Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 6, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

tdtton Quit on— REPTILES When a boy makes a date with a girl he should always be definite about it. Saying, "Maybe I'll come over Friday night." is not TtmM Herald, Carroll, towa Friday, Sept. 6, 19371 The only hard work that ever hurt anyone Is that of a business competitor. when a couple is going steady. If the boy doesn't know enough to be definite, she should insist the way to make a date, even that he be. TIZZY By Kale Osann QUESTION: Do snakes have hips? ANSWER: A shifty halfback on a football team Is often called a "snake-hipped" runner. However, most snakes have no hips, because they have no legs. And a few species that have rudimentary legs do not use them. Most mala members of the boa constrictor and python families have two small spur-like hind lags which are only partially developed. Zoologists say this indicates that the ancestors of these snakes — and probably of alt others — had legs at one time. They explain the present body form probably developed because snakes lived among dense vegetation where legs were not of much use. Snakes crawl or swim swiftly because their backbones contain as many ae 300 small bones, or vertebrae, and bends easily. It progresses by moving Hs body and pushing against the ground or water with each curve. FOR YOU TO DO: There are about 2,400 kinds of snakes in the world, but only a few of them are poisonous. By studying pictures learn to identify any poisonous one found in this country. (Buddy Dennis of West Milton, Ohio, won $10 for this question. If you have one, send it to Violet Moore Higglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrow: Where is the Garden of Eden?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Now that Hie children are married and the house is finally quiet, why not apply for a parole?" SIDE GLANCES T .«r« (r . u.».»«.«(. i 1*47 >y Wit tenia. IM. "I'm disappointed with our first grade teacher — she doesn't know a bit more about foreign affairs than my familyl" OUT OUR WAV BY J, K. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING MOUSE "I know It's my first date with Johnny Parker, but he saw me in all these dresses when he was going with Alice and we were double-dating!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer By Galbraith J— "Tee and crumpets, pleasel" This and That Answer to Previous Puzzl* ACBOS8 55 Suffixes 1 of a kind 5<j ~~-leas* 4 , v>ok and 57 Wlnken, TTTTCT listen 6 —— and gone 12 An to the ground 13 Kind of recorder 14 Pen name of Charles Lamb 15-—— so forth 16 .North, South and Central 18 More forbidding 20 Ventures 21 , white and blue 35 Forever and ever, 24 and' female 26 Europe, Africa and —— 27 — a fine seam 30 Deported 32—— while the Iron is hot 34 Afternoon nap 35 -totter 36 Balaam and his-— ] 37 Mimics 39 Kind of ranch 40 Chooses 41 Mediterranean or Baltic —— 42 Throng 45 Hawser spool 49 Midwestern university (2 words) 51 Anger 52 Anchor 53 Fencing sword 54 Come , come all Blinken and DOWN 1 Afternoon parties 2 Waste not, not 3 Hospital attendants 4 Take a firm 5 Domesticate 6 Musical dramas 7 diem 8 Nut 0 Wing-shaped 10 Trigonometry function §1 i IN N § •EE its 11 Russian news agency 17 Fancy 19 Staggers 23 Light fogs 24 Plateau # 25 Rotary center 26 Alter to suit 27 Place 28 Pieced out 29 Existed 31 Russian warehouses 33 Counsels 38 Get away 40 Scents 41 Celerity 42 on the range 43 Exclamations 44 Unruly uprising 46 Sun disk 47 Italian river 48 Lac* 50 Far (prefix) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . wftfc MAJOR HOOPLi snew, MI5TAH MAJOR/TWIS (SOTTA SB UNCLE ZEkfE v S ' SEETAR /^-LOOk, ME CARMS- A TEENiY "Z"ON TUS 60TTOM./ •"-OLD SAM. (SAME KiAATMB 6I66EST SVP SINCS TME IN3UN6 SWAPPED NEW YORK FOR A (JUS ZE-KE GOT [CONCISELY i > AWPF-6PUTT-TT#SURELY 4 yoU —AH-ER — KACK- 1 kACtf*" HOW DID^Tj-IAT |5-vZEKE,Y0U SAY? — THEN - \AJE'R£ gOTM — V4HV, DA6H IT ALL, TMfcRE'S A TERRIBLE? 1 DISCREPANCY SOMEWHERE/ •:J< re­ ft 4.1 JAKE i HE SAME I FOR BUGS BUNNY Pony Express WATER )SHEI?e I GO AGAIN! PRISCILLA'S POP That's What Counts BY AL VERMEER "YOU'RE ^ ( I WISH WE LUCKY// I WAD "' "~ V6 WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE A LITTLE SISTER OR A LITTLE BROTHER? * .AS LONG- A«3 I WAD' SOMEBODY TO BOSS R AROUND/ ——' ALLEY OOP Want to Go Back? BY V. T. HAMLIN EVEN IF \OU HAVE LOST INTEREST WM THE PROJECT, YOU SIMPLY MUST CON SIDER THE WELFARE OF THESE 'FMTHRJL MOOVIMMS; -he IP 9-6 YEH, YOU ^-v SOTTA THINK ABOUT US TORE VOL) SO BUST1N' UP ALL THESE GADGETS.' 5lW MORTY MEEKLE Brilliant Boy BY DICK CAVALLI MEEKLE/HOW COULD YOU BE 60 STUPID? YOU'RE A LOW GRADE, KNOTHEADED NITWIT/ YOU ONLY USE YOUR HEAD TO HOLD UP YOUR HAT/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Adjustment BY MERRILL BLOSSER What's to Know? EDGAR MARTIN *W\»W\LEIV\60NE S5E YHftT TAKE VOUR vvzMMrm \«»YHE ONVX ttEO\C\K>E I ViEE.D\ | -»» I M. lit W.V P«, Oil. FOR THE F\R«,T \*a YEKR%\ HOWEVER, \* TK*< KWEY0 w IIBBBB UXAfcETH EENNETT? SURE, I KMOVv HERA EVERYONE 'ROUND HERE POE<©\ VvHKTTfr VOU AfcOOT 'ER3 SURE, I CAM AFFORDTb TAKE >OU TG A SHOW AGAIN" TONIGHT.' 53" SHE HASNT- GONE TO A MOVIE ALOtfE OR-WlTM TME GIRLS TME „ PAST TWO WEEKS/ r — YES, AS A MATTER. Of FACT, I DID RAISE , FRECKLES' ALLOWANCE.' Mow I CAN DECREASE JUNE'S / THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Hard Words BY WILSON SCRUGGS AS MARTHA WAVNE SHOPS IW A. CEWTERVIU.E [DEPARTMENT] 5 WELL, IF IT ISK^TTME \| CELEBRATED WOMAM- HATER, NOVELIST GABRIEL HOAKK/aKh-RESIST MAVIN6 A CLOSER LOCX.' 15 IT REALLY TRUE YOtfvE NEVER MET A WOMAN VOULIKEC& CAPTAIN EASY No Hope BY LESLIE TURNER YOU HEMP WHAT «tAIOH rM A CAl)TI0U» mi, NOW AST MOUK £3(000 /BARWI5BJ IPTHC cwx AN0/U.MAKB VOU W/WK0N6 W BB L«r — ~srT\ TAKE WroW

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