Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 9, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1957
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Junior Editor* Quiz on- EXPLORATION MAKE f RIENDS 9/i 1 A teen-ager wants to know if it would be all right to give a birthday party for another teen-ager and ask all the guests to bring one dollar instead of a gift, No, it Tim* Herald, Carroll, Iowa Monday, Soot. 9, 1957 y LITTLE LJX You can tell a movie Is pretty old tf the bandits drive up to the bank and find a parking apace. wouldn't. That sounds more like inviting guests to a benefit than to a birthday party. isn't in good taste — so don't do It. ©UT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS QUESTION: What ship fir** silled the Hudson River? ANSWER: In 1609, the Dutch East India Company commissioned Henry Hudson, an English navigator, to search for a northwest passage to China or India. Hudson set sail,in his ship, the "Half Moori," and four months later reached the eastern coast of America near present-day New York City. While exploring this area, Hudson discovered a wide river which he was certain must be a water route to the Far East. Hudson sailed up the river for several miles and then sent out a group of men in a small boat to explore the river more thoroughly. They pushed up as far as the present site of Albany, where they found that the river narrowed, so the plan was abandoned. Thus, the "Half Moon" was the first ship to sail up the river that now bears the name of its discoverer. FOR YOU TO DO: Organize a game with your friends to see who can name the most early explorers of America. (If you have a good question for Junior Editors, It might be worth $10. Send it to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, In ear* of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Why does a dog go 'round and 'round before he lies down?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Your wife called to find out what V°u'r* going to do about that emergency appropriations bill she wants!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith TIZZY By Kate Osann "Eddie says he hates to ask me to walk to the freshman get- together, Dad—but he hit a fireplug with his family's earl" 'I have a dreamy schedule—I sit next to a different boy In every t clan!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer L -J- 'Kind* Ilk* having piggy banks all over town, isn't It?" Menagerie Answer to Previous Puuls 5 ACROSS 1 Hibernating animal S piper 9 Stitch 13 Jason's ship (myth.) 13 Region 14 Canton in Switzerland 18 Food expert 17 Greedy beast 18 Worms 19 Russian plains 21 Food flsh 23 Baseball's Maglie 24 Conditions 37 Horse's neck hairs 29 Serene 32 Crown 34 Muse of astronomy 36 Last 37 Nun 38 Augments 39 Halt 41 Mariner's direction 42 Greek letter 44 Swiss mountains 46 Long, narrow valleys 49 Follow 88 Blackbird of cuckoo family 54 Civic minded group 88 Weight measure 87 Devices used by golfers 88 Decree 60 Droop 60 Singer, ' Frances —— •ICWmney m DOWN 1 Commanded 2 Discord goddess 8 Eras 4 Repetitions 8 Membranous pouch 6 Ascended 7 Tidy 8 Scandinavians 28 Making 9 Replaces sorrowful S 10 Great Lake 11 False hair 16 Chemical element 20 Tailless rodents 22 Cripples 24 Notion 25 Discover 46 Tigers, for instance 47 Wild ox of Celebes 48 Christmas song 28 Antiseptic solution 30 Falsehoods 31 Female horse S3 Shade of pink 50 Go by boat 35 Jack the 51 Two-toed 40 Sampled sloth 43 Great artery 52 Italian city 45 Inhale 85 Masculine sharply appellation OUR BOARDING HOUSt . with . MAJOR H60FL1 E6AD ,$AM ./THE ORlSlM OF THIS 6UITAR. SEEMS TO B£ <SHf?OUDEt>rN DOUBT/-^ IT'S -~ AH-Eie— A 6IPT.Y0U MH3UT 5AY, PROM A FRlEWO OF Ml MB/ — DO VO) MA^S AKW RSCOED OP HAMDUN6 SUCH Art INSTRUMENT ? JR\6tfT IN W tidOoW 1 KEEP TUB BOOKS, THIS (SUIJA^" I 'M BUVlNS AND" SAILING ON SEVERAL 4 OCCASIONS -~THB LASTl TINNB TO BOOTHS! JAKE A**- HE- PAlt? £L A\E FIFE DOLLARS I UNDOVMESME TWO-FIFTY VEt «*yOU LlKfcr TO PAY IT? I « JMOULD) STAGED HOMB«. BUGS BUNNY False Alarm BOOTS AND HIR BUDDliS THE Ru&6v .E «ofe«, GETTING ft BMOfr OUT OP TUB 601NG9-ON p,T THE ESTfXTE ACROS* THE LAKE PRE<o\PE\? THE ' ^ET\REP rAlLUOtvAAKE, WftVJCOLW TROE.« t The Setup [MiePMMMrtii, KEV.ODN.,, BY 1DGAR MARTIN I'LL PUT *%T07TO FATHER'S UTTV4E ftFFAAR WYTH THKT UZAWETW &ENWETT, PRISCILLA'S POP t The Director BY AL VERV.EIl ALLEY OOP Short Notice BY V. T. HAMLIM OKAY, SO V —-"-^NCW LOOK.' MDUVE GOT f HOLD IT, VOU STAY / AN' NEVER \TEN MINUTES TO MAKE! DOC, I'VE HERE IN I SEE DEAR OH \ UP VOUR MINDS..THEN \(30T AN THE 20TH) MOO AGAIN?/I STAPT DISMANTLING iL IDEA' CENTURY; OH, NO, NO/ { THE TIME- MACHINE.^ I JUST CANT BEAR IT/ 'J 99 MORTY MEEKLE Modern Frankenstein BY DICK CAVALLI !*•••* •IMBJSJBHBM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS You Win, Popl BY MERRILL BLOSSIt FRECKLES IS UPSTAIRS ONTVte EXTENSION. TALMN6 Tb JUNE A6AIM.' IT£ SIILY WW6N THEY 'RE' „ .NEXT DOOR N6K3MGOf*f) / THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Ready Reply WOON,ANQAS MAKTUA\AAVWE| ENTERS THE I CITIZENS' BUMDIWG., BY WILSON SCRUMS AH, THE LAWIBJCOUUTBKED 1 > IN THE BOOKSHOP/ DON'T mME ^ateGODMINGUP- STAJI?STO HEAKME UPBRAJO . WOMANKIUC^ O,MK.SDARK,I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT _ wmwDeHftSLJiSTUK 1 'JM.iut.v.t.nt.e*' CAPTAIN EASY Same Boss BY LESLIE TURNER HI. MM*MCWI»Bt THANK*. B^Vl L'Vf . <JOT TO 5EB tKt K)SS ) AT k BIU90ARP ' JU»T OUTA TOWN ON H0UT1 W ^^^^ J t >o you ^ Momo UP AT LAST. &A*WI£&! fiS)~~

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