Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNt^DAY, JULX 13, Editorial ttast Takes Longer , ft Way tike ten**r that way. But the approach to solving the interbeltline IWrth-KWth traffic link through the citv recommended by the Citv Council Monday ni^ht the wisest possible. Folks here can be expected to become a lit | city for a limited access highway, then telling the City Council about it when it needed legislation. To the credit of the public who opposed this, the city came out with a better Godfrey Belt line. Yef, here again the city is demonstrating '"Impatient over the 10-month deadline the HP- another example of what might be viewed as dis flOis Division of Highways, in effect, set for itself during the Cl.;ik Bridge litigation, now unitv hv its indecision over two already- recommended routes for the interberm artery and fortunately at an end with a saving of more ( its request for consideration of a third. than * million dollars to bridge users. But in the end the cominumtv i* bound to have » better traffic SVMCITI ,i«. x result. The Citv Council Mnml.iv night approved It is to be hoped that, in view of the possi- DaMLatirence Demo Plank May Cost Party Votes LOS ANGELES — It would; require a dictator in the White j House to fulfill some of the proM visions of the platform recom-i mended to the Democratic na-j tional convention by a majority of its platform committee. Side Glances •» ««••«*• hilities offered in the \l.irket extension pro-; Not only does the platform itn-! pos.,1. ,1 route can be found which would limit pose on the president-to-be the' inconvenience of property owners to a mini-«sk of a resolution the division nf hi fi hwavs to mum; also that the longer look before .choosing trukt a fe.nibilitv sur\cv of a proposed M.irks>t street limited aoocss route between the beltlines and to accomp.inv the survey with ;i study of Other possible alternates. 1 he Council called for [JJJ, ™"°™| ffert!" that' ... | . || ,, . H m v/i/u^ca, in cut,.i, i,,«i \_. •. such a route will result m the best possible , p|oyment pl , lf . t | ces and social choice. : customs be changed irrespective One more item is to be considered, however. , 0 f the legal rights ol private cit- 1 he city is running out of obstacles for pro- i/.ens. • recommendation from the highway division . letting itself from blame for delaying the bridge: National Mood for a choice between these alternates. (approach project. ^Attorney General William L. "U'e have drifted," says the It may be presumed, then, that the Council,.! C.iiikl removed one serious one Tuesday when he platform, "into a> national^ mood false' I • , pjippnsp aci-uuiu.-,, soaring crime in its future attions. ' State of Illinois. That apparently leaves as the ^^ j n f| UPni . P .p e rJdling in high The state's hesitancy, as expressed by Mr. last hurdle an approval of the bridge's struc- ;g OV ernment circles, and the ex-; Riel'lcr. to make such a choice without being j condition. And Missouri is still trying to ploitation of sadistic violence as I approached bv the Council is understandable, j find out what's causing those cracks in the; popular entertainment. For eight It went through quite a hassle not too many j decking at this end following all those repairs long critical years our present years back by choosing a route through the j last year. , , ,. through its request for ,1 recommendation, im- i ruled taxes against the Clark bridge need not be »i«l " cl ' e P ls P" v ° la an <| ..." ,i i i • I j i L i . i . u .t scandals, tax evasion and plies a willingness to hack up the state s choice regarded as an obstacle to a takeover by the ^ acm inls. soaring 25 and 50 Years Ago national leadership has made no effective effort to reverse this mood." Just how any administration can set about to change the national mood in every field, from Either or both of these devices could do | entertainment to crime rates, is "But, Dad, If I walk Phyllis to the restaurant she'll be so hungry I'll need a couple more dollars!" Reader'* Forum One Craftsman to Others I belong to an organization of| Time to Draw a Broaili Not only the greater time to publicize the _. ... , — ._ . „ „ _.. __ 0 .., need for more school buildings made it desir-ble | much to make our existing school buildings go!hard to understand. But plat-1craftsmen which sets the rate; to defer a $2'A million dollar bond issue from I further in accommodating the growing tide of (forms are needed for their pro-1 of remuneration and working / M i u i-I 'mises of Utopia. i conditions under which we earn ne ", , ,, . », . - , , ., , | cnil ™' cn - . i The most alarming section,! our daily bread. The school board Monday night decided to , Even without this consideration, however, . h<jwever b{ the platfol . m _ and j p ersonHll j have fe , t the put off this referendum till midwinter. It might ; the fail referendum would have been madvis- o|)e wnich eould cost tiie Demo-! wage sca l e ' a little high, even have waited till spring. , , ,- .. able. Currently the school board is merely con-| C rats plenty of electoral voles ini^ough there are times after an For by that time it could become.more np- ; sidcring architects' plans and discussing thejthe South and perhaps in the| e j g ht-hour day that we can hard-,, parent whether forward-looking members of the situation. Temper of the taxpayers on several; North — is a provision which J ] y get down off the scaffold, and! Illinois legislature, spurred by local school an- \ occasions recently has indicated that the day \ pt ' ac . tic ^ ^_ ^A 0 ^? J!?!?'! the skin °" our Palms is_so thin slaff of thorities and folks back home, were going to of easy selling of even school building bond is- imust adopt some system of equal-i mat tne £i nger tips bleed. propose laws that would make possible and en- > sues has come to a halt—at least temporarily. courage radical changes in schodl.schedules. The ; Those interested in the coming referendum will local board should approach" our district legisla- ; need a complete and attractive package to sell; ity choosing their employes. It also tells the private schools they, Forum Writers, Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Headers Forum, tatters should be concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. poorly paid typewriter help to do a major portion July 13,1935 . Pauper support In Madison County w«« In uncertain condition with the major difficulty centering about the provision In the law which, according to press dispatches from Springfield, forbade townships to levy more than enough pauper taxes tn 1935 to meet pauper care expense incurred before the new state statute became effective, July 1. This provision cteated a gap In those counties which could not adopt pauper levies against which they could anticipate until fall. Clemens Poellng, 24, of Machens, Mo., a laborer for the Engineering Construction Corps, was believed to have been drowned in the Miss- hily 13,1910 Members of the fire department committee of City Council were to make a trip to Milwaukee to Inspect an automobile fire truck, mide and used In that city, to determine If It would meet Alton's fteeds. An "attractive price" hart been quoted by the manufacturer. Aldermen thought a truck that could climb Milwaukee hills could likely cope with all the Alton stapes. Upper Alton residents were Invited to contribute to ShUrtleff College's Carnegie library "matching fund" so that acquisition of the building would be speeded. Dr. D. 0. Rar «"d H. C. Tllton, college regents, invited local subscriptions proposing that contributors be given 2-yesr memberships for each $5 contributed. The college, said their announcement, would assure contributors as good a rate in future failed to return after walking out on a barge to fill the gasoline tank of * motor launch. The swift current at that point, and a floating gasoline can were mute indications of the possible tragedy. John Landers was fatally stricken by light ning while he sat near the window of his barn. The flash had bored a hole In his wet straw hat and singed the hair on the left side of his head. A full eclipse of the moon would be noted on July 15, at 9:12 p.m. It was estimated it would take the moon 57 minutes to pass over the earth's surface. Robert Logan and Ray Benton suffered leg fractures when the car in which they were rid- ,ing struck a concrete culvert on U.S. Route 67. Other occupants of the car were Manford Logan, brother of Robert and son of Supervisor Georyo Logan of Woodville Township, and George Hol! ford. Fatally injured in an automobile in Standard |City was Claude Clark, 56, of Atwater, former Rockbridge resident. W. A. Hale resigned as secretary df the Easi Alton Loan and Investment Association because The guilty feeling that all may lot the work, serving notice on O f JD health. have is tempered by the know-(the public that their services are ledge that all my associates and-worth $L'5 an hour or $250 a isslppl River near the Missouri shore. He rmd years to continue their membership privileges. The regent's proposal had been approved by the executive committee of the college board when it met to check out Dr. J. D. S. Riggs as president. The committee reported gifts totaling $2.000 had been made for the Carnegie fund since commencement in June, but the amount needed to complete the $15,000 matching fund was tinievealod. A campus location "closest to Upper Alton business district already had been picked for Ihe library building. Upper Mississippi River Improvement Association, in convention in St. Paul, accepted Alton's invitation'to entertain the next annual convention here. West Alton volunteer firemen saved .th« hotel building, erected by Capt. W. P. Lamothe, when it caught fire as a maintenance man sought to burn away some birds' nests under the eaves. An ordinance had been prepared for City Council consideration that would extend closing time lor saloons from the present 11 p.m. to midnight, and make the opening hour 5 a.m. Some saloon operators had informed the ordinance committee they would prefer a 4: or 4:30 a.m. opening to an extension of the evening closing time. « Because the willow-cutting season was to be short, Contractor Fred Klopmeyer. who was stripping willows from the riverfront, was increasing his axe-wielding crews. He had ar- Bud Westhus defeated Joe Donalson, 3 up tive such bills. .. * ' * ' *i>u^i~ uiuv un "'^7 MOt^wv-iin-v a uiiu ' \VUI 111 iJ>Mtf till 11UU1 v* «f**w u loo, -must not discriminate in, helpei . s (hod cari . iers> truck driv-jday as a minimum, with any-i and 7 to 8°. in tne 36-hole championship match ranged to dispose of the crop to Equitable Povv- candidate on their willingness to sponsor they will need to be thoroughly sold on "selling"' 'matters of race or religion or ;e( . s> etc) gnare ^ p i easui . es O f thing under 3D minutes for ajat Rock Spring Country Club to win the ama- > it; and they will need plenty of time to do their . l>olor - Ma | be . . . , s ocia° Current legislation on state aid to schools is i sales work. !dubs in the North if the Demo-,.. Ir.ven more important, the major part ot the; , . . ••' llc11 a Wage *" P r °P ortion to mine - generally regarded as ttronglydiscouraging such j Even more important, the m, .economic devices as half-day classes and 12- : public needs and deserves this month use of existing- educational buildings. | think the matter over. Let's Get It Before HIV •*s. Russian Premier Khrushchev, likes to rattle | and demand that the fliers be brought before extra time to jsays an d jf laws are to be pass- led to remove all forms of dis- rate of $12.30. Jteur golf championship of Alton district. The We read in our paper of a sim-i This includes all work done by; cnampions hjp was won in a week ol the "tougli- organization of lawyers, office help. ,, „ , est, fastest, and most brilliant golf competition whose work problems are 90 < I regret that the costs of my ,,,,_„, , ^ L. , per cent routine, enjoying a six- i services rendered to these pro-i ever held here ' Josc P h Donelson was lhc losel ' dei- Co. I'M wood was to be converted into charcoal lor use in making powder. The bark fir.>t had to be stripped off. and the cutting period was limited to an expected four to six weeks during which time the bark would loose enough hour day or less, assume none;fessional men in the future will:Richard Malcolm won the consolation; and for. ready removal. High river stages had dc- jcrimination. The platform planK |()f thg £ jnancia j or physical risksihave to be revised upward. Oth- "Dutch" Rittenhouse took the low medal qudli- layed start of the willow harvest which was to | on this reads in part as follows: j of tneir "The Equal Access time has come to as- as they please, who maintain a'j CQme andgo : ers have the same privilf , ge . , ying p]ayof[ e.xtend from Alton to the mouth of Wood River. H. A. STECKER j pilot. his rockets and wave the UN flag. Twice now he's threatened to take a spy flights of American planes before the ed Nations. The second occasion was marked Tuesday when 1 he said the Soviet Union would take the RB47 matter before the United Nations. Nikky also threatened »uch a move in connection with the U2 overflight. It is high time he carried out these promises and got the matters before this high tribunal. Only in this way can the discussion on them be relieved of the haltering influences ot censorship and controlled propaganda. There's a suspicion, however, that Khrushchev Will permit neither of these matters to be biggest problems. brought before an tribunal till sure equal access for all Amer, ,,.. ... . , . . .... . .licans to all areas of communi- the UN to tell the stories ot their flights and| ty , jfe including voting booths . , the Poor Piasa Bird Netted ; capture. In neither case could they admit much j sch oolrooms, jobs, housing and vvhy all the "Mumbo-Jumbo" could be heard the scream of the! Unit- i worse than this country admitted about the U2 public facilities." ; annul thp MoAiisnv? HiehwaV about the McAdams Highway? clause "equal access, to How about fo at poor Pjasa Bird Bird. It svas hungi'y and was seeking»food. Down the cent- The Underground public The ........ .„ jail areas of community life" is; pa j nle d on the bluffs. It won't i or of the Mississippi River it flew, ! the most sweeping ever propos- be long till once again he will 1 looking for victims on the banks. a 1ob as turbulently as he has ;ed in a political platform. There be a de ad pigeon. The Piasa bird; As the bird neared the cliffs ;fiUed it me past f ive yea ^ The Allen-Scott Report Butler Plans Parting Shot LOS ANGELKS — National Chairman Paul Butler is quitting i are no exceptions, nor is the j s a landmark and a trade One expects a city engineer to pay an occa-j word "schoolrooms" qualified i mark> streets, small towns, can"' ned goods, Boy Scout troops, and sional visit to the municipality's nether regions. l byT(the woi ; d "P ubllc -' / • * | H is not clear yet how thel drum and bugle ^^,3 nave But the four councilmen who accepted tn- 1 p i at f orm writers came to the na med after the Piasa bird. gineer Thomas Griftin's invitation for a delayed conclusion that the constitution of Piasa sewer — and asked to see others, now y,e new highway, gives Congress the right to passj tna t bird is going to be knocked tour too—arc to be commended for their desire to:« ' a " tellin & a Private employer j off again . acquaint themselves directly with one of their whom ho nla - v employ ' es P edallv ; When Katther Marquette came where the old Chief stood. It leti out a terrific scream and flew straight toward him, circling and circling around its victim. Chief Ouatoga did not move. Then he gave the order to fire away. One hundred braves rose up and 100 poisoned arrows were lossed with such speed as only the oc-i As a departing blast, the bitterly controversial Indianian, whose term expires the day following the close of this Convention, is planning to try to rush through a resolution approving 'for second place. Roberts, a pre- c | ;i j m i convention Kennedy campaign- when he isn't engaged in any! down tne Mississippi river in 1673!casion called for. the sytem of Democratic advis-j sc h'eme, Butler will include ory committees he established! resolution to do that with a over the opposition of the par-i num ber of routine pronounce- were the "policy making bodies",Rhode Island, of hcing available of the party. This unpreeendented -A;IS v-lMMiii'iitly repudiated by' er - is a c ' lo « e friend of Hodges. . . the Congressional leaders. ; At the height of the tensr back- Undercover Maneuver , !stage maneuvering.that preceded In an undercover maneuver I th6 opeiyng of thjB Convention, to outflank them and put the, Robert Kennedy, brother and National Convention's stamp 0 fj cam P a 'Sn manager of the White approval on his long embattled House candidate, offered to bet he would win the nomina- ] tion. There were no takers . . . House Democratic leaders John government contract work. ____ _ ___. There was a suspicion at one time that re- the platform plank says: j ul Alton'a great and terrifying i the Piasa bird, with a scream 1 Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senate adopted at the closi after the American fliers captured by the Rus- ducing the City Council's she and getting al- "The new Democratic admin-' looking bird with nonls and a of terror, dropped down into the! Leader Lvndon Johnson and oth- conventions. have been tried and convicted, eliminating dermcn out of the wards would diminish their ,i-tnaiun -ill support federal.leg- great lail and scaly body , a m on-:Mississippi River, sank from view ?^J^ *>^ ?^,^. ' ndude interest in the details that make the city operate and would make them all policy men. sians any possibility the UN could demand Russia allow them to testify. This country should call Khrushchev's blult lislation establishing ployment practices effectively to secure for every . ... . . ...,-...-.., — — v i iviaiLjuciic, a uigni,y truuuauru servtru uv Ulf . Merc ,s an illustration to the contrary^ w the ,, glu lo equal opportune malli made a drawing of this torical Society • viutrA* 11 iv. mioatisfmrtf* i4vwi 111 jviui i^uc7j\sj| vui i\^uiui. .iy~i • i i J : \ i i i i » » Yet' h e found painted on the rock cliffs. Every airow hit its mark and ly S Co "e'- ess '°" al leadel ' s - Imcnts that are traditionally McCorn,a l; k, Mass., was among ~- -•• "-— " .----.- ... ... , ol na(jona i the lorcinost ol .vnalor Kennedy's advisei-s in urging the declarations selection of Senate Leader Lyn- flatly rejected invitations to be thanking the host city, the vol- &>n Johnson as running mate, members of these Butler-created|unteer workers, etc., etc., all l£J?!^J[!!!-!!!?!L^. y ! >d ' ca " i ' '" c - ) resolutions. a fair em- ster suen as no one nad ever > in the great Father of Waters, commission; seen or neard O f be fore. i (NOTE: This legend" is pre- Drew Pearson's Mvrry-Go-Round Koiuietl> % Weals Made Early LOS ANGELES - Sen. Jack naign expenses and needed li-|.voui.g Massachusetts senator's j;^j^" b ' efo ™ a'commission and UU£C11 , ut 111U allu Kennedy developed a new tech- nancial help. Johnson replied that psychological warfare. Acco.-d- n)ade {Q plwe , ha( no discrimin- Eil . ls have been carried awav ^ nique for getting the Democratic he was against taking sides in IIIK to Green's friends, he will get |U ]m)tjve js beh , nd his • hir-i t hp ' talons ol tne Piasa bird to be .. ... . .. iri. :.....: . I>fi..mi>>..ii.n...»tinl-ii.-i"ijirt IVn« (lui 'iitv. VL4*uiiL> \/» L**W «. *t«0L* u«* \4 i\* V** Marquette, a highly educated served by the Illinois State His- at Springfield, copy was given to late John D. Me- i'y- 'bird, and it came down to us III., and a Does this mean that, unless ti lrou gh periods of history. me by the an equal number of Negroes and The slo ,. y of tne killing ol this'Adams.» Whites a re employed or if some-. greal bird |j y c n j e f Ouatoga, of one thinks he should have a tne ij|j ni i nd i an s and his expert .job for which he isn't really bowmen is one of the official In-: qualified, the employer can be d j an ] egends . Dozens of Indian boys and I heavy support in his race for the WILLIAM A. CR1VELLO (ED'S NOTE: The Piasa Bird has always risen again on the bluffs here. Why not once more?) presidential nomination, which primaries. be will do today — and the Later Bobby smoke-filled rooms of Los . geles had nothing to do-with it.'er. made a quiet trip to North Just before the convention op-,Qith 0 ik-.s and Jews There have been plenty of Ken- Carolina. S;inford had rolled up cned, room 3115 it! the Biltmore p] a nt or business WIDOW LIVING AMONG , - , ,, chie£ Ouatoga ca ,, edi ins practices? Does it mean that; dcvou red in its great cave up nearlHUSBAND'S K1IJJKKS there must be a proportionately equal number of Protestants, in every establish- advisory groups. They contend- non-controversial ed that would be inconsistent with But Butler's will be far from their Congressional positions^that. His intent is to put the full and responsibilities. i weight of the National Conven-; Principal reason for this stand tion behind the advisory com-! was Butler's truculent argument 'mittees as the "policy making AltoiiEveningTelegraph that his advisory mjssjonary • ture. Some of it was poisonous, platform is written that the au-! lhat Uley may draw their poison It branded Johnson a _ traitor to! , hors a re not talking only "fjand have plenty of this poison to the south, called him respon-'ifpHiirul services or work on iiov-ij^ .u- :_ Unfolded by ke> governors with Johnson the day alter his linal the clockwork precision of .an primary. old time ringmaster Whip- Li);- Auueles, arrived al 9 p.m. If Kennedy prepare lor the and announced lor Konned.v November election with the same 1* a.m. next du.v. His staiement ruthlesb efficiency thai lie pie- uas part ol Kennedy psjrholitjj flared for this convention, .Nixon U'al uarlare. Will be in for trouble Bcal the Hup Then theiv wao the case ol Gon- ui't-shinan Bill tiieen. Democratic boss ol 1'hiliidelphia. He con-. iroK aboul oiie-tliiid,ol the Penn- tvKaiua dfle^ates, is a lough, laumian.s-i.viM' biirKiiinci', The ""took place before Los Angeles, was spent by all three of his op-'to pass Kennedy knew that, if he didn't poncnis. In the final run-off he ture. have the nomination practically spent considerably more. won before he got hare, the old After Bobby Kennedy's visit, tl|p south." called him respon-; federal services or work on Kov-j dip pros, backed by Harry Truman, Sanford suddenly cooled toward siuk ' fo1 ' ltK ' civil Rl £h { * bill. j ern ment contracts. This latter would gang up on him, despite .Johnson, the man he wanted to Investigation proved that the f, e i d j s separately provided for, bis hard-won primaries and his supjxirl and the man from whom '' oom was operated by R o b- and there is, in addition, a well-demonstrated ability to win i, e asked campaign conlribu- l ' rt 'I'i'oulnian Jr., an Atlanta at- broadly phrased paragraph which votes. He had si>en what hap- ,j Ons . Johnson sent one of his 'oniey. long backed by the Ken- savs: pened to Sen. Estes Kclauver a idt-s to North Carolina lo see ne(1 - v family; by J. W. "Taxi" -^ ,, Pw Democratic admin- jn 1952 when Estes beat the |, u ,,. nm things had changed. Smilh, former mayor of Alba- istration will broaden the scope bushes and won the primaries, T| le future governor was cool ">'• ( ' a ; Country Johnson, can- and strengthen the powers of the only to be undercut by the bij; as a cucumber. He was not in- did.iic for congress from VaJ-. Nri . se ,,t icivii Rights) commis- CJty bosses. ' len-sied in Johnson: he WHS not dosla. Ga.; and Billy Langdale, s j on iind mii ^ jt permanent. Its So Kennedy's deals were made interested in campaign funds. He '" " u> turpentine business in>functions will be to provide as- before he got here. And they were did say he would call Senator Valdosta. isistance to communities, Indus- lieiiiu'd.v 'OlMifrveri*' uries, or individuals in the im- Soine of this group had come lamentation of constitutional cracking the j k . ,,,. xe r did Sanford uent to tl|J "' Wl ' sl vir « inil1 dul ' in K lne rights in education, housing, em- Los Auueles arrived al 9 n m I < l '"'"<v-Huinphrey primary as pioymwit. transjwrtaton, and the a( Kennedy "observers" to see,administration 0 ( j Us tic P ." ; 1 ' was KoitiB on. They were 1 (« 0 ,,|j |j^ Bis »"*u« also vxorking on Ernest Hulling*, There are neighborhoods in ihe pro-M'«r«'tjalioniKi aovemor ol., nan y Aniencan cities where rac- .South Carolina, to come out lor j a | discrimination prevails. The K«'iuieily. L'niled Slates Supreme Court his braves into council on the who was killed by barbaric Ecu. hills up about where Fail-mount |ador Indians now makes her Place is now. He demanded the | home with her husband's mur- (derers. Mrs. Marjorie Saint wh> ..... ... , -•— — — —was recently in London to speak ° ^"! ° "",...„_!*"! . Il . is dear "' om the . way the jMils to catch copperhead snakes on the life she leads in the Ecuador wilds explained, "The Indians thought we were trying to harm them. Now I am carrying on my husband's work." * till I • I * tfi L ' nedy huddles in smoke-filled SltXi.OOO of campaign expenses in-Hotel hung out a shingle South-, mcnt jn order to fulfill the re- destruction of this great bird. rooms in other cities, but they his first primary - more than ern Hospitality" and proceeded qu i rem ents of "equal access"? i Th e Indians went out in the was recently in London to speak arrows in. The kill was well planned. Soon Dinner Bell Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Beverage 4 Corned beef DOWN ITry 9 Persian ruler 3 Vegetable 8 on the cob 4 Cheerful 12 Type t Toward the meaiurec sheltered side 13 Ontury plant 6 Salad plant 14 Awry 15 Drink slowly 16 Enduring i Ml n "1U i" h'Mlrll i Wfrllll-J 7 Edge 8 Walking stick* 26 Canadian 18 Fur hunl«r 21 Beam 22 Discord « 4 For instance, the newly nominated go verm > i of North Carolina, Terry Sanloid, arrived in Los Angeles at 9 p.m., called a press conlerence for 9 »lle did not consult other North Car- Justice Department once- indict oljna delegates He knrv\ ixuct ed him in connection vulli al Jy what he wanted to say, and le^ed ;;ovrriinicnt etmtiact li- whetl he wanted to say it. He an power to en-1 the! b; is . , bad iiuulint;. but t.iwr. beat , "° tt '""'"? IT '""I ' U1 , U conter- au a^msi .sen. Joseph The "southern hox|. room al Hie Hillinure \\i-ll .sujj|jlied uilb bourbon and : the monu.v to buy it — until thuse wishes ol priv i» liiad ii niadi OIK mistake. Thi'.\ ,MS This could litit up a sinn in the lobby of the sue in the coming 'Billmore \\heretipon ull Hit? Already the lu>lies who do/.e on the park | K1 ve animuncHl openly that they iH'iicht - ni Pcrsliiiin Si|itare souyhi ivpudiute the platform, me rap. oul •• MJll ii lo ,. n hospiiiiliiy." n u? desire of the plutform- e sei '' That \\as the end. Even south makers to win the votes of Ne. .. . . K- , , » ni-i j i u' ' ''"' '"ONpiiidiiy of the Kennedy-gro and other minority groups |Wd with Kennedy* m !\«nh former mayor of Philadetphiu. b ,, u|d wafc ovei , ttx , d . Tne roon , * m create new conflicts with the governoi admu.ed also a Deniocra. uas ||(nlid ou , r , 0 Uov^nwr j other groups which have hither- Oked. Wtol w«* BOI .d- . Bui,by Baker, r,«h-hand man i,oll, nK . of Sou.h Carolina. to supported the Democratic & fOitted and was not known, Lyndon Johnson, had several J. fver, it that, some tune lx?foie, talk* with (iieen He wa» liu-nd fajui sent word lo Sen ly J'enns.slvania's voles would Joltiuun through hi* not go lo Kennedy. Hut in their former KUhuolmule, Robert K>d last talk (jieen was nol Ineiid Wiq§ 4 Who wcrkfi in the *cii.iit ly. The boss ol I'lnlaili'lphia cl;iin that bf would be for Jotui^un lued U|> Ldlei it leaked out Dial Kadwto* added that Saiilord (iK-erts delegates: had switched up some big cum to Kennw<y AiiDtiiei pail ol llu- , 6 said the federal and state , 27 Health resort ' • Cui-ved molding 10 Incase H Seine* 17 Lives IB French capital U Grades 24 Chalcedony 39 Wild ox tfCelelx* peninsula 87 Declaration 28 Man's nickname 29 War god ol Greece 31 Tidier 41 New York city 42 Boy Scout trip 43 Mr*. • Roosevelt'* first name 44 Let it stand 46 Exposed 33 Musical (tudy 47 Refrigerator 38 Take 48 "Pearl of th» advantage Antillej" 40 Meat dUbM 60 Fold The ti ,. M ,„ he ocvu . )ied it ,„„ n , sllu , T()(J limnv )ush . ' ticket. Senator Kennedy, as the party nominee, would be on the es pounded on Ihe door de- ijjol it asked whether he sup- niandinu more "hospitality." DC-i ports wholeheartedly the provi- N>uc that Oovcuior Hulliim!-,sioiis of the platform quoted r.anc out tor Kenned) UK anoth-j above. 11 he does, it could cost the Kcimi'd) psycho- 30 Heart duette 32 Sway 34Wak«o* 35 Landed property 8CG«nn«o article 37 Sacred bull 39 Shoshonean 40 Stalk 41 Poem 48 Hurry Uve «fComt uninvited 81 Old Frwcb com n Wu awtre S3 Bewildered 66 llll) him the South and some northern slates as well. ii. laou t\ Y. llciulU lnbuiie, founder 57 Musictl For the tie that binds Thj* servants in Christian love, O God, we thank Thee and ask Thee to strengthen it. Take away from us all envy and suspicion and whatever else would weaken these bonds of fellowship. As there is one body, one spirit, and one hope of our calling, one Lord, one faith, one God and Father of us all, so committees bodies" of the party, and by im- P lic « tio " to *!»""< 'he Congressional leaders lor rebuffing Hut- jler-s creation. i Whether he will get away with i P. B. COUSLEY. Publisher and Editor Subscripilon Price 30 cents weekly Mail Mibst ripiions not accepted In where carrier delivery Is available may we henceforth be all of one I did not have to be asked if he this remains to be seen. Apparently in an effort toj Entered 11 second class matter at guard against a challenge of his proposal, he has allowed no one to see a copy of it. He drafted it himself, and it is supposed to be closely guarded secret. Convention Starts Governor Luther Hodges was one vice presidential hopeful who heart and one soul. May we, with one mind and one voice, praise and glorify Thee; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. (£> I960 by the Division of Christian Education, National Council of the would like to be Senator Kennedy's running mate. The North Carolinian, who declared for Kennedy before the convention, sent word to him through for- the poat office at Alton. III. Act ot Congress, March 3, 1879 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Ihe Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited In this naper and to the local news published herein. MEMBER. THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Contract Information on application at the Telegraph buslnesi office. Ill Bast Broadway. Alton. III. National Advertising Representatives: the .lohn Budd Company. New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta, Dallas a, n ,-. ~ .. ew reans San Churches of Christ In the u. S. A.) mel Governor Dennis Roberts, AnVeie. and Seattle. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By J08KI-H dispel by paying the debt. Psychologist E. H. Barnes, National Accounts System consultant, said recently, "You can't get away from the use of fear in collecting bills ... we can only offer relief from anxiety, and therefore the collector has to make sure that a certain amount of anxiety is present." tiie bruin improve with ugef Ausuer: The brain acquires nore knowledge as we get older, but apparently reaches its peak of creative effectiveness about age In a study of 101 significant contributions in chemistry, Dr. H. ?. Lehman, Ohio State University, ound that 48 per cent were made before their discoverers had reached age 33, and 87 par cent were made before age 45. He Are all women durlutf i Answer; No, but women who do not know what physical and emotional symptoms (hey may reasonably expect are likely to experience periods of depression. The onset of menopause may vary as much as <jO years, and then Jttttu/ai symptoms (fatigue, impatience, short temper, etc.) begin j unexpectedly, they often cauwj 1* ptiycliolujfy useful IM collecting doliiff Aosuer: It can be if proper- anxiety and depression. If a woman minted out that Einstein's most ly applied. The basic approach Knows tlie^ are normal and tranji- innoi tant theories on relativity of many collection agencies is toi'y she usually etui remain cheer- vere worked oul and reported the creation of tear and anxiety ful even when symptoms are an- il his mid-twenties. in the debtor, which he can only noying and unpleasant. 1W, Kln« Ftaiur** SyutJ., inc.) '

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