House. JEST Mall orders promptly attended. done on We are the waters above. At Osago u weather observer who has kept the record for 10 years furnished the Press witli a table showing a precipitation for the mouth then closing to bo about three times as groat as the average. For the sixteen years prior to 1890, 3.48 inches was the average. This season it was 0 inches up to noon of Wednesday the 39th. The assessor of one of the townships of Franklin county made a table of the losses of the farmers of his community by hog cholera last year which shows their assets to have been reduced by nearly $35,000 through the ravages of this disease. 3,350 animals died, 107 being tho property of one farmer. J. R. Davis has moved his family to Burt, which will bo their future residence. D. R. Crowell has sold his Burt mercantile business to a Mr. Clarke for an improved farm near Spencer, says the Monitor. The farmers of the county will be interested in the information, from the Led- yard.Leader, that Marsh Stephens and Dr_ Dunlap completed sowing 300 acres of wheat a week before last. The Ledyard Leader says that "Ernest Arnold has a young fox, but its ancestry on botli sides could probably be traced back to pioneer prairie wolf families." Fred Gilbert, of Spirit Lake, won the American championship for target shooting last week in New York. He made a score of 306 targets broken out of 300. It seems that Prof. Kent's Mud Lake farm is still a farm, and the owner says he will compare wheat field with any farmer in Hamilton county. The Bancroft Register says that the Ih'st full carload of butter ever shipped from that place went out last week. Buffalo Center has a local telephone system which the Tribune says is in iirst class working order. The people of northern Kossuth are already nocking to the northern lakes with rod and gun. Supervisor B. F. Smith has planted l v ooo trees this spring. Ben is a wis.e man. Sexton has ajready announced hgr Fourth of July celebration. . The people may talk about their towns making headway in the building line, but Germania is receiving her share. We grow for the county demands it. W. T. Hall, our hardware dealer, has put in a few blue flame oil stoves. They burn kerosene and do not explode. Rev. Christiansen and family are t now residents of vVesley, taking their departure from Germania on Monday of last week. He has lived in this city city three years and during that period has acted as pastor of the Lutheran church. He leaves many friends. Miss Lena Schonhood, of Goodell. is contemplating starting a music class in this place. We have some very good mu- cisians but more wouldn't do any hurt. A number of Germaniaites expect to see "Tho Black Hussar" in Algona May 33. Germania has a fence factory running under tho management of Femer & Bergman. These gentlemen have put up a number of fences to the satisfaction of all who have had work done. Such institutions are needed to build up the town. PLUM CBJBEK. PLUM CKKEK, May 9.—P. T. Ferguson, J. Altwegg and D. Rice sold their fat porkers and delivered them Friday and Saturday. They got from 3 to 3:10. Den Paynu, of Burt, got them. Rice's 48 held weighed over 17,000 pounds, or a little ov-^ er 300 per head. None of them were over a year old, and some were only nine months. One week more and the major part, of the corn will be planted. We have had the best of good weather for "the work. Fred Miller's family went, Thursday, to the wedding up west of Burt of that popular harness maker, Charley Miller to Miss Pomeranig. Success to you, Charley, while we smoke. The best cough cure is Shiloh's Cure. A neglected cough is dangerous. Stop it a once withShiloh's Cure. 3 l Sold by Frank Dingley. Salt by tUs barrels afc M- 2. Grove & BUBT. BURT, May 11.—Again tho wedding bolls haveruug in Burt. Wednesday Mr. Richard Wightman took to his homo in Goldfield the second daughter of Mr. James Hunt. A large circle of friends wish them much joy. A large party from Burt took advantage of the excursion to attend the meetings in Algona Wednesday. The Burt orchestra are preparing for an entertainment to be given next Friday evening. Music, singing and a farce, "Box and Cox," will furnish plenty of fun for all. Mrs. J. D. MacDonald has her hall plastered. It is to be fitted up with stage, curtains and new chairs. Miss Kate Smith assisted by her class will give a concert in the near future. Mr. Lane has moved the partition in his restaurant and improved it very much. Mr. John Chapln has his new house well started. When finished it will be one of the best residences in Burt. Mart Stoddard is doing the carpenter work. • Will McDonald has his cellar and foundation finished and will commence building at once. G. N. Davis is putting an addition on his house recently bought of George East* man, Mr. Peck has moved into his new home, Mr, Fred Wilcox is visiting friends in dlarkeville. Mr. Earl Miller, of Hull, is in town for a few days. Rev. Greenshieids will be settled as pastor of the Presbyterian church Wednesday evening, Several ministers from abroad will be present. Mrs. Henry MacDonald, Mrs. Wilkins and Mrs. James Stewart are having their houses painted. Mr. Cro'well has sold his business to Mr, Clark, who takes possession at once. It is hoped that Mr. Crowe! 1 and family will not leave town. Pillsdo not cure cons tlpation. They on- —-—'*- Karl's Clover Boot uea HOBAKT. HOBART, May 13.—C. E. Walker shipped three carload of fat cattle Sunday morning. Cook.Bros, shipped four cars of grain the same day. •'.'•• The infant son of Mr. and Mrs^M^, M. Corson has,been quite sick. ••.•-. Cook Bros, purchased some valuable property of Mr. La Plant. The fine new residence of Mr. L''a Plant is nearly completed and will soon be ready for occupancy. E. W. Cook, of the firm of Cook Bros., has gone to Chicago to purchase goods. Austin Witham is recovering from a severe attack of sickness. C. A. Mansmith has secured a position as traveling salesman for a Chicago cigar firm. The business of the Hobart creamery is steadily increasing; its patronage is increasing every day. The sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake resumed on May 10th and commencing that day excursion tickets will be sold every day up to and including September 30,1896, to Clear Lake and return at one and one-third fare. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS, Notice is hereby given that sealed bids for the erection of a four-room school building in the Independent District of Algona will be received by C. M. Doxsee, secretary,,up to June 13th, 1896, at 13 o'clock noon, at which time said bids will be opened. Plans and specifications for the above work will be on file at the secretary's offce after May 37th, where the same can be inspected. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. 33-36 E. B. BUTLER, C. M. DOXSEE, President. Secretary. DON'T STOP TOBACCO. HOW TO CURE YOUBSKW USINO IT. )y aggravate. Karl's Clover Koot gives perfect regularity of the bowels. Sold by FrauU Dlnglcy. The tobacco habit grows on a man until his nervous system Is seriously affected, Impairing Health, comfort and happiness, To quit suddenly is too severe a shock to the system, as tobacco to an Inveterate user becomes a stimulate that his system continually craves. "Bacp- Ouro" is a sciuutlflo cure for the tobacco habit,, in all its forms, carefully compounded after tho formula of an eminent Berlin physician who has used it in his private practice since 1872. without a failure, It is purely vegetable and guarauteed perfectly harmless. You pan use all the tobacco you *ant while taking "Baeo, Ciiro." It will notify you when to stop. We give a written guarantee to cure permanently any case with three boxes or refund the money witiuo per cent interest. "Baco-Ouro" is pot a substitute, but a, scientific cure, that cures without the aid of w|U power and with no Inconvenience It leaves the system as pure aucl free from nicotine as tho day you tooK your Iirst chew or smoke. Cured Ky lliico-Piirp ami G»*H«4 Thirty pounds.. From hundreds ol testimonials, the originals of which are on file and open to Inspection, the following i» piesented : ' „„,„„- Cluytonr Nevada Co., ArU.. Jan. M. 895. Eureka Chemical 6j Mfg,, Po, La.uosse, Wis-OenilanifiK For forty years t uaed fo- babco in nil its forma, For tweuty-flve years ot that time I. was a great sufferer fi'oni genew debility ami heart:'dlse^e Pvy fifteen years I tried to qiu.t, but couldn't- I to.ofc various win- edies. among others "NorTo-Bao," •"f»e Jn- di«u Tobacco Antidote," "Poubie Chloride of Gold," etc,, etc,, but none of them dW me the least bit of good. Finally, However, I purchased a uox of your ''Baco-Curo apa it nas entirely cured me vl the habit in all us loras. and I liave Increased thirty pouuds in weight and am relieved Ironi all the V Mm ,?iri OU ?v,.Ufl e ,! and pains of body and mind. I could write u quire upon njy changed feelings auft coiioutoii. " Pastor 0V?. 6burch. Playtoo, Ar^. Bold by all druggists at fi-OOpev box; three boxes, (thirty days' treatment). f«.»J with u.-ou- clad, written guaranuee. or s«nt direct -•-"-• Write for b;

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