Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1960 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 11,1WO Dodgers Climb Higher in Race Howard Big Star In Victory By BD UILKS A^sorUttnl Prw« sport* Writer The Pittsburgh Pirates ha\e the largest Ic-arl in the National Le.'igur at thr All Star break in five yfHi's. bul who's the hottest club in the race? There's just one' answer—the world champion Los Angeles Dodgers While the Bucs have padded their lead to five games over sec-! ond-place Milwaukee by picking up l*i games over the past two weeks, they've played no better i than .300 ball in that span. But! the Dodgers, who were in sixth place. 12 games behind two weeks ago. have won 12 of Ifi since for a four-game gain. With Frank Howard walloping home five runs and Norm Sherry's homer breaking a 7-7 tie, the Dodgers knocked off St. Louis 11-7 Sunday and regained; third place from the Cards. It was the sixth victory in seven' games for the Dodgers. The Pirates, holding the biggest bulge at Ail-Star time since the 1955 Dodgers set a record with an H^jrgame spread, defeated Philadelphia 6-2 with four runs in the ninth—their 12th last-innina, Navy Rowers National League Gets Nod Today Giants Win, But Slieehan Still Puzzled Win Trial* AtSyracuse SYRACUSE. N.Y. (AP) - Tlie United States Olympic rowing squad, headed by Navy's varsity piKht. is .-onsidered by officialsjde7 Ra rthe7meru^ San Franciscans. |thr strongest combination evw| flrsl of twj A ,,. stm . dafihps this |tc Qf Bost(m "Two or three of those fellows i put toother, ; week "J havwi't made up my mind| sti » T""''1™"* fh L ba11 ,'" ^ i Twenty-six oarsmen in seven j A rapacity crowd of 30,611 was'between Monbouquette and Bell! rowing classes were picked Satiir-, assured for ' the fjrs( All-Star Eamei'right-hander Gary Bell of Cleve-.f. Hnv ill Flnuli: thai nlimuvan Inrpp' . . . . . Sport lite b.v JACK BAR BAN Sports Editor the lowly Cain »re to fl» cellar If'/i game* ant MMt no hope for Improvement. KANSAS CITY. Mo. (AP)— The neither manager was definite! National League, winner of only about his starting hurler. all in- SAN FRANCISCO (AP> -Well, one of the last four midsummer fdicaUons were that the opening '"I 0 Glant * flnally won one ' but clashes, ruled a 13-10 favorite to pitchers would be Bob Friend ofi all ' s not wp " «"* the once Tor " Sheeham grumbled aft- day in finals that climaxed three ! wep played here A , ' sa )d Lopez, the Chicago ! '°f " K e e ere cw . , l t ! a ' VS ,l, PUlse ' POlinC l i ! lg trlal " over ibetw«n'45.000 and 30.000. was ex- 1 Wane Sox manager, gllotlng the!™; :llie 2.000-meter or 1H mile Onon- pected |o at(pnd ^ second American League squad. "I un- daga Lake course. |o be p|ayed |n New Yori{ , g y an . derstand Monbo looked great S hut- a » d 80 (Willie) is going tad ls Cepeda <0rlando). Navy's powerful varsity ht-avv kep stadium Wednesday. i ting out tlie Yankees Friday mght.P hee !' a " , TOmmpn , tedul Kirkland 1 weights, coming with a rush ini Fomier President Harry S Tru ! ma - v go uith him ' hul } wo11 ' 1 * - • the final 300 meters, nosed out man purchased four tickets and California and a Syracuse alumni | was cxpected lo att end today's in the premier eight-oared game passjng Uf) ^ oppnlng of be sure until 1 have had a talk with all of my pitchers before the game tomorrow." times at bat: Cepeda struck otit twice Sunday and has had one It was the first big win of the | Angeles, for Navy after a series of second und third- place finishes. the Democratic convention in Los suffered a serious setback when single in his last .13 trips to the Walter Alston. Los Angeles lead- i plfite> ,.• bossing the Nationals, original-'' Si "r Shwhan took over Junp |l.v had announced he would pitch! 18 ' lhn Giants have won 7 while Either Friend or his PiitRhm-<7h! Iosin K 13 aml sl 'P ned to a tie for Alton Women Tee-off Three Alton women are teeing off in the Trans-MtoniiMiifjpi Wo- If the Cardinals looked a little sluggish in the 11-7 IOBB to the DodRers in Los Angeles Sunday, they may have some justification for beinn a little tired. The Cards stay at thp Bill- „,<,„•„ go jf tourney in CinciM- more Hotel in IMS Angeles andj natj today, that also happens to be thp; Mrs. A. O. Goveia, Mrs. Gor- Democratir Headquarters dm-; don Smjth an( j Mrs. George ing the convention. iRassford played a practice By the time Saturday niKht| )oimf j ()n fhp f;O urse Saturday, had rolled around thp hotel wasj tuninK up for lhe battle, jumping with delegates, cnndi-i ln information received from dates and rallies. : (nr women, they said: "We The hotel was so clogged with p] HV(? d a practice round Sfltur- convention activities, that it was day and we had our troubles. running mate, Vernon Law. Later \ fouHh will) SL Lollls ' i,« rilil. hndm lour ot thp moll-iler Md.r of the Now York V»n- HAMMER AND TONG? Detroit's Steve Bilko (29) and Kansas City's Jerry Ltinipe may look like they're battling it out on base lines but actually Bilko, trapped in a rundown between first and second is just trying to sidestep Lumpe. Bilko was caught off first and then without coxswain. 'Saturday's game in Boston and I .,, Tho Philadelphia V«perV duo|was restricted to a pinch hitting , Yienrl , of Jack Kelly and BUI Knedit,.-ol« Sunday. ; Ivstpd; sa)d is havjng Light Hitter Battles Hank impossible to make a simple T(l ' p ,. 0 ,, rse p] a ys about the phone call. Isainc as Lockhaven, but the Trying to get some rest in a j <veeF arc larger. It is quite roll- hotel full of fun loving conven-j j n(I anr j the player gets more lionalres can be a tough prob-! triqn his s | ia re of down-hill lies, lem. : --The greens are fast and un- While on the sub.jert of ho-i^latlng. which give the con- tels, many fans might he inter- '| C(i tanlK plenty of trouble, ested in knowing where thei "The course is in perfect con- Cardinals stay while on the ron'lj,ijtjon." | it. tho different cities. Tho women went on to say The Cards' road headquartersj tha , tnp ,. oursP should be a nataro: Chicago. Knickerbocker; i,, ra i f or jjoris Phillips because Cincinnati. Net hoi-land - Milton; | O f | 1or | on p woods. ^Mihvaukrr, Schroedei : Philad«'i- ; Y)nri>> Phillips is the girl from phia. W H rw i c k ; Pittshtiruh., i-jf.|lc\ ille who finished second in and San lno Illinois' Women's state Am. aleur tournament at l^ockhaven Pittsburgh - Hilton, : FraiH-isi.-o, Pa lure. victory. Milwaukee cracked Cin- taK g ed ou t in the rulldo « n j n Sunday's came, won annati 7-1, and San Francisco, by Dotroit, 12-10. (AP Wirepholo.) after losing five in a row. scored ' five unearned runs in the seventh inning for a 5-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs. Howard, the giant on the Dodgers who has 12 hits in his last 23 at bat, was 3-for-5 in their IB-i hit barrage, upping his average to .301. He drove in two runs with his 13th homer in the first uiiiing. doubled home two more in the sixth, and then singled ahead of rookie Tommy Davis' first major S ° Chisox Suddenly ^ * Become a Threat ii j i i n _j 41 % • •. .jn. v« ( «»vn «n_*. • i Kg, (,-i vv_i iwv* .JIIIWL i •* »^»» \Jr\LrfCj;\iNo ' f\g * •"•- Y Oil ook UIP. double soils, and the »j don'l know whether I can: Friday, and he has had All-Star don't usually h»ttle a broadsword Vespers Harry Parker, 24. a make it." Mantle was reported asjexperience." with a rapier, but such oquip- lieutenant, won the angle saying, "and I w on't know until: The Nationals Appeared to have ment served middleweight Hank „.. _. -^ ust bcfore tjie game." the edge in power, especially if 1 Casey to good advantage last Tins will be the fourth Olym- I( Mantk , canM ptuv hjs p | ace ; M ant | e is ^^^ to do a^ nioreUimc, and tonight he'll be out to pics for Kelly, brother of Mon- ljn (;entet . field may bp taken bv | than p i nc h.hit. The senior circuit' repeat his earlier victory over aco s Princess Grace and a iorm- A , Kaline of fhp Dc , t roil Ti g el vs.:has a power-packed lineup Itea-i poww-pimchiiiR Henry Hank oi er champion single sculler. Kalinc was nan)etj to thp s(r , la di lur ing such home-run sluggers as i Detroit. Fourteen of the oarsmen have as a reservp outfielder. i Ernie Banks. 26; Henry Aaron, 24 previous Olympic or Pan-Ajweri- s With can experience. "This is the strongest rowing squad we've ever sent to the Olympics." Clifford T. Goes, 1 chairman ej the U.S. Olympic By ED WILKS I the second game. A solo homer i Rowing Committee, said. Associated l j re-»s Sports Writer jby Jim Landis got it started, andj "But it will have to be," Goes The last time tlie New York H three-run homer by Roy Sievers j added, "because the competition squads featur i llg right-handed, btrengtli, Managers Walter Alston and Al Lopez chose to open with right-handed pitchers Although late Sunday night Casey, a smooth-boxing boxer Eddk- Muthews, 19; Ken Boycr. from Los Angeles, jumped into the 20; Willie IVfays. IS; as well as i National Boxing Assn. version of Joe Adcock, Bob Crandall and Bill the starting lineup. league home run in the eighth i Yankees saw the Chicago White who has hit in 16 consecutive! will be stronger." Sherry's shot, his eighth, came in 1 Sox they left 'em for dead, sweep-!games, put it away. Mudcat Grant; tlie seventh inning and beat re-'ing a four-game series and tumbl-! 6 " 3 - w a s the lose r ™ relief of Dick I r\ ]|*» O. Uever Bob Duliba 4-4. ing the American League champs jStigman. who gave up only three j ILX-ifilllOr Oiai S Stan Mnsml u-hn mnkr.^ hit iKti,:to fifth Dlat.-e. five names hehind.! nits in 3 --3 innings, but walked! Spark Dodgers 8,683 Points Rai'er Johnson Sets World Record in Decathlon Duel By MATT KRAMER EUGENE. Ore. (AP) -United ;Romc." LOS ANGELES (AP> — The Los States' Olympic hopes in the de-j It was not certain until the last Stan Musial, who makes liis 18th i to fifth place, five games behind. ll)ts in J -••> uuungs, All-Star appearance today in Kan-: N «' only did,the Yanks figure 10 - Russ Kemmerer. 5-4. won it. sas City, drove in 'the Cards'^ Sox were tlirough, but they'" 1 relief ' wr1th a save b v T 111 ' 1 * first four runs, three with his said so - And Ihose Yankee quotes L° w "n- . sixth homer in tlie first inning off ••— tacked up in the Comiskey Park Vk ' Power "'°» the opener for: Stain Williams. Musial had" two of the Birds' six hits before Ed Roe- tlie vvll lte buck (8-1). came on and won nisi ing Pitcher. ,'i'r.-t>;ing \i up wan a two-oui i today> seventh in a row wth tliree in-1 They've won 14 of 20 since that doubl<? '" the eighth. Reliever| minor ] eaguers „_ nings of no-hit relief. Yankee sweep, scrambling back Johnny Klippstem 3-3. was the j deemed good enough to make tne ' H e won the finest duel in de-j Games. o.|to third place and now just- three 'winner, while Early Wynn ''-7, i (.hamnionshin fpari1 ]nsl vpnl . i cathlon lustorv bv nosine out C. K. i Yang Skinner, Del; the division's top " ten which Mazeroski in he trimmed Hank last month in a big upset. The triumph placed him No. 5 among contenders for Gene Fullmer's title, one peg behind Hank in the latest ratings. The fight will neither be broadcast nor televised. Despite the outcome of their first meeting, Hank is favored to win here tonight and climb closer to a title bout. Hank's knockout ' I just came to make the boat to power has had him among the 1 top challengers for some time. \ . <'aray'«» B*-t Althuiigh U'M a little parly to tell. It looks like the pro- season bet made by t'ardl- mil broadcaster Hurry <'ar- ay wns a X'»nl one. Ijisl February. Canty WHS Riiest spi-uker tit the Alton Klk*< flub at which time he of- fernd lo buy eve.ry one In attendance a dinner if the Chicago Cubs finished ahead of the St. l>oul* Cardinals in the final standings. With more than 150 Elks in attendance Caruy offered to treat the whole crowd to a dlnuer if the Curds finish below the Cubs. Caray's line of reasoning was the Cards can't be as bad as the Cubs. It looks like Caruv Is going tn come out all right on the bet. At the All-Htar break, the Cards are tied with San Francisco in fourth place 8'/2 games out while ,u oouple of weeks ago. The Belleville golfer, who i; modest ;>ri(] unassuming, mud-; many Iriends in Ihe Alton aiea while- playing the stnte tourney ;md is destined to win a "big one." one uj these days. Three / League By IHU ASSOCIATED PHLSS Saturday Tupoka 7. Green Bay 6 Burlinffton 8. Sioux City 7 Ccdiir Rapids at DPS Monies. pjxl . wet grounds l-'d\ i'itii--r> ,ii Lmniln. |>pd.. ram Sunday |)r-s Moinos -J-8, CWlar Rapids 0-1 LiiH-oln 4-;;. Fox Cities l'-0 Sioux City 6, Burlington 2 Green Bay 11-7, Topeka 10-8 Mary Tardy of Adeiplii Co!- ilege is the athlete at the Garden City, N.Y.. school. Ho :6-foot-6 and plays on the team. >w.\j up in vt**. ^\ji u.iiyi\\^j i ax n. « • iA/o /11N Vj ildjUiS \AJrl -•— i TIC L/Ja "*•"•"*"" V *J »**|*4v. 4*w|<ww »•• ««^ ***** . «.i H«Q »iwi v**-i icuu ujiiii LIIC iasi V~l* 1 Vfe 1 house—have done more for; tiw Indians, tying it 2-alI with ai Ange j es Dodgers were back in! c ' athlon an> U P toda y now that;event tiiat the L'4-year-old Johnson 1 rlGrllt ilPmilt^ iliite Sox than another start-' two-out triple in the sixth and then j ^j,^ p i ace in tne Nationa] League |Rafer Johnson is back, established I would be able to outdo the JT-; O *»^'.'Mi*»3 'itcher. .Vexing it up with a two-out todayj (hanks tQ a qua ,. tet of ex .jas the greatest decathlon pcrfor- 1 year-old Yang, who will compete.! B v THE ASSOCIATED PHrs ?y've won 14 of 20 since that doubl<? '" the eighth. Reliever minor i pnm , prs wh n , W rpn'tirner of all times. ifor Formosa in the Olvmnic Manila _ m*** .iriri^, S By THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS Manila — Flash Elorde. 135V 2 . h .. „....,_„„ i Philippines, stopped Hachiro Ito, A throwing error by Robin Ro-| to third place and now just- three 'winner, while tarry Wynn 4-7, j championship team last year. j cathlon history by nosing out C. K.' Yang entered the 1300-meter ii.% ',4. Japan, 5. Solomon Boysaw, berts (5-8), who had won four in j games shy of'the top after split-, "ft his .sixth decision in tlie last lliey are Frank Howard, Ed! Yang of Formosa in a weekend race needing a 4-minute, 34.8-i 134, Cleveland, outpointed Roberto a row, gave the Pirates the tie-!"ig a doubleheader with Cleve- eight. ' J Roebuck, Norm Sherry and Tom-j meet In which both cracked tlie second i-un to squeeze ahead oftCruz, 134%, Philippines, 10. — - — •• t QW> -w w*w *. M.U.I.WO 1*41- u»t- j « -- ._-_.— ^ j j. fcVt : WU ^u ( inw in oiic-Ji iy cUJU lUlll-1 *4*cc;.u ut \viuuu uvui t.j a\-ncu uii; breaking run in tlie ninth. Pinch land. The Indians clung to sec- Illr Ked »«• matching their j my Da \is .who combined slugging^ recognized world decathlon record Johnson. Havana — DOUE Vaillant 137".' hitter Rocky Nelson and Bill Vir-jond by a half game, ending a four- lo »8 e st winning streak of the sea-| aud in Roebuek - s casei pitching!of 8,337 points. ' I'ired from earlier events in the: Cubi . stODDr?d j D Elli ' don added RBf singles in the ral- «"»"' slump with a B-2 victory in «'" with four, roughed up 11 Yan-j ski j, lo shellac (he S( . Loujs Ca) . dj J Johnson . ma ki ng liis first com-j two-day National AAU decathlon' ^ont'on N J 8 ' ly, with another run scoring on the opener before the White Sox' kep Pitchers for 31 hits and 23; nals n . 7 s unday> petitive start since automobile a e- ! '»eet, Yang could manage only 5 j ' '.' ..." ... catcher Gal Noeman's error. Har- came from behind and won the'""^'" the three-game series. Wil-i Tlie-Dodgers reopen action Fri-! cident injuries laid him up last'minutes, 9.3 seconds. Rome ~ <jU " 10 KuiaJdJ - 17b - vey Haddix, 6-4, backed by Bob nightcap 6-4. Jif Tasby and Vic Wertz drove in day night in San Francisco against i year, ran up 8,683 points. Yang Skinner's running catch with the That cut New York's lead to 2!, a > runs between them in the set. ^ Gian1s> achieved 8,426. bases loaded in the sixth, was the games going into the All-Star Bill Skowron drove in four runs The Dodgers blasted 16 hits off "I'm awfully happy to return winner. Ted Lepcio homered for, break. The Yankees, who have for the Yankees with a single and six of Solly Hemus . moun dsmeni the decathlon record to the United' the Phils, who had taken four of: lost five of their last seven, were two homers, the second off wm-! to ^ delight ol a Sabbath tun,.! States - but Yang almost too in five from tlie leaders. i whipped 9-5 at Boston for a three- ning reliever Billy Muffett. 2-1. Wes Covington socked across g» me sweep by the last-place Red four runs for tlie Braves. He So x brought in tlie winner with a Washington beat Baltimore 2-1; sixth-inning double off Bob Pur- and Detroit, after trailing 7-0, lout of 26,653. \ etsterday's Stars By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hitting — Willie Tasby, Red i right back from me," Johnson! Sox, had perfect 5-for-5 Sunday, key 8-5. Midtvset League Waterloo Kokomo Clinton Quincy L. 2 M .1 4 4 cracked Kansas City 12-10 as Rocky Colavtyo hit two homers und drove in six runs. The White Sox made it five out against in the .750 — 'Keokuk .667 '.i'Dubuque .556 IVj Quad-Cities .556 l^iDecatur Including were homers by How-'said. "I think it was the high!including a home run, drove in ard, Sherry and Davis, with big jump which kept me going. When j four runs and scored three in 9-5 Frank leading the assault. He 1 cleared 5-10 Friday after going: victory over the .Yankees. knocked in five runs with a two- only 5-6 or 5-8 in practice, it gave '••' Italy, outpointed Donnie Fleeman, 174, Midlothian, Tex., 10. Plays Privately WALLlNGFORD, Conn. & Lyman Hall High School's baseball team is playing its home games to standing room crowds. No seats at the school's new diamond. run homer, a double and a single. me a boost. But 1 didn't come toi .444 .42.9 .375 .222 '2>/ a 4',, Roy Sievers' Big Bat Sparks White Sox' Bid By IHE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League W. L. Pet. O.B. 45 30 .600 — 43 44 45 37 37 30 29 And Roebuck, who toiled at St. I Eugene to set a record. No, sir, Paul last year, notched his sev-! —— entli straight victory in relief. Good-looking Ed has an earned- run average of 1.94, best in the National League, and has allowed but one run in tlie last 28 innings. University of Illinois League leaders Accepting Ticket Orders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National League Batting (based on 180 or more CHAMPAIGN, 111.—Thousands 00 35 38 39 39 48 46 .566 .557 .542 .487 .487 .385 .377 CHICAGO (APi — Roy Sievers, i lu>lp Sievers out of his slump. the guy who "gets the big hits agreed that his timing had been when they count," has lifted the off. "He had to get back in the Chicago White Sox back into con- groove and I think he's there tention for Hie American League now." said Lope/. "He sure can pennant. get tlie big hits when they count." The hard-hitting slugger ac- Lope*, hurrying off to Kansas quired from Washington in a pre-jCity to manage the American season deal smashed a three-run League All-Star, feels his club is homer Sunday to give the Sox a in good shape now. "We've gained 6-4 victory over Cleveland and i a lot of ground this week with the earn the American League Cham-'help of Boston beating New York 2 p.m. pioris an important doubleheader!and Washington beating Balti- Tuesday Guinea split. 'niori-." he said. No games scheduled The triumph was the fifth for "We're getting some timely hit- W«uie«lu,v Schedule the Sox in their six-game two-city ling (series with the Indians and put i and them one-half game behind sec- j manager of the defending chum- National l.eujju New York Cleveland Chicago Baltimore Detroit Washington Boston Kansas City Sunday Boston 9, New York 5 Washington -', Baltimore 1 Detroit 12, Kansas City 10 Cleveland 6-4. Chicago 2-6 Saturday lte»ultt> Boston <Ji New York 5 Chicago 8, Cleveland 4 Washington 7, Baltimore 2 Detroit 6, Kansas City 1 Monday Games Louise Suggs Wins Trumbull at bats) - Mays, San Francisco,' of °' iar 'g e aild blu e envelopes, .353; Larker, Los Angeles, .340. ! filk ' d wiUl information about Runs — Mays, San Francisco, | tl)e 196 ° Illinois football season, 67; Ashburn. Chicago, 60. jliavo been mailed to alumni and Runs batted in — Banks, Chica-1 other fans and Ticket Manager !go, 76; Aaron, Milwaukee, 68. i George Legg now is accepting Hits — Groat, Pittsburgh, 110; | orders. 17 " | WARREN, Ohio. (AP>- Mays. San Francisco, 107. -Veteran Dou bles - Mays, San All-Star game at Kansas City, here Sunday, but the hap- Triples piest warrior in the feminine field Bruton Mi was tomboy Katliy Whitworth of! ir,..,n..i««, • Jal, N.M. Miss Suggs, who at 36 has won! b^'. 1 'i^' everything the golfing wars have to offer, extended her year's win- Cincinnati, rkland, San Francisco and White, St. Louis, 7; Will. Chicago and Skinner, Pitts- The 1960 mailing includes ur-| der cards, a pocket schedule card, and a handy return en- i veiope. The campaign wa.s delayed because delivery of the envelopes was late. Deadline for ordering season tickets for Illinois' five home .,,„« PI,;,. „„ ** total of 288, four-under par, for $2,5C n H par 7.i course. Her pirn- wa«! decig i onH , _ Roebuck , more Aflge . WillJanu. Los Ange- TI , ^ Miss Whitworth, a tall, 20-yeur- i etJ ' 8 .. ; ' ' wiu r „ i from Sievers, Gene Freese All-Star game 'at^NewTork, 12 old . bl ? nde wlth a b °y ish bob aild; StrikcouU, 1 "-Drvsdule Los An- ft'ont-runVii'ng I Luis Aparicio "continued the p.m. !« «* ^ul «nJte. finished sixth: gejes , 13fi . Kriend.Pittsb'urgU, 109. tol ' 'Wving in uager of the defending cham- Nulioiml Uainie U1U1 - w l01 $8t)0 - Ihats lll( ' best — the kind of ond-place Cleveland and three ; pions. "Our starting pitchers games within league-leading New haven't been as good as we had'Pittsburgh York. hoped but we've been lucky with Milwaukee Siev ers' smash was his second the long relief work of < I >k-k > I -us Angeles homer within fivv du>s which Douuvan and iRussi Kemp., < r. St. Luuis gave the White Sox victory. A They've been doing a good job in San Francisco two-run ninth 111111114? blast broke a holding the other team until iij«.-r- Cincinnati tie Wednesday and yuve the Sox'r;. 1 Stalr.v .nut iTurki Loun runn Philudeljiliia a 7-5 triumph which bt-gan a four- in tor ihr short jobs to hold our Chicago game winning st i e a k uguinst; leads. Cleveland. j "Vi-s su-," .said Lope^. "We're in After a Hlow start which found good shape now und this should Sievers tiding the bwu-h the big;be a helluva pennant race." first hflirflman is currently on a The Chicago Cubs dropped a 5- l&game hitting streak in which:3 decision lo San Francisco when he hag lilted bis average from'the Giants scored five unearned .241 to .280. He has bit six of his runs in the seventh inning. Don 12 home runs during this string Cardu ell had limited the Giants H. L. Pet. Q.B. 49 30 .620 43 34 .558 41 38 .519 39 .513 38 .513 42 .462 47 .420 46 .395 U 40 36 '.'A _ | pro mi- done in two seasons She had the tournament 's> Phils' Manager Likes Pirates PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Manager Gene Maud) of the Philadelphia Phillies today praised tlie Pittsburgh Pirates more than themselves thing that wins pen- American League Batting (based on 180 or more nants." the third session. Leading money winners: Louise Suggs. Atlanta. $1L',062. Fay Crocker, Montevideo, Uru$10.061. Wright, Bonita, Calif.. "They play hard," Mauch said. "They're the pennant-hungriest .328; Runnels, Boston and Smith, elub in ^ National League. Chicago. .321. j They've got the arms and legs Runs — Mantk'. New York, 70: i plus drive '" Maris. New York, 35. ' 1>ht ' Crates, who have earned Runs batted in — Maris, New! 1 ' 1 '' l '«*PUtatioH of never-say-die, games is Monday, August Price of season tickets is $20.00, and each season ticket provides the .same seat, in a preferred lo- cutiun, for each of the following games: Sept. 24— Indiana. Oct. 1—West Virginia. Oct. 8-—Ohio State (Homecoming). Oct. 22—Perm State (Dad's Day). Nov. 12—Wisconsin ("I" Men's [Day;. Orders for tickets for individual games in Memorial Stadium may be placed at any time. Orders are filled on a date-received basis. Tickets are also available for games away from Memorial Stadium: Oct. 15, at Minnesota; Oct. a9, at Purdue; Nov. 5, at Michigan; Nov. J9, at Northwestern. Complete ticket information arid 1960 order cards may be secured by writing: Football Ticket Office, 102 lllinl Hall, Champaign, ill, ,Vork. 69; Gentile. Baltimore, 59. Pittsburgh 6. Philadelphiu 2 Milwaukee 7, Cincinnati 1 Los Angeloi 11, St. Louis 7 San Francisco 5, Chicago 3 in which b« ba« driven in 15 runs.' (u OIK- single until tiu. sevx-nlli • Uuiingb Philadelphia 3. Pittsburgh 1 St. Ixjuig 4, Lot Angeles 3 Chicagu 7, San Francisoo 6 (U! Hits - Runnels, Boston Minoso, Joyce Ziske, Waterfoi'd, Wis $8,359. Patt>' Bei-g, Chicago. $7,551. Mary Lena Faulk, Thomasville, Ga., $U,781. Wiffi Smith, St. Ciair. Midi.. $5,875. "The ooiy trouble with me in the when Ron Santo dropped Willit beginning Of the season was my>McCovey's popup A pinch ihree- Unuilg," Mid Stover* alter play- run homw by Uavt Philley and ing the utarring rote ia Sunday'sitiim/ more hits accounted lor Hie Kt'cond game triumph, "I simply i five rum. hadn't been playiflg and my tun-j TIM- Cub* scored two in the sec- ing was off. I have to play every ond on Santa's run-«uoruig duubk (by in oittor to do the job." i and a kacrifk-e fly by Earl Av trill Manager AJ Lops*, who ordered;and made it 3-0 when Ernie Bank* extra batting drill* in aider to Angled borne a run in the fifth OIUHMI game at Kanuu City, Cuu-iiuuiti li, Milwaukee 5 (JO in-j 1 ^ ulliy Con " !llU!i ' Lakeland. Fla.. $5,o70. All-Star p.m. No scheduled All-Star game at New York p m. Doubles — SkoxvTon, New York, |lfl; Breeding, Baltimore. Runnels, Boston, LoUar. Chicago and Sie- bem. Kansas City. 17. Triples - — Aparicio atid Fox, I Chicago. 6; Snyder, Kansas City and Mantle, New York, 5. Home runs — Maris, New York, Sundas- marked up their 12th last- win of the year by scoring four runs in the ninth to defeat the Phillies ti-2. 6y winning, the Pirates maintained their five- game lead, -biggest margin at All- Star game time since 1855. Mauch singled out for praise outfielder Roberto Clemente and shortstop and team cuptain Dick Groat. WA R D S BUY 3 AND GET THE FREE! DM Wttk Only — End Saturday. July 16 LOW PRICE on Riverside Air Cushion | go, 20; Lajuiis, CrbioagQ, 13. *) Whfttv ! Pitching (based on 7 or more ADA, Okla if— Ranger Virgil I decisions) — Coatet, New York, William* arrested Virgil Wil-!9-1, .900; 3. Daley, KaiUMi City, Hams for fibhlng without a prop ! 11M, .750. er license. The men are not! Strikeouts —Banning, Detroit, related. ' luti; Pabcual, WuiliiiigtoD, M. 8tt Ytur Lawn Mmr Ink li Ma*! few U« for DIMM Boffin OB all ImaJengSr STANKAIARAU •Itlo «*,, Nortb Alton ttttl HO BOATS-MOTORS FINANCED UNNYKMOf MJDSTATES VINANCI; co. in mooi PHONI HO M214 Now you can buy good quality Nylon tire» at an unbelievable low price I Nylon ho* superior resistance to impact damage... fights heat and moisture.,. means longer, safer mileage. So take your pick of most popular sizes and types, then order now I *Plut ixcUt Tax; Catalog ordtri only. s.zfe e.70/15 7.10/19 7.W/14 e.50.1e WHITEWAU TUBE-TYPi 13.45* — — . BIACKWAU TUBEIESS 13.45* 13.45* BLACKWAU TUBE-TYPE 13.45* 13.45* Other sizes, types ovollable at low sale prices, tool With Your Old Tim. Mil INITAUATION AJrea Man fh»p,^m Conttr Dial HO 1*4271 M YOU! MONir BACK I >.-».±

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