Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 13, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 \ear& CLEARING THURSDAY: Low, 67* High, 83 ((Lornptetft , Pftfe ?.) Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 153 ALTON. ILL., WEDNESDAY. JULY 13, 19BO. 26 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Pre** Protests on Wiseman Asserts Utility Tax Tax Won't Pass Reds Ask U.N. Session To Be Read Five protests against the proposed public utility tax have been received by City Clerk Paul Price for reading at. tonight's meeting of City Council. The ordinance, prepared by City Manager Graham Wall, at iei|uc*t of City Councilman Clyde Wlrcman. will be presented at tonight'^ meeting. As told City Councilman Clyde Wiseman today in a news release ex- utility tax will not be adopted in I pressed the opinion that a ! Alton In the "near future." elsewhere, in this edition of the An ordinance, prepared at.nature and the operation of the Wiseman's reijuest, is scheduled;controversial tax. to be Introduced in the Council 1 Equitable Taxation tonight. He desci-ibed n tax BCLLKTI* LONDON (AP)-The Soviet Union Wednesday night demanded an of the U.N. Kennedy Riding Crest as # Demos Get Ready to Vote Wiseman Indicated his requoHl i utilities as a for the ordinance had stemmedjablr taxation than taxes against incident. from the need for study of the proposal which, under Council rules, must he in the form of an property — particularly in the cnse of aged persons or other in-, divitiuals on fixed income. ordinance before it can obtain Despite the advantages of » the consideration which he deem- utility tax. Offending ~ Signs at Dam Down the Telegraph Wiseman said (>d "«*«wry. "wll-founded suspicion of thr the- titlllt'v tax "will not b,.^. " ls " e f / n|p:w ; however. .r«ibll.- toward tax,*" will pre. . .„ '. , . indicated he does not seek pass-vent adoption of thc new la\ adopted' m ih- near f«im*-; of „,„ „„„„„, , ax m mm , h „, , hjs ,.'„„,_ ,„. s; , j(| A sj j. Wiseman uants Mich a lav pro-: as „,. f|ws , 0 JcRsen ((|X prps . ( . a)|| , w|url|oll „, ,„,„,,,,, ,., w . s posal studied be.-au.r- urgent -.^^ ^ prO|)( , llv wv|wn ,_ mMj , h( , mad(? s|)oH)v ^^ (he need for such a 'ax might do- Wiseman said he has a person- new lax were adopted, lint no VL-IOP in the Culm- it *omo taM.,| (ns |j k( , for taxcs against pro- one could assure that properly latet, ate r«luwd bwausf of tw , 1y am | expressed thc opinion taxes might not creep up again in Aug. 1 of a favorite fishing spot litigation, he --aid today. that property taxcs arc approach- thr future. Wiseman declared, on the Missouri shore at Alton A petition of protest ha.- bt-t-ii inu thr level where ownership of He said the urgent need for uHl-»dam were removed by work- received, signed by D. D. Boat--property may brroiw unprofit- ily tax income might develop In'men this morning, right of 1214 Hazel St. and 2611able. Alton if tax rates arc dropped. 1 Thc signs slated thc area others: and a protest from AJ- Would Benefit Power Co. because of litigation or a cut in i would he closed "because ot van- ton East Side Association ot Opponents of thc ulilities tax rales is made upon the' recom-jism." Thc signs professed lo Mate's at-'have rhp authority of the U.S. Twr signs threatening closure Rodgers Park. N Rodgers. atvl see it as a switch, in effect, that inundation of futur Milton, signed by PI son, president, and Short, secretary. Also received were \V Rohi-i-. would benefit Union Electric Co. tomeys. Keith I. iaboul 540,000 a year but would do lomimim- er." j tuxes and ld I li : district engineer. i Some legal authorities kay that; Col. Russell Wilson, deputy U. 'disservice to the taxpay-,tbc ordinance provides that all' fees, such as inspec- Cations telling ol objections t.,; The electrir consumer would I lion fees, are to be subtracted the proposed tax from Down-. pay the new lax and also con-! from the franchise tax. town Business Men's Association jtijiue to pay the electric- rates! Would Be Kllnitnnted and East End Improvement As- j provided under the franchise.' They interpret this to mean, in sociation But with the introduction of the 'effect, that the franchise tax The fifth protest came from new tax the amount paid annual- would thus in effect be elimuiat- Mother M. Agatha, administr-i-lly by the company under the ed. tor of St. Anthony's Hospital, on (franchise would in effect be dis- Others say that the new tax, behall of the sisters and the lay.continued, according to some le- as an ultimate tax on the con-i S. district engineer at SI. Louis,j today told the Telegraph he hadj not known the signs had been; erected. He ordered them re-! moved. : Property Destroyed Ciicumstances that led to' erection of the signs stem from: destruction of U.S. property at i thc Missouri end of the dam, advisory hoard of the hospital.,'gal authorities who declined to sumo and not on the com- .spokesmen said. Fishermen have Stevenson Visits Floor, Gets 20-Minute Ovation Humphrey To Vote for Stevenson By JACK BEU LOS ANGELES (AP)—Democrats name their presidential candidate today with Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts riding a crest his backers believe will give him a first-ballot, victory. A rpstjve. noisy, and generally disorderly convention which exploded with an ovation for Adlai Iv Stevenson left the Massachusetts senator's major opponents | clinging to the cliffs of hope that j Kennedy's tidal wave will recede i quickly if it doesn't engulf them iat the start. i i But they had only a precarious | handhold. This was demonstrated ! by the fact that Kennedy had what LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sen.j was regarded as solid commit- Hubert H. Humphrey of, Mlnne- m(>nts o{ delegate votes less than sola announced today that he will > 20 short of the 761 needed for the nomination. Nobody ever came cast his Democratic National Convention ballot for Adlai Stevenson for president. that close in the past and then lost out. Humphrey said lie would vote This, moreover, was a conven- for Stevenson "in the belief that Uon thirsty for the wine of Nov- Adlai Stevenson is best qualified ember victory. As such it roared to serve as president at a timeM (s approval Tuesday night of a when the security of the .nation i Platform into which had been Levee Fees Hearing Continued EDWARDSY1LLE — The en. l>e quoted on the premise that pan.v itself, wouldn't affect the! additional legal study is neces- present franchise tax. sary to firm up this opinion Thr ."> per rent tax would yield So. some authorities say. the an estimated SLMJ.946 from Un- annual franchise tax would be ion Klecl ric. The consumer eliminated and the beneficiary'would pay Hint, in an increased would be Union Klectric rather rate. than the consumer. Yet the con- If me $$l\i:«.utj now paid out »l sumer would pay rates'that pro-,g e n c ra I company revenue is vide for the franchise tax and. eliminated, the company's in- on top of this, another utilities come thus would increase by ta - v that amount, while the new tax Today Wiseman said he. be- of about $241.000 would be pass- !becn abusing their privileges, particularly on the downstream side of the (him. where the sloping bank has been overlaid with «toiK' placed by hand. Fishermen lemove the stone and consti-uci benches of it for more, comfort and height while fishing over a protective fence. Col. Wilson noted the- problem of replacing rocks in the shore slope has been long-standing and costly. He said that it has been NEAR-RIOT GREETS ADLAI s at stake." LOS ANGELES - Adlai Stevenson, first of the aspirants for the Democratic presidential nomination to visit waves from amid the mob that surrounded him last night. His appearance completely disrupted convention busi- Judge Michael Kinney thisj^ thoroughly familiar with the morning after it was reported that attorneys for industry-objectors failed to agree on wording o£ a stipulation setting a "ceiling" on administrative costs. Scheduled for hearing this morning was a petition for allowance uf fees to levee distinct engineer Wilbur Stevens, which was continued until July 21 by Judge Kinney at the request of hrrwood"River~Draina»c and: 11 ™* the sentiment of the Coun- ed on to thc consumer. " :customary to assign a couple of r£t,£ h S IncludI i dl at thc I> resent tinic »« in °P" ^ 5 W ««* tax then would l? m ' wer *, "™ day . monun8 Levee Di.tuet hear ng. , K.ud.. on ^ tax; net the city about $190,000 from i °,. dl ^ I ^ le m , e ™pvomptu trig objections to attorney and i agajnst tne gross profits of utili i Union Electric What tlie tax | fifimn S benches-and put thc stone- engineers' fees and to the ram-' companies operating w ithin|telephones and'water would yieW! baek where " helonBS - mlssioners- annual report, wa* the dty He added however he : -and how much, therefore, would ! On &e upstream side of tlit continued generally by County.: believes Ule ^^ Council should be passed on to the consumer-! daui > the P ublic bas issued the isn't known. jlarge rock of the rip-rapped riv- .— _ jer bank. Tlie rock there was not | hand-placed, but it has been piled to hold the bank. Apparently, the public has been tossing the big stones into the river "... ' just to see the splash." authorities said. Official sources declined to comment on exactly who order- the convention floor in Los Angeles, ness for 20 minutes. (AP Wirephoto) New Comic Congolese Protest At Belgian Troops National League Routs American Leaguers, 6-0 announced Frank Rain, svho that he and Virgil Jaeoby ofj jn |h( , S( , cofld A | ksta| . Alton had been employed by «he Yankee stadium today. NhAV YORK — Home runs by Willie Mays, Eddie Mathcws, Stan powered thc National Leagurers to a 6-0 win over tlie American Leagurers fptnif at to rep- to hit. district commissionors resent them al the hearing. Rain asked leave of the court lo amend the petition for engineers' fees and for time to study the lime records of the engineer. When asked by an attorney for one of the Indus-: try-objectors whether there i cvrors would be an increase or de the sum requested,-out. Runnels flied to Skinner. wont in tu pitch for the Nation-.)ed the signs put up in the first) als Haiihen singled to field. Fox bunted safely. right! place. .Mino-! Following newsmen's queries so hit into double play. Hansen 'Tuesday afternoon, Col. Wilson j moved to third. Runnels struc others in the engineer office TWO HITS.I^ ec ' decl a Det ter solution thanj "posting signs could be found for the nuisance. SIXTH INMJS'G Mav Pthi t Sign Xatioimls—Staley xvent in to' °» the smooth rock bank at Telegraph 1 LEOPOLDVILLE, Congo OPi—Belgian parachutists cleared Leopoldville airport of Congolese soldiers in less than an hour I today in a brisk exchange of gunfire and hand grenades. One Release of TwoAirmen Demanded By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (APi-U.S. offi- hold little hope of Congolese soldier was killed and one wounded, civilians were wounded. Gen. Gey sens, commanding the | Belgian forces his face white Three Belgian in Leopoldville, with anger, said he was taking over the airport. Troops of the Force Publique— Congolese army—perhaps 200 of them, had moved into the airport 'earlier. They did not interfere I with the movements of refugees. 'But when a Belgian military plane landed with two wounded soldiers 'they refused to let Belgians take | charge of them. Instead they put command. Ministers freedom for two Air Force officers held in the Soviet Union after the shooting down of an American reconnaissance bomber on July 1. The expectation here is that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev will put the two men on trial on diarges of espionage in order to (promote his campaign against Walter Gaiishof van j American bases in Allied coun- rilory's 100,000 wliiles. The Congolese, though all armed, seemed to have no firm •nailed the toughest civil rights 'plank the party over adopted. \o \Valkonl Southerners interested in making a record for the home voters tried unsuccessfully to kill this declaration. But not a Dixie dele- gale lifted a foot to walk out of the hall, as many of them have done in I he past. The most patent explanation of tlus was that they didn't want to upset by a bolt whatever chano- Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas might have to get the top nomination. Despite Kennedy's formidable lead, campaign strategists for hii opponents one by one ticked olf their determination to place their favorites' names in nomination. House Speaker Sara Rayburn said he will offer Johnson's name with confidence the Senate Democratic leader will win out in the end. Gov. James T. Blair Jr. of Mis- der Meersch and August dej tries - i Sehrijver, who came here at the I The United States formally de-jsouri said he is presenting his fel- weekend to try to unravel the manded release of the two offi-jlow Missourian. Sen. Stuart Sym- |them under guard in the 'dispensary. cers Tuesday in a note delivered I ington, to the convention svith the to the Soviet Foreign Ministry by I belief that Kennedy is 70 to 80 | the embassy in Moscow. ! votes short of the 7C1 needed for Reports from troubled Thys-j The note rejected Soviet charges! tnt ' nomination. tangled Congo situation, flew back to Brussels. They were recalled for urgent consultations. airport! ville, where angry Congolese an HOWARD SI'AltBEK .Just in cast- you crease in R&in said he was unable to an- Mails filed to Mays. No runs, swer the question fully but lhal no hits, no errors. he did not contemplate any in- SECOND OWING crease in the fees sought. Nationals — Adcock singled out. NO RUNS, ONE LEFT. FIRST 1XMXG .Vitiofiulfi—Mays singled IHI. Skinner got an infield Aaion popped stole ihird. Mays was off ihird, Berra to Runnels loisrounded out. Banks got _. ..,.,_•,, Maikone—No runs two hits no! JnfieW hit ' Whlte nted lO' cra(>ks - Coh Ullson sald - Anoth - bcfore - Vuu be Kan readm ' v ' Mantle. NO RUNS, NO HITS.j 01 ' Slgn inay ^ l MSied no^hig; A softhearted guy who NO ERRORS, ONE LEFT. lthc , Public that govei-nment pro-| bjs work hon)e wjth him _ „ Americau. - Mans walked,;^ t f dould " ot be dest ^ ed O1 '! ly> baby anlmalB _ te the Mantle called oul on 'strikes. Power filed to Mays. Lollar grounded, out. NO RUNS, NO to Hansen. Mays |jitcn tor tllc American*. Skin- the downstream side of the dam. trapped IUM grounded out. Aaron :thc stone is lo be affixed solid iwith concrete grouted into the Congolese wore guarding some 200 white refugees. As rifle shots sounded, women and children ran screaming to lounge room. ! troops Tuesday took'-IS whites as hostages and jailed all the white officers at Camp Hardy, indicate the town is largely under the control ul the lhal the aircraft was on a spy mis- 1 Second I'lace sion similar to that of the U2 high-; Blair did not discount the pos- altitude jet which went down inability of a Kennedy cruncher, the Ural Mountains May 1. It was j even on the second ballot But he that incident which preceded the j shook off as premature sugges- didn't know it: the corners of a, trol ui thc mutinous military j breakup of the summit conference lions that Symington mi<*ht agree A baggage clerk i forces. A morning report, con- j and the development of bitter new i to take second olacc on the ticket thoughtfully placed a line of suit-jtrary to earlier information, said!cold war conflict between Wash-]' t:ases around a group. 'that several white women, most j ington and Moscow. Belgian parachutists burst!of them half naked, were held as through the front doors and three — Mino&o struck uy who brings Congolese soldiers headed for the Judge Kinney then set the July 21 date and, as neither Rain—acting as attorney for Harold G. Taliey, Alton, attorney for the district—and counsel tor taxpayers-objectors had to left, Mathews homered to tight, scoring behind Adcock. Mazeroski i fouled to Berra. Crandall grounded to Hansen. Law grounded to Run- HITS. NO ERRORS, ONE LEFT. SEVENTH tNMNG Nationals — Mathews grounded, Staley to Power. Neal flied j molested. The public — eraien — will continue using name- cen- i staircase. i wildly. They fired their rifles nothing further to present in the matter of a petition for partial L A j coc , k payment of Talley's attorney fees, court was ubout to ad- jnurn. However, upon the hesitation ol J. F. Schlafly Jr. of Alton, one ol the industry attorneys, the counsel for taxpayers-ob- Sationals - Mays homered nels. TWO RUNS, TWO HITS. NO to Minoso. Stan Musial, pinch ERRORS. 'hitting for Williams, homered Americans — Mantle popped | to right field. Burgess ground- Skowron singled to eu oul. One hit, one run, no i center. Berra grounded into ! double play, Law to Banks to Adcock. NO RUNS, ONE HIT, NO'went (ERRORS. :H |s. THIRD INMXti errors. Americans Lurry Jackson Ui to pitch for the Nution- Malzone walked. Hansen tu Mays. Fox Hied to commissioner's attorneys followed, presumably to jeutors suggested that perhaps industry would like a five-minute recess. A conference be* tween industry attorneys and the then discuss the proposed stipula tion setting the ceiling, the Telegraph learned. It was reported that another attorney for industry, Judge Fred Schuman of 'irunite City, wanted an opportunity to study the entire case "in the best interests ot his client," leading to the general continuance. Judge Kinney indicated today that none ol the oases would probably be set for bearing until September since lie is scheduled to take his vacation during August. deep to left. Skinner struck out. Aaron Hied to Mantle. Banks popped to Malzone. ONE RUN, ONE HIT, NO ERRORS, Amerloaus — Podres went in to pitch for the National League. Malzone bounced to Mathewb. Hansen singled to iefl. Kuenn batted for Ford and flied to Skinner. Minoso walked. Runnels walked. Murit, popped to Crandall. NO RUNS, ONE HIT, NO ERRORS. i OUHTW 1MV1NQ National*—Wynn went in to pitch for the American League. i Aaron. Ted Williams, plncn hitting for Staley, singled to that is, tlie fish- be permitted to the rocky shore which is a highly-popular spot since the fish bite well in the backwater eddies of the downstream side of the dam. TODAY'S CHUCKLE Summer is tlie time when lots of folks look lor a more com- Tho parachutists cornered sev- tral character ol "Byrd House," j enil Congolese soldiers on the roof was an exchange of which one Congolese The Telegraph's new strip. comic | and there gunfire in Bei-tie Byrd is the character- soldiei ' was killed • There were frequent bursts of a /.ookeeper who gives extra care to his youngster charges in need of special treatment. Antics of the "youngsters" I gun fire. Congolese soldiers scattered ini all directions. Paratroopers rounded up about hostages. There are practically no white people left now in the south Congo town of Luluabourg. Most have flown to Leopoldville in a fleet of hurriedly assembled aircraft manned by pilots from many nations under control of the Belgian airline, Sabena. Passengers included sick and wounded and pregnant I women. provide the laughs in Hie strip.'M) members of the Bertie's wife, Beckic, bears the lique. They refused tollable place tp do nothing. brunt of the animal and bird in-1 their arms at first but when Force Publo give up a 1900. General Features Corp. i ivasion. Belgian officer began counting j ... _,......,,-.,. ^ , Howard .Sparber is perhaps i they quickly handed them over. thirdl' jest known as the creator of the Standing in front of the airport, Wil-ldully and Sunday comic panel,!the AP correspondent could see i-lxris "Timmy." which enjoyed greai; Congolese- soldiers heading in puii- popularity with readers foriic across the airfield lo empty A middJe-aged woman passenger told an airline steward that, before she was rescued by Belgian paratroops, she had been raped 15 times by African soldiers. The RB47 which was accused by the Soviet government of violating its air space o n July 1 in the arctic region of the Kola Peninsula actually was never closer than 30 miles to the Soviet coast, the U.S. note declared. "It is therefore evident," thc note said, "that pursuant to instructions of the Soviet government, ail-planes of the Soviel air force wantonly attacked the American airplane over international waters with the admitted loss of that aircraft and of the life of at least one of the members of its second place on the ticket. T Sen. A. S. Mike Monrouey of j Oklahoma made it emphatic that Stevenson's name will be put on the ballot for the countdown which would be reached after time-restricted nominating speeches and the usual hoopla of banner-waving supporters marching and chanting about the hall. The convention got its first taste of the excitement delegates and spectators crave when Stevenson, twice the party nominee, paid an unannounced visit to the floor Tuesday night. • Surrounded by admirers and newsmen as he reached the outer gates of the convention area, the crew. light field, Malxone took bnse. Robinson ran for li.ims. Kaline ftied to Mays. walked. No runs, one hi,, three men left. Adcock flied bounced no hits, struck out. tp Mantle, to Hansen. no errors. Matthews No runs, Imide Mnttt* JSOiTOWAL . . . PACK 4 UOCIAL FAGK U t&QW* ..... PAGE 19 COMIC* PAGE 81 KAD10 * IV . . f AGE M OBJTl'AUY , . . PAGE M MABKIUT* .... PAGE W . PAGE Vt American* ~ Mantle Hied to Mays. Skowron walked. Berra struck out. Majgoue forced Skowron al second. No runs, no hits, no evrors. HFTH 1NN1KU N'atlouuU — Crandall popped to Skowron. Burgess pinch hitting for Podres struck oul. Mays dml- ed to Slwwroii. NO RUNS, NO NQ gftKOm •* Sian WlllUuni Burglars Get $496.95 s In Break-In at Midtown more- He City, than a decade. was born in Nuw York spaces beyond. President Joseph Kusavubu and Prime Minister Partlce Lumum- lart education at Cooper Union and! ba. of (he Congo Republic sent a Jan. W, lUl'l, received his I Brooklyn College. His first published works appeared in "Yank" magazine -during World War II. After the war, his work appeared regularly in practically every Burglary, in which an appar- nit midget-sued intruder parti ctpated, resulted in theft of V196.95 Irom the Midtown lav ern and restaurant at 1026 E. Seventh St., early today. The break-in wan discovered v.'hen a cleaning woman ar unved at 6 a.m. and' found a broken pane of glass In ( thj front door. She informed 'the pioprletor, Russell (Sinner by telephone, and he in turn called police. On Checking the buslnwH [ilace, Eisner informed police that $7445 was gone from me cash register, and about $42,' trom a cash box. Apparently nothing but the money was taken. 1'ullee iouitd that the bralcm dour measured only 9 by 14 inches and that an intruder apparently crawled through door how had opening to enter. A rear was found ajar, revealing the intruder or intruders departed. Also investigated by police wat, a breakin at Morgan Pis- trlbuttng Co. building at 1425 Pearl St. A policeman on patrol found a rear door open at 12:25 B.m, and this was followed by discovery lhal entrance had been made by forcing a window on the side of the building. Walter Halstenberg, manager, Investigated, and Informed police nothing apparently had been taken. An unlocked in the ot'luj* apparently had been opened by the Intruder. The safe bore a sign slating U was unlocked, but it appeared Ihe doubting burglar opened It to assure himself U uontaiued no money. , telegram charging to the Iliaf a United Congo Nations government request for aid by an international force is a onialisl plot." The "Belgian col- request was national magazine in the country, sent while they were out of town, being among the toy ten in "Col-j they Maid, lier's" in 194U. In 1947, he started' Lumuml Plan Group Approves 2 Godfrey Subdivisions E. A. •/ Burns and John "Timmy." He has vast and var ied newspaper experience to his credit, as well us book illustration, pamphlets and advertising. Howard and his wife, Jean, have three sons — Peter, Andy and Ricky. Recently, the boys sponsored a pet sliosv on Ihr Spur- l»er lawn in Morristown, N. J.— for the benefit u' the Community Chest (entry fee, 10 cents). Pel show* are not unusual in th« Sparber household.. They once had a worm show, giving pr&es for lite wiggliest, stretch- Bbt, etc. Tut? house in JVlurrUuwn is built into a wooded hill. Without moving IVoni hi* drawing board, Howard,, Sparber watches L'tic- couns, wuudchucks, birds and deer come to a watering hole oul itskie his studio window. Lumumba told Belgian government representatives here lo "get your Belgian troops back to their bases within two hours." But a Belgian spokesman said Belgium does not intend withdrawing its paratroops, who have restored order in Ellsabethville and to some extent in Luluabourg. They also are trying to safeguard the valuable port installation at Matadi. The Congo situation is so desperate thai Belgium intend* to continue using troops to prevent ot white livas and to restore order in disturbed areas, the said. Today's was the lu'bi show of fum; between Belgians and Qon- golese here since the outbreak of lhc Congolese army mutiny Dial has led lo the death oi 12 Eiuo- scores of Negroes and the flight of al least 15,000 ot the ter- Storey have submitted plans, to the City Plan Commission, of two proposed subdivisions in Godfrey Township within a mile and a half of 'Alton city limits. Thomas Griffin, director of public works, presented both plans to tiie commission at its told W. property north of it, /oned family residential. GM&O railroad officials Corporation Counsel John Hoeferl, they wish to meet with! thc pliiu commission and dis j cuss the plans set forth in the i Transportation report, part ofi the cilies comprehensive plan. former Illinois governor literally had to fight his way to the floor behind a cordon of policemen. 1 L'lit-er for Stevt'iibuii His appearance uwoke the previously lethargic galleries. They i whooped and hollered as they huv c had few occasions to do in this well-oiled convention. But a lot of voting delegates noticeabl) one- sal cm their hands. meeting Tuesday noon at Hotel ! u J'* lo ' !H ' e the »™n<ll«m*s north Freeman To Nominate Kennedy Stratford. Griffin said each plan had "lour structural imperfections, and thus failed to comply with city ordinances." The commission approved the plans contin- ,of 9th-street, to remove the tracks j LOS ANGEU2S (AP) — Gov. I from Reliance Whiting Co., plant | 0n ' ille L - Freeman of Minnesota north to the city limits, etc. said toilui he lmd bee » chosen to place Sen. John F. Kennedy's name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Freeman leads the 31-vote Min_ r nesolu delegation which had been 'cerning the railroad company j hanging — obviously fur trading plus any related subjects, and! Purposes, behind Sen. Hubert H. Robert Maucker, member of the commission, aoved that the commission, "enter into discussion with GMO on items set forth gent upon compliance with the in , he transportation report con- ordinances. ' Zoning oi' newly annexed ar- eus in the vicinity of Humbert that Mayor P. W. Day and any .| Humphrey. ' ' ' •....' -m ..... roud and the Beltline highway was recommended, by the commission to the City Council. The areas are: property of Piusu Oi) Transport, soiled lighl industrial; Bowl Haven and Logan's Dairy, zoned general commercial : (he residential area from the GM&O railroad trucks, mirth to buru's Ice Cream Co., loned one- family residential; and (lie Alton High School property and some one he designates included in the Maucker's motion was unanimously. should be discussion. "i" 108 *' governor has; bewi 01* of most frequently mentioned passed! a6 a vice "•"evidential clwice on a i Kennedy ticket. Major Day appointed a cum miltue, consisting chairman. Robert of Al Boyle, Muuckei. ttiul George Fischer, to determine a suitable route Uom Broadway to the Berm highway, when constructed, through the industrial area on east Broadway. " DATA AT THE I)AM s a in leuipeuuuit tui4tt>' 74" Kuei ii dwu ttt . O. Pool Ye.ieiU«y'» Hi«l> VI- IOM ugt tieluw t u.oi. hr*. to I a.m. Nuue. T

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