Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 12, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1960
Page 17
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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN REAL ESTATE SALE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE SALE •r HOUSES POR SALE SELMONT YILLASE GODFREY 7 ROOM BRICK—Living toom. din- Ina room, kitchen. 4 bedrooms. 2 b«ths. double car carport $25,900 ALLEN ft NIMMONS Realtor — HO 2-9248 EVENINGS: NEWELL ALLEN HO 2-7972 HARRY NIMMONS HO 5 1043 RUTH (Clarice) BARNES HO 2-6700 WILBUR! SCHNEIDER. HO 2-78UI ROBERT ROBERTSON.. HO 2-2_598 TLTMT fcR&fOlALTOR UPPIR ALTON CRAWFORD AVE.—4 room modern frame Cabinets, Inlaid in kitchen 6 bath. Pull basement, oil furnace. Needs some decorating. Priced for quick sale. Only S49M. 1800 down. Contact for deed. ELI M. GREEK Phone HO 2-0078 After 3 P.M..,T. R. atone Hg^-ggg.'M CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY J Real Eitate Agency BETHALTO $300 DOWN, $50 PER MO. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — 4 roomi, batti & utility, plastered, in- sulnted. Auto BBS heat, city sewei and water. Onlv $4.>00 BEAUTIFUL RANCH STYLE 5- ROOM BRICK v/lth double garage, attached. Hull bath up, shower and stool In basement. 26' ol birch cabinet?., built-in oven and range, tiled walls, In kitchen and bath, fully insulated, automatic UBS rent. Sec th's Mfl.ftOO NEW—4 rooms with full bath, show- •r and tub. HWF. fullv insulated aluminum storm windows and doors, slldlnx door closets. 12 ft of birch cabinet!, full basement automatic oil heat. Borage !Bx24. Sower :»id water Immediate possession. Reduced to $I4.7'K) 4 room brick one vear old. full bath. CLIFFORD I. Mc&AU&HEY Real Estate Agency WOOD RIVER 4 ROOMS and enclosed porch/ full bath. Insulated, alum, storm windows and doors, new automatic oil furnace, full bnsemeni. large in rate on Z loin Onlv Wson IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—.'( bed-' room frame, full bath. piatiteied. Storm windows and doors run basement, hot prater heat, garage, ! A-l condition. J On)y SHIXKI J INCOME CORNER—9 rooms 2 baths Can be residential OT bust . ne*», insurance, doctor's office, etc. Rargaln Reduced to.. $8 »•>< ROOMS AND BATH tub with REAL ESTATE SALE HHjUSES TOR I^LE oF SALE by owner. 4 bedroom house. Gas furnace, nasemsnt; close to schools, very reasonably priced. 250 12th, 'Wood River. CL 4 22«fi. Iff RF.SORTS A COTTAGR8_ 2 "ROOM CABIN for <!fltp on Otter i Creek HO 2-2.179 i <H~ WANTKO TO EXCHANGE" ; T OR SALT; OR TRA'DE—hi," room all modern brick built-in oven mid rand?, one ye;ir old. CL .1 2419. ESTATE HELP US AND YOU HELP YOURSELF shower, plastered, , floors. l?'i of attractive cunlnots. instituted alum, storm windows and doors, living room 24'x32'. very neat b<*se very neat basement, auto gas heat. $11. Mr, EAST ALTON 6 LARfiE ROOMS—2 haths. fully In , sulated. plastered, hwf. Full base ment. Lot sn'.xUfr Only .. $n.9on' ACREAGE HIGHWAY LOCATION IB ACRES with beautiful li-room brick. 3 years old Full bulb, plenty of bullt-kis. automatic washer and dryer. HWF, plastered. Insulated. plenty of closets, all rooms pxtra large. Attractively decorated, t-ull basement. automatic gas heat, school bus at the door. :i miles north of Brighton, for only $22.ono' 14 ACRES 7 ROOMS and bath. Plastered down . stairs. Knotty Dine up. Built-in cabinets wired for air-condition ing. storm windows and doors, ?. IP YOU ARE GOING TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY — CALL OUR OFFICE. WE HAVE MANY CLIENTS INTERESTED TO BUY A HOME. YOURS MAY BE THE ONE HE HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR. car RttrhUP. city water, plcniy 1 of fruit trees * shade ....(24.200 i' 4 ACRES—Will) 712 ft hlghwuv frontaqr> on Roiitp 100. Reau'iful building spot Onlv S.">MV> CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR HO 5-6621 NOW rs THF. r nMETo"sKi.r ' Want to sell your house betoie school starts? I have several buyers w uiitlng to locate within :v) \ days. Yours could he the one r nil ' ROI.I.A HARRISON AOF.NCY' ! Phone HO V.l.'iflf) i WANT TO SELL ' YOUR PROPERTY? Call U« For Apnralxals i ELI M. GREER Realtor ' 825 East Broadway Phone HO 2-0078 MISC. FOR SALE iM MUSICAL ACORO MUSIC SHOP iduitart. atnd tflstromrttt All ' brntHU AeetMttrtt* MM MMt music, wood Rl»er CL f-rfU Atora, At Jv0. bass "Hank • ACCORDION — 120 'Rlvoll" bound' from 2 Mr. tone ni filorifi Aronrdlnn School. Kxrelleni condltitiiv (.'!, 4-6449. GOUTO MUSIC CO vuriiutr. neinei 4 *uetro«ic ottnot , Mfttn*v«x. HI Ft Stereo Ctonot 1 C»nd«r. Oi6*on Mirttit orttteft guitar*: Rift* oid». Artit* MIM mmumtmt. Sheet mutie. reeortt R«(MIr itrviee. SSI t Rrn*tf*M PROfl« HO HI ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TAKE bvi' T .R ri'STOMF.R PAYMENTS and this full 40" Phllco eletirli range. Push button .-11110- miitlr oven, clcjck. large 30" oven. storiiuo space Takp over payments of $6.59 a mo. F.BBLER ELECTRIC 2«oe state AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS I9R7 MERCURY MonWtftr «Wlv*fT- Jble. New top. CL 4-3344. _ IflSfi PLYMOUTH V-8. Straight transmission Radio, heafflr. Clean AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS .T3 PrTNTI AC— rl vae Frst »25n talces_CL 4-0710. _ _ 4 DOOR '5? Catallnn Pontlac hard fop. Tflhc OVP? balaflCP of pav ments. Cull I.ahr Quarry. j I960 PONTIAC BomiPVine Convert | ihlr Stick Klii ft Loaded wl<h PX- 'rfis Big er'jlnp. Actual mlia 1 ?. ; fiOOO Cos' SHion. Will sacrifice for $3250 No trade-Ins. DU 4-4401. LOOK! 195? FORD convertible. Rad and white, new top. V«ry clean. WILLIS AUTO SALES 3200 E. Broadway (beside Standard Sta. BdwO ItSfi STUDEBAKER Hawk V-8. overdrive, verv clean. H(? J-27IH. Tsitt vAUxlfALL. — ~ExceiTent~cond I- tlnn; very small equity. Take ovsr payment*. • 30 miles per Ballon. Call HO 2-->Slfl or_J10 S-LWW). i7 VOLKSWAGEN Sedan. 39.000 miles M200 DU 4-H071 or HO 5-8U42 VOLKSWAGEN. 1090 — 11.000 miles. N Alton Next to Trl-Clty. HO 5-7588! $1430 Grafton Sterling «-3346. TELEVISION SETS i OR stALE i4 I model television i »-(H20 PAY $9.00 STORAGE And Take Over Payments Magnavox tablet . _ verv cheap. CL -, |c,-, 2 FORD V-8 tudor with oveulrbe ': CALL RAY LUKEN—HO 5-7001 AUTO EXCHANGE 'How will we know which one we want to buy unless we look through all of them?" MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE USED TVs—Cash or terms. Harder TV Service. 1500 t.angdon. HO 5-1878. WANTED — Someone 10 take over payments on an Admiral Low Boy Television. Two speakers. Push- Pull Off-On Lighted channel selector. Tone control. Fully deluxe model. 1 year warranty on picture tube and all small parts. Take over payments $10.70 u mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty. HO .1-7388 , fl53 Bu | ck 1951 Plymouth NEW RAMBLER TRADE-INS 1959 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 <lr,or haidtop Radio, heater while '.vflll tires. Like new. $1995' 1958 CHEVROLET Itnptilri sports ''oupe Power steering and hrakfs Radio, heater, au-' tomatic tran^'ni c «inn. Whltewnl! tires ......... . ............... SIRS." 1958 PLYMOUTH 4-Door. Radio, heater, automatic paint. One 41185 tutone NO DOWN PAYMENT 1956 Studebaker 2—1935 Chevrolet* 2—1953 Fords 1954 Pontlac 2—Ift53 Ponttucs 1953 Chevrolet 1953 Plymouth 1954 Studebuker I 1954 Fi tude oTd SliWINO MACHINbS ARTICLES FOR'SALE tiled wallB. HWF. plastered. Insulated bultt-ln oven and range ln_ i 4 ACHES with nent ronms and .,„,•. laid carpeting In Hvlng room and 4 years olrl Built Ins bree/evu.v dining area. Aluminum storm win ; ,[, ilt .hed garage full ha-emem dowfc and doors, pwved drr.f. run automatic Ras heal approximated • b&*ement automatic oil heal early possession, garaac I :»*:!«> <•ity sewer and water Onlv Mfi Vio ooos — CATS'— >PTS I F-UR.NACE—Stoker & blower, com-; ! plete with controls, cheap. 4-6 pm. ; CL 4-0476. | HO-CALLON Toastmaster electric water heater, guarantec-d foui years. J60. HO ,»-5894 72 is' BOATS A ACCESSORIES FT. DURACRAFT and trailer. Mark 7. r > Mercuiy and extras, complete ot will separate .J-4222 before 7:.')0 p.m. $$75 HO K . r RKf'ISTF.iRIif) — Dachshund MANDCKAFT batay bottle ' 7 miles northeast of Belhalto On!-.' AtUHCllve -A III) .f.vtlinm*. 4 room brick Crete HWJ plnBteiert insu luted, built-in cabinets, full bnse mem. v.ltli showers, and slool auto ', .MII.11 NOR'I H OF ALTO> \'., acres, .(room house. Onlv S" Vt'O NORTH ROXANA . . matic oil baseboard heatlnp alum- NEAT 4 ROOMS AND BATH— HWI Inum storm windows and door. years old Onl" ........... tU.DOi' wired for stove and ali-condltlniu-i plastered. Insulated, bark •. ;jid fenced, full basement. .iutoimitl<. -, r<O()M v & BA'I'h —Wired foi slyve, g rls rjeul. ?. blorks to school Onl> Hv.r insulated a!um. «,torm win-' $R.wn ,)ows * doors Also alum s«dinR_ : House i. vrs old Pi ice onl- SI 1.000 4 ROOMS iniulated ft BATH-HWr Fully Alum storm window* in<i Chlhucthua puppies. 115 Vlr- BlniH. Belhalto DU 4-5151 ^ K C REGISTrRF.D fov Poodles T.liilp beuuilcs " Also clipper) fL f) :'4'n; B_hA(il.ES for sale cheap. CL"a'-fi97|. BO A R Dl N6 KlfNNEL Vacation Renervatlons Call HO 2-7712 JARRETT KENNELS rRHE'KlffitNs'i:'fhl'fd"hiuVe on:'Good"condition. Dial CL 4-3»6. Kreclr Road. Godfrey iiitomatlc. C mob. old HO J3-1627. HOOVER vacuum cleaner, lllic new. Sellers CL 4-9398 fNTERNATIoRAL Milking machine, complete. 2 units. HO 2-4039. .iUKE BOX—78 RPM. ^ifg saw with motor. CL 4-60^0 Want a belter motor repair lobT SEE ELMO AT ALLIED MARINE \W> East Broadway Phone HO 3-:j.")13 ;:j yeais experience on all manes 79 UILDING MATERIALS 4-4460 KfRBY SWEEPER" ^"Attachments. 2>.4s. 2x6». 2x8s, 2xlOs. 2xl2s. Sheeting, guttering, window frames used, mostly clean. HO 2-2019. OAK BARK. 1500 bricks lor sale. $45 CL 4-9IJI8 SPECIAL duors, 8'x7" uuirall Joi.U PARTY LEFT TOWN—We had to pick up this beautiful walnut electric console sewing machine. Does beautiful 2ig-zag work without attachments. Take over payments of $5.47 a mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 Stale N Alton. Next, to Tri-Clty. HO 5-7588 Kent A bcwing Mcchint I to per mo Rental may apply toward down payment on new machlM. CENIRAL SEWING SUPPLY CO 14 Weti Bniadw«y Pnont HO 2-5214 »2A SLWINO MALH. BfcPAIH ~ GUARANTEED REPAIRS— \ FREE ESTIMATES ; CENIRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 Wett Broadway. Phone HO a-8214 Exp«rt service. Pan*. Suppli«i , For 426 Makti of Sewing Machine*. I 1949 Ford Pick-up, stake body 1954 Chevrolet Call or See: • Jim Rohertbon • Rav LU'KPII AUTO EXCHANGE mi w. st. . transmission owner 195? BUICK Roudmuster 75. 4 door hardtop. Fuil power, including windows .ind seats ........................ *!«9.'i 1957 CHEVROLET V-8 Bel Air. Powergltde. factory air conditioned, radio, heater, creaf . Pllff ......................... $1+95 !l957 PONTIAC :4-Door Hardtop, radio. li»atsr. auto' mutlc transmission Like new One ' owner ....................... $ 1 395 JI9S6 FORD ' Country Squire station wagon. Fully i equipped, shdrp. ............ SI 095 11956 FORD ! Palrlane 4-dr. RudlO. hOHier, auto- 1 matlc transmission Like new. S995 1955 CHEVROLET Bel Air 2 door. New tires, radln. heater and overdrive ......... S89."> 1955 FORD Fnlrliine 4-door Racllu. heater, anil HO 5-7001) Ford-O-Mnllr. - S795 port 14'x20V Price IMMI niAi-F Pn*;sFqsiON— •> bed- : iniulated Alum ^torm windows IMMtuiAit• . •' u f. i ;.fJ" 1 ;^, m "p N 3o ' and door^ nulltlns Facllltle« for bum": in'" fST \&™'-' «uiom.tlc w,»h«r ond dryer Car ated auto, sas heat, garage lot 75.X500. fruit trees Easy term* Only M0.900 . „-,•/•!.• ' R')"MS—Plenty of bedrooms A-l BEAUTIFUL 1-BEDROOM BRICK condition. Full bath. HWF. plasser VENEER - Birch cabinets built-in' ed ,_ basement with shower Hlum LIVINGSTON Godfrey 'MARBLE TOP wash stands, other! 9'x7' unirall SHI.90. 8'x7' sectional —- -.- : furniture Oil puintlngb, 1868 French 1 $64.95. 9'.\7' sectional $69.95. All 4 KITTENS!—Free for good home sword bayonet, fruit, flower and, doors complete with Blast und all ^i r >4 JHerher! . [ portrait plates, miscellaneous Items. WANTED-Oood" "home- f'oV "long- ' ! 18 l?T u f l^L HO 5-8367. haired black kilter housebroken | MIRRORS—4x6', $35. HO 2-92B7. FIREARMS __^ Navy model Rebel anrt Yank. .36 cal. percussion revolvers. $89.95. Brandt Hardware, 712 E. Broadway. 8* VEGETABLES * FRUI1 oven and W-W carpctins. . | nul| , PEDIGREED Chihuahua puppies for j sale ''.(Xi« Burton Avenue. Alton.! HO 5-fi9:)9. t hardware HARTPORO LUMBER CO. ! FRESH SWEET CORN dally. IO- Hurtfurd, III. CL 4-3622. CL 4-18211 matoes, potatoes, all homegrown. _!.-.: Jl_r_-.j.-"r^rj'iz:mmr: Chain of Rocks Farm, Highway B6 near Chain of Rocks Canal bridge. Fully Insulated. Wired , IIWI- plastered, lainilv room a , for stove and dryer Plenty ol cabl tached garage, near hiBli s' ; h"" Onlv »' ' NbAI 4-ROOMS and batr, with shower and tile wallt. 2 years Old, hip roof. Insulated. aluminum storm windows, and doors. HWF. auto, aas heat. Price $10.500 Ail RACTIVE 5-ROOM BRICK with nets City water I.arse double Ka rage 30x40 on 3 lots. Shell A Western bus by fie door. Only ..J12.500 COTTAGE HILLS NEVV LARGE 0 Room:,. 3 bedrooms. 12xi:: average. Full .bath. Living room 15x19. HWF. fully Insulated, aluminum storm windows & doors, SILK'S KENNELS BOARDING!N HO 63374 — 9 to II a.m.. 2 to 5! r> m Closed Sunday SIAMESE ~ GOOD SELECTION Ollice Machines and Exchange :' E Broadway Dial HO I 84421 WINDOWS it DOORS— T^ifth north of Godfrey Fire Dept. Herring COAL COAL — COKE — WOOD tfiT-rpvc_- ..-o..i,. ^i^ OVERSTOCKED ON 2 HP AIR Hous.brok^CL 4^75. ; CO.NDITIONERS-Autom.tlc ther- BETTER ORDER NOW! REDUCED prices on Sahara Coal will not be in effect much longer. Save coal cash—call CL 4-4366. Kienstra Fuel & Supply Co., Inc.. Wood River. FARM MACHINERY combine. FOR SALE—A DU 4-7311. C. 6 ft walk-In tltloned walk out ba 12x20 with breezewE fiilt n- r run p<ir- te N double garage, concrete drive auto, gas beat, marble window sills, brick fireplace. All roomi ^d a ^hXm'»n eX "e P n -mi j NEAT 2 BEDROOM, full bath. HWF » fullv insulated all auminum fully insulated, \vired for stove, full nk. Onlv -..- $20.000' walkout basement, oil heat. 5 yrs. ntt * onlv i new. Only $10.000 — Ultra- i rV'Tanae cabl-lNEAT 4 ROOMS & BATH. 5 years ™d'ouhl'e"b«in- n ' S l!nk 8 marble I old. plastered, hwf wired' lo, (ICU1. ***•*•» _ tv * ."T • *B<«rT7 «..!! t-tnun full*/ Inct.lnlarl -, **l, niostat, fresh air pump-out. Perm- Paymentii only $9.36 a mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty. HO 5-7588 71,2 H P. JOHNSON outboard motor. DU 4-9166. top soil, rock, tanks. CL 4-7846. HOME GROWN VEGETABLES—Anderson's Market, foot Milton Hill. HO 2-2450. NOW TAKING ORDERS for fruit: Marshall strawberries 30 Ib. cans $9. 28 Ib. I.Q.F. atrawberrles $9.50. Michigan pie cherries 30 !b. tlno. $7.25. Pineapple 30 Ib. tidbits or chunks $10.25. 30 Ib. crushed pine- NO DOWN PAYMENT 19j(j Studebaker V-8 2-door R«ciio and he;iter IW5.1 Dodge, radio and he.uer i 1">55 Plymouth, nun. tu'-fc-ct 908 OLDS Super S8 2-Door Hardtop.. !')54 TUiir'<: hardtop, fully ?ouippod Radio, heater, automatic tranmls-; 1 !'">4 Mercury, n.dlo. heater, auto shift sti\ii«hi owner car. shift. I HIGH TRADES—BANK FINANCING I9;i8 DF SOIO 4 door V-8. Automatic | TROTTER MOTOR CO push buttyn drive, radio, heater. 3- ' ... v -,,,iH R(VP,- R-nnhiP,- cr.t--i.-0 tone paint. Don't miss seeing th! S | 4All ™S^ ! Open TIM 9 P.M. Phone n, 4-.1SI1 Open Evenings IT'S EASY TO DEAL WITH ROBERTS MOTORS slon. power steering, brakes, tires i 195,'t V-ord 'J-dooi. r.traisht ; like new. Beaiulful 'i • tone one-ilW.":! Ford -i'^flon wagon, one 19.")7 F-ORD 2-Door 8 cylinder. Standard transmission, beautiful 2-tone palnl. Mechanically good. A real mileage saver. •1A IRAILF.RS ,„,._ , , !4S x 8 AMERICAN 3 bedroom. Au- 195, DE SOTO 2-Uoor hardtop V-8., tomatlc washer. Can arrange fin- Automatic transmission, radio with, ancing DU 4-3251 rear speaker. 2-tone charcoal and 1 white. An outstanding one-ouner 2 - HORSE TRAILER—Single axle, car. new fires. After 5 p.m. FR 2-3679. «ws iT.n hov.nherri*. usom c $8.95. Also DoysenDerrjes. i «!«« „,... „* ™I« ^A Bn n hio^t- m«n.! nlce carat 1957 FORD Custom 300 8 cylinder 2-door. Standard shift, radio heater. Only $1095 1956 DE SOTO 2-Door hardtop. Automatic transmission, radio, heater. Beautiful black and white paint with all leather upholstery. Local one-owner car. 1956 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon Custom 6 cylinder 4-Door. A real Oliver "1800" tractor on display. Come in and see the! —~ ... . _ new 5 and 6 bottom. Narmont Ma ] Reconditioned Furniture chlnery Co.. Auburn. Illinois. Ph. 2901 sand- blackberries, red and black rasp-; berries, rhubarb, gooseberries and SPARCRAFT—Small down pavmet't. or will accept furniture. N. Mnlp St.. Brighton. III. i T E D R I C K JOI MRA1EK salesman For an extra {pod deal on a new Pontiac. Butok or "Good Hill" Cued Car ... Stop til, St« Jet 1959 Chevrolet "V8" Lmpula Coupe, Po wef glide power • leering; radio, 1 heater, white walls. I One owner, 9,000 actual miles. OUR NEW LOCATION after Tulvj 1st. Popular makes Mobile Homes j PRICED TO SELL j Will trade anything of value i Hurst Mobile Homes. Schwartz * I Buchanan Sts.. Edwardsvllle. Ill ] Buick. Olds, Pontlac Dealer 1952 AMERICA?!—32 ft. 1 bedroom. After 5 p.m. CL 4-9987. ways fixed. Bob Haney. CL 9-2339. Glen Lemons. CL 9-2116 or 21? Stanley Rd.. Cottage Hllli. windows. Only Wednesday & Thursday Specials Gas Range S22.50 - Ape.\ Washer $22.50 " ' Oil Heater S29.50 EXCAVATION — Basement digging, sewer system Installed. Fill sand 1955 PONTIAC Station Radio, heater, automatic transmission, whltewall tires. Ono of our $895 wardsville Frozen Foods. 246 N Main. Edwardsvllle. 111. RED BIRD CLING canning peaches I 1955 BUICK 4 - Door Sedan — Auto „, , 42x8 GLIDER—3 bedroom. Located Wagon. at Godfrey Trailer Court. Rt. 111. between Godfrey and Brighton. for sale. Dial HO 2-2075. , ndow •Ills plastered. HWF. fun basement automatic gas heat, city sewer and water. Only — $15.900 stove, fully closets. . vurd. Large garage. 3 4 LARUE ROOMS and utility, lull i bath, plastered, neatly decorated, I part basement, automatic gas heat. 2 porches. Only *7.0M NORTH OF BETHALTO — Bargain —retiring or beginning. »;-acre, 3 rooms. 10 years old. runnlnfi water metal cabinets, insulated. 450 strawberry plants Taxes only $70 per vexr M.'U" 1 plenty of cabinets. Full partitioned walkout basement. Easy terms. Only $11.000 NEAT 4-ROOMS AND BATH — Insulated, wired for stove, abundance of cabinets, wall-to-wajl carpel, living room, large garage 16'x22. On lot 5S'x250'. Only $8400 4 ROOMS AND BATH — Full basement. Good condition Ldree lot 75x300, Only $5.300 j Gas Hange s-j^.^u and dirt. Ponds and lakes built. :—;:.'-i'.'."_.." _:.'-..:.':.;"_":_:..::" z__ Ape.\ washer $22.50: CL 4-oius, CL 4-4373 67 FEEDS and SEEDS H Room Oil Heater 5S29.5U; ^. c - • \ -— __. __*__ • Frlnldairp Refrlaerator $24 50 EXCAVATING — Bull dozing, land FOR SALE—350 bales clover ^v.,^^\ Te mcatoMir\'lOCJLJL' clearing, ponds, basements, back :!5c bale. Call FR 2-3114. W"1T J * t HJKlNIIUKt jfjf\ filling, top dirt, sand, rock and ~~~ ==^:— , ' • • 802 East Broadway ; creek gravel. M. C. Gabriel. HO •8 LIVESTOCK 2-8953. i matlc transmission, radio, heater, — i whltewalls. beautiful tutone white 22 FT. house trailer, completely equipped. Ideal club house, $350. CL 4-2609. bullf -1 SUMMER COOKING Brine containers. Dalton Orchard. just off Humbert Rd. HO 2-0180. , [955 CHF.VROLET Bel Air 4 - Door, j ^^^ .„.__,_ rn-atj Tnmatnpt; orppn i Standard shift, radio, heater. Ifi 92 »W±ilil t-UKIN — lojlidLuc&, KICCII| nlrp r*hpvrnlf»t« ilnn't mt«m Ihil beans for canning, water melons. 10! ' ou IIKB «-ne\roieia. uon i rais& 11115 houses past fire dept., Godfrey. : 51 MODEL BOLES COACH— 21 ft.. all aluminum, excellent. $950 with lot $1500. HO 2-3859. AUTO TRUCKS SHETLAND PONY and saddle.; house north Godfrey Firej Chas. Herring, j PIGS — Jerseyville '• .REAL Unit unu. on excellent Stauffer B WEANING 2994-W4. 69B MEATS _Call 2-IO_5-382L REXAIR New. Rebuilt & Service. Authorized dealer. Paul Hancock. 1138 West Ninth. HO 5-7339. 7SA GENERAL HAULING WANTED WANTED TO BUY • ALTON AREA—Junk, trash hauled, iff ' Basements, attics cleaned. Old Iron, j —; discarded furniture, light hauling. I ANTIQUES—One piece or housefull. ; Reasonable. HO 2-8367 | Friendly and honest dealings. Purdy's. HO 2-3640. one. Only $200 down, balance 18 months. I»j5 OLDS 2 - Uoor 88. Heater, radio, automatic transmission, beautiful green and white. Looks and runs good. A real buy $895 bed. Herring Godfrey, 111. Bros. and flat Equipment. i BIG TRUCK—Junk and trash haul- CHOICE BEEF Front Quarters Quarters — JTAPPAN GAS STOVE — $45. K:e| ln »- reasonable. Phone HO 5-2934. r NEW 4 ROOMS " basement auto .oil .-., large lot 108 xl.w B a ar garage, large lot 108 xl.w a ar^ nn^i'oa'irv ..... A'l'ronditlon 2 6.ROOM BRICK.- A:L conjmum .2 "full baths, plastered, large corner lot. Only , . — 2j.acre ' with 3 bedrooms, full bath, insu ' lated alum, storm windows, doors. I automatic gas heat Oarage !2'x2'>' Onlv $9.« BEAUTIFUL I-AROE HOUSK — Plenty of shade and shrubberv. 4 years old. 3 bedrooms, stone fireplace HWF. plastered. Insulated. Full basemen! .-.ittriched garage- ' .acre lor All for only $1'WO; Hogs at market price. Frozen Cherries, 30-lb. can — $7.50 Frozen Strawberries, 30-Ib.can $8.50 HANSEN PACKING COMPANY JERSEYVILLE. ILL PHONE 437-R cream cart, bicycle type. $20. Ham-1 For the best deal In dirt. rock, and .$ .39: mock with metal frame. $a. CL| hl-lift W0 rk. call Ray or Virgil .$.49; 4-2240. ^ ; Booher. HO 2-8482 or HO 5-4176. I p-1" A ^.rr n-rt'C* »AT*/"*ATVT /^tTKTTT'D. /•?t?VTr.*'r»AY II A T IT t*,Ti~ »^._« _. TAYLOR'S BARGAIN CENTER— Handles only new merchandise and all at terrific savings to you. Special this week on paints and varnishes. Come in and brouse around. off Bdwy. GENERAL HAULING — Driveway rock, dirt and sand. HO 2-1075. , 1955 FORD ranch wagon V-8 2-dr. j Standard transmission. Radio, heat- Goessman buys bedroom fur-i er. A real nice wagon niture, antiques and miscel- j 1954 MERCURY 2-door Custom laneous items. CL 9-2821. .-era FOR SALE—By owner. 1959 Stude- buker ij ton pick-up truck. Only 7000 miles. Like new. CiU 4-8167. SUMMER CLEANING — Cash for; nlt 'e buy dun. Automatic transmission, dio. heater, two-tone paint. A real .8595 GENERAL HAULING, any kind, day or night. HO 2-7463. ,t 2 bIOCkS REASONABLE RATES-Dlrt. dTivI- Alton. ^ way rock and sand. CL 4-2332. 20" WINDOW FAN—Reversible. $20! FOR BEST DEAL-In dirt, rock. DU 4-6581 i lime, life work. Ray or Vlrcll TracT-i , B °? ker - HO 2 - M8 2' HO 5-4176. s - I ADDITION | NEAT 4 rooms and bath, insulated. , automatic oil heat. HWF. 1 ton i air conditioner, wired for stove, corner Ic I NEAT :i BEDROOMS — Bath and : ^ll! ty «., "} s JJ la i te , d ' aul0 ' 8as «,o e , a ,m! well shaded lot ........... $12 loo; NEAT 4 ROOMS — Buth and utility, alum storm windows auto gas hfat. SI0.500 GUARANTEED HOME MEAT FOR FREEZERS Prices include custom cuttiriR. wrapping and tree/ins Hind Quarters Beef .... Lb. 57c Front Quarter Beef Lb. 45c H;<lf Beef Lb. 49c Whole or Hair Hog Lb. 29c • VACUUM CLEANERS Locker Rental $10 a year i weekend special. Another selection i ii Aitemion Farmers! Pick-up service; o f reconditioned vacuum cleaners; ._ on your cattle and hogs for w - n ^ attachments. Your choice $10i?, DRESSES, size 10. 2 salughtorinB> processing __; SELLERS SWEEPER STORE dresses. HO 5-7I2S. MISC. FOR SALE CLOTHI.VG cocktail MEDORALCCKER .ERVICE! 42.-. Wood R.ver Ave. Wood River — furniture, scrap Iron, copper andi brass. Gordon Rubenstein. HOi 2-5243. _ __ " " ""WEESE'S BUYS FURNITURE, dishes, tools or anything of value. One piece or houseful. CL 4-0857. 8 a.m.-I p.m. for free pick-up. WILL BUY FURNITURE—Dishes, tools, plumbing, heating, anything of value. CL 4-3932 and CL 4- 2267. Attractive 3 bedrooms, full basement, colored fixtures, brick fireplace. HWF. plastered. Insulated, attic fan. cedar closets, aluminum storm windows and doors, full basement, automatic gas neat, attached garage. Only $14.500 1 4 ACRES with beautiful 3 bedroom, full bath, family room, fireplace, done In knotty pine 16x26. HWF, plastered, insulated, full basement, automatic oil heat. 20 ft diameter fish and Illy pond, all fenced. Beautifully landscaped. Double garage. Like new ..$14,700 OLD EDWARDSVILLE RD. 5 ROOMS and utility — Could be ut,ed as second bedroom, 8 years old. full bath. alum, storm windows and doors. Onlv $6.000 ALTON 6 ROOMS & BATH, 3 bedrooms. Plastered, insulated. Terms, only $;>.50u 6 ROOM, 4 bedrooms, full bath, plas- \ tered. Insulated, wired for stove or | uas full basement, stoker heat.i paved drive. Only $7.5001 FOR COLORED ! 1807 BELLE — 8 rooms and bath. , part basement, coal furnace, plastered. Only » 4500 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS HEAT 3-BEDROOM BRICK — Full bath, built-in lavlnette. plastered, HWF. birch cabinets, fully Insulated, wired for stove and air- conditioner. Full basement with picture window. Concrete drive. Only IH.non 3-BEDROOM FRAME - Full bath, tile wallB. kitchen and bath. HWF. insulated, built-in dishwasher and disposal, full basement, family room, bar. workshop and garage, auto, oil heat, fenced back yard. Only $i.i.9ou IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 5 ROOMS - Bath. hwf. plastered large living room 16x20. plenty of large closets. Insulated, aluminum storm windows * doors. Full base ment with shower, auto, oil heat. Beautiful shrubbery. Corner lot 76 x 200 *l4.»ou H ACRE—8 rooms. 4 yrs. old. Full bath, plastered, wired for stove. Insulated, hwf. alum, storm windows «c door* Large closets, full base- mem . auto, oil heat. Corner lot All for only ilfi.780 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION - New attractive 3 bedroom brick. HWF. fully insulated, full path, shower, lull basam it, plaeterad. concrete drive, garage. Lot M*' 88 -,, 0 ^ POSSESSION 10 DAYS-3 bedroom frame. Full bath. 1 ywr old. HWP, plastered. Insulated. Automate BM beat, attached garage. '—»—•- 3rTv» CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY CALL ANY TIME Weed River CL 4-0321 B.thalto DU 4-6331 "R.d" Mtfford - CL 4.6059 . BUI Hubb.rd - • • CL 4.J30J T Jiy toyman ,.. CL 4.2912 C ROOMS AND BATH. HWF. Insu-1 lated. picture window, auto, pas! heat. Lot 150'xlfiO'. Onlv — $R.w;)l DORCHESTER JUNCTION RESTAURANT. 4 years old. fully equipped. Plus 4 room living quarters. Automatic gas heat, In both re..' trant and home. Separate bath hardwood floors, plastered, full basement, storm windows aud doors. 390 ft. highway frontage. Only $16,800 NORTH OF STAUNTON 2 BLOCKS TO KING'S LAKE. 4 large rooms, basement. 2 sheds, grape and frullt trees, good shade. 1 acre. Only $4ROO TRAILER i-BEDROOM. 1957 Skyline trailer. Birch Interior, fully Insulated. All aluminum outside. Only .. $2.500 WORDEN—30 ft. trailer and level lot. septic tank, city water. All for only $2265' LOTS IN BETHALTO with sewer and water, only $l.lon WE HAVE LOTS - RESTRICTED AND UNRESTRICTED CALL US FOR HOMES G.l.'l— We have some homes we can give Immediate po session on. CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY Real Estate Agency CALL ANY TIME Wood River...CL 4-0321 Bethalto DU 4-6331 'Red'Mef ford.. CL 4-6089 Bill Hubbard..CL 4-6307 Jay Brayman..CL 4-2982 Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally Medora, III. Phone SA 9-7256 Evenings: East Alton. CL 4-5900 WE DELIVER MISC. FOR SALE 71 ARTICLES FUR SALE ADD MACHINE - CMck writer, desk. rill, swivel chair, typewrit er. new ft used. Wlnkler. 700 Alby. 3 HOUSEHOLD GOODS //EBCOR TAPE RECORDERS The tMder In duality tape recorders at reasonable prices Come In— tear your own voice or call foi FREE home cri>- CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 West Broadway. Ph. HO 2 5314 |7g_ BARGAINS—Used furniture. Open 7 days a week. 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Across from depot. Shlpman. DINING ROOM SET"— TabTeT 4 chairs, breakfront. HO 6-2795. AUTOMOTIVE »i AUTOS - PASSENGER CARS 19oT~BUICK~Fordor. A-l throughout. New tires. $495. CL 4-3733. 1957 CADILLAC DeVllle 4-dr. Beautiful color, clean car. Air conditioned, WII1 trade. HURST MOTORS. Inc. EdwardsviUe,lll. FOR SALE—1951 International truck tractor. Series L-195. Good tires and motor. Contact Lester Cox, Medo ra. Phone SA 9-5343. INT. TRUCK—25 h. Johnson motor. HO 6-2306. 93 BICYC1.F.S * MOIOnCYCI.FS NO DOWN PAYMENT CARS It's Easy to Deal With ROBERTS MOTORS 1955 CHRYSLER hardtop 2-door. Full power $27 per mo. 1954 BUICK 2-door 1953 FORD 6-cylinder 2-door 1955 CHRYSLER 2-door Hardtop 1953 FORD 4-door 6 cylinder. Standard transmission $18 mo. 1953 PLYMOUTH 4-door $27 mo. 1FI53 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon $27 mo. 1953 DODGE 2-dr. hardtop. $27 mo. 1953 PLYMOUTH Suburban Station! Wagon 1950 PLYMOUTH 4-Door BICYCLES—New and used. Repair- Ing and parts. NORSIDE BICYCLE. 2614 State. HO 5-7135. FOR SALE—Cushman Eagle Scooter. CL 4-6261. 1955 HA!ILEY~K."H.K.—Lots of extras, very neat. Must sell. Call "Willie" after 4 p.m. HO 2-5358. TWO 20" BICYCLES—One boy's, one girl's: no fenders. $4 each. One 26". good shape. $15. HO 5-9161 after 5 p.m. 15 ACCESSORIKS BAR 8z FIXTURES FOR SALE — First class condition. Sell cheap. • Call UNderhlll 7-7365. St. Louis, or' Ben Turro. Benld. III. BARGAINS New Dehumldlfier «*.OC 17 Inch Admiral Television....fist* 10.3 cu. ft. Pree'cr IIM WEESE'S NEW AND USED MERCHANDISE 430 First St. WOOD RIVER : Has the best In used furniture and appliances — at the lowest possible MAPLE SOFA with white plastic) covering: makes bed. HO 2-6700. | -Standard shift. $200. CL 4-4466. MAYTAG washing machine: wring-! 1R50 CHEVROLET 2 door, complete- «^.r,» t «»»rc niH n^H n n ,,rfi. < |y customlzedi wit h many engine i modifications Heater, radio, new tires. HO 2-1140 f9M~cTfEVRX)LET 2 door. Straight i drive, black with white tires. Runs 1 ertype. 3 years old. Good condi tlon. HO 5-52189 GAS STOVE for sale. HO r>-6270~ ONE PAIR table lamps and one pair 1953 PLYMOUTH 4 dr. 1953 PLYMOUTH 2 dr. 1951 DODGE 2-dr. hardtop $9 per mo. 1952 PLYMOUTH 4-door ....$12 mo. 1952 PLYMOUTH 2-Door ..$12 mo. 1951 DODGE 2-door hardtop 1951 FORD 4-door hardtop, Victoria, standard transmission ....$12 mo. 1951 PLYMOUTH 4 dr. 1951 FORD 2 dr. hardtop ROBERTS MOTORS 200 Ferguson Avenue Wood River CL 4-0101 JERRY'S TIRE SALES i Quality used tires, tubes, new re; caps: vulcanizing. 207 E. St, Louis Ave., East Alton. Ph. CL 4-6013. I H. P. Air Conditioner. 11U volt Slttj HO 2-5243 (ronrlte Iron«r $16» prices. Phone CL 4-0857. Open till 9| O f extra lamp shades: one wrought ----- every evening. | iron TV stand and one table pad, 1 renl good. Full price $245. Mr.; - 39x64. HO 2-6674. : Gene, CL 4-1422 KEBUItT BATTERIES - Gunran t«ed. $4.SO •xohan*e. UP: 6 * 12 volts. Used tires. MAUl.'S Used Auto Parts. 1103 Bell*. Alton. Ph. HO 2-4721. 2 RENAULT TIRES—Size 15. like new. cheap. HO 6-2750. 1855 - 1956 CHEV. HO 5-9491. AUTO RADIO- VOLKSWAGEN Super Chanter. Judson, with vacuum gauge, used. Karman - Ghla seat covers (new). HO 2-1716. 1 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTOR — 3-pc.! bedroom suite. Numerous articles. I ONE QUALIFIED bottled gas range for sale. CL 4-8591. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE 54" Younmtown Sink ,.-.$»< Frigldalre Gas Dryer $178 Frlftldair* Electric Drv«r SIM Speed Queen Washer MS Many Om of • Kind Liberal Terms ALTON REFRIGERATION 5&0 B. Broadway, HO 1954 CHEVROLET 4 door Bel Air. ; Rndlo. heater. Sharp Black finish. B & B MOTOR CO. 4 ARMY COTS, $12—Heavy gauge 3,PCTFROEHLER living room suite.! .W) E, Bdwy.,'Alton. tarpaulin, 17x17. $15. Bowling shoes, size 71/2, & bag, $6. Ice chest, $5. CL 4-3220. slip covers. CL 4-8002. ! 12' RUNABOUT — Plywood, i Spanish electric guitar with ampll- fler $30. HO 5-7315. |6'0~THEATRE SEATS—CL 4-4008. 2 PIECE STUDIO SUITE — Divan ——- ! makes into bed. Matching swivel $3p-| chair. Nylon covering Foam cush ioned. Payments $9.73 a month Browned Seine Twine $2.25 Ib. Trammel Net Webbing $4.50 Ib. 100 yd. Trammel Net . ..$85 MURLE'S BAIT SHOP HO 2-7897 72 BOATS * ACCESSORIES EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State N. Alton. Next to TrI-City. HO 5-7588 3 ROOM GROUPING—Refrigerator, pc. set, livim? room dinette suite. 3 pc. lime oak bedroom suite, new. '.'. new (1x12 linoleums, $329 110 FT. Philippine sailboat. Alum- 1 Inum mast, new sail. Will sacrifice ; Jfor_$50 Cl L 4j£2n L _ ; WOOD'RVvER'FURNITURE' MART S 14 >T. fiberglass boat with 30 h.p,; 144_Fersuson. Wood Klver I Johnson motor and all accessories. May be seen at Henderson Bros., Elm und Alby HO BARGAINS In used furnliure. Open! 10 FT. WOLVERINE—Molded ply evenings till S p.m. woodi Windshield and top, 40 h.p SMITH BROS. USED FURNITURE 52 W Ferguson. Wood River DE"" HUMIDIFIERS Stop Rust 13.000 cu. ft. with Humldlslat....$84 10,000 cu. ft. with Humldi9tat....$H8 10.000 cu. ft. size .............. $59 ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway. HO 5 7723 Across from Germanla Bldg. NO DOWN PAYMENT Easy Terms on Balance l-t)R SALE—1955 model 3 H F.lKin Wednesday & Thursday Specials boat motor. $25 DU 4-9191. IB piece a room outfit, brand new furniture $32.90 mo. J & E FURNITURE ** . Mercury motor, trailer. Lots of I 801 Eust Broadway extras, $750. Phone Fdwardsville| i-or evening appointment HO 5-281B »5 orJ292 JOHNSON SALES & "'SERVICE Boats and Accessories Plasu Haruor. HO 6-2722 MUSICAL MERCHANDISE MISC. FOR SALE PIASA MOTOR FUELS Farm Delivtry J Humbert lid. at New Ueltllne HO 54511 15" FT. FIBERGLASS BOAT AND 40 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTOR 2 ELECTRIC RANGES in perfect: complete with trailer and all acces-, condition. HO 2-0566. 2416 Sanford I sorles New demonstrators, $3501 off. Pay on easy terms. I FIRESTONE STORE ! 512 E. Broadway. HO 2-B22H j ACCORDIONS — 12 bast, bargains. Also lessons on accordion. Spanish and Hawaiian guitar. I.earn to play this summer of Music. HO 5-5:142. School 1933 CHEVROLET 210 V-8, condition. Call HO 5-B876. HO 5-1033 good 1957 CHEV. 2 door hardtop. A-l.| After_5 evenings_DU 4-4846. 1959 WHITE hardtop Impala, all ex- trus; no trade-Ins. 333 Oak Drive, East Alton, rear after 7:00 p.m. 1953 DODGE 6 cylinder with overdrive, new tires. Runs real good. Only $245.^ Mr. Gene. CL 4-1422. _ 195T~FO"RD~v"-¥— Straight drive. Runs (jood. Only $150. Mr. Gene. _£]r tl*? 2 - _ ________ — 1953 FORD— Good condition, $185. _ 195? FORD or trade. 1 owner. Straight shift, perrect shape. 479 Shellview Drive. Bethalto. _ _ BEAUTIFUL 1959 Italian sports car. 4,000 miles. Must sell Will accept older car In 'rj»de_ CL 4-0046. _ 1946 OLDS— Q cylinder, 4 door, standard shift, good & clean. $100. Boy's 20" bicycle. HO C-33B5 after 6 p.m., 1954 OLDSMOB1LE 2-Door Hardtop Super 88, just overhauled. New tires. $450 and older car. CL 4-887H AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE STOP BY TODAY! See These Outstanding Buys! 1058 FORD FAfllLAXi; 300 4-Dr. Cruiwuiuatic V-8, radio, heater, wlilte wails, blue Ss white ... 1957 OLDS 88 4-Dr. Sedan, automatic, heater, uhllevvalU, light blue finlKU I486 FOR SALE—Complete set wolding i equipment. Carroll's Seivlce Station CL 4-7184. iFOR SALE — Good 18" oust Iron I furnace. HO 2-1102. FOR SALE—One lar«tt refrigerator. $50. Good condition One child's rockinu horse. $10. CL 4-:>989. FOR SALE—1.awn mower, $3. Small I bt-ale $1. bumper jui'k il. Motors] $:< HO ii-5217. iwjlsc. FOR SAL!; AUTOMOTIVE Ml'fc - HYMAN.MJCHAIIS CO. STUlfOISAU (Utmwo UM. Uft Btil UUwuv > IKHIT suvica DICK'S TV HO (.MM I We twvkw tOJ nuUi** of I J Wi an Diilin tor + hiyucroraatlu Oil V'uruai>e« I Wisouuviii aud tJ8. CJarllii "Shell Head" eouver»iiui burnen Seiglor Oil Stove* Book Oil Fired Water Heater* Wo Speciolwe in QUALITY PRODUCT. t SERVICE UNftIN OIL COMPANY fbouel CL 4-aitl Why Gambit UNSAftGUtt Heve Us Check Your Brekes and Steering JERRY'S Iroke oad Alignment f Uuo* CtL tt.!tai8 Bowwood He|«bt« (N««t to Yein-iloy Store) • Vacation Notice • The Service Department will be closed for vocation JULY 18 trough JULY 29. The New and Used Car Soles Department will not be affected by this vacation and will remain open for your convenience. Sales Oept, Open Wiik Oiyt 9 A,M, till 9 P.M. Sit,, 9 A.M. till B P.M. Stuart Motors, Inc. II* I. Ferguson Ave—Wood River Imperial Ph. CL Mill •lymeuNi Chrysler International Trucks Valiait 1051 FOR1> 4-Dr. Hardtop, automatic, radio, heater, power brake* & uteeriiiir 1057 PLYMOUTH V-8, pushbutton, radio, hi>at«r, black and ivory 1937 FUKU .Station Wagon, ktruighl »1U« V-8, radio, heater '1096 '1396 11)56 PLYMOUTH Savoy Hardtop V-8, »Uuk l, radio, heater, red and white 1930 FOltl) '-J-Ur. V-8, automatic, radio, heut«r, nolld btauk FOKU ruilio, heuter . Wuguu, I''urdoiuitlic, '796 1«03 ULUfii 88 J-i)r., autunmtiu, ruuio, heater, power brake*, blue aud white interior. "YAK Sharp 199 1BJ3 fUM'L^C 4-Ur. SieUuu. Kudio, heater, automatic, white wall«, vreeu inelalllu tinlkh. Drop In aud look this one over. Many Othti Makva aod Models To Chooit From/ GENE NAYLOR MOTOR CO. Lee Wilson f) Bob MeUy f done N«ylor 19ol I. Broadway NOM HO I-B991 P 0 N T I A C room new 1958 Ford Cuntomline "V8" 2- Door Sedan. Ford, omutiv, radio, heater, 'Mone. Like new $ | QQC thruughout l<9wU 1957 Oldsmobllc 88 i-Door Hardtop. il}drumatio, power steering, power brakes. Radio, heater, white walls, 2- tone. Here's the buy of the $ month.. 1st or 2nd CAR SPECIALS 1956 Ford 6 Cyl. straight trangmhaion. Heater. Perfect in every $• way .... 1956 Buick 795 Special 2-Door Hardtop. Djiia. flaw, radio, heater, vvhitewallH, $QAE —it's perfect 0<fv 19S6 Ford -V8"FiUrlane2-Dr. Fordomutic, radio, heater, perfect truiispor- iutlon i! 1956 Ford AT "V8" Fairlane 4-Dr. Hardtop. All power. Fordomutlc, radio, heater 1956 Ford •896 "V8" Hardtop Coupe. Fordomatic, radio, heater. $| Real nice ., 1956 Buick Century Hardtop Coupe. Djnaflow, radio, beater I 1955 Ford "V8" Fairiaue 2-Dr. t'ordomatic. Radio, heater 1955 Ponrioc Cataliita Hardtop Coupe. Hi-dramatic, radio, * beater 1955 Penriac rtturchief Cataliii* Hardtop Coupe. Hydraioatlc, radio, beater, leatber upbol- ntury 1955 Ford "V-8"4-Door Fordo- niatio, radio, beater. Sti tr tall FRED FOITM OEOR8I URIAH JOE MRAZIX ROY TE0RI9K DUO WWOK 471 Rivn PH. 01 Uttl OPEM ^VEJIUIIt

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