Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 12, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1960
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1900 The Telegraph's Dnflv Rnrfio Chart TUESDAY WWWHo s—saortt USD (NBU 5M KC (MBS) 7»ltC KMUX (CBS) fcC MVft RC 1610 RC N: Gordon D. Gordon .N UorniB: N F. LeniS Jt. IJ Gordon N I), iiui don U. t-uidon N N * W S:' N N: S N: Richard K. Richard N: Rlchtfd K. Rlchtrd N: S •',; Pe f. 8 Convention N: Richard K. Richard s Richtrfl K Richard Pejjl \: Richard K. Richard S: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Peng J. P«RS Pegg: N Sinn Off N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins :s: R. Shjp Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop i?ccord Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop N: R SHOP Record Shop WEDNESDAY Uoener .1 N Harm \'ogei Parm N: Wllltami G. Willlami clockwatcher (j. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N; Day Bob Day N: 'Jay Bob Day N: Farm I. Dailey N: D.illey 1. Dailey N: W Re..; Davli Clockv.'atcher N: Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N: Oay S; Day N: Day Bob D*y N: Duiley •|. Dailey N: Dailey Ouiley: N Re.x Davis Clockwatcher N; Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N Bob Day 'Guest Night' Observed by HartliiiLodge HARDIN — Friends night was observed at a meeting of Calhoun Order of Eastern Star. Thursday night in the Masonic Hall in Hard'in. and stations were filled by guest officers. Guests of Worthy Matron Mrs. Paul Ad- nrton and Worthy Patron Philip Aderton were Mrs. Mae Chambers and William Chambers of the chapter at Bluffs. Other gupsl officers were Mrs. A very Gis\. Mrs. Marjorie Watson and Mrs. Vema Wieneke of JGraflon. Edgar Mallett. Carl JGroppel. and Mrs. BeulahTMahol- lland of Jerseyville. Mrs. Erma Pi'ough of Kane. Mrs. Mae Inger- ;soll of Alton, and Mrs. Paul Ad- eilon Jr.. Mrs. Leroy Beaty. IMrs, Art Mielke. Miss Valeria i Peterson. Mrs. Gertrude Kress and Mrs. William Surgeon Jr.. all of the membership committee of |grand chapter, was guest of honor. Twenty-live year pins were presented to Mrs. Elma McLane. pins. Jeunnette Likes and Mrs. Nellie Fuller, of the local chapter. Mrs. Fuller now makes her home in Keokuk, Iowa. Hostesses at Thursday night's meeting iwere Mrs. Leroy Beaty. Mrs. !Cla\lon Gerson. Mrs. Paul Aderton Jr.. Mrs. • Jack Hollowa^ 7 and Mrs. Pauline Braun. Ohio Visitors HARDIN — Major and Mrs. Medora Area Pastor Leaves MEDORA — A farewell dinner j was given Sunday at Bethel Bap-j tist Church for the Rev. and Mrs. Everett Chambers and Social Security Accounts Should Be Checked It may be time once again lo check on social security accounts, according to E. W. Le- "1 take it all back, Pet! That boy friends of Janie's doesn't jump from one job to another—not when he's working oji a roust beei anyway!" Miss Illinois To iV/eir L Parade Siuiila v Eldred ELDRED — A reunion of tte family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Borman was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aderton at Hardin with SO present. Attending were Mrs. Charles Smith and her family and Mrs. Janip Wiles of Eldred. and Mr. family, who left Monday for their ^"""^ """"'^ ^' 7 lf "' ^ and Mrs - a ' Vtk> Borman ar « 3 . fam new field at Princeton, til. The fc "T^f! l^*^?.' Hy of WO.K! Wver. guests of honor church presented him with a ' \J"*„£ ?* S^"" Secui '!«,-rn thr Adertons son-in-law and parting gift. His last sermon herei'* A«Jmin«trHllon. f]()lIgh , PI . Ma|ot . and Mrs. Tom was Sunday evening. ! , I ^ hen advis ^ thf " m °"' P* 0 ;'Bloomer ami children, who are rfl.M.,.1. « n .i D .i . plp now reHchitl K a** 63 nee!l ! being transferred from Dennison, MK1JORA ThTlIrtlPs Aid f ° Ur amJ thrpp - follrtns y pars ° r Ohio, to Denver. Colo,where they MLUORA - The Ladles Ald, parn | ngR on 1heir arcoun ,. (A .„, sppnd , hrpp mont h s and then Society ol Summerville Presby- mtm ,„,,,„ jn 1906 or , ater or * ™\*™,™" tenan Church will meet Thurs- woman born ,„ 1909 ,, r , ater w m *> ]° ^ ima "- v day afternoon at the home of Mrs. !need nf , ens , 10 ,„ the ; Mrs James Lurge atid Dorothy J. M. Kitxmiller. Her dai. R hler, | syslem , For d ,,; abmty . yo ,,jThomas of LawrenceArk., and Mrs, Gene Schaefer, will be eo-< n p pf i nt i pn «( ^ VPB.X !MI ' S ' L A - Une of Llttle Rock t ICT ^"* rtiiitinit/vcrfiio. • .. «i i A ji.. tlMM*!* hostess. ., tf yoll W|1I writp 01 . Slop , M| were called here due to the death Mrs. Bess Carter, president of: your local social security of-| l)f Mrs - Lane s mo ™ ev > Mrs « the Holping Hand Society of the'fine, it ulll furnish you a self-l nai ' k 'I'lmnuis. Baptist Church, announced Mon-; addressed card. Wilhin a lew 1 Sunday guests in the Irl David- day thai there would he no meet- days a statement, of your earn-j son home were Mr. and Mrs. Al ing of the society this month. ings will be sent you from thr> Taylor find family of Origgsville. \Vlllon Kimi-nil headquarters in Baltimore.; Mrs. Keith King of Hlllview, MKDORA — Funeral rites for;Md.." he said. George Brannan of Carrollton and L. E. Wilton were conducted 1 According to Lehen. il is ail- Mrs. Walter Ruyle have been Sunday at Stimmerville Presby- visahle for workers and self- !( . a |lcd In Ochopec, Fla.. due to the terian Clnirch by the Rev. Jo-'employed people to check their ;RPr | 0 ,, s illness of their sister, Mrs. seph Dana of Carlinville. Burial account every three years. This. j v(111 R|, (K | es , was in Mwlora Cemetery. p a ll- makes it possible _lo correct any : v]| . ||)(| Mi . K KejtJ) Bl . annallt Brannan, Mr. ~ - ... ... . * iiuu i>n,>. i"i*:u Hyde. Mr. anu Chisiii. James Mains. Vcrnon "•'>' be based on earnings cred-; ^ Tom „ df , and daughterSi Maska. Martin Kitzmiller and il(>d t() - v<)llr account. i Kenneth Brannan ^rr.C^r:; 1 -' £ S^SI ss statement requests" for." «'n>™" '"rthday party honoring Glen Trusty a! Ins home in Car- was in .uwiora uemeiery. fan- "•""--•- • • i^.-..^.,.... *™ .^,,..^,. u . v ^ , ||)( j ^ ( . K ^ bcaivrs were Cliarles Scharfcn-, ''('cord which might not be com- M| .„„, iM ,. s Bt , r , berg. Gem- Scliaeler, Gene P 1 .' 1 ' 1 '- Fulure bcnpfit P aylnenls im d Mrs. Fred H an address entitled: "Meeting thr Challenge of Russian Kspion- no MwJora Notei MKDORA - Mi's. Walter ,1^;,. ,, mp | OV( , s . There is age." Sal/:man of Venice, who hiis been ,.hnrge for Ihis service. The lo- rolllgn Saturday evening As Miss Illinois. Miss Nutter al the home of her daughter, ,.,,( so ,,j a | security district ol \\ill be the recipient of many!Mrs. K. C. Bnmaugh. the past t j ( .,, u ,M ress j s Room 202, Ger-;.'.' " pri/.es. She will receive ;i $1.000 week, was taken to Alton Me- man j a Savings Building. Ml! K. Viewers of the American Le- and a $250 scholarship, two nioriul Hospital Friday, where Broadway. Tom Bloomer and children ar-jgj un p arade SXinduv, July 17 will wardrobes of clothing, a scholar- she remained as a patient have an opportunity to set i lived in Hardin last I from Granville. Ohio where Maj-j Itl " WOMAN ADivrrrs SPIKITINO" MONEY AWAY A housewife ol Port Elizabeth. South Africa, was jaLJed for de- Iruudiiig five people of more !•• \erclsei L'nilv: Hymns O. Cantrel) H. Christian N Clockwatcher N: Newsome G. Newsome .V: Nensome G. Newsome N: Walter H. Walter lello Quit R. Benson B'fast Club A. Godfrey Godfrey N: Oavls C. Davis N: Davis <",. Davis N: Beruon R. Benion i or Bloomer has been an ROTC instructor at Dennison College. They are visiting Mrs. Bloom- jer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul ! Aderton, and other relatives in Vicky Nutter of Vundulia who recently swept fhe 19KO tille Miss vr ship at a modeling school, a lei- Mr. and Mrs. George Fresh- , ... „. . ,. ,, MlSS -vision sot. silver ware, shoes, water and Nancy, and Mr. and!"* POPl'LMl MSW HKKLS lh«r, VI 000 by pretending thai jewelrv and a $5,000 insurance Mrs. Robert Tilley and Patty Stilcttu heels are produ.'in^ a,she ,-ould get them more money J new sight on Dublin. Eire,(with the aid of spirits. Florrie Illinois of 19GO. The parade, which will highlight of the have returned to their homes at be Fifth Division , ti(jon ;U (this area, before going to Den-j American Le & io » Convention tembe] . Uuly 16-17, will start at 1:30 p.m. policy. Miss Nutter will represent llli- Fairfield and Rock Island after a nois in the Miss America compe- a visit in Hit 1 home of Dr. and :SlHM ' ta ! Atlantic City in Sep- Mrs. F. J. Hunt. streets these days. This is the ol g i r K hopping i<round on one foot, with the oih- Fra/enburg. who convinced her victims thai she knew where a large sum ol money was buried. Iver. Colo., where Major Bloom-! V.- Oailey I:" Dailey N: 'Dailey Dailey: N N; Party Houseparty G. Moore Crosby-Clooney N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis a. Davis N; rime ciy. rime i» »t M. Galnes er caught in a grating. The pen-'which spirits would help her A church choir quit singing, atjciJ-thin heels now in vogue arc.'lind. uus sentenced to eight because!the cause ol an increase in loot years in jail. The justice sus- N Parm \ osel Farm 1 he World N: Headlines J. McCormick -• Next Door Rt. to Hap'ness N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N r'unn-Mkt. A. Grace Club News N; Witt D. Witt N: Witt Wilt: N Whispering Sts. Ma Perkins Dr. Malonc Mrs. Burton N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Day Bob Day B. Counter D. Witt N: Witt Witt: N N: Seller Bust Seller fj. Williams N'; Jenkins B. Jenkins \: Jenkins B. Jenkins .\: Palen J. Palen IX Gordon N, Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard .S; Palen i. Palen N; Burke J. Burke Burke: N N: Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck Buck; W N: Richard K. Richard ,-.'; Richard K. Richard N; Palen .r. Palen TV digest with Joliu IM. Jones Marvel Marko Dies In Lake ^ orth. Fla. [ er will report Aug 1 at Lowry| at Pearl and Broadway and pro- Non-white workers in Duuban. Stonehouse. England, Air Force Base At the base h e ' cee d west on Broadway to River- South Africa, have threatened a the vicar. Rev. Winfiid Way, Iloufiles, says an Irish chiropo- pended three years on condition ' -11 r,,.«n i,,".,"n,i«o mnnth -ji-m :side Park where Frank G. Mil- strike unless official recognition chose modern hymns "which the dist. who also claims they throw thai <hc i-epay the money within ulll em on in ti uiiee-inoiiui tiiiii-, .... . t t i i t \ ..:.i .-, i . amenl staff officer's course fol-' lard ' 8 enei ' al counsel of the De- is given to native trade unions, .church members do not know, the nearer oil balance. u year. I lowing which he expects to go to' ^ . % v 'Germany, where his family will ' K ! \ \ 'join him later. <f^^g| 1. \ \ \ Announce Birth HARDIN —Mr. a,iid Mrs. Orville Johnes of Hardin are the i parents of a son, their first child, I born at Jersey Community Hospital at 3:30 a.m. Monday. : Grandparents of the infant are Phillip Carmody and the late 'Mrs. Carmody of East Hardin. ; and Mr. and Mrs. Curl Johnes ol Brussels. The mother is the former Miss Lucy Carmody. Family Party HARD1N — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aderton entertained at a . family party Sunday at their homo south of Hardin. Guests were Mrs. Aderton's two sisters. Mrs. Janie Wiles and Airs. Charles Smith ol Eldred. and her brother, Clyde Borman, CARLINVILLE -- Mr. and ulld Mj . s Borman, of Wood River Albert C. .Marko of Carlili- ; Mi> j ville left by plain .for Lake Worth, this morning Fla., to a t- and members ol their families, about 50 in all. Those present included , „ . ,.,,,., i, tend the luneral ol Marko s broth- : 'und Mrs. Robert -Mr, Borman and son a]u , ^, ^ M] . s Al , Uim . Man-i-l Marko, who died Sat- , x OJ . lmvav and children of Wood ' PROGRAM LISTING NOTE: The late night movies .dieU- in i River: Mr. and Mrs. Luther uled on Channels 2 and 4 and the Jack Paar Show on Channel a • . . . , . hes stations ma re-emt for un- Brownville, .N. C. : Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Keith are on a tentative basis. These stations may pre-empt for un scheduled coverage of Democratic Convention tonight. j (5) Democratic Con ven THE UKKAT OEBATK — All of; the networks are considering scheduling a series of debate pro grams between the major pres idential candidates in their fal line-up providing that Congress lifts the "equal time" law regard ing their industry. This law known as SecUon ilia, says that u a TV or radio net or station pro \1des free air time for any polit ictd candidate, then "equal time' must be scheduled for liis avowec opponents. They are more than \\illing to give free air time to the major political parties and candi dates but maintain they can't givi it to everyone who seeks the sami .office. We feel they are capabl< of doing this without this anti quuted ruling. The Senate has al ready \oted on the bill und de cided to ijive them the right to say which candidates merit a cer taiu amount of time. The next stej IK for the House of Representa tives to vote on the measure next month. If they will pass the lution that would waive, for tin. 39UO Presidential campaign, the provision of the present law oi "equal time," wo feel sure thai the viewing public would benefit greatly and probably every mai and woman wiio goes lo the poll on November S will have a clearei grasp of the issues than ever be lore. GWN'VK.VriO\ VIKWIMi TIP: The most excitement tonight couk come when the Platform commit tee report is made by Congressman Chester Bowles. KTV1 (ABC) '!, KMU.V (I'BS) KfU) <-\BO 5. KPUt II Bold fuM 1 itaiulttfc tion: Cliet Huiitley and David : Marvel Marko was originally:Brannan and children, Mr. and ,a resident of the Carlinville ar- Mrs. Richard Brannan, and Mr. ea but has lived in Lake Worth land Mrs. Joe Brannan and fam- KVKVIM. 0:tM»~CJ) Ueiuucrullt luuteu Itou: Juliu U«ly Jimdn tbe ABt 'f\' itnuu uuteriiifi (tit- Lu» Au goltx (^uuvtiuUuu. Tuuigfafk M-I»Won Uwludttk tin- iilittforiu cuiu mlttut- repurl b> duwtor Bo«le» ut Cit. 3 uUI miutlii Milb tUe WOffc UlltlJ VUUl4lwiUU Ul (4) UHUiM-rttUi' Coovuu »: WnUnt C'ruukile IK "tut I" tor dW-'i'V. A hlgti UfU faMilKW k ttdroM by K«t^ ' uf the ^fc. f |y t4j|uw||i4iji4l 10 rt^uuitll v\ llli the uUMftrfc untfl ^ uHUiiukitui uf M Brlnkley head the NBC-TV net work team. liov. LeBoy Collins uf Florida, ujeutloued as possible Vlce-Presideutlal candidate and the Convention's permanent uhairiuan is scheduled to speak. i-l> Ch. 5 will remain ulth the net j t5i work until conclusion of session. I1U:UO—1^1 ti:30—(Jl) Bold Journey: "Banks ; (4'i of the Nile" : (3'i 7:00—(11) Don Cunningham Show JJ:U °—'-' 7:30-(U> Movie: Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston: "Fair Wind |3J to Java." High-seas adventure- for the past 36 years. romance centering around a sea captain and a ruthless pirate. 9:30—Ml.i News, Bowling, Weather 10:00—(Hi Movie: Paulette Goddard, Gilbert Roland: "The Torch." (1950) Drama of a revolutionary officer who falls for the daughter of nobility in the town he has captured 11:00—(2) Movie: Boris Karloff: "Frankenstein" (1932) Original movie of the mud doctor who creates a monster. (5) News, Sports, Weather 11:lj— (j) Jack Paar: Tony Randall. George Murphy, Virginia Graham guests 11:30—(ID Bedtime Stories Will Rogers, Jr., "Lucky Tommy Jordan" 12:00—<'4) Moue: Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn: "Yes, My Darling Daughter" (.1939) Romantic comedy of u young gni und a architect. (j) ill i News Night Court Newt; Home Digest Weather Report Paris Preeitici Daily Word l«atc News Kuuudup Gi\e Us This Day December Bride i Dough-Re-Mi • Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch Topper Clear Hori/on ! Concentration ; ail-, and Mrs. North 1 Love of Life i All-Star Preview: Jackj Buck 1.' :•!/*— i '> 1:10—C' Jl I>V l.t ,>.lt— (-}i Give Us This Day .").-jO— (41 News: Turn Brooks U: 00—141 P.S 4: Government 7:00— 141 Morning St. Loute: New f .-\\tatlier 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. ( ji Today: Newscusts al !:'£> and 8:25 a.m. (Piograin telecast iron i Los Angeles, Calif, i 8:00— il." ( 2J Curiooii 'lliui 4) (ipl Kaa^ajoo Jut* 11:40—(11) Morning Cliapel .11:45— i4i Guiding Light (5) Ail • Star Buseuull: ((<jlur) American, JVational League xtarfei compete at Yankee Stadium In New York. Mel Allen, Vlnee Scliully TV commentators. Bob Klson. Mtiile Hoyt on K8I) radio. 11:35—(21 News; Ha.NWard llli iMorning Chajiel Noon—(2 1 ! , Restless Gun (4i News-\Vealher Beat i U) Cartoons .12:03—1.4) People's Choice 12:;-1U— I' 1 .') Lo\-e 'lliat Bob! (4) As The World Turns 12:30—til) News: Daust l:00-(2i About Faces (4) Full Circle ('ID Movie: Sonja Henie: "Countess of Monte Cristo" (1948) Classic adventure of Dumas set in the Napoleonic era. 1:30— (21 Susie i'4> House Party 2:00—-tL'i Day in Court i4i Millionaire i2'i Gale Storm (4> Verdict (s Yours «,")) From These Roolb HI) Mickey Rooney Show 2i Beat The Clock 4) Brighter Day ji The Thin Man Ui Wild Bill Hickok Secret Storm Who Do You Trust? Edge ot .\iylit Oi Charlotte Peters; (Dil- lerwil time today only due to the baseball telecast) (11) Capl. 11 4:UO— t2i American Baiiclblund (4) SS Popeye (5) Wrangler's Club: 13 mill, in color. 41 Last oi -Uoliiuuns tly of Eldred. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham and family of Carrollton, Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Aderton anil daughter and Mr.! and Mrs. Paul Aderton Jr. ofi Hardin, and Major and Mrs. Tom Bloomer and children, who are en route to Denver. Hobby Club Meets A i Medora Home MEDORA — Mrs. Tom Frueh was hostess to the Hobby Club Friday afternoon. Two new mem- ambler Sets A New ; ; • \ \ Il-Time Sales Record 48,474 SOLD IN JUNE! »*= \ bers have been added, M r s. Fred- Wayne Brooks and Mrs. die Cox. The meeting next month will be will) Mrs. T. B. Ruyle Jr., when the members will learn to knit. A picnic is being planned for some time this month, when members will have their 1'am- lilies as guests. Attend Itouily Keutiiiw MEDORA — Mr. and Airs. E. T. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Kahl, Miss Charlotte and Tom; Kahl, Air. and Mrs. Lester Cox, Jeff and Bill, H. L. Glower andi Miss Delia Clower attended the annual reunion ol the Roady family and potluck dinner held Sunday af the Onized Club grounds at Alton Lester Cox ol Medoru was fleeted pi esiilenl I'ur next year, Mrs. Cleaver Slrunk, Bunkei 1 Hill, vice president; H. L- Clow-i er, secretary-treasurer Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" « toMrtiimi*"'* prP 'j|& •>.*** f Y, More and More Smart Car Buyers Choose Rambler for Top Quality... Lowest Price! i-li MI UeuUlei: j:4i>— (III lluut ilw^es JULY ONLY DRY OLEANINO SPECIAL BLANKETS 99' FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY tOf I. Mwy. HO 14177 Ne\er before has u compact car attained the sales heights that Rambler did in June. More than 48,000 bought new I960 Ramblers in this one month. Yes, despite the introduction of other compacts, Rambler has smashed sales records month after month for 33 consecutive months. That's because the Ramblei gives you what the others don't. Rambler gives you the highett quality at lowest cost. .. is accepted us The New Standard of Basic bxcellence.That's why people who cun alVord the best buy Rambler. As an example, the average income of Rambler 6 Station Wagon buyers is in the nation's upper fourth. Rambler gives you tht finest travel features. 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