Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1960 AUXJN EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SLVfeJM Saturn Rocket to Be Free World'sMightiestBoostev By w. T. M. nmoa Science 8«m«« About a half-hour before the big test, engineers tn coveralls and yellow or blue helmets gathered on a hill about 2,000 feet from thp first stage of the Sat- cury Astronauts, Air F<J Captains Leroy Gordon Jr. and Donald K. Slayton fn (o witness earlier stapc jt\r- But if thore was a there" at this test, urn rocket. Before them, held Braun did not menti by a toww of steel and con- j returned from his cafl. cipte. stood the booster. „,„„„„, Eighty few tall. 22 fpet In dl- a meter the booster dwarfed a full sired Jupiter rocket stand- Ins nearby. The Saturn booster, In fact, dwarfs any of the free world's rocket and Is more powerful than anything the USSR is known to have tested. aft "In , von as he Thousands 'of galJhnR of water hegnn to spray »hg area the hoostpr's exhaustAvduld hit. The wnter would modorate the exhaust's heat, / / / Then, the rpurrt-down. At zero, a rf>af. The trembling The Saturn tost would be! hooker shot' flame. Deflected, static. A sturdy tower of stpell'"* fame shot 200 feet into the and ooncretp would do whati ;lir at an/ elbow angle to the thejrorket. / The observers felt their in. seemed impossible: hold booster to the ground. As the crowd gathered, the|.sides shake. The whole hillside hill at Huntsvillp. Ala., began to!trembled. look like a picnic. Dr. Wernheri F'or more than two minutes. fWofld». /Tile exhausted Saturn was qufet. An 80-foot booster this one will be only the first stage of the Saturn rocket. ftut this one stnge can develop 1,500,000 pounds of thrust — equivalent to 30.000,000 horsepower. Each of this stage's eight engines Is fl modifier} version of the Juplter-Thor engine. Thev are powered by kerosene fuel In nine massive tanks. WO Fret Tall Thr completed Saturn C-1 will stand nearly 200 feet tall, about a third as high as the Washington Monument. Yet it will, hope fully, tike off. On its flight depend IT. S. hopes for beating the USSR In payload and the nccomplish- threp-stage Saturn. These flights will be orbital and will be hi «tp- port of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's manned space flight program. 4. After a tenth flight test in 1964. the Saturn will be operational. In the early flight tests a system of parachutes and retrorockets will pprmlt recovery of thp first stage booster. AftPr rust is removed and damage repaired, the booster will be used again — n mnjor saving to thp taxpayer. Recovery and re-use of a rocket Is not completely flew, but the U.S. has not attempted it on a booster even approaching the site of Siiturn. The Saturn project, begun in August, 195S. has so far cost nbout $100,000.000. Over a year's work has already ment of a soft landing on theiRonp Into developing a digital moon, several flights by man and an advanced system of communications satellites capable of instantaneous transmission of television, telephone or telegraph signals to any point on von Braun. director of Hunts- vllle's Marshall Space Flight was only the second In which Center, joined the group. Bells rang at the booster area. Finally, a siren screamed. the booster roared on. The test 'all eight engines were Used. (The first had been stopped aft-! Wifh mf> fil . Rt The Saturn rocket could also place sizable payloads on Mars or Venus. The Saturn C-l will be able to orbit payloads of 23,000 to 25.000 pounds. er 110 seconds. > Dr. von Braun wan called to< The flame petered out and the a mobile telephone. "They've found a man there." a photographer joked. Within a few years, it is plsn-j ned, there will be not one man hut two or three men in a cap- test was over. Dr. von Braun, infills bloml "We're in the ha id ruffled, money/" said He said the booster had been run until its fuel liquid oxygen and kerosene was exhausted. of static firings now complete, thp Saturn booster Is now (wppk of July 1016 being modified to make it more like a rocket for flight. Skirts, prpssurization equipment and other hardware are being addpd. About thr pnd of this month, sule atop the competed Saturn.'None of the couple of hundredj a RPConc | ser j eg O f static firings The rocket will be able to carry! monitoring devices had revealed vvi u a team of astronautn into orbit I a danger that required the test around the earth on on a trip! be slopped. around the moon and buck toi The duration of the test was earth. (Two of America's Mer-jannounced by loudspeaker: 122 With thp Saturn on schedule. Dr. von Braun pxpects the booster to iriPft this schedule: computer to go on board the Sat urn. It will be a small box about two feet high with magnetic drum memory. To Correct Deviations It will direct Saturn's actions, correcting deviations that might prevent the rocket from continuing on its proper path. The at Huntsville for Dr. von computer will be versatile enough to handle all the different flights now being planned for the rocket. A bigger computer, the first IBM 7090, has just been put into usy Braun's team. Known data about the Saturn rocket and space conditions can be so combined in the computer that it produces simulated flight tests for studies of the Saturn's potential. A second 7090 is planned and. later, a giant Stretch computer not yet built may be used. Without these giants, rocket df- i vclopmcnt would be greatly 1. There will be a sub-orbital j slowed. Dr. von Braun has indi- flight test of thr first stage in the summer of 1961. In this test and two in 1962, the first stage will be real, but top stages will be dummy models of the second and third stage rockets to be added later. • 2. In late 1962, the first of three sub-orbital shots will be made using the first stage, an active second stage and a dummy third. 3. In the latter part of 1963. the first of three flight tests of the cated. They arc helping speed Saturn to the launching pud. A second booster is already being built at Huntsville for the flight tests. It will be assembled and static-fired here and then transported to Cape Canaveral for that first test next summer. Right now. the Huntsville ex- CMSMG'B SftlUS CALENDAR Thanks to the notoriety given it by a New Guinea minister's contention that it was "indecent," a calendar has become a collector's item, in Rabaul While the churchman's complaint was making its way through official channels inj an attempt to have the calendar declared "objectionable," the pinup pictures that caused the furor have been fast disappearing from walls of stores and homes as de mand picks up. lUYYOtflt ,.« Ladies' LEVTs Stot 21 ft 40 Often Imitated, Never Equalled. LEV.? AMIRICA'S PINIST OV1RAU USA Washington Ave., Upper Alton for school for play- your b«it buy it The Children's Shop 112 W. Third St.. Alton HO 2-1951 CARRIES FREE WORLD HOPES The Free World's mightiest booster, the Saturn, roars and thunders but is held to the ground in a test of its eight engines. Additional hardware, such as skirts and uressurization equipment, are now being added for a second series of static tests. Then—flight. pull ahead of the USSR in terms I of payload weight and size with- j in a few years, unless the USSR I is willing to spend time and money on extremely large rocket boosters with little military usefulness. But the USSR may perts say the schedule will be be vvil]ing ' met. With such satisfactory sta-| tic firings as those already, 1 made, this is likely. i . Thus, the U.S. may be able to! •ervations on the From the information The Booster Race Here are Dr. von Braun's obrace: Jersey County Supervisor Of Assessments Named JERSEYVILLE — Robert E. Bosworth, a former treasurer of got a rocket and Sputnik I went CUTEST CHILD SEARCH (BELINDA MAY,) (Daughter) (MR. AND MRS. RONME EVEANS) (R.R. 2. Box 70, Shipman, Dl.) His entered her photo In the "Cutest Child Search Contest." SS8 AWARDS for Alton Area Children SPECIAL CONTEST OFFER 8x10 OIL COLORED PORTRAIT I4 99 and Free Entry in Contest ...... X (rag. |9.95> It's Fun! Free Gift To Every Child Entered! Sponsored by / / 315 W/ 3RD ST. PHONH BO 5-5812 RISSI STUDIO have, into orbit. I must conclude that the Rus-i "The payoff in political propa- sian large rocket program start-jganda was so high that now the ed solely as a military program, jwith Stalin himself making the decision that he did not care how big the rocket would be to carry an atomic warhead across the ocean, he just wanted one and he wanted it quick. "The scientists apparently tried to get some of the new rockets for their purposes and were turned down. Apparently they were turned down time and again because the military felt this space science project would distract from the military effort. 'But at the end the scientists scientists can get anything they want." The Russians have already fired several rockets with about half the thrust of the Saturn (one and a half million pounds). Dr. von Braun believes they are at work on bigger ones: "Now, whether their new rocket will have a million and a half or two million or three million pounds of thrust or only one million, this I don't know, but I consider it very likejy that they are busy at this very time developing a rocket at least the P. N. HIRSCH Jersey County, now a Jersey-' ville business man, was appoint-1 ed supervisor of assessments of| Jersey County by the Board of ALTON PLAZA—NORTH ALTON—WILSHIRE VILLAGE Supervisors at their meeting Monday. His appointment to the postj 1 was made unanimously by the board and he will assume his duties within the next 30 days. As supervisor of assessments, Bosworth will have charge olj the record cards and material j being prepared by the Justin H. | Haynes Co. for county reapprais-i al of property. Heretofore thei county treasurer has been ex of-! ficio supervisor of assessments.! The supervisor of assessments: automatically becomes the clerk; of the board of review of the! county. The salary of the super- SHOPPING CENTERS AND DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER size of Saturn." Wilshire Village. Alton Quality Stores Nationally Advertised Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes . . . A large selection irom our Regular Stock . . . you'll find Great Savings in this Mid-Summer Clearance Sale... So don't i delay— Get here early tor best selection4 k • Reg. Reg. Reg. Reg. Reg. SUMMER SUITS n oo CO 76 Now 99 54" 48" 44" 49" »« 39" 32" Sport Shirts . /' Shoit Sleeves / 2.95 ....... . ..... NOW 1.99 4.00 .......... .-..NOW 8.69 5.00 ............. 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Mrs. Bosworth, 'who has been assisting in the 'office, will take over the insurance business temporarily. Son Born to Local Couple JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and 'Mrs. James Lawson of Jersey- 1 ville have choesn the name Richard Dale for their infant son bom at -1:37 p.m. July 10 at the Jersey Community Hospital. The baby weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces at birth. He is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rodgers and Mrs. Alma Lawson of Jerseyville and Charlees Lawson of Kansas City, Kan., and is a great grandson of Mrs. Oscar Stanley of! Reyno. Ark., and Harry Lawson of Jacksonville. Mrs. Lawson was formerly Miss Esther Rodgers, Other children | in the family are Michael 8,| Tommy 7 and Patrick, 5. j Attending Convention In Dallas j JERSEYVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. •; Robert Madson, Mr. and Mrs.; Sum Stephenson, Louis Gor| man and B. J. Gorman, are at|lending the National Convention' •of the BPO Elks in Dallas, Tex. ! Mr. Madson is Exalted Ruler jot the Jerseyville BPOE Lodge. Before returning to Jerseyville the Stephensons will visit in Dallas and in Arkadelphia, Ark. Treated at Houpltal JERSEYVILLE — Christine Goetten, 11-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Goetten of Jerseyville was brought to the Jersey Community Hos-j pital at 9:30 a.m. Monday for treatment of a laceration of the chin incurred when she fell at home and hit the corner of the couch. Sutures Were needed to close the wound. Mrs. William Watson of Piasa was admitted as a patient at the hospital at 4:30 p.m. Monday. Her right foot was injured when she was moving a candy case in Fidelity and it struck her foot, inflicting cuts and other injuries. A east was applied. On Vuualiuii From Uutle* JERSEY VILLE - Miss Dor othy Meuth, who hold* a secre tarial position at the Jersey Com niunily Hospital IK on vacation 1 from her duties (his week and is visiting friends In St. Louis. Huuu* Prow ArkuiiMiM VUli JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs Robert Poltel Si., and Miami Mrs. George Polett a/id glitm, Linda, returned Mon day evening from Joiifsburo. Ark., where they .spent the past weekend ut the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poleet Jr. v Timeless Mm fit I Styles cofne and go, but men of action still prefer the century-aM •Mm fit of LEVI'S-the original blue jeans. And LEVt'S not only K tttttsr-they wear better, too ... for they're cut from XX 4fenim-the world's heaviest-and reinforced with Cooper RiveW AMERICA'S FINEST OVERALL • SINCE I860 •H00vt distinctly* stitchtd Otugn Head Telegraph Wum Ads Daily , . JERSEYVILLE . Get Your — LEvrs « •R'S DEPT. STORE (or L»vi'» in IU4NO11

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