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SIXTEEN THE DAILY TIMES THURSDAY. APRIL 1950' Bank Asks Obituaries Funerals Of Dover Cafe AND Son Of Policeman Kills Tiancee In Lovers' Lane Marie Myers Marie Myers, 515, 2218 2nd si SW. Canton. native of New Cumberland and former resident of tills city died yesterday after The Ringside Cafe. ntpht spot, today was fared with a $2.239 50 mortgage foreclosure action filed by the National Bank of Dover.

The action was filed Wednesday afternoon against Andy Teg- noon of complication.1 following j0 arid Wallace Unsold. Dover, a five-month illness. and Joseph Tcglo. whose present Myers moved to Canton address was listed as unknown 11 from this city. She i three men had been part- was a member of the First United nP1.8 jn the business until Un- Brethren church and the Moose sold, former light hcavy- Auxiliary of Canton.

weight fighter, and Joseph Teg- Surviving are her husband. turned their interest over to Sally Henry J. Myers of the home, two Andy Teglo. land Oakland. said about her neck.

on Oakland policeman', con-. Unconscious In the back scat I lay the Prindle youth, his wrist fcssed to his father from hoe nnd an cvrrd08e o( wdn. pital bed that he strangled and! in his system, beat the life out of his beauti- After the boy recovered con- ful young fiancee in a quarrel i at Perma- "other and then nente hospital last night, his fa- tried to kill himself. I ther. veteran Patrolman Lester J.

Following his dramatic eon- Tuned --Times conducted by Wattjjer HE fast time issue is rearing its head in Tuscarawas co and many village and city officials are already Lattimore Case (Continued from page 1) The accused educator asserted that McCarthy is "at least the willing tool of the China lobby." He added: "Indeed, I fear that the sound nnd fury come from the lips of McCarthy but that there is an Edgar Bergen in the woodpile. And I feel that this Edgar Ber- fession of (hr "I.overs’ Lane" slaying In a parked car. Arthur F. Prindle begged for his own dralh. repeatedly erring.

want to die. I want to die." The slaying victim. 18-ycar-old Humphreys, Oak- insuranee company clerk receiving letters on the subject. Most votes so far are for slow time, although some let- gen is neither kindly nor disin- Prendie, leaned over his bed and have requested that we follow other Ohio cities and trusted." Rently asked, "What I In specific denial of son daughters Mrs. Janice Mozzarella; The National Bank is the hold- and daughter of a lawyer, was of the home and Mrs.

Helen Yen- er of a $3,000 promissory note. found dead early yesterday in ny of Canton: a son, Curtis Davy 239.50 of which has not been the front seat of a convertible cf Geneva and five grandchildren, paid, the bank charges. auto on a lonely road in the Oak- Funeral services will be held at! The bank asks foreclosure and land hills. p. m.

Saturday at the Formet seeks asserted priority rights over The pctittc brunette had been and Clevengci Funeral Home, 1922 other claimants, the China Whole- violently beaten and strangled W. Tuscarawas ave, Canton, with sale Cussins it Fearn Co. and with a man's belt cinched tightly J. B. Wetherbee officiating.j the U.

S. Treasury Department. Burial will ot in New Cumberland who seeks to collect delinquent cemetery. Friends may call at taxes. the funera' home from 7:30 to Attorney Charles Bnrkett rep- 9:30 tonight and from 2 to 4 -rtd resents the bank.

7 to 9 p. m. Friday. I "1 killed the youth whispered. "I choked her to death because she had been going out with other I hit her with my fists.

Then I choked her with my hands and then with my belt. I must have choked her for 45 minutes. "Then I climbed in the back scat and swallowed 12 sleeping tablets. I was afraid that wouldn't work, so I rut my wrist with a mirror about ten times. Record Attendance At Cooking School Many More Women Presented Prizes Hospital News Wins Damage Suit Union,oi 0" Cross Petition change to fast time.

One oft lie most novel requests for slow time came from a Port Washington woman and is a poem to be sung to the tune of "I Want a Girl." The chorus is: want a time. Just like the time We use throughout the year That timr's the best. North. South. Fast or West, For slow time my cheer.

In my schedule Fast time puts a kink. Always, it is "later than you think." 1 vote for slow. For fast time NOOOOOO I hope made this clear." Onadenhutten's annual Easter Mrs. John Baker Mrs. Baker tnee Bucher), wife of John C.

Baker former widely-known Dover painter and paper died Tuesday night 111 her at 730 E. 95th st, Cleveland Her son, Robeit, was a member The third session cf the 1950 Wayne Mizer, Mary McCullough, of the Dover police force befoie jjy Times Cooking school was. this city: Mrs. William Penmnc- the family moved to Cleveland with the largest ton. Philip Stein, Dover: Kenneth many yea, ago.

crowd of the series attending. Moore, Canton: Patty Charnock. In addition to her husband and The sch00j( conducted by Mrs. Wainwrlght: Marvin McKain. son, Mrs.

Baker is survived by MyrUe T. Hickman ef Chicago. Stone Creek, two granddaughters; two sisters. ciati0 this afternoon at 4 when Breyer. 419 Union ave.

Charlotte Evans. 368 5th st NW, Mrs. Kenneth Ohler. RD 1. this city: Diane Kinsey.

Ill Superior st. Dover: William Hothem. RD 1. Fresno. and Linda Blaisdell.

Frank Page. Mrs. Chester Jenkins, Mrs. Donald Steuber, $307 Award Made In Contested Case A jury liberated 90 minutes in common pleas court yesterday before returning a verdict for tion 0f Easter in what is now $207.88 in favor of Claude Coutts the state of Ohio, the Gnadenhut- of this citv on his cross petition ten service will be traced from in an automobile dumage suit for u.s beginning up to the present S6 000 filed against Coutts by time on the program. Charles May, also of this city.

sunrise service which will a good cook with a little pa- peated next Sunday for the 176th Lienee and she said. Mrs. Ilirkman made another statement that pleased everyone. McCar mmm I t.hy's charge that he 1s the "top Soviet espionage agent," Latti- Hickman said, "hut I think little moiv said; people are Just a bit nicer than ig ftn accUsation of biXM. anyone else.

crime, the crime of obtaining and She complimented the boys and secret information to a girls on their behavior at the foreiRn nntion. school and invited them to come an Support up on the stage after the instruction period and have a piece In hi sentire four-hour speech, of cake. Inch lie has dredged up and One important tip Mrs. Hick- slung at me all the mud that he man gave her students Tuesday could accumulate from all sources was that good Ingredients, appli- however polluted. McCarthy does ances that are in prcpe; condi- not recite a single act or circum- tlon.

and good recipes are nil stance which even on Its face that is necessary to make a good supports this vile accusation." cook. Lattimore answered each of "When you hear someone say charges in detail. had bad lurk with my cake In his denial that he ever has it luck at all." been a Communist party mrm- she told the women. "Anyone can her. Lattimore said he was mak- im a mn oath" in full reali- BARGAIN COLUMN "Pre-Easter Hale" up to $45 Ladies' Suitiv -now $15 to $29 95- Rales Dept.

Stove Uhrichaviile. The Auxiliary to FOE. No 2251 will serve a cafeteria lunch and supper Saturday April 8th. 11 to 2 and 4 to 7 at Eagles Home, S. Broadway.

Public invited. McClain's Grocery, 328 Fifth st, NW. Plenty of large white young chickens, 59c lb. tenderized ham. half or whole.

55c lb ground beef, pork and veal, 55c lb; York State cheese. red beets 15c rati. Free Delivery. Phone 42062. The Ladies of the Altar Society and C.

C. W. will sponsor a bake sale held Saturday, April 8 in room formerly occupied by the Hanson Meat Market. 6-2 Names Of Grand Jury Are Listed time, will be reviewed at 2 the same day over station WLW on its the Village Green" program. The earliest recorded cclebra- Pi Mrs.

Frank Woolridge and Mrs William Lin- over 20 gifts are presented thoso aid. William Daley. Mrs. Henry George Suiter and two brothers. (attending.

Decker, this city: Mrs. Albert John and Harry Buchei. Receiving gifts from merchants Sandy and baby. Mrs. Jacob War- Services will be at 2 p.

m. to- yesterday were Kathryn Fisher, ther and baby, Dover: Mrs. Mar- u.orrow in the William Abel who was presented a corsage: Mrs. tin Cunningham. Midvale: Ivan Sons Funtrai Home at 15333 Euc- Robert Stewart and -Mrs.

Arthur Miller, Suvarcreek. lid ave, Cleveland. Gilmore Rites Private services will be J06 Pittis. Mrs. J.

Maier, Mrs. Dolion who received ice cream; and Mrs. Blanche Heater who received tea bread. Bread was also presorted to Mrs. held Friday at 2 p.

m. at the R- Donald Stuber. Mrs. Walter Sim- K. Lindsev funeral Home for Lin- Grace Ballard K.

Zeigler, da Kay Gi.more. 10-month-old Zurker, Mrs. Clarence Rei- daughter of Kenneth and Betty Truman and Mis. Galbraith Gilmore. Newport, who Charles Saffell.

died at her home at 5 a m. today Market baskets filled with groc- t)pen les went to Mrs. O. Jenkins. Pearl and Raien Scott, all of complications.

She had ill since btith. Surviving are three brothers, Kenneth. and twin brothers. Gregory aua Timothy; the maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.

Raymond Galbraith and the paternal grandparents, Mr. aru Mrs. I. Gilmore, of Uhrichsville. The Rev Clarence Riske will officiate ana burial will oe made in Evergreei Burial Park here.

Twin City Hospital Charles Hughes. Evans Settlement: Mrs. Myrl Evans. RD 2. Carrollton: and Mrs.

Howard Galbraith, RD 1. Newcomerstown Wasel Jackucevich. RD 2. Mrs. Frank Wesson RD 1, Mrs.

Charles Haney and daugh- of Uh- May had filed for personal mi Jury damages as the result of an accident at an intersection here Nov. 22. i948 and Coutts filed a cross petition asking the amount the jury awarded him. The firm of Fisher, Smith Kenner represented Coutts who charged that May was negligent and crashed a red light. Limbach Hoffman Streb represented I May.

Speaker Is Named For Leoion Dinner Bruce P. Henderson. Warren at- toi ney. will be guest speaker at the annual banquet of the Tuscarawas Clark. Clara Wills.

Elsie richsville: Harry S. Young. Den-j co Council of the American Leg- Sadie Copenhaver and Mrs. Dan- nison; and Roy Dupper, RD 1,, ion, which will be held next Fri- iel Riker. Winners of prizes will be published tomorrow.

Werstler Infant Funeral were conducted at the Baxter Funeral Home in at 10 a. m. today for Wanda Favr Weistler, stillborn daughter ol Lester and Faye Allred Werstler. Sherrodsville, who was dead at birth Monday at 9 p. Gnadenhutten.

oay nigiht at 6:30 in the First son to Mr. and Mrs.1 Moravian Church of Dover. Howard Galbraith. RD 1. New- i Guests of honor at the event comers town, and a son to Mr.

and be five Dover high school stu- Mrs. Charles Hughes. Evans Set- 1 dents who participated recently in tlement. C-C Mail Election Will End Tonight nut st. became a 10th district.

Pal 01 Famous Continued from page 1) unnamed agent since he left Los Angeles early yesterday. In Mojave, the agent hailed Patrolman Sam McDaniel and the two fol- All ballots which were mailed to DeuvaU. Sue Ann Lehr and Sue lowed the fugitive in a patrol members ot the Chamber of Com- Reed. The topic was. "The Amer- tar.

merce of this city for the election ican Way of May We A roadblock had been set up 14 of six new directors should be re -1 Improve It." miles from Mojave on Highway turned to the election judges be- H. E. Zeppernick of Salem. 10th lore midnight tonight, Oscar Mees strict commander, will attend also. Jr.

executive secretary, announced -------------------today. Ballots mailed in must be post- PipollHG TG "Tea Time" has become a habit at the Daily Times office this week as Mrs. Myrtle Hickman, who is conducting the 20th annual Daily Times Cooking School, often sends down tempting sweets in the afternoon. Cookies and cakes tthree different kinds yesterday' are quickly devoured by the ployes. One of the men in the editorial department has been presented with a steak and almost all ingredients for a man-sized supper two days this week.

Dale Empfield, former editor, who is now recovering from pneumonia at Cnion hospital, has also received some of Mrs. Hickman's delicious pie. Mrs. Hickman, who Is making her first appearance at a Daily Times Cooking School, has become quite popular with local homemakers since her arrival here. he natioin-wide American Legion Her entertaining programs, because of the mar contest.

the gioup. Miss sparked with homespun humor, received from the jsnot Zahlei, 17, of well Attends "Only the good cooks come to cooking school." she said. "Those arc the women who are interested in cooking and learning new things about it." Products of Tuscarawas co print were highly praised by 51 rs. scribe llickman as she related things mum she had heard about our tnent foods and manufactured goods in before coming here. anyw During her talks, she told many have interesting incidents which oc-! deliberately curved in various cookinu schools patcd in pi One concerned her explanation communism for decorating a jello nnc which world her assistant.

Mrs. Ann Cole Me- I-i Gregor, brought onto the plat- thy form on a platter. in 5 "People somtimes ask why ijsena don't remove the jello ring from ness the mold while working up and here." she said. "It's a long story," Mrs Hickman continued, "but when I first attended a cooking school, years before I ever dreamed of becoming a lecturer. I saw the instructor attempt to remove the jello before her audience." was unsuccessful, and the jello tumbled all over the stage." she said.

"Ever since that been afraid to try it." Her program underwent ral changes during its four-day run Names of the April grand Jury, which will convene April 24 to hfar a small docket of cases common pleas court, were announced today by Clerk of Courts Hiller. They are as follows: Margaret Stein, Marcella fiei- bold. Samuel Woife. Charles Chailes Wri'iht A thur Gibbs Lfland Mast, all of this city; elated ith the Com-1 orRP Abeisold mo Hebert Patty ton. Dover: Margaret Holtz.

RD 2. never believed in the L)unlap, Kill Doollng. Uhrichsville: Kimey, RD Dennison: Howard Stoiker. New- zation "that perjured or mistaken testimony maV be used for purposes of entrapment." He swore: "1 am not and never have been a mber of the Communist party. I have never been affiliated mun have of communism nor subtler advocated the Com or Soviet form of govern- Limn Wherley.

Stone either the United States. Morns. Tippecanoe; Irene Rilev Midvale. Alin the Fart East, A. A lemworth.

1. Or tne wot in never consciously or advocated or partict- romoting the cause of nywhere in the' denhutten. Read It In The Dally I questions ided despite On Tuesday, because she had bad weather almost every day.1 received so many queries on "Why winner in the session she delivered is my pie crust tough, etc she a special welcome to the many! presented a special demonstration Others in the group in- youngsters who accompany their' of pie crust making and eluded Keith A. Gordon, Jane mothers to the sessions. made a filling and topping for "I'm very fond of Mrs.

the pastry. recalled that McCar- 'cused him of having been scow in 1936 and that quoted a "mystery wit- as saying that Lattimore! and Carter were reeeiv-1 it training from the Kremlin Mission Failed He said that en route from China to the United States he stopped in Moscow at the invitation of Carter, whom he identified as secretary general of the Institute of Pacific Relations, for this purpose: To persuade the Russians to take part in the research and discus ions of the Institute of Pacific Relations with something that approached the give and take that prevailed among most of the national groups and which made the institute a valuable and constructive international forum." Lattimore said his mission Caught Blue Pike Cooked Fresh Shrimp All Kind of Green Shrimp OPEN WEDNESDAY L-H Sea Food Market 114 First Drive. SW 466. Lennon, driving a 1949 Packard, smashed through the blockade. McDaniel and the agent fol- Rev.

J. H. Longsworth finnS aL the fleeing ban- ciated and burial was in the Lea- dit- vittsville cemetery. They forced Lennon to pull over Besides her parents, the infant Ion a deserted stretch of Shawver and Dr A. C.

Bovvers, is survived by her paternal grand- i Ahfitoting from their car, the two Ballots vere mailed to over 250 mother. Mrs. Elanore Wolfe. RD officers aslced hmt for identification. Lennon suddenly pulled a marked not later than midnight, he said- Judges for the election i are Frank Stropky, Kenneth Ferguson And Ebright Favorites In Ohio's Top Election Contests 1.

Sherrodsville and the maternal grandmother. Mrs. Faye Westfall. Hudson, Torok Invades County Joseph Torok, candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor. arrived in the Twin Cities this morning to open a two-day Tuscarawas co campaign.

The 44-year-old Youngstown bachelor is planning to spend today talking informally with Twin City merchants and democratic party leaders. Tomorrow he will be in this city. No formal speeches or appearances are on his auenda. Chamber ot Commerce members. Directors whose terms expire Luger pistol.

The agent shouted: April 30 are Carl E. Geib. E. "Look out! going to! Hurst. Veil Homer A.

Stiffler, Kan G. Walker and Dr Before Lennon had a chance Harold F. vVherley. Holdover di- to fire, the two officers loosed a fusilade. Lennon slumped dead in the front seat of the car.

Traffic Court rectors, wTu. will serve until April 20, 1951 are Don Alexander, Alvin Graff. Wi iiam Bichsel, Fred Blaisdell Jr. Howard H. orook and Richard Rea.

May Be Abandoned The Ohio Oil and Gas Association's application for a rehearing on the proposed abondonment of an oil pipeline system owned by the Buckeye Pipiline was de nied yesterday by the State Util- todaY tlie tw0 pnmary races receicving the most attention. Ebright, currently state treasurer, is rated at about two to one HAROLD LISK H. Ebright and Joseph T. Ferguson, state officials of opposite political belief, still are the "betting" favorites ities commission. The Commission recently ordered the Buckeye firm to continue operating the line until it has specific commission authority to dis- a less for Republican Fi-e Ceils Dover firemen were called at 2 40 a.

m. yesterday to garage on the square when ployes not red a gas blower had gone out and gas was leaking from the oipe. No damage was caused. No fire was found when firemen were called at 2:35 p. m.

Building Permits The following building permits 4 From Same Family vesterday to the home of Caroline! f)n hnve. A Reinke of 326 Walnut st, when LJOver Honor Koll New E. Meyer, RD 1, Claypoo' Ind-, fined $15 and osts on reckless driving charges. Floyd Rose. RD 3, Newcomers- I have been issued in Dover: town, the first driver arrested by and Mrs.

James Pennington the state highway patrol for us- Dover. 24 by 36-foot Gunnison ing 1949 plates, was nred $5 and dome on 22nd st: Mr. and Mrs. costs yesterday. Rufus Price of Walnut st.

24 by i 36-foot Gunnison home on Gray, 428 Canal! st: T. F. Singlinger of Reporter st. fined $10 and costs on a charge court. 34 by 40-foot cement block of unsafe operation after his car upholstering shop and living quar- skidded into a school bus at White ters on the Boulevard, Lewis Bridge vicinity Tuesday.

(Patrol Catabiani of 711 Race one and one-half story frame, 34 by 34 foot home and 20 by 1 2-foot garage on E. Fifth st. case). continue the service. The company simply had notified the commission of its intention to abondon the line in Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson.

Mahoning, Stark and Tuscarawas counties. The Association represents a group of independent oil and gas producers. "Keep Ohio Green" Conference Planned Columbus Conservation Week in Ohio will be launched Monday with a "keep Ohio green" conference in Columbus. It will be sponsored by the Ohio Forestry Association. gubernatorial nomination.

Ferguson, currently state auditor, is about the same odds in his bid in a seven-man field for the Democratic senatorial nomination opposite Robert A. Taft. Interest in the primary less than a month hence has more or less crystallized on those two races with bids for other office staking a back seat except among the professional politicians from Columbus Mayor James A. Ebright's chief opposition comes Rhodes. His campaign has cut the odds from "long-shot" figures to the two-to-one price now Lattimore said he lectured before the Soviet Academy of Sciences and later talked with Wili ham C.

Bullitt, then U. am! bassador to Russia, at whose sug- gestion he talked ith "Soviet vice commissar of foreign affairs, i whose name I Lattimore than took up other McCarthy charges. He labeled "fantastic and untrue" the accusation that he was a leader in several pro-Russian student uprisings China." NO DANCE GOOD FRIDAY The Rose Room ticned by those hard-hearted election observers who do not let their personal feelings sway their outlook. backers contend, however. that the youthful Columbus mayor will continue to whittle the margin between now and May 2.

Ebright, however, only just re-; The management of the Den- cently began an active campaign mson Sewer Pipe Corp. and the yoor Foonts FRESH. NEW T. C. Firm Buys Plant At Milan and this factor, in tlie opinion of my politicos, puts a different as- Stillwater Ciay Products has announced today that it has pur pect into the run down the stretch, hased the controlling stock of the In the bid for the Democratic Lavey Pottery Tile Co.

in Milan, senatorial nominationl. Ferguson's chief opposition apparently will come from Michael V. Disalle, Toledo mayor who has the backing of Mayor Thomas Burke of Cleveland. backers, in their turn, claim that Ferguson is no certain winner in the seven-man field. The state auditor, however has a state-wide organization through his present political office and in a large field cannot be rated anything but the favorite.

she smelled smoke. Regular meeting at 7:30 p. m. Lodge No. 926 Loyal Order of Moose, Thurs.

eve, April 6th. Election of officers from 1 to 8 p. m. Bait $25.00. 5-2t Regular meeting of Friendly Aerie No.

2251 Weednesday evening at 8 Election cf officers. Bait $37.50. 4 Janet, Carol. Joyce and John Weisgarber children of Mr. and Mrs.

A Weisgarber. 1609 N. Wooster Dover, are all on the honor roll at Dover high school in their respective classes. Janet, 17 is a senior, Carol, i6, is a junior Joyce, 14. is a freshman and John, 13, is a seventh grader.

Mrs Weisgarber is a former school teacher and her children find time to participate in extra-curricular activities. Will of the late John Beachy cf Sugarcreek. filed for probate, leaves his estate to a son. Menno Beachy, and names him executor- The will was made Oct. 31, 1938.

Will of che late Albert Heil of Dennison, filed for probate, leaves his estate to his widow, Elizabeth Heil, and her executrix. The will waa made Sept. 50, 1949. Find AutcgrapLed Body Of Dead Girl In Hotel Los Angeles police today announced the arrest of Harry Gordon, a waiter, for questioning in the bizarre death of red-haired Hallie Cecilia Oswald. 39.

a divorcee with a record of intoxication. Police said Gordon, obviously drunk, was babbling about "killing a woman in a Figueroa street hotel" taken into custody. Mrs. nude body, across the back and front of which cryptic messages had been scribbled with a ball-point pen. was found sprawled across a bed in a bottle-littered Figueroa street httiel room in downtown Los Angeles yesterday.

The death room had been registered to "Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Gordon, Fresno, 10 days earlier Across the bosom was written with a ball point pen: "I love you.

I have to do it. the best." On her back was scrawled: "You A city-wide search was launched for Gordon after the dead former husband, Robert, a wealthy auto dealer, told police she had lived in constant fear for several months of "a man named Gordon" and had received death threats. When investigators attempted to question him last night, Gordon refused to answer. They said another effort will be made to question him later today. Prior to announcement of arrest, Capt.

Blaine Steed of the homicide detail expressed doubt that ths death was murder. A preliminary autopsy indicated Mrs. Oswald "probably" died of acute alcoholism. Dover Properties Sold For $11,100 The two properties owned by the late Karl O. Deich, Dover cyclist, were sold at public auction yesterday to Mr.

and Mrs. Irvin Klein of Cleveland, formerly of Dover, and to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lenarz of 228 W. 8th st.

Dover, who also purchased a lot on 7th st. The Kleins bought the home in which Mr. Deichc resided at 707 Race st. for $5,000. and the Len- arzes paid $5,300 for the home now occupied by Mr.

and Mrs. A. L. Cattabiani at 711 Race st. The lot went for S800.

The sale was conducted by James Fondriest, real estate broker. volunteers and present. tlwee regulars Tax Receipts Up Prepaid sales tax receipts in co for the week ending Marcn 25 were $17,643.04 as compared to for the corresponding period last year Sales to date were $676,631.89 as compared to $798,938.24 a year1, and other equipment on aga, 1 U'ucki Food Dealers Plan Banquet Independent food dealers, their families, emnloyees. and suppliers have been invited to attend the annual banquet of the Tuscarawas co Food Dealers April 12 at Eagles Hall. 222 12 Grant st, Dennison.

A program of entertainment, door prizes, and dancing to the music of an orchestra has been planned. Tickets may be secured fropi the officers of the organization Gene Newton, president: Lloyd Dinger, vice president: H. A. Rieker, treasured, and at the Dover office of the organization. atlons close April 10.

and taken over operation of me company The firm which manufactures flower poti and drain pipes, was bought from James P. Lavey, who ill remain with the new management. Seek Driver Whose Truck Damaged Lawn State highway patrolmen today were checking the identity of a truck driver whose tractor-trailer outfit left Route 21 three miles north of Stone Creek at 3 p. m. yesterday, damaging a lawrn at the Arthur Sherrets residence, RD 1, Stone Creek, and breaking a drainage sewer owned by the state.

The truck tore a furrow 120 feet long and one foot deep in the Sherrets lawn, patrolmen said. The driver got the truck back on the highway and continued on. Now uvjls- twee ink as limiMfiWH, tth Ga KOrtTER The New Phila. Hardware Co. Ph.

23421. 159 W. High Ave. norr R9iT ffin Xville Firemen Meet Uhrichsville voluntary firerpen held their regUar meeting at the fire station last night, with seven ill Fire Chi Jf Clyde Frye instructed rue them in the use of hose, bopster lines, fog applications, reducers the ov SUNDAY, APR. 9TH HARRY WOODFIELD AND HIS ORCHESTRA ADMISSION $1.00 PERSON SOON DICK JURGENS APRIL 20TH GUY LOMBARDO SJtfbONIIGHI BAIIROOM MEYERS LAKE.

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