Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 2
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PAOfc TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH South Fails to Change StrongCivil Rights Plank Religion Remains An Issue B.v RK1.MAN LOS ANGELES (APt -The Ts- CLEARING AM) COOLER Scattered <ho«<>r* ntid thunderahow- ginia* and Idaho. ers a r»> foriM-Hst toniRht for the southern expected tor the Qreat Lakes, Ohio part of thr Ohio, Tennessee and Missis- valley, upper and middle Mississippi sippi valley*, eastern portion of the Valley and eastern palins. (AP Wfre- soulhern plains, western Ne\V York and photo Map) Florida. It \vill be warmer in the Vir- Stevenson Cheers Give Illinois Delegates Pause Bv NORMAN WALKER LOS'ANGELES (API — rx»mo- jerats hope to move back into the White House on a platform be-i moannd by Southerners for itsj strong stand on.civil rights The; Southerners tried to knock outi the plank hut failed. The plnlform, adopted by the! [Vniocr.'itie Notional Convention 'Tuesday night, covered much i more than civil rights. It vvns a ; 15,000-word statement that ac- !cused the Republicans of Inking j nn eight-year "holiday from his-j RUP raised by Sen. .Tohn F. Ken itory." ;nedy's religion hung over the But the civil rights debute, al- Democratic convention today as ; 'though less hitter than previous i the moment neared for balloting ones in Democratic history, en-jon a presidential candidate livened the session in the Los Kennedy is a Roman Catholic., Cooler Weather Is IAHRPIPS Sports Arena. ,That will both help him and hurt i After an hour of wrangling, i h'm. as he himself analyzes it. He Gov. Leroy Collins, the cotwen-isn.v* the two ivndlons will cancel tion chairmnn, called for a vote ^m'h other. But the issue is there. on a Southern proposal to! Telegrams urging delegates not eliminate the civil rights plank.!to vote for him, because of his Collins listened to the ayes and!"'"'Kto^ "™e reached several noes and decided that the Southi R( ate delegations. had failed. ! Three Baptist clergymen aw Alton and vicinity ing cloudiness this Decreas- i Call for Vote : trying to put before the conven- afternoon. "»• — "" vnto! tion a petirion-with 500,000 sig- Cooler with high in the mid 80s. Then Collins called for a vote _ _ iu _ ___ ' : ^ By CHARLES WHALEN LOS* ANGELES (AP) — Adlai Stevenson's appearance at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night brought on a flurry of speculation among the Illinois delegates as to its signiOcanoe. The prevalent view, expressed privately, regarded Stevenson's visit to the hall as a swan song in the presidential nomination picture. This opinion, however, was not Rhared by some delegates, including former U. S. Sen. Scott Lucas, ! Clearing and cooler tonight with I low B5-70. Thursday sunny and ! pleasant. High 80-85. 1 Extended Forecast on adopting the entire platform. He received almost as many noes! say—opposing any Catholic for president or vice I vm I C»II I IVJiSI W.-3 1 I icill^ i n**~ %-j i til as aves. In fact, some listeners IP 1 ™"™- „ . .' • ' Several speakers have alluded publicly to Kennedy's religion. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt i Illinois - Temperatures | average around 6 degrees be l ow ! Bre p 1( , c | i^ ruling K on the platform thought there was| i more volume to the noes. i ! But Collins didn't hesitate. He' ; i announced that the platform had I *' ro fa v « ra Adlai L _ Stevenson for . a(J , pd Chei>rK gnd catpalls! the nomination told ^a news con- 'ferencc thnt although the religions Cop Killer Wounded, i™ 1 - 0 -- h ja, M «:°J!< K1 ^^'«^_. «»? *&„*•,, ±E, £Jrrr Near Death I north and 88-91 south. Normal low 61 to 66 north and 64 to 72 south. Cooler northern sections tonight and entire area Thursday, warming slowly again about Sunday or Monday. Precipitation verbal missiles at President Eisenhower's administration and promised to bolster America's! military, political,-economic and! moral strength. One poke al (be GOP went this part in the political picture so tar, she did not know whether Ihisj would still he the case going into November, thc election month. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, himself a candidate for the, WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1960 - . . J ^_ J ___ JM _^^ M ^» M »,Ma««M*MM^h ••••^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' HazardSpote Found in Piasa Sewer In his first inspection tour within the Plasa trunk sewer. south of W. &th St. Tuesday forenoon City Engineer Thomas f, Griffin found two or three spots, which he reports, require immediate remedial attention. He plans to determine the scope of the needed repairs in s subsequent check In which surveying instruments will be used. One of the deteriorated spots. said Engineer Griffin Is In the area near W Bth and Plnsw where thr arch has been affected by a complex of enterlric sewer lines and a condition in viting a lerions breakdown \ • - i v/nt* IHJKf rti intr \jvr wriit uiir* ,. . . ._ , UNION, N.J. fAP) - Michael I will total one-tenth to one-half way . ..\v e Democrats believe that nominn " on ' said Tupsd »y : "™"° H '" <h " w -« "'»'"' LEOPOLD?ILLE SCENE A white ni:in, hands up and holding ceding it is helpless in checking imitin- shoes, inarches into army headquarters ous Negro soldiers—asked the United Fekecs. a Hungarian refugee central ^d south portions | ou ; rronomy can am , must gmw {proved in the West Virginia pri- at gunpoint of native soldier in The States to send troops to help restore Qf wlw has been associated wtthj™"* ° { murdering six persons. stop-Stevenson m o v e s in pastjlay in a coma on a hospital bed years. •- lioclay, a policeman's bullet lodged "It was all a pre-arranged 1 jn , h(? base of hjs sku ,, demonstration intended to give Stevenson a boost but it won't do any good," Lucas told a reporter. Other delegates who agreed wi Lucas said they thought the tremendous demonstration for Stevenson was aimed at hurting Sen. John F. Kennedy, who has a Jin showers and thunder showers. at an average rate of 5 per cent e Qf Jhp ,„ th(J . heavy bloc of votes in the Illinois delegation. Delegate-at-Large Stevenson's headquarters early Thursday with little or no j „„„„„„ almost twi( , e as fast as precipitation expected Friday j^,,. average annua i rate since Fekecs tried to shoot it out with two policemen on a dirt road in a wooded area. j He fired a volley of wild shots! before being brought down by a bullet fired by Union Patrolman; 'Walter Leamy. had Fekecs, 25. a lover of sports; announced earlier in the day he would show up for the evening's convention session. Stevenson is a delegate-at-large from Illinois but took no part in the state's caucus Sunday which gave him only two votes. When Stevenson finally was able to make his way through the surging mass of people, he shook hands with Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago and engaged in a lengthy conversation with him. Most of the talk in the Illinois delegation was turning to the vice presidential nomination, with Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri getting the preference cars, formal clothes, and jazz, records, was being sought by- police for questioning in connec- through Monday. Little or no precipitation expected northern sections Thursday through Monday. Optimists Seat New Officers 19S3. We pledge ourselves to poll- marj' that Protestants will vote for a Catholic. Now we want some of the Catholic states to prove they'll vote for a Protestant." cies thai will achieve this goal without inflation." Congo city of Leopoldville Tuesday. He was accused of possessing arms. During the day The Congo government—eon- order in the former Belgian colony. (AP Wlrephoto by radio from Paris) In a speech before the Ameri- But Johnson also said: "Our party is not going to veto a man „, ..,,,, ,, ii j , :or vote for a man because of his The civil rights plank called for federal injunction powers to enforce racial equality in voting education and employment, and W;tshington )as , AP £, 21 Kpn . an end to federal aid to segre- npd fe(m , ed {Q ^ ' gated housing projec s. ..^ appcalingi as is too lf)0ft Dp-fldlinP ; • " ~ ;J 2LX ZL53° H ^^ '••«—'•• ± tond be the P dead i a vote exists-which I doubt - I But Tuesday they begar Convention Gets Some Life As Fights 'on Floor Begin By SAl -L PETT LOS AXGKLBS (APt — For and Peter Lawford. who wandered around wearing buttons which • WillB*S«iUp At Abel Hull e it looked like the Demo- said. "Bent Khrushchev." Another Condition about which ; he is extremely apprehensive. said (Jirtffin. is in (lie wall of an iold section of the trunk he- tvveen \\". Sth and the foot of \V. 9lh street hill. Th' 1 arcli there remains intact, he report*, but the lower portion of the sidewall should have attention to avert a collapse. i Both the hnxard spotfc arc in | sections of the sewer that pioh- jahly are more than a century iold. The one* near nth and Piasn is in a part of the trunk appai- enlly built about the lime the jfiM & O stone freight house was ! erected at the very start of con- ;struction of the railroad about i 109 years ago | General condition of the old i trunk was "about what I e\i peeled" after stiirtyinp reports •of past surveys and photographs made with the trunk sewer. Mr. Grittin said One of his plans, Gnftin revealed, is lor a survey that can he used for rerurnriq inspection* of the sewer. By using an , up-to-date survey as a basis ot reference, he explained, it will be possible to determine any slippage of the sewer and head- otf trouble before it can eventuate. At the outset of his tour, yev .Tim Patsche was installed school district. -- .„„ . ., „_ nroe j H ~nt tion with me ( slaying of too PoUce-|Tuesd a y mghi a Precent men in Highland P,ark last Sun-Alton. Area Club day. The search gathered momentum Tuesday after Middlesex County Prosecutor Edward J. Dolan said that Fekecs had killed the two policemen and had slain four other persons on a North Brunswick estate last January. Doctors at Elizabeth General Hospital said the bullet had caused a massive brain hemorrhage and Fekecs was not <?.x; peeled to live. 11960-61 al a banquet in the Terrace Room of Stratford Hotel. State Sen. William Connors of; Fekecs was picked up Sunday Chicago said bin choice for the 1 for driving with a revoked opera- No. 2 spot—from the standpoint of vote appeal—was Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas. Connors and others continued to complain about thc scarcity of admission tickets available to the delegates for their families and friends. Gale Irahhrrs a plan to get his wife and child Into the convention today by Having them march behind a Kennedy band. The Illinois delegation hasn't held any get-together since Sunday's caucus, leaving the members free to enjoy the California weather and take some sightseeing trips. Two Springfield delegates—V. Y. Dallman and Roscoe Bonjean— attended a reception Tuesday given by J. Edward Day, who served as state insurance director when Stevenson was governor. Day, an insurance executive here, is a Kennedy delegate from California. At today's convention session, the state delegation is expected to take another vote on the presidential candidates. The prospects point to Kennedy increasing his Sfl'-ii vote total by at least two or three votes. Former Gov. John Stelle. who bad been counted in Symington's column before he switched to Kenru-dy in Sunday> caucus, said stale party nominees Iold him they belifU'd Kennedy .uould be t help to their ticket in 1 tor's license. The two arresting Franklin Township patrolmen, George Dunham, SI, and JohnLe- bed. 30, took him to his apartment so he could get $250 for bail. The policemen later were found slain on the floor of the one-room 'apartment. Each had a .32-caliberj bullet in his right temple. Thej murder weapon and Lebed's .38 Robert Foster was chairman of the event. Installation of officers was conducted by Jerry Walters of Granite City, past lientenant governor. AJ Klaus opened the evening with the invocation. Walters then installed board members who will serve for two years. They are Ed Hayes, Andrew Hogue and Rev. Frank McDuffee. Gene Barnett will fill a one-year vacancy on The Red Cross Bloodmobile -;crats we,v Ko in K to R ivc us a, Temporary Chairman Frank ;sr ' onsored b - v Al'on-Wood Rive, i Church, (lie boy senator from Ida- Chapter of American Red Cross, terday. E'ngineer Griffin said it Prnrt-imation should be the dead-!" """• —«>.o—-..«.,. * v,u uul — , Bllt i U eso,iy iney negar to act'ho, begged the delegates to clear will be stationed Thursday at; waK the firs) ste f m minimum Hne for at least first-step compli-i want f ° mak " ° no thing clear >»> Democrats. They began to, the aisles. They didn't. He gol .„=.. ronf1ition „, Abp , H all ' 28 oi ;program for Piasa trunk ltv ance^Mhd^£tioin ™> gain: I want n ° votes solely ° n i«g"t, ™d and threatened to call the *" ™ n ' 1 " on ' ?ti Abp| " a "' 28 ; J • spections. and that, if condition* , , , . ! I 8 h J i account of my religion. Any voter, ! The day started with a debate, t . ops . But the aisles remained. 12 - Broadway, from U noon Iv • indicate the need, more frequent dubbed a "rights i Catl ' olic or otherwise, %vho feels I between candidates Lyndon B. i clogged as if it were dollar-day 6 p.m. i inspections will be made to program covered I anpthpr candidatc would be a su ' Johnson and John F. Kennedy.; at Tiffany's. since no organixation xvill be kee P an accurate tab on the . on matters ' pen ° r president should s «PP°i't They met in something less than; But it was Gov. Leroy Collins . riliren _ jnr , f i, it vi .. if thf , „-„ 'dition of the ancient duct. .;t"*t candidate I do not want any!mortal combat. The day ended at!of Florida, the permanent chair- "P 0 ™ 0 ""* tms Vlslt ' lhf gen ', "" "'"" "'"" " '" '" '"' convention hall with Democratic man, who had the 7-oughesl time eral P U|)I "' , ls UI '8 etl lo partici-; \egroComnuinilV delegates fighting over civil holding or finding his audience, pate. Mrs. Orville Henry, ex me i and irrelevant reasons. peace otfensive with a revamped foreign policy aimed at winning eventual world disarmament. The platform also made a Most of the opposition to Kennedy, on religious grounds, ap- jpeared to be coming from Southern states. rights. It was almost like old'He stopped himself, pounded the ecutive director of Alton-Wood j Obherve* Birthday times. strong vote-baiting bid to farmers | of A , abama jssued fl statenienl Former Gov. James E. Folsomj sues Johnson, the gray fox of Texas, | to alight somewhere, invited Kennedy to debate the is- Then he was upstaged i gave), and begged the delegates River chapter said. At least 125' 'units of blood are needed to by meet the quota for this one-day Eleanor Roosevelt. Her entrance operation, she added. It proved to be a heart-warm- brought a big roar while delegates and labor unions. It promised a She said blood available from pledged repeal the boa I'd. work laws. Other pledge? included federal! •aid to education, housing and;^ officer» j snia jj i3 Us j ness; help for econom-l Harry Buck, first vice-| ically distressed areas; a Installed as new were; president and boys work chair-1 federal minimum wage; health 1 man; William Hamer. second i e are insurance for the aged under j vice-president; Del Hise, secre-lthe social security system; and; nationwide uniformity in unem-: MOUND BAYOU, Miss. (APi- oldest all-Negro community in the United States has observed its 73rd birthday. Founded July 12, 1887. JVJoujx! jBuyou was first settled by Isaiafc |T. Montgomery and Benjamin 'J i Green, former slaves of Confedor usage re-, a tp President Jefferson Davis. This year's observance Tuehdaj "If you voteicouMn^ se e "them"" needle each i uie'^onJenlion so" far.'Afte"r"get- Thf ' Rlowi P''«wam ""• 1939-1 included a pilgrimage to the foun- can come back; other- But thev did . - ting in and out o{ th(> crowd at 60 fell short of its quota by 588 i dens' graves, an anniversary pro- no home) but only Kennedy wondered out loud • the convention headquarters, he units - a ™l '' »* VP 'V important | gram^and a barbecue. $1.25 ' K enou 8" to P ack V 0 " 1 ' ba ss-" about candidates who don't enter!said, "I know who will be nomi-:<}™' each month's quota be metj j^ d i a plans" to establish it« Dr. L. A. Mosely, an Alabama | o{ niutua i admiration. era! sanction for state right-to-, del(?gatej sajd he h ; d recpiwd huge. 20-minute ovation. * ]e &* m %hich « ld - a It was so moving you almost, Adiai got off the best crack of mn . lnv ' lf ;l hit ' h l<n ' f?L One delegate said he cooked up P rf»- -—n ^ T oV» r rc « want at arms. ployrnent benefit paymentB. caliber service revolver were missing. Dolan said ballistics tests showed the same gun used to kill the two Following the installation the j gavel was turned over to the, new president who called a^ board meeting for Friday. ; policemen was used to kill four) Chairman of the evening, Bob persons on the estate of Dr. Fran-1 Foster, then extended thanks the Illinois. Van-iiu* Ke NEW YORK (APi - A company says a new antinolio vaccine, more powerful than the Salk shot*, in ready tui use. Merck Sharp & Dohine announced Tui-sda> ilia! cis Clarke last Jan. 26. RedsCharge U.S. With Aggression MOSCOW 'API - Thc Soviet Union today accused the United States of trying to undermine the freedom of the newly independent Congo. A statement by Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko 'declared the United States, along with Belgium and West Germany, is commitingj aggression against The Congo. He uVmuiKk'd that the United Nations act. The statement was delivered to the chief diplomatic representa- . lives of NATO powers. The statement, one step short of a lull difss diplomatic note,' chaiged thai "Belgium, with the} I support of the United States. Brit- iaiu. France, and West Germany, UK has undertaken armed inlerven- and appreciation on behalf of the group to retiring president, Mike Millikin. Millikin was presented with a past president's pin in appreciation of his twoi terms in office. Walters tbeni closed the meeting with the! benediction. DaveyFirm To Aid City In Clean Up Final work of clearing the cltv streets of fallen trees and $999,000 for Scott AFB Is Approved primaries, which Johnson didn't. | nated—it will be the last survi-'in order to reach the yearly j fust free trade zone at Kandla Johnson innocently remarked on<'vor." blood quota, she concluded. Port, the importance ot a good Senate attendance record, which Kennedy hasn't had lately. TOM THRIFT SAYS WASHINGTON dent Eisenhower signed a bill) Tuesday appropriating $994,855,000 Meanwhile, back in the convention hull, the second session moved along will) all the alacrity of a dying elephant. Speakers got the same rapt attention Americans — Presi- usually reserve for TV commer- i dais. The delegates milled in the ; for military construction in the | fiscal year that began July 1. I The total is $193,955,000 below ' the President's budget request and $346,271,200 less than was appropriated a year ago. aisles. They clustered around TVi men clustering around somebody! The remainder of the evening ! branches from the windstorm Illinois projects included in th. of two .weeks ago will be expe-| D '" arc ' : i dited with assistance of Davey 1 Navy — training center. Great! Tree Co., it was announced to- | l-' alwls ' utilities and ground im-'; day by City Manager Graham I provemenls, $l,:il7.000. ; Air Force -Scott Air Force, iase. Belleville, operational and; each other posing with Franklin' D. Roosevelt Jr. and other cele-, jbrities to impress the folks back! < home. They ogled Frank Sinatra spent dancing to the music of the Ronnie Klaus orchestra. Alton Optimists will host the Eighth District board meeting w War< with headquarter* at ibc Sli-iit-j Tne Davev firm was retained Red Who Shot Down I'. S. Plane Honoml MOSCOW <APi — Capt. Vasily YOUR DOORWAY INDEPfNDENCE i i it i *ti v r > 111 111 >v no i\rirtili(.Ui -...»,, vf**^«u i tuou j caiui .• • " ford Hotel on July 30-31. .lae.kjr ol . wor fc starting yesterday for!'" ininiunit y facilities, $999,000. Polyakov, me Soviet fighter pilot Reed, chairman ot the event, j removal ol broken and danglingi Army Reserve—reserve cen-' who shot llown ^ American RB47 said thai 200 people will attend] tree limbs, he explained. Pur- Uie meeting. dun m the international affairs ol The Congo." "This colonial intervention dotes of the killed virus- type of drug haw !>een released by the U. S. Public Health Service. High-risk areas <>t tin South and Soutbwest will be given priority on order*, said tiie rom^m In th* interest oi smog prevention, no more su-am loconio will be U*ed at lln railroad station to Johannesbui g AfrlH. state elected Flo:n to the bi'iii ti ri tbe fusil state to elect wonUUI Suiprerne Court judge .HO* E- Sittic 'Hie Congo (jives new proof that i some powers, and in the first! placP the United States, wants to follow tl* dangerous road of aggression and provocation," it said "The grave reporwibilil.v before mankind lies on the leaders of the Western circles. In thib threatening situation in The Congo, the United Nationi* must take all measures- for the cessntion ol aggression and the re-esiahlisinnenl of the full sovereign rights of tin iiidi'funuJc'Dl republic of The (.on- SO." The diplomats were callwl in *- by one to hear the Rand Concert Program Thursday, Riverview Park. < p.m.; Sunday. Rock Sprint; Park. 8 p.m. Martha Rein- hiirdl and Sigmund Reid, vocal M>lui«tS Jean McCormifk. directoi ; posp of the work is to relieve haxards from loose and dangling limbs in a manner that mini- mi/e or correct damage to shade trees on the streets. The Davey firm has some automotive equipment, but the city trucks and drivers will handle some oJ the hauling and f ooper ate with the Davey men in 'he \\oik now in pioeiess, saH thr t-.-r, Marion, training facilities, reconnaissance plane July 1, has !ii8i!,()00. I been awarded the Order of the Naval Reserve air station, | Red Baniier ' Moscow papers an- Gler.view. operationnl facilities, jnounced today. S129800 ° i "~yjipan"~produced""$33?"mil'lior. Army National Guard--arm-. VV nrth of television receiver;, i/iy Springfield, $50000 ,, ist year In addition, the secretary ol : ^s !h( N&vy if authorized to con- •tiuc? 2511 family housing units a< the Great Lakes Naval Train- ! iif Center March "Purple Carnival" .................. Alluicl Selection "Say Dwrling" ............. ....... Stynt Modern "China Do!)" . . ....... ..... Anrierson Rpfjuine "Begin the Beuuine • er - Cora! is made dp of limy sktil-: In a hripl lepoit tc the trorn-,<=( O ns o! untold numbers of tiny, heis ot the C'i!> Counejl Mon-'geo ur,;mals ' day Manager Wad estimated!- : the ,,:v tc thr nty of the I, a *•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••» ^ GITY COUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT, 7:30 P,M, Support . Good Government ALTON CITIZEN* FOR BKTTUK (.OVKHNMEN'I Concert March "Hal! ;! Fame" Q'.n'nH'iti Sacred ''Billy Sunday v Sue cesslul Songs" Arr Fillmnie March "Vanished Army" '. Ailorrf Tango "Bine Tango" Anderson Voral duet "Lcve's Old Sweet Song" Molluy Martha Reinhardt and Sigmund Reid Mfjflern "Curtain al High'" Walteis March "Shield of Liberty ' RichurUs of «tcrm debris will be be- ween $20.00( and SSC 000 Manv. pick-ur of brunches *nd ^ T|U>: '.site: has reached 'he | s'M'f* ->n the ou'ei perimeter of i 'he e;tv hut there are renewed i hetipi- Df branches stiil to be re, n-.ovt'd trotn rriany relative ; '-lose in" streets A consider- iiabie par 1 ol this remaining lit' ter < a me from branches 'hat .'were b:o«en or, loosened ny the ''storrn. and which subsequently | fell to the ground or streets August is Uie popular month toi motor trave' in the United States. The average rooster will eat Hbout 90 pounds of leed in the course ot a year. ATTENTION FARMERS! II WE ARC BONDED FOR YOUR PROTECTION CONSIGN YOUR CATTLI, HOOt ANO SHKIP TO WILSON-SHIELDS • LIVESTOCK COMMHilON 60*. INC. \ | NotioaoJ Stock ftr*, Ul, Ttl. UP 4*3910 Every day Americans put $68 million into insured savings and loan associations like Germania Savings and withdraw $48 million for things they want and need. Save at Germania and you'll have your savings plus good dividends ... ready for things you want when you want them. Why not step through the Germania Savings doorway and open your savings account? Let Germania Savings be your doorway to independence. Autts Over $22,000,000 "WHIM THOUSAND! f AVI MILLIONS" ERMANIA SAVINGS AND LOAN 'IN l> V HO I»OOSI Largest Saving aiid Ituftn In il* Counties It S«rvM Mi loir IrtMlwoy Hwn t <M it 4i30 PrUayfttft

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