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Buffalo Ev ngNews MAIL EDITION The Weather Fair and continued warm tomorrow and gentle winds VOL CXXVIII NO 72 Copyright 3944 Buffalo Evening Mi BUFFALO 5 WEDNESDAY JULY 5 1944 EIGHTEEN PAGES PRICE THREE CENTS ANTI-NAZI STRIKE FLARES IN MORE DENMARK TOWNS Store Burns as Danish Patriots Block Fire Engine BRADLEY'S MEN ADVANCE 3 MILES IN POURING RAIN Has Perfect Set of Teeth Chief of Vichy Militia Reported in Maquis Hands as Nazis Use Tanks Planes to Put Down Civil War First American Army Opens Offensive on 40-Mile Front British Crush 25 Nazi Attacks in 72 Hours Russians' Steamroller Topples City of Minsk Last German Bastion Covers 150 Miles in 11 Days and Clears Path Warsaw Wilno Riga Stronghold Taken in Lightning Drive to By the Associated Prea LONDON July 3 Minsk the capital of Soviet White Russia and last major German stronghold in the pre-vrar Soviet Union fell today lo two great Red Army groups who have thus capped their 1944 summer offensive with its greatest triumph Marshal Josef Stalin announced the victory in an order of the day The city whose population is believed to have approached 300000 before the war and enemy occupation left it a battered ruin fell to the storm troops of Gen lVan Chemiakhovsky and Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky who rode down all resistance in another incredible burst of speed The fall of the city came almost to the day of the third anniversary of its occupation by enemy troops the Germans announced its capture on July 1 1941 only a few days 4tfter tlie beginning of their invasion of the Soviet Union The victory' opened the gates to a Red Army surge down the main railways to Warsaw Polish capital 300 miles to the west to Wilno and Riga in Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest 150 Miles in 11 Days The great base on the dividing LOIS PRICE CHICAGO July 3 Lois Price 18 of Jefferson Ia who has never consumed pastry candy ice cream soft drinks coffee tea or commercial vitamins has perfect set of Dr A Barker reported in the July issue of Hie Journal of tlie American Dental Association Dr Barker said: Necessary qualities of perfect teeth include absolute freedom from decay proper size shape and set proper shade coloring and translucence to blend with gums eyes hair and complexion perfect cusps grooves pits fissures and marginal ridges Miss Price has never eaten fruit other than oranges COPENHAGEN July 3 The caption accompanying I ment store burning In Central Copenhagen while this radiophoto distributed by Pressens Bild Swed- I demonstrators block the streets to prevent a fire ish picture agency describes it as showing a depart- brigade from reaching the scene (AP Wirephoto) STIMSON FLIES TO ITALY TO SEE YANKS IN ACTION AIRCRAFT OUTPUT IN REICH REDUCED BY TWO-THIRDS (Picture the Picture Page) By VIRGIL PINKLEY Unilvtl Press Staff Correspondent ALLIED SUPREME HQ London July 3 The United States First Army opened a new offensive along a 40-mile front in Western Normandy today and a field dispatch filed at 6:50 reported advances up to 3 miles in the west-coast sector of the lower Cherbourg Peninsula Americans struck out in a driving rain against the German positions along a winding battle line from St Iwi northwestward to the coast west of St Lo D'Ourville The initial gains overrun Si Jores 7 miles southeast of St Sauveur Le Vicointe in what was described officially as of the general advance Tonight a United Press report from li headquarters said the advances in Ihe northweslern sector in tlie direction of lx Haye du Puits transport junction 44 miles below St Lo D'Ourville ranged between a mile and a half and three miles 25 Counterattacks Repulsed On tlie British seclor to the east a patrol occupied Fontaine-Etoule-four 3 miles southwest of Caen after 25 German counterattacks were hurled back in 72 hours Lieut Gen Omar Bradley sent his Fifth Army troops over Ihe top at dawn in a driving rain that had turned the battlefield into a sea of mud Tlie attack followed a heavy artillery bombardment of the German positions ahead of the Americans but the weather prevented aerial support Opening of this offensive followed by' only 'a few hours official announcement that Gen Bradley was regrouping for a major assault and had captured at least five towns Sunday in line-straightening operations between Tilly Sur Seullcs and the west coast Tlie attack may he tlie first blow in Hie expected full-scale Allied offensive designed lo knoek out the German stronghold of Caen and smash toward Paris 120 miles to the east British Also Ready Lieut Gen Sir Miles Second British Anny also was poised for an offensive after wrecking at least 65'Cerman lank in repulsing 72 hours of futile German counterattacks against tlie British wedge soul li west of Caen The Paris radio hinting the British attack already may have begun said a violent tank and artillery bailie was raging between Caen and Villers-Bocnge 13 miles to the southwest with Allied battleships offering supporting fire in the Canadian sector from the Orne River estuary St Lo is an ancient mountain-lop fortress and communications center 31 miles west of Caen and below Ca rent an In their line- traightening operations the Americans captured Longraye 7 miles northeast of Caumont Lambert 24 miles northwest of Caumont Chemin de St Lo 44 miles northwest of Caumont Brelel 3i miles northeast of SI Lo and Hinileour 4 miles east northeast of St Lo D'Ourville on Hie west const British Re-enter Brettevillette Cen Bradley's First Army includes at least two army corps and eight of the 11 Allied divisions known to lie In Normandy Against the 2it0 000-odd Allied soldiers in Normandy German Marshal Erwin Rommel has massed at least 15 divisions with 11 of them five elite panzer two ordinary panzer and four infantry arrayed against the British between Caen and Tilly Sur Seulles By tlie Auocialci) Pie LONDON July 3 Danish workers' demonstrations and strikes against the Germans were reported spreading today to 20 towns including Hclsingof and Kalunborg in Sjaelland and Aarhus in Jutland the second largest city At Helsingor the Elsinore of Hamlet fame gas electricity and water were suddenly cut off the Free Danish Press Service reported possibly a Nazi action to force the workers back to their jobs In Copenhagen where 15000 Danes are reported to have clashed with 300 German troops appeals by proiAinent Danes to the workers and a German offer to restore public utilities service appeared to have failed to halt the general strike now in its fourth day The Danish Free Press said the strike continued and that underground newspapers were distributing leaflets calling Uon all workers to continue to stay away from their jobs The Danish Liberty Council was said to be spreading word to the patriots to continue the strike until the Danish Nazi Schalburg Corps is removed from the country Civil War in France German troops were reported to be pressing a large-scale drive in Southwestern France in an effort to smash underground resistance described by one French collaborationist source as real civil war directed from A dispatch from Port Bou Spain said Gen' Georges Nadal chief of Vichy's pro-German militia Western France has been captured by the Maquis His guard was overpowered while he was en route from La Rochelle to Cognac for a Cerman banquet Saturday A new and disturbing situation Is plaguing the Germans at home where according to dispatches from Madrid some 50000 foreign prisoners have escaped sinre the Allied Invasion of France and are causing deep concern by their activities Reports from the Stcmish-Krench frontier said the Germans had thrown tanks and bombers as well as infantry into their drive against French patriots in the Dordogne region of Southwestern France Prisoners Freed After 2 days of fighting the Nazis were said to have recaptured Bergerac and advanced to St Cyprien where they freed 150 collaborationists who have been held as prisoners in that town The retreating Maquis were reported to have transferred their activities 50 miles south of Bergerac taking over the the rail junction at Armande and cutting the lmjKrtnnt Cnliors-Bor-deaux railroad line An article in the Bordeaux newspaper Petite Gironde said authorities in Southwestern France were faced with real civil war Madrid advices quoting travelers arriving there from Germany estimated 301 NN) of the 50000 escaped war prisoners reported at large in the Reich were Russians The fugitives moving in small groups and trying to work their way out of Germany were said to be keeping German rural areas in constant uneasiness In Algiers a representative of Marshal Josip (Tito) Broz' Yugoslavian Partisan movement today Said the Partisans have established liaison with the French underground and that they jointly are organizing forees behind the Carman lines in Northern Italy DEMOCRATS TO HEAR 2 TALKS BY WOMEN WASHINGTON July 3 Democratic National Committee officials announced today that women have been given two lop speaking spots on the program of the party's national convention opening July 19 in Chicago lie first time women have been so prominently recognized Listed to address sessions are Helen Cahagan Douglas actress and wife of Movie Star Melvyn Douglas and Mrs Gladys Tillelt head of the Women's Division of the National Committee Mrs Douglas was nominated for Congress in the California primary Committee officials said that women had made seconding speeches at Democratic convent ions In the past hut never were listed for major addresses VISITOR TO BUFFALO FOUND ON TRACKS RHINEBECK July 3 Helen Josephine McDermott 34 of 71 Park Ave New York was in condition in the Northern Dutchess Health Service Center today with injuries apparently received when she jumped or fell from a New York Central train at nearby Slaatsburg State Police who are investigating said that the woman was found this morning by a member of a westbound train crew She was lying between tracks in front of the Staatsburg New York Central Station police said Her injuries were reported to Include compound fractures of both legs severely lacerated scalp deep cuts on both hands possible fractured skull and possible internal injuries Polire who were attempting to learn If the woman Jumped or fell from a train said relatives have been notified Railroad police reported she was believed to have been en route 1o New York from Buffalo where she had been vacationing Argentine Says Talk Was Misinterpreted BUENOS AIRES July 3 (UP) Col Juan Peron Argentine minister of war charged today that I lie State Department had misinterpreted a recent speech in which he was quoted as saying that for Argentina there would be no difference between a German or United Nations victory A summary of Col Peron's speech delivered on June 10 at La Plata University was made public by the State Department in Washington last Thursday only a few hours after Argentina had announced that it was deporting all German diplomats and semi-official representat ives Col Peron declared today thal the State Department had been tricked by "ill-intentioned who lie said furnished it wit It an erroneous summary tiiat changed the entire meuning of his speech The summary issued liy the Stale Department quoted Col Peron as saying that hope of avoiding future wars was and that the idea of un interpreted peace and true social justice among the nations of the world was a An analysis of the speech issued by an in Washington in conjunction with the State Department summary held that Col Peron tried to establish the premise that a totalitarian state is the only tossihle solution for Argentina's problems Postoffice Overtime Pay Bill Signed by President WASHINGTON July 3 Bills which became law under the President's signature today included measures providing: Overtime benefits to custodial employes of the Post Office Department Continuance of pay allotments of naval personnel determined to he missing interned or beleaguered until receipt of evidence lhat the person is dead Placing of the new synthetic drug isonipecaine which has an effect similar to that of morphine under federal control By the United Picks WASHINGTON July German aircraft produclon lias been reduced approximately two-thirds while German oil refineries have been bombed unti Itheir output is about 30 of normal Gen Ilenry Arnold said today The commanding general of the Army Air Forces said the Luftwaffe's weak ess was demonstrated by the fact it chose to ignore some of tlie greatest targets in aviation history the great convoys crossing tlie English channel to Normandy and tlie subsequent concent ration of men and material on tlie beachheads Gen Arnold said at a press conference that whereas American oomber planes raiding the heart of Germany somclimes used to encounter 200 to 600 German fighters seldom do 100 planes come up at Gen Arnold also revealed thal the Qermaps be gelling to put jet -propulsion planes in oeration against tlie Allies Gentians had some 55 refin-eries for synthetic and natural Gen Arnold cnnlinucri were 14 major refineries producing l(X)-octane gas We knew if we could hit ail Ihe latter we could interfere seriously with military operations On the first day of our attack we hit six We have now practically hit all German oil refineries believe now thal Germany Is using her reserve of gas Consumption is far in excess of production Unless Germany increases production of cuts consumption she will be in bad way Her powers of recuperation are great However with our freedom in tlie nir we will go hack ngnin to those He estimated Hint between 40 and 50'f of tlie central part of Berlin had been destroyed have watching the Germans closely lo see whether ttiey will inaugurate use of a jet-propelled plane" Gen Arnold continued high speed anil quick cliiuh obtainable by Jet propulsion would he highly useful in their position Every once in a while we see evidence thy may be getting ready to put jet propulsion in operation but they done so NAM Says Secret Pacts Freeze Out of Markets WASHINGTON Julv 3 The National Association of Manii-facturei-s said today that secret trade agreements witli Britain war iosed for all business lie question of whether Ihey represent a trend which will affect all post-war trade agreements The NAM News weekly publication of ihe association said certain unnamed Government officials admitted existence of Itie agreements and NAM officials claimed tlie pads were freezing American In-dust lies out of their pre-war markets in British jMissossions high ground between the Baltic and the Pripyat marshes to the south fell to an accelerating Soviet steamroller only 11 days after Marshal Stalin launched his central front offensive That offensive now-had carried the Russian armies forward more than 150 miles over a battlefield 300 miles broad Minsk is but 15 miles east of the pre-war frontier of Poland and Russia and its many-sided pivotal communications afford first-rale routes into the Baltic countries andl South and Central Poland Marshal Stalin said troops of the Third and First White Russian armies captured the city by encircling maneuver and assault The order described Minsk as the major German strongpoint in Russia and most important strategic center of German defenses in the western 24 Salvoes Ordered A big sa'ute of 24 salvoes from 324 guns was ordered to flash in Moscow's skies tonight lo set a triumphant seal to tlie vieloiy The Soviet entry into tlie city was preceded by Russian drives across tlie two main rail routes lo lie southwest and nort hwest out of Minsk The Russians covered 12 miles hi their last dasli into tlie city Pounding at the front gales of Minsk Red Army men capture! Sloboda 1214 miles to the noitli-east But by-passing columns already had swept around tlie city on the northwest and southwest Approximately 2(tn0()0 lo 240000 Nazis defending Minsk u'ere I'tqiorl ei hopelessly trapped The rush on the northwest posed a threat lo Wilno former Polish city just 15 miles from the old Lithuanian border This drive captured Wilejka 65 miles due east nt Wilno and 46 miles northwest of Minsk The wall erected by the Nazis in front of the Baltic republics and Poland was beginning to feel the pressure of the advancing Red Army as German forces reeled backward in White Russia in a retreat which Russian field dispatches described rs a rout Fighting In Polotsk In almost every sector the Russians said German commanders appeared unable to break the on-rushing tide of Soviet tanks cavalry and infantry advancing relentlessly under ail air cover that grows daily In strength By no stretch of tlie Imagination one Soviet corresimndent said can the collapse of German resistance be called a or even a systematic withdrawal German broadcasts said the Red Army had entered Polotsk about 65 miles west of Vitebsk and that violent street fighting now was under way there In old Poland the Russians took Krasnoe 30 miles northwest of Minsk cutting the railway from Minsk northwest to Wilno An other severed the rail line running to Brest-Litovsk at Stolpce Poland 45 miles southwest of Minsk and captured Neieswiez 25 miles northeast of the railway junction of Baranowieze On the Finnish front Soviet advances continued on the Karelian front between Lakes Onezhskoe (Onega) and Ladoga witli the capture of Spasskaya-Guba 35 miles northwest of Pelrazovorsk ONE SUPERFORTRESS' FATESTILLUNKNOWN WASHINGTON July 3 Gen II Arnold chief of the At my Ar Forces disclosed today one of tlie H-29 Suiierltirti-eKse which bombed Japan June 15 Is still unaccounted for He said one B-29 was brought down by enemy anti-aircraft fire and two were lost as a result of mechanical difficulties Concerning the plane shot down over Yawa'a Gen Arnold said: far as we know the crew bailed out The Japs got the pieces of the plane on land The two other planes accounted for crashed and burned i won't any where or what happened to the I The DomeLnews agency bad reported that the crew members of tlie plane brought down over Japan were killed 1 Gen Arnold said the B-29s obtained hits on wharves and docks as well as the Yawata steel mills and started some fires 78-Year-Old Nazi Surrenders SUPREME HQ Allied Expeditionary Force July 3 fPI A 78-year-old German private in the Tndt engineers has been taken prisoner in 'France SHAEF announced today He said he did not want to be a soldier aiy more Latest News Bulletins 3 Nazi Generals Slain LONDON July 3 The German High Command today announced tlie deaths of three more German generals in fighting on the Eastern Front They were identified as Gens Martinex and Pfeiffer both artillerymen and Lieut Gen Schuenemann whose branch was not mentioned WAC Leader in Hospital SAN ANTONIO Tex July 3 LP) Col Oveta Culp Hobby director of the Women's Army Corps is in the Brooke General Hospital for a complete medical check up it was announced today by hospital authorities New Yorker Decorated SUPREME 1IQ Allied Expeditionary Force July 3 On a recent visit to advance air bases in Normandy Maj Gen Lewis II Brereton commander of tlie Ninth Air Force decorated a number of fighter pilots it was announced today Among those awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross was Lieut Col Frank Pergo "uf Canandaigua N' 90 Billions Spent in Year WASHINGTON July 3 mi- The nation sieiil nearly SDOiNKMKiOtKH) for war in the fiscal year ended last Saturday the Treasury reported today War spending by the Treasury the RFC and RFC subsidiaries increased about $15000-000000 over the preceding year Acquittal Plea Denied PITTSFIELD Mass July 3 (UP) Defense motions for a directed verdict of acquittal and for Hie exclusion of vital evidence from jury consideration were denied today by Superior Judge Abraham fr Pinanski nl tlie murder trial of Attorney Jot i Noxoo Jr Gigli Reported Dead LONDON July 3 (A')--Naomi Jacob tlie novelist said today she had rereived a message by serrel means saying that Beniamino Gigli former Metropolitan Opera tenor had died in Italy Miss Jacob a friend of Gigli said do not think he died a natural death I think it is something else" Bomb Kills General Wife IXJNDON July 3 Flying bombs have killed Maj Gen Sir Arthur Scott retired his wife Ainiee Byng a novelist and Sir Percy ATden prominent campaigner against slums One bomb hit a house killing a mother and five of her nine children Taylor Occupies Villa ROME July 3 (PI Myron Taylor President Roosevelt's personal representative to the Vatican established li is residence today in a 60-room villa owned by Marion Morgan Kemp after a scramble among high Allied officers who wanted it Chief Wife Is III HANGOII Me July 3 tP- Hospitalized liccmise of a sinus ailment which tier physician described ns not serious Mrs Agnes llarvcy Stone wife of Chief Just ire Harlan Fiske Slone was reported in condition today at the Eastern Maine General Hospital Silver Money Plea Opposed BRETTON WOODS July 3 A bi-partisan appeal by 25 weslern senators for inclusion of silver in plans for an international currency stabilization fund met a chilly response today from the American delegation lo the United Nations monetary conference (Earlier story on Page 14) Gem Merchant Admits Guilt NEW YORK July 3 Leonard A Smit 58 of Saddle River international diamond merchant formerly of Antwerp Belgium pleaded guilty today to seven indictments charging shipment of 1000 carats of industrial diamonds valued at $4500 to Sweden three months before Tearl Harbor in violation of federal statutes and a presidential order 1715000 JEWS REPORTED SLAIN WITHIN 2 YEARS NEW YORK July 3 A Geneva dispatch to the New York Times today said 1715000 Jews had been put to death by the Germans in Upper Silesian at Auschwitz and Birkenau in two years ended April 15 1944 The report was attributed to information reaching the International Church Movement Ecumenical Refugee Commission of Geneva and the Fluchtlingshilfe of Zurich Victims were said to have come from those countries: Poland 900-INN) The Netherlands' 100000 Greece 45000 France 150000 Belgium 50000 Germany 60000 Yugoslavia Italy and Norway 50-000 Bohemia Moravia and Austria 30000 Slovakia- 30000 and foreign Jews from Polish concentration camps 300000 Yet another 120000 Jews from Hungary were said to have been killed or died etj route to Upper Silesia The report said the Hungarian Jews were subjected to fiendish inhuman Execution halls at Auschwitz and Birkennu were said to In? fake battling establishments capable of disiKilching 2000 to 8000 Jews daily were led into cells and ordered to strip for the Times dispatch said cyanide gas was said to have been released reusing death in 3 to 5 minutes The bodies are burned in crematories that hold eight to ten at a time At Birkenau there are about 50 such furnaces They were opened March 12 1943 by a large party of Nazi chiefs ho witnessed the of 8000 Jews from 9 A until 7:30 M' according to the Dewey to Take a Hand In Senatorial Contest ALBANY July 3 Gov Dewey Republican presidential nominee expects to tie consulted on the GOP candidate for the Senate seat of Robert Wagner Democrat of New York but he the party will pick its own ticket Under a law passed by the 1944 Legislature both parlies were permitted to cancel their state conventions and let their executive committees choose itie nominees for Senate and a Court of Appeals judgeship the only two statewide offices where terms expire this year The GOP executive rommitffM will meet Aug '8 JAP AT TULE LAKE FOUND MURDERED SAN FRANCISCO July 3 (UP) Yaozo Hitomi 44 Japanese alien formerly in the insurance business in Sacramento was found stahbPd to death Sunday niglw at the Tule Lake segregation renter where he was interned the War Relocation Authority announced today Mr Hitomi's body was found by his niece Fumiko Hitomi He had been stabbed through the throat apparently witli a long-bladeri knife WRA xiokesmen said The body was on the porch of an apartment adjoining Mr Hitomi's apartment He was pronounced dead on arrival at the segregation-center hospital 1 Prior to evacuation Mr Hitomi was an agent for a life insurance company at Sacramento He is survived by his wife two sons 16 and 14 and a daughter 12 Fasting Ex-REA Official Criticizes Agency Politics ST LOUIS July 3 Declaring he does not have the of returning to the Rural Electrification Administration under any conditions Chester Lake former REA field representative said Sunday he was beginning his fifth day without food in protest oiiiic-i of the agency Mr Lake's $5800-a-year abolished by the De-' 'culture The REA was created in 1935 as an independent agency he asserted the Department of Agriculture is now-giving the By the United Piea I ROM July 3 Secretary of War Henry Stimson has arrived in Italy to inspect troops hospitals and front line installations it was announced today Secretary Stim-iton flew from the United States via North Africa it was announced He also will hold conferences with important persons He was accompanied by Maj Gen Alexander Surles The director of public relations Maj Gen Norman Kirk urjreon genera and Harvey Bund a special assistant to Mr Stimson At a North African airfield Secretary Stimson's party wa 1 by Maj Gen Idwal II Edwards acting chief of staff am! Lieut Col Shumaker aide to Lseut Gen Jacob Devrra der-utv commander in chief of the Allied Mediterranean command Members of Gen Dever staff met Mr Stimson's plane when It janded at an unidentified airport in Italy late Saturday afternoon Beil Curtiss Plants To Be Kept Busy WASHINGTON July 3 Gen Ilenry II Arnold said today that Ihe Be and Curtiss-Wnght aircraft factories at Buffalo sill be kept busy despite any curtailment there may he in the production of P-39 Airacobras and P-40 Warhawka Gen Arnold said the air forces now are concentrating on three major fighters the P-5Ss P-47 and P-51s though there still Is some demand for P-39s and P-tK He said the Russians want all the P-39s they can get plus the newer version of the same plane the P-63 A questionerWsperifirally asked wliat would fiappen to the aircraft factories at Buffalo Gen Arpot! replied1 will use those factories lo make Ihe planes we need most to carry out Die Pastor Applauds Son Who Bagged 5 Jap Planes BKIMFIELD HI July 3 fine I'm certainly glad to hear said the Rev Theo Hargreaves pastor of Unton Church here when informed that his sort Navy Lieut (jgt Hargreaves liad become an ace in one day's aerial combat over the Marianas Islands An Associated Press dispatch from a carrier task force in Ihe Pacific reported that Pilot Hargreaves had claimed fe Jap planes shot down and one probable in a single day's action Mrs Hargreaves the lieutenant's mother is seiiously ill in a hospital and was not notified Bus Workers on Strike In Protest Over Ties CHICAGO July 3 (I'PK Operations at the Union Bus Station Chicago headquarters for the Greyhound Bus Lines were practicably at a standstill today as more than HiO employes stayed away trim work in protest against a company decree compelling them to rear ties 'Itie strike began Friday when 14 ticket sellers slnpied work discarding cravats About too employes walked out in sympathy Saturdav All are members of the Brotherhood of Railway tt Steamship Clerks Long-Term Farm Contracts Can Be Repaid Immediately WASHINGTON July 3 Under legislation approved by President Roosevelt today purchasers if homes under the resettlement and farm security longterm coni i act programs may repay the fall amounts of indebtedne-s and obtain immediate delivery deeds Many purchasers niaknc monthly payments on contracts of 20 years or more now are in a position to pay off their full indebtedness a 29 Hurt on Ferry NEW YORK July 3 winds and a flood tide caused th- municipal ferryboat Mary Murrav tn crash against piling at the sou ferry slip Sunday nght injur 29 Four persons were hospital zed Six (ops Needed to Subdue Canadian Who Beat His Wife '(Nazis Bewildered continued on Page 5 Column 2) Grain-Threshers to Cross Canadian Border Freely OTTAWA July 3 (P- Labor Minister Mitchell announced Sunday night that reciprocal arrangements have been made by Canada and the permitting grain-threshing outfits to cross the border freely and In work in cither country Under the arangements certain border crossing formalities will be tempqrarily suspended from July 7 to permit Hie exchange of threshing equipment and crew lie refused to lake an oath on Ihe Bible But when the second charge was read he kissed the Bible He pleaded not guilty to both charges Mrs Coughlin with both eyes blackened displayed great bruises on her arm Coughlin said his wife deliberately' batted her head against the bed get evidence to have me She said that on June 19 he crawled through a window of the bedroom of his invalid father hid in the clothes closet then struck her on the face Coughlin denied this statement and bent over to show the magistrate the crown of his head where he said his wife "slugged him over the head with a gallon milk Crown Attorney Harry Ma-coomb said he would present the facts to the Attorney General's Department On Saturday afternoon Coughlin threatened three polire officers with a tazor and escaped but was caught later UNRRA Council to Hold Second Session Sept 15 WASHINGTON July 3 MV-Do odor Genera I Herbert Lehman of the I'niled Nations Relief Leliatiilita'mn Admlnixl rat ion announced loday 1 1nn the second ses-inn of tlic I'NRRA Council will open at Montreal Sept 15 The session was scheduled originally to open June 23 but was postponed because of restrictions on travel and communications from Britain during the pre-invasion period Lands on Hangar Roof PHOENIX Ariz July 3 tD A two-passenger private plane undershot the airport but the pilot James Taylor managed such a successful landing his only injury was a' cut lip He landed on the hangar roof INDEX TO NEWS Army Camps 0 Comics 7 Deaths 14 Features 0 Financial 4 Lawrence 10 letters Pegler Radio Society Sports in li 1213 War News 2 3 LaGuardia Proposes Tax on Hotel Bills NEW YORK July 3 7P) A 2 levy on the hotel bills of visitors to New York and a flat 40-cent-a-week tax on commuters are a part of an annual $50000000 tax plan proposed by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to solve the subway deficit The mayor announcing the plan in his weekly radio broadcast Sunday said the alternative was to increase subway fares from 5 to 10 cents a' long-debated issue Emory Land Promoted From Rear Admiral WASHINGTON July 3 Emory Land chairman of the Maritime Commission and chief of the War Shipping Administration was promoted from rear admiral to vice admiral under legislation signed by President SiNful lo Tlie Kurmo Kmenimo News NIAGARA FALLS Ont July 3 A battle royal raged in Magistrate's Court toay Six policemen had lo use commando tactics to overpower George Coughlin 44-year-old ironworker after he had been sentenced to the Ontario Reformatory for 12 months He was earned out of the room with an officer holding each arm and each leg The court room was left a veritable shambles chairs and tables were scattered and the posts on the railing around the bench dias were loosened and on the floor was one of shoes Coughlin staged the demonstration after he had been convicted on two charges of assaulting his wife and was sentenced to six months on eacli count He appeared before Magistrate John Hopkins handcuffed to Township Constable William Hamilton When the first charge was read to him I.

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