Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Carl Snyder Named 0-1 Manager at Clarion, Pa. Carl J. Snydrr Jr.. who is now budget supervisor of Ovens-Illinois Glass Co plant at Alton. hns been named manager of the company's glass container plant at Clarion Pa . Miles G. Bcish- line. vicr president and general factories manager of O-I'-- Glass Container Division, announced today at Toledo Snyder succeeds .lames L. Sommcrvillc. whose new assignment will' he announced later.' Beishline said A native of \\Cston, \V. Va.. 1 and a graduate of \Vest Virgin- 1 ia University College of Engineering. Snyder joined Owens- Illinois 20 years ago. llr was plant engineer at Fairmont. \V. Va.. and was in charge of pin-chasing (or major construction projects for the company hclon going to Alton Snyder is a member ol the West Virginia Society ol Professional Engineers. Mr. Snyrt- er and his wife Margaret have CARL J. SNYDER JR. Argument on New Vaccines For Polio By FAVE MAttLEV Selenee Sen-Ice Writer I The Salk' polio vaccine has Iheen injected into more than 80,000.000 Americans during the past five years. Because it is expensive and requires special training to administer, it has had little impact except in Caucasian countries. But more than 60.000.000 Russians have safely eaten a r.heap- ier oral vaccine that interrupts ;the life cycle of the dangerous !polio viruses. The va-cine not jonly protects the person taking lit. it could, with mass use, eradicate the dangerous polio viruses themselves by depriving them of hosts in which to reproduce. "This concept of complete eradication of poliomyelitis is • Storm Windows • Porch Enclosures BLAIR HOME SUPPLY State & Belle (In I he Wedge i Phones HO 5-1513 or HO 2-4251 two sons. Jack. thf University Phil, who will be a junior Clarion High. Macoupin 4-lTers j To Attend fair CARLINV1LLE - Wanda Wills, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ieorge Wills of Carlinville. a member of the Happy Go Lucky Birds 4-H Club, will attend the State Fair Aug. 17-19 as the food demonstrator in Macoupin County. She was selected from the 21 demonstrations given in the Farm Bureau basement day. Last year Miss Wills' flow- et demonstration was selected for state fair. Marilyn Leach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach. Car linville. and member of the Happy Go Lucky Birds 4-H Club and Carol Duncan, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. George Duncan Jr. of Brighton and member of the Piasa Busy Bees 4-H Club with their finished flower demonstration, won them the hono' of attending state fair in flowei ^ . from Australia, Czechoslovakia Sweden, the Union of South Africa, the United Kingdom and the demonstrations. a freshman ati '"deed bold." the Pan American USSR. .iHealth Organization and thei Most important to the U. S of Illinois. -"' 4t and in a joint announcement, /'and it would be well to prepare 'for disappointments and for the man \\ith produce. Samoa is thought to offer a good market. Head Telegraph Want Ads Daily NEW 1960 1 H.P. FEDDERS The World's Largest Selling Air- Conditioner 115 Volt 7'/2 Amps. AIR CONDITIONER gives more cooling... slashes installation cost $199°° SAVE $49.95 Open Monday & Friday Nires Till 9 P.M. Across from 1st National Bank Sidewalk Teller 'World Health Organization have j decision to license the live virus vaccines or not is Dr. Rodericl Murray, chief of the division o biologies standards, National In s of Health. He is chair of a committee appointee to evaluate recent reports on vaccine tests for the PHS. Cites Big Fear PHS is not yet convinced thai a'l possible dangers from live vaccines have been ruled out The big fear is that the live viruses in the vaccines will change to dangerous virus forms as they reproduce and spread from person to person. Tonga is looking for export j unex pected. markets, as stores in Nukualo-j "The whole problem of eradi- Ihc capital, are oversuppliodi cation of poliomyelitis is worthy of closest study not only in the field, but at the theoretical level." Dublin's on« ices recently have been the No. 1 target for smash-and-grab hieves. who usually beat up he woman in charge. nt as ft model t year. man post of- Dorsey 4-H Club Achievement Award Winners Announced Steelman, Karen Poale and Cathy Dawe*. Red ribbons wete won by Jean Graunke and Diana Ruppel. In the project. "It's Fun to winners wer* t and Nancy Stee bnns. Marsha Henke bon for the pr Linda Steelman n. red rib- Cook." blue ribbon winners DORSE Y - Awards were iwe re Judy tfien and Linda given to members of Dorsey UJJackson. Shni-on Beckman won and I 4-H Club for Achievement ,Dfiy whirh was held at the a white ribbon For the pro.lert, "Meat in Arrangement." Photography winners Linda Jackson, a red n a red rib- project, "Flower i to PLAflfQ* MAY BE FASTER. Sl'T WOT PB0PM6 Thr recent inaugural flight of British European Airways' Comet jetliners to Moscow arrived bleats of the Snots Guards pipers. '28 minutes late. While were.Russian television and newsreel ribbon, cameras recorded the historic , , and Marsha Henke. a blue rib- event in the glare of floodlights. Fares on all major air routes Farm Bureau Building July 12.|Your Meals.' Linda Steelman won a blue ribbon and Virginia Beckman. a red ribbon. For "Pastry in Your Meals." hroughout Australia recently In the project, "You Learn to vere hiked by an average of'Bake." blue ribbon winners 7.5 per cent. Sydney reports. were Doris Graunke, Marie H B.E.A. spokesman explained Virginia Beckman won a red the tardiness this way: "Wo were late leaving London— we -i couldn't get the passengers bon. ribbon for Table Covers. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK",aboard." Pay Your Utility Bills at Sears Ga» 9 Liphts, Writer 3 DAY JULY CLEARANCE SALE Differences Listed The two live virus vaccines developed by Dr. Albert B. Sabin of Cincinnati. Ohio, and Dr. Herald Rea Cox of the Lederle Laboratories in Pearl River, N.Y., differ from the Salk killed virus vaccine in several ways. ! Meanwhile, drug manufactur- 1. The Salk vaccine must bejers would like the PHS to spec- injected three times over a Ify its requirements for a live specified period of severa' months. The live virus vaccines are taken simply by mouth in candy or syrup in one or several doses. 2. The Salk vaccine is expensive to manufacture and re- vaccine so that they.can apply for licenses to manufacture it. Several of these manufacturers quires more training to admin- isier than the live vaccines. have already sunk thousands of I dollars into vaccine develop- 1 nient and manufacturing plans, j The companies have sponsor- 1 en some of the mass tests of the vaccine. One of these 3. Salk protects only the per-!™"-' he ["g completed son inoculated. The live viruses of the vaccines may be "caught." like a disease, by several people in contact with, the treated person. Thus immunity can spread, primarily to other members of a family. 4. Salk builds up antibodies in the blood to protect a person against polio. The live vaccines build up antibodies but, being live, they also multiply in the intestinal tract. Thus, the intes- tests is in the; Miami, Fla.. area. There, 410,-; 000 persons have voluntarily ta- : ken the Cox vaccine. Another large test began this April in Cincinnati. Ohio, with the approval and sponsorship of the Cincinnati Department of Health. Some 185,000 pre-schooli and school children there have, been fed the Sabin attenuated (weak and non-dangerous) live virus vaccine. The U.S. can afford these tests ; sheet* of »Htul|>H|>rr Lounee . 2SOfoo« g| ue hall of twine Your Choice Choice of Rcreu-drivert Choice of Each Hammer handT«i Pointing trowel Scratch awl 3-in. wall tcraper Pocket protector tine becomes populated with!"™ 1 can afford cautiousness ov- harmless viruses that remain in- er live vaccines because most, it is definitely. believed, and leave no room for dangerous polio virus strains to grow. It is this interruption of the dangerous polio viruses' life cycle that excites public health officials in the USSR and in many other areas where the American - developed live vaccines have been widely used. These differences, along with many other technical problems, have been studied by nine men from seven countries making up the World Health Organization Committee on Poliomyelitis Three ol the medical scientists are from the U.S. Others are U.S. citizens can afford the et-i fective Salk shots. i But in other countries, the; more economical live vaccines! are being used for mass vaccinations. ; And the World Health Organi-| zation and the Pan American | Health Organization have said:; "The possibility of eliminating! the poliovirus as a human path-1 otren has been brought muchj nearer by'the development and! practical application of live polio virus vaccines. , "We can indeed look forward! Ic the eventual eradication of! poliomyelitis. . ." One of Methods One of the methods used to modify or weaken the live polio i viruses has been to take viru- j lent types found in nature and force them to grow in hosts that t<re not their natural prey. As a virus adapts to living successfully in monkeys, mice, hamster* and chicken embryos, its characterchanges. It becomes "tame." When, following attenuation, or weakening, it is re! turned as oral vaccine to man, lit can no longer cause polio but lean still set off the mechanism i in man that produces immunity. Craftsman 3-8 Inch Electric Drill 99 Keg. 24.95 Powerful motor develops ' ;! HP. Spindle lock for quick cnan S' n S of accessories. Craftsman handy k ey . type c huck. Rugged double reduction gears. Save 10.99! Craftsman Sabre Saw K HP. Reg. 44. 95 Does tin 1 jobs of following saws: rip >aw. cro.sscul <a\\ , jig saw. band saw, c»i>in£ saw, keyhole saw, and hack saw. Craftsman Orbita Heavy Duty Sander 14" Keg. 2-1.98 overhead. a lightweight, beautifully balanced you can uv i» -.and vertically and ccnlinuously Reg. 6.98 Gal. Snowhite 5 Gal. One-Coat House Painl Sears best house paint. Best because it gives years of wear, covers even black in just one coat, is fume and mildew resistant. Self-cleaning action keeps home first-day bright years. ;. Deck Enamel 1.22 Weather • resistant. Takes lots of root truffle. In 10 colors. Fast-drying. Buy now. Save! Easy Pom- Gal. I Gallon - Plaid S\\ immiii" Fun ! PU-aic Jug J u: iciuc (loole 2.99 Reg. 3.98 J. C. Hlggins jug with easy - puui spout Red top. ivory jug Hbei • glass insulated Plastic liner 4.99 ins 1. Attractive and handv. 1-iljci ulaas insulaii'd .i • in deep aluminum tray steel handle. Only Kubber fins with adjustable urapb for comfortable fit. Medium, 3-7. Large. 8-12. Master Mixed Tirpolene Reg. 1.19 88c . i i_- r 11 • Thinner for all oil paints. A refln- Perhaps the chief problem in ery blend of the same solvents used In the manufacture of mod- NOW "And this mouse was so big" Now just a minute. Who ever beard of a mouse that big. You mint to Texas. Ur maybe Alaska. You say it just looked that big? Well, that's different. Reminds me of a water man I know. He was always talking about how mocfc bigger his water s>sicm was than most people thought. He compared hiv waicr system to an iceberg. Always said it wai one-eighth above ground, t>c\en-eighths below. He explained that water maint must be laid below ground to keep them from freezing in winter. Also, of course, the town wouldn't nuke a very pretty picture with water linet running all wound. He was right, loo. A water Astern is largely underground. And because il is. it's a lot more expensive to lay pipelines. Trouble U, out of sight, out of mind, even tnoujh it make* lor • pxetuer town. GOOD WATER 5ERVICB IS WORTH TUB HUCg ALTON WATER CO. AT 309 HENRY ST. experiments with polio virus j vaccine is that the strains tound i in excreta tend to become un-j siable. Harmless strains might] become dangerous. The behav-i ioi of viruses is still unpredictable. : To date, however, dangerous 1 reactions were either absent or- insignificant in most of the vaccine- trials, including those in; Russia. i In the meantime, the polio; season is at hand. In 1959 there' were 5,694 cases of paralytic; polio reported to the National' O'fice of Vital Statistics. Varying in different parts of the country, polio starts building up the first pain of July and red dies its seasonal peak toward the IhHt of August. The U.S. Public Health Service has advised everyone to be vaccinated with Salk vaccine, which has been proved more than 90 per cent effective. ern puints. Nylon Brush 2r8 <68-'"; 5-1 uhe Matlrrs* 2.98 v i Now !• ourDoTc** brush Handy for yard, beach, camping, priced lor your wlpe cleun P'" 41 ' 1 ' ''» »<** colors, budget Buy *•*** to Inflate. Buy now for sum- now! ' met - Comi'ortabe, Ea*y Folding Camp Cot Rejj. 5.98 4.99 Sturdy hardwood frame, while duck cover. Reinforced center leg!., riveted end legs. I nderwaler Fun! Junior Swim Ma*k N..W ooC Go underwater exploring! Soft rubber. .Shatterproof triangular amber plagijc lent. JULY ONLY DRY CLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY fOt I, Mwy, HO Ml?7 Caii-Toudi Lrver 0|>fus Automatically Automatic Electric Can Opener Grips can lightly until you remove il, Magnet holdb lid. Leave* smooth, rolled-clown edge. Cul'er blade is removable, deans easily Slain iTsiMani while plastic.' wipe*, clean. !*»::•... Fitted — Woven Oak Picnic Basket Large t-apauity Sturdy woven ouk splints, walnut stained. Four each »poons, lurks, knives, plums and cupt. Maid oi' Honor Ice Cream Free/er n QO •DO Rugged fiber glaui tub, won'l leak or ruM. Easy turning gear*, dubhei. Green color. Kenmore Oven Hood Brazier Keeps Food Warm Outdoor Cooking Needs 1 Pt, Lighter Fluid 19c Wiener Wheel 1,49 JO-lb. Charcoal 57e Drip Pan 1,98 Braxier Cover 1,98 Bar-B-Q Fork 49c Cook Book 98c Spit Basket 4,98 With Free Charcoal 23 Built-in warming oven with thermometer. 24-in. copper tone steel bowl. Nickel chrome plated spit and grid. Leg braces eliminate wobble. UL listed motor. Picnic Grill with Large Cook Area 4.44 Reg. 4.98 Windshield protect* fire 4 position chrome grid. Le«6 remove for storage. "Satis!action guaranteed or your money back* SEARS ALTON Phone HO 5-5511

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