Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1960 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 20
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t»AGfi TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 11, Hospital Notes If. JOftffM'ft SURGICAL Thomas David Young. Rt 1. Godfrey. Rirhnrfl B Burh, Hartford. Mrs. Bertha A. Yoxall. 3065 Al- XVifiiflm J. \\olinlich. IK* Mo- Brighton. Mrs. Jane Voder. 21 McCasland, Ath-m. West LP< Piitrott. R1 1 Graf Inn. .1. Sleek 1S.'« N. Rodgrrs. R villr Mrs. Mime M Mmturirr. :OO Washington. Mrs Hhflidn K. PH.VS.IM. HI 1. Krhvardsvillf. Il.mirr L. Booth Hi 1. limit i py. Mrs. Hovprlpy A Hii-k<. CCIIHRO Hit's Victor K HueltpMt'i . (idil'ivy. Mr-: Kraivps 1. .lows. 12<i<: >!,•- Hin'rv East Alton. Mrs. Maxim M Alton, Mo. Mrs. Betty .1 Hartford. Mrs. Ruby Broaddus, 310 Penning. Wood River. Mrs. Joyce Hernandez. 311 Dry. Miss Karen Y. Hoppc. DISMISSALS Marcia Edwartls. East Alton. Thomas Acker, 313 Dooley. Floye Cbleman. South Roxana. Eidon Evans. Bethalto. Airs. Amanda Matteson. J814 Centra 1. ana. Danny Joe Mitts. South Roxana. Brenda Sue Grigsby. Edwards ville. DISMISSALS Mrs. Lena Paye Dale, 2808 Sun- Mrs. Alice Wilson. Hartford. nyside. Alton. Mrs. Alberta Lee Hogle. 80 liar- 'Joseph Losch, 514 Law-ton. ne tt ;M rg . Alberta Sturgill. CottaRf .) H mes R Eden 525 Tenth. Uasl Hills loberl Miller. Grafton. Irs, taura VanDergriff. Highland. Alton. Bethalto Water Softener Plant Nears Completion Koont/, ; Howard Justice. 921 MePherson „,,. .,„„ Lawrence D nlnn. BETHALTO—final phases of , construction on water softener and 113 Hall-j iron rpmm . nl p j n|1(s for Curtis. 444 Pen-J supplied to thr village BIT ex- ipected to be mm] lifted this week ('lifr.ird Ahrp- :WU Onk Hast Alton. ham said Saturday Mrs. Barbara Tucker. Bethnlt.i • vll .?-.. LeolH • 1<U1 *' M'-isenheimor. i Completion of tin set foi 1. Miss XellJi M. Lyerla. 325 E. 3rd Kenneth \V Mrs. Willie A. Grecr. Colp Robin Ulerv. 504 Condil. Mrs Camhn Pleasant.' Mrs. Berthf. R. Lavitus. .W2H : ^s! Marv'Carter'" 2907" Burns Hethnlto. \\esiern. Vista ' vlrs Anna H Mis. Alary .lean McKee. 232 x,,. s p fu , !lnp n, m | a ,,. 190(1 Sv. - , Madison. Penning. Wood River. -imore ^ lrs - Arifl ^ nn Lynch. Mrs. Beveilx Nlsehwit/ Ed- v , rs charlotte Afhiithntil. 37U') ' Bn,mlwn>. East Allan. \\ardsvillc. j.; rj O prr Robert Lee Mrs Hester F Pri.-e. CullaC"M rs '. Rntno'na Wells, 3033 \Vfta- M""' "''Is lee. Mrs. Edna K;n Voss 1W:i Pleasant. >1rS] Dorothy Noble. 1Ul!i Stato. thalto. I.ronard .1. \\ard. 932 l-ountHin. Ml) | 1 p r1 B Pn f y Oodfrev Mrs. Annie Belle Lamnarlci'. Mrs. .JudithAnnWest. 431 Whit.r- nai . n Henson', 306 Dooley. MM Oak\\oocl. Alton. West Mton .,, v ' ^ R ] ve l> 0 . -, Michael Elaine. 1304 Cla'wson. Mrs. Christine L. Fmnk'in.i^^. Dorolhy Carol 'x "l2 Cherl Ih ? m " s navid V " ung - RL L Tina Marie Vitale. 528 E. 7th. South Roxana. £«"/ton. >, M ( T(M if,.i,v. Michael Gtm-er. 3(532 K. Doerr.'Mrs. Delores C. Muiphy. S.»ulh *?"; I ^ 0 }" Ann ^ave. Brighton. l-,rrv Hunter, 306 Doolev. Roxana. ^^\ Bowers. Brighton. Mansfield. Ul ISultv plants hud . ljut final construction was delayed by the 623;severe wind storm on June 30. Plumbers and electrical workers employed on Ilia project were .called out for emergency duty 8th, Wtxid River. DISMISSAL* Amburs, 8A Ross' Hungerford. Wood'River. Mrs. Mary D. K'nd, Granite Ferguson Wmx! River. 'William Inman. Rl. 1. East Al- Quincv Mss Phyllis Powell. 420 Cobbs. ln ,-^ *V . ,„ , ,v ^ ws, o- Vast Aitnn ~. : „ . , ... Aifs. Margaret Melow. Wood; River, •iv^f- n «,?,m, RI.- v MH 'Connie Robinson. Cottage Hills.! River : Donald Raymond Davenpori. K ?,oS"|f?iUt .ffi-^. B ^r^, l !. Dou ''""-i M '"- M ^ A f!^: Stturt "'- • S1 li"%°gir, A™ Ho,,b, -m s-vf"^JR^ m " sn.f/s-sru u,,.. w.... towNSH* .^"sssi 's»trv i. Fred J. Haegele. 918 Osage ion MEDICAL Godfrey. Charles \V Brake. Rt. 1. Alton yvilliam Harvey. 3514 Coronado. Claud Karnes. Rt. 2. Shipman. j\tj ss Marion T. D'-nenhour. Cot- Bernard Gregory. Shipman. Mrs. Kdna King. 3130 Oak. .lames A. Wright, 44 Dugger. • tage Hills. Adrtie Middlelon. 108 Doo- Kast Alton. ; M r s. Sally Rue Dolehirtn. '.\1'1 Sue Pointer. Belhalto. ~ ' 813 Ewlng. iMrs. Artie"Lee Flowers. Wood Mrs. Elizabeth C. Nolan, Rt. 1, Marie Maguire, 930 Wash- elsewhere after the storm, halting work on the plant. When the project is completed plant equipment will be tested Abraham reported. Plant workers will check effectiveness of ehlori- nation and hardness of the water supplies. The testing period will require at least 1 days the plant engineer reported C'oust met ion on the plants began last October. DnmnRe Survey Nearly ( ninplclf , BETHALTO—A survey of storm damage to public-owned property at the Civic Memorial Airport is expected to be completed this week il was reported Sunday by a spokesman for the Civic Memorial Airporl Board. A member of the Board said that a report of estimated damage to airport property will be made public this week at a meeting ol the airport authority. Two public owned (piotHet ars were demolished and three "T" hangars were damaged In the wake of a severe storm which struck the airport on June 30. Damage was also reported to the main administration building and a concrete btock structure, also publicly owned. Pool Drawhig Approved BETllALTO—Preliminary drawings of a proposed swimming pool to be constructed in Bethalto were approved with minor changes Saturday at a meeting of the swimming pool board. Assisted by a representative from National Pools Inc.. the pool board reviewed drawings provided by engineers of Florence. Alabama. Wilh only minor changes the drawings were returned to the engineers for final plans. When working plans arrive in Bethalto. a copy will be sent to the State Board of Health and bids will be let It was announced by William C. Taylor, pool board president. Estimated cost of the project Is $60,000. Funds for the pool reached the $50,000 mark lust week. ifelegraph"V( ; ant" Ad"s~"CLJCK" Woman Stricken While Vhhing South of Bridge Staten ambulance answered a who was fishing tnm tfii tank on the Missouri sMte <* t»« Mississippi River south of the Clark bridge, apparwttiy had suffered an attack as a result of the humWity . and repeated trips up and down the bank, Staten reported. man had telephoned St. Joseph's Hospital for "a doctor and ambulance to save a dying lady across the river." The hospital informed police, who called Staten. and was administered artificial respiration on the trip. Ste refused to be admitted to the hospital and after taking some !nf her own medicine Insisted jshe wns alright. HEITZ OPTICAL Now toMtttf In METROPOLITAN BLOC. 307 HENRY ST. Stop in, w. will be happy to tervt all your op«e«l n«ed» «t our now location. CHARLIS J. HIITZ IOWARO Mrs. Mabel M. Lewis, 131<1 Hampton. Mrs. Sylvia I,evi\\, ville. ' ... un ,,,- -.1 . Miss Juliu A. Linnan > SM K. .ith. Mrs c , a CoU[ ,] l)in .Milton F Johnson ,22 Edwards- i( -. v „ „ (jodfrev. ,..11- R,. W.«H o., w • , ]03 Patty Jo Alalsoii. Bethalto. Hardin. Kast George. Ivist Alton. Sandra Lynn Oselatul. Bethalto. Beimel B. Matter). Cottage Hills. | __ . t ,..,*.».i%»i«. Mrs. Mildred L. Tall'ey. 39:'! ' ST. ANTHONY 5 California. East Alton. ' .-VDAHSSIONS •n 01 \v HP! v •"'•• •"••"-.•• ""«"-.•• Steven Wayne Lamkin. Ninth &.Mrs. Dorothy Rathbone, 718 Al- M?' ArM'i» P?,?,«I «. SI!R«ICAL Airline drive, Easl Alton. by. v.'.r •„«-H \°" e "' ' V1tlin Sl ' An-s. Doris Snider, BethaJto. Francis II. Monahan, 216 Eula.,Mrs. Mury A. Fra/ y er, 12.LU \V. -v, r'?F? « c „ v^ , i Robert Webber. East Alton. Ttrrv W. Williams, 226 Me- 1 9th. Mrs Mfie Al. -^oH. KclWtJHl(t -;Michael Vandiver, 2709 Resi- Clure. Alton. Daniel L. Varble, Rl. 1. Carroll..... .. dcMc. Mrs. C. Lucille Miles. 3228 Oak- ton. . DISMISSALS Mrs. Grace Rintoui. Godfrey. \\-ood. Alton. Mrs. Ada Daniels, 433 East) Mi% Rose Saxon, 632 E. oth. James Holtwisch, Godfrey.' SURGICAL Main, East Alton. Henry G. Price. 2600 Clawson. James Craig, Godfrey. Fieileriek Henry Gvlllo. Rt. 1,,Raymond LookiebUI. 2707 Union \Vilbam P. Brown, West Alton, p au! Glaeser, 1409 Spaulding. Alton. ' ', School. Mo. Mrs. Phyllis Beukwith. Cottage! i ee . Mrs. Ramona Wells, 3033 Wat a- 1 Ronald Joe Graft'nrd, 965 Lore- Hills. Mrs. Betty Jan Carrico. Roxana., Mrs. Louise Compis, 167 Hick-j ory. Wood River. Mrs. Margaret Ann Dixon, 802; Langdon. ' Mrs. Isabel Dunker. 1200 Dan-; forth. Mrs. Patricia B. Fischer, 1234; Haze). Mrs. Eva Fortschneider, 914 E.; 5th. Miss Toni M. Gegg. West Alton, Mo. "" i Mrs. Ella Gleson. Edwardsville. Mrs. Mamie Higgins, 108 S.," Main. Wood River. Leona M. Hohnsbehn, Q)tlaue Hills. Dave James.-1209 Hampton. Dane L. Hewitt. G52 Lincoln,' East Alton. ! Rosalee A. Korte. 1900 Beall. i Jerry Lee Lasseter, Bethalto. | Floyd Lowe, 2615 Plainvicw. Mrs. Julia McHenry, 509 Miller. Sharon Lee Mead, 1422 George. Mrs. Mildred Myers. 2704 Col-! lege. ' Mrs. Delores J. Perica, Godfrey. Mrs. Sarah A. Porter. 1128 Pearl. • .Mrs. Maxine Robertson, 132 Bo-' nita, East Alton. Conway B. Scott. 4 W. 9th. Mrs. Tnex B. Shewmake. 3011 Edgewood. Mrs. Carol SJiive. H:i8 '1st. Wood i Rivei\ : Mrs. Alice Simpson, 1936 Belle, i Mrs. Virginia Weddman, Rt. 1.1 na. Mrs. Mary Adams, Staunton. | Barbara Ann Mitts. South Rox- Mrs. Saruh F. Davey, 1919 Liberty. Mrs. Constance M. Schmid, 141 MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE Serving You Since 1877 Office, Dial HO 5-5551 At y ° ur Service Mo*t insurance policies look alike . . . hut remember when you buy insurance protection It's the service you get with the policy that determines the best dollar investment. Cull the Sales'Representative nearest you today. Insurance tor YQUT Auto, Home. Business CHIXHv OL'll PACKAOK I'LAN FOR HOME OWNRRS FETE LAMM HO 2-7M2 OKVIMJi C. 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